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Yankee Minutemen Team

Granite Guy

Guy Adams


Guy Adams, a New Hampshire State Park Ranger and Historical Manager was responsible to maintaining and repairing the "Old Man of the Mountain" natural rock formation in New Hampshire...that is until 2003 when the monument crumbled and Guy's life changed forever.

A young, educated geological engineer fresh from the University of New Hampshire, Guy's first assignment with the state's park division was to engineer more ways to ensure the state's treasured natural rock formation, the "Old Man of the Mountain", the state's symbol, did not continue to crumble.  After decades of shoring up, chaining together and gluing chunks of rock together, the monument was about ready to fall off the side of the mountain.  One day, while surveying the monument, atop the 'old man's' head, he say a reflection from a crystal deep within a crevice in the monument.   As he carefully extracted the now glowing crystal, he touched it with his bare hands, causing him to magically transform into a granite-like humanoid.  His skin and organs all transformed into a bio-geologic morph, with great powers of instant expansion, such as creating a larger rock glove around his already granite-like hands.

Once Guy's transformation took place, the "Old Man of the Mountain" monument began to crumble and slide off the side of the mountain.  The monument disintegrated into rubble, however the crystal (and what was deemed it's magical energies) was absorbed into Guy's body.  He soon discovered he had the ability to change from a normal human to his Granite-like state.

The next day, Guy was fired from his position and made the patsy for the monument's destruction.  No one else knew about Guy's transformation though.  After a decade of on and off work with environmental groups, reforestation agencies and even Greenpeace for awhile, he found himself jobless and homeless, walking the streets of Portsmouth, New Hampshire for a job. That's when the United Canadian Empire (UCE) and its crazed leader, the self-named "Emperor North" decided to take over all of New England and call it "New Canada".  Placing nuclear weapons in several locations throughout New England and creating an anti-technology field around the region's borders, the US and Canadian governments were powerless to stop him and his army.  Guy, however, knew he had to act, but he had no idea how to do it.  That's when the hero known as the "Minuteman" formed several new England heroes, including Guy, to go in, disarm the nukes and fight the UCE.

Guy was tasked with disarming the nuclear weapon which was hidden under the Capitol building in Concord, New Hampshire. He had to sneak into the capitol, in human form, and then stealthily subdue dozens of UCE guards. Thereafter while trying to disarm the bomb, a fail-safe switch was activated, causing an accelerated countdown (as what happened to each of the several bombs).  Rather than cut wires, he shifted to his Granite-form and smashed all the electronics and fuse igniters, rendering the nuclear weapon inoperable and inert. He, Minuteman and the several other New England heroes saved the day and defeated the UCE.  New England was once again safe.

Shortly after the UCE incident, Minuteman invited Guy to join his new super-group called the "Yankee Minutemen".  Guy agreed, and has taken on the roll as one of the more powerful members of the team under his new codename, "Granite Guy".

Guy, when transformed into his Granite Guy persona, has incredibly impervious skin from head to toe, including his sight and hearing.  All of his 'insides' are also a variant of the bio-Granite-like skin condition, however, it only provides remarkable protection.  In his Granite Guy state, he's not required to eat, sleep or breathe, however, if he has been in his state for over 24 hours and shift back to human, he'll most likely collapse from exhaustion, requiring at least a day to recover his strength.  He can only survive the rigors of space for a few minutes, lest his internals begin to freeze and crack.He has amazing protection from heat, cold and magical energies, as well as near unearthly resistances to any form of radiation.


In high school and college, Guy learned how to wrestle, and tumble, giving him advantages in any form of melee combat in these areas.

Today, Guy lives out of the Yankee Minuteman secret HQ in Boston, but at least twice a year, whether rain, snow or sleet, he returns to his native state of New Hampshire; once to place flowers at his parents grave and the other time to drop off hundreds of Christmas gifts to children's charity organizations throughout New Hampshire on Christmas Eve. 

Green Mountain Boys

(Left to RIght)

Jason Wentworth

Flight pack, energy gun & traps; Vernon's cousin

Vernon Wentworth

Leader of the GMBs, All-In-One Assault Weapon

Clyde Wentworth

Endoskeleton for powerful punches; Vernon's uncle

Daryl Wentworth

Bad boy/attitude and a brawler; Vernon's cousin

Sharon Wentworth

Bow & Arrow, tracking specialties; Vernon's sister


The "Green Mountain Boys" are a patriotic family of militant woodsmen (and woman) that have changed their status from a 'family militia' to 'superheroes'.

The Wentworths family can trace its roots back to 1719, when their ancestors arrived in New England and settled outside of Burlington (now in Vermont).  The Wentworths were a major force in the American Revolutionary War, were members of the state' militia' "Green Mountain Boys" regiment and in creating the state of Vermont.  Over the centuries, the family fell more and more out of the political spotlight and instead settled into the hills and towns outside of Burlington and in the Green Mountains.They excelled at 'backwoodsman' teachings and lifestyles, however,there was never a time when at least one member of the Wentworths was not in the US military.  That tradition continued up until a year ago.


The Green Mountain Boys (L to R): Jason, Clyde, Vernon, Daryl and Sharon Wentworth

Not too long ago, the Wentworths family's properties were confiscated by a cruel state's attorney named Seth Jenkins (whose family had a long-standing feud with the Wentworths and the family's 'militia' compounds they'd created over the decades), who authorized the state to take over the Wentworths lands by 'imminent domain'.  Most of the Wentworths scattered to the hills and mountains, rather than be hauled to jail.  They fought with local authorities and police on odd occasions, leaving several officers dead in their ensuing gun battles.  The Wentworths were considered criminals, however, many considered them 'underdogs' and 'heroes' for taking a stand against the corrupt state's attorney.

While the Wentworths collected more weapons and materials (as well as allowing their legend to grow of the 'backwoodsmen underdogs'), recently, the United Canadian Empire (UCE) invaded New England and attempted to create a new UCE-controlled nation called "New Canada". They planted several nuclear weapons in critical, secret locations, threatening to set them off if "New Canada" was attacked.  A vigilante known as "Minuteman" formed a group of super-powered and skilled fighters to defuse the nuclear weapons and drive the UCE out of New England.  Minuteman contacted the Wentworths, asking them to help disarm the nuke located deep in the Green Mountains with another new hero, Nor'easter.  All 25 of the combat-capable Wentworths volunteered.  They found the nuke in a cave up in the Green Mountains.  After they disarmed the nuke, the Wentworths got into an intense firefight with UCE troops.  When all was over, nearly 300 UCE troops were dead at the cost of 20 of the Wentworths. The Wentworths saved the day, becoming state and New England heroes now dubbed by the media as the new "Green Mountain Boys" (a name provided by the commanding general of the last true remnant of the "Green Mountains Boys" regiment, the Vermont National Guard).  Within weeks, the Wentworths plight with Seth Jenkins was absolved and the Wentworths were given back their lands, titles and funds.

