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FIELD OPERATIONS  (PPD)                                                                


The Peacekeepers' Field Operations team, also known as the Peacekeeper Police Division (PPD), was created to properly engage any normal and super-powered villain, criminal or organizations that are breaking the law when the nation's police forces, including SWAT, Homeland Security and the US Marshal's office, can't.

The PPD is under the leadership of Skywatch, a brilliant tactical leader with years of military and police training. The PPD have trained and worked together relentlessly to perform as a well-oiled machine.  Teamwork is their focus, along with training in all forms of strategic and tactical maneuvers and arrest methods.

Once a call comes in, the PPD assesses the data about their objective(s), coordinates with the Investigations and TAM divisions, performs a formal brief and then, depending on their assignments for the call, they teleport to the location using their Quantum Teleport technology.  Once on the site, by federal law, the PPD has automatic jurisdiction over the scene and any responding agencies (with the exception of anything internationally related, i.e., Interpol, Scotland Yard, the UN Security forces, etc.).  Once briefed and a plan of action is coordinated with the other responding agencies, the PPD goes to work and takes down the villains/criminals/organizations using US laws and regulations.  Any normal captured criminals, villains and/or illegal organization personnel are processed through normal local legal requirements, however, should the perpetrator(s) be considered 'super-powered' or 'technologically enhanced', incarceration and processing are performed by the PPD themselves at a secret federal prison and processing location (codenamed: "The Hole") under the auspices of the US Justice Department.

"The Hole" - Secret Federal Underground prison for super-powered criminals; location - (classified)

For the most part, over 95% of the Field Ops arrests have met with a 100% efficient operation record, however, with recent bureaucratic oversight, restrictions and policies, their efficiency has been greatly compromised.  As such, Skywatch has discovered that sometimes protocol isn't the way to go, but instead direct action.  This has lead to friction with federal and local police agencies and as of this date, has placed responding agencies in a quandary over leadership and actions.

The following personnel make up the PPD (scroll to see individual characters):

Agent Six

Name Unknown


Agent Six is a CIA agent that has been ‘allowed’ to cross over from the CIA chain-of-command to the Peacekeepers group while still maintaining access to the CIA’s database and contacts. The only person he answers to in the CIA is a person only identified as “Agent Alpha”.

When the Peacekeepers Plan was established, many super-powered personnel in law enforcement or in government positions that were ‘outed’ from the implementation of the World Super-powered Registration Act (WSRA) were assessed for including into the Peacekeepers.  Interestingly enough, some of those added to the Peacekeepers roster did not have super-powers; Agent Six was one of them.

The CIA demanded that Agent Six be allowed to work with and in the Peacekeepers in order to ensure national security and proper federal requirements were being performed by the Peacekeepers.  Initially, Major Order and Judge Law decided against Agent Six’s inclusion, however, after an ‘interactive mission’ with Agent Six, both of the Peacekeepers co-leaders agreed he should be allowed to join.

Agent Six is quiet, mysterious and has a knack for showing up at unexpected times, usually when the need for him is the greatest.  He speaks very little, but when he does it has purpose and impact. He also doesn't 'hang out' with the other Peacekeepers; most of the time, the team doesn't know where he goes off to, but strangely enough, when a situation or call to action arises, not only is Agent 6 'suddenly there', but he's armed, geared and ready to go. This hasn't caused too much friction with the team, however, there is a slight air of mistrust due to Agent 6's clandestine-like actions. When in action with the team, Agent 6 is a powerhouse of action that more than less leads to a perfect mission completion. The CIA identified Agent Six as a “top agent with a ‘spotless’ record” with over 12 years of experience in international and national missions and incidents.  He does work well with others, however, he’s known for providing a ‘better’ tactical solution to the field commander than most field commanders are able to come up with.

He carries a varied array of weapons and ordnance, however, he particularly fond of his energy beam weapon, nicknamed “Justice”.  His beam rifle has several different settings allowing for pinpoint targeting to a wide arc blast mode.  He normally carries caltrops (small, steel, multi-spiked marble-sized items (like jacks) that he’ll throw on the ground to slow down or hurt others that run across/over them).  He’ll also carry at least one sidearm (type depending on mission), as well as grenades (smoke, explosive and gas), flash-bangs, high-tensile carbon fiber cable with grappler and launch gun, and many other unique tech equipment and toys (including drones and drone gunships). He is also trained in many forms of martial arts, judo, karate, savate and boxing.





Kyle Cord, Sergeant, Detroit PD SRT


Sergeant Kyle Cord was a member of the Detroit PD Special Response Team (SRT) team for over 10 years.  In that time, Sergeant Cord received numerous citations and awards for his tactics, professionalism, bravery and team leadership.  He was involved in over 300 non-training sorties and had amassed a kill count of over 100, with a wounding count of over 370.  As a dedicated Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) sniper and assault team leader, he was respected by his team and many in the community for his off-hours volunteer work with disabled children.  All of that changed in 2011.

In 2011, the Detroit PD were informed of an old abandoned manufacturing building where strange lights and noises were heard from.  The Detroit PD sent a squad car to investigate, where upon entering the building, they were assaulted by a band of CANIS troops that had set up shop there.  Before long, the Detroit PD had the location surrounded and the Detroit PD’s SRT was sent in.  Although everything was done right and by the book, the SRT was gunned down in mere minutes.  One of those was Sergeant Cord.  As he laid dying on the floor of the abandoned plant, a man in a suit and five CANIS troops walked up to him and said, “he’ll do”, knocked him out and hauled him away.  After a three hour stand-off, the Detroit PD called in for superheroes to help.  When the superheroes finally arrived, they discovered the old plant was abandoned by CANIS and that CANIS had escaped via one of the dilapidated tunnels that was part of Detroit’s old abandoned subway system from 1954.


One of Detroit’s Old Abandoned Subway tunnels

Sergeant Cord, along with over a dozen other wounded/near-dead SRT and Detroit PD officers had been taken by CANIS through to the abandoned subway tunnels and escaped out to Lake Sinclair.  Sergeant Cord and his fellow abductees were then taken across the lake to the swampy areas of Goose Lake near Ontario, Canada’s Dover Centre. There, CANIS had built a secret lab in the marshy areas (from an old abandoned sawmill) where they’d set up a Cyborg and Nanotechnology Integration Site (also using the acronym, CANIS).  There, Sergeant Cord and his fellow law-enforcement abductees were treated for their wounds, while also having parts of their bodies removed and replaced with cybernetic-controlled mechanical parts.  Over 90% of the abductees died from the experimentation and grafting process; Sergeant Cord was one of the few that survived the process.  He’d had both legs replaced, his right arm, both ears, eyes and nose replaced, along with an organic Kevlar armor around his ribcage area.  CANIS planned on using him and over a dozen others like him as part of a major heist of a secretive weather-controlling device devised by the US Air Force’s Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) located at the Selfridge Air National Guard (ANG) Base outside of Detroit, Michigan.

Sergeant Cord’s new cyborg body was controlled by miniature nanobots that were infused into Cord’s brain.  These nanobots would redirect Cord’s synaptic responses to what CANIS ordered, thus making Cord (as well as his fellow abducted officers-turned-cyborg) into a mind-controlled killing machine.

On the day of CANIS’ raid on the Selfridge ANG base, CANIS flew over a dozen stealth aircraft & helicopters, hundreds of CANIS troops, and the group of nanobot-controlled cyborgs into American airspace to steal the US Air Force’s weather control machine. During the raid, dozens of CANIS troops were shot and killed, as well as several of the dozen or so cyborgs.  Sergeant Cord, as a cyborg, was hit by rocket-propelled grenade (ironically from his own SRT division) which luckily destroyed the transmitter/receiver for the implanted nanobots in his head. Without incoming commands, the nanobots went to a default ‘lockup’ mode, immobilizing the host cyborg’s body.  Lying on the ground, immobile due to the ‘lockup’ mode, Sergeant Cord fought with every fiber of his being to override the lockup with his own thoughts.  After 2-3 minutes, he not only overrode the nanobots lockup command, but fried all the nanobots in his body, thus giving him total control over his own body.  Cord was going to make CANIS pay for what they’d done to him…in spades.

Cord took a “SWAT” labeled bullet proof vest, a sniper rifle, ammo/utility belt and several grenades from a downed fellow SRT officer and commended his assault on CANIS.  He plowed through the CANIS ranks killing the troops.  CANIS stealth aircraft attempted to shoot at him from the air, only for Cord to throw chunks of concrete into the air intakes of the planes, thus downing them.  He made his way to the weather control machine site, just as CANIS was lifting it out from its underground location via a cable attached to one of its own helicopter gunships.  Cord plowed through the remaining CANIS troops and jumped up onto the rising weather control machine, riding the now airborne machine with the helicopter. He climbed up the cable, trying to get up into the helicopter, all the while as three CANIS troops inside the helicopter shot down onto Cord.  Taking damage as he ascended, he lost his grip and fell back down onto the weather control machine at the end of the cable.  With his last two grenades, Cord tossed them into the helicopter, where they promptly exploded, killing all in the helicopter’s cabin.  Cord did what he could to shield the machine’s impact into Lake Sinclair as both he and the machine splashed down.

An hour after the raid, as the Detroit police and the National Guard were mopping up the remaining CANIS troops, Sergeant Cord emerged from the waters of Lake Sinclair, dragging the weather-control machine to the shore.  He was immediately met with guns pointed at him, but after he explained who he was and what happened, he was instead transported to the hospital with a police escort.

En route to the hospital, Cord told the police everything, including the secret base at Goose Lake.  Within hours, US and Canadian forces converged on the secret site.  It had already been abandoned, however, dozens of additional cyborg parts were left behind. Amongst the equipment left behind, the bodies of the policemen that had died during the cyborg integration process were found as well.  All of those that died at CANIS hand were given a proper hero’s funeral and ceremony.

At the hospital, the doctors there realized that removing any of Cord’s cyborg components would most likely kill him, thus the doctors called in several robotics engineers do what they could to fix his damaged cyborg systems instead. Months later, he was released from the hospital, a fully healed and operational cyborg in complete control of his own body.  When told that he’d be given a hero’s retirement upon his hospital discharge, he opted instead to stay with the SRT and continue to do his job.

For the next year or so, Sergeant Cord did his job beside his fellow SRTs, however, the police brass and the community were not too keen on him being a cyborg.  They were fearful of him.  Once the World Super-powered Registration Act (WSRA) went into effect, Sergeant Cord was put onto a desk job by his Captain for fear that he’d be treated too ‘differently’ that his fellow officers.

Shortly after the WSRA registration, Cord was contacted by a woman known as Judge Law, a southern lawyer who’d until recently had been working with the US Supreme Court.  She mentioned that a new super-powered police force, called the Peacekeepers, was forming and she asked if he’d be interested.  He was.  Within days, he was packed up and joined the Peacekeepers.  When he got to the Peacekeepers base in the Dakotas, he found the unmarried remnants of his SRT team (and a few from the police academy) waiting for him there.  They said they’d worked a deal with Judge Law, allowing them to be his support team, if he chose to accept them as his new Peacekeeper SWAT squad.  He agreed, and today, he has a team of 20 men and women that work for him as his own SWAT unit with the Peacekeepers.

Now known as “Code-11” by the media, Sergeant Cord’s abilities are remarkable as a cyborg.  He can lift almost a ton in weight, can leap over 700 yards, Can hear up to 1 mile away with focused attenuation, he can see up to 10 miles away (again with focused attenuation), and has an onboard oxygen supply that can last up to 4 hours.  He’s been clocked at running up to 45 mph on a straight road. His cyborg armor provides excellent protection from bullets and sharp weapons to his torso, while also wearing a good Kevlar body suit for additional protection (as well as another layer of good protection with his SWAT vest).  He carries a heavy array of weapons, gadgets, explosives, cable, grenades, rifles, side arms and other SWAT-related equipment.  He was already an expert marksman, weapons master, strategic/tactical evaluator and an expert in all forms of ranged weaponry.


Gold Shield

Cheryl Linder, Sergeant, NYPD


“Gold Shield” was the title given to several post-World War II era NYPD heroes who carried that each inherited the famous gold-colored, badge-shaped steel shield in turn. These heroes were NYPD beat cops, detectives and investigators that did their services between 1940 and 1988.  In 1988, the Gold Shield was officially ‘retired’ by the NYPD Police Commissioner as a symbol of a bygone era.  The shield was retired with its last bearer, Police Chief Aaron Mayfield in 1988.

In 2010, retired Chief Mayfield, attended as the guest of honor at a policeman’s banquet and award ceremony at One Police Plaza in New York City.  Mayfield was asked to bring his old shield with him to show off for a photo op. There, at the banquet, just as Mayfield was presented a lifetime achievement award, the attending police officers were attacked by the members of the Gold Syndicate, a band of gold thieves.  In minutes, dozens of officers were gunned down, as was the NYPD current Police Commissioner and retired Chief Mayfield.  The Gold Syndicate went around and took the ‘gold watches’ from the policeman who had them, as well as any other gold they could find – including Mayfield’s “Gold Shield”.  The Gold Syndicate made a clean getaway.  Mayfield’s granddaughter, Cheryl Linder, a young NYPD policewoman who was also attending the banquet, chased after the crooks.

The chase scene with the Gold Syndicate thieves was one that might have been scripted in a Hollywood film.  Cheryl followed them in a cop car, a cop motorcycle, helicopter and even off the back of a flying superhero.  Throughout the chase, the Gold Syndicate thieves were doing everything they could to evade Cheryl, even so much as damaging a highway overpass, endangering dozens of motorists.  The superhero she grabbed a ride with, Captain Lithuania, went to help the people on the damaged highway while Cheryl instead commandeered a civilian-styled Humvee H2 from a Wall Street mogul.  As the thieves darted into the Lincoln Tunnel, Cheryl rammed the thieves into a divider instead, knocking down a few road signs along the way.  The thieves’ vehicles trashed, they attempted to run down the tunnel, all the while Cheryl pursued them, grabbing up a yellow road sign as a shield to deflect their energy weapon shots they were firing at her.  While going through the tunnel, she took out each thief one at a time, not killing them.  By the end of the Lincoln Tunnel, she’d taken out each of the 10 thieves, rounded them up and turned them in after reading them their rights.  She was an overnight hero to NYC.

After a couple weeks in and out of the hospital, she was awarded a citation for her efforts, but her grandfather was still dead.  The stolen gold items and the shield were returned, none the worse for wear.  The Mayor and Police Commissioner, at the ceremony, awarded Cheryl with her father’s famous Gold Shield.  She accepted it, but said it was way to heavy to lug around and should instead be in a museum.  Captain Lithuania, who also attend the ceremony, gave Cheryl a special gift, crafted by a certain “Allied Fighters” leader, of a gold energy shield that she could wear on her wrist.  With that, she was dubbed the nickname “Gold Shield”.  Within months though, her fellow policemen considered her above reproach and unable to do her job with such a special weapon (and the accolades she’d already received), thus they recommended her for the newly formed Peacekeepers super-powered police unit.
Shorty after the recommendation, she was reassigned to the Peacekeepers in the Dakotas.  There, she has since become an incredible asset to the group, providing a dedicated police effort amongst the team's missions, proving time and again that fate set her to be with the Peacekeepers!
Gold Shield has a fantastic energy shield that in housed in her left arm's bracer device. It has a 30 hour energy charge and is able to deflect anything short of a howitzer shell. If the damage to the shield is too great, its default condition is to shut down and reboot (takes about 12 seconds or so) before it can be reactivated. She keeps an extra battery/bracer device on her right wrist if the left one becomes damaged or looses power. She also carries a standard policeman's belt of equipment to include a police baton (fantastically resilient metal), 9mm forearm with 4 clips of ammunition, handcuffs, cellphone/radio/earwig,  three protein bars, flask of water and two sets of handcuffs (amazingly strong material). Gold Shield is also highly skilled in martial arts, judo, wrestling, boxing, and combat shield maneuvers. her costume is interwoven with Kevlar, providing good physical protection for what is covered up, with her shoulder pads able to take an additional level of damage. 


