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About the Soviet Guard


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The Soviet Guard is a specialized unit that has been a part of the Soviet war machine since WWII (then known as the "Red Guard") and is now under the leadership of the legendary Soviet Marshal "Generalissimus" Budennii, the current leader of the expatriated New Soviet Union troops that are currently hiding out in an abandoned Soviet listening post in northern Greenland.

Back in early 1941, Stalin secretly created a special unit of 'gifted' troops discovered throughout Russia.  These 'gifted' troops were either super-powered, mystically empowered, technologically enhanced (or armored) or highly skilled in warfare or espionage.  The unit, known as the "Red Guard", was trained by a die-hard Soviet Officer known as General Koskovski. He was a tireless, hardcore Soviet communist and a taskmaster of the highest order.  By June 1941, the Red Guard was ready to enter combat against the Allies...that is, until Germany implemented Operation: Barbarossa on June 22nd and invaded the Soviet Union.

When Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union, Stalin was furious.  He immediately rerouted all plans and battles against Nazi Germany's advancing troops, to include the Red Guard.  Throughout most of WWII, up to 1945, the Red Guard lost 40% of their men and women, but still had a profound effect on Germany's aggressions.  Most of the Red Guard's actions were against the actions of Nazi Germany's super-powered team, Axis Force. At war's end, the Red Guard was one of the first units to enter Hitler's bunker after Hitler's apparent suicide.

Over the next few decades after WWII, the Red Guard became a more secretive force used by the Secretary Generals and Premieres to take out emboldened factions that fought against the communist expansion from the Soviet Union.  On several occasions, the Red Guard encountered western and/or NATO-created super-powered teams and heroes with the Red Guard winning half of the encounters.

In 1973, Marshal Budennii reassigned himself to a top secret super-trooper formula research project.  In a selfish yet last resort manner (he was dying), Budennii administered the experimental formula  on himself.  He died as a result of the formula, however, miraculously, he awoke days later empowered with abilities akin to that of the combined strength and stamina of three men.  He was later secretly assigned to the Red Guard with most still believing that Budennii was still dead. There, he trained the Red Guard in new tactics and battle techniques, now able to fight alongside them unlike their aged leaders at that time.  He quickly earned the respect and devotion of the members of the Red Guard, however, Budennii was found to be 'too close' to the Red Guard's troops and was transferred to espionage services, where he excelled there as one of their top spies.

In 1991, The Soviet Union fell, as did the Red Guard.  With no leadership, funds or support, most of the Red Guard troops simply walked off the job, attempting to find work to support their families or lifestyles.  Marshal Budennii instead tried to reinvigorate the fallen Soviet leadership to reform the Soviet Union, however, that only led to Budennii being shot by one of his own beloved nation's generals for his effort.  After recovering from his wound, Budennii formulated a plan to steal as much Soviet hardware, weapons, ships, subs and classified equipment as he could. In a brazen series of raids, Budennii and his devoted troops, including nearly all of the previous Red Guard super-powered troops, pulled off one of the greatest heists of military equipment in the history of the world and made a getaway with the spoils of his raids to a remote abandoned Soviet listening post in northern Greenland.  There, the old Red Guard and Budennii's hundreds of devoted "New Soviet Union" troops plotted to take back Mother Russia and impart their new-old communist regime back into power, all under Budennii's leadership and a new super-powered group replacement for the old Red Guard - the new "Soviet Guard".

Over the next two plus decades, the Soviet Guard and the New Soviet Union army built up for the coming 'liberation' of the former Soviet Union's Russian lands.  After extensive diplomatic attempts to create a Soviet coupe in the Russian Federation, Budennii, now called the "Generalissimus", devised a plan to invade Lithuania and use it as a stepping stone in reclaiming Russian lands.

