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The Catalysts are a secret organization bent on modifying humans to evolve beyond what they consider as a 'dead end of evolution' using their many "catalysts" of change (alchemy, science, radiation, mutation, etc.) .  Led by the mad scientist, Kran-An, the Catalysts are renown for their incredibly brilliant studies and experimentations in life and animal sciences, but are considered to be the worst animal and human rights people on the planet.  As a result, the Catalysts' team of soldiers, scientists and 'evolved' men and women operate out of secretive locations all over the world.  In order to get the materials they need for their operations, the soldiers are usually assigned to rob banks, rob science centers, labs and government facilities as well as superhero facilities and strongholds.

Previously, the Catalysts has had over a dozen combative interactions with the world governments and/or superhero groups.  Notably, several super-powered people, usually untrained and younger, less experienced heroes, have been seen fighting Catalyst forces before disappearing forever.  In several instances, bio-engineering, mutated and 'improved' humans attacked in force in intricately staged attacks.  One such attach led to the Catalysts successfully robbing a Russian stronghold of its 500 lbs. of unprocessed Uranium.

Condoned by the United Nations and listed as a terrorist organization by Interpol and G.U.A.R.D., the Catalysts continue to be a great danger to the world's population.





 Catalyst SoldiersCatalyst Scientists


Catalyst Scientists


Comprised of a wide variety of humans, altered humans, aliens and bio-engineered beings, the Catalysts' scientists are some of the greatest scientists and engineers who have either volunteered or been abducted to be part of what the organization's leader, Kran-An, deems the 'greatest gathering of biological scientists on Earth'.

Each Catalyst scientist who volunteers is allowed 2 days to perform a feat of bio-engineering or biological/animal science discovery that has, up to that point, ever been done on Earth, all under the direct and watchful eyes of the Catalysts organization.  If the scientist successfully performs the feat, the Catalysts' leader, Kran-An, inducts said scientist into the organization's scientific group.  If the scientist fails, that person is then 'utilized' as one of the test subjects for the next new volunteer scientist's feat.

Most of the time, Catalysts soldiers go out and abduct scientist and bio-engineers from a list created by Kran-An.  Those same abducted scientists are allowed to perform the same feat as those who volunteered, however, if the abducted scientists loose, they and their families are killed outright and rather gruesomely.

Volunteered and abducted Catalysts scientists, once received, are stripped of their names and are instead renamed using a system of a Greek letter and number (for example, "Epsilon-12").

Each volunteered or abducted scientist is fitted with a biologically grafted back device that ties into the person's brain, spine and lungs.  Once this 'control pack' is activated, Kran-An (and Alpha-1 to a limited degree (see Catalyst Soldiers)) can use the pack to control the scientist in several different ways to include electrical shock, stopping the scientist from breathing, paralysis, and of course, death (stopping the heart).  It can also be used for rewards, such as stimulating pleasure receptors, invoking waking dreams, and performing what is called the 'electro-massage' (enacts like a full body massage all through muscular and neural electrode-stimulii).

As of today, there are over 100 Catalysts scientists, 10% of which had once 'volunteered'. They each work 18 hour days, 7 days a week on projects assigned by Kran-An.  Failure to complete a project in the required time-frame and to less than 100% of Kran-An's satisfaction results in days of torture from the control packs, sometimes personally at the hands of Kran-An.

Catalyst Soldiers

Catalysts Soldiers are a mix of human, bio-engineered humans, bio-engineered animals and unique creatures, all created and/or controlled by Kran-An and his eagle-like militant leader, Alpha-1.

Each soldier is fitted with a 'control pack' that is bio-grafted to their spine.  The pack is used to provide a variety of positive and negative controls on a soldier.  If a soldier does a good job, Kran-An or Alpha-1 can have the control pack induce pleasurable stimuli to the soldier's brain and body.  Bad conduct and task failure result in negative control pack application, wherein the soldier can be tortured or killed through a variety of selections to include paralysis, suffocation, neural or bodily electro-shock, and even stopping one's heart which usually causes the soldier's death. 