Marshal Quinn

Quentin "Quinn" Gerard, US Marshal


When the World Super-powered Registration Act (WSRA) went into affect a few years ago, Many federal, government, state, county and town law enforcement officers that had secretly been keeping their super-powers were forced to not only register their powers for all to know, but also 'outed' many of them of their abilities to people that not only were unhappy about the registrants having powers...but their enemies and co-workers as well.  Quentin "Quinn" Gerard of the US Marshal's office out of Oklahoma City was one of them.

Marshal Quentin Gerard is a native-American relative of the famous Samuel Gerard (famous as the US Marshal that hunted down Dr. Richard Kimble in "The Fugitive" series/movies). As such, he was initially granted access to the US Marshal's initiation program, but whether he made it past the initiation was dependent on his skills; skills that were proven when he graduated as the 1st in a class of 200. 

Quinn proved himself as a natural-born athlete, as well as an incredible marksman, but most notorious about him was his ability to track down anyone or anything.  His skills were coined as "uncanny" in that whatever evidence he was given, he'd track a fugitive half way across the world and find them in the most unlikely of places.  Quinn himself knew what it was; he had heightened senses.  He was able to smell, hear and see at far superior capacities that anyone else he knew.  He'd catch a scent of a fugitive off of something left at a crime scene and once Quinn smelled it, he remembered it as a trigger scent that he'd use to find and track that person anywhere in the world.  This power had an incredible upside to it...and eventually a downside.

After a few years of awards, citations and accolades for his efforts, the WSRA Law was published, requiring everyone with super-powers to register or be placed in jail. Quinn registered on the first day of the registration program's opening much to the shock of his family, friends, co-workers...and enemies.

As a result of his registration, every single one of his case files were reviewed.  Strangely enough, the reviewing judges allowed over 90% of Quinn's fugitives to remain behind bars, however, another 10% that had shaky cases to begin with, were freed due to technicalities relating to Quinn using his powers vice true evidence. It wasn't long before his fellow US Marshals began to shun him for being different, so much so that they gave him a desk a military the Nevada.  Shunned, alone and treated as a pariah, Quinn was ready to quit the US Marshal service and go freelance, that is, until several of his recently released fugitives tracked down and sought revenge on him with a whole band of criminals in tow.

In the Nevada town of Hawthorne, a US Army Depot that stretches for miles through the Nevada desert, Quinn was tasked as the "US Marshal" liaison to the US Army...not that there ever was a need for this position there, ever, but it was a notorious place for US Marshals to be sent to 'end their careers'.  Quinn was obviously the next one expected to 'end his career' there.  As luck, or fate, would have it the town of Hawthorne soon became the wild west overnight. While sitting in his one-man office in Hawthorne, Quinn caught the scent of the several fugitives he'd once caught just as said recently released fugitives entered town loaded to do battle with Quinn. He contacted the US Army Depot, the town police and sheriffs office, but neither believed him. He drove to his home and loaded up dozens of weapons and devices he'd accumulated over the years there. By the time he was done, several women and children were taken hostage at the police department, as well as several policemen and women.  A local AM radio station was told to broadcast a demand for Quinn to show up or they'd start killing hostages every 5 minutes.  In 4 minutes time, Quinn arrived with a spectacle no one expected as he drove a truck straight into the police station and started shooting up the perpetrators as he walked through the police station's debris.  He took out 4 in the first two minutes there, but another dozen or so perpetrators took off into the town, taking up spots atop rooftops, dragging hostages with them.  From street to street, Quinn tracked them down in firefight after firefight.  In the end, after 20 minutes of gun fighting, Marshal Quinn stood victorious with all hostages freed and relatively unhurt.  The leader of this gang, Brenton "Big Bad" Bario, was in a gunfighter's showdown in the middle of Hawthorne's main street. In what the media described as a 'wild west gunfighter's showdown', the two exchanged gunfire until Quinn was shot in the leg and Big Bad Bario was severely wounded.  Quinn then gathered up all of Bario's gang and walked them straight to the town's sheriff's office and turned them in.  Teens who'd recorded the entire gunfight on a cell phone camera took the video to the internet, which went viral overnight.  

Quinn became an overnight hero, with the police, sheriff's office and US Army Depot commandant chastised for not helping during the firefight and ignoring his prior calls, all of which were fired from their jobs within a month.  The US Marshal Service (USMS) was placed in the spotlight for their implicit inaction and 'unfair' treatment of Quinn, who was only given a token "Challenge Coin" by the US Marshal Service and not even, at the least, a USMS Purple Heart for his service-related injury.  Within months, Quinn's story made world headlines about the unfair treatment of those with super-powers.  As such, to deflect the negative press this was creating, the President of the United States (POTUS) awarded Quinn with the Presidential Medial of Freedom for his 'incredible service during the Hawthorne, Nevada incident'.  The USMS was 'tasked' by the press and POTUS to also award him his USMS Purple Heart.  Although Quinn didn't care for the medals, accolades and media attention, it was still a cathartic time for Quinn as he came to realize that regardless of the politics and media, his role as a purveyor of justice was all that mattered to him. The only problem was that Quinn was still assigned to the Hawthorn, Nevada Marshal's office there, and it sure didn't seem like a new assignment was likely to come...that is, until he got a call from a man known as Major Order.

Not long ago, the "Peacekeepers Act" was passed by the US Congress, authorizing super-powered police, federal and state law enforcement personnel to find a place to use their 'unique' skills in the service of their station and still enforce the US laws and customs.  Within a day of the Peacekeepers Act signing on Capitol Hill, Quinn was immediately transferred to the Peacekeepers.

Since then, Marshal Quinn, as he had been codenamed, was continued his fight for law and justice, using his incredible tracking powers and law enforcement skills with the Peacekeepers, now based out of South Dakota.

Marshal Quinn has a uniquely incredible power of heightened senses.  His hearing, eyesight, smell, taste and tactile touch are all highly enhanced.  he can hear, while focused, up to 1/2 mile away with ease; he can see, when focused, out to the horizon, with complete clarity.  His sense of smell, taste and tactile touch was enhanced to the point that he actually has a 'trigger sense' for each of these, thus allowing him to instantly remember, track and identify nearly anything he smells, touches or tastes.  Couple this with his remarkable fighting skills and agility, along with a body honed to an athlete's endurance and conditioning and you have an impeccable lawman.  Quinn carries at least four semiautomatic 45 caliber handguns on his person, along with over two dozen clips of ammunition, 4 pairs of handcuffs, pepper stray, 2 flashlights, a Gerber mutlitool, over a dozen mini-flash bangs, 3 sets of special polarized sunglasses (protects against flash-bangs), a cell phone/radio/earwig system and four knives.


Master Chief Freedom

Franklin "Frank" Quincy Freedom, United States Coast Guard (USCG) Master Chief Petty Officer (MCPO), Coast Guard Intelligence Service (CGIS)/ Field Intelligence Support Team (FIST)


Frank Q. Freedom was born in Boston, Massachusetts 33 years ago.  His parents were both in the US Coast Guard, stationed out of Boston with his father who captained two USCG Cutters in his later years both home-ported out of Boston, and his mother who worked as the base commander's secretary.  Both his parents loved the Coast Guard and loved each other greatly.  Frank was brought up in a loving home where family came first, but the pursuit of knowledge a close second.

When Frank was a teenager, his father (including over two dozen crewmembers) was killed by maritime marauders that were pirating fishing ships off the Grand Banks.  His father's ship, the USCG Cutter Spencer, was responding to a mayday call from the Grand Banks when it was torpedoed by a pirate submarine.  The ship was eventually salvaged, but Frank and his mother were never the same.  As Frank grew detached and bitter over the loss of his father, his mother instead forced him to focus on his studies, predominantly in law and justice.  After graduating high school, rather than become an officer in the Coast Guard as his father was, Frank instead wanted to join the enlisted ranks.  His mother pushed him instead to go to the US Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut, just as his father had done.  Relenting, he went to the USCG Academy, but still embittered over the loss of his father, he instead became a discipline case at the academy.  By his third year, he was drummed out of the academy for 'conduct unbecoming an officer'; instead, he enlisted and was given the rank of Petty Officer 2nd Class as part of his enlistment transfer; that transfer, by the way, was to his father's last ship that he died on, the USCGC Spencer.

Aboard the USCGC Spencer, Frank quickly took to his new role as a Damage Controlman (DC), but after a few years, even his chief knew he was destined for more thought-provoking and mentally challenging tasks, thus he was transferred to a new rate as a Port Security Specialist (PS).  Over time, he worked the Boats Divisions in various Port Security Units all across the United States and was eventually recommended and promoted into Security Division. While in these units, he was considered to be the best of the best; he was a strong, positive, gung-ho type personality that enjoyed working within the limits of maritime law and enforcing it routinely.  He was also a tactical genius when it came to performing security missions and boardings. Although he was recommended for promotion to the officer ranks, he refused and remained an enlisted man, progressing in the ranks to Master Chief Petty Officer in record time.

Eventually, his rate was retired and he was now absorbed into the new rate of Maritime Law Enforcement Specialist.  There, he found his calling.  He loved deductive reasoning, strategic planning, as well as using his skills in investigations and legal proceedings. It was during this time that he and his Boston-based unit ran into a new deadly threat to the ocean-ways - The Maritime Marauders. 

The Maritime Marauders were a highly organized and technologically-superior force that were once independent ocean pirates (see above), but had recently been taken over by a powerful, influential leader known only as "The Rivermaster".  Master Chief Freedom and his unit was tasked with tracking down, amassing evidence, capturing  and shutting down Rivermaster and his Maritime Marauders.  Over the next few months, Master Chief Freedom painstakingly created a trap for Rivermaster and his marauders off the Grand Banks. With retirement coming soon, Master Chief Freedom wanted to retire not only with his 100% mission success rate, but take down one of the biggest 'fish' in maritime piracy.  As he would soon find out, he bit off more than he could chew.

On the day the trap was set, Master Chief Freedom amassed three Boat Units and Security Units to surprise the Maritime Marauders.  Just as the marauders showed up, Master Chief Freedom, leading from the front, set the trap and was about to capture Rivermaster and his marauders.  That's when everything went wrong.  Once the marauders realized it was a trap, a powerful electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) weapon was activated, shutting down all engines, communications and electronics equipment.  Two additional unknown Maritime Marauder submarines surfaced and began blowing Master Chief Freedom's boat, security and the supporting USCG Cutter to pieces.  When it was all over, only 10 coast guardsmen and women survived, one being a badly injured Master Chief Freedom. Not only did the Maritime Marauders get away, they also boarded and took the damaged USCG Cutter as spoils of war.

The ten survivors were rescued and brought ashore to the hospital.  Master Chief Freedom was in intensive care for nearly two months as a result of his injuries.  When he was well enough to respond and tell his about what happened, the US Coast Guard instead stated that the pursuit of the Maritime Marauders was being 'bumped up' to US Navy and CIA levels of concern and that the US Coast Guard was no longer to be involved in dealing with the Maritime Marauders.  Master Chief Freedom was furious over this, demanding that he be allowed to continue as lead.  The Coast Guard instead placed Freedom out of active duty and placed him in the USCG active reserves under a new rate as an "Investigator" (INV), allowing him to retain his rank as a Master Chief Petty Officer so long as he dropped the case.  With no other choice, Master Chief Freedom relented.

After a year of physical reconditioning, Master Chief Freedom was now in the best shape of his life.  As a reserves Investigator, he was assigned simple cases related to petty thefts at the Coast Guard Exchange stores and other legal administrative duties. This still didn't stop him from persuing leads and compiling whatever info he needed on the Maritime Marauders and Rivermaster.  One day, after being chewed out by his Commanding Officer for trying to 'dig up' more info on the Marauders, a man dressed in a US Coast Guard Rear Admirals uniform, who looked almost 90 years old, showed up in his office, asking him about why he was persuing the Maritime Marauders still.  After hours of discussions, the Rear Admiral left but also dropped a memory stick on Freedom's desk and told him to look over the files on it and that if he was still interested in pursuing and taking down the Maritime Marauders, he was to contact him via a special link on the memory stick.

The Rear Admiral, which Freedom quickly found didn't exist in any USCG records, was discovered to be a legendary hero known as "Major Invader" of the (at the time) defunct Allied Fighters super-group from World War II.  After going through the incredibly detailed and accurate files, he did just as Major Invader told him to do and contacted him.  After meeting a couple more times clandestinely, Major Invader gave him one more recent data package of where the Maritime Marauders were expected to strike again in the next few well as a large briefcase.  In the briefcase was an armored suit, a rocket pack, bandoliers of futuristic weapons and devices and a very unique energy rifle, the likes of which he'd never seen before.After reading the directions and paper that came with it, Master Chief Freedom went to a remote forest location and tried on the suit and tested the weapons.  Within a day, he'd mastered the use of all his new equipment. Within the next day, Master Chief Freedom put in for leave and left to hunt down the Maritime Marauders, this time, by himself...and his new suit and weapons.

Off the South Carolina coast, Master Chief Freedom rented a boat and made his way out to sea, eventually finding a large munitions ship under attack from the Maritime Marauders.  Freedom donned his new suit and weapons and flew off and engage the Maritime Marauders.  Even when the Marauders attempted to stop the super-powered Freedom with another EMP weapon, Freedom's suit, which had EMP protection with Force Field bubbles, quickly allowed Freedom to go on the offensive.  Within minutes, Master Chief Freedom disabled the Marauders' weapons, submarines and their ability to get away.  He fought Rivermaster and a few of his men aboard the munitions ship deck-by-deck, slowly making their way down to the engineering spaces.  There, Rivermaster attempted to blow up the ship with a powerful bomb, but not before Freedom stopped Rivermaster and disarmed the bomb, saving hundreds of lives on the ship.  After calling in the USCG to pick up Rivermaster and the Marauders, Master Chief Freedom turned himself in for 'unauthorized actions' and 'conduct unbecoming'. A day after his arrest, he was released and instead hailed as a hero of the US Coast Guard. 

Although Freedom only stopped a third of the Maritime Marauders' operations and subs, they still were able to get some of the Marauders to 'divulge' the location of several of Rivermaster's bases and locations of stolen ships and well as other important information.  After those locations were raided by the US authorities (and a suited-up Master Chief Freedom), it was assessed that nearly $4.6 billion dollars of stolen goods and ships were retrieved.  One of the nuggets of information that was divulged was that Master Chief Freedom's father, when he was killed as the Captain of the USCG Cutter Spencer, was actually killed by several remaining (and captured) Maritime Marauders from the 'old days' before Rivermaster. Those men were prosecuted, sentenced and jailed for the murder and deaths of Master Chief Freedom's father and many others who died in various raids done by the Maritime Marauders back in those days. Again, the media discovered this and it went viral. Within days, Master Chief Freedom was identified as with his new super-powered suit and the story of him single-handedly taking down Rivermaster and a large part of the Maritime Marauders.  he became an internet sensation thereafter.

For the next year, the US Coast Guard used Master Chief Freedom and his new "Coast Guard Power Suit" (as it became know as) for USCG recruiting and public affairs, much to his chagrin; instead, all he wanted to do was maritime security and investigations with his new job and position in the US Coast Guard Intelligence Service (USCGIS). With his new power suit, he felt he could do more good out in the field than on a recruiting poster.

Not long after his assignment to USCGIS, he went on an 'independent operation' to help out a US Marine and military hero clear his name against mass-murder charges; that man was known as Major Order. In the end, Major order was not only found innocent, but with Master Chief Freedom's help, was able to uncover a massive murder conspiracy.  The media, once again, lauded Master Chief Freedom, now, so much so, that he even had action figures and video games made of him.

