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Alignment : mastery and proficient in a unique mix of magical schools directly associated with the Arkaenus cult


Born and raised by the outcast magic cultist group known as Arkaenus, Faindus, at age sixteen, was to undergo his Right of Passage trial to ascend to a prominent position as an occultist warrior for Arkaenus.  The Right of Passage was always to be performed in a grand stadium at an Arkaenus stronghold site, open to all Arkaenus cultists to watch (it was like a sporting event for them). Regardless, every 18 year old who wanted to aspire as an occultist warrior had to go through the Right of Passage or instead became a mage, a scribe, a cook, or some other academic, service-related or subservient role that Faindus knew he was not meant for.

Faindus was taught by his two prominent parents (both in high standings in Arkaenus' order) in how to be a great fighter.  In fact, Faindus' parents started his combat training when Faindus was old enough to hold his own dagger.  Over the years, Faindus was extensively taught skills, techniques and even spells that some would consider 'illegal' in the order, so as to become the greatest trained warrior anyone had seen in the order in hundreds of years.  Even though showing emotion in the order was forbidden, Faindus' parents secretly let their son know that they were never more proud of him and his accomplishments.  They hugged one another from time to time, but again, only in secrecy, lest they themselves be outed and taken for 'reconditioning' in the torture pits far below in the catacombs of their Arkaenus stonghold.

The Arkaenus' cult is steeped deep in ritual, rites and practices that invoke fear and fealty in the order's brethren.  As such, one of the requirements for parents of those who have a child ascending to higher positions in Arkaenus that require their child's performance in the Right of Passage trial - is sacrifice...actual human sacrifice.  If their child does not emerge victorious from a minimal of two battles during the trial, the parents, and their child would be sacrificed to the cult's death gods at their Altar of Atonement.  Faindus and his parents were not exempt from this requirement, regardless of their position in the cult.

On the day of Faindus' Right of Passage trial, he not only breezed through the first two battles, but quickly advanced to an unheard of 15th round; a number that had not been seen or accomplished in hundreds of years.  The Arkaenus elders even seemed perplexed over what to throw next at Faindus.  However, one particular elder, a man who until recently was considered a good mentor by Faindus, tasked Faindus to fight a creature that hadn't been fought or seen in nearly a thousand years; an aggressive and unpredictable monster known only as a Psi-Horn.

Psi-Horns were large, magical creatures that used psionic attacks as well as their horns, claws and large teeth to attack and disembowel their targets with great ferocity and speed.  Most of Arkaenus thought the beasts were mythical and not real.  Even Faindus' parents were amazed over the decision for summoning a Psi-Horn, seeing as the beasts were highly unpredictable creatures, extremely difficult to kill and almost impossible to control even by seasoned and veteran mages.  As such, Faindus' parents had once told him about Psi-Horns in his training many years ago, but mostly as a trivial note rather than vital combat knowledge; knowledge that Faindus wished he had at that moment.

At this point, after warrior's first two successful battles during the trial, a warrior had the right to stop the trial and say 'DONE!'.  This was a legal and expected thing to do when the odds against winning the next trial's round was in question.  Even a loss after the 2nd battle was still considered okay, however, if you die during the battle's round, you die.  Warriors were and continued to be ranked by the number of battles they won during their trial.  Before Faindus, the highest battle round ever fought and won was 13; for Faindus, he was about to start his 15th.  Faindus could easily have called "DONE!" and still be granted as the greatest legendary fighter in nearly a thousand, years, but that wasn't Faindus. Faindus wanted to fight until there was truly nothing left for him to fight.

Faindus motioned his acceptance to the trial's elder to start the 15th round.

The elder magically summoned the Psi-Horn onto the stadium's floor.

Sword at the ready, Faindus charged the Psi-Horn like an Arkaenus warrior born.

In battle with the Psi-Horn, Faindus quickly got in a killing blow at the base of the creature's neck, allowing him to sever the spine from the head, however, the creature had incredibly strong psychic as well as amazingly strong body armor, causing Faindus' own magical sword to break into pieces upon impact.  Once a warrior's magically-forged Arkaenus sword was broken during a trial round, there were no other weapons available for the warrior to use on the stadium floor.  The only option, under these conditions, was to beat one's opponent by hand or forge another weapon only from materials found in and around the stadium floor.

