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In 2012, Europe was beset by a wave of abductions and killings of super-powered beings.  Dead super-powered beings were found along the shores of rivers, on school playgrounds and even on the steps of government buildings, all mutilated, dissected and/or decapitated.  Germany, who'd lost over 60 super-powered beings as a result of the Soltan Invasion of 2000 saw this as another genocide of a people and demanded action to stop the executions and mutilations and bring those responsible to justice; thus was when the man named Halberd came to be.

Damon Kaufmann, a retired German intelligence officer who's once operated a secret super-powered group in Germany (against the law) under a hidden government office, the West Germany Ministry of Agriculture, Division 8, was tasked by the German government to find and recruit other super-powered, enhanced or alien beings and form a new team in order to combat the murders.  While using social media, the press and all means of classified data tracking, Damon found a highly skilled pole-fighter in Leipzig, Germany that had gained quite a reputation fighting street gangs and thugs there.

Damon and his team went to Leipzig and created a staged 'street gang war' to draw out the targeted pole fighter to great success.  Not only did they draw him out, but the masked pole-fighter beat the stuffing out of the staged gang members, all of which were actually highly trained intelligence field agents.  A running chase ensued, leading Damon's surveillance units on a 10 mile chase through the city and countryside. When Damon's team finally caught up with him, the pole-fighter again beat the stuffing out of them.  Finally, Damon went to introduce himself personally and explain what their purpose was.  The pole-fighter was uninterested in working for the government...that is, until Damon mentioned they needed the pole-fighters help in finding those responsible for the murders of the European super-powered beings that had been occurring.  At that point, the pole-fighter dropped his guard and immediately told them he was now willing to work with them, only until they found those responsible and made them pay for their crimes.  Damon agreed to the deal.  Damon's beat-down team and the pole-fighter left for Berlin where other new super-powered recruits to the team were waiting for them.

In Berlin, the masked pole-fighter remained stoic and antagonistic against any form of authority there.  When the team was asked what resources they needed to augment their costumes, equipment and/or weapons to aid in the team's efforts, the pole-fighter already had a folded-up series of technical drawings as to what he wanted for his suit and for his "halberd" as he called it.  A week later, each new member of the team got their upgrades, including the pole-fighter, who was practically giddy with delight over his new halberd weapon.

Nonetheless to say, Halberd, as he bacame known as, and the other heroes became known as the "Teutonic League".

After 2 years of working together, Halberd and the team eventually decimated several factions of the murders located throughout Germany that were eventually found to be part of a bigger militant operation known as The Exterminators, thus completing their mission.  In 2015, when Halberd was asked if he wished to stay, he told Damon to give him a week to settle his affairs and from thereafter, so long as the team's mission remained true to itself, he would stay with the team.

Today, Halberd remains the stoic, anti-authority figure in the group.  His incredible fighting skills, tenacity and loyalty have definitely earned him his reputation as part of the soul of the team. To this day, no one has yet to see his face or know his true name.  He takes off several hours each weekend, when he can, and has never been able to be tracked to find out where he goes.  Several attempts by his teammates usually led them to a trap where Halberd simply left a note stating 'don't follow me again'. This action alone seems to have turned into a fun, if not frustrating challenge for the other members of the team; a challenge that Halberd continues to win at to this day.


  • Peak physical condition:
    • He is an Olympic-level athlete through and through, capable of running as fast as an Olympic track runner, and fully capable of performing a decathlon and winning it with ease.
  • Fighting skills/Athleticism:
    • Fully trained in judo (throws and wrestling), Tia-Kwan-Do (martial arts), Savate (foot fighting), Kendo and Escrima (stick fighting), as well as a master in pole/staff-fighting.
    • Highly acrobatic. Can perform parkour-type leaps and stunts, as well as banking his body off of buildings and objects to 'pinball' to a better position or location.
  • Bodysuit Protection:
    • Halberd's bodysuit provides poor protection from physical and temperate attacks, however, it is incredibly resistant to radiation and toxic attacks (specifically requested to be made that way by Halberd himself).
  • Halberd's Mask:
    • Mask is a design of unknown origin, however, it is definitely several hundred years old.
    • Amazingly strong metal-like material, providing equal physical and energy protection to the face, but not the rest of the body.
    • Provides the wearer with incredible magical protection (whole body and anything Halberd is touching), preventing any spells, curses or attacks from harming the mask's wearer (or whatever Halberd touches).
    • Mask is also a psychic shield, providing a monstrous level of psychic protection from those with mental powers.
    • When in the dark, Halberd's mask allows the wearer to see in the dark akin to a magical form of night vision.
  • Trap Creation:
    • Halberd, if allowed time, can create traps from nearly anything.  He has a talent in quickly creating traps and devising different means of immobilizing others.
    • He stays in practice in making traps by creating them for his teammates that try to follow Halberd in their attempt to discover his secret identity or life.  Each person who has ever attempted to follow him in this manner, usually has to call in to get help from other teammates or Teutonic League support personnel to help them out of one of Halberd's traps they'd gotten themselves into.


  • Communications earwig:
    • When required to, Halberd will use the team's earwig comms device for team communications.  Range: 50 miles. Normally, he doesn't carry it on his person.
  • Lock-picking Kit
  • Food & Water Rations (3 days)
  • Wire and Rope
    • Carries over 200 yards of remarkably strength tensile wire in a sheath in his bandoleers
    • Carries over 200 yards of compressed excellent strength composite fiber rope for rappelling or binding
  • Small blocks of various metals:
    • Carries 2 lbs. blocks of a variety of safe, non-radioactive metals including magnesium, steel, aluminum, iron, tin, platinum and even gold.
  • Multi-Tool:
    • Halberd carries a remarkable material strength multi-tool of his own design (much like a Swiss Army Knife).  It has a knife blade, straight saw blade, compass, toothpick, flint, magnifying glass, flat-head and cross-head screwdrivers, scissors, scribe, corkscrew, and a micro-welder (remarkable welding for a total of 15 seconds of use).
  • Compact Metallurgic Laser Analyzer:
    • Carries a compact metallurgic analyzer, allowing him to scan different metals to determine their properties. Made of excellent material strength; can last for 100 hours on one charge.



  • Halberd Staff:
    • Staff is made of amazingly strong composite materials, providing equal protection from energy, physical and toxic forms of attack.
    • Energy blade at the end can be turned on or off.  Has a 2 hour charge and can be used to create an energy slicing attack if so desired.
    • Pole can be disconnected into six equal length parts.  When not being used in combat, the Halberd staff is normally broken up into its sis parts and placed in  sheathes on his costume's back.
    • Only takes him less than 6 seconds to reconnect all 6 Halberd segments to make his Halberd staff combat ready.



Gunter Alzgud


For over 2 centuries, the Alzgud clan have been practitioners of white magic.  Throughout the 20th century, the Alzguds left Germany and moved to remote locations with the intent of not being discovered or compromised.  In 1940, however, most of the Alzgud clan were discovered.  They were tortured into being pawns of the Nazi military machine and were to be forced into using their magics for the benefit of Hitler and his Nazi super-powered group known as Axis Force.  Sadly, nearly all of the captured and tortured Alzguds committed suicide rather than aid Hitler and his Nazi empire.  Only several of the Alzgud clan survived World War II and those that did, lived in caves in the Black Forest living like cavemen.

After World War II, the Alzguds eventually returned to their homes, but sadly enough, they were located in East Germany, on the Soviet Union controlled side of what was left of Germany after the war.  There, they quickly grabbed up as much of their magical artifacts, spells, book and wards and made their way into West Germany, a story that unto itself could be made into a Hollywood thriller.  By 1947, they found their way to Nuremberg where a distant relative still had a farm left standing.  There, the remaining Alzguds earned their keep, tilling the land and becoming farmers, foresaking their magical heritage simply because of what happened to the rest of their clan and their sacrifices to keep those magical abilities from anyone else wanting to use them as tools of nationalism.

By the year 2000, the Alguds had inherited the farm and had become a family community of farmers, numbering in the dozens.  That is the same year that the alien Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth.  Although Nuremberg was not a tactical asset to the Soltans, a Soltan military detachment was established in the city nonetheless.  The Soltans were keen on being able to draw magical energies and use them to their advantage as part of their technology, and as such had devices that could detect magical energies, items and artifacts.  It wasn't long before the Alzgud farm was visited by a Soltan squad and a couple of arcane engineers.  Although the Alzguds attempted to hide their magical items, the Soltans found them with ease.  The Soltans killed four of the Alzgud farmers for 'daring' to hide the arcane artifacts.  That was the last straw for the Alzguds.

In a battle that only lasted two minutes, the senior Alzguds used their arcane powers and decimated the Soltan squad and arcane engineers, but not before a call for backup went out to the Soltan Commander in Nuremberg.  A battalion of Soltans were sent in to quell the Alzguds.  In the end, all but two Alzguds were dead.  The two remaining Alguds were the 40 year old mother, Anya Alzgud, and her 13 year old son, Gunter Alzgud.  Using a rarely applied spell to teleport Gunter to an unknown location on Earth; the spell also teleported Anya into a dimension bereft of physical being, but only mental energy.  Gunter, however, was teleported to the Antarctic, a mile away from the McMurdo Station.  Gunter eventually found snowplow tracks and followed them to the McMurdo station where he and over five dozen other expeditionary personnel remained in isolation for the next several months throughout the alien invasion. Although the Soltans hadn't attacked McMurdo, all their supply lines and ships had been cut off.  Young Gunter, who'd been taught early in life how his clan lived in caves during WWII, became a huge asset in the continued survival of the marooned McMurdo engineers and scientists. In 2001, the first rescue ship arrived at McMurdo and was able to retrieve nearly all the stranded people there, including a very grateful Gunter.

Over the next 2 years, Gunter slowly made his way back home to the farm in Nuremberg.  When he finally reached what was left of the farm, Gunter went to the exact location he'd last seen his mother.  Due to his proximity to the spot where the dimensional breach was created by his mother, his presence initiated an unknown 'recall' facet to the spell.  Since his mother was no longer a physical being, but only psychic energy, when she appeared back on in Earth's normal dimension, Anya's mental essence quickly began to loose cohesiveness, all the while she was telepathically communicating with Gunter about what had happened to her and learning of Gunter's McMurdo marooning.  Gunter concluded that his mother's mental essence needed a host, and offered up his mind for her to live in.  Although his mother didn't want to, Gunter insisted, resulting in Gunter's mother's mental essence now being a part of Gunter's mind.

