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About Reichsland

Created in the 1990s, a fascist group called the 'New Reich Army' started off as a means for disenfranchised, angry young 'skinheads' to create an anti-Semitic group looking to mirror WWII's Nazi Party mentality; it has since taken over the town of Nuremberg, Germany, creating their own fascist dictatorial nation.

When the Berlin Wall fell and Germany reunited, many European anti-Semites went into hiding, however, they still went out burning, beating and killing 'others' they considered 'lesser'.  By 2000, their ranks had grown to over 10, 000 worldwide.  Members were arrested and sent to prison, where they recruited even more anti-Semites. In 2005, an influential pair of leaders took up the reins of leadership and catapulted the "New Reich Army" as a powerful organization. One of those leaders, calling himself the "Volksjagger" or "People's Fighter", was a highly organized young man who found 'unique' ways to fund the New Reich Army.  The other leader, a mysterious 'Major' amidst their ranks, would take kidnapped people, usually businessmen, and 'convert' then into soldiers of the New Reich Army, usually involving a 5-minute closed door session with them.  With wealth and influence flourishing, the New Reich Army started taking action against any and all that were not Caucasian or Aryan.  Hundreds of innocent men, women and children were killed in back alleys and homes at the hands of the newly empowered New Reich Army.  

Propaganda soon sprouted up all over Europe and the Americas, identifying anyone who was not pure Caucasian or Aryan as 'inferior' or 'worthless'. This led to more recruiting, but it also led to nation-wide sweeps of New Reich Army meeting halls and establishment by the police, the FBI and Interpol.  Thousands were arrested by 2008, however, once again, the New Reich Army used their prison time to recruit even more followers.  By 2010, their ranks swelled to well over 100,000.

Knowing that distance was an impeding factor in the New Reich Army's ability to form as one army, every member around the world flew to Germany, where, with incredibly advanced weaponry, they took over the town of Nuremberg, Germany, and made it their new 'capital'.  In pitched battles with the police and the German army, the New Reich Army help their ground.  Nuremberg turned into a war-zone; a war-zone that the New Reich Army was winning.  International pressure from the United Nations brought in U.N. 'peacekeepers' to settle the battle, only to have the 90% non-Caucasian 'peacekeepers' killed outright, with their burned bodies put on display at every street corner.

During this time Volksjagger was able to secret in munitions, weapons and more recruits each day, using a magical 'teleporter' to aid them.  That said, even though the New Reich Army was holding its own, Volksjagger knew that if something didn't happen to help turn the tide in their favor, it was only a matter of time before they'd be defeated.  That's when their 'miracle' happened.

in 2013, A convoy of 'aid workers' was allowed into Nuremberg to give food and water to those in the embattled Nuremberg town; the convoy was instead the disguised resurrected remnants of the WWII Nazi super-group known as "Axis Force".  For nearly 65 years, a dozen of the super-villains known as 'Axis Force' had been frozen in experimental cryogenics units, originally designed for the Fuhrer and his aides, however, in a strange twist in history, Axis Force was arrested by the paranoid Fuhrer spouting they'd betrayed him and Germany. Der Fuhrer had many of Axis Force killed outright while the more powerful ones were placed in cryogenics units (again, designed for Hitler and his aides) located deep underground in Berlin.  They were to be thawed out if Berlin was ever to be surrounded by the Allies, wherein, the frozen members of Axis Force would be given one last chance to fight for the Fatherland or die.  As fate had it, Axis Force was never thawed out. The cryogenics units remained undiscovered for over 65 years, when their experimental power supplies finally failed. Once Axis Force thawed out, the enraged Axis Force leader, Baron Berlin, wanted nothing more than to make the world pay for their actions against Axis Force and decided to set into motion a complex plan to take over the world.  When the Baron heard about the New Reich Army and Nuremberg, he and his rearmed and improved Axis Force snuck into Nuremberg and commenced the first phase of his his master plan to take over the world; a phase that required an army; particularly, the New Reich Army.

When Baron Berlin arrived in Nuremberg, he was hailed a hero to the new Reich Army.  After days of intense battle, Axis Force and the New Reich Army not only pushed back all of the German forces, but also declared that Nuremberg and 20 miles of its surrounding territory were now a sovereign nation; a new Nazi nation called "Reichsland".  From their new capital of Nuremberg, Baron Berlin was proclaimed the new Fuhrer of Reichsland, as well as the Holy Leader of the "New Reich Army" .

With little to no choice, the United Nations accepted "Reichsland" as a new nation born from the conquered German territory (treated much the same as Kuwait was treated when Iraq invaded it), however, the U.N. immediately imposed sanctions on the war-torn region, inciting that Reichsland's leaders were all war criminals required to be tried by the World Court. The politics and the sanctions had a reverse effect on the situation; it drew sympathy for some while swelling their ranks with even more new recruits.  On June 15th, Baron Berlin proclaimed "Fuhrer Day", taking over as the new Fuhrer and transitioned the leadership of the New Reich Army from Volksjagger to him.

Today, Reichland's army has swelled to well over 150,000 troops, with over 300,000 additional civilians either desiring to live there or trapped there. The Flosenburg Labor Camp was rebuilt, wherein anyone not Caucasian or followers of the "New Reich" were placed and forced to labor in Reichsland's new factories.  With Baron Berlin the ruler, Axis Force as its super-team, and over 150,000 troops with advanced weaponry and equipment, Reichsland is now considered one of the most dangerous nations in the world.

Reichsland Statistics

General: Reichsland is the new fascist Nazi nation created by Baron Berlin, Axis Force and the New Reich Army on 15 June 2013.

Capital: Nuremberg

Government: Fascist dictatorship (with advisory council)

Population: aprox. 350,000; 150,000 of these are military-related troops (and growing)

Land volume: 370 square miles 

Language: Primary - German; Secondary - English

Military facilities: Airfields; 10; Naval Stations (river): 10; Army bases: 40; Missile Sites: 50 fixed sites plus an additional 50 mobile sites; Space Platforms: 1 (massively modified communications and lab module) renamed as "Tod aus dem Himmel" - "Death from Heaven".

Reichsland Map:

Reichsland Leadership and Troops


  • Air Force
  • Army
  • Navy
  • Logistics
  • Intelligence
  • Star Force


Der Fuhrer/Baron - Ruler of Reichsland and leader of the only political party allowed in the country, the Nazi Party.

Prime Minister - Deals with foreign relations for Der Fuhrer.

Chancellor - selected individual chosen by Baron Berlin himself as part of his think-tank dubbed as the 'Round Table of Reichsland'; There are 10 Chancellors total.

Reichsmarshall - Head of each major military unit of Reichsland's armed forces.

Field Marshall - Combat leaders of Reichsland's armed forces answerable only to the Reichsmarshall. 

Commandant - Department leaders of each major faction of Reichsland's armed forces.

Colonel - Division Leaders of each major department of Reichsland's armed forces.

Major - Leaders of each major sub-division in the Reichsland Armed Forces.

Captain - Leader of small units of sub -divisions in the Reichsland Armed Forces.

Lieutenant - Leader of small units of sub-divisions in the Reichsland Armed Forces.

Ensign of Business - Company business leaders for factories and major manufacturers.

Enlisted - Drafted men and women of the Reichsland Armed Forces, most of which do the actual fighting.