Thinking fast, Faindus attempted to seek and gather-up the needed magical sword-making materials littered about the stadium's floor, all the while dodging and evading the dangerously powerful Psi-Horn. After gathering up several items from the stadium floor, he attempted to find a few seconds to craft the sword hilt magically, only to get raked by the beast's claws. Bleeding and injured, Faindus finally got all the materials he needed to forge a new mystical sword.  THe only problem was that Faindus knew that any existing spells used to craft a standard Arkaenus mystical sword would be completely ineffectual against the Psi-Horn and its obvious stronger physical and psionic armor.

Sadly, that's when the Psi-Horn attacked Faindus again, this time raking Faindus' face and gouging out both of Faindus' eyes. Even blinded and in serious pain, Faindus was able to use one of his old sword's fragmented pieces to actual stab the Psi-Horn in one of its eyes, causing it to run amok in the stadium in pain, randomly smashing the walls below the stadium's seating area, causing a majority of the stadium viewers to flee in fear.

Faindus knew he had mere seconds to come up with a plan before berserker Psi-Horn broke free of the stadium and started hurting others in the cult;s stronhold.  Faindus then put all his focus from his pain and loss of sight to a means off quickly defeating the creature once and for all.  He remembered one particular spell his parents secretly taught him years ago. The only problem with the spell is that is was recently 'blacklisted' by the Arkaenus cult and its leader, Arkaenus Maximus.  Rather than ponder legality, Faindus used the spell; as far as he was concerned, he had no other choice.

Faindus rose from the ground and whistled at the berzerker Psi-Horn.  The Psi-Horm turned to Faindus with its one good eye and began charging at him.  Unexpectedly, the Psi-Horn, in itsrage, began blasting Faindus and the few remaining stadium's crowd with a raw psionic blasts, causing Faindus to stop the spell's chant.

As the Psi-Horn charged towards Faindus' potential and eminent death, Faindus began reciting the illegal spell once more. 

Faindus finished the spell's chant for the illegal "Eye of the Sword" spell; a spell that instantaneously gathered the sword-making materials in his hand to instantly form a green-hued wavy-shaped, long mystical sword.

Faindus was immediately able to 'see' again through the spell allowance of using the sword's mystical eye that could see from the sword's point of view.  As such, Faindus evaded the beast's charge by rolling under the charging Psi-Horn and used the sword's blade to slice the length of the Psi-Horn's belly from neck to tail, spilling the Psi-Horn's guts all over the stadium floor...and Faindus' body.

The Psi-Horn was killed and a seriously wounded and blinded Faindus, victorious.

Rather than hear the echoing cheers and accolades from his fellow Arkaenus mages and warriors from the stands, Faindus only heard shocked gasps of the last few retreating cultists from the stadium's seating.

As Faindus looked up towards the emptied stadium's seats , he noticed some of the few remaining cultists were NOT human at all, but instead vile, ancient mystical creatures known as FIR BOLGS.
Fir Bolgs are a devious, dark charm-based magical race of creatures dimensionally banned from Earth centuries ago.  Fir Bolgs can magically change their own looks and bodies in order to stealthily subvert towns, organizations, ships, etc to gain access to power, wealth and most notably - a complete clandestine assassination and take over of those they wish to completely and wholly subvert.  If a Fir Bolg is found in disguise amongst your constituents, it is almost assured that the Fir Bolg are subverting your group and that unless someone stops them first, they will usually succeed. 

Faindus was able to 'see' these disguised Fir Bolgs as an added bonus of his "eye of the sword" spell.  The spell also grants the sword's wielder 'true vision', thus allowing the wielder to see through any magical or technological illusions, transformations or false imagery.  No one else saw what he saw, and he quickly realized that the 'illegal' status of his used spell was for a sinister purpose: to prevent his fellow cultists from seeing through the Fir Bolgs' deception and illusion.

One of the disguised Fir Bolgs was one of Faindus' favorite mentors; a mentor who, less than a year ago, started shunning Faindus and treating him bad. That same Fir Bolg disguised as Faindus' ex-mentor ordered another disguised Fir Bolg to go to get Arkaenus warriors and order them to escort Faindus to the catacombs, where he himself would question Faindus and eventually kill him. 

Using his new true vision sight through his sword was already unnerving as it was, but what was worse was that Faindus was still in grave condition after his fight with the Psi-Horn.  He was in no shape to fight. Regardless, the disguised Fir Bolg advanced to Faindus position on the Stadium floor.