Gunter's mother allowed Gunter the use of his body routinely and didn't 'want' to invade his thoughts, but usually did, as mothers do.  She expected a lot out of him, and sadly, all of Gunter's knowledge, good and bad things he'd done, and more, were now all available for his mother to know.  Eventually, the two worked out an agreement that allowed Gunter's mother access to Gunter's brain and/or body only for certain agreed upon moments and times of the day.  It was a strange new relationship, but Gunter quickly adapted to this new way of being, even though his insecurity of having his mother in his thoughts slowly began to become overwhelming.

Gunter spent the next decade not only rebuilding the farm, but also learning from his mother everything about how to use the clan's arcane powers.  All of the clan's mystical books, artifacts and wards had been stolen by the Soltans during the invasion, however, Gunter discovered in 2009 that two of the clan's spell books were found at a flea market in Nuremberg, being sold by a family who said they'd found them in a old wrecked Soltan transport ship found in the woods about 30 miles outside of Nuremberg.  Gunter and his mother then went on the quest to find their clan's magical items that may still be at the wreck site.  There, they found several other clan arcane items in storage bin found crushed in the crash and buried in the debris of the crash.  They also saw many others had been to the crash site and had picked from the wreck what was obviously more of the clan's missing arcane items.  Thus began the 2nd leg of their quest.

Over the next few years, Gunter became a quick study and an adept mage in the use of the clan's arcane powers and spells.  Gunter had always been good-hearted since he was a child, and at times, if he saw a homeless child or a wounded person, he'd use his arcane powers to feed or heal them respectively.  As is said, 'no good deed goes unpunished', and it didn't take long before in 2012 Gunter encountered a man named Damon Kaufmann.  Damon was a ex-German Intelligence officer for West Germany during the Cold War and was also responsible for illegally forming a covert super-powered team in German borders against the national law of "no super-powered beings allowed in Germany".  As such, Damon had been looking for Gunter for weeks in an attempt to recruit his help in tracking down a band of murderers who'd been capturing, torturing, killing and mutilating known European super-powered beings.  Gunter, knowing the clan's edict of 'never help a national' refused to volunteer for Damon's new team of super-powered people.  Damon gave Gunter a card and told him regardless that if he ever needed help, or decided to change his mind, to call him.  Gunter pocketed the card and went on again about his quest for finding the remaining 60% of his clan's lost arcane treasures.  The meeting between Damon and Gunter, however, did not go unnoticed.  A certain person who worked with the people Damon was hunting saw and overheard their conversation.  That person informed his superiors that he'd found another target to 'exterminate' and began trailing Gunter back to the Alzgud farm.

At the Alzgud farm, at about 2 A.M., the Exterminators swooped in on Gunter at the Alzgud farm and captured him, knocking him out before he even had a chance to mutter or manipulate a single spell.

When Gunter awoke, he was imprisoned in ancient arcane shackles, devised to prevent a magic user from using their powers.  Gunter (and his mother's psychic essence) were prisoners of the Exterminators. Within the hour, Gunter was collected up and taken to a lab.  There, a sadistic woman known as Professor Bolo began painfully probing Gunter with powerful arcane artifacts, using them to suck the magic from Gunter's being.  The pain was so intense, Gunter passed out...but his mother's essence didn't.  Since, in her state, she couldn't feel pain, she took control of Gunter's body and fought Professor Bolo.  During the fight, Gunter's mother was able to release Gunter's body from the arcane shackles and began using the full extent of his powers against Bolo and the Exterminator troops that started descending on their location.  In mere minutes, Professor Bolo was defeated, while over 2 dozen Exterminator troops were killed outright by Anya.  Gunter's right leg took severe damage from one of the troops, but she still was able to manipulate his body to a 'hand-sat' (Handheld Satellite Radio Transceiver) taken from one of the troops and made the call to Damon Kaufmann from the business card that was still in Gunter's pocket.  10 minutes later, in the midst of fighting off dozens more Exterminator troops, the Calvary arrived.  Three super-powered people and two dozen well armed German spec ops troops arrived and mopped the floor with the remaining Exterminator troops and scientists.  Professor Bolo, however, was whisked away by a couple of her fellow scientists and got away to fight another day.

Gunter's consciousness eventually came back around as medics were attempting to save Gunter's severely damaged right leg.  His mother mentally told Gunter what had happened and what condition he was in.  After the surgery was performed, Gunter was able to keep his leg, but the wounds would give him a permanent limp for the rest of his life, requiring a cane or walking stick to support himself.  After Gunter's medical recovery, Damon asked Gunter to join him for a discussion at their new headquarters in what was now called the "Teutonic Tower" in a newly modified building located in what was the old East German district.  There, Damon showed Gunter all that occurred to him during his captivity and the ensuring battle his mother fought in Gunter's body in his stead, all from captured surveillance footage at the Exterminators base.  There, he was debriefed of what had happened and told of how lucky he was to have survived the encounter with the Exterminators.  To add a further point to the debrief, Damon showed Gunter what the Exterminators had done to others with unique abilities at the same site, including footage of the torture, maiming and killing of innocent women, teens and children.  Gunter wept over the footage, thinking of what his clan had endured since World War II and that his clan's inaction had led them to this stage of the clan's near extinction.

Gunter, along with his mother's mental blessing, volunteered to use his arcane powers and artifacts to help Damon, the German people and the world to prevent the evils of today's world from affect anyone, anymore.  With that, "Hexenmeister" was born and a new member was added to the ranks of the new Teutonic League.

Today, Hexenmeister is an active member of the Teutonic League. Living the greatest dread a man could have by having his mother in his thoughts every second of every day, Gunter has tried to adapt to his new life.  Although his mother is a good person, she is a strong-willed European patriarch who wants to protect her son from harm, but at the same time, try to get him to get a wife and create grandchildren for her.  His mother is also more adept at arcane combat that he is, thus making him a bit insecure about his place in the group as a combatant.  Instead, Gunter has slid into the role of being the arcane academic and philosopher of the group, rather than the combat fighter.  Should arcane melee or combat be required, Gunter allows his mother, Anya, to take over his body and perform the combat in his stead.  Gunter, instead, still continues to learn and become adept at his clan's spells and magics, all the while still continuing his quest to find the remaining 60% of the clan's lost artifacts and books. He still walks with a limp and has refused to wear any exo-skeleton over his bad leg to increase his mobility (Gunter hates technology), but instead walks with one of his clan's recovered arcane walking staffs, imbued with an unearthly charge of arcane energy that Gunter, or his mother, can pull from as needed.



  • Mother's Psychic Essence:
    • Hexenmeister has the psychic essence and soul of his mother attached to his body and brain. She is still a thinking and feeling soul, however, she either has to share Gunter's body, or take possession of it for her to actually do anything other than just 'think'.
    • She can telepathically communicate with Gunter up to 100 mile distances should they ever be separated.
    • As a result of their psychic gestalt, they both have a monstrous level of psychic protection should anyone attempt to ever psychically control them.
    • If Anya's essence should ever be pulled from Gunter, she would need to be freely able to access the mind of another compatible (human) host in less than 30 seconds or her essence will dissipate away forever
    • Each time she takes control of Gunter's body, the body's fighting skills increase twofold, yet the body's strength diminished onefold.  Once Gunter is back in control of his mind, all of his stats go back to good, except fighting, which is poor for him.
  • Arcane Energy Blasts/Bursts:
    • Can create good arcane energy blasts from his hands.  Can fire at the rate of once per hand every several seconds, up to a range of 40 yards
  • Arcane Shields:
    • Hexenmeister can create magical protective shields of excellent quality for himself or good protective shields that can encompass anyone or anything within a 40 feet radius to Hexenmeister. 
    • The shields can be maintained until they are shattered by a more powerful magical energy or Hexenmeister's access to arcane energy is diminished.
  • Magical Creation and Animation:
    • Hexenmeister can create illusions and objects out of thin air, however, they are simply magical constructs. He can make objects only up to a 40 feet by 40 feet size; any larger and either the construct is warped/tainted or he suffers damage for his efforts, that is, until he practices more to be able to create larger creations.
    • He can also animate the creations (chair with walking legs, for example, or a fireplace with large teeth trying to bite anyone near it), again, so long as he is conscious.  He cannot create more than 10 constructs at a time.
    • As a trick, he can make up to 10 copies of himself to fool or confuse others attacking him
    • If a target's psyche is less than good, that target can receive 'perceived' damage or pain from the cosntruct's intended effect.  Any other target with a psyche better than good only needs to check themselves to realize they are illusions and thus can't hurt them.
  • Arcane Overcharge:
    • One of Hexenmeister's more unique powers is that after concentrating for over a minute, he can channel his arcane energies to 'spike' another magic user's powers, possibly overloading or shorting out their powers temporarily.  It has a range of only 40 yards, however it can disrupt any arcane power of amazing proportions or less, effecting a 70% chance that the target's arcane powers are temporarily inaccessible for at least 30 seconds, as well as potentially create an excellent magical energy backlash on the target.
  • Invisibility:
    • Can cast a spell making Hexenmeister and anyone within a 20 foot radius of his location to be invisible so long as Hexenmesiter maintains the spell and others don't step outside the spell's 20 foot radius.
  • Transmute inanimate objects into edible food:
    • One excellent skill his clan learned to do, especially during WWII, was to transmute inanimate objects into a basic plant-based type food.
    • It takes over 5 minutes of concentration to do the transmutation, but when done, can produce the equivical of a garden salad in the same shape, color and consistency as what the inanimate object looked to be (i.e., He can turn a rock into food; after 5 minutes, the rock would look no different, but if a person bit into the rock, it would taste like lettuce or salad)
    • Transmutated items-to-food provides only 40 calories of energy total.
  • Sense arcane energies and sources:
    • Hexenmesiter's clan is highly attuned to ley lines and sources of arcane energies, almost like human divining rods. Any arcane energy source within 50 miles of their location can be 'felt', with the feelings becoming stronger the closer they get.  They cannot pinpoint exact locations (i.e., underground), only bearings to the source.
  • Tap arcane energies:
    • Hesenmesiter contains a personal store of unearthly magic energy in his body at any given time.  He is capable of tapping off of other sources, but cannot pull out more than that which ebbs from the source over time.  This is why he likes to be near Ley lines to ensure he has a source of arcane energy at any given time.
    • He also has an ancient clan arcane walking stick that he routinely keeps with him that stores an additional unearthly amount of arcane energy for him to pull from when needed.
  • Teleportation:
    • Although he has only performed this spell twice (both of which utterly failed in getting to the location he needed to be in), Hexenmeister can perform teleportation spells.  It is a dangerous risk to him, and sure danger to anyone he intends to teleport with him or independently.  Thusfar, his mother, Anya, in attempting to teleport Gunter, wound up in a body-less psychic dimension that should could have been marooned in for the rest of her psychic existence.  If it weren't for her son returning to the site the spell was cast, she would never have been able to return (even though she returned only as psychic energy when she actually did return).
  • Levitation:
    • At a maximum speed of 15 mph, he can fly/levitate so long as he concentrates.  He can carry only 400 lbs of items/people while doing this, however, it slows his speed down to only 7 mph as a result.  A loss of concentration would stop them from levitating and instead fall from their present location.
  • Unpossess magically controlled or cursed people/creatures:
    • At an incredible level, Hexenmeister can restore a magically possessed or cursed person or creature in one simple spell.  That person or creature may be disorientated for a minute or two, but once cured of their possession or curse, it would take another mage five times the length of time required to 're-possess' or curse their original target again.



