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Terracer 1 Crew and Ship


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Terracer 1 Crew

Terracer 1 Captain

Captain Kyle Quentin Cortez

Terracer 1 Crew

 Boyd, Jordan

Engineering - Control Systems

 McDonald, Clinton

Culinary - Chef

Burton, Rosemary

Command - Navigation

Medina, Jonnie

Command - Security/Weapons

 Castro, Dale

Command - Tactical

Meyer, Jennifer

Science - Xeneology

Craig, Lila

Medical - Biology

Osborne, Rex

Science -Chemistry

Cross, Jacquelyn

Science - Astrosciences

Page, Edmund

Engineering - Robotics

Jensen, Francisco

Engineering - Propulsion

 Phillips, Edward

Engineering - Communications

Klein, Crystal

Engineering - Atmospherics

Robinson, Irving

Medical - Horticulture

Mack, Elvira

Medical - Surgeon

 Sharp, Warren

Command - Executive Officer

Manning, Hal

Engineering - Aux Systems

Walton, Dolores

Medical - Psychiatrist


Terracer 1 Ship