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Comprised of several super-powered heroes from around the world, the Terraguardians are a hero subdivision of GUARD's Operations Division called TERRAGUARD.

The team, although powerful in combat and operations, still have a lot to learn in working together as a team.  Language is the biggest barrier, as is the differing tactics the team members want to perform, believing their tactics are better than anyone else's on the team.  As such, there is a bit of squabbling and bickering, but when the chips are down, the team does the job, protecting the innocent while taking care of each other.

Led by the heroic "General Stone", the team operates out of their main base in the desert region of northern Nevada in the United States.

Terraguardians Leader


Terraguardian Members







Alemayehu "Alem" Azikiwi


Alem was born the son of an Uranium miner in Mokobaesi, Botswana, When Alem was born, the doctors swore that he was much tinier (less than several inches in length) at birth, but when they saw him hours later, he was the size of a normal baby.  His mother died during childbirth, leaving him and his father to fend for themselves.

It was a hard life living in a mining town, however, Alem was always mesmerized playing with the ants and termites out near his home.  Over time, Alem started "Ant Farms" in his room and later, much to his father's chagrin, in large ant farms created between two nailed-together window frames.

When he started school, Alem was the same size as many of the other children, however, one tall bully of a boy prompted a fight with Alem days into his start of school, beating him senseless.  The next day, Alem showed up at school the same height as the bully.  The bully backed down, and all in the school said Alem was possessed by 'dark magic', which caused him to get teased and picked on even more.  One day, the taunting got so bad, Alem told himself that his fellow students should be covered in ants and see if they like being picked on.  Within minutes, a colony of ants invaded the classroom, crawling all over his fellow students, flying up their nose, with termites even eating the wooden chair legs, causing chairs to buckled and collapse, spilling the frightened students onto the floor...where there were even more ants and termites.  Alem, shocked over this, wished the ants away, and away they went.  he then realized he was able to control ants and termites.

After being 'removed' from school, Alem had to be home schooled by his father, who had grown sicker each week.  At age15, Alem's father died of tuberculosis, leaving Alem to fend for himself.

Over the years, Alem learned how to control the ants, and also learned that he could increase and decrease his size, all the while, retaining his mass weight.  By age 17, living off the street, using the ants to help him get food (and them food as well), Alem was able to control his size down to 2 inches in height and up to 9 feet in height; any more than those limits and he passed out due to mass limitations.

While on the street, he also learned to fight.  Thieves, street beggars, hooligans, gangs...they all tried to get at Alem and steal what he had.  As such, most in the town learned to leave Alem alone or face the wrath of his ants.

Word eventually got out about the 'boy who could control ants and termites'. GUARD, interested in how he communicated with them, invited him to their facilities in Johannesburg. South Africa.  There, he was amazed at the technology and futuristic world that GUARD had.  At one point during their 'testing' of Alem, a super-powered criminal, known as Vuvuzela, broke away from his captors and started creating havoc on the GUARD base.  Alem used his power to control ants to attack Vuvuzela to stop him.  Alem succeeded and GUARD placed Vuvuzela back safely into custody.  After that, GUARD offered Alem a spot on GUARD's super-group, the "Terraguardians".  Alem obviously agreed.

Alem has the ability to shrink down to 2" and grow up to 9' in height. He can communicate mentally with ants and termites up to 50 miles away.  The ants will do anything Alem mentally commands them to do, even if it is at the cost of their own ant or termite lives. With his new costume and codename "Colony', Alem was given a pair of wrist blasters that were able to shrink and grow with him, providing an excellent energy blast up to 100 blasts per wrist power pack charge at a range of 200 yards, or two remarkable energy torrents (up to 50 yards) or one massive incredible energy blast up to 5 yards from his blaster (each). He also keeps an extra set of fire blasters in his belt that can shoot excellent fire damage for up to 10 minutes before the fuel supply runs out. He keeps a utility belt with extra power/fuel packs and comms equipment with him at all times. He also wears body armor that provides good protection in critical body areas and typical protection elsewhere.  He has typical strength even when at his shrunken or increased in size and weighs the same weight, regardless of his size. When Alem shrinks, a set of micro-wings and micro-kinetic generators slide out of his shoulder gear, producing insect-like wings that allow him to fly up to 100 mph for up to 10 hours a day before the generators overheat.  With his helmet, he is protected from flash blasts, and can filter out most all dangerous gases, using his own 30-minute oxygen supply.