  • Walking Stick:
    • Hexenmeiser has a bad right leg and usually requires a walking stick to walk; his walking stick of preference is an ancient clan walking stick that in protected to an unearthly level by numerous magical wards ingrained in the stick's wood
    • Stick can store up to unearthly levels of arcane energy, recharging at a poor rate once any of the maximum energy has started draining from the stick.
    • The energy cannot be pulled all at once of there is a 50% chance the stick will explode, causing unearthly magical damage to any near or around it, as well as an addition incredible amount of plasma energy damage to all next to the staff or within a 20 foot radius of the staff.
  • Various Arcane Objects:
    • Hexenmeister has over 100 mystical and arcane objects and devices that provide a wide range of arcane abilities or functions.
  • Spell Books:
    • Hesenmeister has a virtual library of arcane spell books, most being from his clan.  If he requires the use of a different magical power, he can study it over time and attempted to learn and apply the power to his skills.



Arnold Zimmerman


Arnold was an ace pilot with the German Air Force between 2007and 2010.  In 2010, he was asked to participate in the military trials of a new jetpack design created by a new startup company, Luft Fleur. The jetpack was viewed as an alternate means for flying troops into combat zones without aircraft. Arnold became the jetpack's first official military test pilot, spending most of 2010 testing it. During the testing, however, other more nefarious people had an eye on the same jetpack - Condor Legion.

Condor Legion was, at the time, utilizing jet packs for its troops that were not very reliable.  Condor Legion's leader, Condor Commander, desired new jet packs for his troops.  As such, he set out teams to steal the plans and all the actual jetpacks from the military base in Bonn, Germany where the testing was being performed.

On a late February afternoon, the jetpack was to undergo its 'severe weather' test during a snowstorm over Bonn.  During the test, Arnold was to perform a series of maneuvers and different power levels.  As he was undergoing the low power tests, a band of Condor Legionnaires descended on him through the snowstorm, attempting to wrestling the jetpack from Arnold.  At the same time, the startup company was invaded by a wave of Condor Legionnaires that began ransacking the company's facilities, stealing their computer and server hard drives and blades.  On the ground at the test site, the ground support team and engineers were attacked while the spare jetpacks were stolen from the test site container.  Condor Legion's well coordinated attack would have succeeded if it hadn't of been for Arnold.

In the aerial fight, Arnold broke free of his attackers and started out-flying them, maneuvering in and about the flying Condor Legionnaires like they were standing still.  One by one, Arnold charged at them, damaging the Condor Legionnaire jetpacks thus causing his attackers to crash into the snow-ladened ground below.  Noticing that no one at the base was answering his radio calls, he flew back at high speed and fought the Condor Legionnaires stealing the jetpacks for the test site container.  In an incredible display of skill, Arnold was not only able to defeat that group of attackers, but was able to disable their antiquated Condor Legion jetpacks, get the military test site personnel to immobilize them, and placed those same Legionnaires in the storage container and lock them in there until the authorities arrived to arrest them.

After ensuring the test site team was OK, the company's lead engineer told Arnold that no one was answering at their company building, located 20 miles away.  Arnold, without hesitation, flew off to the company's building just in time to see five Condor Legionnaires fly from the building with backpacks of stolen computer hard drives and server blades.  One by one, Arnold swooped to them, targeting their old Condor Legion jetpacks, sending them crashing to the ground just like he did to his first wave of attackers.  By the time he'd caught up to the last Legionnaire trooper, Arnold was attacked from behind by two of Condor Legion's super-powered team - Dark Condor and Vor.

In an epic aerial battle, Arnold, Dark Condor and Vor raced about in the snowstorm at breakneck speeds.  Arnold's new jetpack proved to be faster than both Dark Condor or Vor at their maximum flight speed.  As such, Arnold again used speed and surprise to his attacks, charging and pommeling his attackers.  After several minutes of fighting, three of Arnold's fellow alternate test pilots came racing to the fight scene in the spare jetpacks.  Knowing they were outmatched, Condor Legion retreated, gaining nothing but bruises and several arrested troops in the process.

After the stolen hard drives and server blades were returned, a formal debrief was conducted. The startup company's founder praised Albert for his dedication to saving the new jetpack design and documentation and awarded him a special reward for his efforts. In addition to this, the German Air Force awarded a Flying Cross medal to Arnold for his brave actions.  Arnold was now more a hero than ever before.  TV and radio interviews were conducted to tell Arnold's epic victory over the evil Condor Legion.  It was during one of those live TV interviews though that Condor Legion got its revenge on Arnold.

During an interview with the BBC, Arnold, while wearing the new jetpack for the show, was attacked by none other than Condor Commander himself.  Arnold tried to get Condor Commander to focus on him allowing the civilians in the studio to escape the battle scene.  Unfortunately for Arnold, Condor Commander had no interest in the crowd, only in the jetpack on Arnold's back.  That, and his deep desire to humiliate Arnold on live TV just as Condor Legion had been humiliated in their attempt to steal the jetpack and its secrets the first time.  During their fight in the studio, Condor Commander tossed a vial of acid directly at Arnold's exposed face.  Upon impact, Arnold dropped to the floor in sheer agony as his face and eyes began to burn from the acid.  Condor Commander ripped the jetpack off of Arnold and made a threat to those watching the TV that Condor Legion wouldn't stop until Europe's pathetic Union was destroyed and a new socialist order was put in its place.  Condor Commander flew off with Arnold's jetpack, leaving Arnold in dire need of medical attention.

When Arnold awoke in the hospital days later, he quickly realized his face had been severely disfigured and his eyes had been burned out, making him permanently blind.

Over the next few months, doctors and surgeons did all they could to reconstruct Arnold's face, but unfortunately the damage was too extensive.  His results of the acid's facial disfigurement made Arnold's face look grotesque and monstrous.  Just as Arnold believed he would never be able to recover from his injuries, or lead a normal life ever again, an ex-West German intelligence officer named Damon Kaufmann offered an alternative to Arnold's misery.  Rather than become a medical ward of the state, the German government asked Arnold if he was interested in potentially regaining his sight by being a test subject for experimental bionic eye implants.  Without pause, Arnold agreed to the procedure.

By August of 2011, Arnold came out of surgery with his new eyes.  Although his new vision was digital and pixelated, Arnold was happy to just see again.  His new eyes also had many other unique capabilities; telescopic vision, blinding flash protection, night, thermal and infra red vision and most importantly, a targeting system that could be hooked to a microprocessor and used in tracking multiple contacts, targets and objects courtesy of his new mechanical eye implants.  Although it took a few months of training to get used to his eyes, Albert persevered and aced all of the bionic eye tests.  Although his face was still heavily scarred from the acid, at least he could see the world through his digital eyes.

Not long after his surgical bionic eye implants and successful test period, Damon contacted Arnold and asked him if was willing to use his new abilities for a greater good.  At this point, Damon informed Albert of all the ultra-national movements happening around the world, as well as hundreds of abductions of super-powered people across Europe  At the end of their discussion, Damon had the jetpack's company president enter.  Together, the German Chancellor, the German Air Force and the jetpack owners offered Albert his own custom jetpack and an opportunity to become one of the few super-powered beings left in Germany.  After a few minutes thought, Albert agreed to the idea.

By 2012, Albert, now codenamed "Luftwaffe", completed his training with the modified jetpack and new combat suit, coupled with a tactical combat tracking system that perfectly integrated into Luftwaffe's new bionic eyes.  After helping recruit a few more new members, the team, brought together by Damon Kaufmann was finally formed, calling themselves the "Teutonic League".

Over the next while, Luftwaffe was a critical teammate thanks to his military training, knowledge of tactics and his eye-in-the-sky role he helped the team with.  As a result, the abducted super-powered being were discovered to have been taken by the evil and malicious Exterminators.  Several raids later, Luftwaffe and his fellow teammates shutdown the Exterminator's Germany operations, freeing hundreds of captive and tortured super-powered prisoners found at the German Exterminator covert locations.

Today, Luftwaffe is a proud member of the Teutonic League and enjoys his role as the resident aerial combatant.  He considers his teammates his best and most trusted friends ever, and looks forward to showing up for work every morning.  Although Luftwaffe has been an example of heroism and military training, the Arnold under the Luftwaffe armor still wants Condor Commander to die in writhing agony for what he'd done to Arnold's eyes, face and life.