Recently, the World Super-Powered Registration Act (WSRA) went into effect, requiring anyone with either inbred, innate or technologically-provided super powers to register with their respective federal governments.  Master Chief Freedom was ordered to do so on the first day of registration, primarily for Public Affairs. Within weeks of registration, Master Chief Freedom was removed from his duties as an Investigator and instead told to be working for public affairs full time, never again to use his suit in action, but only for the media and recruiting shows.  After a quick call from his exonerated friend, Major Order, Master Chief Freedom was soon assigned to a new super-powered national police unit recently authorized by the US Congress through the Peacekeeper Act.  He was to become a founding member of the Peacekeepers super-group.

Over the next year or so, Master Chief Freedom has been able, as a Peacekeeper, to use his suit, knowledge and investigative skills to their fullest degree.  he has never been happier ever in his life...that is, except that Rivermaster escaped incarceration and is once again marauding the ocean lanes leading the remnants of the Maritime Marauders.

Master Chief Freedom has no innate or inbred powers; all his powers come from his power suit (which is now being maintained and supplied with materials and repairs by the Peacekeepers' technical geniuses in their TAM Division).  His suit provides good protection from standard firearms rounds and knife attacks, and excellent protection from energy, heat, cold or radiation damage. His helmet contains the latest Heads-Up Display (HUD) tactical interfaces, including satellite communications, video processing, audio amplifications (voice), and additional Peacekeeper voice-initiated interfaces.  His bandoliers contain a wide variety of electronic equipment, devices and offensive/defensive weapons he can use in the field.  His Energy Rifle, which he calls "The Eagle" provides incredible varieties of focused or wide beamed energy-based plasma damage up to 500 yard range. His rocket pack allows him to fly up to 500 mph for a range of up to 500 miles before it needs recharging and refueling. His boots has magnetic plates, allowing him to walk along metallic surfaces without falling.  His gauntlets house an excellent array of force field emitters and repulsion energy devices, allowing him to create force field bubbles around himself or allies, as well as use force blasts to a range of 20 yards.  They gauntlets also can create a 'force bubble' that Master Chief Freedom can throw at others to create an excellent force bomb that can affect multiple targets at once. 




Protection-Enforcement-Assault-Combat-Examination Android (Mk IV) 


The Detroit Police Department during the Detroit Civic Wars in 2006 prompted for an android and/or robotic police drone to take on the major crime and militarized neighborhoods that were fighting the local government.  In 2010, the "Protection-Enforcement-Assault-Combat-Examination Android Mark I was created, tested and proved to be a viable option to be be controlled by Detroit PD operators to use against the criminals and villains.  The Mark Is worked well, but were more robotic than humanoid, prompting the law-abiding citizens to fear their 'terminator' type looks.  The Mark IIs where to much like vehicles, but two years ago, the Mark IIIs came out and everyone was happy with them...except the criminals, hoods and thugs of Detroit!

During the last 'cleansing' of Detroit in 2014, the Virtual Corsairs, a computer hacker group, found a way to hack the android remote controls and sold access to the PEACEdroids for $5 million per package to the local thugs and gangs. Several of the gangs took the deal, and turned the Mark I, II and III versions back on the police, military...and the civilians, women and children of the city.  The top nuerocircuit programmer, Dr. Arron Steinhem, worked feverishly to counter the Virtual Corsairs' hacking, only to discover that the PEACEdroids would need to be blasted with powerful EMP blasts too dangerous for humans to be near.  Instead, he inserted his own experimental Artificial Intelligence (AI) into a new version, the Mark IV PEACEdroid.  The AI was a learning program with the basic laws of robotics modified for police work and self preservation.  The new Mark IV within minutes exited the Detroit PD HQ with the EMP weapon and within a day, fried every single Mark I, II and III PEACEdroid.

After the Mark IVs victory, no one trusted the PEACEdroids and wanted the Mark IV dismantled. Since the Mark IV was a registered peace officer in the Detroit PD, the Mark IV, with its evolving AI, requested an audience with the Illinois governor and requested to instead be assigned to the newly created national Peacekeeper Program, where 'super-powered' and 'technically advanced' beings could work together in national law enforcement together.  After days of deliberation, the governor authorized the transfer of the Mark IV to the Peacekeepers super-group.


Today, the "Peacedroid" as it likes to simply call itself, is a founding member of the Peacekeepers supergroup.  Dr. Steinhem has joined Peacedroid at the peacekeepers facility in South Dakota and has basically acted as the peacedroid's doctor and father since.  The Peacekeepers were wary of a unique android such as this , however, after dozens of missions, it has proven itself to the team and its ability to serve and protect.

The Peacedroid is an amazing android that has lightweight carbon-woven composite armor as strong as 5 inch steel plating.  Its reactions speed is over twice as fast as any humans.  Its reasoning and deductive reasoning are excellent while its connected through the internet and good when disconnected.  Its strength is amazing, able to lift over 5 tons easily.  Its fusion reactor will provide power to it for the next 20 years easily. Its core is dangerous if breached, with the potential to level a city block. Its guantlets house twin 50 caliber machine guns, using a 1000 round ammo drum for each gauntlet. It also contains dozens of canisters/packs to include smoke, tear gas, flash-bangs and caltrops, which can be launched from the shoulder stations. It has every form on incredible sensor system for audio, visual, sonic and terrain/surface mapping. It can monitor up to 150 frequencies at a time for police band, satellite comms, and or emergency broadcast channels. It can run up to 50mph, and has a limited rocket fuel supply to provide rocket flight (via back and boot systems) up to 30,000 feet for 1 hour of sustained flight at over 400 mph. Although its AI allows it to think for itself, the nuerocircuits can be damaged and/or may required a maintenance cycle, which Dr. Steinhem is well versed in repairing as needed.


Red Trooper

Only known as "Red"; Real Name Unrevealed


The Red Trooper is a mysterious individual who used to be a Rhode Island State Trooper. 

As far back as 2005, reports and news articles identified several Rhode Island State Troopers that were assigned to a special anti-Mafia task force that was not only designed to investigate Mafia-level crime in Rhode Island, but to also enact as a field unit that would be used to combat, engage and arrest and many other high-level criminals and their gangs.  Rhode Island has been known to be a hotbed of criminal and corrupt activity for decades up to this point, with many mafioso elements operating as high as the state legislature and congressional representatives.  Between 2005 and 2011, reports of major crime figures being brought in and convicted by 'unnamed' state troopers exploded in the news. Mayors, local police chiefs, state administrators, comptrollers and even voting agency personnel were caught, tried and convicted of their ties to the Mafia, organized crime, illegal gambling, money laundering and piracy.  As a result, the 'unnamed' state troopers of the task force that were bringing in the crime figures in droves were rumored to have secretly received some of the highest awards one could earn in their professions, including special awards from the CIA and the FBI.  All in all, their efforts made a difference in Rhode Island and by 2011, it looked like the sate was finally going to be 'clean' of organized crime, however, that same year, it's believed that someone finally got ahold of the task force's sealed records; records that listed the 'unnamed' troopers' entire lives...including where they lived and who their family and friends were.  That information was 'sold' to all the remaining organized crime bosses in Rhode Island for $5 million each.  It's said over a dozen bosses paid up to get get the information...and get even.

The Task Force members and everyone they knew and loved were now in grave danger.

In 2012, the task force, their friends and families were placed in protection all across the nation. Regardless of the attempt, the organized crime bosses found them. Each trooper's family and friends were summarily executed, one by one, with the last one usually being the trooper themselves.  Eventually, only one trooper was left - The one codenamed "Red Trooper". Although never confirmed, it was believed that Red Trooper's family and friends were all summarily executed by the Marcone Family, leaving the Red Trooper on the run and in utter despair.  Most believe this broke the soul of the Red Trooper and that without anything else to live for, he instead became the embodiment of vengeance.

At the end of 2012, hundreds of Marcone Family mafioso were reportedly found gunned down and killed. Most believed it was rival family gangs that were doing this, however, it was later revealed by the mysterious "Teflon Don" Solano of the Solano crime family that it wasn't a result of gang killings, but instead by one man - The Red Trooper. Interestingly enough, through the Solano Family and the Red Trooper, the Marcone Family soon 'ceased to exist', and with that, all other crime organization killings suddenly stopped.

Recently, the World Super-powered Registration Act (WSRA) was passed, requiring all super-powered and technically-empowered individuals to register with their respective governments. A unique enactment in the United States created the first ever super-powered national police agency, now known as the Peacekeepers. As its first new members arrived on site to their new base of operations in South Dakota, the Red Trooper was already there with hundreds of weapons, tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition and a personal request to join the team. Thanks to a particular 'favor' he provided to Judge Law, one of the co-leaders of the Peacekeepers, Red Trooper was allowed to join the team.  Rhode Island's governor, as a result of the unsubstantiated rumors of his involvement with the deaths of hundreds of Mafia-related men, had pressed the federal government and Justice Department to return the Red Trooper over to the Rhode Island government for questioning.  The federal Justice Department however, in a formal document, stated that "...the current Red Trooper that is amongst the ranks of the Peacekeepers super-group, is 'not' the man that you are looking for; the man you are looking for is dead.  This current Red Trooper is someone completely different, and as such, does not fall under your jurisdiction."  Although this seemed to have stopped the state judicial threats of indictment, it is also well known that many organized crime leaders have since returned to Rhode Island and are themselves looking to take the state back...and extract revenge on the Red Trooper, one way or another...


Since then, the Red Trooper is said to be one of the most skilled members on the Peacekeepers.  His stoic, non-talkative, matter-of-fact Portuguese-Italian personality, combined with his incredible skills in weapons and his strong drive for justice make him an asset to the team.  Although he is tough to communicate with, he makes up for his ability to charge into a situation (even without a battle plan) and work (or lead) as part of a team.  Although most realize this is the actual 'same' trooper as one of the ones from the 'unnamed' Rhode Island State Trooper Task Force, many understand the sacrifices and loss that he has undergone; sacrifices that would normally lead any man to a psychotic breakdown or suicide.  Some believe he may have had that psychotic breakdown, but those same folks also believe he did 'justice' in what he did; as to how that pans out for his organized crime victims and their families, well, time will only tell how that will go.

Red Trooper is a normal man at peak physical fitness.  He carries a specialized weapon he calls "Providence" that is a .50 caliber machine gun, flamethrower and grenade launcher all in one.  His helmet provides good audible and visual protection as well as a multi-frequency radio scanner, transmitter and receiver, a specialized internet data link system fused with a high-tech Heads-Up Display (HUD).  He also carries a 9mm pistol, a carbon-fiber police baton, handcuffs, extra clips of ammunition, first aid kit, flash-bangs, caltrops and additional pouches for storage.  He wears good bullet-proof padding under his shirt, as well as his leather jacket that is lined with good, lightweight carbon-fiber armor plating. 

He owns three high-speed, technically-sophisticated, black-silver and red Dodge Tomahawk motorcycles that can each reach speeds of 300 mph on an open road.





LT Marilyn "Mary" Malinowski,  LAPD Air Services Division


Mary Malinowski is the daughter of a veteran LAPD SWAT Commanding Officer; both come from generations of policemen and women from all over the United States.  At age 13, Mary joined the Civil Air Patrol and the LAPD Cadet programs.  She quickly learned everything about being a police officer and a pilot all the while exceeding in her studies and physical fitness. 

Prior to graduating high school, her father had been severely injured in a 'crack-house' raid and ensuing explosion.  her father was hospitalized and required dozens of surgeries to even get him to the point where he was able to use a wheelchair. Although the LAPD provided financial support for him and the family, the medical bills were extensive, coupled with her mother's nervous breakdown (leaving her out of work), times for Mary and her five siblings became financially unbearable.  One of her father's commanding officers offered to help Mary, so long as she agreed to sign on with the LAPD for a very  unique opportunity; if she volunteered to go into the US Army Warrant Officer in the Helicopter Pilot School training path, qualify as a chopper pilot and do her minimal time in the military, come back and join the LAPD as a helicopter pilot for a minimum of 4 years, he'd be able to advance to her a stipend  of her annual salary to her family each year, practically ending the family's financial worries.  With an offer like that, and doing what she liked doing, she saw no reason why not to go for it, thus she did.  Two weeks later, she was on her way to Warrant Officer training and the US Army.

After graduating at the top of her class in Warrant Officer training, she also graduated as #1 in a class of 40 helicopter pilots; as such she had her choice of commands with helicopters, so she chose to fly the Army's newest V/STOL craft, the V-22 Osprey instead.  Over the next three years, Warrant Officer (WO) Malinowski flew the V-22 during two deployments in the Middle East.  She was shot down by a missile on her last mission, however she was able to crash land the craft preventing her 25 passengers from certain death.  She received an Air Medal and a Distinguished Flying Cross for her numerous flights into enemy territory under fire and her miraculous safe crash landing.At the start of her fourth year, the US Army was so overloaded with extra helicopter pilots that they offered an early out program for those volunteering to leave, which Mary did. At 4 years and 10 days, she was allowed to leave the US Army; her first day as a civilian, she immediately signed up for the LA Police Academy.

After graduating the academy (in the top 5% of her class), she was, as was agreed upon, transferred to the LAPD's Air Services Division, where over the next several years, Mary flew over a thousand sorties in her Bell 216 and Eurocopter AS350 police helicopters.  She received several citations and awards for her aggressive pursuits and tracking of criminals during chases.  Mary was doing great; her career was blooming, her father and mother were taken care of; her siblings were all attending or already graduated college and she was inline for promotion to the Air Services Commanding Officer.  That's usually when the bottom drops out...which is what happened to Mary next.

Weeks before the promotions board was to review her for the Air Services Commanding Officer, she was 'politically' coerced to fast-track a sleazy LA attorney's son into the LAPD Air Services Department as a new helicopter pilot.  Within minutes of interviewing him, she quickly realized that he did not meet any of the qualifications he needed to be in Air Service; in fact, the LA attorney's son was completely flippant about it, acting like being a helicopter pilot was synonymous with joyriding.  His attitude and disproved credentials got him disqualified from Air Services, however, the attorney's son wasn't happy about it, seeing as he ignorantly promised an up-and-coming young blond Hollywood starlet that he'd take her up for a flight in an LAPD helicopter within a week so as to 'get her in bed'.  As such, the sleazy lawyer son told his dad what happened, who immediately went to the media and news to discredit Mary.  After repeated attempts to get into the LAPD Air Service, the attorney's son decided instead to get even by slicing a fuel line on one of Mary's helicopters; a slice that went unnoticed during the ground inspection, but would burst several minutes into flight.

The call came in to track a child abduction by a known pedophile that was now on the run on the LA freeways.  Mary jumped into her helicopter and as per her usual flight skills, was on the pedophile's trail in minutes.  That's when the fuel line blew.  Fire and smoke poured out of her helicopter's engine, burning the control system, taking the helicopter out of control.  Mary tried her best to regain control, but couldn't.  She crashed on Interstate 5 (I-5)...onto a school bus filled with over 60 children coming back from a field trip.  The bus and the helicopter exploded in a fireball upon impact, yet Mary had been thrown clear by the blast and laid relatively unharmed but unconscious on the side of the highway.  When the fires were finally put out and the damage was assessed, all 60 children, 5 additional adults (teachers, escorts and the bus driver), along with 2 other motorists that were near the bus when the helicopter crashed into it were classified as killed by the helicopter crash; a crash that was considered one of the greatest tragedies every in LA's history...and Mary was made to be the scapegoat.

After two months of recovering in the hospital, Mary was interviewed, convicted and tried on the charge of negligent homicide, and ordered to spend 20 years in jail. The day after her sentencing, she was met by a mysterious man who said he 'knew' what really happened to her helicopter.  Agitated as to why he didn't speak up during her trial, he said he worked for the NSA and that his job was classified, yet through his snooping, he discovered that the sleazy attorney's son was to blame. The man called himself "Night Jack" and said he worked for a new undisclosed National Police division that, according to Night Jack, 'shouldn't legally exist'.  He stated he had digital video that showed her innocence, unfortunately, it was from a classified spy system that was spying on several members of the LAPD for unrelated federal charges. After begging him to help her and his repeated refusals and 'sorrys', she told him to just leave and that he should be ashamed to call himself a good man or for that matter a good cop.