As Colony, Alem has continued his education using GUARD's online intermediate education training program and is currently at a 9th grade reading and writing level.  He is extremely happy to be with the Terraguardians and considers his compatriots his new 'family' well as his ant and termite family, which he also keeps close to himself...  



Cherise O'Shannon


Cherise is a hereditary member of a centuries-old Druidic cult from Gaul.  In her cult, she was named as a warrior-druid, where she was expected to fight for the cult.  Cherise, who'd also been educated in Oxford University, told the elders it was time to integrate their wisdom and powers into modern man's world, showing their abilities were not related to neo-paganism, but instead from nature.  Reluctantly, the elders agreed, and after a year's preparation, Cherise contacted the British authorities, volunteering her services to Great Britain.  She was scoffed at by MI6 and other British agencies, however, word got out the the executive branch of G.U.A.R.D., a unilateral world security agency that did not answer to the nations of the world, but the world itself.  After a few interviews and displays of her powers, she was initially brought into GUARD's 'Mystiguard' division.

In the Mystiguard division, Cherise felt that she was instead categorizing ancient arcane relics, rather than being the warrior she was primed to be.  Her discussions with GUARD's leadership resulted in her being reassigned instead to the 'Terraguard' division, most notably, their super-powered group knows as the "Terraguardians".

With the Terraguardians, Cherise had actively been employed all over the world, helping people and stopping evil.  Using the magical powers of the Druids, she is able to create rain, cause storms, shape shift, become invisible (and make others invisible) and use a variety of nature-based healing spells.  Interestingly, she is a very head-strong character, and as such, when angered, she's been known to inflict her aggressors with a 'rhyming' spell, where everything they say comes out in a rhyme. She's also known to mesmerize her aggressors, putting them to sleep or temporarily taking control of their body, all to excellent levels. She is also highly regarded for her degree in botany and poisons, and has created hundreds of different potions and poisons that she can use at a moment's notice.

Charise is usually adorned in her crimson and gold robes although at times, she is known to walk about the Ground Zero base grounds in the nude, much to the chagrin of some, but not all, of her teammates.

Her abilities and powers have made her an incredible asset to the Terraguardians, for which she now considers them as her 'new extended family'.



Kim Ghim  


In the 1990s, South Korean secretly experimented with a variety of thermoplasma weapons designs, all intent on creating a grenade or bomb that would exponentially superheat the air or water surrounding the enemy.  In one experiment, one of the lead scientists, Hyun Jung Ghim, a pregnant female scientist, with her husband, Hyun Ki Ghim, were exposed to an exploding vat of the experimental thermoplasma, causing 3rd degree heat and frost burns to both of them.  Hyun Ki Ghim died of his injuries days later; Hyun Jung, however, survived, but her skin was severely damaged as a result.  Even after multiple operations, using what they could for skin grafts, she was always in pain, and was fearful of how the thermoplasma affected her baby. On the 8th day of the lunar month (on Bucheonnim Osinnal , or otherwise known as Buddha's birthday), Kim was born.  Within seconds of him being cleaned up from his birthing, he burst into flames, and quickly coated himself with ice, and then alternated between those states for the next four years of his life, never affecting him or his body, but instead affecting his surroundings.  To add to that, his mother died during his childbirth and the thermoplasma project was shutdown and cancelled.

Taken by the state, Kim was secluded to a secretive building near the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology campus. There he was probed and tested for years until he finally was able to learn to control his powers by age 4.  His mutant powers were studied under the government project named "Project Equinox" for the next 16 years of his life.  The project manager, Min Kyung Kwon, enacted as a surrogate mother as well as a dedicated scientist, wanting to know if his powers could ever be reproduced.

By the time he was 20, he was in full control of his powers.  He was a restless young man, who hated being secluded from everyone else.  Once day he snuck out of the facility and started walking the streets of Gwangju.  Suffice to say, his curiosity got the best of him and got him in trouble with the local police, wherein he used his powers to escape capture.  He was later found and brought back to the facility where he was placed in solitary confinement for his actions.

