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Name Unknown


Flagship was first seen saving a building from collapsing in New York City.  As soon as all were safe, he flew off. He's performed many other additional heroic deeds, however,he never stays any longer than necessary.  He hasn't interfaced with the press, however, he doesn't go out of his way to be seen from them. 

Recently, a freighter was attacked by the Atlantic Kingdom, leaving the ship rapidly sinking before any rescuers to arrive...all except Flagship.  No one saw his radar signature prior to arrival, which prompted authorities to believe he has some form of stealth technology.  He saved everyone on the ship and then used his last ergs of power to draw the ship in closer to the shore for salvage, making the ship's captain very happy.

By the time the ship was grounded by Flagship, Major Invader and a handful of the Allied Fighters arrived to lend a hand, only to find all the work was done and there was no loss of life. Major Invader invited Flagship to join and train in the Allied Fighters in his new Zeta Squad, where Major Invader could determine in Flagship was able to work as a team player with the Allied Fighters. When the Major talked with Flagship, it was reported that this was the first time anyone had ever heard Flagship speak, which rapidly became a social media event to figure who he was and where he was from.

Time will tell of whether Flagship becomes a full-fledged Allied Fighter.


  • Super Strength
    • Remarkably strong; capable of denting solid steel.
  • Flight
    • Can fly using gravimetric devices on his back (look like high tech wings) up to 400 mph at a maximum altitude of 20,000 feet for a range of 300 miles before suit requires recharging.
    • Can carry up to 1000 lbs of additional weight, but is reduced to half speed, half range as a result.
  • Stealth Systems
    • Provides excellent stealth from audible, radar and heat sensing sensors
  • Computer Equipment and Systems
    • Has remarkably powerful computer system will multi-satellite access across the globe.  Thousands of programs run per second listening for broadcasts needing help or in tracking him.
  • Armored Protection
    • Has amazing protection from physical and energy damage, monstrous protection from temperature-related attacks and unearthly protection from radiation based attacks
    • Environmental Controls provide 4 to 5 hours of comfortable conditions in the suit; after the 4-5 hours, the controls loose their abilities slowly, increasing levels of temperature in the suit every 5 minutes until it is remarkably hot inside the suit.
  • Tracking/Surveillance Systems
    • Suit contains a remarkable series of sensors and modes allowing him to see thermal/heat, Night-Vision and normal vision with flash protection
    • Contains a Heads-Up Display (HUD) for targeting and computer imaging
    • Long-Range Communications through breaching all forms of frequencies allows worldwide communications anywhere unless he is in an EMP affected zone.


Gold Minotaur

Name Unknown


The Gold Minotaur is one of the remaining several dozen immortal Minotaur demigods left on Earth.

The Minotaurs are a heroic, if not overly staunch, band of centuries old magical protectors of the Isle of Crete and the mysterious Labyrinths down within.

During WWII, many Axis and Allied troops tried to suppress the Minotaurs, seeing them as a huge threat. Hundreds of troops failed to stop it.

In 1943, Baron Berlin, leader of the Nazi group, Axis Force, killed several of the Minotaurs; two of which were Gold Minotaur's parents.  Gold Minotaur went into a frenzy and took out hundreds of Nazi troops until they retreated to the sea.

Anytime foreigners has since set foot near the Minotaur lands, the Minotaurs have attacked with great ferociously.  It wasn't until the efforts of WWII's version of the Allied Fighters and their leader, then-Captain Invader, calmed the Minotaurs down enough and struck a bargain with them, making them the 'Allied' Protector or Crete.

Over the decades the Minotaurs have become an accepted, if rarely seen, powerful group of magical creatures of Crete. 

Recently, the current Master Warrior of the Minotaurs, called the 'Gold Minotaur', was asked by Major Invader if he wanted to help stop the man who killed Gold Minotaur's parents - Baron Berlin (who had returned from cryo-freeze after nearly 70 years).  Gold Minotaur turned over his position to his 50 year old son, Platinum Minotaur, while Gold Minotaur went overseas to join Major Invader and the new group of Allied Fighters.