In 2005, the Generalissimus ordered the invasion of Lithuania and successfully took control on the small Baltic country.  After appropriating several nuclear weapons still stored on a hidden nuclear missile submarine in a submarine pen in Lithuania's capitol of Vilnius, the Generalissimus warned the west and Russia that to invade him and Lithuania, which he now deemed as his "New Soviet Union", would result in his firing the nuclear missiles at them as well as destroying all of Lithuania in the process.  The west and Russia remained in a standoff for months during this time.  The Generalissimus' Soviet Guard and troops reveled in their victory.  Members of the Soviet Guard, however, soon took gross advantage over the enslaved Lithuanian populace, performing inhumane and immoral acts on them, earning the ire of the international community.  The Generalissimus turned a blind eye to the Lithuanians' suffering and instead encouraged it.  The Soviet Guard, in their debauchery and criminal acts, were quickly deemed as war criminals for their actions.

Eventually, the west and the Russian Federation, along with the Lithuanian rebel underground, enacted a plan to steal the nuclear weapons out from under the Generalissimus and liberate Lithuania with thousands of European and Russian troops,as well as dozens of superheroes and agents from the CIA, FBI, NATO and the Kremlin. The battle engaged, the Soviet Guard fought valiantly, through predominantly drunk, against the liberators, but failed.  A majority of the Soviet Guard was either arrested or killed during the liberation.  The Generalissimus, devoid of his nuclear weapons to threaten anyone with, packed up his remaining forces and military equipment, as well as the remaining Soviet Guard troops into several cargo submarines and escaped back to their secret lair in northern Greenland.

Since then, the Generalissimus has slowly built his forces and weapons back up, including the numbers in his Soviet Guard.  Obsessed over his desire to destroy the west (and the Russian Federation) for the loss of Lithuania, the Generalissimus has now refocused on attacking and defeating the west and its 'heroes' so as to pave a way for him and his New Soviet Union forces to reclaim Mother Russia once again.

To this day, the members of the Soviet Guard are devoted and driven (or enslaved) to serve the Generalissimus and the New Soviet Union, no matter the cost. 


Soviet Guard's Secretive Greenland Hideout

The Soviet Guard utilizes submarines, aircraft and rockets to traverse large amounts of troops and materials to wherever they intend to attack next from their hidden base for the last 20+ years at the northern end of the barren land that is Greenland at an old abandoned Soviet listening post.

Since the Red/Soviet Guard settled in there, they have industrialized their operations under what was a glacial lake/crater that now is camouflaged to hide their industrial complex and their underground buildings, sub pens and hidden aircraft runways.  Since the thousands of troops, scientists, laborers and leaders required a regular food supply, the Generalissimus utilized the farming expertise of one of the Soviet Guard's super-powered comrades, Serp, to create a specialized 2 mile long region acclimated and technologically based for growing crops in the inhospitable climate that is Greenland.

Using their own electronic countermeasures (ECM), heat bloom dissipation devices and shielding, the Soviet Guard to this day remains undetected in their Greenland lair. 


Satellite image of Northern Greenland...

...zoomed in more....

...and you can see their hidden coastal base.

The Green patches are the arctic greenhouses Serp has created to feed the Soviet Guard forces.   The large white 'lake/crater' to the right of the green patches in the the camouflaged industrial complex and base to the Soviet Guard.  It comes complete with an underground (tunneled) runway for aircraft, sub pens that have a long and wide cave system created by centuries of geothermal venting.  Those underwater caves lead right out into the ocean.  Since this region is considered unmanned and inhospitable to live in, the world's intelligence agencies have not yet detected this base.

Should the base be discovered and attacked, hundreds of hidden rocket launchers, laser weapons and several unique security devices (possibly even force fields) would aid in protecting the Soviet Guard from any form of attack.  To add to this, the perimeter of the base is mired with thousands of sensors, traps and cameras capable of detecting and immobilizing anyone within miles of the main base. 



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Generalissimus Semyon Budennii


Budennii was born into a poor peasant family on the Kozyurin farmstead near the town of Bolshaya Orlovka in the Don Cossack region of the southern Russian Empire (now Rostov Oblast). Although he grew up in a Cossack region, Budennii was not a Cossack—his family actually came from Voronezh province. He was of Russian ethnicity. He worked as a farm laborer, shop errand boy, blacksmith's apprentice, and driver of a steam-driven threshing machine, until the autumn of 1903, when he was drafted into the Imperial Russian Army. He became a cavalryman reinforcing the 46th Cossack Regiment during the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905. 

