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The Seaguardians, a super-powered group from G.U.A.R.D.'s Operations Division (Seaguard), is commanded by Captain Craig "Seawolf" Wolfe. The Seaguardians consists of several different super-humans, all assigned to GUARD's "Seaguard" Division and its high-tech futuristic, powerful and fast GUARD Submersible Attack (GSA)  Paragon City (SSX-1). 

Initially, the Seaguardians was a secretive submarine squadron created in the United States called COMSUBRON Alpha, however, when the financial crisis hit the US, the squadron was disbanded and several experimental submarine designs were left on the drawing board, unfinished.

A few years later, the squadron was reformed, however, this time, under the auspices of G.U.A.R.D. and its new Operations subdivision, "Seaguard". The new group of underwater super-powered heroes was renamed "Seaguardians".

Recently, the Seaguardians performed their maiden voyage aboard the SSX-1 with a varied crew of the the world's best submariners in their rates from the US, British, Australian and Japanese fleets. The Seaguardians and SSX-1 are currently operating out of any old abandoned WWII submarine pen outside of Newport, Rhode Island.

The Seaguardians is a unique, underwater super-group created to counter the potential threat of aggressive villain groups and nations, but mostly to counter the Atlantic Kingdom (and its mad ruler, King Dolphin) as well as the Pacific Ocean undersea terror group, "The Abyss".

Seaguardians Team

SEAGUARD Division Commander

Commodore Argonaut

Commanding Officer (CO) USS Paragon City (SSX-1) & Seaguardians Leader


Seaguardians  Team





Thomas "Tom" Patterson / Richard "Dick" Shepard / Herman "Harry" Henderson


In a freak accident aboard a nuclear submarine, a strange, unnatural dimensional rift opened in the path of the sub, causing everything and everyone on the ship to phase between dimensions.

Five Auxiliary Machinery Mechanics ("A-Gangers"), as they are called in sub lingo), were working on a pump close to the nuclear reactor when this dimensional shift occurred.

Due to their dimensional phasing across the reactor, the five "phased" into each other, created one person with the strength and endurance of five men.

With the rest of the crew incapacitated and dying, he/they used all his/their new-found strength to reach the Control Room and emergency surface the sub, saving most of the crew in the process.

'They' are still a mixed bag of thoughts; one is a very snide backstabber of a guy with a mean prankster streak, another is a paper-pushing know-it-all, another is a strong leader, another one is a mechanically-savvy 'get'rdone' type of guy, and the last one is a smart troubleshooter who once washed out of Nuclear Power School.  Together they make for quite a display of varying attitudes and intellect, constantly changing.  One thing they all agree on - with their new powers, comes a new job tasking as a hero!

Able to press over 1/2 a ton (1000 lbs.) coupled with his remarkable body density that is able to stop high caliber rifles, this 'five-in-one' A-Ganger can also leap as far as 100 yards in a single bound.  Due to his change in metabolism, he can also consume mass quantities of alcohol and liquor without any adverse effects.  His skin also provides good protection from heat, radiation and cold.

Along with several other tools on his/their belt (flashlight, compact multi-tools, knives, etc.), he/they also has a 15-minute rebreather, and his favorite weapon: a Titanium Pipe Wrench that can do incredible damage to objects when used like a mace. They all call is "Thor".

Barely able to even 'fit' down a submarine hatch, he/they now fights alongside fellow Seaguardian heroes as . . . the 'A Ganger'!


Shara O'Connell


As one of the first woman officers in the Navy's Nuclear Power Program, Shara O'Connell was at the New York Nuclear Prototype training facility when a band of villains attempted to steal the reactor's uranium.

Security was killed off and all that stood between the villains and the uranium were ten Navy nuclear trainees, one of which was Shara.  The villains plowed through the trainees like water.  The villains entered the reactor with special shields and radiation suits.  As they were transferring the core to a shielded container, Shara attacked them with a knife ripping open their radiation suits and ripping off their shield generator belts.  She was completely unprotected from the radiation. In a final struggle with the villain, Shara shoved the villain and the now exposed core into an major electrical bus panel.  The panel exploded with over 1000 Amps of current slicing through the air.  The villain instantly died (screaming alpha/crispy critter), however Shara began to glow.  She grabbed the exposed core amidst the electrical storm in the reactor room and replaced it back into the reactor housing and turned on the emergency coolant system, as well as covered the electrical bus from shooting further bolts of electricity into the space.