The next day, every single cable and satellite network was hacked and overridden, playing the tape of the sleazy lawyer's son slicing Mary's helicopter's fuel line for all the world to see...whether they wanted to or not.  That same day, a comprehensive data package showed up with the Department of Justice, showing all of the NSA's covert 'National Police' ventures and activities, basically 'whistle-blowing' everything about the NSA's unauthorized National Police Program.  Within days, Mary was freed of all charges, while the sleazy lawyer's son went to jail, all the while with the father  trying to prevent a life sentence for his boy. 

"Night Jack" visited Mary at her home her first night back from prison.  He was now on the run being sought as a traitor by the NSA.  In an unrelated surprise visit by GUARD's Aeronaut (leader of the Aeroguardians) to tell Mary he was happy to hear her conviction was cleared (as one pilot to another), Night Jack instead thought Aeronaut was sent to take him into federal custody.  A battle ensued between the Aeronaut and Night Jack, both completely leveling Mary's condominium.  Eventually, Night Jack got away, but at a cost of over $500 million dollars of property damage to the neighborhood.  She was not having a good first day out of jail, unfortunately, the next few days didn't get any better.

When Mary tried to get her job back with the LAPD, they denied her due to her 'record', and 'reputation', regardless of the overturned conviction. In her attempt to find a new job, she was turned away, again due to her involvement in the crash, which was still raw in the minds of the people of Los Angeles. After moving into a hotel (since her house was destroyed), she was again met by Night Jack.  He apologized profusely for what happened to her house and said he had no way to repay her due to his accounts being frozen for his treason. Regardless, he mentioned that he knew of five LAPD personnel who were covert CANIS crime cartel leaders who'd been draining the LAPD and the LA Fire Departments of money, resources and pension funds and that he still intended to arrest them, regardless of the current traitorous charges against him, however, they had to do it that night, since the five LAPD personnel were tipped that they were to be arrested the next morning, but by OTHER CANIS members that had infiltrated the FBI, thus freeing the culprits.  Night Jack needed Mary to help do 'air cover' while he would attempt to subdue them by ground using his mutant "dark" powers.  He gave her a power-suit that he stole from the Aeronaut's Aeroguardians' facility (which he visited to discover if Aeronaut was actually working for the NSA trying to arrest Night Jack...which he found wasn't the case), yet decided to take one of the Aeronauts ' female flight suits...just to get even for the fight they had.  As compensation for her damaged home, Night Jack gave Mary the 'stolen' power-suit and spent the next three hours training her how to use the suit even though Mary didn't know it was 'stolen'.

That night, both Night Jack and Mary, in her new 'stolen' Aeroguardian power-suit, caught the crooked LAPD/CANIS crooks and turned them over to the LA Sheriff's department with a package of evidence to prove their guilt.  During their return back to Mary's hotel, an oil truck overturned on I-5, spilling thousands of gallons of oil across the highway, which promptly ignited.  Both Night Jack and Mary, without hesitation, dove to rescue over a hundred trapped motorists amidst the burning oil spill.  Within minutes, everyone was removed from the danger (even the truck driver).  A news van caught the entire event on video and broadcast both Night Jack and Mary saving the motorists.  By the next day, both were identified and labeled as 'heroes',yet that didn't stop the NSA from finding and arresting Night Jack right in front of Mary, who tried to fight for him in the power-suit but failed.  After the string of crazy events, Mary was unsure how to proceed with her life; all she wanted to do was help others, but with all that had transpired, she believed no one would ever truly trust her. That's when Aeronaut showed up at Mary's, wanting the suit back as well as wanting to know what was going on.

After hours of discussion and several coffees, Aeronaut told Mary to 'hold onto' the suit for now and that he'd be back within the next couple days.  After a week, Aeronaut returned with two other people in tow; Major Order and Judge Law.  Together, they discussed about the recent "World Super-powered Registration Act" (WSRA) and the creation of a new super-powered national police super-group under the authority of the Justice Department.  They all wanted Mary to join the "Peacekeepers" group, and with a little bit of political leverage, they'd have Night Jack with the team soon.  Mary didn't know what to say other than 'yes'.

Within days of joining the Peacekeepers, Mary proved her leadership skills and quickly mastered her new power-suit.  As a result, Major Order and Judge Law saw it fit to make Mary, now codenamed as "Skywatch" as the leader of the Peacekeeper Police Detachment (PPD).  Since then, Skywatch has successfully led hundreds of police raids and battles against super-powered criminals and villains, all the while earning the trust and respect of her fellow PPD teammates.  Today, as the group leader of the PPD, Skywatch is considered to be not only a national hero, but a world-wide hero...a hero her parents got to see on TV before both finally passing away within a month of each other from old age and  natural causes.

Skywatch has an excellent power-suit that provides protection from physical, energy, radiation, heat and cold damage.  She has a detachable set of folding anti-gravity wings that can propel her up to 450 mph at a range of over 1000 miles with a maximum altitude of 3000 feet.  Her gauntlets contain two weapons; one an excellent sonic resonance device that shoots focused sonic waves at a target up to 100 yards away; the other weapon is an energy blaster that does excellent energy damage to targets up to 20 yards away.Her helmet contains the latest in communications equipment, monitoring, transmitting and receiving up to 150 frequencies at a time.  Her visor has a Heads-Up Display (HUD) that links an on-board tactical computer to her power-suit's targeting system.  She also carries a standard police belt with a 9mm handgun, extra clips of ammunition, 2 handcuffs, flash-bangs, and extra storage pouches.




INVESTIGATIONS DIVISION                                         


The Peacekeepers' Investigations Division (acronym: "PID") comprises of a handful of certified doctors, detectives and crime scene investigators with years of experience in crime scene medical examinations, investigation, psychological profiling, criminology, weapons and munitions testing, as well as being versed in local, state, federal and international law.

Led by Night Jack, a seasoned and highly deductive detective, the PID utilizes the state-of-the-art means for investigating crimes and solving murders and criminal actions.  Most of the time they are in the labs working on solving the crimes, however, they perform field work as crime scene investigators and even at times, side by side with the Field Operations team (PPD).  All PID personnel are trained and capable of utilizing and operating any Peacekeeper weapons and transportation vehicles/teleporters as part of their job requirements. 

With a 95% crime solution record, the PID is considered one of the finest detective agencies in the United States.  Even with diminished access to equipment, resources and lab materials, the PID always find a way to solve the case.

The following personnel make up the PID (scroll to see individual characters):



Gail "Goldy" Auris


At the age of 12, Gail, a teenager from Arco, Idaho, was the only 1 of 200 people that was exposed to lethal levels of radiation during the Advanced Test Reactor (ATR) attack at the Idaho National Laboratory. The attack was supposed to be a hostage/ransom situation that the terrorist known as the "Emperor of Canada" and his followers, the United Canadian Empire (UCE), had planned. What happened instead is the "Emperor" and his UCE troops panicked at the site of US Army troops and set the reactor to go super-critical - a condition that would've created a massive radioactive steam cloud explosion that could easily blanket half of the North American continent.  Thanks to Gail, the plant never went super-critical...but her DNA did instead.

While on a small middle school field trip of 40 children to the ATR facility for a science class, a psychotic wanna-be dictator called "The Emperor of Canada" and his UCE  troops, decided to hold the ATR reactor and all of its workers and administrators for ransom.  Since Gail and her class were touring the plant at that same time, they also became unplanned and unwitting hostages.  Gail and her classmates were gathered up by the UCE troops, bound and taken to a concrete bunker room adjacent to the Reactor Room. There, the "Emperor" went on live television, demanding $1 billion dollars (in Canadian currency, of course) be delivered to a special overseas account in a 30 minute time frame or he'd not only start killing the hostages, but he'd rig the reactors for a nuclear meltdown (a situation that could cause the release of radioactive material and steam into the atmosphere, creating a fallout cloud of radiation that would cover half of the North American continent). Since the "Emperor" hated Idaho anyway, he told his troops he was planning on creating the meltdown even if the US government DID pay up.

During the next 25 minutes, most of the UCE troops got nervous (since none of them wanted t be irradiated themselves) and started abandoning their posts and taking off into the neighboring desert (only to be caught by US troops later on), including the guards that were watching Gail and her classmates. At the 30 minute mark, a senator from Idaho called the "Emperor" at the site and said the billion dollar transaction was done and that he should let the hostages go and let the plant's Reactor Operators take back charge of the plant.  The "Emperor" called the senator on his bluff and instead shut off the cooling water to the reactors.  The cores began to superheat as the "Emperor" and the dozen remaining troops he had flew off in a high speed vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) craft and headed back into the deep woods of Canada.  Locked in the Reactor Control Room, the Reactor Operators tried to scram the reactor and prevent the meltdown, however, the "Emperor" had cut all of the remote controls from the Reactor Control Room; the reactors had to be scrammed locally - in the Reactor Room.

The Reactor Operators tried to exit the Control Room, but it was jammed by the departing UCE troops.  Instead, the Reactor Operators got on the Public Address (PA) system, stating that the reactors had to be scrammed through the control in the Reactor Room.  The problem was, there was nobody in the Reactor Room; all the plants workers were locked away in a generator shed clean across the plant's grounds. The only ones close enough to the Reactor Room was Gail and her classmates, who were also locked in the room.  Gail scurried up to a ventilation shaft and climbed in and within minutes exited the shaft into the Reactor Room.  The Reactor Room is normally a safe room, however the "Containment Room" located in a super-strong concrete bunker in the center of the Reactor Room, wasn't a safe place; in fact, exposure in that room during the meltdown would kill a person in less than 5 minutes.  Gail didn't care of the risk to herself; she had to save her friends and family and she was the only one that could do it in time.

With the Reactor Operators watching her on Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras, they used the PA system to tell Gail what to do and where to go.  When she got to the local reactor Scram switches, she threw them as she was told to do by the Reactor Operators...but nothing happened.  The "Emperor", as a last laugh, bypassed the scram circuits; they could now only be accessed from INSIDE the Containment Room.  With mere minutes left before the nuclear meltdown, Gail didn't pause; she opened the Containment Room door.  With the Reactor Operators is disbelief over the girls courage and willpower, they verbally led her to the containment room's scram breakers.  As Gail began to be overcome by the radiation, she closed the door behind her, sealed it, and engaged the scram breakers.  A hydrogen explosion occurred in the Containment Room, spewing radioactive coolant all over well as several experimental gas cylinders that were being tested in the reactor.  The gas cylinders exploded, peppering Gail with debris.  As Gail lay dying of radioactive poisoning, the reactor came back into control.  The steam subsided and over the next several hours, the reactor was finally contained to prevent any further chance of a meltdown.  During that time, however, Gail's lifeless body remained on the Containment Room's floor, unmoving.  After venting the Containment Room for several hours, a radiation team finally entered the now safe Containment Room to effect repairs on the reactor...and remove the irradiated dead body of Gail's.   Much to the surprise of the radiation workers, when they got to Gail, she was alive! She'd lost her hair and her eyes were now a golden hue, but Gail was miraculously alive.

After months of medical and radiological tests on Gail, it was determined that she had a latent mutant gene in her that prevented her from being killed by the radiation.  They also found that she now had incredible mental powers; mental powers to control people's minds; confuse them, or even fry every neuron in a victim's head.  She was a powerful mutant with god-like powers...all in the body of a 12 year old that survived direct exposure to a nuclear reactor.  Nonetheless to say, she was taken into federal custody soon thereafter.

Secluded and sequestered from her family, the US government attempted to control Gail to do their bidding at the National Security Agency (NSA) by engaging a mental 'inhibitor' on her to prevent and/or limit the use of her powers.  Athough she was given a nice place to live IN the NSA building, and she received whatever material items she wanted, rarely did they ever let her leave the facility nor go anywhere without a guard. This, of course, made her a very upset teenager.  Even with the best psychotherapists in the country, Gail refused to help the NSA. It wasn't until a powerful mentalist known as "Psimind" appeared and started talking to her...then dating her.  Both were about the same age and Gail enjoyed the time and company.  After awhile, Gail began to help in a few NSA missions here and there; by the time she was 18, she was doing routine missions, however, she was still wearing an inhibitor device and still living at the NSA compound.  As Psimind started working on yet another degree, he stopped seeing Gail, however, it wasn't long before Gail's existence would be required to be told to the world.

Not too long ago, the World Super-powered Registration Act (WSRA) was passed, requiring all super-powered, technically-enhanced or alien personnel to register with their respective governments, regardless of circumstance.  The NSA intended to keep Gail a secret, but several letters to several U.S. senators "leaked" Gail's existence.  The NSA had her register on the very last day of the registration period.  Within weeks, Gail was being contacted by news agencies wanting to know more about her and her plight.  The NSA knew they'd be in trouble for the way Gail had been treated and attempted several times to 'win' Gail over with money and enticements.  Gail not only declined their offer, but instead, got up and walked out the front door of the NSA.  Unsure what to do, the NSA let her go, knowing that to keep her against her will any longer was tantamount to incarceration or slavery (which is what they'd been doing to her all along anyway).

Gail wandered the streets of Washington DC, free to discover and interact with anyone and everyone.  It didn't take long before she was being followed by the NSA.  She went into a hardware store and begged the manager to help take off her mental inhibitor device she had around her neck.  Within a couple minutes, it was removed and Gail for the first time since her first day at the NSA had full use of her mental powers.  Her first act was to 'put to sleep' the agents following her. After that, she tracked down Psimind and spent weeks with him romantically before Psimind finally mentioned that she needed to stop running and be a part of the world.  Rather than join Psimind's "Protectors" super-group, he thought it'd be better to do what she did best which was law enforcement, but this time with fellow super-powered folks, like those that had just formed as a result of the Peacekeeper Act. Although she didn't want to leave Psimind, she decided to leave the next day for South Dakota where the Peacekeepers were stationed.

When she got to the Peacekeepers base, she was encircled by hundreds of NSA agents, all attempting to place an mental power inhibitor collar on her and take her away.  The Peacekeepers intervened and prevented the abduction.  When a senior NSA agent showed the warrant for her arrest, Judge Law, the co-leader of the Peacekeepers called in 'favors' and had the warrant revoked.  Judge Law then asked if Gail wanted to stay and maybe join the Peacekeepers, or they'd give her transportation to wherever she wanted to go...her choice.

Her choice.

She hadn't heard those words in years.

She asked if she could stay and meet the Peacekeeper and get to know them first and see what the group was about before she made her decision.  Withing 4 days, Gail agreed to join the Peacekeepers.  After finally going to visit her parents and family for the first time since she was 12, she was the happiest she'd ever been...other than her romantic time with Psimind, that is...

Due to Gail's 'captivity', she is very much like a 'babe in the woods' and is very innocent with her emotions, understanding of people and politics.  She believes that everyone should be kind to each other, however, in the world of today, she might be in for a shock; a shock that Gail may decide to 'get even' with another's the FULLEST degree of her powers...

Gail, now codenamed "Aurumind" due to the golden aura that encircles her head when she uses her powers, has the incredible ability to not only read and control minds, but can confuse them, blast them, scramble them and make people forget periods of time up to a week, all so long as the target's psyche is less powerful than Aurumind's. She can, with concentration, shut down certain body controls to 'freeze' people in place, however, it requires the utmost of concentration; one wrong thought and she could stop a person's heart or create an embolism by accident.  Her powers come at a cost though; the more she strains to use her powers over time, the more she needs to sleep after their use (i.e., if she focused using her powers to the fullest for over 1/2 hour, she'd need to sleep over 12 hours just to recuperate, otherwise her powers will come back at a gauged level of degradation versus her sleep time under that 12 hours).  As a side effect of her exposure to radiation, her skin in tougher than normal, providing her typical protection against physical and energy attacks and provides unearthly levels of radiation protection. 


