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GUARD Resources Division

Resources Division

Resources Division is responsible for all the transportation, facilities, weapons and personnel in and about GUARD.  Everything from aircraft, ships, spacecraft, missiles bullets, knives, plasma cannons, sky rises, secret hideaways and personnel management are all done through this division.

In addition to physical and personal resources, the GUARD Academy, which trains its finest GUARDSMEN and GUARDSWOMEN (as well as GUARDBEINGS), is also under the auspices of the Resource Division.

esource Division Director (RDD) ("Raider")

Akemi Tokiwa


Born in Kyoto, Japan, Akemi learned the family business of "Tokiwa Trade Conglomerate" from her father and after eight years of studies in Japan's finest universities.  In just a few years, she worked her way up the corporate ladder from a supervisor in shipping and receiving to the company's Vice President of Resources. Her father, a very proud man, intended to turn the business over to her in the next few years...that is, until the Golden Dragons crime gang intervened.

As the company's Vice President of Resources, she identified numerous 'losses' in the shipping and ground transportation groups.    The problem was, all of her information was from data reports and statistics.  She instead decided to disguise herself as an shipping employee and get the info from 'ground level'. Upon further investigation, she discovered employees who were stealing ship and truck loads of materials were doing so for the Golden Dragons. In two close calls of nearly being caught trying to redirect the company's assets, she was finally discovered and brought before one of the Golden Dragon lieutenants.  What she saw next chilled her heart to its core.

The Golden Dragon 'lieutenant' was her father.

Her father mentioned that their family had been threatened by the the Golden Dragons if he didn't comply with the robberies, and that once the Golden Dragons got what they wanted, they'd leave him and the family alone for good.  The problem was, the Golden Dragons got greedy and demanded more, forcing him to become one of their lieutenants to ensure the thefts were performed without error, under penalty of death of his entire family.  Akemi yelled at her father, swearing at him for being a coward and a crook to his own company.  Angered and upset over the situation, she ran to her father and slapped him saying she wanted nothing more to do with him ever.  At that point, her father took out his gun...

...and shot himself dead.

Shocked, Akemi fell to his side realizing her words and actions led him to commit suicide.  Grieving over her father's body, one of the Golden Dragons realized Akemi was the only chance they had to keep the theft ring operational; they threatened her just as they'd threatened her father, that if she didn't do what they wanted, her two younger brothers and her mother would be tortured and killed slowly.

Akemi snapped.

She went on a rage-fueled rampage, starting with killing the two closest Golden Dragons with her father's gun, and then eventually going through the old warehouse, killing any and all who dared to confront her.  Eventually, 20 Golden Dragons were dead, while another dozen ran away.  She then swore to correct her father's mistakes, on his honor, and find and return all the stolen merchandise.  If any Golden Dragons dared to stop her, it would mean their death.

When she returned home, she quickly sent her family to the United States to a college friend's  home in Boston, Massachusetts to keep them safe.  After that, she went to each and every one of the employees in the company that were associated with the Golden Dragons and gave them an ultimatum; turn themselves in with a full confession, or she'd do the same to them that the golden Dragons threatened to do to her family.  All of them turned themselves in.  Kyoto's jails were soon overflowing with those turning themselves in. Now it was time for phase two; take back what was theirs.

After a mass meeting with all the blue collar workers of the conglomerate, she pleaded with the employees to help her in her quest to return honor back to the company.  All of them swore to aid her. Over the next month, Akemi's 'corporate army' went around the world, taking back everything that had been stolen from them.  In many instances, she and her 'army' were involved in gunfights.  Some of her army died, however, the Golden Dragons lost 10 of their men for every one of Akemi's.  It was a bloody war, but in the end, Akemi got everything back.  She courteously apologized personally to each of her customers, begging forgiveness for her father's actions, swearing to take the conglomerate into a new direction; an honorable direction.  Their stocks went soaring overnight.