During World War I, Budennii was the 5th Squadron's non-commissioned troop officer in the Christian IX of Denmark 18th Seversky Dragoon Regiment, Caucasian Cavalry Division on the Western Front. He became famous for his attack on a German supply column near Brzezina, and through a series of other valorous victories and fights, earn the St. George Cross, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st class.

After the Russian Revolution overthrew the Tsarist regime in 1917, Budennii was elected chairman of the regimental committee and deputy chairman of the divisional committee.  The Civil War broke out in 1918, and Budennii organized a Red Cavalry force in the Don region, which eventually became the 1st Cavalry Army. This Army played an important role in winning the Civil War for the Bolsheviks, driving the White General back from Moscow.

Budennii joined the Bolshevik party in 1919, and formed close relationships with Joseph Stalin. In 1935 he was made one of the first five Marshals of the Soviet Union. Stalin eventually executed three of the five marshals in his "Great Purge" of the late 1930s, leaving only Budennii and only one other marshal alive.

Budennii was considered a courageous and colorful cavalry officer, but displayed disdain for innovation and a profound ignorance of modern warfare.

In July–September 1941, Budennii was Commander-in-Chief of the Soviet armed forces of the Southwestern Direction (Southwestern and Southern Fronts) facing the German invasion of Ukraine. This invasion began as part of Germany's Operation Barbarossa which was launched on June 22. Operating under strict orders from Stalin (who attempted to micromanage the war in the early stages) to not retreat under any circumstances, Budennii's forces were eventually surrounded during the Battle of Uman and the Battle of Kiev. The disasters which followed the encirclement cost the Soviet Union 1.5 million men killed or taken prisoner. This was one of the largest encirclements in military history.

In September, Stalin made Budennii a scapegoat, dismissing him as Commander-in-Chief, Southwestern Direction, and replacing him with another.  Despite being blamed by Stalin for some of the Soviet Union's most catastrophic World War II defeats (although acting on Stalin's specific orders), he continued to enjoy Stalin's patronage and suffered no real punishment.

After the war Budennii was allowed to retire as a Hero of the Soviet Union, but that's not what he wanted.  Feeling his age, but still determined to be a part of the rise of the Soviet Union, Budennii instead secretly asked to be transferred to a research facility; a research facility that was working on a version of a super-trooper formula intended for the Soviet troops.  Years went by without any success.  Finally in 1973, a breakthrough occurred; they'd isolated the formula's strengths, however, test subjects who were administered the formula were' rejuvenated too much, causing violent heart attacks and brain hemorrhages. Knowing that his time was short on this Earth, Budennii broke into the lab and took the formula for himself.  After his convulsions and flailing ended, the doctors declared Budennii dead of a brain hemorrhage.

Two days after his 'death', Budennii awakened.  He was a man in his 40s again. He was stronger than he ever was.  Now able to run up to 30mph, he ran home to see his wife, only to see that the entire family was dressed in black with funeral posters of him all around their home.  After hearing a radio broadcast of his death, he decided it would be better to keep his new condition secret from everyone else - except for General Secretary, Leonid Brezhnev.  After several hours of discussions, followed by weeks of tests and probes, it was found that a rare blood disorder, coupled with his age and a genetic disorder from a particular 'mustard gas' exposure he had in WWI is what the catalyst was to rejuvenate and change Budennii.  Unable to replicate the formula's success, the Kremlin decided to have the enhanced Budennii integrated with the Red Guard as well as used in highly classified spy missions throughout Europe and the United States.  Budennii soon became a valued and beloved member of the Red Guard's ranks and one of the greatest Soviet spies in the field.  Eventually, Budennii's influence with the Red Guard was deemed dangerous and was transferred straight to the Kremlin's spy and intelligence services instead, much to the disdain and chagrin of his fellow Red Guard troops.