Doc Orion

Orion Dawn (in his species (Orionan) language), Organic Mechanic (species' title for "Doctor")


In 1950, aliens for Oriona (star system by Wolf 359) came to Earth on an expedition to investigate "large energy signatures" (nuclear bombs).  The Orionans, a peaceful people with organic life sciences as their planetary focus, were looking to find other races that were sophisticated enough to utilize some of their futuristic life science methods in exchange for using Earth as a waystation for their journey further into our region of the Solar System.  Unfortunately, Earth had other plans for them.

Upon investigating Nevada, where multiple nuclear bomb tests were being performed, the US Air Force intercepted the Orionan spacecraft and shot it down into the Nevada desert.  Only one of the 5 Orionans survived, their equivocal doctor called, in Orionan terms, an "Organic Mechanic". The Orionan, named on his plant as "Orion Dawn", as well as his dead crew and their destroyed spaceship, were taken into custody and for a time and housed at Area 51.  Several years later, they were moved to a new facility in Virginia.  During that time, the Orionan would not speak to his captors.  Fed a diet of plants and seeds, the Orionan was kept in captivity until the Soltan invasion occurred  over a decade ago.

When the Soltans invaded, the US military tried to get Orion Dawn to stop the invasion, which Orion Dawn knew was useless. He knew the Soltans; they were warlike and rarely ran from a fight.  Orion Dawn's race encountered them in outer planets, but at the time of Orion Dawn's abduction by the US military, the Soltans had not bothered with the Orionan home world.  During the invasion, a Soltan was captured and brought to the same facility that Orion Dawn was.  There, through the prodding of the US Military and scientists, Orion Dawn was told to communicate to the Soltans to leave Earth and stop their invasion.  Reluctantly, Orion Dawn passed the message to the captured Soltan only for the Soltan soldier to say they'd never leave Earth...and that Orionan Homeworld had already been invaded and destroyed by the Soltans within the last 10 years. Angered and upset, the Orionan for the first time amongst his captors, used his mental powers and fried the captured Soltan soldier's brain. That night, Orion swore to avenge his people by first stopping what the Soltans were doing to Earth.  At this time he wasn't fond of Earth, but he was impressed on how far the human race had come.  He didn't want to see their fire go out in the galaxy nor more than his race. Orion offered to help combat the Soltans IF they'd give him the freedom to combat them openly.  After great deliberation, the military assigned a 'handling squad' to Orion,gave him a rubber mask and the gaudy costume (he still wears to this day) to go out and fight the Soltans.

Over the next few months, Orion coordinated with his handlers and attacked hundreds of Soltan outpost, sometimes being the vanguard of a superhero assault team.  All in all, he took out many hundreds of Soltan soldiers and creatures during those battles. Eventually, Orion and Earth's superheroes saved the day and chased the Soltans off to the dark side of Mars, where they reside today, amassing and awaiting for the next effective time to strike again at Earth.  As for Orion, he went back to his cell...on occasion.

Over the next decade plus, Orion helped with medical mysteries of the humans. Simple solutions (to him) provided breakthrough advances in stopping dozens of deadly medical conditions and diseases.  Over time, Orion also helped in breakthroughs in forensic science.  By 2005, Orion was able to walk the hallways of his captors prison house.  He had coffee (his favorite drink) with the doctors and guards and eventually became the celebrity alien of the facility.  On occasion, they let Orion out amongst the populace to experience more of human civilization.  Each time he was outside his prison, he was in awe of how much the human race had evolved just in the 50 years he'd been incarcerated.  Eventually, complex and emergency medical services were asked of him due to super-villain and alien encounters (see Galactic Expatriates) in the region.  He soon became known as "Doc Orion" due to his incredible surgical skills and his adeptness at saving lives. Not long after, the US military fight with the CIA over who got to have Doc Orion; the fight was mostly because each wanted the best surgeon they could have in their ranks.  The CIA won, however, as a result of his captor's authority shift, Doc Orion was about to be outed to the world.

With the passing of the World Super-powered Registration Act (WRSA), many unique federal and state law enforcement personnel were 'outed', and as such, through the passing of a similar act in the United States, called the "Peacekeepers Act", those same super-powered, technically advanced, and alien personnel were instead aligned to join the super-powered national police force known as the "Peacekeepers".  Through 'leaks' about Orion Dawn's incarceration, the Peacekeeper co-leaders, Major Order and Judge Law, visited with Doc Orion in the ultra-secure facility in Virginia.  There, after 2 days of discussions with him, Doc Orion was asked if he'd want to work with Earth's humans to help maintain law and order in the United States, rather than remain incarcerated for no reason other than national security fears.  Doc Orion agreed, stating that his home world was gone, and that even though he was 'unhappy' about his incarceration on Earth, he'd grown fond of humans and deemed it an honor that they'd ask for him to join their ranks in defending the innocent and helping in their understanding of the sciences.  Days later, Doc Orion was released under the care of Judge Law and Major Order. Now a 'relatively' free alien (the Feds did place a tracker chip under his skin), Doc Orion has broadened his understanding of human civilization and technological advancements (as well as the incredibly delicious plant foods on our planet) and wants to learn more than ever. Doc Orion offered up his medical services to the Peacekeepers, and after a quick demonstration of his astounding skills, the co-leaders heartily agreed. Doc Orion's only caveat in helping the Peacekeepers was that he'd never allow himself to attack, hurt or endanger any of his own race if they were so encountered. With that, Doc Orion joined the Peacekeeper's Investigations Division as the Chief Surgeon, Lead Forensic Scientist and the Medical Examiner.

The Orionan race normally live to 350 Earth years of age; Doc Orion is 150. He is nearly 8 feet tall and has a light blue tinted skin with black eyes.

Doc Orion's powers are based on his race's altered biochemistry.  His skin provides good protection from the elements, radiation and any other form of damage, sans psionic, where instead he has studied to 'block' psychic powers at an excellent level.  His metabolism is normally slow, but can be sped up enough so that he can perform actions at twice the speed of a normal human, including running up to 30 mph, and even able to leap over 40 feet in a single bound.  His eyes can see into the ultraviolet and normal light spectrum, as well as see twice as good as any human.  His ears, however, are not as defined, and are about 60% capable as those of normal humans.  His nose does not allow to smell things, however, his taste and senses of atmospheric change are five times as sensitive than a humans (which is why he loves human plant-based foods and seeds; they are superior in taste to anything he knows of in the galaxy).

Doc Orion's powers allow him to heal himself and/or anyone within 20 yards of his location at a 10,000% rate.  He can also use his excellent powers to drain energy from his victims, but this, in turn, limits with psionic powers by a whole level.  His good psionic powers allow him to read minds (so long as the target's willpower is equal or lesser than his), as well as project excellent mental blasts on targets up to 20 yards away.  He physiology allows for his own body to revive itself within minutes after what we consider 'dead', however, not only is he severely weakened, but his healing and psionic powers won't return for at least an Earth day's time. Physically, he has excellent strength and able to lift up to 400 lbs. without much effort. 

Night Jack

Jack Knight III


Jack Knight was originally a detective in Scotland Yard but several years later transferred to Interpol and then to America working for the National Security Agency (NSA).  In that time, Jack Knight was rated a top notch detective, earning several major awards and accolades for his incredible detective work, however, on the first day of the World Super-powered Registration Act (WSRA), Jack gave away the secret to his success - mystical control of dark powers!

During his years as a detective in England, a majority of the crimes that Jack Knight solved were in using his powers to blend into the dark, thus being able to track and capture perpetrators.  Over time, he learned to use his powers to invoke fear and imprison or capture his targets in dark energy voids.  Even though his captured perpetrators droned on about 'shadow people' and 'being overcome by darkness', most of Knight's fellow lawmen and women chalked up their stories to ways to get out of prison and/or made up stories.  When Jack went to work for the NSA (good money), he was told they knew about his 'dark powers' and wanted him to use them in solving several cryptic cases involving the evil mage-warrior group known as Arkaenus and against the crime cartel known as CANIS.  Knight had no problems using his powers to help promote justice.  His actions led to some incredible detective work and convictions that resulted in the incarceration of several major Arkaenus agitators and several high-level CANIS legates.  After a change of command in Jack's division in the NSA, the new boss instead wanted Jack to 'shadow' and follow dozens of innocent civilians as well as the President of the United States in Camp David.  Knight turned down future assignments after this, decrying that he wasn't solving crimes this way, but was instead being used as a covert spy. His boss, with a crooked smile, ensured Jack that all was good and that he'd never be asked to do anything he wouldn't want to do against his conscience.

Over the next few months, Jack started having nightmares about being gagged, drugged and abducted.  He started waking up in cold sweats in strange places; he'd find scars, cuts and bruises on his body that were never there before he went to sleep at night.  He woke up routinely feeling exhausted and spent.  He even noticed that he'd be asleep sometimes for entire weekends, not being able to account for anything he'd have done during that time.  Each time this happened, he visited the NSA's psychologist who promptly reminded him that it was all probably due to the stress of his regular missions and not to worry about it.  Nonetheless, the nightmares and unexplained injuries continued to happen.  He began to think he was slowly losing his mind, however, he felt that the more dire questions in his life were why he was being treated as a slave in the NSA and that he was being used in operations that were labeled as "National Police Force" operations that were "classified" even from the President of the United States.  Things weren't adding up, and the more Jack tried to make sense of it all, he'd awaken from another 'sleep walking' incident with more bruises, exhausted and spent.  

During one of his later assignments in finding CANIS sleeper agents in the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), breaking news aired of a LAPD helicopter crashing on Interstate 5 (I-5), killing over 60 children, with the helicopter's pilot found alive beside the overpass.  In an incredible series of events (see Skywatch), Jack had cleared the helicopter pilot of any culpability, provided evidence of a sleazy LA lawyer's son actually cutting the helicopter's fuel line (thus causing the I-5 incident), and also mustered enough willpower to blow the whistle on his boss for creating his own illegal National Police Force, as well as several other 'shadow' ops that Jack knew were illegal.  Jack also got into an altercation with GUARD's leader of the Aeroguardians, Aeronaut, resulting in him 'borrowing' an Aeroguardian flight pack and suit and giving it to the earlier mentioned LAPD helicopter pilot so she could assist him in taking down the CANIS operatives secretly operating in the LAPD.  As a result, Jack was lauded for his incredible actions, however, the NSA fired him on the spot for his whistle-blowing without going through their proper channels first. The flight pack he gave to the helicopter pilot also helped to create a new super-hero that he'd eventually work with again soon (see Skywatch).

When the World Super-powered Registration Act (WSRA) was enacted, Jack signed up as a super-powered individual, and when the United States authorized the Peacekeepers Act, allowing super-powered people, tech-enhanced people and aliens to join a group in performing legal national policing, Jack immediately signed up for the Peacekeepers.

Since joining the Peacekeepers, Jack has been assigned to their Investigations Division, where his incredible sleuthing skills, coupled with his dark powers, have provided a 95% 'solved' rate for all the team's assignments.  He has never been happier than he's ever been in his life now that he's with the Peacekeepers and considers them all a family he's never had before.  He'd do anything for them and would never think of doing anything to harm them or the group.

Recently, Jack learned that his old boss from the NSA had escaped incarceration and was on the run from the law.

Jack has also started having nightmares again.  He's even found himself waking up in strange places other than his bed, like 20 miles outside the base in the South Dakota desert at 4AM in the morning.

Couple that with the fact that Jack has noticed several classified Peacekeeper records had been accessed and copied...and that the computer security logs have shown that he himself was the one who'd accessed the files...all the while he was supposedly sleeping.

Will Jack tell his teammates that he himself may be a sleep-walking security risk...or is there something else bigger happening here? 

If he tells his teammates, will they arrest him and jail him for his actions, or will they help him to solve this mystery?

What is this brilliant detective to do in order to solve these mysterious events when he can't even trust himself in finding the answers?

Night Jack's powers are mystical in origin.  While working at Scotland Yard, Jack was captured and exposed to a dark ritual that was designed to steal his soul, but instead, the spell backfired and granted him control of dark energies.  These remarkable dark energies can only be used in places of darkness and shadows; if he is in a shadowless, highly lit room, or outdoors in the daylight, his powers will not work.  Night Jack instead uses his powers at night when they are the most available and powerful.  He can manipulate the darkness to hide himself and up to several other people close to his body.  he can also created dark voids that can slow, stop or immobilize single and multiple targets at a time.  Using the dark powers with his eyes, he can create fear in his targets, pending if their psyche is weaker than his.  He's also used the dark powers to fire off dark energy blasts to stop fleeing perpetrators and criminals. In his time with the Peacekeepers, Night Jack has learned many new ways to use his powers, however, with his nightmares and unexplained sleepwalking returning, Jack has been reluctant to further delve into new ways to use his powers for fear that he may unwittingly use these new uses of his powers to hurt those he cares for the most - his teammates in the Peacekeepers.


Special Agent Watson

Sierra Watson, FBI Special Agent


Sierra was raised in a family of heroes; her grandfather, a highly decorated San Diego policeman, her grandmother a "Doctors Without Borders" volunteer, her father a Secret Service Agent and her mother - a superhero!  As she was growing up, she heard all the incredible stories and adventures her parents and grandparents told; the death-defying saving of lives, the seconds-left disarming of a bomb on an airliner, the recovery efforts for the people of the Philippines after being ravaged by a hurricane...all of these incredible stories that Sierra herself wanted to experience.

In high school, she was the star of the track and field team as well as a straight A student.  Her teachers time and again mentioned her ability of deduction was no less than that of a police detective.  Wanting to go her own way, she applied for the FBI academy out of college and graduated the first in her class.

After four years in the Criminal Investigation Division, Sierra applied to be Critical Incident Response Group to gain experience that she hadn't received being stuck behind a desk thus far.  Once there, she got her fill of incredible incidents ranging from bio-hazards spills to super-villain battles. As an agent, Sierra was teamed with Special Agent Carl Starlin, a 10-year veteran of the the FBI.  Partnering with him, she quickly learned new skills and deductive reasoning techniques through his incredible mentoring.  She considered him one of the most dedicated and smartest FBI agents in the service...that is, until the World Super-powered Registration Act (WSRA) was passed.

The day that WSRA registration started, Special Agent Starlin drove Sierra to a registration site and he himself registered right in front of Sierra. When asked what his "power" was, he said he has a mutant "sixth" sense that things were going to happen (limited precognition) and that no one knew about it in the FBI.  When Sierra pressed Carl about how this might affect his career, he said, "it won't matter in the next few minutes", as he asked Sierra to go to the car and bring him back his jacket.  Puzzled, she went back to the car just as a van pulled up on the sidewalk next to the registration line where 1/2 a dozen masked men piled out with machine guns and grenades to kill the registrants.  As Sierra went for her gun, she realized that Carl had stealthily taken it and was now walking towards the assailants amidst a stream of bullets, shooting the masked assailants with his and Sierra's guns.  Carl took down three of the shooters before he himself became peppered with bullets.  Carl dropped to the ground.  Sierra reacted instantly and though unarmed, she ran up to the shooters and using her extensive martial arts skills, took down the remaining three shooters before grabbing up one of the masked mens' machine guns and rolled to a firing position sighted in on the van's driver who quickly surrendered to Sierra.  In the immediate aftermath, Sierra assessed that no one was hurt at all in the registration line...except the gunmen themselves...and Carl.  Once Sierra called in the shooting and the 'agent down' code, she went to Carl to tend to his wounds.  Carl told  Sierra that her attempts to save him wouldn't work; he'd already foreseen his death there at the registration line that morning hours before.  He praised Sierra's talents and skills and told her that she was the best partner he'd ever been teamed with and the best FBI agent he'd ever mentored.  He told her to never forget what she signed on for; justice - justice for all people, including those that are now registered at supers. 

Seconds later, Carl breathed his last breath in Sierra's arms. 

Weeks after the incident, after all the interviews, psyche evals, paperwork and debriefs, Sierra was placed on leave to allow some time for healing.  During that time, she was contacted with a person she'd worked with before during her time in Criminal Investigations; Judge Judith Law.  It seemed that Judge Law was in trouble and needed help in clearing her name.  In an incredible series of events, Sierra not only cleared Judge Law of her charges brought about as part of a major conspiracy, but was promoted to the rank of Special Agent shortly thereafter.