After the UCE incident, Minuteman asked if the remaining five "Green Mountain Boys" (one of them being a sister) was interested in joining Minuteman's new super-group, the "Yankee Minutemen".  Initially, the Wentworths declined, but after a family discussion, they decided to join.  Since then, the new "Green Mountain Boys" have been a source of state pride for Vermont.  Ex-State Attorney Seth Jenkins has become a vocal antagonist to the Wentworths, however, with the revocation of his license to practice law in Vermont, Jenkins now has little sway in this matter.

The twenty deceased Wentworths from the UCE incident were laid to rest on a family grave site.  The five remaining Wentworths, although educated and still techno-savvy militia folk, have instead enjoyed living in their retreats in some of the toughest accessible areas in Vermont.  When the call is put out, though, the Green Mountain Boys will be there to protect the people of Vermont and New England!


Iron Works

(I) Paul Cooper

(II) Ryan Cooper


Originally created in 1943, the Iron Works armor has laid in mothballs; never tested, never used in war...that is until an extreme faction of Canada invaded and threatened Maine and all of New England.

In 1942, the Bath Shipyard and Iron Works out of Bath, Maine, decided, while creating warships in their shipyards and bullets in their Iron Works, that they'd also make a powerful battlesuit that would aid the WWII hero group, the Allied Fighters, in fighting the Axis forces.  After a year of design and manufacturing, the suit was tested, only to discover the wearer of the armor would be exposed to internal suit temperatures of over 180 degrees F.  This nearly killed the first armor tester.  After many setbacks and not enough technology to make the suit work right, the battlesuit was mothballed and placed into underfloor storage in one of the warehouses, never to be seen again...until recently. 

With the government sequestrations that happened in the US, the Bath Shipyard's old Iron Works plant was to sell off some the their land to commercial developers to help pay the shipyard's waning wages. Amidst the surveying of the old buildings, the old WWII Iron Works battlesuit was found under the one of the old, abandoned warehouses. The suit was put on display at the Bath Shipyard's museum and was restored to 'near' perfect condition (asbestos lining was removed, and the fire-sword and shield furnaces hadn't been lit in about 70 years.One engineer, a very tall (7') man, took the suit on as a hobby in his spare time to restore it.  Several other engineers volunteered to help in the hobby, but it was known it was merely a museum piece. 

Mere months ago, New England was invaded and terrorized by a crazy militant army calling themselves the "United Canadian Empire" (UCE), led by their psychotic leader, "Emperor North".  In so doing, the UCE hid several nuclear weapons in and around New England prior to their invasion, threatening to set them off should the Emperor's new designation of New England, "New Canada", be attacked.  The US and Canadian governments were stymied on how to respond to the Emperor and the UCE...that is, except a New England vigilante known as the "Minuteman" and his band of heroes he'd just formed to combat the UCE. The tall Bath Shipyard engineer that was taking care of the Iron Works battlesuit knew he had to do something to stop the UCE.  

After several exhaustive days, the engineer upgraded the suit's armor, and replaced the aged steam-powered suit equipment with high-tech weapons, superior thermal protection for the wearer, and the latest rocket packs, gadgets, gizmos, GPS and communications equipment.  The engineer donned the suit and went out to the same abandoned warehouse the suit was found in to test the suit.  It worked perfectly.  That's when the engineer also discovered the UCE had indeed hidden nuclear weapons - he found one in the exact same void as where the original Iron Works armor's location was. The engineer donned the armor and fought off a dozen UCE troops, That's when another Maine superhero, Maine Man, arrived.  Together, the two of them, while trying to disarm the bomb, fought off at least another three dozen UCE troops. Maine Man successfully disarmed the bomb, however, Iron Works' furnace-level heat was slowly seeping into the battlesuit.  By the time the UCE retreated, the engineer in the Iron Works battlesuit was dead.

Days later, a hero's memorial service was performed for the engineer who died wearing the Iron Works battlesuit.  Minuteman, the hero who led the other heroes to disarm the nukes and save New England, took the suit and had it 'upgraded' even more, designing internal thermal shielding for the wearer, as well as a plasma energy source for the fire sword and shield, rather than a oil-fed furnace.  Soon after, a young, yet tall volunteer stepped forward to don the armor and fight in the name of freedom, justice, New England and Maine; it was the engineer's son, Ryan Cooper, a student at University of Maine, working on a Physics degree in thermodynamics.  Since then, Ryan has taken the mantle as the new and improved Iron Works!

The Iron Works battlesuit provided amazing protection from physical, cold and energy attacks, as well as monstrously strong heat and radiation attacks.  The Fire Sword generates incredible amounts of heat/energy damage, while the shield can provide not only monstrously strong physical and radiation protection, but, along with the suit, generates good levels of external heat across the armor and shield, causing anyone who touches the heated armor, to receive burns. The suit in equipped with an inexhaustible plasma energy generator, as weighs over 700 lbs.  The suit is equipped with long-range communication equipment, satellite signal feeds, voice-activated internet access, an internal GPS navigation system, as well as a multi-ranged visual filter and voice amplification device.  The suit cannot fly due to its weight and construction.The shoulder 'gears' provide a fire suppressant foam that he can use to put out any fires he creates.



Lawrence X. Edwards


Lawrence Edwards is a rich and powerful Massachusetts criminal lawyer and a three-time gold medal Olympian in the Rapier who also happens to be the incredible dual-sword wielding crime fighter called Lexington!

Lawrence grew up in the wealthy and privileged aristocratic lifestyle of the finer Boston elite.  A graduate of Harvard Law, Lawrence inherited his family's fortune at age 25, but by that time he'd already attended three Olympics, earning a gold medal in individual Rapier.  He had the money.  He had the affluent lifestyle. 

At age 26, he married the only woman he truly loved, Constance Collinsworth.  Within a year, she gave him healthy triplet sons. 

He was living the perfect life...until his firm tasked with defending the dangerous Solano Family godfather, "Teflon" Don Solano for money laundering and corruption charges.

Lawrence, not willing to 'get his hands dirty' on this case, passed the responsibility and, according to him, the 'authority' to another, younger, yet inexperienced trial lawyer named Carol Coddington. Lawrence was still considered the senior lawyer in the case, however, his attentions were instead focused on his new instant family.  As a result, Carol did a terrible job defending the Don.  An 'accident' happened to Carol, killing her and leaving Lawrence, who was completely unprepared for the case, battled to try and defend his client, the Don.  Lawrence failed, and as a result, the Don swore that "Lawrence and his family dead" as they hauled the Don off to jail.  

