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San Francisco homeless heroes from the Bay Area that eventually realized over time they could do more together than apart, and to that end, everyday miracles.

Sean Shooter AKA "Sharpshooter", a young homeless man, discovered each of the team's members over time, usually through word of mouth from those in the homeless community.  As such, he gathered these other 'heroes' and started working to stop the injustices being cast upon their community and friends.  IN mere months, the team help feed thousands of their fellow homeless, found new shelters, created new cost-effective portable tent shelters, formulated new San Francisco ordinances in favor of the homeless and have fought and beaten off punks, thieves, predators and scoundrels from preying on their fellow disenfranchised folk.  As such, this team has grown in legend in California, becoming instant social media celebrities (which none of them want).

The group continues to do what people of good souls and good hearts do; help other in need, as much as possible, whenever asked.  Looking for the definition of what a 'hero' is?  They are it, and it is they.  Ladies and gentlemen....I give you - THE TRODDEN!


Sean "Sharp" Shooter


Sean, a homeless young man taught by a fellow homeless ex-archer instructor, rose to the opportunity to compete in the summer Olympics only to have his dreams dashed by arrogant rich college brats.  The result: Sean would find a new family amidst the homeless community by being its champion and protector as well as the leader of a band of homeless heroes known as "The Trodden".

Living from foster home to foster home, Sean rapidly discovered in his youth how to live on the street.  His foster parents between ages 5 and 18 rarely gave him the time of day if not a nourishing meal.  Forced to survive on his own, he quickly began acting as a protector for younger kids in school, fighting bullies, getting suspended and brought to juvenile court time and again.  By age 13, he already had a long juvenile delinquent record.  Things didn't look good for Sean's future at this point.

One night, he and his 'gang' ran across a homeless man that his fellow gang members believed deserved to be beaten...just because.  Sean told them no, but they did so anyway.  Sean launched himself at his gang members, only to be beaten by them instead.  His actions saved the homeless man from the beatings, but left Sean badly beaten and near death.  The homeless man picked up Sean and fireman-carried him to the hospital.  Sean survived, and as such, his foster parents were only too happy to sue the other gang members for assault, earning themselves hundreds of thousands of dollars from the gang member's parents and the local government.  Sean, caught in the middle of all of this, eventually found the homeless man, who was named "Mr. Delta", and thanked him for saving his life.  Mr. Delta himself thanked Sean for his actions as well.  After talking and meeting on several occasions over the next week, Sean grew interested in Mr. Delta's hobby: Archery.  Mr. Delta liked to shoot pigeons, birds, raccoons, deer, etc, to get food for him and his fellow homeless community folk.  He kept them well fed, and he was VERY good with his aim and accuracy.  Sean asked Mr. Delta to teach him how to shoot.  Mr. Delta agreed, however, he made Sean swear to dedicate himself to the skill and do what Mr. Delta couldn't do: make it to the Olympics.  Sean agreed, and thus started the father-son relationship of Sean and Mr. Delta.

Over the next few years, Sean practiced day in and day out, becoming not only accurate but talented in shooting from nearly any position or location, even hanging upside down from a tree limb in the dark of night.  In the middle of all his training, when Sean turned 18, his foster family kicked him out of the house and changed the locks.  Mr. Delta asked Sean to instead move in to the homeless community where most of them welcomed him with open arms and care.  He soon became one of the community, learning all the tricks of living on the street as well as the dangers of the nights.  Roving gangs, police, predators and the elements all took a toll.  Sean, once again, became the bodyguard for those that couldn't protect themselves, this time, for the homeless communities. This sometimes got him in trouble with the police but all Sean received were warnings form the police; no official crimes.  All throughout this time, Mr. Delta continued to train Sean to be the best archer ever.  At age 20, Mr. Delta considered Sean was ready for the big time.  

At the US Olympic archery trials, Sean rose to the top with ease.  Two of his competitors, rich Yale University college students, didn't like the idea that "The Bum" (Sean) was better at archery than they were.  One night, the Yale buddies, drunk and stupid, attempted to assault Sean,  Sean instead beat the tar out of both of them.  From the hospital, the Yale duo protested about Sean, causing Sean AND the Yale archers to be dropped from the Olympic competition as well as banned from all forms of  U.S. archery competition for the next 10 years.Sean was devastated.  The Yale duo were expelled from Yale University upon their return, even amidst the protests of their Yale alumni parents to the Yale President.