Newly assigned to the San Diego FBI Field Office and reunited with her relatives, Sierra talked to her grandmother about her superheroing days back in the 60s as "Lady Light".  her grandmother mentioned it was a rough time in those days; women were fighting for equality and women's liberation and no matter what she did, she was always cast into the shadows of other male superheroes.  During meetings, they still expected her to make coffee and meals for 'the guys'.  She mentioned that because she was forced to do the menial tasks, she missed out in making a bigger difference in some of their battles with the bad guys.  Her 'light' powers back in the day (she no longer had her powers) would heal others, but because of bias and sexism, she was routinely 'left home' to have beers ready for the 'real' superheroes - the guys.  She mentioned that she hopes that this same situation doesn't happen today with all the newly registered super-powered heroes; people who want to make a difference, but might instead be sidelined because of bias against the use of their superpowers and 'who they are'.

That night, Sierra's grandmother, Lady Light, passed away.

Over the next few days, Sierra thought long and hard about her future.  About Carl.  About her grandmother.  After the funeral, Sierra requested a special 'open door' session with the FBI regional boss.  The United States had recently passed the "Peacekeeper Act", a provision to create a national super-powered police force under the auspices of the US Federal Justice Department.  Sierra made a long and detailed request to be reassigned to the Peacekeepers.  She believed, even though she was a normal human, that her being assigned there would be of benefit to the Peacekeepers and to ensure that those in the Peacekeepers, as well as those the Peacekeepers deal with, are treated fairly within the letter of the law.

After several calls and two days of waiting, Sierra was reassigned - to the Peacekeepers.  She'd hold a special position there as an FBI liaison with them, with the expectation of 'sharing information' to a two-way means; she tells the FBI what's happening with the Peacekeepers, and the FBI grants special FBI access to their files and data.  Before Sierra could even pack, Judge Law paid Sierra a visit.  She told Sierra she would be proud to have Sierra in the Peacekeepers, especially since her long time friend, Special Agent Carl Starlin had spoke so highly of her.  Sierra and Judge Law talked for hours after that about their experiences with Carl and how much he meant to each of them. Days later, Sierra was in South Dakota, moving into her new super-group's headquarters - an old Minuteman missile silo from the 1950s...

Over the last 2 years, Sierra, simply called "Special Agent Watson", has performed above and beyond the call in the Peacekeepers Investigations Division.  There, she's used her incredible skills and deductive reasoning with her team in solving over 95% of their cases.  Amongst the Peacekeepers, she feels like being there was her destiny.  She considers them closer than family.  The only regret that Sierra had is that her grandmother never got the chance to see Sierra with the Peacekeepers, however, every time Sierra looks to the sky on a sunny day, she has a feeling that her grandmother knows...and is proud of her choice.

Special Agent Watson is a highly intelligent FBI agent with vast experience in criminal investigation, crime scene forensics, munitions and weapons testing, rapid incident responding and criminal financial investigations, as experience in nearly every single type of murder, mystery, crime and manhunt that can happen.  She is rated an expert sharpshooter in small arms and rifles, earning 1st place in several competition awards. She is also well trained in judo, karate, savate, boxing (and kick boxing), wrestling and eschrima (stick) fighting.  She is in perfect physical condition and is known to run 10 mile jogs in the early mornings to stay in shape.


TECHNOLOGY, ARMS & MOBILITY (TAM) DIVISION                           

The Peacekeepers' Technology, Arms & Mobility (TAM) Division comprises a handful of energetic, engineers and munitions experts. Led by the man only known by his codename as "Bullet", this division has not only found a way to kit-bash random equipment into superior performing vehicles and technological marvels, but have devised new weapons and means of transportation never found anywhere else in the world.

Technologically, the team has consistently been given a highly ineffective budget to operate from.  As such the TAM personnel have learned to scavenge, kit bash, and modify existing technologies and create incredible technological marvels in the process.  All of this is done within the confines of the law; nothing is stolen or illegally appropriated (including copyrighted and patented materials and equipment), but is instead appropriated through normal chains of federal and state surplus auctions and loan systems already in place all over the country.  As an example, when the Peacekeepers needed transport vehicles, the TAM team was able to appropriate 25 pallets of military-grade Humvee parts for $500 at a military auction.  Kit bashing with other auction-bought equipment, they now have 5 fully operational Peacekeeper Humvees with the all the latest communications equipment, on-board computer links, weapons and terrain kits. 

For the Arms section of TAM, "Bullet" not only procures and maintains the Peacekeepers' weapons and ammunition, he can also build any weapons from and ammunition from scratch.  With his prior knowledge of being an arms dealer, coupled with his skills in weapons manufacturing, "Bullet" has created an arsenal of modern day and futuristic weapons, most notably, Major Order's energy pistols.  The Peacekeepers' TAM division even holds the patents on over four dozen types of weapons and ammunition styles/makes.  With those patents, the Peacekeepers have been able to infuse more cash into their coffers by authorizing paid patent releases to federal and state agencies to use his designs for themselves.

In regards to mobility, the man behind the plan is "The Travelmaster".  He is a quantum physics and engineering genius that has not only created and upgraded most of the Peacekeepers transportation vehicles (Humvees, motorcycles, skycraft, assault drones, etc.), but has also devised the nation's first quantum teleportation system.  Using quantum physics and mechanics, Travelmaster has created and engineered several teleportation platforms that can be programmed to take a Peacekeeper to anywhere on the world (space and the moon soon enough).  No one else has this technology, short of mediporters used by federally recognized hospitals and federal agencies (which are seriously underpowered and extremely site selective).  Several congressmen have fought to obtain this technology, but thanks to the Peacekeepers' secretive (and completely legal) patent and copyright system, the secrets of quantum teleportation will remain with the Peacekeepers...for the time being.

The TAM personnel predominantly operate in the engineering labs, however, on occasion, they've operated in the field with the PPD. They are all trained and certified in hand-to-hand combat, certified in all weapons, and are certified police officers at state and federal levels.

The following personnel make up the TAM (scroll to see individual characters):



CURRENT:  Bullet V - Garret Sykes-Langley, CPT, US Army Reserve (1990-present)

Bullet I - John Langley, US Army, Major (ret.) (1892-1935)

Bullet II - Daryl Langley, US Army, CPT (1922-1944)

Bullet III - Frank Langley, CIA Special Operations (1945-1979)

Bullet IV - Deacon Langley, Death Legion (1975-2010)


The history of "Bullet" goes across five generations of men since the 19th century.  The title of "Bullet" is a special secret title given by the President of the United States, to the first-born heirs of the Langley family after an incredible chain of events that happened during World War I culminating in saving President Woodrow Wilson's life.

Born in 1892, John Langley was the son of a British immigrant from Canada who started designing ammunition in the back of his barn in Buffalo, New York.  In 1917, as the United States entered into World War I (The Great War), President Woodrow Wilson was to visit Buffalo to promote the United States' involvement in the war.  There, however, a very shady and disturbed millionaire wanted Wilson dead.  At this time, John Langley's father had fallen ill, leaving the day-to-day operations of ammunition manufacturing to his son John, aged 24, who was a veritable genius in custom designs for a variety of uniquely created guns throughout the United States.  The disturbed millionaire had asked for a special round of ammunition to be made that would 'explode' on impact with the target.  John didn't think much about what the ammunition would be used for and agreed to do so for an 'appropriate' price.  As the millionaire was leaving, he dropped some papers from his pocket. John picked them up and as he was running to return them to the millionaire, he spied an elaborate plot to kill President Wilson using the aforementioned unique ammunition.  Unsure what to do, he stopped chasing the millionaire and went back to his desk and copied the 'plot' down on another piece of paper.  John refolded the millionaire's paper again and chased him, returning the papers.  When asked if he'd read what was on the papers, John responded with a "who in their right mind would do such a callous thing?" statement; not denying it, but not saying 'yes' either. The millionaire shrugged off the encounter and stated he'd return in the next 2 days for the special 6 ammunition rounds.  John ran back home and tried to talk to his ailing father, but his father was too weak to talk with. 

John instead devised a plan. 

He'd make the ammunition, but would make the metal of the projectile expand so it would get stuck in the pistol's barrel instead.  He even made the primer and the propellant inert so as not to go off at all, thus making the ammunition useless.  He worked feverishly through the next two nights until he finally was able to finish his special ammunition.  Prior to dawn, John ran to the hotel that President Wilson was staying at and attempted to get an audience with him.  The Secret Service denied John access to the president until John finally blurted out that he was knowledgeable about a potential assassination attempt on the president.  At that point, the Secret Service men sat down with him and heard the whole story.  After John's tale and reading what John had copied from the millionaire's paper, they were ready to arrest the millionaire and his accomplices.  John and president Wilson had another idea, though.  In the letter, it seemed that there were others of higher position involved in this conspiracy, thus, they intended to stage the event in a manner so as to arrest each of the culprits involved.

The day of the assassination attempt, John and the Secret Services' plans were set in motion. President Wilson arrived at his assigned stumping stop and gave his speech.  The ammunition, delivered the day before, had been distributed by the millionaire to himself and five accomplices.  Their plan was that if one of the assassins missed or couldn't get a shot off, one of the others would.  The assassination attempt occurred like clockwork; when the millionaire and his minions tried to shoot the president, their guns misfired, and by the time each assassin turned to escape, a secret serviceman was there to arrest them.  The plan was a success, and as a result, no one was harmed.  The millionaire and the assassins were 'interrogated' by the Pinkerton Security services.  After a week of 'interrogation', it was discovered that the villainous "Death Legion" was behind the attempted assassination.  Rather than be awarded a medal and highlighted in the newspapers for his actions, John had simply asked to stay anonymous.  Instead, President Wilson did one better; he gifted a special secret title for John Langley; a title that was allowed to be bestowed upon him and their first born child of each succeeding Langley hereafter; the secret title, crafted as a remembrance of the title-bearer's unique donation to the United States was "Bullet".  Along with  the secret title (also used as a password and a keyword), John was made made an full Major in the United States Army; a Major that would oversee the creation and design of the nation's ammunition and stockpiles for war. 

The title, John discovered, was one of 50 titles given to others who had performed special heroic feats for their country and as such had earned special favor by the US government.  Once every four years, in the middle of a president's term of office, the 50 title-bearers (or their descendents) would meet at the White House to regale each other of their efforts and sacrifice for the United States.  John Langley was the 50th and last title-bearer allowed. Later that same year, as with each forthcoming 4 years, the "50 Title-Bearers" were clandestinely contacted, transported and met at the White House as had been done since the title-bearers initial meetings that started in 1805.

John was sent overseas to Europe as a US Army Major and special weapons contractor during World War I.  He was kept in the back echelons doing what he was born to do; make the best ammunition for America's weapons.  Before the war ended, however, John had been exposed to what was later termed as an 'experimental German mustard gas'; a gas that unfortunately slowly led to John's death in 1935.  As for his father's ammunition company which was originally started out of the back of their barn, was now called the Langley Ammunition Company, complete with two new factories across New York and Pennsylvania states.  As for John's legacy, his wife gave birth to three sons and three daughters. His first child, a boy named Daryl, was born in 1922 and was to become the next and more famous "Bullet" in the Langley legacy.

Daryl Langley grew up during the Great Depression.  His father lost millions of dollars of the family's wealth as a result of the financial turmoil of the era. When his father, John, passed away in 1935 from complications of his exposure to the mustard gas, Daryl was read a 'special' will mentioning the special "Bullet" title-bearer meaning and status.  At age 15, he attended his first title-bearer meeting and quickly learned of his father's involvement in saving President Wilson's life.  During his teenage years, Daryl discovered that he was a highly fit young man and excelled in all sports and physical events, even breaking school records easily. Even though he wanted nothing more than to try out for the Olympics (which most of his track times equaled or excellent prior Olympic stars), he had a business to run.  Daryl had learned what he could about the munitions manufacturing industry as best he could before his father passed, but he was nowhere near the genius his father was in manufacturing unique ammunition. Instead, Daryl decided to go to college and learn about business and finance.  In his third year of college, however, Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese and the United States entered into World War II.  Daryl was immediately drafted into the US Army as a Captain and assigned to weapons research and design in Washington D.C.. While there, he ordered his company's executives to start making standard ammunition and artillery shells for the war effort, however, a young US Special Forces officer, Captain John Brown, instead requested Daryl's company to manufacture thousands of rounds for very 'special' weapons; weapons he'd designed himself for his special operations team known as the "Allied Fighters".  Within weeks, Daryl helped the Captain with his order.  In a quiet moment for Captains Langley and Brown one night, Captain Brown wanted to test Daryl's physical prowess over a series of bets with drinks.  Daryl was initially reluctant, but Captain Brown's arrogance finally got Daryl to take the bets. Out of ten physical tests, including a mile run, situps, pull ups, a javelin toss (ok, they used a microphone stand), and others, Daryl won over Captain Brown hands down.  Captain Brown, highly impressed, later requested that Captain Langley be added to Captain Brown's "Allied Fighters" unit.  Although Daryl was trained in combat, he was no veteran, nor was he (in his own mind) capable of killing others.  Regardless, Captain Langley reported for duty to the Allied Fighters...and history was made.


The Allied Fighters were a special band of fighters made up of super-powered or specialized soldiers and warriors from various allied countries.  It was a hard-charging unit that gave more than it gave up. Unfortunately, as a band of hard-chargers, casualties were common.  Nearly half of the Allied Fighters died before they could see the end of the war...including Daryl.  He died from a sniper's bullet in occupied France in early 1944. Before he died, Daryl had won dozens of medals and awards for his combat effort and bravery with the Allied Fighters.  His efforts during combat were considered selfless and heroic.  He alone liberated a Vichy French-occupied town in France with the help of a female French underground operative.  Not long after D-Day, Captain Langley, whom everyone took to naming him by his 'secret' nickname of "Bullet", saved four of his fellow Allied Fighters from a death trap concocted by Captain Brown's nemesis, Baron Berlin.  The one time he was able to take some leave during the war, her returned to Buffalo, New York and married his high school sweetheart in April of 1944 before he went on his last mission. The day before he was killed, he was told that his wife was pregnant.  His one and only son, Frank Langley, was born on New Years Day in 1945.

World War II ended in August of 1945.  Kitty, Daryl's wife, was left in charge of the Langley Ammunition Company through power of attorney. Eventually, the company's operations were passed onto her only son, Frank, on the event of his 18th birthday.  During that time, the company underwent a massive downsizing and nearly went bankrupt twice in the later 1950s.  Frank, as a teenager, quickly became an All-American Football star and a record-breaker in nearly every single sporting event he decided to join.  His uncanny physical prowess earned him the nickname of "Super Frank". On his 15th birthday, Frank received a letter from the White House and (at the time) President Dwight D. Eisenhower to attend a function he'd never heard of before; it was for the "Presidential Title-Bearer Banquet".  In the letter, a handwritten note from the president himself stated that he was anxiously looking forward to meeting the son of latest "Bullet".  Completely surprised and perplexed by this news, he contacted the White House and confirmed the letter/banquet's authenticity.  Reeling with questions, Frank was as nervous as an expecting father for the day of the banquet to find out more about his family's special status.  

Frank attended the White House  banquet later that year.  Over the course of the night, talking with the president and the other 49 'title-bearers' and/or their descendants, he learned the truth about his father, his grandfather and his legacy.  As such, President Eisenhower noted that Frank's munitions company seemed to be in financial trouble, and as such, with President Eisenhower being a title-bearer himself,  promised Frank a guaranteed approval letter for Frank's attendance at the college of his choice - free of charge.  Frank initially chose to go be a University of Michigan "Wolverine" and play football there, but in 1963, after President John F. Kennedy's assassination, Frank changed his mind; instead, he decided to go to the University of Virginia - a college that was a lead-in towards joining the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).  Frank wanted nothing more after JFK's death than to join the CIA and train to take out the 'communists' and 'pinkos' that he deemed to be infecting the United States.  While undergoing training as a spy in the CIA, his munitions company fell on even harder times.  It was bought out by another rival ammunition manufacturer for a hefty sale price of over $250 million dollars.  His mother died the year the company was sold. 