  • Flight:
  • With his custom amazing material jetpack, Luftwaffe can fly up to speeds of 700 mph at a maximum range of 1000 miles and a maximum altitude of 40,000 feet before the jetpack has to be refueled.
  • Can carry up to an additional 600 lbs with his jetpack, but while sacrificing 1/2 of his speed and range.
  • Refueling the custom jetpack takes at least one hour if done in a lab environment.
  • Bionic Eyes/Tracking System:
Through his remarkable material strength bionic eyes, Luftwaffe can:
    • See in normal light, infra-red, night vision and thermal vision.
    • Use the telescoping feature of his eyes to see clearly 15 miles away.
    • Use the microscopic feature of his eyes to see down to the 10 micron level.
    • Hooked to his an external tracking combat system, his fighting and agility increase twofold as a result.
    • Made to resist EMP blasts, radioactivity or any energy surges or attacks up to monstrous levels.
    • Each eye contains its own self-contained battery than must be changed out every year by qualified eye surgeons.
    • Provides incredible protection from any form of flash or intense light.
  • Bodysuit Protection:
    • Luftwaffe's bodysuit provides excellent protection from temperature-based attacks, as well as typical physical protection and poor energy protection.
    • Provides incredible radiation protection.
  • Blasters:
    • Two amazingly strong forearm mounted excellent energy blasters with a range of 400 yards.
    • Each blaster can fire a shot per every 3 seconds.
    • Blasters are integrated with the suit's tracking combat system and the bionic eyes, thus increasing his fighting and agility twofold.
  • On-board oxygen:
    • Should Luftwaffe fly high enough where the air is thin, he has his own self-contained oxygen supply that can last up to 1 hour.
  • Shoulder Missiles:
    • Each shoulder launcher contains five mini-missiles, with each missile capable of flying Mach 1.5 for a range of 5 miles where, upon impact, produces a remarkable level explosion. Each missile gets its tracking data from Luftwaffe's combat tracking system with real time updates.
  • Communications System:
    • Full frequency transceiver set capable of ranges of over 200 miles.
  • GPS/Satellite Internet Access:
    • His bionic eyes process data from direct encrypted GPS satellites for tracking and travel routes as well as displaying satellite-received data and internet feeds.
  • Rapid Repair and Survival Kits:
    • Keeps a set of repair parts and tools on his person allowing him to fix and/or repair his weapons, jetpack and/or suit's components (including his bionic eyes (even spare eye batteries)
    • Has a 3 day food, water and wilderness survival kit, including a field multi-tool (like a Swiss Army Knife), wire saw, mini-mag light, and a spare pair of earwig comms sets (range: 25 miles).



Kalpana Korrapati


Born in Bhopal, India, Kalpana's parents had both been affected by a massive chemical leak that occurred in their region by a major chemical manufacturer in 1984.  Her parents survived the chemical cloud that blew from the chemical factory into Bhopal, however official records stated that over 2,259 people died as a result of their exposure to the deadly gases.  Although her parents became ill during the chemical incident, the only permanent effects to both of them were 2nd degree chemical burns to their skin and blindness. Her parents met at the hospital while being medically treated and over time, they fell in love.  In 1998, the settlement money from the chemical company was finally being distributed to the Bhopal victims. Kalpana's parents used the $150,000 to get married and find work anywhere that'd accept blind Indian workers.  Their destination: Germany.  In their first year in Germany, the couple had their new baby girl delivered...but not the way most people would ever expect.

When Kalpana was born, it was far from normal.  Kalpana's mother died during Kalpana's delivery due to blood loss and cardiac arrest, requiring the doctors to use defibrillators to try and get her heart started again.  Eventually, they had to use adrenaline to the Kalpana's mother's heart to try and revive her.  Initially, the adrenaline didn't seem to work, requiring the doctors to focus on saving the baby. 

Just as Kalpana was about to be removed by C-Section from her (at the time) dead mother, the mother's body burst into an aura of magenta-colored flame. The staff and doctor, shocked at what they were seeing, stopped the birthing process for fear of their own safety.  Quickly, they realized the magenta-colored flames weren't burning anything nor producing any actual heat.  When one of the doctors went back to work to birth the baby, the aura-like magenta flames died down and the mother's body. Seconds later, Kalpana was born. 

Sadly though, at the time of her birth, Kalpana's eyes were cloudy, showing a potential indicator of blindness.  When the pediatrician applied the standard 1% Silver Nitrate solution to Kalpana's eyes, Kalpana's baby body burst into the same type of magenta-colored flames as did her mother previously during delivery.  After a minute's time, baby Kalpana's aura of flames dissipated and Kalpana's mother came back to life. Although Kalpana's mother required several days of recovery at the hospital, both mother and baby were considered stable enough to leave...but far from normal.

The German government was informed of what had happened at the hospital during Kalpana's birth and investigated the occurrence.  The scientists and doctors that studied Kalpana were fascinated at her conditions and the occurrences.  After repeated attempts, neither Kalpana's mother nor Kalpana were able to recreate the magenta-colored aura of flames that had engulfed either of them during Kalpana's birth.  Regardless, the doctors and scientists continued to keep records and perform annual studies on the Korrapati family out of medical and scientific curiosity.  Both of Kalpana's parents were given menial jobs at the science center where the scientists and doctors worked at so as to have them available and accessible.  There, for the next 12 years, the doctors and scientists would routinely perform a complete physical and series of blood tests on the Korrapati family.  Days after Kalpana's 12 birthday, however, Kalpana's mother died, mostly due to the prolonged Bhopal chemical cloud's affects of her body and the difficult birth.

A month after Kalpana's mother's funeral, Kalpana learned of her new powers.  She was a pyrokinetic (capable of controlling, generating and manipulating fire, using her thoughts). She was also able to generate flames in a non-oxygen based atmosphere (underwater, in an atmospheric void (space), etc.), and was able to control the intensity of the heat of the flames as well as not get burnt by any other type of fire, flames or heat/chemical-based fire reaction.  For the next five years, the German scientists and doctors ran Kalpana through every conceivable test in using her powers and testing her limits.

By age 17, Kalpana and her father were fatigued with the scientists and doctors and demanded they be left alone.  In response, the German government "sent" a representative to talk to them about a potential opportunity to be a part of 'something more'.  The representative was Damon Kaufmann, a member of an unofficial government agency that dealt with super-powered beings in Germany.  Much to Kalpana's desire for adventure and to see the world, both she and her father declined Kaufmann's invitation.  Both decided to go back to India and restart their lives there.  That decision became a tragic mistake for both of them.

In 2015, Kalpana and her father went back to India.  There, they stayed with relatives while Kalpana's father looked for work.  Sadly, the relatives lived in a very poor part of town, known for its thick stink in the air, crime, gang activity and a record of sexual battery against women in the town.  After being placed into a local school the day before, Kalpana was followed by a teen gang on her way home.  Two blocks from where she now lived, the teen gang attacked her attempting to rape her.  Before the teen gang was able to do so, Kalpana used her pyrokinetic powers and burned each of the seven teenage gang members. When the police came, they took Kalpana to jail and the gang members to the hospital, charging her with assault with intent to kill. Some of the gang members were considered severely burned, eventually requiring skin grafts to over 70% of their burned bodies. 

Sadly, one of the teenage gang members was discovered to be the son of the local police chief. The police chief used his powers to place Kalpana on trial,  charged with attempted murder.  Much to the opposite, the gang member 'victims' as the police chief called them, were only 'chastised' for their actions (the statement "boys will be boys", and "she dressed provocatively" were used against Kalpana).

The judge ruled Kalpana guilty and sentenced to 50 years in prison.  Kalpana was devastated at the results.

A day into Kalpana's jail sentence, her father arrived for a visit, and with him, Damon Kaufmann.  After an emotional discussion, Damon stated that he'd get her released from jail, however, she'd never be allowed back in her home country of India, and that she'd have to choose German citizenship (which was a normal legal option for anyone who'd been born in Germany and was of immigrant parents living in Germany at the time).  Kalpana agreed and within a week, she was placed into Kaufmann's custody, with both Kalpana and her father flown back to Berlin.

In Berlin, Kaufmann introduced her to a new super-powered team that had been forming called the Teutonic League.  Although initially uncomfortable being the only non-Caucasian, non-Christian on the team, she soon learned that the team was indeed a group of good people with good hearts and souls.

Today, "Psyfire" as she has named herself, goes to college in Germany by internet, spending ther rest of her time with her new teammates in the Teutonic League.  Her father was allowed to work with the facilities staff in Teutonic Tower as a maintenance supervisor for the building's care, thus allowing them to see each other routinely. Although a non-practicing Sikh, Psyfire's religious beliefs are influenced by her parent's Sikh religious faith.



  • Pyrokinetic Control:
    • Psyfire has the remarkable psychokinetic ability to create, generate, manipulate and extinguish fire and flames.
    • She can generate and create her mentally-fueled powers in locations that do not have heat or oxygen.
    • She can control her pyrokinetic powers, including normal fire and flames, up to 30 yards from her location.
  • Heat, Fire and Flame Protection:
    • Her body is protected at nearly an unearthly level from all forms of heat, fire and flames and the effects thereof.
  • Fire and Flame Manipulation:
    • Using her pyrokinetic powers, she has an excellent ability to manipulate fire and flames.
    • She can form fire/flame cages, fire spires, flaming orbs (for light) and can pull a fire/flame from a burning figure/object.
    • She can also extinguish (or lower the intensity for fires greater than a remarkable level of control) normal fire and flames, regardless if they are chemical or natural (i.e., she can extinguish magnesium fires/flares). 
  • Pyrokinetic Aura:
    • Using her pyrokinesis, she can create a remarkable flame-like aura to protect herself.
    • The aura protects her from remarkable levels or less of physical, energy, heat, cold and chemical damage.
    • Also provides amazing protection from basic (alpha, beta) radiation (not gamma or neutron; only poor protection against that).
  • Limited Telekinesis:
    • She has a poor capability to lift, manipulate and move items up to a total of 40 lbs. with her mind within 4 yards of her location.
    • Requires several seconds of concentration before she can perform an action with her limited telekinesis.
    • Any distraction that affects her concentration will cause her to lose focus, causing the power to fail.
  • Levitation:
    • Using the thermals from her pyrokinetic generated fire coupled with her limited telekinesis, she can hover up to 300 feet from the ground/surface.
    • She cannot lift anymore than her own body weight.
    • She must focus for several seconds beforehand to perform levitation.



Rebekka (last names: Rhines, Nueva and Wurst)



In 1920, a young French-German couple, Olaf and Serena Rhines, that had a farm near what is now Daxlanden, Germany, along the Rhine (Rhein in German) River (located on the German side of the river), discovered an unusual wailing baby along the river's banks.  The baby girl wasn't more than a day old and was found in what looked like a bassinet of grass, mud and branches.  The couple noticed the baby's ears were pointed and that her skin was very damp and moist, such that when they picked the baby up, water oozed out of every pore of the baby, without harming or misshaping the baby. Concerned for its welfare, they took it back to their farm to care for it until they found out if someone had lost their baby.  After weeks of inquiries with the local police and church, no one came forward.  Rather than put the unusual child up for adoption, they chose to raise her themselves.