In the meantime, Kyoto's police finally caught up with all that was happening.  They rounded up hundreds of Golden Dragon thugs and lieutenants, however, Akemi and her personnel were still wanted for several dozen accounts of 'murder'.  As the police arrived at her business to cart her away, she was called from her family's new home in Boston; her family had been kidnapped by the Golden Dragons.  They demanded 100 million dollars (equivalent) in damages and loss of personnel, or her family would be brutally killed. When all seemed lost, a helmeted female GUARD Intelligence officer crashed through the 35th floor window and whisked Akemi to the roof.  On the roof, the Guardsman took off her helmet, revealing her to be the college friend from Boston she'd sent her family to stay with. her name was Kari Akagi. Kari told Akemi that the Golden Dragons broke into the house holding Akemi's family at gunpoint.  The house was surrounded by GUARD's gaardsmen and women, and that they were ready to go in and save Akemi's family, but needed Akemi's OK first.  Akemi agreed.  Just as the Kyoto police made their way onto the roof, Akemi was told GUARD had saved her family and taken down the Golden Dragons who'd threatened her family. Kari attempted to convince Akemi to escape with her until all of this was sorted out, but Akemi said no.

Akemi then turned to the police on the rooftop, and with the deportment of a samurai warrior, turned herself in.

After months of testimony, depositions and discussions, the Japanese government authorized 'clemency' to Akemi and her father's company, with one catch...Akemi could no longer be allowed to be a Japanese citizen or have any dealings with her father's now burgeoning business conglomerate. 

Her family had decided to stay in Boston.  The business was placed in control of one of the men that was in Akemi's 'army'; a man who swore on his death to run the business honorably from there on. 

Akemi lost everything for her future, but she gained honor in her actions.  She was accepting in her life's new direction. 

She was escorted to the airport with nothing but the clothes on her back. 

Where would she go? What would she do?  The answer:

The United States.

Boston, Massachusetts.


There, she would offer up her knowledge and skills to pay back what GUARD had done for her family.  Invoking 'giri' towards her acceptance in the role as GUARD's new Resource Division Direction, Akemi starts a new life with her mother and brothers; a new life that she intends to continue to do honorably in her father's name.

GUARD Academy (Wentworth Campus, Boston MA)

Located just north of Boston, Massachusetts in the United States, the GUARD Academy's "Wentworth Campus" is a 500-acre facility designed to house up to 600 students and 100 staff and faculty.  The building was originally the LEED Gold Building, designed by the US Army Corps of Engineers as an example of energy efficiency.  It utilizes cutting edge conservation technology like geothermal energy, rainwater harvesting, and thermal storage.

It also houses several sub-levels for technical, intelligence and operations training, including a vast underground holographic training arena and weapons facility.

Most students attend for two years of intensive training, choosing their own specialized field after their first year.  For those in the top 10% of their graduating class, they are allowed to volunteer for an additional year of training to become an advance technician or an operations specialist.  Of those, the top 10% who graduate their third year can volunteer to attend Executive Division training, where, if they pass the highly demanding curriculum and exercises, would be assigned to the Executive Division's Northern or Southern Hemisphere Departments or to the mysterious XGUARD division.

Attrition rate for the academy in 35%; a high number, yet those that graduate from the academy and perform their minimum of 6 years of GUARD service have found work outside of GUARD quickly at rates starting at $150,000 a year or more, worldwide.

The Academy's has four co-ed fraternities that students can pledge if they are accepted:

  • Alpha Epsilon (aviation space and associated engineering related)
  • Tau Iota (Land sciences, ground military, criminology, Investigative sciences and associated engineering related)
  • Sigma Omega (Oceanographic, business, executive organizational, personnel service and associated engineering related)
  • Mu Delta (Medical, psychology, behavioral studies and associated engineering related)

Academy Commander (ACADCOM) ("Principal")

Professor Marilyn Morse


Noted as one of the first people to ever sign up with GUARD in the 1970s, Professor Morse, prior to her assignment as the Academy Commander, was the Operations Division Director for 10 years.  She knows everyone and everything about GUARD, its personnel, its equipment, its resources and most importantly, the need for properly trained, energetic academy students.