As the Soviet Union struggled financially, Budennii began to see rifts in the Soviet Union's government structure.  He urged and attempted to provide solutions to help the foundering communist nation, however, by 1991, the Soviet Union was nothing more than an empty shell; bankrupt and unable to feed its own people or troops.  As Soviet generals began to abandon the sinking nation, Budennii came out of hiding.  He was enraged that his beloved Soviet Union was dissolving in front of him.  He gave the troops powerful speeches to rally them, angering the remaining loyalist generals.  As a result, Budennii took a bullet to the head by one of his own generals in an attempt to stop Budennii from taking away the loyalist general's troops.

While healing for over several days in a make-shift hospital outside of Moscow, Budennii made a grand decision - he himself would take over the Soviet Union and bring it back to its glory.  Whether the bullet (which is still lodged in his head) haywired his train of thought to perform this bold act, or whether Budennii  had just had enough of his nation's faltering, he took action and recruited a few hundred troops and officers still loyal to him to take a fair portion of the Soviet military arsenal for himself.

After a couple of days of planning, Budennii ordered his men to perform a simultaneous raid on over 20 major military equipment storage facilities, some highly secretive.  With hardly any Soviet troops left, security was lax if not non-existent. In 16 hours, Budennii and his men amassed hundreds of crates of ammunition, tanks, helicopters, machine guns and sensitive electronics well as their own supply ship and two Soviet Alpha class nuclear submarines.  Classified blueprints and crates of experimental battle-suits and mechanized armor was also amongst his cache of ill-gotten gains.  Within hours of the thefts, a warrant was placed on Budennii's and his troops.  Budennii had the stolen equipment quickly and quietly loaded on his stolen cargo ship where it took off overseas to an old abandoned Soviet listening post in Greenland.

From Greenland, throughout the 1990s and 2000s, Budennii slowly trained and amassed more peaons and equipment while also quietly recruiting hundreds more disenfranchised ex-Soviet troops and sailors.  Budennii, as a highly skilled motivator, drove his own propaganda machine; a machine he used to promise his "New Soviet Union" troops that one day they'd return to the Motherland and replace the weak Russian Federation with his far superior "New Soviet Union" Aside from an alien invasion in 2000 that required Budennii and his troops to fight the Soltan invaders off (and diminish their ranks and supplies), Budennii  continued to slowly buildup his Soviet war machine.

Between 2000 and 2005, Budennii worked relentlessly to try and get back to his native Soviet Union diplomatically.  In secret negotiations with the Russian presidents, Budennii demanded the return of the Soviet Union with him as the national leader, or else he'd invade Russia and take it by force. Russia instead beefed up its security forces and vowed never to let that "Cossack" to ever be allowed in Russia again except for his own firing squad.  Realizing his troops and equipment were not powerful enough to take on Mother Russia, he instead devised a plan to 'skirt' his way into Russia through its neighboring Baltic nation of Lithuania. By 2005, Budennii  began to plot the invasion of Lithuania. During that time, Budennii  further empowered his new favorite weapon, the super-powered "Soviet Guard" team, made-up of former Red Guard members, with weapons and armor for the invasion. By the fall of 2005, he was ready to make his move...

Taking on the Stalin-declined title of Generalissimus, he invaded Lithuania in the Fall of 2005 and created a communist slave state of its citizens.  Russian and European nations were placed on alert and ready to retaliate when Budennii  informed them that he had several nuclear warheads from an old Soviet nuclear missile submarine found still moored in a hidden submarine pen in Lithuania's capitol of Vilnius.  He threatened to nuke Lithuania and any other nation that dared to attack his "New Soviet Union".  While the enslaved citizens of Lithuania were forced to labor for up to 18 hours a day, further building up the Generalissimus' war machine, The Soviet Guard reveled in their authority, committing heinous acts against humanity on the enslaved Lithuanian populace.  As the people of Lithuania toiled and died, the troops and Soviet Guard of the New Soviet Union sang songs of their victory.  Even with the world fearing a nuclear counterstrike by Budennii, the west, including the Russian president, devised a plan to stop Budennii and his troops, hopefully, without a nuclear confrontation.