The child, now formally named Rebekka Rhines, was always a thirsty girl.  She didn't drink milk or other liquids, only water. Rebekka eventually gained control of her porously watery condition and stopped leaving 'puddles' everywhere she went.  She was a happy child and was very athletic and spry.  She grew her hair long to cover her pointed ears, preventing others from seeing how different she was.  She was home schooled by her parents and although she wanted to be outdoors more than indoors, she learned at a poor yet fair pace compared to other school children her age as she was growing up. When Rebekka was about five years of age, her caretakers' (whom she later called 'parents') first son and Rebekka's psuedo-brother, Wilhelm Rhines, was born.

The older she grew, the better of a swimmer Rebekka became as well. By age 10, she was already outpacing Olympic level swimmers in timed runs clocked by Rebekka's father.  She loved swimming in the Rhine River such that she'd swim there twice a day, regardless of how cold or warm it was (as an added note, Rebekka enjoyed swimming naked; she hated to wear clothes while she swam, regardless of how cold it was or what her parents tried to educate her about modesty). As such, her parents kept her to themselves and as isolated from the community as possible, waylaying church and community gatherings to prevent any potential fears if Rebekka's uniqueness was discovered. By age 12, Rebekka had already become a captivating and beautiful young girl. Her powerful green eyes alone were enough to melt the heart of a young man in those days.  During the 1930s, however, young men had other interests; interests in Germany's rising Nazi Party.  As such, Rebekka's parents knew it was only a matter of time before others found out how different she was.

As the Nazi party grew, so did the atrocities against local Jewish store owners and others that were deemed un-German.  When local Nazi party affiliates arrived in 1935 at the Rhines farm to 'ensure their support for the Nazi Party', they saw Rebekka for the first time; her and her pointed ears.  Unsettled by this, the party affiliates fled back to town and informed their party leaders of what they saw. Rebekka's parents, knowing she'd either be ostracized, taken away or killed, packed up what few family belongings they could travel with and went to the bank of the Rhine River late at night to boat across the river to where the mother's parents lived in Mulhouse, France dozens of miles away.  Sadly, the police stopped the Rhines family before they could get out onto the river in their boat.  The police, at the bequest of the local Nazi Party affiliate who'd visited them early, arrested Rebekka's parents while Rebekka and her brother, Wilhelm, were separated and sent off to different locations. Rebekka's parents would eventually be interrogated and tortured by the SS and the Gestapo, but later die the next winter of exposure in a prison in northern Germany.

Wilhelm was sent to an orphanage in Berlin where he was eventually brainwashed into being a Nazi. By 1940, Wilhelm became a Gestapo Lieutenant is the SS, responsible for gathering up trouble-makers and protesters in and around Berlin who'd rally against the Nazi Party.

Rebekka's fate was far worse.  

Rebekka was sent to a secretive lab in Bonn, Germany where a ruthless and immoral scientist code-named "Stuka" performed experiments and created powerful and unique weapons for the military and his associates in the Nazi super-group, Axis Force.  Rebekka was probed and experimented on routinely. Stuka discovered she has the power to control water and immediately started conditioning her for service in the Axis Force super-group.  Before her inclusion into Axis Force, however, Stuka wanted her to 'mate' with him (or other strong, young Aryan soldiers, as he'd falsely tell his superiors) to produce super-powered offspring that they could one day train to be super-Nazis.  Try as he might, Stuka wasn't able to get her to produce a child or get pregnant.  Angered with her, he treated her like a sub-human slave, placing her in a thermal collar that he'd activate if she didn't do what she was told.  The collar would rapidly heat to over 400 degrees, causing her to dehydrate in seconds, leaving her weak, vulnerable and in immense pain.

By 1939, Stuka had 'conditioned' Rebekka to behave and follow orders.  A copy of the thermal collar's remote control was given to the Axis Force leader, Baron Berlin, to use with her when she was eventually assigned to the field with the super-group.  Although Rebekka, then codenamed "Wasser-Frau" (Translation: Water Woman), never killed anyone in combat, she was forced to use her powers against anyone Baron Berlin forced her to fight.  Depressed and suicidal, Rebekka lived a life only a slave would know. She had little interaction with others (mostly at the behest of Stuka who was still pining over her). In late 1941, however, Rebekka's first true relationship with a person (other than Stuka) would eventually be wrought with death.

While in battle against a British tank regiment in Libya, Rebekka collapsed from dehydration during the battle. An enlisted German field medic, Heinz Masslow, came to Rebekka's aid.  He carried her across five miles of desert to a German camp where she was re-hydrated over the next three days.  During that time, Heinz and Rebekka fell in love.  He was a kind, caring soul who was not a compliant cog in the Nazi war machine.  When Rebekka was strong enough, Heinz recommended he take Rebekka back to Berlin for further observation.  Stuka agreed, but already the pangs of Stuka's jealousy began to show in his quipped candor and maliciousness to those around him.

By January 1942, Stuka realized that Heinz and Rebekka were stalling in her 'delayed medical recovery'.  Angered by this, Stuka demanded the arrest of Heinz and once again began to torture Rebekka with the thermal collar.  Days later, Heinz was tried in a "People's Court" (basically a Nazi kangaroo court) and sentenced to death by firing squad.  When Heinz was killed, Rebekka went mad.  She destroyed Stuka's lab and nearly drowned Stuka in the process.  She got away from two squads of SS soldiers by jumping into the river and hyper-swimming away.  They found her broken thermal collar along the shore a few miles downstream.

Months later, she was found at the Rhines family farm, turned in by, once again, local Nazi Party townsfolk and neighbors.  There, she held off two squads of soldiers and a select group of Axis Force before the SS decided to bring her brother Wilhelm, now a Lieutenant in the Gestapo, to the farm.  There, he met with Rebekka for the first time in years.  He first started to reminisce about their youth, but within minutes, he basically ordered her to turn herself over to the authorities and stop her foolishness.  Realizing Wilhelm was not the brother she grew up with, she tearfully told him what they'd done to her and her lover.  Wilhelm, surprised to hear of what had happened to her (he'd never been told), consoled her and began to cry himself. His Nazi conditioning gave way to the love for his sister.  He then spoke of ways to get away from those surrounding the farm and meeting up again to get themselves to Switzerland, where they'd be safe in that neutral country.

That's when the Axis Force member known as Heinkel unleashed a lethal hail of bullets upon them across the distance, killing Wilhelm instantly from behind.

Covered in her brother's blood, Rebekka's eyes clouded over as she screamed a primal scream of agony.  Rebekka then gestured towards the Rhine River and lifted an enormous swath of its waters from the river bed, of which was nearly over 100 tons worth of water, and dropped it on her attackers, smashing them with wave after wave of water columns, hammering the troops and Axis Force members into oblivion.  She then took those same waters and diverted them back into the river's basin, creating a large whirlpool in the center of the river, drowning nearly all the remaining troops that had been pulled down by the whirlpool.   Rebekka then blasted the Rhine's waters across a mile wide radius, dropping tons of the river's waters down in a gale of rain across acres of land.  In the downpour of river water and debris, Rebekka scooped up her brother's body and made her getaway.  From that time, until 1995, Rebekka was never seen again. Wilhelm's grave nor body was ever found up until that same time.

After WWII, the Rhines farm was turned over to an old German couple, Alvin and Freida Wurst, who were trying to recover after the war. They'd had several children between 1950 and 1970 and as such, used them to help run and maintain the farm.  In 1995, the old German couple died, hours apart, leaving the farm to the youngest, Stefan Wurst, who was at that time 25 years old. All of Stefan's other siblings had gone on to business ventures and/or went to 'find' themselves. 

The day Stefan came back from his parents' funeral, he sat along a nearby stretch of the Rhine River banks and cried.  Surprisingly, when Stefan saw movement in the water out in front of him, he looked up and saw a beautiful young naked woman walk from the water up onto the river's bank before him.

It was Rebekka.

Rebekka asked Stefan why he was crying, but instead, Stefan was concerned with her swimming naked on that cold day worrying about her freezing to death. He offered up his coat to keep her warm which she graciously accepted.  There, they sat on the Rhine River's bank and talked for the next hour.  When asked about her, Rebekka mentioned her name and said she was considered to be, as far as she knew, the daughter of a human and a water sprite that had once lived along the Rhine River.  She'd been hiding in the Rhine River since World War II, coming out occasionally, disguising herself (she showed Stefan she could change her body's size, face and pigment using her water control powers), and walk among the townsfolk.  Up until recently, she was still afraid of several of the town's inhabitants that had only recently died that were once part of her brother's death and her family's destruction. She said she saw Stefan over the last dozen years, especially when he used to go skinny dipping in the river, and that she had come to like who he was. With that, Stefan brought Rebekka back to the farm.  There, Stefan, thanks to one of his childhood friends who now worked at the local town hall, was able to create a new identity for her as Rebekka Nueva.  Rebekka stayed with Stefan at the main house on the farm and in short time, they became lovers. By 1996, Stefan and Rebekka were married. 

In 2000, Earth was invaded by the Soltan Star Empire.  Although a majority of Earth was affected by the invasion, Rebekka and Stefan were not.  No Soltans even came within 50 miles of the farm.  But more importantly, Rebekka didn't care to respond in support of the rest of humanity for one very special reason - she was pregnant.  Shortly after the Soltan Invasion was quelled by Earth's heroes and military powers that same year, Rebekka gave birth to her quintuplets; three boys, two girls, all of which had pointed ears and a feeble form of water control power.

In 2012, while Rebekka was off to perform her annual visit and wreath-laying at her brother's unmarked grave site over 50 miles away, the old Rhines farm was assaulted by a murderous and heinous band of militants bent on killing any and all super-powered beings; they were known as The Exterminators.  The Exterminators were just that - cold-blooded killers, however, they considered the capture, study, mutilation and killing of super-powered beings as their 'just' cause to stop 'supers' and 'capes' from their supposed eventual enslavement of mankind. They'd existed in and around Europe throughout the Cold War, killing any super-powered being or alien they could. Thanks to reports by townsfolk near where Rebekka and Stefan lived, the Exterminators had Rebekka' and her children on their list of 'supers' to 'exterminate'. 