In 2011, the United States engaged in discussions with the South Koreans, identifying that they knew of Kim and his powers, offering to 'take him off their hands' and use him in the United States services.  South Korea declined, however, since his father was a joint US-Korean citizen, they wanted Kim extradited to the US using legal and political means.  Instead, Min Kyung, the project manager, worked a deal with GUARD, knowing that his powers would be better suited for a non-political purpose.  Days later, Kim was assigned to GUARD's super-group, the "Terraguardians".

Kim can control fire and ice at a remarkable level.  His powers, when at half power, start to fluctuate across the surface of his body, causing parts that were once covered in fire to instead be covered in ice.  He can shoot fire and ice blasts independently but not at the same time, up to a range of 20 yards. The fire and ice that cover his body enacts as an excellent source of physical and energy protection.  As a result of his powers, he also has an excellent level of strength and remarkable stamina/endurance. Although he still needs to breath and eat, Kim can mentally 'turn-off' his powers and have the visage of a normal young Korean male.

Kim is a young, albeit ignorant man who has had very little interaction with people.  He is a very curious man and as such gets himself into trouble performing legal and personal faux pas' on a routine basis.  He has an 8th-grade reading and writing level and can speak Korean and English fluently. Although he was born on Buddha's birthday, he has no religious inclinations or understanding. 

 Fifth Sun (Spanish: Quinto Sol)

Alejandro Manuel Jesus Adimas


Alejandro was the fifth son of the self-made and wealthy Mexico Power & Electric (MP&E) CEO, Fernando Adimas.  By age 22, Alejandro had earned his bachelor's degree in energy science, focusing on solar and stellar radiation. His father aligned Alejandro to be the lead engineer in designing their first 1GW solar tower-furnace outside of Mexico City. 

In these times, Mexico and Mexico City, which had been devastated in 2000 during the Soltan Invasion, had rebuilt and became the world's leader in commerce, energy and trade, with gleaming new spires of skyscrapers and modern buildings and homes throughout the entire country. Alejandro's father took advantage of his skills and built the MP&E empire from nothing.  Alejandro's four other siblings were less educated, but all worked great together, and maintained themselves as a strong, happy family. 

The 1GW solar tower-furnace was an amalgamate of a solar tower (used to produce, at 100% capacity, 1.1GW of solar converted electrical power) and of a solar furnace (used at varying temperatures from 1,830 to 6,330 degrees F for thermal convection energy production, producing Hydrogen from Methane, testing of spacecraft materials used in re-entry and ultimately in nanotech construction and manufacturing).  It was the first of its kind and the most powerful ever created. 

Unfortunately, other energy and manufacturing barons were not happy being outplayed and out-engineered by Fernando Adimas and his empire. Fernando Adimas had many difficult business dealings that year with several other energy businesses that had been bought out by a mysterious benefactor.  He was being coerced into selling his empire for pennies on the dollar.  Fernando, instead, with his new 1GW solar tower-furnace, would be the most profitable and powerful energy and manufacturing baron in all of Central America.  As such, he realized he was making more enemies than friends in the energy business world. 

On the day of the plant's ribbon-cutting ceremony, the plant was to be brought up to full power, providing nearly half of Mexico City with his plant's power, while also producing their first nano-tech devices using the solar furnace.  Canis, a villainous cartel, planted a 'dirty' low-yield radioactive bomb at the collector/converter nexus in the plant.  Not only would it destroy the most expensive and difficult to manufacture part of the plant, it would disperse a radioactive cloud from the plant out across the surrounding area outside of Mexico City, making that area uninhabitable for decades to come, killings hundreds of thousands of people.

That opening day, as Alejandro was managing his teams, the dirty bomb was found at the nexus by one of his fellow workers.  Alejandro attempted to shutdown the plant and evacuate it, but it would take over 20 minutes for a full safe shutdown.  Alejandro instead ran to the nexus to see what he could do to stop the bomb.  Noting seconds left on the bomb's clock, he did the math in his head and realized he might be able to melt the bomb if he placed it in the path of the solar furnace's concentrated thermal beam there at the nexus.  Alejandro picked up the bomb, ran out to the nexus and placed it in the path of the solar furnace's concentrated beam, causing the bomb to burst open and melt...all on top of Alejandro body.  The highly radioactive material coated his body, while the intense heat at the nexus literally caused Alejandro to evaporate instantaneously. Alejandro disappeared in a burst of light and energy that slightly damaged the collector, yet thanks to his sacrifice, contained the radioactive fallout to within 50 yards of the nexus.  Alejandro saved the plant and hundreds of thousands of people as a result of his sacrifice.