Although she seems like a simple person, Professor Morse is a brilliant and dynamic leader; an example to all in the academy and GUARD. 

She holds her staff in great esteem.

She is academically tough on the students, as well as challenging with exercises and physical training.  She doesn't accept excuses and rarely backs down from her position on things.

Although she is fair, she also pushes critical thinking and cognitive skills training to expand a student's horizons, usually, to identify what the student's true thresholds are as well as their weaknesses.

She knows each student by name and makes in a point to interact with them one-on-one as much as possible.

When a fellow staffer is ill, whether it be a weapons instructor, calculus professor, or even a janitor, she'll usually jump in and do their duties as best possible.

She understands the male and female co-ed facilities can lead to 'shenanigans' as she puts it, however, she also knows that as long as the relationship doesn't distract or endanger each other, she'll allow the relationships. This a a major departure from the previous 'principal' who'd permanently expel  academy students if caught fraternizing or worse.

Professor Morse is married to a retired Harvard Psychologist professor and had five children; two of which became GUARD agents who died carrying out their duties. Her youngest son, at 18 years of age, is a student at the academy now.

Professor Morse holds several degrees and PhDs, and is a skilled martial arts instructor, as well as a weapons marksman and design professional.  Her strategic and tactical skills are 2nd to none, and her people skills are beyond incredible.  She is a highly respected GUARD veteran by her peers and her students. 




Facilities Commander (FACOM) ("House")

Achmel Abdhulla


A Bahranian citizen from the Middle East, Achmel is a highly resourceful manager and designer of all of GUARD's facilities, to include GUARD's HQ, the GUARD Academy and over 250 other buildings and structures. With advanced degrees on Architecture and Resource Management, Achmel has proven to be a true futurist in his designs, coupling natural resources, advanced engineering and style into some of the most incredible facilities in the world...and beyond.

Achmel is most noted for the creation of GUARD's "Skyports"; floating aerial bases for GUARD aircraft and personnel, located all over the world.

His most recent accolade comes from his recent completion of GUARD's new HQ in Boston's Bay Bay area.  Structurally able to withstand a nuclear blast, it also has 1/200th the energy footprint of any commercial facility on the US East Coast.

With his incredible engineering team, Achmel has, with each new facility, 'upped the ante' in quality, resilience and style renown the world over.

Personnel Commander (PERSCOM) ("People Person")

Zhuo (Xiang) Cho


Born in Shanghai, China, Zhuo was always intrigued by people, their personalities and skills.  She graduated from China's most auspicious universities as a personnel manager and human resource manager.

In 2000, as the Chinese economy was exploding onto the world, people in China needed jobs and skills.  In less than five years, Zhuo was able to work with the state and align nearly 90% of the population into work groups and educational fields suited for their experiences, skills and drives. This was considered an 'unwarranted' action, wherein previous policy was to take whomever was available and put them in a job whether they like it or not.  This led to a major political battle for Zhuo, who was not only fired from her position, but was placed in prison for 'aggregating' the people improperly.

After three years of hard labor, Zhuo was contacted by a person who would later be identified as GUARD's Resource Division Director.  In a jailhouse meeting, the Resources Director asked if Zhuo would be interested in working with GUARD to do the same thing she'd done her five years with the Chinese Human Resources group.  Zhou wanted to, but knew the work would take her away from her family and she still had 5 years of incarceration left. That's when the director informed Zhuo that they'd already worked an arrangement with the Chinese Government, taking Zhuo and her family out of China and bringing them to the United States, particularly Boston, Massachusetts, IF she'd leave quietly and change her family name, never once denouncing the Chinese government.  Zhuo agreed and was released that day. She changed her family's last name from Xiang to Cho and arrived, with her family, in Boston two days later.

Once there, she was amazed at the breadth of technology GUARD had to manage its resources, however, she also realized that most of the people being assigned to their respective jobs were only basing them on job tests scores and not the criteria she deemed important.  Within weeks, Zhuo overhauled the entire system, working around the clock, creating the new system baseline as well as reassigning personnel all throughout GUARD.