Sean returned to San Francisco and with his last few dollars, took a taxi to where Mr. Delta had last set up camp.  When he arrived, he discovered the homeless camp bulldozed and vacant.  For the rest of the night and into the next night, Sean searched San Francisco to find at least one homeless camp not devastated, but didn't find one until he was halfway outside the city.   There, over 300 homeless families and people were gathered together like refugees in a small field only able to contain 200 people.  He found some of his homeless friends who told him the story of how the mayor had ordered the bulldozing of all homeless camps and for those that resisted be jailed.  Mr. Delta was amongst those jailed.  It was then that Sean also discovered why this had occurred; the major was the FATHER of one of the two Yale archers from the US Olympic trials Sean had fought.  It was the mayor's revenge against Sean that led him to bulldoze the homeless sites and make war against Sean's community.  As it turned out, over two dozen homeless folks were hurt in the mayor's raids, one critically.

Sean swore vengeance against the mayor for what he'd done.

After helping the bedraggled refugee homeless community get rebuilt, the police arrived with the mayor and two bulldozers, threatening to clear the camp and once again bulldoze the site.  Sean would have none of it.  He instead gathered up dozens of his arrows and trick arrows and commenced shooting the lights from all the police cars and construction vehicles, as well as the few street lights nearby.  After doing this, Sean maneuvered amidst the construction equipment, stealing the vehicle keys right from their ignition switches and slicing hydraulic hoses and fuel lines, leaving the vehicles broken and unusable.

The police attempted to catch Sean, but instead looked like comedic Keystone Cops falling about themselves trying to grab at him.  As this was happening, the media filmed live the major ranting and raving at Sean about how Sean had ruined his son's future and that he himself as Mayor was going to continue to get even and destroy every homeless spot in the city until Sean and his band of 'miscreants' were either dead or gone.  It didn't take long before the California governor called in to the San Francisco police and issued an arrest warrant for hate crimes against the mayor.  As the mayor was hauled away by the police, hundreds of people from all over San Francisco descended upon the site with food, clothing, tents, shelter and money to help all those who had been displaced.  The city came to the aid of the homeless that night, and for the next few months, ensured that over a dozen tent cities would be allowed, temporarily, for those affected by the mayor's actions.  Sean was deemed a hero for his efforts.  Sadly though, his mentor, Mr. Delta, died in jail when a tweaked-out drug crazed man was put in the same cell as Mr. Delta, with the crazed man strangling and killing him in the cell before getting shot to death for attacking a police officer thereafter.

Today, Sean has taken on the title as "Sharpshooter", the hero of the homeless, and as such, has made new friends and teammates in his own self-created homeless hero group called "The Trodden".  His group's goal: protect the homeless...and that's what they continue to do to this day.



  • Master Archer
    • Has a mastery of archery that increased his agility and ranged fighting by nearly double that of a pro.
  • Acrobatics
    • Can perform parquor and acrobatic acts, thus increasing his skill at dodging and evading.



  • Longbow
    • Regular bow taken from trash cans and Wal-Mart stores; typical material
  • Quiver of standard and trick arrows
    • 20 typical arrows with excellent material strength arrowheads
  • smoke grenades
    • Obscures areas around Sharpshooter for up to a minute by dropping visual acuity fourfold.
  • Gas grenades
    • Good strength riot gas; emits for 20 seconds; covers an entire area (more if wind is moving the gas)
  • Flash grenades
    • Blinds opponent at fourfold flash intensity.
  • Phosphorous grenade
    • tossed at target; phosphorous glows, making target stick out at night

MDU Info

Sharpshooter was created by Eric Finger on 23 December 2006.  Sharpshooter's team was (without a team name) created in July 2009, however the current team name, The Trodden, was created for the group on 15 Sep 2016, as were the official names Tesla, Ducky and Expat.  Youxia character was created by Eric Finger on 15 Sep 16, however the name, Youxia, was originally used for a related character, created in May 2010, by Don "Major Deej" Finger, who allowed Eric Finger to use the name for his character henceforth.  Sharpshooter is the current leader of The Trodden.