Months after Alejandro's 'funeral', the criminal investigation concluded they could not determine 'who' planted the bomb, however, Alejandro's father knew, through his own sources, it was Canis and the mysterious benefactor of all the other national power companies.  Regardless, the plant, on the ceremonious day of its restart, had Fernando and his other four sons gathered as safely close to the Nexus as they could (next to where they'd lost Alejandro) to christen the plant's restart and pay homage to Alejandro.  That's when the plant came under a renewed attack, this time by the Death Legion's master assassin known as Death Master.  Just as the solar furnace started up, Death Master descended down onto the Nexus and was about to assassinate Fernando and his four remaining sons when a burst of energy appeared next to them; it was Alejandro, reformed into a being of fiery solar energy.  Alejandro fought Death Master, eventually blasting Death Master with an unearthly blast of solar energy (since Death Master resurrects himself, Death Master didn't actually die, but that's aside from this story!).  Fernando and his sons looked on in disbelief at Alejandro's new energy body, thanking God for his angelic intervention.  When Alejandro tried to tell them who he was, they dismissed the 'angel of light' and said they'd already buried Alejandro, but that his soul can now rest in peace.  They didn't want to nor did they accept Alejandro's new form as he himself.  Saddened and unsure of what to do next, Alejandro fly off to the west coast where he sat on the sandy Pacific shore (which turned to glass under him) debating what to do now.  That's when GUARD showed up.

GUARD had been monitoring the Solar Tower-Furnace restart that day, expecting Canis to try something else, instead, Death Master had teleported in under their sensors, surprising them. GUARD witnessed all the transpired at the Nexus, and followed Alejandro to his spot on the sandy Pacific shore.  There, they asked if he wanted to join GUARD, start a new life, and help prevent what happened (and almost happened) to others in the world.  Alejandro agreed and joined GUARD's super-group, the "Terraguardians". 

Since then Alejandro has learned to control his remarkable solar powers.  Aside from flight, he can emit concentrated solar energy beams, flash-blind those up to two dozen yards away, and, when focused, can create up to an unearthly blast of solar energy, which he can only do once a day.  If Alejandro does not access light within a three day time, he will discorporate until at least a concentrated (excellent level) blast of solar energy is emitted within a 20 yard radius of where he discorporated.  As such, Alejandro can regenerate lost health so long as he is in contact with any level of solar radiation; the more sun, the more he heals.  His energy body cannot be harmed physically, however, any other form of energy can affect him.  His energy aura does provide at least excellent energy protection from harm.

His father had always called him by his nickname "Fifth son (Quinto Hijo)", so for his new codename, Alejandro took the name "Fifth Sun (Quinto Sol)".  Even today, his father or family do not believe Alejandro to be alive, but instead attribute the 'angel of light' that saved them as Alejandro's spirit, trying to save them from beyond.  Alejandro has not contacted them since, and even though every day without them brings him great sadness, he knows that it is best this way for all of them. Instead, "Quinto Sol" will be Alejandro's new life as a fighter, a life-saver and an 'angel of light'.



Kenneth "Ken" Cabbot 


An Australian geophysics engineer, utilizing experimental electro-siesmographing equipment designed to 'pound big rocks into little rocks' for highway excavation, found out what happens when the seismic equipment he was using, when struck by lightning, can change a normal engineer from Queensland into an electrically charged controller of dirt, rock and earth.

Ken's boss, Roger Rogers, had bid a road construction job out into the Outback of Australia at far less money than it would take to complete.  When his boss was told he'd not only be fired but jailed for fraud if he didn't complete the project on time and at cost, he asked Ken how to cut corners.  Ken had a relative, a bit of a loon of an engineer, yet brilliant nonetheless, who had devised an 'electro-siesmic' device that could rapidly blast big rocks into dust, using existing power line energy in 1/2 the time and at no cost other than labor.  Ken's boss agreed, and told Ken HE was responsible to operating the machine.  Nothing would be the same for Ken after that.