During his jail time, several attempts were made on the Don's life by rival gangs, yet the Don survived, growing more furious over Lawrence's terrible representation.  A week later, Don Solano was released on a 'technicality' completing his first and only jail time since.  The Don was furious over the loss of his perfect jail-less record. Lawrence would pay for this.

Days later, a 'gas leak' occurred in Lawrence's mansion, exploding and burning it to the ground. Lawrence's wife and three new baby boys died in the fire. Lawrence tried to get to them to save them, but instead saw his wife, carrying the three babies, burn to death before his eyes. Lawrence awoke a week later in the hospital. It took months for Lawrence to recover, all the while Don Solano was considered free from prosecution.

When Lawrence was fit enough to leave the hospital, he went back to his burned down home, then to his family's graves. He was a broken man who'd had enough.  He finally reached his breaking point.

He was going to kill Teflon Don Solano.

Consumed with rage and murder, he retrieved his old donated Olympic Rapiers from a local library and battled through dozens of Solano thugs at the Solano Mansion in Manhattan.  When Lawrence finally reached Teflon Don, Lawrence defeated him in three seconds. As Lawrence was ready to stab the defenseless Don through the heart, he realized what he was about to do.


Reaching this clarity, he withdrew from the mansion. As Lawrence walked away, Don Solano laughed, vowing to continue to wreck Lawrence's life and career, making it his life's goal.

Picking up the pieces of his life, Lawrence left his prestigious law firm and instead became a public defender and lawyer in the Boston court system.  He gained a huge amount of publicity for his actions, and became a bit of a 'heroic lawyer for the common man'. If he couldn't help his clients legally, he took out the Rapiers and instead went out, acting outside the law, to save his clients.  No one knew who this 'shady sword guy' was, leaving the media in deep throughs of speculation.

He eventually set up a small law office, and started helping the common man, that is...until the United Canadian Empire (UCE) invaded and terrorized New England.

The UCE's leader, "Emperor North", had placed nuclear weapons throughout New England, swearing to detonate them should anyone attack the Emperor's new name for the conquered New England..."New Canada".  The mysterious vigilante, Minuteman,formed a band of heroes to defuse the nukes and take down the UCE for good.  Lawrence, believing he was worthless in this type of fight, was asked to 'fight with your Rapiers the same way you fight for the rights of the common man now'.  Donning an old Union Army costume he'd used once for an American Revolution battle re-enactment, complete with a Tri-Corn hat and his two Rapiers, he went with another teammate, Sister Salem, to attempt to stop the UCE.  The nuke they had to defuse was aboard the USS Constitution sailing ship.  There, fought in a frenzy with the UCE troops and disarmed the nuclear bomb, saving New England.

Lawrence's (and Sister Salem's) battle aboard the USS Constitution was watched by millions of TV and video viewers.  The media dubbed him "Lexington" and became a social and political celebrity overnight.  His law offices expanded to a 20-story building, named in honor of the young inexperienced lawyer Solano had initially killed: The Carol Coddington Building, located in Boston's Back Bay district. He and his new firm, Lexington Legal Inc., was soon hailed as one of the greatest law firms ever.

Minuteman asked Lawrence to join his new band of heroes called the "Yankee Minutemen".  Initially, Lawrence said no, but after another attempt was made on his life by the Solanos, he changed his mind.  The Lexington Legal firm also became the official lawyers for the "Yankee Minutemen" members.  To this day, Lawrence fights for justice for the common man; when that fails, Lexington fights for New England and what is right!

Lexington is a normal man, with excellent athletic skills, coupled with an amazing talent in using dual Rapiers in combat.  His Revolutionary War re-enactment costume has been 'updated' to take good physical, heat, cold, energy and radiation damage. He carries a single "smartphone" that operates everything in the team's base, as well as its other standard communications and application functions.


Maine Man

Judd Ford


Judd Ford is a professional lumberjack from Moosehead, Maine who has now become a magical axe-wielding powerhouse of a man.

Born and raised in the woods outside of Moosehead, Maine, Judd led a simple life.  Raised by two loving, hard-working parents along with several brothers and sisters, Judd relished nature and logging.  He and his father would go out, find a tall tree, chop it down and make it into firewood.  They also hunted off the land, raised chickens and had a bird dog named "Lady". It was a great life growing up.

As he got older, he started entering lumberjack competitions to impress the local girls.  After winning several competitions, he realized he was good at them, and started competing professionally all across North America.  His parents weren't too keen on the idea, considering it 'showing off', however, Judd's prize winnings helped her them through the rough winters.

In one particular competition in Augusta, Maine, Judd had already placed first in four events and was about to start the log-chopping contest when a strange man dressed in a red coat and cloak alighted from the sky.  The man was known as the villainous "Archduke of Ontario"; a Canadian archeologist who the year before was wholly magically possessed by a powerful evil spirit. The possessed Archduke began acting much like a Trickster spirit, creating chaos in and about him as he walked the the crowd, laughing maniacally.  He magically turned a log into an animated monster that chased event judges; saws turned into flying buzzing creatures, cutting people's limbs off; even the log-rolling logs turned into monsters with sharp teeth, eating and drowning competing loggers. 

Judd, in an attempt to attack the Archduke with his axe, had his axe magically zapped and transformed into a 12-foot long evil-looking double-bladed axe pike with eyes...weighing nearly 200 lbs of magical steel.  Judd, unable to carry its weight and heft, dropped the transformed axe to the ground.  The Archduke laughed even louder, zapping Judd with magical spells one after another, turning Judd into a chair, then a goose, then a moose.  Judd thought he was going mad.

The entire lumberjack competition site was in pure chaos, with people running and dying all around Judd.  At one point, the Archduke, laughing so hard that he could barely speak, shrank and enlarged Judd's body repeatedly, while the Archduke shouted at Judd things like, 'There! Try picking it up now! Oops! Too small? Try now! Oops! Too big! OK, try now! Oops!", again and again, entertaining himself by constantly shrinking and enlarging Judd.

As the Archduke was laughing maniacally, Judd drew every ounce of strength and willpower he had and while in the momentary enlarged form, grabbed his monstrously altered (pole) axe and split the Archduke in two separate body halves; the "Duke" was dead. 

A magical feedback seemed to occur between Judd and the Archduke across the transformed axe when Judd struck him with the axe.  After slicing the Archduke in two, all magically created logs, saws and timbers all reverted to their normal forms...all except Judd and his axe.  Judd remained a remarkably strong and enlarged 7 1/2 foot height, while his axe was still a demonic looking pole axe...with eyes.  Judd tried to help the wounded people at the site, but when the others saw Judd's strange axe and size, they declined his help.  The Archduke's body halves seemed to have disappeared in the confusion of everything.