In the 1970s, Agent Langley was involved in hundreds of international covert operations for the CIA.  He was one of the most highly decorated agents in the CIA, however, his distaste for 'commies' and 'pinkos' soon reached to a fever pitch.  In a delicate CIA spy operation, Frank couldn't keep his political views to himself and accused a prominent United States senator that he was a communist.  Long story short, Frank was 'retired' from the CIA with a healthy stipend, a huge house on Cape Cod, several new cars and an annual retirement of over $100,000. Discouraged and upset with the out-of-control, changing world before him, Frank started drinking...and didn't stop.

In 1971, in a drunken haze, Frank eloped with his then girlfriend, a Boston debutante named Sharon Angiulo, who unbeknownst to Frank, was the niece of one of Boston's most notorious crime bosses. In 1977, when Gerald Ford became President, the "50 Title-Bearer" banquet, along with all the secret accolades associates with it, were shutdown for good. President Ford believed that the 'title-bearer' program was a hold over from the old days and had no meaning in today's society, thus, each of the legacy of the title-bearers soon became ancient unwritten history.  None of the title-bearers were ever identified to the public, and as such, the generation-to-generation legacy title was no more. This drove Frank into an even deeper depression; one that he was already drowning in alcohol was now also complimented with drugs...heavy drugs.

Sharon gave Frank a son before she gave birth to an additional son and other men.  With Frank's alcoholic and drug-induced stupor, she continued to fool around on him sometimes in the next room of their own house while Frank was passed out on the couch.

Frank was said to have 'committed suicide' over his involvement in the loss of his family's millions of dollars in gambling and debts; the problem was Frank actual had no idea about the loss of his own money; he was instead kept in an alcoholic and drug-induced haze until his death courtesy of his corrupt wife and her family. Sharon and here crooked family funneled away Frank's money (and unwittingly his children's inheritance)  all into the crime family's off-shore accounts. 

Before Frank died in 1979, in one of his more lucid days, he had a new will drawn up and another 'special will' done up for his first son to explain that he was supposed to have been a "Bullet" just as the last three generations of Presidential title-bearers were, but was no longer recognized. When Frank's official will was read, it mentioned that his wife was excluded from any of his money and that his son would instead receive the whole of Frank's estate. Since Frank was 'officially' bankrupt at the time of his death, Frank's only biological son received no money.  Frank's wife, Sharon, however, remarried two months after Frank's death to a mob lieutenant from her father's "business".  Months later, Sharon was found beaten near to death.  Sharon's two other children were abandoned without a cent, just like Frank's first and only son.  The only good thing that Frank did was the final 'special will' that was to be presented to his only son on his 18th birthday.  Aside from the information about the no-longer-valid 'title-bearer' status, Frank also left the deed to the original  long-shutdown Langley Ammunition Company building in Buffalo, New York in the special will to his first and only son, Deacon.  

At age 18, Deacon, who had lived as a homeless boy on the streets of New York, was contacted by a legal firm and presented his father's 'special' will.  Although still penniless, Deacon now had the deed to the property of the Langley Ammunition Factory.  Although old, dilapidated and shut down for many years, the Langley Ammunition Company was all Deacon had.  It became his new home. There, while scavenging the place for anything of value to sell, he found an old safe in an office floor that contained thousands of designs for unique ammunition; all relevant and all revolutionary even in today's munitions market.  These were plans created by his great-grandfather, John Langley, from back in the 1940s during the war.  Deacon didn't have a red cent to his name, but after selling several of these ammunition designs to some VERY shady cartels, Deacon was back in business...and so was the Langley Annunciation Company.  The company rehired some old hands that used to work there, however, this time, unwittingly to the employees, they were making munitions and specialized weaponry 'off the books' for dark and sinister people and countries, including the notorious assassin organization known as "Death Legion".

Throughout the 1980s, Deacon sold millions of rounds to every single rebel militia in the world.  Using renown arms dealers such as Sarkis Soghanalian and  Orleg Orlov, Deacon was able to move his product to whoever needed it to kill others.  His most specialized weapons and munitions however were devised for Death Legion and the CANIS crime cartel. In ten years, Deacon made over $200 million dollars in profit.  Every attempt to stop him or catch him in the act of building illegal weapons failed simply due to Deacon's personal spy network he'd created.  In the 1990s, Deacon started following in his father's unfortunate footsteps and got involved in hard drugs, heroine, cocaine and LSD.  One night, after the factory was closed for the night, stoned out of his head, Deacon decided to mess with some of the experimental munitions round being created on the factory floor. His ignorance resulted in an explosion that leveled 1/3rd of his factory and severely injured Deacon.  He was taken to Buffalo General Hospital. It took several hours of surgery simply to keep him alive, but live he did.  In the aftermath of the explosion, Deacon lost his left eye in the accident.  Bitter, frustrated and angry, Deacon started getting even more depressed and paranoid, all the while taking heavy pain killers and derivative drugs.  In his dark demeanor, he started following the Goth movement.  He'd listen to the dark musical beat and depressing tunes for days at a time, cutting himself, and rarely leaving his dark office or adjoining bedroom.  He also started bedding women on a whim, sometimes up to three a night.  These were dark times for him, however, after his factory was rebuilt and production was restarted, the money started flowing back into his coffers.

In 1990, one of his "whimsical women" told him she was pregnant with with his child. Without hesitation, he shot her with his newest weapon, a Tri-Laser Energy Cannon. The girl, Amanda Sykes, was blasted out a third story factory window and fell to her supposed death.  The truth was that Amanda fell into huge packages of insulation that was being tossed into the incinerator.  Amanda painfully rolled out of the mounds of insulation and escaped Deacon and his evil facility.  When Deacon's men went to find Amanda's body, they'd assumed she'd fallen into the incinerator and that she was truly dead.  Amanda instead made her way back to her parents house in Independence, Missouri, where her son, Garrett was born in October of that same year.

Deacon, in the meantime, was starting to lose workers; workers who were frightened to work at the Langley plant becasue of its shady dealings.  Production started slowing and federal investigations were getting more common and intense.  As his arms dealers started 'retiring' or getting caught and tried in the World Court, Deacon's customer base for his munitions began dwindling. What was worse, super-powered heroes were popping up everywhere, righting wrongs and getting their noses into Deacon's business.  By 2000, Deacon had silently eliminated three super-powered heroes and several GUARD spies that were trying to catch him doing his illegal activities.  Over the next 10 years, Deacon grew more and more paranoid and started building missile launchers, laser cannons and electronic scramblers in and around his plant, preparing to fend off what he kept repeating over and over was an 'invasion of supers any day now'. Ironically, in the year 2000, the world was invaded by the Soltan Star Empire.  Initially, many key cities and locations were taken over throughout the world, but Buffalo, New York was obviously not that great of a threat to the Soltans.  As such, the Soltans never landed or occupied Buffalo.  Deacon, however, nearly drove himself insane expecting the Soltans to land on his plant's roof at any time. 

Within months, the world's superheroes and GUARD drove the aliens off to the dark side of Mars, leaving the world to rebuild and restock its weapons.  Deacon and his plant went into full production, bringing in illegal workers to work shifts around the clock.  Regardless of his increased productivity, Deacon still continued to build more and more defenses in and around his plant.  The cost to build these defenses was starting to cut into the company's profits and Deacon's 'Death Legion' investors were beginning to get irritated by his paranoia and obsession with the defensive weapons.  Deacon, in the meantime, continued siring children without marrying any of the women he got pregnant; he'd instead toss them a few thousand dollars, threaten to shoot them, and kicked them out of his life.  At last count, Deacon had at least five bastard boys and four bastard girls, however, it was his first-born that he should have been more worried about.   

Since his birth, Garrett Sykes was raised in a loving atmosphere by his grandparents and his now 'clean, clear and dedicated' mother.  Camping trips, Boy Scouts, volunteering at the senior citizens center; all of these made up a strong and positive soul that was Garrett's.  His grandfather, ironically, worked at the local ATK munitions manufacturing plant, and by age 18, Garrett was trained in design, manufacturing and customizing all forms of standard ammunition rounds. On his 18th birthday, a strange older woman arrived at the Sykes home.  Her name was Sharon Capalbo, however, her original married name used to be...

Sharon Langley.

Sharon related her tale of killing her husband, Frank Langley, Garrett's grandfather, for his money, but soon after she married a mobster, she was contacted by the feds, who worked a deal for her to turn state's evidence against her current husband and perform only 20 years in prison for Frank's murder.  She'd agreed, and after 20 years, was released from prison, where she attempted to make restitution and reconnect with her other abandoned children, all of whom had met untimely deaths or drug overdoes, that is...all except Deacon. 

She'd tried to talk with Deacon but was never allowed to see him, seeing as how his mother was already 'dead'. She did, however, discover Garrett's existence, and had only recently tracked him down to the Sykes home.  Sharon didn't want anything from Garrett; just the opposite, she gave a copy of his grandfather's will AND a copy of the special will stating about Garrett's special Langley lineage and legacy.  The more Garrett heard, the more Garrett realized how far his lineage had fallen.  After a few days of discussions and hugs, Sharon left Garrett alone to contemplate his future.  Up to this point, Garrett intended to attend college and follow his grandfather's footsteps in working at the ATK munitions factory as a mechanical engineer, however, with his dozens of athletic scholarships and grants piled up, including a hefty college savings plan account his grandparents had been amassing for him since his birth, Garrett instead planned for the long haul; education first, but learn what he could about his 'father' along the way. 

After 4 years of college football and being his colleges' MVP and #1 player, Garrett graduated with honors as a mechanical engineer and a metallurgist.  He joined the US Army Reserves as an 2nd Lieutenant and has thus far rapidly made it to the rank of Captain.  He also went back to his grandfather's factory and became a munitions designer and the plant's top metallurgist, making a solid wage...that is, until his father Deacon found out that Sharon was truly was his son, Garrett.

Deacon, up to 2010, had amassed his fortune back again of over $250 million dollars, and to prevent any of his greedy bastard children from taking his money, he had each of them killed over the years.  When he found out about Garrett, Deacon said he would personally travel to Missouri to take out the last of his 'little bastards', as he put it.  He was so cocky about doing this, that he actually called Garrett and told him he wanted to meet him for the 'first and last time'.  After studying all he could about his father, Garrett knew something like this would have happened.  In less than an hour, Garrett was ready to meet his 'daddy' for the first....and last time.

Deacon brought along over 25 of his personal guards and 5 Death Legion master assassins; he intended to make a show of killing his last living child. As Deacon and his team flew into the closest airport, Kansas City International Airport, on Deacon's personal Boeing 737 jetliner. The plane landed and was directed to a hangar on the far end of the runway; odd but not that deep a concern for Deacon or his pilots.  When Deacon's men opened the aircraft's door at the far end runway hangar, Deacon saw over 100 GUARD troops, 20 SWAT Officers, 5 superheroes from the Protectors super-group and Garrett, dressed in a combat suit, armed to the teeth with a wide variety of weapons. Just as the Protectors megaphoned their ultimatum to Deacon and his men to turn themselves in quietly, the members of Death Legion dove into the GUARD troops and the fight was on...

After 10 minutes of intense fighting, nearly all of GUARD was wounded or dead, the Protectors and SWAT seriously wounded or out of action leaving  only Garrett and his father left standing.  As the police car dash-cams recorded the fight, Garrett and Deacon engaged in a firefight that destroyed Deacon's 737, his limousine, and the entire aircraft hangar.  Both fought for what seemed an eternity, but was instead only several minutes in time.  At the end of the fight, Deacon was left severely injured with three bullet holes in him, while Garrett was in perfect shape; not a scratch on him.  Deacon was gathered up, as was the Death Legion assassins and Deacon's personal guards and all were jailed, tried and sentenced for nothing less than 2 life sentences for their actions.

In the aftermath, the Langley Ammunition Company was disarmed and dismantled by the federal government.  The illegally obtained funds were redistributed to US government as recompense. At his mother's request, Garrett changed his name to Garrett Sykes-Langley, in honor of his great grandfathers...and not his father. Once the story hit the media about the Langley story, it became a sensation.  TV movies, films and special honors and awards ceremonies depicted the Langley legacy and its incredible rise and fall and rise again.  As a result of all the focused attention, it was found that after a very specific and unique physical exam that Garrett, as well as him last three generations before, actually were 'super-powered'. Each generation had passed on the mutation gene since his great great grandfather was exposed to it in mustard gas in WWI. Garrett received excellent enhanced stamina, speed, strength and fortitude from the family, also allowing him to lift up to 500 lbs with slight effort.  He couldn't fly, but he was able to leap up to 50 yards in a single leap. During these tests, the last link, other than his incarcerated father, passed away. 

Sharon was given a decent funeral days later. In her possessions, she'd copied her first husbands special will for Deacon, which now went to Garrett. As such, Garrett learned he was a 'title-bearer' just as his descendants before, however, with its defunct status, being "Bullet" as a title-bearer meant nothing more than nostalgia and a secretive history to Garrett...or so he thought.

Two years ago, a man called Major Order contacted Garrett and asked him if he'd ever wanted to continue his family's "Bullet" legacy in support of his country, even further than his efforts with the US Army reserve.  After some detailed discussions and plans for this, Garrett joined the nation's first super-powered police team, designed to take down crime cartels, super-villains and help the people in the United States, otherwise known as "The Peacekeepers".

Now the leader of the Technology, Arms and Mobility (TAMS) Division in the Peacekeepers, "Bullet", as he has been codenamed, tirelessly challenges himself daily in supporting the Peacekeepers' mission, as well as learning and applying his skills in munitions manufacturing and devising specialized weapons for the police, superheroes and GUARD.  Every day in TAMS, Bullet challenges his team to overcome a difficult thing, no matter what the 'thing' is.  As such, he's earned the respect and trust of his team and his fellow Peacekeepers. 

As with his great, great grandfather before him, Garrett has taken the responsibility of "Bullet" and its continuing legacy.  However, if he intends to pass along the title once again, Bullet needs to find someone to share his life with before he gets too old to have or adopt his legacy...



Dynamatronics Android for Repair, Construction and Integrated Engineering (D.A.R.C.I.E.)


Seattle, Washington's biggest technical firms and industries were decimated after the 2000 Invasion of the alien Soltan warrior race.  Thanks to the brave superheroes and military power, the Soltan's were run off from Earth, however, in their wake was enormous death and destruction.  Seattle Washington was one of the hardest hit cities in the world.  Nearly 50% of its population was killed outright for food for the Soltans, as well as for their 'creatures' they used in combat.  With the area populace thinned and the need for the city to rebuild (as was the case everywhere else around the world), it became apparent that they were on their own in rebuilding their city until every other city was rebuilt first.

Seattle Washington was not about to become a ghost town - not if their remaining scientists and engineers had anything to do about it.

By 2002, one of the robotics companies that wasn't as damaged as most other industrial complexes were in the area, forged ahead with a brilliant plan.  With the aid of of the city's remaining internet geniuses, aerospace engineers, and computer hardware (and software) engineers, they all developed a system designated as the D.A.R.C.I.E. solution.  D.A.R.C.I.E.  stood for Dynamatronics Android for Repair, Construction and Integrated Engineering.  The unit, which was a humanoid design, allowing for vital human interaction, housed thousands of picabytes of data on every single building design, infrastructure system, electrical grids, aircraft designs, vehicle designs, subway designs, you name it - if it was in the world's databanks, it was stored in DARCIE.  Using that data, the sole humanoid unit, when tasked with a project, would deduce the best architectural, infrastructural and social design for whatever building, factory, club, gas station or airbase was ever needed to be built.  DARCIE has the autonomy to have specialized workerbots created at the Dynamatronics facility using a completed automated workerbot construction assembly line.  The plan was to create hundreds of DARCIEs and program them to rebuild Seattle, all the while its citizens would enjoy the fruits of DARCIE's labors without having to drive a single nail or pour an ounce of concrete on their own.