On a stormy Tuesday morning, Ken, his uncle and his Ken's team set up and started operating the experimental equipment.  Tied into the major power lines along the road, the equipment worked perfectly.  They cleared a level path  for over a mile's length of road in less than an hour.  Roger Rogers was so excited he promoted Ken to lead engineer on the spot.  As the equipment was running, the weather started getting bad.  Ken recommended shutting down the equipment, but Rogers said no and to work full 12 hour shifts, regardless of weather.  An hour later, as Ken was using the equipment, the equipment was struck by a bolt of lightning.  This lightning, coupled with the power lines, created a rotating, arcing surge between the equipment, Ken and the power lines.  Ken's uncle went to pull Ken off the equipment only to get shocked to death.  The machine started over-driving itself digging a hole into the ground under Ken and the equipment, all the while the lightning 'loop' kept blasting electrical tendrils off in all directions, preventing anyone from getting near it or Ken.

After Ken and the machine disappeared into the 20 foot deep hole it dug, the lightning loop finally grounded itself and dissipated.  Ken came out of the hole, lifted by a column of rock and earth, like as if it was nothing but an elevator.  Rogers and Ken's team looked on in awe at what they were witnessing. Although Ken's hair was standing on end, clothes burnt and singed and a few blackened streaks across his face and skin, Ken was perfectly fine and healthy.  The equipment down in the hole promptly blew up the moment Ken was out of the hole.

Ken raced to his uncle's side, only to realize his uncle was dead.  He tried to do chest compressions, and,  strangely enough, electricity began flowing from Ken's hands straight into his uncle's chest, recharging his uncle's heart and reviving him...albeit temporarily.  For the brief moments after his uncle regained consciousness, Ken told his uncle what had happened, with his uncle's final words being, "you need a bigger, better job now, hero".  Rogers, his boss, went on a tirade blaming everything on Ken, firing him on the spot, and yelling that he was going to call the police and have Ken arrested for his uncle's death.  Ken zapped Rogers from across the way, nearly killing Rogers. Ken's crew ran away in fear.  Ken himself, tried to revive his uncle once more, but instead, starting burning his uncle's skin, causing his now dead uncle's body to erupt in flames.  Ken, horrified, tried reeling away only to launch himself with a rock pillar into the sky where he starting flying using electrical currents in the air.  Ken eventually flew off to an unpopulated area in the Outback to think things over.

Days later, tired and hungry, Ken turned himself in to the local police.  Days after Ken's arrest and charges of manslaughter, GUARD arrived on the scene.  GUARD had contracted Ken's uncle to build the electro-siesmic machine and test it, and were surprised to find the results, as well as Ken's new powers.  After much discussion, Ken was cleared of all wrong-doing and was asked to join GUARD's "Terraguardian" super-group to help them make the world a better place and be a hero.  "Hero" was the work Ken took to heart, and agreed to join, stating that he'd be the hero he hoped his uncle would be proud of.

Since then, Ken has taken the codename Geostatic.  His powers include incredible rock, dirt and sand control up to a range of 1 mile, allowing him to create rock spires, dust storms, blasts of sand and rock, and even use rock fragments as a form of 'flying carpet'.  His powers also include the ability to generate and discharge electrical energy from his body at a remarkable rate. 

Using his electrical powers, he can charge, overcharge and drain batteries, generate electrical bolts, fly along electrical lines of current in the air up to 250 mph, and can even ride an electrical field on the ground or across electrical lines up to 250 mph (pending terrain and obstacles).  Since he generates his own electrical power, he never needs to recharge...ever.

Geostatic is a standard hard working, hard drinking Australian with an great skills in  engineering.  As such, he finds himself kit-bashing and creating things from spare parts now and then.  Although a bit crass, Ken has the soul of a hero and hopes to prove to the world that he is the hero his uncle knew he could be.

What is NOT known to Ken is that during the accident that gave him his powers, at the bottom of the hole the electro-siesmic machine dug during its overdrive operation, it blasted a four-century old ancient arcane Aboriginal pendant that was buried with the remains of an Aboriginal shaman of those days.  When the machine's destructive waves hit the pendant, it exploded with a wave of ancient magical powers, infusing the electrical and earth powers into Ken. Although Ken believes his powers are based in 'science', they are actually 'magical'.