He has since passed Major Invader's 'trials' and is now a member of Omega Squad!


  • Super Strength
    • Gold Minotaur can hit remarkably hard enough to dent steel.
  • Charging/Running Speed
    • He can run up to 35 mph and 40 mph in a charging attack (can only go a couple miles in a charging attack before he tires)
  • Thick hide
    • His dense skin provides excellent protection from rifle and grenade attacks.
  • Heightened Hearing and Smelling
    • He can hear and smell up to 5 times greater than humans.
  • Horns
    • His incredibly dense bone horns are sharp tipped and can gouge steel on a charging attack.
  • Languages
    • He can speak all dialects of Greek Italian, Arabic and English languages, even dead languages like Latin and Ephesian.
  • Smell and appetite
    • An unfortunate condition of his body is that he produces a musk-like smell that can be easily detected when he is anywhere within a dozen feet.
    • His appetite is unending. Although a vegetarian, he eats constantly and will have no problem stopping what he's doing to go  'grazing' in fields for a snack.


  • Body Armor
    • His amazingly strong gold armor provides an additional layer of magically shielding from physical, energy, electrical, heat, cold, magical and radiation attacks. Can take up to the equivocal of a bomb blast without damage.
    • The metal magically regenerates at the amount of 1% per hour.
  • Magical Battle Axe
    • Gold Minotaur's primary weapons is an unearthly 9 foot-long Colossal Minoan Labrys. It is magically protected and considered indestructible.
    • It can incredibly cleave any form of metal other than Titanium or denser metals (where multiple strikes would be required to get through the metal's density)
    • One of the magical features is a magical eye that can open on the staff between the axe blades that allows the Minotaur to see through it in his 'mind's eye' (a magical link).  He can use this to look around corners, or, if the battle axe was stolen, to see though the axe to where it's location is.

Kinetic Avenger

Patrick Henry Brown (alias: The Kinetic-Man)


A WWII costumed hero and brother to then-Captain (now Major) Invader, leader of the Allied Fighters group, he was a brave defender and combatant throughout the early part of the war as he fought alongside the WWII heroes of the Allied Fighters SG.

He wore a mechanical kinetic field generation suit that created a field around him, amplifying any musculature movements he did; if he ran, he ran fast; if he hit a bad guy, he'd hit him with nearly five times that of a normal blow. Since the suit used kinetic energy, it was it's own power source, so long as he kept moving. 

In 1943, he was last seen being blown-up by a series of landmines just before the Invasion of Italy. Nothing was ever found of his body other than his goggles and pieces of his costume.

Recently, Kinetic Avenger was found hurt but alive at exactly the same spot he had 'died' decades before. He wasn't a day older than what he was when he seemingly died in 1943 with the exception of his hair being completely white. His brother, Captain Invader at that time, was devastated by his brother's loss.

It's hypothesized that his mechanical kinetic generator, at the time of the bomb blast, absorbed so much kinetic energy that he created a time rift and was catapulted nearly 70 years into the future! The resultant energy displacement ingrained the kinetic energy field into his body; he no long needs a kinetic field generator (not that the mechanical one survived)...he is a living embodiment of kinetic energy.

Since then, he has been reunited with his near-100-year-old brother, Major Invader and the Allied Fighters. Aside from having to catch up on over 70 years of history, culture and technology, he is also facing a growing dilemma of an overly-protective brother who has since disallowed him to be in any other squad that the training squad - Zeta. Pissed off and outraged, a rift is starting to form between these two brothers.  

Will Major Invader continue to overprotect his brother?  Will Kinetic Avenger's new ingrained powers be a blessing...or a curse? Will he ever figure out how to record using TiVO? 


  • Kinetic Field Generation (modern day)
    • Patrick's current kinetic field generation powers were absorbed into his body from a mechanical generator he was using in WWII up until he got bounced between a series of exploding land mines in 1943.  The effect created a temporal rift and shot him 70 years into the future at the same beach in Italy.
    • These remarkable powers, now ingrained in his body, mirror what his government-provided Mechanical Kinetic Field Generator device did that he used in WWII (see Equipment below). 