After working a detailed and formative plan, several super-powered heroes, hundreds of underground Lithuanian rebels (led by Captain "Viltis (The Hope)" Smetona) (see Captain Lithuania) and dozens of CIA, FBI and KGB agents quietly snuck into the Kaunas Fortress, the headquarters of the New Soviet Union.  In a brilliantly executed form of teamwork, the heroes were able to steal the nukes across the border to the neighboring nation of Latvia, all the while thousands of European and Russian troops, led by the Lithuanian Rebel Forces, descended on the New Soviet Union's troops. Attack aircraft peppered the Soviet troops; fighter planes fought thousands of feet above Vilnius; the New Soviet Union's submarines clashed with sub-hunter ships and aircraft; the Soviet Guard fought the west's invading heroes. Within hours of the battle's start, it was nearly over. Calling for his "Contingency Plan Omega", Budennii salvaged over 60% of his military equipment and remaining troops by sneaking them all out in specially designed cargo submarines (that the Lithuanian populace had been dying for in building them).  Within hours of Operation: Liberation (The Liberation of Lithuania), Budennii and his New Soviet Union troops and 'heroes' evaded detection in their cargo submarines and made a getaway to their previous unknown and secret base back in Greenland.  

Now taking refuge back in Greenland, Budennii was able to take stock of what he lost.  Several of his super-powered Soviet Guard teammates were caught and/or died in the liberation; thousands of his military troops lost; his entire military air force was also gone. What was worse is that he lost his nuclear weapons, preventing him from being the threat he needed to be to get back his motherland. The Generalissimus seethed with rage and anger over the west's involvement in his defeat. For that, he swore vengeance against them; a vengeance that soon grew into an obsession that rivaled his desire to turn the current Russia back into the Soviet Union again. As such, the Generalissimus has now focused on rebuilding his depleted well as simultaneously getting even with the west and the 'superheroes' that aided in his retreat from Lithuania.

On a side note, over the last few years, Budennii's super-trooper formula has started to wear off. Budennii  has been aging far more than his previous decades. Although he is still far stronger than any of his own army troops, he can now feel his advancing age taking a toll on his body.  To cement his Soviet legacy before he dies,  he's decided he needs to defeat the west and its 'superheroes' first before he can unleash his troops into Russia to reclaim it as the New Soviet Union.  With his plans written, his troops reinvigorated, and a new band of Soviet Guard super-powered Soviets, the Generalissimus is ready to take on the world once again... 

The Generalissimus, through the experimental super-trooper formula, and his exposure to the experimental mutagenic mustard gas of World War I, has the virility and strength of an Olympic athlete but in the body of a 100 year old man. He can still run up to 20mph for up to 20 miles easily, as well as lift over 300 lbs without effort, however, his eyesight and hearing are starting to fade to sub-par levels of even normal human senses. His skin was once able to take on typical damage and not be hurt (brass knuckles, explosions, fist fights, etc.), however, his current poor condition has degraded his toughness to simply allow for 20 ft. falls to the ground to actually affect him (which he used to shrug off easily).  His mind is a steel trap; he remembers anything and everything.  Even though he has an aversion to modern technology and computers, he is still mindful of their place in his strategic tactics in warfare.  He emanates leadership and confidence and is notorious for his 'push ahead' tactics and strategies; his faults usually lie in the powerful people he surrounds himself with, who usually are more base and immoral that he is.  He is highly proficient is any form of army weaponry, as well as knowledgeable to fly fighter jets and cargo planes as well as command and captain nuclear submarines and surface ships. He normally retains several different weapons on his person at all times, predominantly his own specialized AK-47, two sidearms and a specialized flamethrower/grenade launcher weapon.  

MDUverse Info

CoHverse: The Red Guard was formed on 12 July 2008 by Soviet Commissar on the Pinnacle Server of City of Heroes MMORPG..

MDUverse: Changed 'Red Guard' to 'Soviet Guard' in MDU Universe; leader was changed to Red Commissar, then to on 22 May 2015, the leader's name was changed to  Generalissimus.