Hard Rock


Philippe LeCroix


Lead guitarist in the band, Platinum Steel ("Platine Acier"), Philippe was an up-and-coming rock star in Quebec, Canada. One wintry night, while traveling to Churchill, up by Hudson bay, the tour bus crashed after hitting a large fault-like fissure in the road.   The bus careened down the slope and into the woods, finally resting hundreds of feet below in a ravine.  Three band members and the driver died in the crash, leaving Philippe and the lead singer, Jarrod Winters, injured but able to walk.  Bundling up, they tried to scale the slope, but could get no traction.  Cell phones were useless in the area, and the road they traveled had been closed behind them due to the incoming winter storm.  They were in big trouble.

Both band members followed the ravine, noting that the fissure up from the road stretched further down into the ravine's path.  After several minutes of walking, they found the cause: a large 20 foot tall creature made of earth and rock, standing in their path.  The creature let out a bellowing wail.  Both band members ran back the way they came only to get knocked to the ground by an amazingly powerful tremor created by the creature striking the ground.  The creature slowly advanced on the knocked down band members.  Jarrod wasn't able to get back up since a boulder had rolled down and on top of his leg. Philippe scared for his life, began to run away, but after a few steps, stopped. Philippe instead tried to get the creature's attention and lead him away from Jarrod.  In so doing, the creature kept pommeling the ground, creating avalanches of snow and rock.  Philippe dodged the falling rocks as best he could, but it was the fall of a tall pine tree that eventually pinned him to the ground about 60 feet away from Jarrod.  The creature advanced on Philippe, stretching out its enormous muddied and rock-encrusted hand and grabbed up Philippe.  When the creature drew Philippe up close to what seemed its head, Philippe noticed a shining rock at the base of the creature's neck.  Each time the creature moved, the rock shone brighter. Having nothing to loose, Philippe stretched out his hand and ripped the shining rock from the creature's neck.

The creature immediate bellowed a noise heard for over 20 miles, as it began to discorporate, causing all the rock and dirt to simply drop to the ground like a load of earth released from an excavator vehicle's maw.

After a few minutes, Philippe was able to unbury himself from the mud and rock and went to his band-mate, Jarrod.  both were in disbelief over what they saw, but regardless, Philippe held the barely shining stone in his hand as evidence to what they'd just encountered.  When Philippe tried to move the boulder over Jarrod's leg, it wouldn't budge; it was way too heavy, and Jarrod was starting to go into shock.  Not knowing what else to do, Philippe made what he'd later call a 'hail Mary' play, and placed the shining rock up to his throat.  Immediately, rock and debris near Philippe started covering him like an exoskeleton, turning him into a 8 foot tall rock and dirt covered golem.  With his new enhanced strength, he was able to lift the boulder with hardly any effort.  He then took his band-mate back to the bus, found several blankets, wrapped Jarrod in them and easily made an ascent out of the ravine back up to the road.  Once there, he removed the the shining stone, wherein all the rock and debris fell off and around him. Shortly thereafter, they came across a snowplow, which took them to the nearest hospital. Jarrod survived, but did loose two fingers from frostbite.

In the aftermath, after the funeral for his band-mates, Philippe saw in a local paper that the dead body of an old 'first person' (native) Canadian was found amidst a pile of rock and debris near the site.  Philippe and Jarrod never told anyone about the rock creature, and kept it their secret...that is, until the villainous United Canadian Empire (UCE) tried to take over Quebec one day.

When the .UCE struck Quebec, all military forces had been disabled by the UCE, leaving no one to stop the UCE's leader, the self-proclaimed 'Emperor of Canada', that is, except Philippe.  Angered at the assault, Philippe broke out the shining stone, which he now called his 'amulet' and changed into the rocky golem he once was in the ravine. Single-handedly, Philippe was able to not only defeat the invading UCE, but took out four of its ten super-villains, as well as the Emperor himself.  The UCE retreated, and Philippe had saved Quebec.  For a day he was a hero; once the media got hold of him, he became a monster.  Threatened, assaulted, chastised and derided, Philippe left Quebec heart-broken that his own people would treat him the way they did.  Not long after, a representative from GUARD found Philippe hitchhiking towards the US border and offered him a spot with GUARD.  Initially, he did not want to go, but then he met Druidess, a member of GUARD's "Terraguardian" super-group.  Most say it was love at first sight, others say she 'manipulated' him with a spell, regardless, Philippe joined the Terraguardians.