  • Mechanical Kinetic Field Generator (used in  WWII)
    • A genius U.S. professor of physics and mechanical engineering devised a generator that as it received more and more kinetic energy, it could remarkably redistribute that energy evenly across a body in a 'kinetic energy field' that would allow an amplification of a person's strength, speed, reflexes, stamina, sight and hearing favorable by the amount of kinetic energy initially created by that person's normal body movement.
    • It was also able to extract or remove kinetic energy from people or objects withing 10 feet, to include bullets, tanks and so forth.  It actually 'slowed' people and things down near him (when he extended his field to them).
    • The only thing that was not tested or thought of for this device was if it was engaged in a massive kinetic energy amplification within mere seconds or each amplification. The rest, as found later in 2013, was 'time rifting'. (note: this generator was destroyed in the WWII explosion that seemingly took Patrick's life; no other models of this were ever built again).
  • Goggles
    • WWII Goggles - simply protected his eyes from the wind and dust as he ran fast.
    • Modern Goggles/earpiece - His latest goggles have night-vision, a GPS map display that can be imaged to the inside of the goggles, flash/blinding light protection, and an earpiece for all forms of radio and satellite communications, as well as to the group's own Link-1 supercomputer.

Manchurian Murata

Doctor Kim Zhaolin, MD (alias: 731-155 (Unit 731 designation))

Kim Zhaolin is the son of the anti-Japanese Allied Army leader of the 3rd Route Army during World War II in Manchuria.
Around 1935, Chinese opposing occupation attacked the Japanese Imperial Army. Thousands died over the years.  In 1936, Kim and his family were captured by the Japanese. They were sent to a far worse place than jail - Unit 731.
Unit 731 was a covert biological and chemical warfare research unit for the Japanese Army that did lethal human experimentation. Kim was sent to the lethal labs of the "Maruta" unit. There, they experimented on him every day.
A kind American pilot from the Flying Tigers squadron who was also captured and placed in "Maruta" always kept Kim's spirits up. The pilot sacrificed himself to allow Kim and his family to stay alive. Before dying, the pilot gave Kim his pilot's scarf. To this day, Kim still keeps and cherishes it in a special shrine.  He wears a similar version of the scarf as part of his costume.
In 1937, they injected Kim with an experimental toxin that was supposed to kill him, instead, it gave him new powers. Kim led a prison break and in the process of using his new powers during the break, destroyed Unit 731's HQ, the Zhongma Fortress. Kim ushered out his family during the break, but they became separated (he wouldn't find them again until many years later).  Kim was later found by local villagers who shunned him and called him and his powers 'evil'. He instead found his way to the Flying Tigers airbase, where he was introduced to a visiting officer codenamed: Captain Invader (later known as our Allied Fighters SG leader, Major Invader).  He eventually joined 'Captain' Invader's Allied Fighters' SG. 
Throughout WWII, Kim fought valiantly with the Allied Fighters, using his inexhaustible powers to aid his teammates as well as the troops .  When the war ended, Kim left to go back to his homeland in what was left of Manchuria.  No one ever heard from him again...until 2013.
The day that news got out of the Allied Fighters SG  reforming, Kim left his modest home in the Manchurian province of China and rejoined the Allied Fighters. It was discovered that he had obtained several degrees over the decades, to include that of a medical doctor.
As part of his request to rejoin the latest version of the Allied Fighters, Kim asked the Major to allow a Chinese state hero, Red Dynasty, to be accepted into the ranks of Allied Fighters.  Major Invader, knowing that Red Dynasty is a tool of the Chinese Government, and more than likely a spy, disallowed Murata's request.  Instead, the U.S. State Department ordered Major Invader to include Red Dynasty in the Major's ranks...or risk losing his classified government access.  The decision has put Major Invader's trust in Red Dynasty and Manchurian Murata on very shaky grounds.
Murata doesn't look a day over 16 than when he was with the Allied Fighters during WWII.  His powers have stopped his aging, and as such, he is as fit and trim as he was in 1936...although much wiser and learned.
Why had he rejoined the Allied Fighters after all these years...and why does he insist on a radical communist Chinese superhero known as Red Dynasty to also be a member of the Allied Fighters?  Interestingly enough, it seems that Kim has since become more of a pacifistic Buddhist, rather than an over zealous  tool of a capitalistic Communist society.
His apparent pacifism will make things even MORE interesting in battle...
Relations: Zho Zhaolin (WWII Manchurian Army General/Resistance Leader) (father), Su Nai (mother), unknown name (sister), unknown name (2nd sister), unknown name (brother).  He has also mentioned he has children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, but has never mentioned their names or how many of each.  His third wife recently died; the other two wives had died each before the other (however, he hasn't explained how their died and gets very defensive when asked about this).
Today, Manchurian Murata is the leader of Zeta Squad and is responsible for the training and safety of those in Zeta well as being told he is ultimately responsible for anything Red Dynasty does wrong.