When the DARCIE solution was activated on October 1st, 2003, it was welcomed with great fanfare and hope for the decimated city.  The media updated the citizens from Dynamatronics Seattle Plant every day of the status of the DARCIEs, even such to the point that interviews were even done with DARCIEs to allow the populace to feel 'at ease' over robots rebuilding their city.  The citizens soon started naming the DARCIEs with their own pet names like "Downtown DARCIE" who was in charge of rebuilding two new high rises in downtown Seattle, or "Ditchin' DARCIE" that was programmed to dig infrastructure ditches for new sewer, gas, electrical and internet lines in and around Seattle. The DARCIE solution operated like...clockwork; their programming ensured the workerbots worked around the clock to speed up the rebuilding of Seattle, all the while meeting every single building code and safety standard every created or realized. Within months, the rest of the United States wanted DARCIEs for their own cities.  Dynamatronics had over 10,000 orders by December of 2005...but that all changed on January 1st, 2006.

In 2003, when Seattle's General Assembly voted on which businesses and industrial projects that would be on the DARCIE 'priority' list, several city engineers were given Cart Blanche to make the 'right' decisions for the city.  Things like water mains, restoration of electrical services, etc of course were important, but so were business like supermarkets and industrial manufacturers.  As such, bribes were taken by the city engineers to get 'move up' or even 'added' to their priority list.  Such companies as PETS-R-US were actually 'moved' up the list ahead of five urban water main rebuilding projects to neighborhoods that hadn't had piped-in water since 2000's aline invasion.  As the city engineers made millions of dollars under the table, dozens of others suffered for their greed.  One particular business, a popular mob-owned Italian Restaurant chain named "Fast Eddy's", who's proprietors were under federal investigation at the time, couldn't come up with the money quick enough to get their business  'bumped' up in the construction list before the entire "Fast Eddy's" chain would go bankrupt.  As such, even after threatening the engineers and their families, the Italian Restaurant chain was still denied.  The local mobsters finally had no choice but to contact CANIS (a cabal of worldwide crooks and racketeers) to do a little "code tweeking" at the Dynamtronics facility and 're-program' one or more DARCIEs to 'reprioritize' its construction list to start building and rebuilding at least 5 Fast Eddy's restaurants in the city and surrounding suburbia.  The problem was the window to do the coding was on an annual timeline that only allowed a one minute window prior to to the start of a new calendar year.  A CANIS coder who was 'good' but not great was tasked with the effort. That night, on December 31st, 2003, the CANIS' coder went to work on the mob's request.  The coder had problems getting through the security settings and as such lost over 40 seconds in the 60 second window. As a result, the necessary CANIS code was not done in time.  At midnight, the DARCIE security protocols reset before the coder was finished, leaving out several subroutines and not leaning up several programming loops.  The biggest problem, however, was that "Fast Eddy's were programmed in to be built - and ONLY Fast Eddy Restaurants. 

On 0000 hours on January 1st 2004, every single DARCIE unit (and workerbots) stopped whatever job it was working on and instead started building "Fast Eddy's" restaurants - EVERYWHERE.  DARCIE Highway projects were stopped in mid-construction and Fast Eddy Restaurants were built in the middle of the highway. Sewer line projects started building Fast Eddy restaurants in the sewer ditches 10 feet underground; high rise construction projects had Fast Eddy restaurants sticking out the sides of 50 story buildings - and it didn't stop.  Once a Fast Eddy's restaurant was built, the unintended coding loop the CANIS coder put in to the DARCIE network basically ordered the DARCIEs to build even MORE Fast Eddy's restaurants, sometimes as close as 2 feet inside an existing Fast Eddy's restaurant.  By the afternoon of January 2nd, over 400 Fast Eddy's restaurants had been built all over Seattle - and the DARCIEs and workerbots weren't stopping.  Dynamatronics tried every single system admin trick and backdoor to get back into the DARCIE programming, but thanks to the CANIS coder, no one was able to access them.  That's when the city's mayor called for the destruction of the DARCIEs by the city police and Firemen, using bullets, axes, whatever to physically stop the DARCIEs and workerbots cold.  Instead, when the police tried shooting DARCIEs and workerbots to stop their endless Fast Eddy's constructions, the bots instead deployed energy shields to protect themselves. These energy shields were installed in DARCIEs and workerbots to protect civilians in the event of a construction site incident or accident, but were never programmed to protect the bots themselves, however, thanks to the CANIS coder, he instead activated the 'protect self' setting for the DARCIE and workerbot shield operations.  That's when the mayor and the Washington state governor called in the National Guard.

The Washington National Guard used nigh powered machine guns, grenade launchers, mortars, even tanks to try and stop the DARCIEs and their workerbots, but to no avail.  Whenever ground troops approached the DARCIEs and workerbot to attempt to get close enough to destroy them, the DARCIEs and workernbots instead picked up the troops and put them in a 'safe zone' or pushed them back with their shields.  Finally, the Protectors super-group based out of San Francisco arrived.

When the Protectors arrived, it nearly became a super-villain battle.  The DARCIEs and workerbots didn't attack the heroes, however, their defenses were formidable.  It took the Protectors over 20 hours of non-stop battling to finally destroy each and every DARCIE and workerbot that was activated.  Nontheless to say Seattle had some major new issues in rebuilding their city.  Over 1000 Fast Eddys were built before the destruction of the last DARCIE bot.  Other construction sites were compromised with overlapping and integrated Fast Eddy Restaurants and to top that, the city government and Dynamatronics was legally deemed wholly responsible for what the DARCIEs and workerbot had done.  The city was fined over 2.4 billion dollars for the damages, while Dynamatronics was liquidated for over 1.2 billion dollars and shutdown. The Fast Eddy's chain, although never indicted in any wrongdoing, had so much negative press that the restaurant chain was shutdown, barely breaking even in its costs at closing.  A few years later, documents were discovered about CANIS' involvement and all of Fast Eddy's mob ties. CANIS of course couldn't be pinned down for damages or responsibility, however, most of the mobsters invovled in Fast Eddy's got at least 10 years for their illegal activities; some are just starting to get out of prison this year. As for the DARCIEs and workerbots that were destroyed across Seattle and the ones on the Dynamatronics assembly and production lines, they were all sold for scrap and melted/smelted at recycling yards nearby that same year...that is, all except for ONE DARCIE.

One of the production line DARCIEs that required factory repairs at the time of the CANIS coding incident had been taken offline before the CANIS coder screwed with the codes, thus leaving an original imprint of the 'working' codes still in its databanks.  Regardless, that one DARCIE was never reactivated. The one remaining DARCIE bot, while being moved to smelting, fell off a loader and landed on a pallet for office equipment that was to be sold at auction.  The DARCIE bot was covered in a pile of Dynamatronics office equipment with no one being the wiser over the unit's loss. The office equipment pallet was one of 25 that were sold off as a group at the state auction.  The buyer of the 'office equipment' pallets was a South Dakota junkyard dealer who owned a 100-acre lot of 10 foot high piles of scrap metal, rusted out cars and old outdated electronic equipment that he enjoyed reselling to businesses need raw metals and materials (i.e., raw copper from cables and motors, steel from farm equipment, building frames, etc.). When he got the Dynamatronics office equipment pallets offloaded at his junk yard, he found the de-energized DARCIE bot amidst the office equipment and decided to keep it in his home as his own personal souvenir of the "Great Seattle DARCIE/Fast Eddy Incident".  

Recently, the old junk yard scrapper finally died of a heart attack.  With no family or relatives to turn his property over to, his home and its belongings went up for an estate auction.

At this same time the newly formed Peacekeepers super-group was having to figure out how to build their 1950s-era Minuteman Missile silo into a 21st century national super-powered police headquarters on a budget that didn't even cover their salaries.  One of their foragers and kit-bashers codenamed "Travelmaster" placed bids on dozens of pallets from the old junk yard scrapper's estate sell.  Amidst the raw materials Travelmaster received from the estate auction winnings that he needed in order to build new wings and equipment for the base, he also received the DARCIE bot.  Immediately realizing what it was, Travelmaster quickly took to rebuilding it as well as reprogramming its code, now at least 10 years out of date.  After a day's work, he'd reprogrammed the DARCIE to help build the Peacekeepers new base.  Once activated, it immediately started building its own workerbots and programming them to start the work.  In a year's time, DARCIE and its workerbots had created a brand new state-of-the-art headquarters for the Peacekeepers using scrap materials and pallets of junk materials.

This last year, Travelmaster deduced that he could reprogram the DARCIE to be more self sufficient and more interactive.  Using a limited learning Artifical Intelligence (AI) program he'd recreated, he gave their sole DARCIE limited independent thought.  It was still programmed with the 3 Laws of Robotics, as were the workerbots, but as such, it also was allowed to operated with the Peacekeepers in the field as the need arose.  Today, assigned to the TAMS Division, DARCIE is geared up to look like one of the Peacekeepers, as well as a vital member of the group's operations - much to the chagrin of a certain Washington state city....

DARCIE is a single unit that is designed to interact with humans in the repair, construction and integration of engineering systems and regulations from millions of design databases to include building, runways, hangars, vehicles, aircraft, boats, submarines, network systems and much more.  Its fantastic storehouse of data now constantly gets updated daily.  It is designed to create workerbots and control them to do its programmed bidding. The original DARCIE designs were practically covered in heavy aluminum armor, however, Travelmaster has since upgraded their body design and armoring to be remarkably lightweight steel.  Each workerbot and DARCIE is armed with an incredibly strong energy shield that can be generated out from the wrist s of the DARCIEs and workerbots.  On a fully charged power supply, the shields can be maintained for up to 15 minutes before the DARCIE or workerbots have to recharge or run out of power. The largest diameter shield the bots can create is a 4 foot radius.  DARCIE, as well as the workerbots,  are remarkably strong.  One workerbot version that DARCIE can create is amazingly armored and can lift up to 50 tons by itself.  DARCIE and its workerbots are capable of seeing into all light spectrums to include X-Ray (X-Ray is limited to only 10 feet range), with the other light spectrum vision ranges up to 10 miles with telescopic capabilities.  It can transmit and receive across any radio band and wave spectrum to include WiFi, Satellite, and military channels. DARCIE is capable of running up to 50 mph, however, the workerbots are lucky to go any faster than 15 mph due to their design.  DARCIE and its workerbots also have limited flying capability with rocket engines build into their boots/feet allowing for a max speed of 600 mph and a maximum altitude to 1000 feet for 20 minutes before the fuel has to be replenished. The workerbots are not programmed with a DARCIE's limited AI, instead, DARCIE downloads the programs to the workerbots on tasks and functions to perform, utilizing specifications, sensors and detailed design data for making on-site construction decisions.

As mentioned earlier, the residents of Seattle are unnerved over the sole remaining DARCIE that is being used by the Peacekeepers. Federal injunctions have already been filed against the Peacekeepers being allowed to even have the DARCIE nonetheless reprogram it with a new limited AI.  There are multiple social media sites and movements that are currently lobbying to demand the Peacekeepers' DARCIE not only be destroyed, but for the Peacekeepers (especially Travelmaster) to be fined and jailed for reactivating the DARCIE in the first place.  



Connor McKinley


Very little is known about Connor.  The oldest records found about him are from back when he attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) by way of a very generous anonymous scholarship donor.  By his 22nd birthday, Conner held a dual masters degree in particle physics and quantum engineering, graduating at the top of his class.  He worked for several highly advanced businesses over the next five years, however, each time he built something for them, they took his work and patents from him and made the work their own.

Not too long ago, Connor went reclusive for over a year testing quantum teleportation theories at an undisclosed location.  During that time, GUARD contacted him to get him to work for them to advance their technology in the same field.  Initially, Connor declined, but when he realized GUARD had greatest access to resources he needed, he agreed to GUARD, however, with the notion that his discoveries and designs would be placed in an ultra-guarded patent system, ensuring his work was truly his.  GUARD agreed and to this day has honored their pact with Connor.

Recently, Connor became involved in some of GUARD's conflicts and events that required his direct interaction.  As a result of one of those missions, Connor, in an encounter with the villainous Galactic Expatriates, was severely wounded.  He'd lost his right arm, both eyes, 1/4 of his torso, and his legs below the knees.  Rather than become bitter and angry at the situation, Connor built his own cybernetic and cyborg components for himself.  He wrote his own medical procedures for a team of doctors to follow to implant and attach the devices.  After a marathon series of surgeries, Connor was able to see, walk and use his right arm and hand without issue.  Now, partially cyborg and cybernetic, Connor has new super-human capabilities; capabilities that required him to sign up for the World Super-powered Registration Act (WSRA).

Reluctantly, Connor signed up as a technologically-altered and enhanced human-cyborg.  It didn't take but a day before the media and the world wanted to know more about him. GUARD was politically forced to bring him to the US Capitol for questioning and discernment. Luckily, the day before his 'hearing' on Capitol Hill, the Peacekeeper Act was signed, requiring super-powered, technically altered and alien personnel who were already working for the US or state governments, to not only be 'outed' for their abilities, but also to weed them out of the normal human populace's work force.  A congressman instituted a group known as the "Peacekeepers" that was (initially) to be based out of Atlanta, Georgia.  This group would be trained as a means of policing and protecting the United States from super-powered criminals and cartels.  As such, Connor signed up hours before his congressional hearing, and 'opted out' of his hearing on the basis of his potential employment and service.  Although he enjoyed working with GUARD, while there, Connor knew he wouldn't be anything more than a puppet to them.  With the Peacekeepers, he'd instead negotiate with them on ensuring that he was no one's puppet and that he and the team would profit from any new inventions or discoveries, so long as they did so together.

After a quick interview with the co-leaders of the Peacekeepers, Connor was allowed to sign up with the team that same interview. Connor stipulated that he'd still accept going into the field as need be, however, he'd rather have his own lab and be allowed the time to work several new inventions to completion, as well as helping the team build their new base.

Over the last two years, Connor has become known as "Travelmaster" for his incredible vehicle and aircraft designs he's built for the team. He's also finished his quantum teleporter, and has several versions built and operational in their revised base location at the bottom of an old abandoned nuclear missile silo in South Dakota.  Thanks to GUARD's promise about the patents, no one else has the plans, design or knowledge of how to build the world's first quantum teleporter.  It is a closely guarded secret amongst the Peacekeepers; a secret that all the Peacekeepers intend to ensure is kept from others to prevent its theft or reverse engineering.

As Travelmaster, Connor has grown into the role quite well.  His talents and his dedication to his team have made the Peacekeepers his first 'family' he said he's ever had.  With new devices, behicles and designs being created every week, Travelmaster has truly become a highly valuable member of this national police force team.

Travelmaster is a part human-part cyborg being.  As such, he has cyborg eye implants that allow him to see clearly for up to 15 miles in all spectrums (normal, infra red, ultraviolet, x-ray).  His lungs , spine and heart were replaced with artificial ones that are 100 times beter than his originals he'd lost.  Now, as a result of the cybernetic implants, Conner has a remarkable endurance, allowing him to run up to 40 mph if desired.  His right arm is a cyborg arm that can lift a remarkable amount of weight, as well as twist and turn in other than standard human arms can bend.  His arm is covered in a high tech lightweight steel polymer, providing excellent protection from the elements or attack with an equal level of strength as well.  His lower legs are able to assist Connor in his running capabilities up to 40 mph.  Connor stays fit and in shape, however, with the potential for him to go back in the field again at any time, Connor has though of coming out with his own cyborg weapon implants.  Connor has a specially designed energy Beam rifle that only responds to his touch (and his fellow Peacekeepers, just in case).  I has a remarkable energy source that seems almost futuristic.  As a result of his engineering of the quantum teleporters, Connor has started 'delving' in designing and creating more mobile quantum teleporters and time-slowing devices, the result of which may be available this year.