Philippe's powers, when the amulet is placed to his neck, are based on Inuit magics, drawing all forms of rock, dirt sand (silicons and raw metals) to encapsulate his body, creating incredible to amazing body armor.  His strength, weight and endurance are directly tied to his bulk and size; the larger he is, the stronger and more durable he is, up to Unearthly levels.  Inversely proportional is his fighting and attack speeds, which diminish the more his build and size are.  The largest he can get is 10 feet high, providing Amazing rock/metal protection.  His armor will always try to regenerate around him but can only regenerate at one level every 30 seconds.  As such, Philippe still needs to breath and see and hear, making him highly vulnerable through his very narrow spots he uses for these in the rocky/metal hide or armor.  Using his powers, he can create seismic ground-pounding blasts that can cause up to monstrous damage. He has practiced at sealing off any holes in his armor, however, a slip of concentration, or even more than double the outside pressure (>60 feet submerged) and the armor starts to leak.  Once he (or an outside source) removes the amulet from his throat, the spell is broken and Philippe looses his powers and abilities.  Lately, he's learned to cover the amulet with other rocks, making it very difficult to find and see.

In his own unique way as a rock and roll musician, Philippe, now calling himself "Hard Rock", is a man who has learned that practice makes perfect, and the more he's practiced with how to use the amulet and his new powers, the better a superhero he will become...a superhero that can shred a mean electric guitar solo, that is....


Madame Salvo

Madellena Salvatori


When the Italian Army created a high-tech combat suit for their armed forces, they didn't have far to look to get a test candidate - Lieutenant Maddelena Salvatori.

After 10 years with NATO forces, Italian special forces, tours of duty in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and several secretive missions in eastern Europe, LT Salvatori was considered one of the greatest female combatants in the Italian forces.  She was a weapons expert for all forms of field weapons, had helped created two new types of body armor, and worked with manufacturers to create several improvements to many high-powered weapons and launchers.  In addition to her incredible marital arts, Judo and black belt Karate skills, she was also a noted kick-boxing champion and a student of Savate. Most considered her a walking weapon.  As such, when a new high-tech combat suit was designed for the Italian Army, LT Salvatori was the first one chosen to test it.  She did so well with the testing, she became the spokesperson for the manufacturer, Salvola Incorporated.

In 2011, while in Venice promoting the armor's designs and her own specialized weaponry she'd altered for her use, the villainous Vesuvius super-villain had just performed a contracted assassination of the local police chief for Vesuvius' group, the Death Legion. 

As Vesuvius was fleeing the incoming police, he started firing blasts of super-heated plasma from his hands, frying several people to death, including one of LT Salvatori's fellow troops, who was trying to protect a woman and her baby, albeit unsuccessfully.  LT Salvatori, in her amped-up armor and weapons, chased and fought Vesuvius all around Venice, all the while her commanding officer ordered her to 'stand down' and not engage Vesuvius.  With Vesuvius creating destruction and fires wherever he went, coupled with the deaths he caused, LT Salvatori disregarded her orders and went after Vesuvius. She chased him through the fires and damaged buildings, eventually attacking Vesuvius in an incredible mix of ranged weapons and melee fighting that lasted over 13 minutes. 


In the end, LT Salvatori beat Vesuvius, but at the cost of hundreds of homes and millions in Euros of damage. LT Salvatori was brought up on charges for disobeying direct orders.  It eventually led to her court martial and dismissal from the Italian military.


Days later, Salvatori was contacted by Death Legion's leader, Death Master.  He wanted to recruit her as one of his assassins, and even stole her armor, weapons and all the their designs, documents and support materials from Salvola Inc's vault to give to her to use...under his employ.  Death Master stated that no one alive had ever refused to join Death Legion.  Salvatori knew this meant she either joined or died on the spot, so she agreed to join, however, she contacted an old friend of hers who she'd worked with in Iraq; a friend who was now part of the international security group known as GUARD - General Stone. 

She told him what was up, and he told her to go in as deep undercover, where he and his team would eventually come in and save her and stop Death Legion, hopefully for good.  After three months of grueling training, canned attitudes and derision, Salvatori got a new codename of "Death's Salvo".  Her first target: the Italian Prime Minister.