While walking back to the main road, the axe started talking to him psychically.  The axe was now  free from the Archduke's control, and considered Judd to be its new master.  All the axe now wants to do is serve Judd well.  On his walk down the highway, on his way back home, he discovered what incredible things he and the axe could now do.

It could levitate.

It could fly; it even flew back into Judd's hands when he motioned for it...from two miles away.

It glowed bright enough to even use it as a lantern.

It could sharpen itself. 

In an example of its power, in one stroke, the axe, itself, chopped right through a 2" steel plate. 

It also sliced all the way through a 4 foot diameter tree trunk in one fell stroke.

Judd immediately tried to get rid of the ensorcelled axe, telling it to stay away, but it always returned to him.  It seemed to like him.  He now had an enlarged, powerful body and a pet magical pole axe.

When Judd eventually returned home, his family didn't recognize him, chasing him off the property with a shotgun. To this day, they his parents still don't believe him to be their son, Judd.

With nowhere else to go, he decided to draw some money from an ATM, go to a motel, and try and figure out his next move.  As he advanced to the ATM, an old lady was being robbed by a young punk.  As the punk ran, Judd motioned to the axe to simply 'knock him out'.  The axe flew from his hand and smacked the punk with the flat of the blade, knocking him out cold.  The axe promptly returned to his hand.  The old lady was found to be OK, thanking him profusely for his heroic effort.

After filing a police report (that into itself is worthy of another story), he withdrew the money from the ATM and found an available room at a nearby motel.  Lying there, he realized he had no idea how long this magical effect would last, or if it would ever end.  He had to make it on his own with his new lot in life, yet he still had to make a living, even though his large size and the freaky axe were going to make it even more difficult to do. Amidst all of this self-analysis, another key event kept coming back to him.  He really enjoyed helping the old lady at the ATM and stopping the punk; he considered that event to be one of the proudest moments he'd personally ever had.  He really wanted to do more of the same. 


Over the next few months, Judd entered into other logging contests all over North America, winning them hands down with his new skills and powers. By night, he'd sneak about town, patrolling the streets and alleys, stopping burglars, gangs, drug dealers, etc until he was off to the next competition's township.

He was considered to be the 'best of the best' of all North American lumberjacks in the Lumberjack competitions. Regardless of that accolade, at the events, he and the axe were still treated like freaks and nothing more than some Hollywood 'hocus pocus' tricks.

One day, during a lumberjack competition in upper state Massachusetts, he was approached by the vigilante known as Minuteman. Minuteman had previous encounters with the "Archduke of Ontario" and knew what had happened to Judd. Minuteman couldn't reverse what happened to Judd, but empathized over his predicament. Minuteman offered assistance in any way he could, but eventually both agreed to contact one another should either one need the other.  That day came sooner than they thought.

Recently, a psychotic megalomaniac calling himself "Emperor North" and his army, known as the United Canadian Empire (UCE), invaded and terrorized New England.  The "Emperor" wanted New England as his new country called "New Canada".  The "Emperor" had placed several nuclear weapons throughout New England, and told the world that if anyone attacked New Canada, he'd activate the nukes and destroy 1/2 of the Eastern US seaboard for centuries to come. Hours later, Judd got a call from Minuteman.  He had a plan and a team to stop the "Emperor" and wanted to know if Judd was in.

Judd said "yes".

In a mad training session on how to defuse and disable a nuclear weapon, Judd and another new hero known as Iron Works set out and defused the nuke they were assigned to that was hidden under an abandoned warehouse in the Bath Shipyard. Iron Works died at the end of the battle, however, they both disabled the nuke and took out dozens of UCE troops.  The remaining UCE troops scattered like leaves to the wind making New England safe once again.

Days later, Minuteman invited Judd to join the team permanently.  Judd agreed.  With his new codename of "Maine Man", Judd went from a competitive lumberjack to a magically empowered superhero, literally, overnight.

Judd has remarkable strength, able to lift entire cars off the ground. His skin and hide are so thick and dense, he has excellent protection from any projectile up to mortar and small missile rounds. He also discovered he has excellent protection from heat, cold, magic and radiation.  When using his axe, he can impart incredible damage to any and all things before him.

Although Judd desires nothing more than to go back home, so long as he is in this form, and the axe is in its, he has no choice but to start a new life with a new family.  His new family: the Yankee Minutemen!


Jack Rower


Jack Rower is a young mutant adult with the power to control the cold and dominate the ice.

As a teenage in Vermont, he discovered his cold and ice powers when he formed a freak ice July.  Although the ice quickly melted, he realized he was the one who created it.  Being careful in the use of his powers, he'd wait for the winter season before he started training himself in how to use his new-found powers.  Jack was renown in school for his patience; patience that was key in him learning to secretly hone his powers. 

By Spring,  on his 17th birthday, Jack left his Crack addict of a single mother, filing and obtaining emancipation  He journeyed to various ski resorts throughout New England. There, he'd hone his powers even further by 'pretending' to use Snow-Maker equipment on the slopes and instead use his own powers.  One ski location he'd worked at was Top Notch Ski Resort in northern Vermont. While working there late one Winter, the resort manager discovered Jack's mutant powers.  Rather than fire him or call the authorities, they worked a deal; help to make the snow early and late in the season using his powers, and he'd have a year-round job working at the resort.  Jack agreed.  He soon became family to the manager, his wife and their children. It was the happiest time in Jack's life.  That all changed when the evil madman named Yukon arrived from Canada.

Late one Winter, as Jack was teaching children how to snowboard at the resort, a super-villain from the infamous "United Canadian Empire" (UCE) was fleeing authorities and a couple superheroes.  Yukon barged onto the slopes, knocking down, freezing and killing anyone in his way.  He barreled down the slope and charged through Jack's 'bunny hill' he was training the children on, knocking Jack on his backside, stunned.  There, a superhero battle ensued, feet away from the children.  With the heroes on the ropes, Jack scooted the children to safety...all but one.  Yukon froze the child in a block of ice and threatened to smash the ice block unless he was allowed to get away.  The heroes backed off.  Yukon then created an avalanche down the mountain, placing dozens of skiers in harms way as he made a break for it.  The superheroes flew off to save the skiers.  Jack pursued Yukon.  Without even knowing he was being followed, Yukon took the block of ice with the little girl in it and smashed it into a rock. The girl was the youngest daughter of the ski resort owner.  One of his new 'family'. She was like the little sister he'd never had. Now, she was dead.