The disguised Fir Bolg approached Faindus with four other (actual) Arkaenus warriors (who were very nervous just being near Faindus after seeing what he did in the previous 15 battles and to the Psi-Horn) and demanded Faindus to drop his sword and come with them.

Faindus did not move.

Faindus stood his ground in a battle stance, counter-demanding that the mage showed them all who he truly was. 

Feigning ignorance and stating that Faindus' loss of blood and eyes have obviously made him delusional and blind, the mage demanded once more that the warriors disarm Faindus.  Faindus warned off the warriors, this time saying the mage was a Fir Bolg in disguise.

The warriors looked at each other in puzzlement momentarily, unsure how to respond, however, sadly, warriors in the Arkaenus cult are trained to obey...and obey they did.

Faindus cut all three warriors down in seconds and then pounced on the disguised Fir Bolg, impaling his new mystical sword's blade right through the Fir Bolg's skull.  The Fir Bolg's body exploded in a burst of ectoplasmic, oozing goop all over the stadium floor. Faindus quickly realized that this great discovery now opened Pandora's Box to how deep the Fir Bolg infiltration might actually be in the cult.

Although  the stadium had been cleared by this point, Faindus' parents were still there...and they saw what happened.  They immediately understood the green ooze was from that of a dead Fir Bolg who'd disguised himself amidst the cult's ranks.  That's when several other disguised Fir Bolgs leapt from the shadows to attack Faindus.

Three of the advancing Fir Bolgs raced at Faindus to kill him, however, all each of the three died,  one right after the other, from Faindus' unearthly blade.  Four more disguised Fir Bolgs came up from behind Faindus and this time actually subdued him...but not for long. Faindus' parents appeared behind the four immobilizing Fir Bolgs, killing all four.  Each Fir Bolg they killed died just like the first one; exploded ectoplasmic goop.
From the entrance of the Stadium floor, Arkaenus' cult leader, Arkaenus Maximus arrived with over a dozen elite guardsmen around him.
With one look through his sword, Faindus saw that Arkaenus Maximus was indeed a Fir Bolg.  He mentioned his discovery to his parents next to him who simply replied, "Great."
Cut off from their escape, Faindus and his parents were quickly corralled and surrounded to the center of the stadium floor. Arkaenus Maximus mentioned how sad he was to lose his two favorite mages and their son, but then he crowed about how the Fir Bolg had easily infiltrated the Arkaenus ranks since the Soltan Invasion of 2000 A.D.  He smiled at them trio and ordered his elite guardsmen to kill them.
Rather than just die, Faindus and his parents killed the dozen elite, disguised Fir Bolg guardsmen, leaving Arkaenus Maximus the only one left.
In a battle of sorcery sporting incredible defensive and offensive maneuvers and spells, Faindus and his parents engaged Arkaenus Maximus in an epic battle. 
At one point, a curious child and the child's parent came back to the stadium doors and saw the ensuing battle; their glorious leader defending himself against the murderous Faindus and his parents.  Before the child's parent could act, the child jumped down onto the stadium floor and placed itself between Faindus' parents' killing blow to Arkaenus Maximus.  Faindus' parents stopped short of their killing strike for fear of hurting the child, however, the disguised Fir Bolg that was Arkeanus Maximus got in his own killing both of Faindus' parents. 
With the child's parent's scream, the stadium flooded with dozens of  disguised Arkaenus warriors, mages and council members, all attempting to save Arkaenus Maximus and kill Faindus.  With no options left, the severely wounded and now parent-less Faindus broke off battle with a loud bellow of grief.  He used his parent-taught spells to blend into the dark and shadows, escaping the Arkaenus stronghold.

Faindus found a dilapidated home's basement to hide in several miles from the stronghold.  There, he masked his magical presence and used his powers to heal himself from his injuries.  Sadly enough, his eyes would never grow back.  Instead, the spell Faindus cast now replaced his eyes with two fields of green light in the eye sockets of his head, eeking tendrils of power so long as Faindus was awake.  After thinking long and hard about his position, he realized that his new life mission was to destroy the Fir Bolgs, anywhere in the world, and hopefully, one day, be able to bring Arkaenus back to its prominence without the Fir Bolg infiltration.  To do so, however, would be anything but easy.

Though his first experience with 'television', Faindus learned of a manhunt that was being made for him.  They showed his 'normal' look; the look without the green eyes, all across the news channels.  Instead, Faindus took to his part.  He devised a black face mask to cover his still horrendous facial wounds and lack of eyes.  He then practiced seeing with his new sword and learning how to fight with his new sight.  It took weeks to master, but in time Faindus did.

