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The Trodden Team

 Tesla Youxia



Real Name Unknown; simply goes by "Ducky"


Very little is known of Ducky.  He is a large, sever-foot, eight-inch giant mongoloid of a man.  Each of the team's characters interacted with Ducky at one point or another prior to them forming the team.  Up until the team's creation, Ducky kept to himself and his own make-shift tent he used for shelter.  On several occasions, he would be attacked or harassed, only to beat the attackers and/or harassers enough to send them to the hospital.  Although Ducky has been arrested a few times, there are no files of his fingerprints in any police or government database, and has simply been classified by the police as "Ducky NLN" (No Last Name).  In all occasions of his arrests, he was quickly found innocent and was always clear for simply 'defending' himself.

A few years ago, Sharpshooter and a band of homeless heroes, including Ducky, saved several homeless peoples' lives through their courage and actions.  Ducky aided Sharpshooter in this endeavor and quickly became good friends with him.  Together, with three other homeless heroes, they formed "The Trodden" hero group.

Although Ducky doesn't talk much, some of his actions and words are listened to when he does enact.  Most of the time Ducky will only sit and listen, not integrating himself into any conversation, however, when asked a direct question, most of the time Ducky will reply with simple one-word responses or short sentences.  His articulation and grammar are nearly perfect except for one tick...

When Ducky gets agitated, provoked or ready to fight, he responds by putting on a copper mask he found in the rubble from an old superhero battle, and starts responding to questions and conversations with "Quack".  

Notably, whenever Ducky starts saying "Quack" is also the time when he breaks out his weapons and goes on the attack.  He is relentless and will not stop until his opponent(s) are disabled, call for "Mercy" or "Uncle" or they are unconscious.  He does not kill, but should the opponent(s) attempt to feign injury or dares to attack Ducky again or others again, usually Ducky will pound and beat the opponent until they are practically wishing death.



  • Mongoloid Strength
    • His good strength allows him to lift over 400 lbs easily, however, when agitated, or in loss of reason, he has been known to exceed his strength's limits and boost high enough to lift nearly 600 lbs, but only for maybe 12-18 seconds at a time in a fight.  He does not go berserk, but is instead far more brutal and stronger.
  • Dense Skin
    • His body is calloused and scarred nearly everywhere on his frame and extremities.  As such the scar tissue provides poor yet effective protection against physical and temperate damage. 
  • Stink Grenades
    • Carries 2 grenades
    • Causes opponent to make a psyche vs. fleeing the smell
  • Cockroach grenades
    • Carries 2 grenades
    • Causes opponent to make a psyche vs. fleeing
  • Paint grenades
    • Carries 2 grenades
    • Day-Glo paint allows opponent to been seen in dark
  • Electric Bolo
    • Carries 2 bolos
    • typical electrical damage upon impact
  • Tangle Net and Launcher
    • Carries 1 launcher and 200 feet of cable net (tested to 1000 lbs)
    • Launches net over 20 yards
  • Sticky grenades
    • Carries 2 grenades
    • Good strength sticky goop (takes 1 minute to dissolved with citric acid)
  • Sonic stakes with remote controller
    • Carries 6 stakes and 1 remote
    • each stake emits a poor-leveled frequency from each stake; when the 3 stakes are planted less than 20 feet apart and located in a triangle pattern, the sonic frequency builds by one level per stake, to a maximum of good sonic damage.  Adding more stakes will not increase the damage.
    • Once activated by the remote, the stakes can emit singe/grouped sonic damage for up to 30 seconds of battery life.



