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Street Gangs of Los Angeles (L.A.) (California)

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In Los Angeles, California in the MDU, there are a handful of  street gangs that operate in and around the city.  A street gang is a gang made up of children, teenagers and/or young adults not to exceed 50 gang members; more than 50 members constitutes its own entry under "Gangs".

The following is a list of known street gangs in Los Angeles, CA in the MDU (and are not reflective, representative, nor associative of any existing or defunct gangs in the real world in any respective manner):


Anaheim Anarchists
VenicitesDate Street Devils
Holly Hillz Kilz Krew Freeway Freaks
Fastabs Racer Ex Machina
Beach Dragons
Sons of the Reich
The 7-44
 Railboyz Tekhounds
  Golden Hill Crew
 Grapevine Gang