  • PlasmaEnergy Blast
    • Incredibly high powered energy blast that can level a building at full power.  Thusfar, he usually backs his powers off to 20-40% for fear of killing people.
    • He can control his powers to make short range, long range or broad multi-targeted swaths of attacks. This energy is unlimited; it never runs out.
  • Healing
    • Has the capability to use a form of his plasma energy to accelerate healing in a person. One minute of his power's application can bring a person back from near death to full fighting trim.
    • His healing has limits though; he can only perform enough high level healing for 10 people before he exhausts his healing energy powers.  Takes 24 hours to recharge. 
    • He can also heal himself as needed.  The power can automatically heal himself if he is unconscious or incapacitated.
  • Immortality
    • So far, he hasn't aged a single day since his received his powers. 
    • He is still young, vibrant, and although tempered with his decades of wisdom, yet finds himself still doing brash, youthful actions as a result of his physiology.  He still needs to eat and drink, but has yet to gain a pound of fat since in 1936.  He can gain muscle mass/weight from working out, but has yet to become fat or obese...even when he tries to.

Red Dynasty

Name Unknown


This unknown 'state hero' is from China and is a devout communist as well as heir to the most legendary sword in all of China - the magical gold sword made by Sui Renshi.

The Chinese government, in an attempt to keep an eye of things in America, trained Red Dynasty in professional swordsmanship and martial arts, all in secrecy.

Recently, Red Dynasty showed up with the Manchurian Murata to attend trials for admission into the Allied Fighters.  Murata was allowed in, but the angry Allied Fighter's leader, Major Invader,  refused to have what he considered a 'communist Chinese spy' in his ranks.

Murata stated that if Red Dynasty wasn't allowed on the team, then Murata would leave too.  After a call from the U.S. State Department and the U.S. Secretary of Defense, Major Invader was ordered to include Red Dynasty in all training and team operations otherwise, the Allied Fighters would loose their classified security clearance.

Today, Red Dynasty continues his training under Manchurian Murata under the very highly watchful eye of Major Invader.


  • Martial Arts
    • Red Dynasty is a master in several forms of martial arts including Judo, Karate, and Bushio.
  •  Energy Field
    • Red Dynasty seems to have an ability (magical or mutant?) that creates an excellent protective field around him for any physical, kinetic or energy attacks.  Most bullets bounce off the field when it is activated.


  • Body Armor
    • Red Dynasty wears good protective armor from head to toe
    • The helmet, gauntlets, belt and boots are excellent in protecting him from all forms of attacks.
  • Golden Sword of Sui Renshi
    • Unbreakable Golden Da'o Sword.  It has the excellent ability to cut physical, energy and magical creations.
    • The sword contains magical properties that the bearer can manipulate by saying certain ancient Chinese words.  These powers include:
      • Sonic attack. Creates a good sonic screech that can disorient people within 12 feet of the sword.
      • Self-illumination. Can light up an area up to 6 feet in radius.
      • Frightening evil spirits.  Any magical evil spirits or demons remarkably become fearful and run away for miles or to another plane when within 12 feet of the sword.  This works on most low-level evil spirits.