Frank Farmer


Frank was a veteran officer of the 1990 Persian Gulf War.  His unit stormed into Kuwait and chased the Iraqi Republican Guard all the way back to Baghdad.  Once there, Frank exceeded his orders and entered an enemy zone that was overflowing with stacks of chemical weapons, all being trucked out to Syria for them to hide.  Minutes before Frank's unit was about to take down the chemical weapon transport site, the Pentagon ordered Frank and his unit to retreat to friendly lines and under no circumstances, engage the enemy, nor for that matter "mention what he saw".  Sadly, one of Frank's team was discovered before hFrank could start pulling them back.  The soldier was captured and hauled to an underground bunker.  Frank, being a great Marine, followed the creed, "No one left behind" and went in like a professional military unit on a rescue mission.   Sadly, the captured soldier was killed before Frank got to him, however, Frank's team was able to retrieve the body and extract themselves without killing more than ten enemy combatants during the retreating firefight.  Thanks to the Gray Wolves US Navy attack helicopter assault squadron, Frank's team was able to get out with no further loss of soldiers in his unit.

As expected, the Pentagon and its generals took issue with Frank's 'actions' and performed a "quiet" Non-Judicial Punishment (NJP) on him.  Busted to the rank of 1st Lieutenant and with an 'asterisks' in his service record (meaning he was NOT worth promoting), Frank wanted to find a way out of the Marine Corps.  After discussions with several "government' personnel one night at a military compound's booze party, Frank signed up with the CIA.

Once in the CIA, Frank quickly showed his skills in getting into tough places and keeping a level head regardless of the situation presented to him and his teams.  As such, Frank became one of the best "Black Ops" and "Black Bag" agents the CIA had ever hired.  For the next several years, Frank earned accolades, awards, citations and promotions for his harrowing yet highly successful operations.  That all came to an end in 2000 when the alien Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth.

When the Soltans invaded, Frank was not only confident that his team's skills and psi-warfare tactics could stop the aliens, he truly believed that his actions would turn the tide of the invasion where Earth would force the Soltans back into space.

His team and his efforts instead resulted in utter failure.

Frank's perfectly created scenarios, plans, tactics and psi-warfare operations had no effect on the Soltans.  The Soltans were well trained and able to not only identify all of Frank's actions, but were able to counter them with double the damage and destruction to Frank's team and the region Frank was sent to defend and fight in.  Battle after battle, failure after failure, Frank lost several teams, hundreds of soldiers and only survived due to the Soltans ensuring Frank stayed alive so that they could watch him psychologically implode from the Soltan's countering methods.

Frank lost his mind on the 4th of July in 2000 when boatloads of refugees and survivors that Frank was getting to safety was instead intercepted by a Soltan squad.  The Soltans took their time, shooting innocent men, women and children for 'target practice' and then torpedoing the boats and letting the bodies go down with the ship.  The Soltans captured Frank and forced him to watch every terrifying action the Soltan Commander ordered.  As the last refugee ship slid under the waves, Frank was tossed into the ocean to die.  Frank washed up on the shore of a remote island instead.  After weeks of mental anguish and starvation, Frank made a raft and made it back to civilization mere days after the Soltans had been routed from Earth by superheroes and the combined world's military forces.

Still wearing his torn and threadbare clothes from his at-sea ordeal, a few people handed Frank money thinking he was a homeless vet or bum.  Frank used the money to get back to what was left of Alexandria, Virginia, only to stand in front of the temporary CIA HQ created from its bombed out building there...debating on whether or not to go back to work with them...or disappear.

Frank never returned to the CIA, or for the matter, the real world.

Frank became a homeless vagrant who wandered the streets in a daze, eating only when he had little choice to.  The next dozen years, Frank instead continued to live as a homeless man in San Francisco,never re-engaging with the civilized world...that is, until he met Sharpshooter and the rest of the homeless heroes that would eventually become the team known as "The Trodden".

During their encounter, Frank and Sharpshooter were able to save several homeless families from a murderous corporate group.  As such, Frank, for nearly the first time since the Soltan Invasion, felt useful in helping save lives.  As such, Frank has slowly started opening up about who and what he was, as well as slowly showing some of his incredible skills, tactics and knowledge of warfare.  The sad part is that Frank is old and in poor health.  He is also still a bit mentally unbalanced and will tend to shutdown mentally when things don't go the way he thinks it should go, such to the point that he'll retreat to any dark corner, tent, or hole to hide from others, sometimes for days.  He's learning to deal with it, but wants no help from the "V.A." or any government agency, whom he considers 'evil' and 'untrustworthy'.