She saved the prototype center from a China Syndrome-type meltdown....but at a cost.


Although she only received one scar across her face, she now had the ability to control electrical power and project it from her body.  She can change to a normal person, but when she wills her change, she is enshrouded in an electrical aura, controlling amazing amounts of electricity.


Unable to work in the nuclear program with her dangerous powers, she was invited to initially join COMSUBRON Alpha (later, the Seaguardians) and use her powers for the good of mankind.  Now a Lieutenant JG in the crew, she has become the team's new, believe it or not, "Electrical Division Officer", and a new superhero in her own right!

Captain Seawolf

Craig Wolfe


Commander Craig Wolfe commanded the secretive spy submarine, the USS Nautilus (SSNS-1), several years ago when the height of the Atlantic Kingdom threat was at its worst. At that time, the USS Nautilus was ordered to perform stealth surveillance on the Atlantic Kingdom, reporting back all tactical and positional data daily.

At one point, the sub was found be a pair of scouts.  Since the sub was well into the Atlantic Kingdom's 'indicated' boundaries, the sub was attacked.  During the battle, as the sub was taking on water and 1/2 the crew was either dead or incapacitated, Commander Wolfe used his mutant mental powers for the first time in public, creating a a fearsome image into the heads of hundreds of Atlantean attackers, causing them to scurry away in fear.  The sub limped home, but was unsalvagable.

A year later, newly promoted "Captain" Wolfe was tasked to join a new secretive submarine squadron called COMSUBRON Alpha. There, he and a band of engineers designed the most audacious and powerful submarines the world had ever seen, all for the US Navy.  When the budget cuts hit the U.S., however, the program was cancelled and the squadron disbanded.

After the squadron's shutdown, Captain Wolfe worked with US Naval Intelligence, the CIA and Space Command.  he eventually became the director of the US Undersea Intelligence Program, under the auspices of then Captain Argough.  There, they worked on counter-intelligence against the up-and-coming undersea terror organization known as "The Abyss" in the Pacific, as well as against the Atlantic Kingdom.

Recently, Captain Argough was replaced, and weeks later, Captain Wolfe was asked to a unique meeting with the secretive G.U.A.R.D. worldwide security force.  There, Captain Wolfe was told of now "Commodore Argough's" new command...the reactivation of COMSUBRON Alpha, this time however, under the command of the SEAGUARD division of GUARD.  Captain Seawolf was asked to captain the new USS Paragon City (SSX-1); a design he helped created years before.  Agreeing to this, he recruited hundreds of the best submarine sailors from around the world, some with superhuman powers.

Now, as Captain of the first SEAGUARD sub, USS Paragon City, with a crew of 40 and a team of super-powered sailors, Captain "Seawolf" as he was codenamed, leads an incredibly dynamic band of submariners renamed as the "Seaguardians" in defense of the free world, protecting the sea lanes and combating those that would do harm to others.


Damage Control (aka "D.C.")

Sean Centaro


Sean Centaro was a US Navy Damage Control rated enlisted sailor...who is also a fire controlling mutant.

Joining the US Navy in 1995, Centaro volunteered for submarines and was denied due to his Damage Control Specialist (DC) rating designator.  He came from a long line of submariners, and felt gypped when he discovered the rate the enlisted recruiter signed him up for wasn't allowed on subs. Nonetheless, he went to the surface Navy aboard a Submarine Tender ship, based out of Italy.  While there, he became one of the best in his field, improving on damage control equipment and practices throughout the ship.  he was even awarded sailor of the year for CENTCOM.

One day, a fire broke out in the engineering spaces shortly after the ship got underway.  Several crewmen were trapped in a storage locker, cut off by the flames.  Centaro and his team went down there to clear a path to evacuate them, but the flames erupted and cut off Centaro's team from escape as well.  With seconds left before the team was overcome by the flames, Centaro 'hoped' the flames to die down and go out...which miraculously, they did.  Aside from a nosebleed, Centaro, his team and the trapped sailors in the storage locker were saved.  In a debrief later that day, the Centaro's team attributed the flame-out as an 'act of God', never guessing Centaro's newly used mutant power was behind the actual event.


Shortly after that, Centaro went outside the base to an abandoned warehouse and tested what he believed to be his new powers, with incredible results.  Over the next few weeks he learned to use his powers to control fire, flames and heat, however, he also found out he was NOT resistant to heat and fire after burning himself a few times.  In order for him to get close enough to use his powers, he deduced he needed to use a powerful fire-retardant suit.  He created the suit from old 1960s fire protection suits and added a Scott air pack to breath with, and a set of flamethrowers mounted on his gloves to create fire (he doesn't have the ability to create fire from nothing, but he can control fire (flames) once it is formed (not embers)).