An additional capability of the control packs is to stimulate adrenal and neural receptors of a soldier, causing them to either go into a super-charged physical state (fighting, strength, endurance and agility are all raised for a maximum of 2 minutes) or a berzerker fury (doubling the soldier's fighting, psyche and strength for one minute's time).  If placed in a berzerker fury, the soldier could effectively bypass pain receptors for the duration of the fury, however, after the minute's time in that fury state, the soldier may pass out or die due to the pain and/or injuries received during the fury state.

All Catalysts Soldiers are fitted with a sub-dermal bio-tracker that can be used by the Catalysts organization to track their soldier up to a maximum distance of 40 miles.

All Catalysts soldiers are also surgically fitted with a small miniaturized incredibly strong explosive device in the base of their brain stem.  At any time the control pack should stop controlling the soldier for longer than a minute's time or if the control pack's transmitted signal (ping) from the master controller stops being received in the control pack (signal (ping) sent every 12 seconds), the explosive device will arm and immediately explode, instantly killing the Catalysts Soldier (and most likely anything within several feet of the soldier).

Today, the Catalysts organization retains over 250 Catalysts Soldiers. Alpha-1 is the current leader of the Catalysts Soldiers. Alpha-1 controls his soldiers in combat by flying high above the soldiers and watching and controlling the actions using its incredibly watchful eagle-eye vision.

Each Catalysts Soldier is trained in hand-to-hand combat, stealth tactics, military bearing, Catalysts rules and regulations, radio/communications operations, English as a language, and to operate and master at least one type of combat weapon (claws, staff, pistols, rifles, etc.). 


Dr. Kran Antur


A brilliant Swedish biological science doctor and chemist, Kran Antus, several years ago, was the lead member of a science team representing Sweden in Europe's "Science Olympics", an event designed for a single national team, every four years, to earn a $50 million Euro award for one of ten field-created projects created and judged by Pulitzer Prize-winning scientists from around the world.  The "Science Olympics" was the brainchild of the European multi-billionaire Leopold Denalli, who wanted top European scientists to compete in applying science to making the world a better place. This event's ten fields of competition this time were in computers, neurology, psychology, astronomy, paleontology, energy sciences, emergency medical sciences, pharmacology and zoology.    Dr. Antur wanted his team to compete in 6 of the 10 events (computers, neurology, psychology, energy science, pharmacology and zoology), hoping to win at least one of them. Although his team was highly skeptical of Dr. Antur's plan, they nonetheless planned to give it everything they had. 

Each of the Swedish team members was a specialist in each of the 6 events, with Dr. Antur believing he was a specialist in all of them.  Each field had four days each to show their work to the judges, with the events coupled or seriesed as required for the schedule. As the two-week competition entered its first week, wwo of the Swedish team's events, computers and psychology, were both won by Germany, with the Swedish team's contributions been judged dead last.  Dr. Antur was furious with his team and demanded the losing event Swedish scientists be fired.  Dr. Antur was later met with disdain and boos as the competition continued and his arrogance and derision increased against his fellow hard-working scientists.  Eventually, it came down to the fina competition in neurology.  Dr. Antur fired his fellow scientists and told everyone he'd 'now show them what a great scientist could do!".  As such, Dr. Antur decided to meld all six of the Swedish team's event choices into the neurology field, and using the sciences of all six fields, show the judges that he not only couild win in the neurology event, but that he shouild be granted a win for each of the six events as well.  Although the judges stipulated it was against the rules, dr. Antur, in his sleep-depreciated and maniacal condition, ignored their objections.  As a result, Dr. Antur began coalescing the his plan of using his new DNA computer mapping software and hardware, he'd be able to identify biological anomolies in a test specie (in this case, lizards), thus coding a lizard's DNA for cloning and metaphysical healing through computer-injected DNA strands, as well as impart a neurological synaptic "numbing" ray (combining neurology and energy science) to ensure teh test specie (lizard) would feel no pain, and then, using specific computer-generated electro-charges, be able to adjust the behavior of the test specie (lizard) to perform several pre-listed physical actions.  Nonetheless to say, his plan bordered on the edge of inappropriate morality and humanitarian actions.  On the final day of competition, Dr. Antur produced his results.  5 out of the 6 event-based sciences were indeed performed and considered revolutionary, however, two factors created a situation that Dr. Antur did not forsee.  In performing the final resultant of his entry, the lizard died before thousands of viewing world scientists.  This, coupled with the fact that the judges were already horrified at what Dr. Antur had produced, failed Dr. Antur and demanded him to be immediately escorted from the Science Olympics, as well as have his license removed.  In a last ditch effort to prove he had the superior solution to these six events, he hooked up his equipment to himself and threw the switch.