Jack screamed in rage, using his ice powers for the first time in public, doing everything he could to stop Yukon.  Since Yukon's powers were also ice-based, there was little Jack could do to stop him.  Yukon got away, but Jack put a fear into Yukon he hadn't known in hundreds of years.  Yukon soon became Jack's obsession for revenge; a revenge that would pit these two against each other again and again.

Recently, the UCE invaded New England, containing the region with high-tech weapons and fields and keeping the rest of the world from attacking them with several hidden nuclear bombs "Emperor North", the psychotic leader of the UCE, threatened to blow if anyone tried to take away his newly named "New Canada".  A vigilante hero by the name of Minuteman contacted Jack at the ski resort.  he'd known about Jack and his powers for over a year, however, he needed Jack to help stop the "Emperor" and the UCE.  Jack and the Green Mountain Boys were teamed together to defuse and disable the nuclear weapon in Vermont. The nuke was disarmed and disabled quickly and correctly, however the battle afterwards was anything but easy.

Hundreds of troops descended on Jack and the 25 Green Mountain Boys (GMBs). In the middle of this intense battle, the UCE super-villain, Yukon, arrived on the scene.  Enraged, Jack attacked Yukon only for Vernon Wentworth, the leader of the GMBs,  to instead quickly trap Yukon himself.  Feeling cheated out of his vengeance, he scolded Vernon who reminded Jack that Yukon would be brought to justice; killing Yukon would not bring the little girl back. Reluctantly, Jack went back to fighting the troops, only to see more and more of the GMBs get cut down in the battle. In the middle of the intense firefight, Yukon escaped unseen. Within an hour, the remaining UCE had surrendered and/or retreated from their "New Canada", saving New England from the invasion and UCE occupation...but at a great price.  Out of the 25 Green Mountain Men, only 5 remained.  Jack was devastated at that family's loss. He'd fought long and brave that day, but in the end, the GMBs were the ones burying 4/5ths of their family. It was a victory, albeit a costly one.

Jack and the others were considered heroes.  Jack's new young social network of fans soon gave him a new codename: Nor'easter, which he readily accepted. His greatest desire had still eluded him though; killing Yukon.  Using his patience once again, he realized that one day, they'd meet again, for the last time.

Days after the UCE invasion, Minuteman asked Jack if he'd like to join the same folks the formed up to stop the "Emperor" and his UCE.  Jack agreed and became the 5th member of the new super-group, the Yankee Minutemen! 

Jack's powers allow him remarkable control of ice and the cold.  He can freeze people and objects in blocks of ice, create slick ice sheets on the ground, 'armor-up' allies with icy armor and many other ice/cold related power stunts. He is normally generating a cool vapor from his body, however, with concentration, he can turn it off.  His skin, however, will always bee a pale white.  In order to move around, he's able to create ice slides. Nor'easter's suit is heated, allowing others to touch him without freezing.  His belt also has thermal grenades and hand warmers he distributes out as needed to take the cold away from the folks near him that are affected by his cold powers.

To this day, Jack is still very popular with his adoring teen fans.  He still helps making snow for the slopes in the winter and still has his own apartment at the Top Notch Ski Resort (and yes, he still helps the kids learn how to snowboard and ski).  The only thing that weighs heavy on his soul though, was the loss of the little girl killed by Yukon.  He has sworn an oath to himself to make Yukon pay for what he did. 




Sharon Stamos


Sharon Stamos, a 45 year-old frumpy and unsuccessful (i.e., unemployed) clothes designer from Providence, Rhode Island, won a pair of free tickets from the local radio station, HJY 94.1, to attend a high-end fashion show at the city's convention center one summer afternoon. She and her handicapped childhood best friend, Nancy Jenkins, attended the show hoping to gain some inspiration on practical, yet sexy designs that Sharon might be able to create and sell. Anything to help pay the rent. And bills. And Health insurance. And...well, you get the picture.

At the Convention Center, In the next show room over from the fashion show, an auction was being held for the estate of a locally famous yet reclusive heiress, Jacqueline Reece, who'd died during the alien Soltan invasion several years before at 108 years of age (it took those several years just to get her estate in order and sold).  The auction was said to have tens of millions of dollars worth of the most exquisite gold and jewelry in all of Rhode Island.

As Sharon and Nancy were enjoying the fashion show, gunfire erupted from the auction showroom. Dozens of armed troops and super-powered crooks from the infamous organization known as the "Gold Syndicate" stormed out from the auction showroom, loaded with bagfuls of stolen and looted gold items.  As the convention center attendees panicked and started running for exits, a band of superheroes quickly arrived on the scene to fight the Gold Syndicate. 

Several loot-ladened troops ran for the exits with their bags of stolen gold objects from the auction, while the super-powered heroes and villains fought throughout the convention center, trashing the building as they fought. Sharon rapidly wheeled her friend Nancy down the handicapped ramp when one of the Gold Syndicate troopers with a bag of loot pushed past the two of them, shoving Nancy's wheelchair over the edge of the ramp.  Nancy fell to the floor 40 feet below.

Screaming in disbelief of what had happened, Sharon attacked the gloating trooper with an unrivaled rage, knocking him over the ramp's edge as well.  Since the trooper was wearing armor, his fall didn't kill him, but he would definitely be in a prison hospital for a few years.The bag of stolen loot exploded across the floor all around Nancy's unmoving body.

Grief stricken, Sharon raced down the ramp to see if her friend Nancy was still alive. 

Nancy was dead.

Trying her best to cope with the loss, she began talking to Nancy, cradling her head, telling her to please be all right. Grief-stricken, Sharon spied a beautiful white gold tiara on the floor next to her, not much different that the costume tiaras she and Nancy used to parade around in with their pretend fashion shows they used to perform before they both became teens.  Sharon picked up the tiara and placed it on her own forehead, asking Nancy's lifeless body if she 'looked beautiful'; a line they used to ask each other during their pretend fashion shows. Sharon, already overwhelmed with grief and adrenaline felt suddenly strange, yet, she focused on her now dead childhood best friend. Sobbing even more, Sharon asked the lifeless Nancy, again, if she (Sharon) looked beautiful. Nancy, once  again retained death's silence. As Sharon began a sadly crazed crying laugh at the anguish of the moment, she yelled at Nancy's body one last time demanding her to live.

That's when the first of many miracles happened.

At that point, the tiara upon Sharon's head glowed a faint golden light, as did her hands.  The glow passed into Nancy's body projecting gold sparkles all around her female frame. Nancy then opened her eyes and whispered up to Sharon, "you look beautiful, Shar".

Nancy was alive.

Moments later, EMTs arrived to attend to Nancy.  In a quick moment of realization, Sharon, who'd never stolen anything in her life, placed the tiara in her large purse just before the EMTs arrived.

