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 Pacific Warlords Realm




 The Pacific Warlord Realm span the breadth of the Pacific Ocean, including several seas and waterways all along the Pacific Ocean's rim and center.  Although the Pacific Warlord cover a significant portion of the Pacific Ocean basin, they are not everywhere nor are they even known in many nations.  The warlords, for the most part are only known of through the media, the massive assault that happened in Hawaii, and hundreds of claims by fishermen and seafarers, all of which are routinely countered by national authorities and the United Nations.

To best identify the Pacific Warlord Realm, the following subsections are available to describe the realm in greater detail:





Pacific Warlord Territories

The Pacific Warlords each control a territory or region in the underwater areas of the Pacific Ocean, Arctic Ocean and Indian Ocean. 

These 'territories, although run by each warlord, is under the full control of the Pacific Warlord's leader, Lord Abysmal.  Some of there 'fiefdoms' have been named, some have not.  All of the Pacific Warlords' underwater fiefdoms are protected and maintained by Lord Abysmals' genetically-created Ningens, used as sacrificial warriors and slave labor.

The Pacific Warlord fiefdoms are not recognized by the United Nations or any world nationality, and are still considered as 'open ocean', aside from internationally recognized nation-controlled coastal adiz areas.

The Capitol, if there is one, is unknown.

Pacific Warlord Sunken Bases

Lord Abysmal, his warlords and tens of thousands of Ningens have created and/or recreated hundreds of sunken warships and vessels into heavily-defended bases, bristling with incredible weapons, force fields, traps and, if breached, a monstrous amount of explosives are used to blow up the sunken ship/base.

Most Sunken bases contains at least 20-40 external weapons systems, launching exceptionally powerful missiles, energy blasts, concussion blasts and even freeze cannons.  Once an enemy gets past that, the sunken ship erects a bubble-type dome shield around the wreck, providing incredible protection physically and energy-wise.  If that is breached, dozens of remarkable traps are engaged, waiting for the enemy to come across and trip.  If all of these are breached and one makes it to their control room, bridge or center of operations, the wreck will set off a 30-second countdown prior to self-destructing the base.

Why so much security? Easy.  Most of Lord Abysmal's secrets are kept in these bases, including Transmutation Matrix Machines, Ningen Generators and a large supply of powerful weapons for troops.

Each ship/base has a place for housing his Ningen troops and slaves, storage for air-sensitive electronic equipment and materials, a power generation bay and at least one escape minsub that can carry up to 4 people at hyperswim speeds of over 100 knots, with a range of nearly 600 miles.

To this day, no one has gained access to any of Lord Abysmal's sunken bases beyond the force field.




Created by Lord Abysmal when he was still Dr. Kestkill III, Ningrens are genetically-created sea creatures designed to use initially as 'lab rats' for Dr. Kestkill's experiments on utilizing a powerful invention called the "Transmutation Matrix"; a machine that, when completed, was to be able to temporarily augment human military troops into aquatic troops able to swim and breath through water, as well as handle the rigors on deep depths and pressure.  This program was created by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) under a secretive group called the Underwater Warfare , located in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

For years, the Ningren were created in a Ningren Generator machine and within hours, were at full growth, matching many human similarities in musculature and body chemistry.  The more they were experimented on, the more their genetic mapping could be charged, ergo, human genes could be remapped temporarily.  Although great strides were made with the Matrix and through the Ningrens, Dr. Kestkill was still years away from safe completion.

One night, Dr. Kenstkill had enough and resigned, only to be beaten and inadvertently tossed into a Transmutation Matrix machine, changing the good doctor into the evil Ford Abysmal.  Lord Abysmal then took all the Matrix machines and the Ningren Generators with him to several bases across the Pacific Ocean, and started mass producing large armies of Ningren for combat and as slave labor.

At last count, Over 100,000 Ningrens have been created. They live a total of five years and then cellular breakdown basically causes their bodies to simply 'die'. Their bodies 'bio-decompose' in water within days.

They are all subservient to Lord Abysmal, and in turn, to any Pacific Warlords when told so by Lord Abysmal.  They are normally shy, however when told to attack, they are ferocious and relentless.  They are trained in various aspects of need to include Ranged Weapon Soldiers, Melee Soldiers and Slave Labor (which also includes equipment and vehicle operation where needed). 

Ningren cannot breed, since the species was developed as a unisex species; the only way more of them are made is through the Ningren Generator units. They can breath air and water, however, within ten to twenty minutes, breathing of the air reduces that endurance and stamina by a whole level each 20 minutes until they are too feeble to move.  They can swim up to 40 knots in the water, and up to 30 mph on land. They are known to leap, on land, over 40 feet from one point to another. Their eye membranes provide excellent protection for seeing in the dark, as well as any blinding flashes of light.

They are bred to talk in every single language on the planet (and a couple alien languages as well), thus they have little to no communication issues with themselves or their enemies. 

The following provides more details on their skills:


Ranged-Weapons Soldiers

Good fighting skills, excellent ranged attacks and aim, good endurance and stamina, however, they are feeble in anything not associated with warfare or ranged weapons. 

A variety of ranged weapons are used, but mostly utilizing crystal rifles, Ion Cannons, and Neural Disruptor blasters.




Melee-Weapons Soldiers

Excellent fighting skills, good ranged attacks and aim, Excellent endurance and stamina, however they are poor in anything not associated with warfare or melee weapons.

Usually, these soldiers carry large maces with an axe an opposing axe blade.  Some carry Trident staffs.  Some simply use large hammers or their fists.









Feeble fighting skills,  typical ranged and aim skills, Excellent strength, endurance and stamina, however, their knowledge varies from typical to excellent depending on the technical application they are required to operate and/or maintain.  Their psyche is Feeble and are VERY subservient to Lord Abysmal and his warlords.