Days after he created his homemade suit, he was able to test it when a Navy warehouse ignited, trapping several civilian workers inside the structure.  Donning his suit, Centaro walked into the warehouse fire and doused the flames with his powers, saving the civilians.  All of this was caught on video.  After the fire, Centaro was interrogated by NCIS, who thought he was responsible for the fire initially, and instead deferred to the Pentagon for action.  There, a then-Captain Argough (see: Commodore Argonaut) transferred Centaro into a special operation team called COMSUBRON Alpha, where he has since worked, using his incredible powers with other super-powered sailors and submariners.

Although Centaro has the incredible ability to control fire, again, he cannot create fire with his powers. he has to use a flamethrower to create the fire/flames he needs to control.  Thusfar, he has crudely used his powers for large areas of effect, however, he is learning to fine tune his powers and even create basic fiery shapes, such as cages and walls. he cannot control the heat the fire produces, nor any form of non-flame 'embers'; only fiery flames.

When he joined COMSUBRON Alpha, he designed a new suit.  The suit provides incredible protection from thermal heat and radiation, as well as excellent protection from the cold.  It's protective thermal and Kevlar weave also provides good physical protection from attacks or damage.  His chest-plate, however, provides remarkable protection, providing enough protection from a high powered rifle. Working with the group's kit-bashers, Centaro helped create some incredible new equipment he has with his suit to include:

  • Flamethrower/Fire Suppression/Oxygen Pack: The pack not only hold over a hundred minutes worth of propane-ignited material for use as a flamethrower that extend from the backpack down the arm hoses and into emitters on his gloves (range 75 feet), but the pack also contains an oxygen generator system, allowing days of oxygen supply for himself (weeks if he's in a water-submerged environment).  The pack also contains a CO2 generator that creates liquified CO2 that can also be ejected through the same flamethrower hoses/emitters , and can put out fires up to 50 feet away.
  • Utility Belt: Centaro has dozens of items that can not only be used for fighting fires and for damage control aboard ships, but also for fighting villains.  Here's some of the major equipment contained on the belt:
    • Fire Suppression Grenades: Remarkable fire-suppressant foam grenades that can put out remarkable-level fires in a 30 foot radius.  Creates foam that can fill a volume of 60 feet wide x 20 feet high.  These grenades have also been useful in combating fire-creatures/villains, suppressing oxygen to their fires and depowering said creatures/villains.
    • Epoxy Packs:  Taking two different containers from his belt (labelled EP 1 and EP 2), he'll connect them together, twist one of the containers, and can create an incredible sealant that can contain up to 600 psi of pressure/force.  This same epoxy can be used to bind or immobilize villains in combat or as 'handcuffs' if necessary also. Coverage area: 8 foot circumference x 1/2 inch thick
    • Energy Axe: With the twist of the top of the cylindrical handle/hilt, an energy axe extends out from the hilt, providing incredible cutting ability in the shape of a Fireman's axe. Energy form can only last for 20 minutes before the internal battery wears out.
    • Adaptable wrench / spanners: Auto-extendable devices; one with a six inch wide opening, the other with a foot wide opening.  When placed over a pipe, bolt head (even across or over a hand or arm), when the trigger is pulled, will engage up to 3000 psi (or less; adjustable) grip pressure using a force beam vice lock, entrapping the item in the device much like a pipe wrench.  This device can also be used to grab items or used to crush/damage weapons (...or weapon hands, for that matter), pending on the application.  Energy change can last only for 1 hour for each device. Device contains an extendable handle out to 3 feet.
    • Illuminated markers/flash device:  Small high intensity bright orange lit devices that can be mounted or placed on any non-lubricated surface to provide immediate (6' radius) lighting, or in the event of a fire, a means of being able to mark a retreat path or a path to the fire/scene itself.  In combat, an extra twist of the base of these can cause an overload of the marker, making it an incredible 'flash' device, affecting an area 12 feet in radius.  Normal marker use length of charge: 3 hours; flash effect: 1 second.

Now with his high-tech suit and equipment, Centaro continues his heroic actions as a member of the Seaguardians and SEAGUARD.