That's when the second miracle of the day occurred.

Nancy was not only alive, but for the first time since the high school car accident that permanently crushed Nancy's legs, Nancy was now able to stand and walk. 

A jubilant and excited Nancy was reluctantly taken to the hospital by ambulance where, after several hours of X-Rays and  examinations, the doctors could find nothing wrong with her and discharged her.  While waiting between examinations, Sharon watched the TV in Nancy's hospital room.  She watched the news reports stating that 5 of the 24 Gold Syndicate got away with their stolen loot. Surprisingly, thanks to the two superheroes intervention, 75% of the Jacqueline Reece auction gold and jewelry was recovered. Over a dozen people died in the violence that day and the convention center was now a smoldering wreck.  The Rhode Island Governor, during the TV interview, ensured everyone that the state's newly acquired federal "Superhero Damage and Repair Fund" would pay for the convention center's repairs. Nothing was reported about Nancy's miraculous recovery nor of the 'lost' tiara.

After Sharon took Nancy home to her happily shocked parents, she herself walked back to her one bedroom apartment, finally settling down and taking in all that had happened that day.  She took out the absconded white-gold tiara from her purse.  She saw the tag on it naming it the "Venus Tiara", estimated at $500,000.  She immediately went online to discover the tiara had never made it to the auction block to be sold.  No one was missing it. it was believed 'stolen' by the Gold Syndicate.

She also researched the reclusive heiress, Jacqueline Reece, on the internet.  Many strange articles popped up about a 'young, fit and beautiful' woman seen "floating" in and about the manor parading around in gold, jewels and a tiara, sometimes naked.  Some reports believed it was a ghost; others believed it was one of the house staff parading around in the heiress' jewelry when the heiress was sleeping.  Even the conspiracy theorists and celebrity rags came to their own conclusions that the young woman with the tiara was most obviously an incestuous lesbian lover of the 108 year-old, bed-ridden heiress.

Sharon contrived her own theory. 

She believed the tiara was something more than what it seemed. Maybe magical. Whatever it was, it brought her friend back to life and allowed her to walk again.  The tiara was the key. Sharon cautiously placed the tiara across her forehead once again.

In a wave of a faint golden glow emanating out from around her body, Sharon began to slowly transform.  As she looked in the full-length mirror next to her bed, she saw herself transform into a young, fit and beautiful woman.

This was her third miracle. She was awestruck.  

Her clothes she was wearing, which were size XXXL, hung off her body like a tent. 

She was so giddy with excitement by what she was seeing that she didn't notice she was levitating off the floor. When she finally realized it, she panicked, trying to right herself in mid air.  Instead, she clumsily flew about her apartment to and fro, cascading into her apartment's old furniture, cutting her new youthful shoulders and legs in the process.  Completely out of control, she shot through her apartment's window, shattering it.  She felt the ripples of blood across her face and head from the broken glass. See also saw her tent-like clothes jettison off her now thin frame as she continued to accelerate haphazardly through the evening skies of Providence. As she was about to crash into the side of the historic Biltmore Hotel in downtown Providence, she was able to stop herself in mid air just short of one of the hotel rooms' windows.  Naked and hovering in place in front of  a gawking businessman's hotel room window, she realized that the cuts and bruises all over her body were gone. 

The wounds had rapidly healed, leaving no scars. Another miracle.

She bore no signs of her wounds other than the dried blood where the wounds once were. Collecting herself, she clumsily tried to position herself and fly once more.  This time, she caught on how to do it. With some practice, she was soon able to bank and turn.  She estimated that she could fly up to 100 mph, but didn't dare try to find out her maximum altitude. All the time she was flying around naked that cold night, she realized she wasn't cold at all.  Somehow, she was warm; shielded from the extremes of temperatures and the rigors of flight. After another 1/2 hour of self-taught 'flying lessons', she returned to her damaged apartment.

After cleaning up her mess, she reluctantly took the tiara off. Sharon body changed back to her former frumpy self, XXXL size and all.  With the tiara, Sharon was transformed into the 'Venus-like' goddess of a body; a body that was not only drive-the-boys-crazy 'hot', but also rapidly healed any received wounds, allowed her to fly in the sky, revive her dead friend Nancy and even allowed her newly-alive best friend to walk  again. It was a gift from the gods...or more likely, a magical artifact that 'dear Ms. Reclusive Heiress' had previously been parading around in, pretending to be 18 when she was 108. Sharon surmised that Reece must have been killed during the Soltan invasion when she wasn't wearing the tiara; that had to be the reason Reece died, otherwise, she would have healed herself with the tiara.

There were a million options rolling through Sharon's head of what to do next.  Do I take this and go to churches and hospitals and heal people?  Do I start a new life as a young, fit and beautiful supermodel?  Do I use these abilities to stop crime like the police and superheroes did at the convention center?  Do I give this 'stolen' tiara back to the auctioneers? The questions multiplied, yet her answers remained stubbornly silent.  She didn't know what to do.  

The next day, she went to visit her friend Nancy.  Nancy was having the time of her life with her legs back. They went for a walk.  They went out for lunch. They went shopping, walking all five levels of the mall.  During that time, Sharon and Nancy talked about what happened at the Convention Center. Sharon asked if Nancy remembered anything important.  Nancy recounted her fall and unconsciousness upon hitting the floor.  She said she awoke to see what she believed was an angel at first, however, the next time she looked back up, it was Sharon, not the angel she'd just seen before. She did not remember the tiara or her recovery from death.  In a serious tone over dinner, Sharon asked Nancy a deep question; 'after not having your legs for all these years, if you had the power to give someone else back their vision, hearing, legs, or whatever...would you do it?". 

Nancy's response shocked Sharon.

"No, I wouldn't.  I learned to fend for myself.  I learned to overcome, adapt and improvise.  I learned who my 'real' friends were and who were my 'fake' friends; I pushed myself harder than I ever would have if I hadn't been in that accident.  I'm a better person now as a result of the accident, otherwise I'd have probably married the first rich, good looking guy that screwed me and I'd probably turn into that drunk heiress, whats her name, Reece?  for the rest of my life. I know it sounds callous, but I think there's a reason for everything, If I was to go around 'healing the world', I'd be doing that for the rest of my life, enslaved to everyone else's pain.  Couple that with those who'd want to capitalize on my  ability and forcefully control me to heal only those who'd 'pay the most' or garbage like that, and...well, it's just not worth it.  I'd instead do what I could to help those that really would need help; firefighters, policemen, troops.  Hell, even some of these superheroes could use a band-aid like that once in awhile fighting those super-villains. Heh. Listen to me talk.  Hell with those powers, I'd be just like those other superheroes. Yep.  That's what I'd do; be something like 'Doctor Heals' or some goofy hero name like that".

