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Super-Groups (SG)

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This section provides a listing of MDU's Super-Groups (SGs). 

SGs are a band, team, squad, league, syndicate or large group of those with full intentions to uphold the law, protect innocents, support national or international lawful interests, or simply protect anything including the environment, people or the world

These SGs, most commonly, operate within the law and are officially sanctioned and registered.  Vigilantes, bounty hunters, or any other 'gray' area  groups that do NOT follow official local, state, national or U.N. laws and are NOT officially registered fall under the Villain-Group (VG)  or Solo Characters category.

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Formed in the early days of the United States' entry into World War II, the Allied Fighters fought the Axis forces right up to Victory in Japan Day (V-J Day) and disbanded.  Although additional attempts were made to reform the team by its leader, Major Invader, over the decades, it wasn't until the US Government initiated their "Alpha Foxtrot" protocols to reactivate a new team of Allied Fighters;  a new team that is now needed to combat an old WWII Nazi mastermind nemesis of Major Invader - Baron Berlin.

Today, the Allied Fighters, secretly based in Boston, Massachusetts, has been restarted with many new and returning WWII Allied Fighter members.  Will they be able to defeat the genius and nefarious Baron Berlin and his plan for world conquest or will Major Invader's age and the team's youth and inexperience cause the team's own premature downfall?


Based out of Houston, Texas, the American Patrol was formed to stop super-powered and magical dangers to the people of southwest and south central United States.  Led by the uncanny Texas mage, Unitas, this oddball team of heroes from all over the southwestern United States have banded together to make a difference.

Can the American Patrol work together as a team to be the heroes America needs or will the team's ever-growing rogues gallery eventually destroy them? 



When Earth's heroes go to take the fight to the Soltan Star Empire, they engage in a true space adventure along the way.  With a few aliens as part of an all-Terran crewed Terracer 1 Starship, the Astroknights are ready to take the fight to the Soltans and any other galactic aggressors looking to attack Earth.

Accompanying the Astroknights is a cosmic judge, jury and jailer called the "Exiler" who is traveling with the team and crew in his own search to ensure that galactic laws are being upheld...or else they get "exiled" by the Exiler.

Today, the Astroknights are traveling across the galaxy introducing Earth to hundreds of galactic civilizations as well as aiding the weak, fighting the evil and countering the Soltans at every turn they can to make the Soltan Star Empire think twice before they go up against the people of Earth again.


The Challengers, based out of New York City, was created by the famous military super hero, Major Deej, in 2012 as a result of a massive city-wide super-villain battle with other superheroes and U.S. military forces.  During the battle, several of those superheroes started working together as a team to defeat the super-villains, resulting in a massive defeat to the super-villains' plans.  After the Great Villain Battle of New York City, those same heroes that teamed together in the thick of battle decided to work together to continue to challenge any and all criminals, villains or organizations who dared to cross the law of the land.

Today, the Challengers continue their dedicated efforts to ensure the citizens of New York City remain safe from the evil forces daring to undo the city!


Established in 2010, this super group comprises a collective of heroes from across the member nations of Commonwealth of Nations (CoN).  The Commonwealth's goal is synonymous with the Commonwealth of Nation's primary goal - peace and democracy.

Although government sanctioned, with each hero owning a superhero registration card, the group has political roots and as such, has been known to be used for political and diplomatic purposes for the Commonwealth of Nation's interests.  This has, on occasion, put them at odds with other nations and hero groups, however, the Commonwealth super-group, under the leadership of the British super-spy hero known as "Britannia", is allowed some autonomy when it comes to whom they recruit to the group and what tactics they intend to use in combat.

The headquarters of the team is based out of the sub-levels of the Marlborough House in London, England, which is also the headquarters of the Commonwealth of Nations and residence of the CoN's Secretary-General.

Over the last few years, the Commonwealth has attended several peace events, providing security and protection for any and all Commonwealth members or citizens.  Recently, however, the Commonwealth has been involved in several battles with nefarious groups such as CANIS, the Atlantic Kingdom, the Gold Syndicate, Maritime Marauders and the United Canadian Empire.


The Emerald Society is actually a real-world long standing American organization of Irish patrons serving in police, firefighting and public services of or relating to putting one's life on the line for others. Here in the MDUverse, the Emerald Society exists to also include Irish superheroes.

The Emerald Society super-group was founded and formed in 2012 by the controversial Irish hero, the Irish Fighter. Aside from the rescues, crime-fighting and super-villain battles, the Emerald Society also took on an additional tasking; training and housing the world's new and fledgling superheroes that were in need of training in how to use their newfound powers.  Through the Emerald Society's guidance these fledgling heroes had a superhero community available help them in their tribulations where none existed before.

With the newly empowered and (relatively) sober immortal powerhouse that is the Irish Fighter leading this Boston, Massachusetts-based team, a new era in the superhero world has come to fruition; a super-group that helps the people of the world regardless of national boundaries, politics or sovereignty.


The Guardians is a group name for G.U.A.R.D.'s compilation of at least four super-powered teams.  Aeroguardians, AstroguardiansSeaguardians and Terraguardians are the current four (known) groups that make up the whole of The Guardians.

Although known by the general public, G.U.A.R.D. curtails information and specifics about the super-teams' operations and activities.  To get more information about the Guardians, the public is asked to contact G.U.A.R.D.'s Public relations experts for a press package on each of the teams.


Formed in the dangerous streets of East Los Angeles (East L.A.), this band of young teenage heroes make up the benevolent and extraordinary volunteers known as Hardcorps.  Together, they fight for the defenseless and help those truly in need of a hero.