He has recently started trying to teach Sharpshooter and his team physical combat tactics and techniques, but with his poor health, its been a slow process, yet when done, has achieved great results for the team.

Today, Frank does the best that he can helping to spy, get information, disguise himself to 'blend in' to get closer to his and the team's opponents, as well as slowly starting to work his way back to health all the while training the team in hand-to-hand military and CIA techniques.  He is crafty and sly and has been known on occasion to simply 'disappear like a ninja' and return with valuable information for the team or his homeless community.



  • Poor Health
    • Frank is in poor health, and as such his strength and stamina are poor, however, his fighting skills and agility are still considered excellent in nature.
    • He is slowly getting better, though...
  • Hand-To-Hand Combat Fighting
    • Although Poor in strength and health, Frank can offer up typical damage, capable of stunning and even slamming his opponents.
  • Specialized Operations (Spec Op) Skills
    • He has an excellent skill in being able to hide in plain sight as well as create, wear and operate in disguise.
    • Extensive classified military and Black Operations knowledge and skills
    • Frank is considered a master in military, psi-warfare and stealth operations.



  • Bo Staff
    • Custom created Bo Staff.  Wood exterior, steel core interior.  Is designed to be connected together from four 2 foot-long segments which look simply like separate pieces of wood to form an 8 foot Bo Staff.


  • Tortilla Chips
    • When placed on the ground, allows Frank to hear if people step on them should said people be following him.  Acts as an indicator for others near and around him when he's sleeping also.
  • Chop Sticks
    • Used with his martial arts training as weapons.  Uses them to pluck things from small objects, pick-pocketing, or in severe combat instances, eyeballs from his victims.
  • Marbles
    • Carries 10 bags of marbles; uses them by tossing them on the ground if he is getting pursued; typical check for standing for each bag's worth of marbles used in an area.
  • Jacks
    • Uses them as Caltrops; keeps 10 bags of them.  Each bag covers a whole 6 foot radius.
  • Roadside Repair Flares
    • Uses the flares to light up areas, to blind victims, or burn a victim with a good intensity heat and light flash; the effect for light flash is doubled for anyone who's eyes had adjusted to darkness.
  • First Aid Kit
  • High Polarity Sunglasses
    • Cuts down on the flash and flare/glare effect by a factor of 3. He usually wears these during the day or in combat.
  • Jar of Spiders
    • Variety of over three to four dozen spiders in a single jar
    • Some are slightly venomous (no Black Widows or Brown Recluses, etc.) thus allowing a 25% chance for being stung for a typical poison or a 50% chance for a poor poison.  Poisons are not life threatening, but might require the victim(s) to be hospitalized or remain sick for days on end.
  • Wind -Up Monkey with Cymbals Toy
    • Used as a distraction in battle
  • Lockpick Set
    • Self describing
  • Homemade Stink Grenades
    • No physical harm, but explodes with a remarkably pungent and noxious smell, covering a full area.
    • Victims need to check against eye watering, vomiting, and choking
  • Homemade Cockroach Bombs
    • No physical harm, but explodes with hundreds of cockroaches, covering a full area with cockroaches
    • Psychological checks for typical people vs.fear of bugs
  • 50' piano wire (and wire cutters)
    • Multipurpose; trip wire, hauling, garrotte, lifting, etc.
  • Old Analog Cell Phone
    • Keeps an old untraceable cell phone with him to make calls out, but has been devised to never receive.
    • Battery pack is a self-created solar power-charged pack
    • Solar charged battery packs are charged up at over three dozen locations across the city, with the solar panel stations located on rooftops, wired down into battery charging stations located at indiscreet corners of alleys and buildings where he can swap-and-go with a fully charged battery pack and put in an older one for recharging without missing a step in his walking pattern.
  • Mirrors
    • Expat uses a series of mirrors he sets up all over an area to see what is going on around corners, in alleys and predominantly in battle zones, should he have the time to set up in advance.  He carries at least 12 mirrors in his many pockets.