Stefan was shot several times trying to protect the five children from the Exterminators.  While he lay dying, the Exterminator troops tried to get Stefan to tell them where Rebekka was, even threatening to kill one of his little 'monsters' in front of him unless he told them.  Stefan refused to answer, but before he died, he did get a chance to take one shot at the Exterminator trooper that was threatening his child and killed the trooper, but not before he was blasted dozens of times by other troops.  Before the children had a chance to even try to use their powers, they were drugged and abducted by the Exterminators. The Exterminators loaded the children into a van and drove towards their secret base and the children's doom.

Rebekka, who had a feeble empathic link to her children, felt a wave of fear and despair coming from them.  From Wilhelm's grave site, Rebekka rode out on a wave of water and into the Rhine River where she hyper-swam back to the farm, finding her children gone and her husband dead.  She also saw the dead Exterminator troop's body and knew immediately who was responsible.  Grieving over her dead husband, the waters of the Rhine River, as once before during World War II, rose dozens of meters above their banks, floating in the air, much to the astonishment of all who saw it for over a 1/2 mile's length of the river.  Minutes later, the river's waters lowered back down into the basin without a single violent reaction other than small waves of water splashing up along the banks.  

Rebekka collected herself and used her empathic link with her children like a compass to point her in their abducted direction.  With a half-hour's head start on her, Rebekka focused onto her children's direction and bean hyper-swimming the Rhine northeasterly.  Although the river didn't take her all the way, she traversed across land using water from streams, fire hydrants, parks, whatever, to help her ride a wave of water across roads, homes, businesses, whatever was in her path, to get to her children.

That's when the worst thing that could happen, did.

While hyper-swimming up the Odra River towards the Sczcecin Lagoon that traversed the German-Polish border, Rebekka felt the death of each of her children, each one, moments apart.  Convulsing after each death, she finally crashed to the ground just short of the Lagoon, knocking herself out on a submerged rock due to her lost control and focus.  There, she blacked out, and descended to the muddy bottom of the Odra River, all the while mumbling her children's names over and over again until she couldn't no more.

Days later, Rebekka was found by a government task force under the auspices of a secret organization once known as the German Agricultural Ministry, Division 8. The man in charge of this now defunct group, Dorman Kaufmann, was able to track and find Rebekka's body and brought her to their facility in Berlin to care for her.  They'd placed her in a large clear plastic tank filled with water to allow for her to stay hydrated and safe while she was convalescing.  When Rebekka awoke, she nearly destroyed the medical lab she was in.  Damon calmed her down and explained to her that they'd found her at the bottom of the Odra River and that they believe she was Rebekka Wurst.  Damon explained that he'd been to the farm and promised Rebekka that he and his 'friends' were going to help her.  That's when Rebekka met some of the members that would eventually make up the German super-group known as The Teutonic League.

Together, they debriefed Rebekka.  Sadly, they mentioned that they'd found the remains of her children left mutilated with their body parts on pikes all over the region or placed out in open public places.  They'd found the Exterminator base, but it was abandoned hours before they got there.  With that, they offered Rebekka a chance to join them and stop another Exterminator-related operation that they were about to embark on.  20 minutes later, after talking to the other members of the Teutonic League, discovering they were all caring individuals with good souls and kind hearts, she agreed to join them.  

The operation went off, finding dozens of other 'supers' that were slated to be mutilated and killed.

Rebekka's fury with the Exterminators was unimaginable.

She did kill dozens of their troops, but after pitched battles with several of their more powerful troops and leaders, Rebekka was unable to keep at her pace and level of water control.  Luckily, her new teammates saved her from certain death and instead arrested all those that survived the raid.  Although she demanded to know who was responsible for her husband and child's death, to this day, none of the surviving Exterminators have said who was responsible other than "we as the Exterminators".

After the operation, Rebekka joined the team permanantly and renamed herself "Rhinemaiden". Her new codename was based on the fact that she'd never love or have children ever again and that her only remaining loves were of the Rhine River and ensuring that she stop the deaths of any other innocent people from the world's evils.

Weeks later, she was told that she'd inherited the old Rhines farm as part of the Stefan's will.  There, she had the bodies exhumed of her parents (the Rhines), Wilhelm, Stefan and her five children and had them all reburied in a new family cemetery plot on the farm's land.  Using her decent inheritance, she hired out local farm workers to care and till the farm in her absence.  The main house, however, was still hers and would never be lived in by anyone other than her, although the farm's new caretakers would maintain it in her stead.

Today, Rhinemaiden is a devout member of the Teutonic League.  She focuses her efforts predominantly with saving lives and helping others, but she is also trying to learn more about today's modern world.  She is currently taking a couple courses each semester at the Berlin University in an effort to earn a degree in environmental management, where she intends to take over the management of certain areas along the Rhine River to preserve its natural beauty and ensure that it remains as pure and natural as she once remembered it to be.

As an added note, recently several members of Nazi Germany's Axis Force came out of over 70+ years of cryogenic sleep.  Once again, they are looking to create their own fascist nation and rule the world.  Amongst those that were revived were Stuka, Heinkel and Baron Berlin.  As far as the reawakened Axis Force members are concerned that knew her during the early years of WWII, they consider her as the traitorous "Fasser-Frau" who should be executed for her crimes against the Fatherland.  Stuka, in particular, is still VERY interested in finding her again...

Let the drama begin...



  • Water Control:
    • Rhinemaiden has the incredible power to manipulate, control and even levitate water.
    • She can make water columns, waves, whirlpools and even lift (normally) up to 40 tons of water from a location.
    • Water must be predominantly H20; it cannot be another or higher chemical composition.
    • In times of extreme stress and pain, she can (extremely rare) control and lift unearthly amounts of water, totaling nearly 100 tons.
    • She can normally access and control water up to 400 yards radius from her location.
    • At 1/4th her normal power's capabilities, she can also control steam, but only up to 20 yards away.
    • She cannot control frozen water (ice) at all due to water's molecular properties when it is ice.
  • Breath/Live Underwater:
    • Rhinemaiden can live indefinitely underwater.
    • So long as there in less than a 20% toxicity to the water she is in, her ability stay is said water drops to just 24 hours, with an additional 2 hours lost for each 10% level of toxicity. At 80% toxicity, she can no longer remain in it without losing health and endurance every 15 minutes she is exposed/submerged within it.
    • Her maximum depth she can dive to and live is 2000 feet before the water's pressure begins to affect her body exponentially for ever 200 feet beyond that depth.
  • Hyper-swimming:
    • She has the incredible ability to swim/travel in water up to 40 knots.
    • As a power stunt, she can create a 5 foot 'rooster tail' of water if she swims close to the surface which also creates a low pressure water void behind her, requiring anyone or anything a form of excellent strength or power to overcome being caught in the vortex and potentially drowning.
    • At maximum speed in her hyper-swimming, she can catapult herself out of the water nearly 200 feet in distance.
  • Underwater Sight and hearing:
    • Underwater, she has the ability to see even in pitch darkness up to 40 yards around her
    • She can engage her hypersensitive hearing only while underwater, listening for echoes or sonar-like reverberations at an excellent level or tracking and mapping.
  • Sensitivity to Heat:
    • Due to her body's liquid controls, she is three times more susceptible to heat related attacks and temperatures than the normal person.
  • Body/Face changes and Sprite physiology:
    • Her water sprite physiology provides her with poor protection from physical and brute force attacks, as well as feeble protection from standard energy-based attacks.
    • Although nearly 100 years old, she can manipulate the water in her body to exert toxins and bad biological contents, thus allowing her to age at a severely reduced rate.
    • Using her water powers, she can pull over 20 lbs of water from her body without harm to herself.
    • Using her water powers, she can increase or decreased the water content of various parts of her body, thus physically changing her face, body size (to say that of a larger or fatter lady) and even her skin and hair pigmentation to create disguises. Her eyes, however, will always be green and/or clouded (when she uses her power).
  • Limited Familial Empathic Contact and Water Divining:
    • Other sprites, familial relations or children have a feeble empathic link, allowing each other to know the direction or relative distance they are from one another or if any in the link are being hurt or dying.
    • This empathic contact can be felt up to about 60 miles of distance between the familial entities (from what she's experienced thusfar).
    • Her powers are also an amazing personal divining rod for finding water.



Sebastian Starkemann



Born in 1996, Sebastian was 4 years old when the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth, destroying cities, military defenses and the Starkemann family.  Sebastian was found alone and nearly starving in an old Cold War nuclear bunker weeks after his family's home outside Berlin, Germany was destroyed by a Soltan assault troop.  Both his parents, Klaus and Wilhelmina, along with his older brother, Michael, died in the assault, but not before Sebastian was placed in the bomb shelter for his own protection.  Several months after Sebastian was found, the world's forces worked together to push the Soltan invaders back into space, all while Sebastian was kept at a youth encampment near a military base deep in the Black Forest of Germany. Once the world started piecing together its lives, Sebastian was brought to his grandparents, Kurt and Eva Starkemann, (Kurt from his father's side) to live with them.

For the next 12 years after the invasion, Sebastian was raised by his grandparents in Leipzig, Germany.  His grandparents strenuously pushed Sebastian to be an excellent athlete, getting him involved in track and field sports, triathlons, decathlons, soccer and weightlifting.  By age 13, Sebastian, an impressive 6 foot 5 inches in height, was considered to be the school's BMOC (Big Man On Campus). As part of local sports teams, the crowds usually chanted "Starkemann! Starkemann!" to cheer him and his teams on in their usual winning season, so long as Sebastian was leading the team.

In 2011, Sebastian's grandfather died at the age of 90, with his grandmother dying days later at age 88.  Left alone and with no other relatives, Sebastian was truly on his own.

The days and weeks following were some of the toughest and most emotional days Sebastian had ever faced.  Burying his grandparents, planning the funeral arrangements, having to forfeit his participation in national events due to the funerals, lost school days, missing out on important academic all took its toll.  He quickly found out who his true friends were when most abandoned him when he forfeited his position in the national sports events he and his team were to participate in.  To add to all that, he was told by the family lawyer that the reading of the will would be very complex affair, requiring him to return to his original parent's home outside of Berlin for the will's reading.  Even his girlfriend left him because she couldn't 'handle' all the death and reality he had to deal with over those painful weeks. 