Based out of a secretive abandoned railroad station in East L.A., the courageous teens of Hardcorps work together to help a community mired in gang wars, drugs, and political apathy.


The Knights Arcanus is a centuries-old band of magically-based warriors dedicated to ensuring Earth remain free from magical tormentors, dictators and evil societies, as well as aid the 'non-magical' people of Earth in protecting the innocent.

In the year 2000, the Soltan Star Empire invaded all of Earth, attempting many devious feats including siphoning off Earth's total store of magical energies.  The Knights Arcanus sprung from what most deem as a 'magical hidden world' and worked with the world's governments, military and superheroes to fight back the Soltans, causing the invaders retreat from Earth.  In one of the last battles with the Soltan invaders, the Knights Arcanus were primarily responsible for reversing the Soltan siphoning of Earth's magical energy such to the effect that Earth is now supercharged with magical energy by over 400%.

Operating out of a hidden European base named "The Halls of Avalon", The Knights Arcanus continue today as they did in the year 2000, fighting the good fight against evil and malevolent magic for the sake of humanity and a future where they all could live, work and fight together.  The team is led by the audacious  magical warrior and weapons master, Samhain Knight.


Aloha! When evil finds its way to the Pacific Ocean basin and that people of Polynesia, the Pacific League is there to save the day!  Predominantly empowered by the magics of the Hawaiian Fire goddess Pele, these heroes fight the good fight to ensure those in and about the Pacific Ocean region are safe from the evils that lie beneath...or above the surface!

Today, based out of Honolulu Hawai'i, the Pacific League is considered to be the champions against evil throughout the Pacific Ocean.  The threats created by the warlike Pacific Warlords, as well as hundreds of others bent on subjugating and hurting other Polynesian people are now able to be countered by the benevolent yet powerful Pacific League. 

With their strong relationships with the nations in and about the Pacific theater, the League, led by Princess Kamehameha, has become the new champions of the Pacific Ocean!


A few years ago, after the finalization of the World Super-powered Registration Act (WSRA) went into effect, many super-powered people came out of hiding and registered their powers with the US government, however, some of those that 'came out' for the first time were also already in very influential positions and postings in U.S. state and federal government and law enforcement jobs. Forced to quit their jobs and become pariahs and outcasts in their professions, a band of law enforcement leaders forged a better alternative - the Peacekeeper Act.

The controversial bill was quickly proposed through the United States Congress and passed. As a result, the federally conceived Peacekeepers Act allowed for super-powered ex-government and law enforcement  employees to continue their service as a new member of a government-controlled band of super-powered law enforcers simply known as "The Peacekeepers".

Based out of an old Minuteman missile silo in the South Dakota desert, the Peacekeepers have became the most powerful and benevolent law enforcement agency in the United States.  Through the co-leadership of Major Order and Judge Law, the Peacekeeper's actions spoke louder than any politicians words. 

Today, The Peacekeepers continue to keep America safe...legally, lawfully and professionally.


Formed by their leader, Ascender, the Protectors have become the sole super-powered group to stop evil on the United States west coast.  After fighting west coast villains day and night, Ascender put out a call via TV and social media to help him stop the rampant wave of crime and criminal warfare in and about California.  Several super-powered individuals finally teamed up with him and shut down over a half dozen malicious gangs and villains.  As a team, they were honored at the California state capitol only to be attacked by waves of gangs and super-powered villains.  By day's end, every villains was defeated and jailed, much to the happiness of the citizens of California.

Today, the Protectors, residing out of an old military outpost called the "Presidio" located at the base of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge,carry on the good fight to stop super-powered criminals, crime cartels and gangs from endangering the United States west coast.



 Based out of Berlin, Germany, this band of heroic European and Germany super-powered individuals work together to keep their proud nation safe from the dangers of powerful malevolent forces bent on destroying or subjugating Europe and Germany.  The team's leader, the Teutonic Knight, instills his form of noble leadership with his fiercely trained team of heroes to ensure the safety of the innocent and the security of Germany.



San Francisco homeless heroes from the Bay Area that eventually realized over time they could do more together than apart, and to that end, everyday miracles.

Sean Shooter AKA "Sharpshooter", a young homeless man, discovered each of the team's members over time, usually through word of mouth from those in the homeless community.  As such, he gathered these other 'heroes' and started working to stop the injustices being cast upon their community and friends.  In mere months, the team help feed thousands of their fellow homeless, found new shelters, created new cost-effective portable tent shelters, formulated new San Francisco ordinances in favor of the homeless and have fought and beaten off punks, thieves, predators and scoundrels from preying on their fellow disenfranchised folk.  As such, this team has grown in legend in California, becoming instant social media celebrities (which none of them want).

The group continues to do what people of good souls and good hearts do; help other in need, as much as possible, whenever asked.  Looking for the definition of what a 'hero' is?  They are it, and it is they.  Ladies and gentlemen....I give you - THE TRODDEN!



Forged from the inauspicious event known as the "Invasion of New England" a few years ago, the vigilante once known as Minuteman formed a team of unlikely heroes to stop a madman from annexing New England into a totalitarian "United Canadian Empire" as well as preventing total nuclear destruction of New England at the same time. Using his incredible skill in tactical combat, Minuteman led his team of Yankee Minutemen to not only save New England, but carry on their efforts to ensure the safety of New England and its citizens thereafter.

Based out of Lexington, Massachusetts, the Yankee Minutemen are a combination of normal and super-powered individuals whose goal is to ensure that liberty and freedom continue to prosper in the region.

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