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What the world knows about Zenith

Zenith is today's highly progressive research and futurist center of excellence.  At Zenith, we pride ourselves in being directly involved with the progress of technology, sciences, biological studies, weather trending, cosmic mapping and even into the paranormal and ultra-science fields.  Our desire to is learn for the betterment of mankind and prevention of future disasters, cataclysms and dangers to humanity and our planet.

Our previous work critically aided the human race in repelling the Soltan Empire during the Soltan Invasion of 2000 by processing the derivative needed to weaken and send the Soltans retreating from Earth. On several other occasion, some of Earth's superheroes have come to us for help in explaining the unknown and solving dangerous and deadly villain and alien-created death traps and cataclysms. As a result, Zenith Labs has received United States and European Union recognition and funding for our efforts in saving the world.

Today, we continue studying, analyzing and helping the planet in understanding and controlling that which we don't know or can't control.  With over 3,000 employees, Zenith is a leading science business and is branching out to new continents and maybe even the cosmos!

Professor Zenaro

Prof. Clive Zenaro


Professor Zenith!!

Mastermind Robotics/Dark Miasma - Male, race unknown!


MDUverse Info

CoVerse: Zenith was originally "Eclipse", a VG in the CoH MMORPG game, created on 15 September 2011 on the Exalted server.  Dark Eclipse was the VG leader.

MDUverse: Originally started as "Eclipse" in the MDUverse, in 2014, it was renamed and rebranded on 22 May 2015.  Dark Eclipse became Proffessor Zenith, with nearly all of the VG villains getting a complete makeover other than Phrenetic and Crescent.