During times like these, a person needs an anchor to help them from becoming lost in the billowing sorrow of pain and loss.  One such person was Helga Dessaire, a girl who'd lost her parents in the invasion just as Sebastian did, but was considered by her fellow classmates as awkward and geeky.  She'd been helping tutor Sebastian in math and science, but also had a huge crush on him.  As such, Helga asked Sebastian if he wanted someone with him during the reading of the will, for which she volunteered to go with him if he so desired.  Initially, he declined her invitation, but as she left their tutoring session that same day, he instead asked her to go with him to the reading of the will; he told her she'd be a good anchor for him while he mulled through the reading.  Helga agreed and left with him on a train the next day, both of them to Berlin for the reading of the will.

A limousine was sent to collect Sebastian (and to the driver's surprise, Helga) asnd drive him to his the location of the reading of the will at his parent's demolished home outside of Berlin. On his way to the property, Sebastian noticed there were military units interspersed along the length of the highways and roadways in and around the several miles around the property's location.  Although concerned, Sebastian had seen military drills like that before and figured it was just another random training event that coincided with his travels that day.  Once they arrived by , the lawyer had brought five strange but well dressed gentlemen along with him for the reading.  Sebastian was immediately chastised for bringing along Helga, for which Sebastian simply stated, 'if she isn't here, then neither am I', for which one of the well-dressed gentlemen gestured instead for the lawyer to 'allow' her to be there and continue on with the reading of the will.  Sebastian hadn't seen his parents home since he was rescued from the bomb shelter.  The home's destroyed structure had since been bulldozed over, leaving only the home's moss-encrusted foundation and a relatively new, massive metal door with enormous locks on it where the bomb shelter's entrance once was.  Seeing the egress of the bomb shelter brought back memories of when he was 4 years old and being rescued.  So many people were there to help him; some of which he'd remembered their faces...faces that, now more than a decade later, were standing before him as the well-dressed men.  He recognized three of the four men as the one's who'd been there when he was loaded up on a truck for the youth camp, eventually bound for the Black Forest site.  He remembered them.

As the lawyer began to speak, Sebastian stopped him.  Sebastian then walked up to each of the well-dressed men and looked them over, one by one, with each of these men providing a stony, wordless countenance back upon Sebastian during his silent, eyeful interrogation. Finally, Sebastian asked their names, only to be told letters of the Greek alphabet in response; Tau, Theta, Omicron and Rho.

Perplexed at their response, the lawyer insisted on continuing his task and began reading the will.  After several minutes of lawyer-speak listing all the legal precedents and his family's long genealogy from as far back as recorded time, the reader of the will finally got to the bequeaths. Sebastian was considered to be the last and only heir to the home's property of over 20 acres, as well as the contents of all materials on the property, which the house and bomb shelter were specifically mentioned.  At this point the lawyer mentioned that on the site, the four members of Norse Securities would now unlock the vault wherein the remainder of the will would be read to the inherent party.  With that, the four well-dressed men with Greek Alphabet letters for names unlocked each of the locks to the bomb shelter door and then opened the shelter's creaking hatch that led down into a dark, vertical shaft with a metal wrung ladder.  Each of the procession went down the ladder into the shaft, with the lawyer being the last one to step down into the musty old space that was once a bomb shelter.  He flipped a switch on the wall, engaging several wall-mounted, caged lights that illuminated the dank space.

It had been a long time since Sebastian was down here, but his memories came flooding back of his days during the invasion where he ate the shelter's canned foods, jarred pickled eggs and ham hocks, all while and drinking canned water.  In his wave of memories, he remembered the large, vault-like door that was behind the bunk beds in the shelter; the same vault-like door he now saw before him once again in what was now an empty bomb shelter devoid of shelving, food, supplies, radios and the bunk beds.  Raising an eyebrow, Sebastian began to think there was more to this will reading than he'd ever imagined.

The will reader then broke out his cellular phone and mentioned some coded wording into it.  At this point, the four well-dressed men, the lawyer, Sebastian and Helga were closed in as the bomb shelter's door was closed and locked by what sounded like military men from above.  As Sebastian was about to state his dissatisfaction over what was happening, the four well-dressed men removed a key from thick, ornate gold necklaces each had hidden under their shirts.  The four men each unlocked the vault door with their relatively modern-looking keys and opened the vault's door.  Once the thick vault door was opened, a series of florescent lights came on inside the vault's space.  The vault illuminated into a massive space spanning hundreds of feet back and wide and at least 20 feet in height.  Beneath the buzzing lights were multiple old and decrepit crates, all with worn Nazi Germany swastikas emblazoned upon them.  One crate in particular was a large, long metal crate with four golden locks on it, poised in the back center of the vault's space.  Before Sebastian could comprehend what to say, the lawyer continued his reading of the will.

As far back as time can be recorded, our ancestors have passed down the greatest treasures and artifacts ever created and used by the Norse gods themselves.  The contents of this vault, as with the associated properties and forthcoming services and business are legally, now and forever, wholly and bequeathed to its inheritor, in this case, Sebastian Starkemann.

Each item in this vault, in addition to estate properties and associated business ventures and capital, outlined in the bequethed's material listing in this will, is entrusted to you once and for all. 

Detailed instructions, manuals, and all related historical documentation and transcripts related to these received items are the responsibility of the bearer to learn from and follow with the utmost discretion and humanity of the receiver(s). These artifacts have been handed down for generations as part of our lineage's responsibility to retain, store, document and protect said artifacts that they may be hidden away or used to prevent evil from overtaking humanity's role in the universe.  As bequeathed to countless generations beforehand by the Norse All-Father, Odin, himself, so now shall the responsibility rest upon you to safely contain, utilize or destroy these sacred and arcane-empowered artifacts, weapons and devices that were once used by the Norse gods of legend themselves. 

Henceforth this day, the ownership, power and responsibility of these mighty items of the Norse gods are now yours, as that of a true descendant of the Norse gods, should the bequeathed be of my familial lineage.

Be warned, though. With this great inheritance comes an equally troublesome and critical burden; a burden requiring the inheritor to ensure that none of these items ever escapes your custody nor should they ever be used for evil or selfish purposes. 

To ensure the continued safeguarding of these artifacts and your all items of your inheritance, Norse Securities, should their business and services still exist, are yours to lead as the owner of the business henceforth. 

To close, whomsoever now be the legal recipient(s) of  these powerful Norse artifacts, as well as the lands and businesses associated therein, must endeavor to produce a worthy heir and as such full legal precedent in association with German and international law to one day bequeath these same inherent items, lands and services to the next in what should continue to be the bloodline of Odin himself.  

Executor, at this time, entrust the recipient(s) with the aforementioned with their inheritance, ensuring the attached detailed list of belongings, properties and services as part of this legal and binding inheritance and all stipulations in Appendix A are carried out as part of you, the Executor's, continuing duties to the inheritor(s).

May Odin protect you, the inheritor(s) and your progeny henceforth.

Overwhelmed by what was just read, Sebastian attempted to ask his litany of questions that were only now beginning to form in his head, only to be interrupted by explosions coming from above.  As dust fell from the swinging, flickering florescent lights, the four well-dressed men who were now obviously from Norse Securities pulled out futuristic energy weapons and began talking into their wrists.  At this point, as explosive blast blew down from the bomb shelter's previously locked door and hatch, blasting everyone backwards onto the floor as well as deafening everyone in the shelter from the concussive blast's pressure in the space.  Ears ringing, Sebastian pulled himself up to see dozens of armed me pour down the bomb shelter' shaft.  The Norse Securities men took out several of the assailants before they themselves were cut down one by one.  The lawyer ran to Sebastian and shielded him from any potential bullet spray, for which the lawyer indeed received one shot in the shoulder that would've easily been a killing head shot for Sebastian.  The lawyer, Helga and Sebastian scooted their way into the vault,hiding behind the crates, but it was too late; they were surrounded in mere seconds by men who wore a logo bearing canine teeth - the logo of the international crooks known as CANIS.

A lurking figure nonchalantly walked towards the raid's survivors from the shelter's entrance shaft.  Calling himself CANIS Alpha, he slowly applauded as he walked towards Sebastian in the vault.  Speaking in English, CANIS Alpha stated he and his organization had been looking for decades for these Norse treasures and that, thanks to Sebastian, he led them right to them.  He then motioned for two of his troops to bind Sebastian, the lawyer and Helga with zip-ties, all the while the CANIS men began hauling off the crates and loading them onto a make-shift pallet lowered down the shelter's entrance shaft.  The speed at which CANIS' men moved the crates from the vault to the shaft truly identified they were good as their profession.  CANIS Alpha then began to walk about the vault, lecturing the lawyer and Sebastian of all the 'indicators' they'd found to track them to this location.  As it was, CANIS Alpha reveled in the fact that he was fully responsible for poisoning his grandparents in order to push the formal inheritance process that led them to their grand find. He specifically thanked Helga for keeping her cellphone on so they could track her all the way.  With each utterance from CANIS Alpha, Sebastian grew more and more enraged.

Finally, after half of the crates had been removed up the shaft in the previous several minutes, the sound of explosions, gunfire and helicopters permeated the shelter via the shaft to the surface.  CANIS Alpha, agitated over this, mentioned it was most likely the disguised Norse Securities men dressed as military troops along the route to the house, and sent his men to go up the shelter's shaft and combat them.  Eyeballing each other, the lawyer, Helga and Sebastian, while not being seen by the CANIS troops who'd since exited the vault, jumped up and pulled the vault's door shut.  The lawyer pulled down on a lever that acted as an internal lock, thus preventing anyone from getting in.  The three of them were now separated from the CANIS troops, with nearly half of the crates still in the vault with them.  Helga reached into her pocket and broke out a Swiss Army knife and cut Sebastian's binding zip-tie. In short order, once each had freed the other, they began prying open the crates, looking for anything to use to defend themselves with.