After carefully contacting General Stone again, she was set to assassinate the Italian Prime Minister, wherein Stone told her of a plan he had to stop them.  In the end, Salvatori of course did not assassinate the Prime Minister, but between her, GUARD and General Stone, they were able to round up over 100 Death Legion operatives and four super-powered assassins.that day. 

Since then, Salvatori was granted the armor and weapons and direct access to Salvola Inc for any replenishment and repairs needed for her armor or weapons.  As for Death Legion, well, Salvatori now has a "Death Mark" on herself, meaning $10 million will be given to the assassin that takes out Salvatori, who has since renamed herself "Madame Salvo".  Now as a member of GUARD's "Terraguardians" super-group, Salvatori is enjoying living on the edge with the finest weapons, the finest armor, the best commanding officer ever, and a chance to go into combat every day and test herself...all in the name of protecting the innocent.

Her armor is remarkable in all forms of protection, and had the ability to seal up providing up to 1 hr of oxygen.  Her helmet contains infra-red/ultra-violet and night vision, as well as a Heads-Up Display (HUD) tied to her suit's tactical computer and tracker. She has full access to all bands of communications, including internet.  She carries a variety of weapons, rifles, sidearms, missile launchers, grenade launders, grenades, flares, smoke bombs, field rations and elements that make up for a 3-day survival kit.  She also has access to a jump pack, allowing her short flight up to a range of 50 miles at 300 mph maximum speed.   Her fighting and martial arts are remarkable in melee fights, and has good strength for a woman of her size and 6 foot 2 inch stature. 



Khalida Kateb


Khalida is an 17-year old Algerian Muslim girl who has been 'banished' by her Muslim  community for being a 'devil' with the power to control and manipulate sand and wind.

At age 13, Khalida first discovered her powers.  She has no idea how she go them, and initially through it was a blessing from God, however, her parents forced her to keep her powers a secret and never use them ever again, saying it was not 'normal' for a woman to have more power than a man.  Aggravated, but submissively, she did as she was told, until the day she had to use her powers to save her classmates.

A terrorist group had attacked a local police barracks and lost their get-away vehicle in the shooting.  As such, the terrorists locked themselves into Khalida's all girl school and used Khalida's fellow classmates as human shields.  When the women tried to stop the terrorists, they were shot dead.  At one point, one of the terrorists threatened to kill one of Khalida's best friends to make an example of the terrorists' convictions.  That's when Khalida used her powers to draw sand from all around the school, creating a vortex of a sandstorm, and them blasting the terrorists with concentrated blasts of sand, knocking them out into the school's sandy courtyard and enveloping and burying them much the way quicksand does.  She took out all 10 terrorists in less than 3 minutes.   When the sand settled, her friends ran away from her screaming, calling her a devil  The elders and the police all agreed to lock Khalida up in prison until they could figure out what to do with her. 

That night, Khalida's father stealthily broke her out of prison, gave her all the money he had and told her to call the number on a slip of paper.  It was the number to the only westerner her father trusted; a man known as General Stone, whom he'd encountered years before in one of General Stone's secretive Algerian missions.   Khalida escaped and called the phone number, relating her story.  Within hours, Khalida was picked up and taken to General Stone's new base of operations, TERRAGUARD of GUARD. 

After days of discussions, Khalida agreed to help General Stone and GUARD to help stop other evil people such as the terrorists that attacked her school.  She wanted to use her "God given powers" to prove she was not a devil, but instead, blessed with powers that she intends to use to help the innocent and lost as "Sandtrap".


Khalida can control the silicone-based sand in granular (not rock form) for up to 100 yards away, whipping and gusting in with a wind power that can get as high as 100 mph, causing excellent damage per several seconds. She can control the flow of the sand to make sand tendrils, as well as quicksand and enshrouding a person in thick layers of sand, immobilizing them.  Using her sand powers, she can also create the dust/sand storm to be so thick, she can suffocate people and cause them to pass out.  She has also learned she can do the same thing with wetted sand from a beach, where that type of sand can cause up to remarkable damage.

Using her wind powers, she is able to ride on gusts of air, simulating flying, but only up to altitudes of a few hundred feet over the ground. When she uses her powers, which are possibly mutant in nature, her eyes white over.


MDUverse Data

The Terraguardians super-group and its characters were created by Don "Major Deej" Finger on 11 December 2013.

CoHverse: No Terraguardian super-group (SG) nor characters were utilized in the MMORPG, City of Heroes.