The horror that resulted before the shocked judges and crowd led most to run screaming from the auditorium.

Dr. Antur's body and head began to change from flesh and bone to green scales and cartilidge; his head grew twice its original size, and his body shot up to 7 1/2 feet tall!  In the middle of all this, security guards tackled Dr. Antur and ripped him from the DNA encoding computers and equipment, creating a massive electrical backlash, as well as a psionic blast - from Dr. Antur himself.  When Dr. Antur stood up, he was no longer the slender, short human he once was; instead he was now a tall, green scaled, bulbous headed monster.  Dr. Antur advanced on the shocked judges demanding that they say he won the competition, for which each, in complete fear of their lives, said yes, he'd won all six events, simply to tell Dr. Antur what he wanted to hear so they could escape the horror that physically demanded that one answer he, or now 'it', wanted.  Dr. Antur laughed an evil, monstrous laugh as he relished the moment of being told he'd won all six events - that is until one of Sweden's newest super-heroes, The Swede Champion, arrived.

The Swede Champion demanded that Dr. Antur surrender peacefully to him and the police and that he was to be taken in for immoral acts of science and humanity and threatening the populace.  Dr. Antur, enraged at being called a criminal, assaulted the Swede Champion with a psionic blast that literally fried the Swede Champions' brain.  The Swede Champion dropped to the floor like a sack of wet oats, as did the twelve policemen and women that Dr. Antur mentally blasted ensuingly.  A young science student from France, who'd been entered in the pharmagology field, ran up behind Dr. Antur and injected his with a painless drug that was designed to help traumatized patients with mental injuries.  The drug caused Dr. Antur's brain to shutdown, thus dropping him unconcious to the floor.  The police later gathered him up and took him off to prison, where he remained for the last few years, heavily sedated.

A couple years ago, Dr. Antur, who now started calling himself "Kran-An", was found missing from his cell. Weeks later, several attacks were made by soldiers and scientists calling themselves "The Catalyst", naming Kran-An as their leader.

Since then, Kran-An has started a crusade in improving the world by first overriding man's dominance on Earth. He has since killed each of the judges (and fellow competitors) from the Science Olympics competition he was apart of. 

Today, Kran-An is, according to him, the 'master of mental powers', the power behind the Catalysts, and 'the most dangerous being on the planet'...but then again, he also has a much larger ego now then he ever did as Dr. Antur...

Kran-An is a science-based villain with incredible psionic and mental powers.  He has the capability of altering the perceptions and minds of those within 20 yards of his location such to the point that those affected will truly believe what Kran-An projects in their minds, be it as simple as walking off a cliff, to believing one is dying of oxygen deprivation on the surface of an alien planet.  His powers also affect others perceptions of Kran-An's presence, thus creating an incredible stealth field to anyone within 20 yards of his location.  Kran-An can also focus his mental energies to release incredibly powerful psionic bolts up to 60 yards away, or can affect all within a 20 yard radius with exceptional psionic waves.  Using his new mental powers, he can also levitate, but can only move about 20 feet per minute with this power.  His new green-scaled skin offers his exceptional protection from energy and physical attacks, however, any icy or cold attacks double the amount of damage to him.  If injured, he regenerates at an amazing rate, even to include arms and legs (but not his head, from his own admission).  He can leap up to 30 yards away and has the incredible ability to lift as much as one ton.  His bones, now all cartilidge, allow him the ability to slip into small openings and contort like no human can.  Although mad with power and revenge, Kran-An is still a brilliant scientist who has since expanded his incredible mind in order to create and design more new bio-engineered weapons and products of science!

MDUverse Data

The Catalysts organization and its characters were created by Don "Major Deej" Finger and Eric Finger on 10 May 2016.The leader of the Catalysts, Kran-An, was created by Don "Major Deej" Finger and Kirt Stanke in August of 1981.

CoHverse: MDU's "The Catalysts" did not exist in the MMORPG, City of Heroes, however, an older and different version of Kran-An was once a character member of the Death Legion villain-group on Triumph server between 2008 and 30 Nov 2012.