Nancy Engol


Graduated as a Professor from Massachusetts Institute of Technology at age 26, Nancy Engol became one of the foremost cybernetics engineers ever.  Couple that with her recent invention, the PERsonal  Cybernetic Eidetic Universal System (PERCEUS), where she can create mental images from her conscious or subconscious and recreate them via video and audio wireless links, or as conceived, to a computer for immediate actions and design.  Using PERCEUS, she has equipped herself with an exoskeleton to augment her own movements and abilities to remarkable levels.  She can run up to 60 mph, swim at 30 knots, lift over 800 pounds and see into the visual, infrared, x-ray and ultraviolet spectrums.  Her interface is also wireless, allowing her to tap (OK, hack) into all forms of communications equipment including cell phones, computers, and remotely operated weapons and equipment. She can also project self-images of herself across these devices if digital projections systems are incorporated. Her system allows her to understand any language, including machine language and coding.


Her PERCEUS design, unfortunately, has been attempted to be stolen dozens of times, making her a high risk target.  In an incredible piece of covert operations, she was introduced to Commodore Argough (i.e. Commodore Argonaut) who set up her death and false info about the failure or her PERCEUS system during testing.  This paved the way for her to work secretly with the government, which Professor Engol did not initially want.  Interestingly, when Argough went to start up SEAGUARD, Professor Engol followed, working with him on submarine automation systems, hiding her identify as simply "Ms. Joanna Smith".


Enjoying her ability to use PERCEUS for heroic purposes with the Seaguardians, happy to continue her engineering efforts, now with SEAGUARD, "Ms. Smith" now applies herself as the ''automation guru" for the group.


Hurt Locker

Thomas "Tom" Faris


Petty Officer 3rd Class Tom Faris was a submarine Culinary Specialist (cook) for years until a fateful day when the Atlantic Kingdom tried to take over his sub . . . and he wiped the floor with them.

Several years in subs, Tom had been a discipline case with lots of attitude but always did his job regardless. He'd recently gotten in trouble for 'scrounging' some stuff from the COMSUPSUBRON 1 Subase and initiated a huge bar fight during his sub's port visit to Boston.

Assigned 'extra duty' for this, he was one of the few left on the in-port sub when a warlord from the Atlantic Kingdom invaded Boston's piers. Nearly all the remaining crew were killed, including the skipper. During the fight Tom shot a couple of attackers and 'scrounged' their weapons and armor and started mowing them down with their own weapons.

Tom decimated dozens of the invaders and saved the sub. Eventually, the invaders were routed and they retreated back into the sea.

Shortly after that, the Navy deduced he has a form of Aspburger's syndrome, a form of high-level autism that, although making it difficult to deal with his emotions and social connections, has instead allowed him to have a high retention rate of repetitive abilities and a high order of deduction and kit bashing. It was deduced that his condition is what was and continues to be a social impediment to his discipline and interaction with others.

Although Tom has no superpowers, and is a motivated, straight shooting, blunt to a fault, 'get'rdone' type of submarine sailor (who also is one hell of a chef). He knows guns and weapons like baseball player stats off of baseball cards.  He is well versed in hundreds of different weapons and fighting techniques, including swordsmanship (a hobby he picked up in his youth), martial arts, boxing and wrestling. His condition has allowed him to get into a work out routine that has made him an Olympic-level athlete in strength and endurance.

One of the additional notes of Tom's 'Mc Guiver-like' kit bashing skills also relates to his knowledge and application of chemicals.  As a child, he learned how to mix chemicals and (at times dangerously) experiencing the results.  His childhood toy chemistry set soon turned into a college-level chemistry lab.  In school, Tom excelled in Chemistry and has always had a knack for being able to safely (and unsafely) mix chemicals for the reactions he desired.

Tom still retains several of the Atlantic Kingdom's energy rifles, as well as a set of remarkable chest armor he was able to strip and alter for his size.  His gauntlets are a set of experimental kinetic energy melee devices he calls his 'boxing gloves' that provide an additional kinetic impact to any punches he delivers, tripling the damage (can punch at 600 psi), but not damaging his hands.

His belt contains many 'unique' items, ranging from chemicals, parts that he can use to kit bash equipment with and various snacks and culinary 'equipment' he might need should be have to 'create a meal in the middle of combat' (according to Tom).

Tom was later transferred to SEAGUARD's Seaguardians super-team and now goes by the apt codename of Hurt-Locker.  His best (and only friend) is a fellow teammate named Torpedoman.