Initially her efforts ruffled a lot of feathers in the GUARD leadership, but over time, productivity and efficiency reports skyrocketed, as well as a her own self-created "Happiness" reporting system, showing an 80% happiness factor in all of GUARD's personnel and their job taskings.  Her statistics rivaled nearly all major businesses around the world, include Forbe's top 100 business' performances.

Nonetheless, job offers poured in for Zhuo offering her millions of dollars in salaries in she'd come work for them.  Zhuo refused all of them and told each "when I was at my lowest point, you were not there for me; GUARD was.  I will work and die for GUARD.  They are my family now and forever."

Zhuo relishes her job and makes it a point to get to know as many GUARD personnel on a personal level as possible.  As for her family, 1/2 of them joined GUARD simply because they knew with Zhuo assigning tasks, positions and jobs, that they'd excel in whatever role was presented to them, knowing full well Zhuo didn't believe in 'nepotism' or 'the good 'ole boy network'. 

Today Zhuo continues her tasks with a smile that brims from ear to ear.  She is considered one of the greatest assets of GUARD...and family as well. 

Transportation Commander (TRANSCOM) ("Gearhead")

Professor Terry McCormick


Born in Scotland in the United Kingdom, Terry worked his way up in life from living in the hovels of the shantytowns outside of Hawick, learning how to fix bicycles, car engines and generators for the locals.  As a destitute teenager, Terry came across a car on the side of the road; the engine wouldn't turn over and the driver was having a heart attack.  With no cell phone coverage for miles, or residence for that matter, Terry quickly repaired the car engine and sped the old driver to a hospital.  A doctor mentioned that the old man would have died if not for Terry. Terry, happy to have helped, instead, went about his own daily task of trying to eek out a living. 

Days later, Terry was confronted by a burly businessman demanding his presence in East Kilbride.  There, in a region ringed with mansions, Terry met the old man once again, retired millionaire Edward Dalton.  After a brief chat, Dalton informed Terry that he was to thank him for saving his life by giving him a chance at a better education and a new life.  Terry agreed and started attending private schools and colleges.  While in college one day, Terry was informed that Mr. Dalton had died.  During that reading of Dalton's will, Terry was informed that he was the sole beneficiary to Dalton's estate worth over 25 million Euros. 

Rather than live the high life, Terry put the money to good use with charities and set up the mansion to become a group home for orphaned children (since he himself was an orphan).   Terry then took the remaining money and went to every major technical university and college he could. 15 years later, he graduated with his Doctorate in Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, graduating Suma Cum Laude. 

During his educating years, Terry created dozens of incredible technical designs and vehicles, all of which he patented and made millions of dollars with.  One of his first jobs with a US Defense Contractor, allowed him access to incredible resources in designing vehicles, sensors and aircraft.  After 5 years of incredible designs, garnering the contractor hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue, Terry went back to Scotland to see what had happened back home.

When he arrived at the old Dalton Estate, he found it a smoldering wreck.  An hour before, super-villains had threatened to kill all in the orphanage unless they were freed to go after their assassination of a prominent football star next door; since the local authorities had no choice, they let them go...but not before they blew the orphanage sky high, killing over 120 children and 30 adults and destroying everything in a one block radius.

Enraged, Terry went to one of the US Defense Contractor's Scotland facilities and stole one of his own new fighter designs he was making for GUARD; the GS-1 Aurora.  A hypersonic stealth interceptor, he quickly caught up with the super villains' jet half way across the Atlantic and rammed them, causing their planes to crash (sorry, the Super-villains emergency teleported away).  Hundreds of feet from hitting the ocean, he was saved by Aeronaut of GUARD's Aeroguadian super-group.  The Aeroguardians were about to intercept the super-villains and arrest them when Terry had taken matters into his own hands.

After returning to Scotland with the Aeroguardians, Terry was immediately fired for his actions.  A few calls later, Aeronaut offered Terry a chance to help GUARD to prevent 'bad people' from getting away with murder like they'd done with the orphanage. 