Brandon Burlington


Brandon is a high-functioning autistic homeless man. In his youth, he was discovered to be autistic, however, both his parents spent all their wealth and time introducing Brandon into engineering and science, hoping that it would open up his interaction with people and things.  Sadly, his parents both died in a car accident in Oakland, California when he was 16 years old.  He walked away from the scene of the accident after seeing the mangled bodies of his parents in the wreck.  After wandering away from the accident, Brandon became a homeless person living in the San Francisco bay area.  To pass time, he started kit-bashing things; creating unique and inventive devices for his fellow homeless folks.  He even started making mobile shelters for his friends, however, local street gangs and thugs would either destroy or steal them.  Brandon would simply make another and replace the damaged/stolen ones.  As such, he became a loved member of the homeless community, all of which did what they could for him when they could.  If "Bran", as he became known as, needed something to kit bash, his friends would scrounge the dumpsters and alleys for whatever he was looking for. 

Eventually, Brandon's small gizmos and gadgets started catching the eye for sidewalk salesmen.  Through a fantastic arrangement, the sidewalk salesmen sold Brandon's gizmos, which sold like internet shares of the 1990s.  The vendors and Brandon were making money, however, Brandon took his money and gave it all to the homeless shelters, charities and various organizations that he knew were genuine.  Sadly, this caught the interest of the local gangs and crime bosses.  One sad night, Brandon's benevolence was brought to ruin.

Brandon and his homeless friends were beaten within an inch of their lives; all they had was burned.  The shelters, burned; the soup kitchens, burned.  The homeless tent city he'd lived in; burned.  Dozens of people, including children, died in the fire in the homeless tent city.  Brandon made his way to the hospital where they took care of his injuries, however, thanks to the thugs stealing all his money, he had no money to pay for his treatment.  He had to escape the hospital to prevent having to go to jail for not paying his medical bills.  Sadly, the police caught him and arrested him.

There, in jail, Brandon became catatonic, incapable of talking or interacting with anyone.  Instead, Brandon sat and rocked back and forth all day long until they had to drug him to get him to sleep.  Eventually they moved him to a psychiatric ward  After a year there, they moved him to a low security facility.  One day, while there, Brandon saw on the TV a news story about the anniversary of the homeless tent city fire deaths.  Seeing the images brought him out of his catatonic state and brought him to a whole new state of consciousness.  He escaped the ward later that night and made his way back toward San Francisco - and vengeance.

Over the next week, Brandon, in his new state, used his brilliant mind to gather all the information he needed on the thugs that had hurt him and destroyed and murdered those in the tent city.  He also made powerful new gizmos and devices including his excellent Zap Pack.  Using an old car battery, electrical gloves and a bit of electrical ingenuity and trash, Brandon made gauntlets that could not only hurt...but could kill.  Finally, after days of information gathering and creating, Brandon was ready to take his revenge.

Brandon cut the electrical power to a crime bosses building and entered using his gizmos and devices to immobilize, stun or knock-out nearly two dozen thugs.  In a fight with the crime boss, Brandon got shot twice however, Brandon was able to use his Zap Pack on the crime boss.  Brandon wanted to kill the boss, but at the last second, stopped himself, leaving the crime boss with electrical burns to his face and hands and hospitalized in the prison medical ward for nearly a year in recovery.  Brandon was able to escape with nearly 3 million dollars of money he took from the crime bosses safe.

Today, Brandon, now called "Tesla" by his fellow homeless fans, distributes just enough money to those that are in need and still lives as a homeless man in San Francisco.  He has since aided the homeless hero, Sharpshooter, and his other fellow homeless heroes known as "The Trodden".  He still doesn't talk much to others, but truly enjoys helping people and making gizmos and gadgets to his teammates and others interested in his craft.