That's when Sebastian found the Axe of Heimdall, the legendary weapon used by the Odin-appointed Guardian of Asgard's gates. Pulling the axe from its crate, it began to glow.  Power coursed through Sebastian's body, causing him to become bigger and stronger.  His shirt and pants ripped apart, his shoes burst from his now enlarged feet as Sebastian realized he was being empowered with arcane energies and/or spells coming from the Axe of Heimdall. As he stood up, he was easily over 7 feet tall and more muscular than he'd ever been before. Effortlessly lifting the once-heavy long-poled mystical axe, Sebastian told the lawyer to open the vault door.  Both Helga and the lawyer tried to dissuade him, so instead, he opened the vault door himself with ease.  With an additional kick to the vault's door, it slammed into the shelter's wall with a resounding boom, leaving Sebastian and his new weapon to face off against the remaining several CANIS troops in the shelter.  CANIS Alpha, seeing Sebastian in his state, brought his hand to his chin and muttered, "interesting..." whereupon seeing Sebastian's new features, shot up the shelter shaft's ladder and into the foray that was still occurring topside.

Sebastian, using his newly acquired axe, cut a swath through the CANIS troops in the shelter, slicing two of them in half and smashing the remaining ones into the shelter's now dented walls.  Although the troops shot Sebastian, he was unhurt; no projectiles penetrated his now dense skin.

With that, Sebastian motioned the lawyer and Helga to stay put and guard the rest of the artifices, tossing them several of CANIS' machine guns to use. The lawyer was pulling out his cellphone, talking on it as Sebastian then shot up the shaft with a speed he'd never experienced before.  once on the surface, Sebastian saw three black and gold helicopters smoldering on the edge of the property, with another two large cargo helicopters adorned in black and red equally smoldering next to him at the shelter's entrance.  Dozens of troops in suits and black and red CANIS costumes laid littered across his parent', as Sebastian saw three men in suits with futuristic hand weapons close in on his location, yelling into their sleeves, 'we got eyes on Sebastian; all clear topside'.  Realizing these men were from Norse Securities, he then realized that two large black and red helicopters were now racing away from the property across its treeline, quickly disappearing over the local hills.  Dozens of military vehicles began rolling in from all directions, now sporting black and gold logos on their doors as "Norse Securities". Over the next few minutes, Sebastian was told that of the 20 crates of artifacts, documentation and priceless historical Norse items originally in the vault, all but 8 were taken. 

For the next few days, Sebastian worked with his new company, Norse Securities, in tracking down CANIS and the contents of the stolen crates.  During that time he found out more about his inheritance, such to the fact that he was also now 100 million Euros richer than he once was. During that same time, Sebastian was informed of the history of the artifacts and the tales of their collection and use over the centuries, including the fact that Baron Berlin of Nazi Germany's Axis Force super-group was once very close to stealing all of the same artifacts found in the vault for Hitler but thanks to the help of the western super-group known as the Allied Fighters, the artifacts were able to be recovered, wherein they'd been hidden in the vault in the bomb shelter since.  His grandparents were officially deemed as royalty, but both formally belayed their title in the 1950s so as not to draw any unwonted attention towards themselves or the Norse arcane artifacts and treasures.  Instead, they created Norse Securities as a go-between to aid in keeping the artifacts safe from the controls of nations and politicians.Sebastian also discovered that the powers he'd been infused with by the Axe of Heimdall were permanent until death.  The last person who had the axe before World War II was a circus strongman who drowned when his ship sank en-route to Great Britain.  Germany didn't recover the axe until later in World War II, which days after the Germans found it, the Allied Fighters stole it from them before anyone else could touch or be empowered by it. 

After days of tracking down CANIS, a lead developed about a ship that was foundering off of Denmark's coast; a ship that reported 'strange' things occurring in their cargo hold that was causing the ship to slowly sink.  With that, Sebastian donned a set of Norse Securities gear, boarded one of their helicopters and raced off to the cargo ship...of course with his new Axe of Heimdall to keep him company.  Once they flew to the cargo ship, Sebastian dropped down onto the ship from the helicopter and went to talk to the ship's captain.  Instead, he found the crew all dead, with each of them changed into something uniquely odd from one another; one man's body looked to be made of rope; another man's body looked to be made of brass, while another looked like he'd turned into a garden salad.

The deeper into the ship he went, the stranger the deaths were.  Parts of the ship were also affected; one ladder's metal platform had been changed into wood; a pallet of oil looked as if they were balloons.  Finally, in the last cargo bay, he saw random beams of energy shooting out from an opened crate - a crate than can a German swastika on its side.  The cargo bay was a menagerie of weird, altered items, following a theme that seemed to be 'sick, twisted pranks played upon others by an equally twisted and evil trickster'.  The cargo hold was also filling up with water, pouring in from what looked like a golden 'scorch pattern' in the hull.  The beams of energy emanating from the crate were what was causing the random transformations.  The rising waters caused what was once a CANIS trooper to float by that had been now transformed into solid wood.Sebastian leaped over the other crates and attempted to close the lid on a casket later to be known as the "Trickster's Cask"; an evil arcane object imbued by the Norse trickster god himself, Loki, to transform people and objects into random materials or elements.  With great speed, Sebastian was able to quickly replace the casket's cover, but not before one last energy beam exited the casket and turned the hull inside the cargo bay to paper.

As the sea's waters poured into the cargo bay, Sebastian realized that three of the stolen crates with in from of him in the cargo bay.  The trouble - he only had two hands, and one was holding the Axe of Heimdall.  As the water level rapidly rose, a strangely dressed man in a cape calling himself "Hexenmeister" popped in out of thin air.  Exclaiming an occasional 'oh dear, this isn't good', Sebastian demanded to know what Hexenmeister wanted, to which he responded, 'to help people; I am a hero, after all'.  Sebastian told Hexenmeister that the crew was dead due to a dangerous arcane artifice in the crate next to him, however, he need help to get two other additionally dangerous mystical artifact crates out of there as well.  Mulling over his choices as the water rose to within feet of the cargo bay's ceiling and Sebastian struggling to carry the water-logged Trickster Cask's crate beneath him, Hexenmeister created magical 'bubbles' around Sebastian and the three crates.  He then said some magical verses wherein the decks above them seemed to pass 'through' them, as the ship sank, leaving the crates and Sebastian bobbing around on the surface of the seas off Denmark.

A Danish Sea rescue helicopter along with the Norse Securities copter appeared and aided retrieving Hexenmeister, Sebastian and the crates.  Once back in Germany, both helicopters alighted to a pierside landing pad.  There, a once-retired German secret government agent called Damon Kaufmann met Sebastian and Hexenmeister.  Damon told Sebastian he'd been briefed about what occurred on his newly inherited estate and that he was the new heir of the Treasures of Odin, as he called them.  Noting that he wasn't aware of their location, he did know of their existence and that the government was ready to help him retrieve and even store the treasures for him if he'd help them in with helping protect Germany and Europe with his new powers.  Although Sebastian didn't trust Damon at first, a later discussion with his Norse Securities team yielded detailed information about Damon and his secretive band of heroes he'd helped run during the Cold War era.  With few other resources and choices available to him to help retrieve the stolen treasures, he agreed to join him and his team so long as the treasures were returned to him and that they abide by formal legal precedence in understanding that the treasures and artifacts were his to do with as he pleases and not the property of the German government or his nationalistic team.  Damon agreed, but asked they be allowed to catalog the items and their documents to ensure fail-safes could be made available against them should they ever be stolen again or used by whoever CANIS was trying to sell them to.  All parties agreed and Sebastian soon became the German superhero known as Starkemann, the German Juggernaut.

The Odin Treasures were moved from the Starkemann estate and placed in a modern, ultra-secure bunker at the base of their new super-group's base of operations in Berlin known as the Teutonic Tower.  As a member of the new super-group, the Tuetonic League, Starkemann has found purpose in his new powers.

Today, Starkemann and the Teutonic League work together to help save Germany and Europe's populations from the villainy and evil, all the while continuing their search for the additional stolen Odin Treasures.  Currently 12 crates have been recovered, with another 8 still missing.  At Starkemann's orders, no other item or object of the Odin Treasures is to be touched or utilized until it has been researched and categorized, for which a small team of Norse archivists do so on a daily basis at the Teutonic Tower.  Sebastian now runs Norse Securities and has used them to help not only guard the Odin Treasures, but aid in their recovery. He is also rebuilding his family's estate outside Berlin with part of his monetary inheritance. In addition, Starkemann has since quit school, knowing he cannot return there in his current super-powered condition.  As such, Helga has taken on the tasking of arranging teachers and tutors to continue his education, as well as help him manage his new inheritance.  Helga has become quite the expert on the Odin Treasures and as such, works closely beside the archivists. Helga currently lives in the Teutonic Tower is a room adjacent to Sebastian's. Although Sebastian still considers her a good friend, a budding romance seems to be building between these two.



  • Mystically Altered Body:
    • Starkemann, originally in good shape, has become super-powered as a result of his touching and receiving the powers of the Axe of Heimdall.  As such, he know possess amazing levels of strength, monstrous levels of endurance, excellent agility and a remarkable fighting aptitude when fighting with the Axe of Heimdall.
    • So long as Starkemann lives, the powers will exist in him.  Within 60 seconds of the final beat of his heart, the powers granted by the Axe of Heimdall will leave his body and return to the Axe itself.
    • His powers provide excellent protection from energy, physical, temperate and chemical attacks, as well as incredible protection against radiation and amazing levels of protection against magical attacks.
  • Additional Body Armor:
    • His new body armor adds additional layers of protection while being a superhero.  As such, he has an addition level of protection against physical, energy and temperate attacks,and an additional two levels of protection against radiation-based attacks.
  • Helmet:
Knowing how the last bearer of the Axe of Heimdall died, Sebastian wears a helmet that provides the following:
    • 2 hour oxygen supply
    • Heads-Up Display (HUD) on inside of his visor for video chat, tactical displays, data, internet imagery and sensor indications outside of his suit.
    • Sensors for temperature, wind speed, electro-magnetic wave detection, luminescence, air sampling, radar/sonar (passive and active)
    • Video camera digital data feeds (transmit and receive)
    • Communications array with access to dozens of comms frequencies, notably, government satellite bands and an additional 250 mile independent range, including an unlimited comms tower link range.
    • Night vision display
    • Electrically-charged and energized ion tracking system
  • Leaping:
    • With his imbued powers, he can leap up to a maximum of 1/2 mile after getting his leaping stride.
  • Axe of Heimdall:
    • Unknown, impervious and unbreakable mystical material.
    • Can hammer or cleave at an increased level of his strength.
    • Always faintly glows so long as the Axe's bearer in empowered by its energies (i.e., is still alive)