That's when Terry joined GUARD. 

After attending all four years of GUARD's academy curriculum (and completing it in only 2 1/2 years), Terry was assigned (by GUARD's incredible "People Person", Zhuo Cho) to become the next Transportation Commander.

Since then, Terry and his engineering teams have devised and created the most amazing vessels, aircraft and vehicles in the world...and beyond.  From the GS-1 Aurora to GUARD's starships, Terracers 1 through 5, and dozens of other futuristic vehicles, Terry is the happiest he's ever been. 

Although he wants revenge for the orphanage's destruction, he knows that whatever he builds today with GUARD will help to stop the 'bad guys' tomorrow.

Weapons Commander (WEPSCOM) ("War Machine")

Heinrich ("Hank") Heinkel


Great Grandson to WWII's Ernst Heinkel, head of the Heinkel Aviation company for Nazi Germany, Heinrich, or as his friends call him, "Hank", has taken the once absorbed Heinkel aviation company and had created the new Heinkel Weapons Manufacturer out of Bonn, Germany.

In 2002, Hank had recreated his grandfather's company, however rather than airplanes, he'd created some of the most powerful and futuristic weapons ever devised.  Energy weapons, gauntlet-aimed force blasters, powerful laser rifles and even proton energy hand weapons.  His company took off like a rocket and he was righting the name of his family...or so he'd thought.

Orders for his weapons were coming in by the thousands.  Nations and businesses alike all wanted his incredible new weapons.  Aside from a few 'cry-baby' lawsuits against his designs, everyone was happy with their quality and durability.

One night, his shipping and receiving manager informed him that of the 20,000 orders they'd placed that year, only 1,000 were received.  After their investigation, it was discovered that many of their shipments had been intercepted, weapons removed, crates resealed and shipped to the customer sans weapons.  The problem was: where did the weapons go?  Most of the security video footage then obtained was either 'doctored' or electronically jammed or magnetically erased.  After informing the authorities about this, customers and nations began bashing Heinkel saying they were being cheated.  Lawsuit after lawsuit began to fly and in less than a year, Heinkel Weapons Manufacturing was bankrupt.  The worst of it was, no one was able to determine what happened to the stolen weapons.  Who had them?

While supervising the liquidation of his mansion, Hank met an old man who is believed to be 'The Major".  During that meeting, Hank was told of a 'shadow organization' that had been building up its energy weapons; they were more than likely the culprit behind Heinkel's thefts.  When Hank demanded The Major help him, The Major cited "previous associations with the Heinkel family" and declined, however, he did refer Heinkel to GUARD, knowing they'd be interested in the information.

With his last bit of money, he flew to the United States and met with GUARD.  Within hours, he was received by the Director of GUARD.  behind closed doors, the Director worked a deal with Heinkel; he work for GUARD in helping to build weapons for peacekeeping and as soon as the Shadow Organization was uncovered, GUARD would personally exonerate Heinkel for any of his purported wrongdoings.  With little choice, Hank chose to join GUARD.

From day one with GUARD, Hank was a kid in a candy store.  With GUARD's resources, Hanks was able to design even better and far superior weapons and devices.  Hank was given a $250,000 a year stipend for all of his efforts, with a 10% profit on each weapon bought and used by GUARD.Heinkel couldn't have been happier.  Although he wanted his old team to be with him, GUARD mentioned that most of them were high security risks and may have been compromised or even behind most of Heinkel's robberies through the 'Shadow Organization'.

Regardless, Hank eventually became the Weapons Commander for Resources Division.  Now able to design and engineer ideas he's had for decades, Hank now feels like he has a new chance at redeeming his family's name.

Little does Hank know that his 'grandfather', "Heinkel", who was a Nazi super-powered mercenary during WWII and a member of Baron Berlin's Axis Force, has recently thawed from his near-70 year cryogenic sleep.  His 'grandfather', at this point, is now younger than Hank...and is still considered extremely mentally unstable and a die-hard Nazi...a Nazi with nothing but murder on his mind.

Imagine what would happen if these two ever met...