Sharon and Nancy finished their long, walking-filled day together.  Sharon was ecstatic for Nancy's recovery.  She wanted to help out more like Nancy, but knew with every action she took, there would always be an opposite reaction. She may go off and heal thousands worldwide, but the one day she'd take off to rest, she'd be blamed for every death that naturally occurred that same day.  She'd be a slave to her powers. These were but some of her deep thoughts. Now, with Nancy's words, she needed to come up with a viable answer.

Sharon walked around the streets of Providence for hours that night, mulling over what to do, fumbling with the tiara in her hands.  At one point after mindlessly walking into a dark alley near Federal Hill by the state capitol building, she heard gunshots go off a few streets over.  Without hesitation, she put the tiara on, transforming into her other self. Flying in the direction of the shots, her clothes once again fell off of her petite frame.  This time, she swooped down, grabbing a bed sheet off of a backyard clothesline, along with a pair of panty hose and made an impromptu costume from them. She ripped a hole in the middle of the bed sheet and wrapped herself in it, using the pantyhose as a belt.

As she landed near where the shooting was, she saw two police officers who'd been shot pinned down behind their squad cars. Another officer was dead.  She went to each wounded policeman and healed them. She then resurrected the dead officer.  During all of this, with bullets flying everywhere, she was shot in the shoulder.  It healed within minutes, with little pain, pushing the bullet fragments out of the wound. Infuriated, she tried to use her powers to do 'something' to the villainous shooters; interestingly enough, she started draining their life force from them, causing them to weaken and pass out.  The effect was temporary on them, however, it was very effective at stopping them.  The healed policemen were in awe over her.  One simply said, "I truly know what 'Providence' means now."


That was it. 

She'd become a hero with the codename of "Providence".

She told the policemen her new codename.  She kissed each one on the forehead and thanked them for all they do for the people of the city.  She then flew away.

This time, instead of receiving a miracle, she WAS the miracle for someone else.  She felt good for what she did.

Nonetheless, the media went into overdrive about her spectacular overnight debut.  A 'dash cam' on one of the cops cars at the shootout caught everything she did on video.  She was a true overnight heroic sensation.  Nothing but positive comments spewed across TV, cable and radio; that is...all except the talk about her 'bed sheet and pantyhose' costume; most had some pretty negative comments about that.

Flushed with energetic inspiration, she fashioned herself a new costume.  A costume that was MADE for a 'Venus-like' body. A costume that would represent her new codename of Providence; a costume that she could easily pack into her large purse and throw it on when needed.

Days later, she began patrolling the city in her new white and gold skin-tight midriff and skirt costume as "Providence", Rhode Island's latest superhero. When asked where she got the costume, she dropped her alias' name, the 'fashion designer' Sharon Stamos.  Sharon was immediately hired by her 'dream' fashion company in Providence called "Fashion Icons Inc.".  Providence's costume itself became a world fashion hit (for at least a month).

Months later, after a madman called the "Emperor North" and his "United Canadian Empire" (UCE) army invaded and terrorized New England, a hero known as the "Minuteman" formed an elite hero team, including Providence, to defuse the several nuclear bombs the "Emperor" was holding New England hostage with.  Providence was tasked with disarming the nuke in Rhode Island at the T.F. Green Airport outside of state capitol city of Providence.  She beat down and drove out the invading UCE troops for good and disarmed the bomb, saving all of Rhode Island and New England.  Days later, Providence was asked to join Minuteman's new super-group called the "Yankee Minutemen".  She agreed and has since become a valuable asset for her fellow teammates. Together, they fight to protect the people of New England from all forms of evil.

Providence has the magical power, with the tiara placed on her head, to incredibly heal herself and others out to about 40 yards away. She can amazingly resurrect the dead, so long as they haven't been dead for anymore than 10 minutes, otherwise, she will create mindless (non flesh-eating) 'zombies'.  She can fly up to excellent speeds of 100 mph with an unknown maximum altitude.  She can remarkably transfer life energy forces from a target to herself or she can transfer that same collected life energy and give it to another ailing person or animal within 40 yards; this action usually causes the target to collapse unconscious withing 10-20 seconds, taking days for them to recover  thereafter. So long as she wears the tiara, her body will transform itself into a beautifully iconic 'Venus'-looking face and body.  Since one's face changes a lot as part of this transformation, no one can even identify their non-tiara-wearing alter ego through any form of facial recognition or manipulation software from the Venus' looks.

To this day, no one has recognized her tiara from all the photos and videos taken of her.

No one yet, that is...


Sister Salem

Name Unknown


A mysterious young 'witch' from Salem, Massachusetts, she has become a hero in her own right.

One night, a band of creatures only known as "Fir Bolgs" (an ancient Celtic magical creature) was terrorizing Salem.  Dozens of people were killed or hurt.  Policemen tried shooting them, but was found to be ineffective.  As the Fir Bolgs amassed in Salem's Square, attempting to open a mystical portal to allow thousands more Fir Bolgs to cross over, Sister Salem came on the scene.

Using both white and black magical spells, she obliterated dozens of the Fir Bolgs, scattering them throughout the town.  By the end of the night, she had set up a ward spell preventing the Fir Bolgs from entering the town ever again.

When approached by the media and police, she was curt yet honest, stating 'without her, a witch, the town would have surely been at the mercy of the Fir Bolgs intended invasion'.

She quickly exited in a puff of black smoke. 

Weeks later, several dozen other magical creatures were attacking some Massachusetts townships.  The first to arrive were the magical warriors, the "Mystical Knights", led by the unpopular Samhain Knight. He and his team fought bravely, but were pushed back with the increasing number of creatures.  That's when Sister Salem arrived, fending off the creatures with her illusions and magic.  Together, they eventually defeated the creatures.  When asked to join the Mystical Knights, Sister Salem remarked, "you are not the team I am foreshadowed to join. No.", and once again, left in a black puff of smoke.

Recently, a militant madman known as "Emperor North" and his "United Canadian Empire" (UCE) troops invaded New England, renaming it "New Canada".  They'd hidden several nuclear weapons around New England, threatening to detonate them if any nation or 'hero' was stupid enough to cross him in his new nation.  A vigilante known as "Minuteman" brought together several heroes from all over New England, including Sister Salem.  She and the hero known as Lexington teamed together to defuse and disable one of the nukes in Massachusetts.  They succeeded and drove out the UCE troops, saving all of New England.  Days later, Minuteman asked if Sister Salem would join his newly formed super-group called the "Yankee Minutemen" she not only said yes, but mentioned this was the team she was fated to be part of.