Dmitri Tesla


Dimitri Tesla was a brilliant nuclear-trained engineer on a U.S. Navy fast attack submarine.

During a patrol off the coast of the Philippines, his sub was assaulted by a band of warriors and undersea antagonists from an undersea terrorist group called "The Abyss".  After a prolonged fight inside the sub, The Abyss took took control of the sub.

To stop The Abyss from stealing the sub, Dimitri attempted to sabotage the power plant. One of the Abyss' super-humans discovered Dmitri's plans and stopped him just short of the Reactor compartment.

Fighting and trying everything he could, The Abyss' raid leader tired of him and threw him in the reactor compartment. As Dmitri was thrown into the Reactor compartment, he yanked off the raid leader's bio-genetic plasma weapon from his arm.  Angered, but unwilling to enter the reactor compartment, the raid leader locked Dmitri and the weapon in the Reactor Compartment, warning him that use of the weapon would result in the destruction of the sub and the remaining 50 lives aboard it.

Willing to sacrifice himself, and that of his fellow submariners, he targeted and fired the bio-genetic weapon at the reactor core.  The weapon did no damage.  A minute later, dying of radiation poisoning, Dmitri, messing with every single setting, button and control on the weapon, accidentally set it to overload.  The resultant explosion caused the reactor to scram, thus shutting down propulsion and power to the sub.  Dmitri, however, started changing. His skin became a luminescent green and his body began to absorb and irradiate radiation in pulse waves.  Unable to control his new powers, energy beams exploded out of his eyes, slicing steel hull, electrical cables and piping with amazing results. The Abyss' raiders evacuated the ship and left it to sink into the depths of the ocean. The sub eventually settled at twice its crush depth, however, the main hull had not imploded or ruptured.  50 men still needed to be rescued, and time was critical. Dmitri, with his new uncontrolled powers, sat down in the flooding reactor compartment and focused his mind, learning to control his new radiation based powers. That's when he came up with the idea to save the sub.

Taking a deep breath, Dmitri swam out the hole he'd made in the reactor compartment out into the sea.  Lungs straining, he melted off the metal grates under the sub's Main ballast Tanks (MBTs) and entered the MBTs where he immediately started using his powers as microwaves to boil the seawater inside the MBTs, creating steam.  That steam formed and trapped itself in the MBTs, making the sub positively buoyant, lifting the sub to the surface where the crew was able to escape relatively unharmed. Dmitri, however, caught the bends on the way up, as well as damaged lungs.  he was hospitalized at the Walter Reed Medical Facility in a special anti-radiation room.  After several surgeries with robotic arms, doctors healed Dmitri.

His new radiation powers, however, was a risk to everyone.  Difficult to control the pulses of energy, Dmitri was given a specially designed bodysuit made of composite anti-radiation materials of a good strength to help contain any potential uncontrolled pulses to his powers. The suit worked perfectly.  Although the suit has a grid-work of circuit-like radiation suppressors across it, Dmitri sometimes got teased he looked like a human electronic circuit card.  Given the codename "Nucleonics" (a place where reactor chemistry was performed on nuclear subs), Dmitir was soon discharged from the Navy and recruited by the mysterious yet powerful world security organization known as GUARD.  There, GUARD assigned him to one of their divisions, SEAGUARD, and allowed him to team with their newest super-powered team know as the Seaguardians.

Since then, "Nucleonics" has learned to better control his amazing radiation based powers, able to shoot radiation/microwave energy blasts, microwave pulse shocks (knocks everyone several feet away from him in all directions), energy beams from his eyes, and irradiation powers that can be used to heal or damage a person, he has since become a powerful addition to this band of ex-submariner superheroes.



Steven "Steve" Lance


Steve Lance was a new US Navy Ensign, assigned to his first submarine, the Seawolf-class USS Connecticut (SSN-22) when an attack by the Atlantic Kingdom changed his life, and body, forever.

Performing surveillance on one of the Atlantic Kingdom's realms, the USS Connecticut was stealthily monitoring electronic communications and undersea traffic in and out of the realm for intelligence gathering purposes...that is, until they were detected.  The Atlantic Kingdom attacked the submarine with thousands of minion warriors, all hell bent on stopping the sub.  Eventually, the warriors broke through the escape hatch, flooding the ship.  Several crewmen, one of which was Ensign Lance, were able to make it to the other escape hatch and swim to the surface using a special ascent breathing device called a Stanke Hood.  Each one was captured by the warrior minions and were taken to the realm's warlord.  As they were being hauled to the warlord's court, Lance saw the USS Connecticut set off its explosive scuttling charges, destroying the sub.