  • Hyper-Crafting
    • Brandon has an autistic-based ability to build gizmos and gadgets.  His crafting abilities are only based on things that he's read, watched or seen built before, even from old technical manuals and Ya!Go! How-To Videos.  He cannot create or invent anything original or unique, but instead can improve on that which he's already learned or seen done to an excellent level.  It usually only takes him a couple minutes, if he has access to all the materials to craft a single-use item before him.



Steel Baseball Bat

  • Excellent blunt damage from contact with this amazing material bat.
  • When connected to "The Zap Pack", Ducky, when he hits with the bat and a charged "The Zap Pack" battery, can also increase stun damage and extend the effects of damage into energy/electrical damage of the same rank.
  • When connected to a fully charged "The Zap Pack", it can only emit energy/electrical/stun damage five times before the battery is depleted.
"The Zap Pack", Jacket and Gauntlets
  • A simple, steam powered backpack with batteries, cabling and coiling throughout the jacket and into the gloves.  The belt is a rheostat (increases and decreases the electrical charge to the gloves).
  • Steam pack takes 8 hours to charge the jacket's batteries.  He usually charges the batteries during the day when he's scrounging.  The pack's steam has a tendency to make people give Ducky a LOT of space to do and go where he wants.
  • When fully charged, it can be used for seven separate attack methods:
    • Electrocuting ungrounded characters through conductive materials/liquids with excellent levels of energy/electrical damage per several seconds of time (pending on conductivity), wherein the fully charged battery may be able to be used for in the same attack/manner/way for only up to 30 seconds before the battery is depowered.
    • Electrical Blast at a good electrical damage rate at a range of 20 yards for a maximum of 10 blasts before requiring recharge from Zap Pack.
    • Steel Baseball Bat (see above)



  • Body armor
    • Poor quality body armor vs. physical, toxic, temperate or caustic attacks
    • Remarkable protection vs. electric or energy based attacks



  •  Welder's Goggles
    • Provides typical protection vs flash and blinding



Xian Ho


Born the daughter of a Vietnamese-American mother and a Chinese-American  father, Xian was born in Chinatown in San Francisco to both her loving parents.  Her father taught martial arts in a studio in Chinatown, while her mother was an accountant for a Vietnamese restaurant in downtown San Francisco.  As such, due to the parent's work schedule and locations, Xian was usually raised by the neighbors.  When her parents were home, they dotted on Xian's academics and physical training, as well as told her stories from their Vietnam and Chinese homelands.  One such story than Xian loved more than anything was of a young Chinese woman named Youxia who'd lost her family and traveled the lands as a protector of others. Xian asked nearly every night to be read the story of Youxia, which he lovingly always read to her.  By age 15 Xian had learned several different forms of martial arts and even learned how to use a sword for combat, even though her father detested the idea of his daughter to ever having to take up a sword for any reason.  She was one of his star pupils.

Days after her 16th birthday, Xian's father's studio was visited by a new gang, demanding protection payments.  When the father refused, he was beaten within an inch of his life, however, Xian's father also hospitalized seven gang members in the process.  When Xian and her mother went to visit Xian's father in the hospital, a young tough that Xian had grown up with, Nu Chow, threatened Xian, demanding that she 'convince' her father to pay twice the protection fee or Xian and her mother would 'get what's coming to them'.  Xian flung a nurse's clipboard at Nu Chow's face, scarring Nu Chow's right eye and cheek.  Nu Chow and his thugs were chased out of the hospital by security, however, Nu Chow swore revenge on her.

After talking to the police, the Ho family was finally reunited at home within a week's time.  Xian's father was still unable to work due to a broken leg, however, he still demanded to go to the studio and clean up the damage done and at least attempt to contact his students to reschedule their classes.  Xian went with him.  They spent several hours that Saturday cleaning up and taking care of the studio's needs, only to have Nu Chow and his gang show up just as the sun set.