By 2015, Faindus was out hunting Fir Bolgs worldwide.

He knew that Arkaenus Maximus was still in charge and had conveniently killed any who saw the remains of the Faindus' family's killed Fir Bolgs.  Faindus was obviously on the order's most wanted kill list.  Faindus parents' word was ever said of what happened to them.  Although Faindus wanted to charge into their stronghold and kill all the Fir Bolgs, or better yet, show proof of their existence in the order, he knew he'd never make it halfway through the order's warriors and defenses before he'd be killed. Instead, he went hunting.

Faindus killed dozens of Fir Bolgs, disguising themselves as policemen, politicians, mayors and even a military general in Russia. The INTERPOL, CIA, FBI, Scotland Yard, the Kremlin, you name it, all had Faindus on their top 10 deadliest people list.

The conspiracy against Faindus extends even into magical guilds and organizations.  Lies and deceit told to others have placed Faindus on the mandatory capture and kill list of every magical and super-powered super-group in the world.

Today, Faindus roams the Earth hunting Fir Bolgs and gaining as much knowledge about their secret world and plans.  Sadly, Faindus is also considered to be a mass murderer and continues to be one of the most wanted men on the planet.  Although Faindus does not kill indiscriminately, if you get in the way of him and killing a Fir Bolg, you may die as well.



Arkaenus-Magic Skills and Gear

  • Mastery in Arkaenus Sword & Magic Combat
    • Faindus is considered to be the best of Arkeanus' warriors, making him a remarkable fighter, with incredible skill with the Eye of the Sword.
    • Faindus' magical spells and casting are varied and many.  He is able to create, cast and manipulate spells to a good level.
    • Faindus is a master at creating a remarkably strong magical sword using various natural pieces of materials and applying a well rehearsed and quickly-spoken magical spell.  This sword can be used by anyone, however, the creator of the sword has a remarkable magical invulnerability over the sword (i.e., if a sword created by Faindus was used by another person to try and pierce Faindus' heart with, the sword would magically stop inches from Faindus' body, preventing any harm to Faindus by said sword).
  • Acrobatics, Parquor and Evasion
    • Faindus is the equivocal of a professional gymnast.  He can easily traverse rooftops, bolt through stairwells and climb any vertical challenge with an additional degree of agility than most others can.
  • Shadow Casting and Shadowed Stealth
    • Nearly all of Arkaenus warriors are proficient in typical shadow casting and use of stealth with the same said shadow casting.  This given them a bonus for combat at night or in the darkness.
  • Cloak of Sustenance
    • Faindus cloak provides remarkable protection from the elements, as well as provides for any food or drink, packaged or not, from anywhere in the world he can think of (i.e., one night in Istanbul, Turkey, Faindus gets hungry for New York City Pizza from the Bronx; he thinks about it, the cloak homes in on his thoughts, grabs the exact thing he's thinking of (it has to already be prepared/made the way he wants it) and teleports it from its New York City location to his location on a flat surface of his choosing in Ankara, Turkey, still as warm or cold as desired/grabbed)  This sometimes leads to 'lost' food from people's refrigerators or the occasional "I swear I had your pizza here in the car for delivery the whole time!".
  • Mystic Armor
    • Provides excellent physical, energy, magical, temperate and radiation protection for whole body and head.
  • Eye of the Sword
    • Unearthly strengthened mystical blade, capable of slicing or rending any amazing strength material or less.
    • Magically returned to the wielder's hand when mentally called upon, regardless of distance in the universe.
    • Cannot be wielded by anyone other than Faindus.  Anyone who touches or holds the sword, the sword will disappear and return back into Faindus' hand, even if Faindus is dead or unconscious.
    • Mystical divining rod, capable of amazing magical detection over a range of 200 miles.
    • Provides amazing mystical sight (even to the blind) from the perspective of the sword's blade.  As such, only green hues of color can be seen, rather than all colors.   The sword's wielder can move his vision's (camera-like) view up or down the length of the blade or to either side of the blade's surface.  No visible discoloration or evidence is shown on the blade's exterior to give away from where the wielder's vision is originating.
    • The 'True Vision' power of the blade allows the sword's wielder to see through any amazing level magical or technical illusion or imagery (again, only in a green hue; not in full color).

Omega Commander



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