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Solano Family


About The Solano Family

WHAT? You think you know abouts the Solano Family? Fergetaboutit!

Yous mooks don't know nothing about nothing, capice?  So sits there while I tells ya story about who da Solano Family 'really' is.



I hits yas in the head ta make sure yous paying attention.

Do I have your attention now?



In the 1920s in New York and Boston, the gangs ruled everything. When Prohibition was put on us, we instead, made our own booze.  They wuz the kings.  Anyone got outta line and BLAM! No more problem.  Those were the good ole days...

Then the Solanos came to the United States.  At first, no one knew or cared about them.  They wuz small time crooks and protection wiseguys, that's all.  By the 1930s, lots of the families was caught or killed by the cops, the feds or taken out by our 'rival' families.  The Solanos...well, they stayed in the back.  Waitin. When all was said and done going into World War II, all the other families had been taken down...all except for the Solanos.  They was the kings.  They took over as the head crime family for the US East Coast.



You still paying attention?  Don't make me hits you no more, got it??


As I was sayin...the Solanos took over the East Coast.  When the war started, they were the one big crime family everyone came to for gettin what they wanted, whether it was booze, gamblin, broads, whatever you needed...The Solanos got it...for a price.

From the 50s to the 90s, the Solanos carefully kept the feds off of them by letting other up-and-coming crime families take the fall.  The Solanos was teflon, ya know? The non-stick type pans, ya know?  NUTHIN stuck to em.  Not one charge.  That is, until 2010.  That's when the stuff really hit the fan.


Hey,  yous still payin attention?  Niiiiice..


In 2010, the Solanos started gettin' too fat and happy wit themselves.  A rival, the Marconi family, got married into the Solano Family so as to make things nice. Soon after, the Marconis started takin over all of the Solano Family's action.  Our best men were gunned down in the street by them mooks.  Hell, I even got bit by a bullet in the leg. But that's neither here nor there, understand?. What the Marconis did was start a gang war.  The biggest gang war since before the Depression.  Once all the fighin started, the Marconis, well, they started using some high powered assault rifles and bombs; so, whataya think the Solanos did, hmm? 

G' head.  Guess.

Give up?

Ok, I'll tell ya.


The Solanos brought in some of their own super-powered types.  A buncha mercs from a group called "Death Legion".  Catchy name, eh? Those mercs cleaned the floor 'o the Marconis.  Took em all out...that is...all except one.  The last one.  The one that married inta the family. Alberto Marconi.  Ya see, Alberto hid away when all the shootin started, but when the shootin stopped, Alberto came outta hidin like a weasel  and kidnapped the Solano Family Godfather, the Don...Don Solano...ya know? 


The one from Rhode Island?

Nod yer head.



Well Alberto kidnapped the Don and trussed him up in a canvas bag with cement overshoes and chains.  That Marconi bum then took the Don out in a boat and dropped him into the sound offa Rhode Island to drown.  Alberto Marconi thought he got his revenge in the name a his family.


Stupid mook.


He was so busy being all happy with himself when he pulled up pierside after drowning the Don, that he wasn't payin attention ta his surroundings.  Bad move on his part.  That's when the whole Solano family, all hundreds of us, came outta the bushes and opened fire on him as he was walking down the pier.  The mook never had a chance.  We musta drilled him wit a thousand or so rounds. Hell we chewed up the pier an him so bad they both fell inta the water. The bum couldn't be any more dead than if we'd a put him through a wood chipper.

Instant fish food. 

The only thing that didn't sit right with us was that the Don was dead. Remember I told you what that Marconi bum did to the Don, right?

Well ya see, that's where youda lost a bet.  Ya see, the Don, well he found a way outta that bag and got himself back ashore.  The Don lived and from that day on, he got the new monicker of "Teflon" Don Solano.  I just likes to call him The Teflon Don.

After that, well, you knows about that.  We became the most powerful crime family in the United States.  We're rulin' this place.  We're the kings a our corner of the universe.

Ya.  That's the ticket.

Kings 'o the universe.


So ya see now? Ya see how the Solano Family came from nuthin' and are now running all the crime rackets all across the country?




Now you know about the Solano Family.

Now that ya knows alls abouts us, well...

...we gots a problem wit you.


You know too much.


Now we has ta take care 'o that problem.




 See ya in Hell, ya Mook!!











Teflon Don Solano

Donovan Illego Carlo Solano


Grandson to Corelli Solano, godfather of the original Solano crime family, "Teflon Don" Solano is the current Boss to the current Solano Crime Family.

Born in 1985, Don Solano was educated at Princeton University and later at Yale University, earning an MBA and an additional degree in Criminology.

In 2007, his father, Carmine Solano, died from natural causes, leaving the family business to his son, Don.  Don took the family to the next level, but due to his father's lack of 'staying with the times' as well as the Marconi family elbowing in on the action, Don had to make some tough decisions his first few years. One of those decisions was marrying off his sister to the head of the Marcono family, Alberto Marconi.  Within days after the 'arranged' marriage, Don's sister was found riddled with over a hundred bullet holes, all the while the Marconis forcibly took over all of the Solano's businesses, killing off hundreds of the Solano's thugs and lieutenants, as well as several Solano family members.  One of those family members that Alberto took down was Don Solano himself.

As the gang war intensified, Don Solano brought in super-powered mercenaries from the assassin's guild known as "Death Legion" and whacked the entire Marconi family and gang within a week.  Once Death Legion was paid, Alberto Marconi came out of hiding and kidnapped Don Solano.  Taking Don out on a boat off of Rhode Island, he trussed up Don Solano in a weighted canvas bag with his feet in concrete and threw him over the side of the boat into the depth's of Long Island Sound.  With seconds of air left in his lungs, Don Solano spied another chained/cement-overshoed skeleton of a long-dead superhero next to him at the bottom of the Sound.  Wriggling one of his hands out of its bonds, he desperately grabbed at the body trying to find anything to help free himself.  What he was able to take off the skeleton was a pair of power gauntlets that shot remarkable force beams...and they were still charged up.  Using the dead hero's gauntlets, Don Solano broke himself free of the chains and cement block and catapulted himself to the surface using the gauntlets' force beams.  There, he propelled himself to shore, only to discover his gang had just killed Alberto on the dock minutes before Don Solano made it to shore.

Now, nicknamed "Teflon Don" Solano, Don has taken his crime family to the next level and is now the premiere criminal mastermind of the US east coast, as well as operations in the plains states and the southwest, especially Nevada and Las Vegas.  Even though he's cheated death, Don Solano still works closely with his thugs and lieutenants, leading by example.

Don't cross the Teflon Don.  It won't be healthy for you, your relatives...or your friends...

MDUverse Info

CoHverse: Teflon Don Solano was originally Teflon Don Marcone in the MMORPG, City of Heroes, created on 12 Nov 2007, as was part of Crimewave, Vilified and Death Legion at different times.

MDUverse: Created the Solano Family on 4 August 2013 under the leadership of Teflon Don Solano. In this universe,  the Solano Family formed upon arrival in New York City on 14 February 1927 by Corelli Solano.  By 2010, Teflon Don Solano was leading the Solano Family. After the Solano/Marconi Family Gang War of 2012, and  Don's 'death' on 15 August 2012, Don Solano has started rebuilding the family and their criminal empire once again.