Since then, Sister Salem, in her own way, has brusquely befriended her new teammates, all the while mentioning that soon, the team would need her to stop a magical incursion that otherwise would 'destroy the world'.  With those ominous words, she continues to fight alongside the group...but in a very reserved manner.


Sister Salem has the excellent ability to create magical illusions that can promote distractions, pain, humanoid combatants, and fear.  She also uses white and black natural magic for various ranged arcane energy attacks, as well as tentacles and negative energy pits that can bind one or more targets. She has a form of magical teleportation that uses puffs of black smoke as well. She is also believed to be 'magically sensitive', meaning she can detect magical events and incursions happening up to several miles away.


Union Blue

Sierra Westwood


Sierra Westwood is one of the most dangerous pistoleers on the planet. Trained by the Mafia in her youth, tested in three wars with the US Army, and assigned to the US President's Secret Service, Sierra has had a series of incredible adventures in her short 27 years of life. Bored with protocol and politics, Sierra has found new adventure and danger with the Yankee Minutemen.

Born in New Haven, Connecticut, Sierra was the daughter of a renown Mafia gangster, Thomas "The Ace" Westwood.  He got his name from being able to shoot out the center of the Ace of Spades - without a single miss.  He was considered one of the greatest gunmen the Mafia had.  He practically created the term 'Gun Fu'. When he married, he was upset when his first child wasn't a boy.  So instead of treating her like a princess, he taught her how to be an enforcer.  By age 15, she had more kills that most all the Mafia had combined. he taught her his "Gun Fu' techniques, making her a very deadly assassin.

One day, "The Ace" killed Sierra's mom for not having dinner ready fast enough.  Sierra lost it. She killed her dad right there at the dinner table.  Nonetheless to say, the Mafia didn't like that and put out a hit on Sierra.  She obliterated the entire east coast Mafia operation, killing most, but turning in the leadership to the FBI.  She was pardoned for her 'hits', however she had to 'volunteer' to serve in the US Army for 6 years. With nowhere else to go, she agreed.

In the Army, she was bounced from one unit to another, whichever was seeing the most combat.  She served in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and secretly in Syria and Libya.  During that time, she was a tough as nails, ice for blood, killing machine.  She made no friends in her units simply due to her intimidation factor and her icy demeanor. At her 5th year, she demanded a transfer to Secret Service. She got it, but under the supervision of one of the Service's most reputable and dangerous agents, Wayne Farina.

Wayne was the first to ever get under Sierra's skin. During training, he countered every move and action she made. He was better than her and she didn't like that.  She started thinking of ways to take him out.  When she finally attempted to kill Farina, he not only stopped her, but became romantically involved with her. She reciprocated, and they began to have an affair together. She was, for the first time in her life, smitten by love. The problem was, it was against the code of the Secret Service to have a relationship like this. The next week, Farina reported himself  about their relationship, blaming himself.  The two were separated in work details, with both of them awaiting administrative discharge at the end of the month from the Secret Service.  That's when it happened.

The United Canadian Empire (UCE) and their madman leader, "Emperor North" made an attempt on the President's life.  The president got away safe, but Wayne Farina was killed in action.  His body was never fully recovered due to the complete incineration by the United Canadian Empire's (UCE) member called Bonnefyre; a mutant with fire control powers.  Sierra immediately took a 'final' leave of absence from her soon to be ex-employer and tracked down the UCE back to Canada.  In a pitched battle with dozens of UCE troops and three UCE super-villains, a mysterious vigilante called "Minuteman" arrived on the scene, at one point, saving Sierra from instant death.  They escaped the battle, but Sierra did not kill Bonnefyre as was her primary goal.  Minuteman talked to her about 'revenge', the 'greater good' and 'doing what's right' to her.  He knew about her and Farina and mentioned that her actions would not have been what Farina wanted.  He knew Farina would have wanted justice, not vengeance.  For the first time in her life she broke down in tears.  She agree with Minuteman and promised to do what was right...for the memory of Wayne Farina.  He mentioned one day, he might call on her to help 'save the world' or the such.  She agreed she'd help when the call would come in.

The call was eventually made.  The UCE invaded New England, placing several nuclear weapons hidden about New England, threatening to blow the bombs should anyone resist the UCE's takeover of what he now called "New Canada".  Minuteman contacted Sierra and several other people, including some with super-powers.  They concocted a plan to defuse and disable the nuclear weapons and take down the UCE, driving them out of New England once and for all. As this incredible and complex plan was set in motion, she and Minuteman were teamed to take out the nuke hidden at the Yale University campus.  The two quickly defused and disabled the nukes, however, dozens of UCE troops arrived in a pitched firefight.  To add to this, Both Bonnefyre and her sister, Emme Pyre, were there burning the Ivy League campus to the ground.  The two moved like they'd trained together for years.  In an incredible display that would have put the movie "The Matrix" lobby gun-fighting scene to shame. In the end, all the UCE troops were dead.  All that remained were Bonnefyre and Emme Pyre.  In the end of their epic battle, both were shot and left for dead.  Unfortunately, the two sisters eventually lived to fight another day...but that's another story.

When Sierra asked how Minuteman did the moves he'd done, he mentioned he had a neurological implant tied to a computer that he could use to select the best tactical combat method for use in a battle; knowing she was a 'gun fu' expert and US Army and Secret Service, he adjusted his program's parameters to match hers.  She was surprised at the revelation and attempted a take down move on him not unlike what she'd tried on Farina before; Minuteman countered the move.  For a moment, she thought he was Farina under the mask, that is, until Minuteman said, "I'm not him" and walked away.

Days later, Sierra, packing her things up on her last day with the Secret Service, got a call from Minuteman again. he invited her to join his new super-group, the "Yankee Minutemen".  She not only agreed, but moved into their new base Cambridge, Massachusetts overnight.

Since then, the stoic, tough as nails Sierra, has taken on the codename, "Union Blue".  She is the happiest she has ever been with a team in her life, other than her time with Farina.  She still misses him, but now fights on in his name, dispensing justice, not vengeance, to protect New England from its enemies and fight for its people.  Union Blue is on the job.

Union Blue has a unique training skill that mixes martial arts and pistollering.  She can use any type of handgun with deadly accuracy, moving fluidly from one aimed shot to the next, rarely missing her target.  Her guns are a specialized type of weapon; perfectly balanced with a 12-shot clip.  She carries over 25 clips of ammo; some are unique ammo such as phosphorous rounds, others are incendiary rounds, some are even rubber bullets. With her 'gun fu' she is also a practiced martial arts expert with remarkable agility and dexterity.  She keeps several other weapons on her person to include flash grenades, frag grenades, smoke grenades, garotte wire, five types of knives, lockpicks, and various traps and anti-personnel mines.