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About the Yankee Minutemen

Recently, nearly a dozen super-powered and uniquely-skilled citizens of New England came together to save their fellow citizens from an ex-Canadian madman and his army of terrorists. That day, the "Yankee Minutemen" were forever forged in history.

An insane, yet brilliant expatriated Canadian who goes by the self-appointed title of "Emperor North", combined with his band of paramilitary troops and meta-humans that made up the Emperor's "United Canadian Empire" (UCE) army, laid out a meticulous plan to take over and claim all of New England territory from the United States; a plan that was intended to create a 'new' nation the Emperor devised as "New Canada".  His tools: nuclear weapons and meta-humans.

On that fateful day, thousands of UCE troops secretively descended upon major New England cities and hid nuclear weapons with remote triggers throughout the region.  The 'Emperor' then went public, stating that the US will 'turn over' New England to the UCE and allow it to legally become "New Canada", where the Emperor would rule his new nation with no resistance or international disagreement, otherwise he would set off the nukes and leave "New England" a barren radioactive wasteland.

The United States agreed to negotiations to stall for time to find a way to stop the Emperor, but the Emperor had planned for every contingency, including superheroes and the US military.  Using one of his inventors, Dr. Phlebotinum, the Emperor devised a way to place each hero in a condition to where they couldn't respond (The hero, "Major Invader" was captured and imprisoned by the UCE in Boston; "The Challengers" super-group was defeated with a nerve agent and hospitalized, etc.) Even the US Military was stymied due to the UCE's portable EMP devices carefully placed along the New England land and sea borders, preventing any of the military's warplanes, missiles, ships, vehicles and systems from working.

When all hope was lost, and the U.S. President was about to send out a full scale assault upon the nuclear-hostage cities of New England (which would've killed thousands of innocents and destroyed most of these major cities), a band of heroes from all over New England teamed up under a complex battle plan contrived by the mysterious "Minuteman".  His plan required clockwork precision, multi-facet support and superhero and military coordination on an unheard of scale. When all was said and done, Minuteman's select teams of heroes disarmed and disabled all the nuclear weapons within a mere 2 seconds of one another. As part of Minuteman's stage 2, other superheroes outside New England took out the EMP platforms, while the military rolled in to take down the UCE troops. During that same time, Minuteman's teams fought in Phase III, direct combat with UCE troops and meta-humans.  Some of those on Minuteman's teams died, however, in the end, New England was freed from the UCE and Emperor North's control. The UCE was defeated, but in time, they'd be back with another maniacal plot to take over all of the North American continent and make it theirs.

After that day, New England and the world lauded the new "Yankee Minutemen" super-group as true heroes.  Since then, Minuteman, leader of the team, received several "large" donations to help fund his team and continue to protect New England from radicals, terrorists and crime.

Secretly based in Concord, Massachusetts, the Yankee Minutemen have continued the fight for the people of New England; patrolling the cities, streets and towns of New England.  Although the US Government desired for them to be a government sponsored team, the Yankee Minutemen declined, and instead are operating independently, promoting life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for the citizens of New England, the United States and the world!



Name Unknown


The Minuteman, although originally considered a mysterious yet heroic vigilante from Connecticut, is now a lauded, full-fledged New England hero and the leader of the Yankee Minutemen super-group.

A few years ago, sightings and instances were being reported of a red, white and blue man with a large 'cannon' going around and taking out criminals and thugs.  Crime in areas of Connecticut dropped dramatically as a result of this patriotic vigilante's actions.'  The police and even the FBI had run-ins with him, however, they were always surprised to find the vigilante always had an escape plan.  No police or feds were ever hurt or killed, however, a secretive police informant was beaten severely by the 'vigilante' during what was called the "Hartford Drug War".  Suffice to say, within months, nearly all local thugs, lieutenants and bosses from the Solano family, the Golden Dragons, FEMS and a new faction called CANIS were promptly arrested as they were all found beaten, bound and with a note identifying their crimes and the location of any evidence therein.  Many of Connecticut's citizens praised the work of the vigilante, however, criminals in the state soon 'upped the ante' by recruiting super-powered mercenaries and enforcers to kill the interfering vigilante.

Property damage started to soar as a result of the vigilante's clashes with these more powerful thugs.  A super-group called "The Protectors" was called in to find, apprehend and stop this vigilante.  In an epic battle at the Yale University campus, ten super-powered members of the Protectors were summarily beaten and/or left unconscious by the vigilante, whom was later identified to be called the "Minuteman". 