Once at the Warlord's court, they were given re-breather devices, forced to kneel, and receive their immediate judgement for spying, with the sentence being death.  All but Lance were executed on the spot, but as Lance was about to be executed, the Atlantic Kingdom's monarch, King Dolphin, arrived.  After a heated discussion, King Dolphin demanded that Ensign Lance be taken to the King's lab back in their capitol citadel.  After several hours of travel on one of their strange undersea vessels, he was taken to King Dolphin's lab, where, by the looks of the equipment, Lance was to be experimented on.

Days turned into weeks; weeks turned into months, and during that time, Lance was subjected to hundreds of experiments, some almost killing him.  The final experiment that King Dolphin did to him was to attempt to fuse human DNA with silicon (sand) and reanimate it with a unique bio-genesis energy wave.  To ensure Lance's compliance, he inserted a sub-dermal bomb in this neck, which would explode it he tried to exit the facility.

When the final experiment began, Lance could feel his bound body changing, however, he was able to 'feel' the silicon particles that now made up his being. As he lay there, his body changed to a sandy texture and his strength nearly sapped, he attempted to make a getaway.  Once he got to the citadel's doors, the bomb in his neck exploded, scattering millions upon millions of his newly formed silicon body particles for hundreds of yards in all directions.   Believing that Lance has died in the explosion, King Dolphin went back to his throne room to work his newest plot.

Lance, however, DID survive.Minions had 'cleaned' all the sand particles that were Lance and deposited them in a trash chute, where the sand particles drifted down to the ocean floor. 

After a year he finally pulled himself together grain by grain and escaped the sea floor area at the base of the lab/citadel and made it back to the surface world.  Once back in Washington DC, he was debriefed and discharge from the US Navy and then reassigned to the worldwide security organization, GUARD.  There in GUARD, a division called SEAGUARD had created a new undersea superhuman combat team as part of the Seaguradians, a group of heroic submariners working for GUARD.

Since then, Steve Lance was considered Missing In Action (MIA), however, the new superhero, "Sandlance" was born.  Now teamed with other incredible super-powered teammates, they work together to rid the undersea region of Earth of all evil, promoting peace and prosperity across the sea lanes of the world.


Sam "Sunny" Stevens


Chief Sam ("Sunny") Stevens is a modern day US Navy SEAL who has now become the host for a living mystical parasite found on the recovered armor and body of a lost U.S.WWII hero called the "Sargasso Sailor".

During WWII, a US Navy strongman named Robert (Bob) Gates fought beside the allies in WWII as the "Sargasso Sailor".  He wore a (high tech at the time) electric/steam-powered containment/diving suit that gave him excellent strength in combat and stainless steel-plate armor protection, all of which was propelled by steam-powered boot jets. He enjoyed launching from submarine torpedo tubes and attaching time bombs on the sides of enemy vessels.  In one of his WWII operations, he was sent to help save trapped sailors in a sunken U.S. submarine.

He was never seen alive again, nor were the sunken submarine's sailors he was sent to save.


In 2006, a scientific undersea mapping expedition found Sargasso Sailor's armor over 1/2 mile away from the WWII sunken submarine hull he was sent to save. The hero's remains were found in the suit, yet attached to the armor's arm was a strange black blob, initially thought to be congealed tar. It was obviously more than tar.  It was alive.


It seems that this strange symbiote had attached itself to Sargasso Sailor's armored arm, drawing the electrical energy of the suit as sustenance.  The armor and the parasite had laid dormant for the last 70 years.  When analyzed, the symbiote/parasite was found to have mystical energy properties...and a desire to drain electrical energy from any electrical components that came near it.

In an attempt to remove the symbiote/parasite from the armor, scientists attempted to pry it off with a crowbar. instead it killed the scientists with dark energy blasts.  A US Navy SEAL, Chief Petty Officer "Sunny" Stevens donned an experimental high-tech undersea combat suit to protect himself to extract the parasite and/or kill it.  After a 5-minute battle, the parasite latched on Stevens' left arm and fused with him and the armor, drawing electricity from the armor.  As the parasite was fusing, a mind link between Stevens and the parasite formed.  Although no language was evident, quick flashing images were transmitted between the two of them, allowing a form of communication by translating the images.