Nu Chow demanded an apology and financial satisfaction for the 'slights' done to his honor.  Xian's father did not back down, but did tell Xian to leave the studio and go back home to her mother.  That's when Nu Chow threw the severed head of Xian's mother on the ground before her.  Xian's father immediately attacked the thugs, tears streaming from his eyes.  Xian, herself, froze in disbelief, kneeling beside her mother's head, in shock at what she was looking at.

Xian's father fought like a warrior born.  Out of the eight thugs there, he killed five of them himself.  In combat with Nu Chow, Xian's father grabbed up a Chinese sword he used for advanced training and cut off Nu Chow's right hand.  Sadly, Nu Chow immobilized Xian's father and stabbed him through the heart.  Critically injured, Nu Chow, left with his remaining thugs,setting fire to the studio on his way out. Xian, still in shock, didn't realize the fire's progression until she started choking on the smoke.  Only then did she see her father lying dead on the ground with his sword across his chest.  Xian, in utter shock, grabbed the sword and shuffled out the exit with the flames singeing her hair and skin as she talked out onto the street.  Xian continued to talk, almost like in a trance all throughout San Francisco for the next two days until she finally collapsed from exhaustion and lack of food outside of a homeless tent city by the piers.  There, a group of homeless families took her in, cleaned up her burns and hair, fed her and re-nourished her.  For the next 2 weeks, Xian remained in her catatonic state, all the while several homeless families shard time taking care of her. Finally nearly three weeks after her parents' deaths, Xian came out of her catatonia, except not as Xian Ho, but as Xian's favorite Chinese hero, Youxia.

Xian locked mind away and took on the Youxia persona, believing she was the Chinese hero, Youxia, now traveled to a foreign land where she would continue to protect the innocent and defeat evil.  Speaking predominantly in Chinese, she thanked the homeless families for 'allowing her a place to rest during her journey', and began wandering the streets of San Francisco in bulky street clothes with her sword hidden across her back under a bulky coat.  She eventually would return to the various homeless tent cities, bringing food, water or money she'd collected on the streets for a place to sleep.  She would go to the soup kitchens for her meals, but then would wander the streets the rest of the day.  Finally, after days of scoping out the region, Xian/Youxia performed her first heroic feat by saving a homeless man from being robbed by street thugs.  She stabbed three of the thugs, not killing them, telling them that her blade will be used for good, but not killing unless her enemies dare attempt to kill her or others.  Over the next several nights, Xian/Youxia did the same thing, helping others being attacked or victimized.  Each time she let those whom she'd protected to call her Youxia and that her services were bound by justice and honor to help others.

Over the next several months, the police attempted to track and capture her, but she was always to sly and knew the region too well.  The homeless community protected her and always gave her a place to sleep and food should she need it, all without question. She was a homeless hero for their community.  Eventually, other homeless heroes started to appear.  One night Xian/Youxia ran into two of these homeless heroes, Sharpshooter and Expat and helped them in stopping a gang destroy a homeless family's camping area.  During that encounter, they agreed that working together, on occasion, would benefit other innocents.  Xian/Youxia agreed and stated that should her sword be needed, she would be honored to provide it to them to help as needed.

Today, Youxia is a true homeless hero.  She had a costume fashioned by one homeless family that wanted to show their appreciation for helping them against a serial killer that had attacked them.  She continues to roam San Francisco helping out whoever needs help, always returning to one of several dozen homeless camps across the city for shelter, food and companionship.  She'll fell the stories of her exploits (and those of the original Chinese Youxia heroine) to her fellow homeless campers around their campfires, further expanding her legend every day.  Xian's personality has not revealed itself, however, it is said there are nights "Youxia" awakens screaming 'mother" or 'father!' in her sleep, crying, and then recomposing herself and fall back asleep as if nothing happened.



Martial Arts





Chinese Sword

  • Amazing material strength 4-foot long sword.  It is over 350 years old and is believed to have been an ancestral sword of the Ho Family back when the family owner a province in what was once the village of Ho, which is believed to have been destroyed in a powerful flood that wiped out the whole village.