After the Protectors' battle, he was soon placed on the FBI's "Most Wanted" top 10 list.  Hundreds of heroes attempted to detain him over the next year, however, each failed, coming closer each time to his apprehension.  Just as dozens of super-heroes were about to form a 'super-posse' and attempt to arrest him (again) is when New England faced their greatest challenge - the invasion of the villainous self-proclaimed "Emperor North" and his troops of the United Canadian Empire (UCE).

Recently, the  UCE descended upon all of New England, invading its cities with thousands of high-tech troops.  Several nuclear weapons were hidden in and around New England and used as a deterrent for the world to prevent them from retaking New England which the "Emperor" renamed as "New Canada".  Minuteman, who has an amazing tactical computer neurologically linked to his brain, was able to not only identify where to find the nuclear weapons, but also how to beat the "Emperor" and the UCE, driving them out of New England with a 91.3% chance of success.  To do so, he had to recruit several local super-heroes and skilled militants to aid him in his plan.  Once contacted, the heroes were quickly trained in how to defuse the nukes as well as defeat the local troops in their respective states.  The coordination was massive. It included contacting and assigning military units throughout New England (including units outside New England poised to attack the UCE's troops), working with the heroes and timing everything within a minute of each other's actions.  It went off like clockwork. From "Time Zero", within 2 seconds therein, all nukes were defused and disabled; within 10 minutes all major military and superhero forces were attacking UCE strongholds, and within one hour, the UCE and the Emperor were summarily and thoroughly beaten.  Minuteman, through his actions, saved all of New England from obliteration and invasion.  He was immediately lauded a 'national hero'.

Within days, Minuteman realized that the continued teaming with the several heroes that helped defused the bombs was a wise move, inviting these heroes to form a new super-group: The Yankee Minutemen.  Some initially didn't agree, but eventually all did.  One of the new members, a high-powered Boston lawyer/hero named "Lexington" took the time to get all city, state and federal charges dropped against Minuteman, and pushed the media and the public to see Minuteman for the hero he truly was.  Minuteman's popularity since then has been incredible.

Minuteman set-up a hidden base under an old 18th century brick warehouse in Cambridge, Massachusetts from which the Yankee Minutemen could operate from.  The equipment and resources must have cost hundreds of millions of dollars, yet the team was equipped with the best computer, security and transportation systems available.  Minuteman had accessed several federal government locked accounts that had been used to fund several top secret projects back in the 70s that were never used, with the money and projects long forgotten.  The funds he pulled from those accounts continue to fund Minuteman and the Yankee Minutemen without reservation.

Minuteman has an amazingly powerful computer neurologically implanted in his brain, allowing hundreds of tactical plans to be processed per second.  This interface also functions to 'supercharge/adrenalize' his bodies functions, muscles, nerves and senses.  Physically, he can outperform Olympic level athletes; mentally, he can out-think a scientist and out-process the Pentagon's strategy computers; his human senses can be as amplified to be as accurate as any animals. To this effect, he is a masterful expression of what a human being can be.

His body armor provides excellent protection form physical, heat, cold, radiation and magic attacks.  His helmet also has a mental filter, providing amazing mental protection.  His helmet also includes powerful data links, comms links, full spectrum visuals and a complex Heads Up Display (HUD) inside his visor.  he carries several devices to non-lethally slow down or stop a combatant (such as caltrops, mines, gas traps, etc.).

He also carries a large Multi-Capability Assault Weapon (MCAW) that he affectionately calls his 21st Century "Musket" named "Freedom".  The MCAW can fire machine gun busts, grenades, flamethrower, 'bean bag' rounds, rubber bullets and tracers.  It is linked to his neural network making his agility with this weapon monstrously good. The MCAW has a security setting on it preventing anyone other than Minuteman to fire/use the weapon.

Now considered a national and regional hero, Minuteman and his team of Yankee Minutemen continue in their non-stop escapade to stop evil and protect the people of New England and the world!


MDUverse Info

In the CoHverse, "Protectors of New England" (not Yankee Minutemen) SG was created by the character Chrononaut on 5 August 2007.

In the MDUverse, the "Yankee Minutemen" was formed on July 4th, 2012 by Minuteman (origin story updated: 25 August 2013).