From the link, Stevens was able to discern the parasite was thousands of years old and was created by the mystics of Atlantis before Atlantis itself fell into the sea. From there, the parasite wandered the seas trying to find electrical sustenance, eventually finding electrically-charged eels and fish as food - until it found the WWII submarine.  There, it attempted to pry itself into the sub, breaking the sub's pressure hull, causing it to sink.  When the Sargasso Sailor arrived on the scene, it attacked the parasite and in the battle, both were wounded. They agreed to help each other to survive, however, the Sargasso Sailor ran out of air and died. The Parasite siphoned off his remaining steam-powered electricity and laid dormant for another host or source of electricity.  When the survey team found it, it was basically in a coma from lack of energy and needed to recharge just to react.

After the mind-link exchange, Stevens created a small electrical battery, strapped it to his arm and allowed the parasite to feed off of that instead of from his suit's electricity,  The parasite mind-flashed him that he'd never leave Stevens until


he died, but in thanks, would protect and fight for him if mind-flashed to do so, as long as the 'yummy clean' battery electricity was provided. Forever.

As such, Stevens learned the parasite could form itself into a dark energy shield, dark energy blasts, dark energy powered fist assaults, and even a form of propulsion in the water.  Its Incredible properties allowed Stevens to train in how to communicate and use it for defense and offense, so long as Stevens feeds it electrical energy. If it was denied the electricity, it would either attack Stevens or start draining his life force.

Now considered as the mystical parasitic and techno-undersea combatant codenamed "Sargasso", Chief Stevens has donned a new high-tech undersea battle-suit and, with the support of the parasite and dozens of ready-to-use highly charged stored electrical batteries, fights alongside GUARD's undersea division, called SEAGUARD, as a member of the Seaguardians!




Brad Behm


Acoustics engineer Brad Behm graduated from University of California, Berkley and went on to design new powerful sonar systems for the US Navy's Research and Development Lab (RDL) in Washington DC.  There, Brad designed the smallest most powerful sonar transducer ever, capable of emitting a signal so strong, it could knock over a building, yet use low amounts of energy by self-amplification powering.  His design was considered revolutionary, and as such, it didn't take long before villains started knocking on the door of the RDL.

The first villain was called Shrike, who wanted to updated his sonic weapons system. The next was a villain named "The Mad Screamer"....he didn't even get past gate security. Even a guy from South Africa named "Vuvuzela" attacked the facility, but again, failed to steal the technology. The one villain that made the difference was a psychotic murderer called Barracuda, a member of the Atlantic Guard of the Atlantic Kingdom, led by King Dolphin.  Barracuda slaughtered hundreds of RDL workers and scientists as he slowly proceeded towards the sonic device's lab, even killing Brad's sister and fiancee in the lobby.  There, in the lab, Brad knew it was a matter of time before Barracuda would show and take the device.  Using his creative intellect and a bit of kit-bashing, Brad created a voice amplification device to use with the new transducer.

When Barracuda arrived in the lab, Brad fired off his kit-bashed sonic transducer unit.  It blew everything out the research center's windows, shattering window over a block away and severely defeating Barracuda in one fell swoop.

Believing that this technology was too dangerous to leave on ships and subs, he instead decided to use an upgraded version of his voice-activated, kit bashed transducer as a new sonic weapon and avenge those that Barracuda killed that day.  From that time forth, Sonarman became the world's latest hero!

The sonic weapon is a compact design that covers his ears and mouth. The device can create remarkable ranged sonic energy attacks.  Depending on his device's settings, he can narrow the sonic beam or widen it to affect others in a 360 degree arc from him.  The narrow beam range is 200 yards in air, 400 feet in water, and if in a 'radius' attack, out to 40 feet in all directions. He is a proficient athlete and a California state award-winning marathon runner. His suit is designed to dissipate any sonic resonance so as not to personally harm himself.  His earpiece also has a communications link with his well as his iPod.  A brilliant sound engineer, he has a Masters degree in acoustic engineering with a minor in music.  He is skilled in playing the electric guitar.

Now a member of a secretive world security force's undersea division, SEAGUARD, Sonarman has joined the super-powered heroes of the Seaguardians to stop any such atrocities from ever happening to humanity again!

Torpedo Man

Dale Dryer


A US Navy Weapons Machinist Mate aboard the USS Annapolis (SSN-760), Chief Dale Dryer was considered to be one of the best Torpedomen in the submarine service.  18 years of service, commendations, expert marksmanship ratings, and the Leading Chief Petty Officer (LCPO) for Torpedo Division, he was considered to be the 'go to guy' for anything related to submarine weapons, rifles, shotguns, handguns, machine guns...ANY weapon.

On a 'spec op' (special operations) mission to the Arctic Ocean wherein the sub was to break through the ice and set up a specialized radar and electronics tracking system in the middle of the arctic nowhere, the sub was attacked by one of the Atlantic Kingdom's warlords, looking to steal nuclear weapons on the sub.  In the battle, most of the crew fought to hold the warlord and his warriors back.  Chief Dryer donned a divers cold water suit (he was also qualified as a Master Diver), and wearing a modified Scott air-pack he had, as well as several weapons and hundreds of rounds of ammo, all sealed in plastic, loaded himself into one of their torpedo tubes, opened the outer doors and swam out of the sub. After breaking through the ice, he pulled himself onto the topside deck, dropped down the hatch and flanked the Atlantic Kingdom warlord and warriors, shooting the eye out of the warlord.  The Warlord and his troops retreated.

As a result of his bravery and quick thinking, he received the Navy Star for his heroism.  When he returned home, he was given a parade.  An unsuspecting man in the parade crowd handed him a business card and said "I have the answer to what you seek".  Intrigued, Chief Dryer showed up at the business card's address and realized it was a huge government research facility.  There, he met Doctor Howard, an armor technician, who'd been working on a new form of undersea combat suit.  In their discussions, Chief Dryer declined the invitation to be a test subject for the armor, but stated he 'really appreciated' the opportunity, but the sea (and his family of 4) were his life.  Just then, a band of FEMS broke into the facility to steal the armor.  Again, Chief Dryer, thinking quickly, donned the armor and used it to subdue 20 FEMS combatants. The facility was destroyed in the ensuing battle and the Doctor, as well as 12 other employees were killed. With no one left of run the project, the US Navy instead decided to let Chief Dryer 'keep' the suit and run it through a series of internal tests.  The battle armor worked perfectly.  After a SECNAV discussion, Chief Dryer was permanently awarded the armor so long as he stayed on active or reserve duty with the US Navy, as well as being on-call if the Navy needed him and his armor.  The labs equipment that repairs and maintains the suit was placed in a mobile cart that can be easily loaded and used on at-sea vessels and subs.

Composed of several thick, strong layers of composite/metal fusion materials, the armor can protect the wearer from incredible amounts of damage.  He has his own self contained breathing equipment (lasts for 3 hours), and retains two separate energy blaster gauntlets.  For movement, he has a dual propulsion system in his boots; one for water jet travel (up to 90 knots), the other for 'in air' flight using ramjet for speeds up to 450 mph.  He also retains several mechanical and electronic devices for traps, distractions, emergency rations, ammunition/spare power packs and more.  His goggles contain a Heads-Up Display (HUD) tied to a personal sonar and tracking system as well as SEAGUARD's network, allowing him to perform research as well as tracking and combat. One of his favorite maneuvers is to be launched out of a torpedo tube to swim out to any attackers and combat them in his suit.

Not too long ago, the "Torpedoman Project" as it was designated, lost all funding.  In a quick response a US Navy Captain Argough from Naval Intelligence reassigned the Torpedoman project and Chief Dryer to go work for a secretive group called COMSUBRON Alpha.  Shortly after that, he was resigned from the US Navy and has since begun teaming with GUARD's Seaguardians hero group.

Although a strong family man, he is also a die hard submariner.  His stoic 'at sea' attitude is in direct contrast to his open love for his wife and children when in port.  Hurt Locker, a fellow teammate with Aspbergers Syndrome, seems to have befriended him.  The two constantly talk for days on end about weapons, movies and nothing in particular.


MDUverse Info

The Seaguardians group was created by Don 'Major Deej" Finger on 8 October 2013 and is based on a previous group he created called "COMSUPSUBRON 1" (also called COMSUBRON Alpha), on 31 May 2007. The characters that make-up the team were all created by Don Finger as well, however, their creation dates varied, most of which were created between 2007 and 2013.

The Seaguardians current leader, Captain Seawolf, was created on 31 May 2007 by the same person.

CohVerse: The Seaguaridans did NOT exist in the MMORPG, City of Heroes, however, the characters and premise of the Seaguardians group came from COMSUPSUBRON 1 super-group (SG) from Virtue server, created on 31 May 2007 by Don "Major Deej" Finger.  Characters and the group were maintained until the CoH servers were shutdown on 30 Nov 2012.