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Pacific Warlords Cabal

 MiluSedna Varuna
Sirena & Siyokoy


Note:  None of these Warlords are 'real' gods or 'actual' mythological creatures, other than Sirena and Siyokoy (who both became transformed Merepeople rather than transformed humans); they have all been humans transformed with new powers, skills and abilities by Lord Abysmal through his "Transformation Matrix". Their bodies  now have incredible powers, but are all controlled by Lord Abysmal.


Binda Imatiana


An Aboriginal female from the Queensland Territory of Australian, Binda, while fishing for her family, encountered a boatload of young, drunk Anlgo-Australian men barely in control of their high speed racing boat.  The men were dropping dynamite all over the river's edge, trying to scare up crocodiles to shoot.  One of the dynamite explosions chased two very large Crocodiles ashore right in front of her kids, who were waiting for Binda on the shore; both kids were killed by the crocs. One of the men, hearing Binda's screams as she frantically boated to her mauled children, shot her,  muttering "No witnesses".  Her body lay in the boat more dead than alive as the river's current propelled Binda's boat out onto the open ocean. That's when one of the Pacific Warlords found her body in the boat several miles from the Australian shore.

As with all Pacific Warlords, they were obligated to inform their ruler, Lord Abysmal, of any humans found astray in their fiefdoms.  Hearing Binda's barely audible voice saying over and over again, "gotta kill those men for what they did to my children", Lord Abysmal decided to do something for Binda....and himself.  He had Binda's body placed in his "Transmutation Matrix" machine where Binda was transformed into another one of Lord Abysmal's many mind-controlled, super-powered creations.

When revived, Binda's body was only slightly altered in order to accommodate her aquatic surrounding, however, her mind had been unlocked with new powers.  She now had fast reflexes and could swim underwater at 30 knots. Although she seems to be looking out and across sky and space most of the time, don't let that fool you; she can see you perfectly through her mind's eye; instead, she is instead controlling people's 'dream states'. 

When she wants, with but a thought, she can attempt to will you to death in your dream,s however, she enjoys 'playing with her victims', confronting them with horrors and tragedies the victims have experienced in real life, yet amplified several times. She also can enter a 'dream dimension', meaning she can psychically enter your dreams, and physically disappear in the real world, reappearing in the same physical location when she exits the dream dimension.

When using her powers, she relishes a power stunt wherein she uses her fast reflexes to sneak up quietly behind people, scare them quickly, and use that moment's fear to unlock any barriers for her to access her victim's dreams, where, after she is done toying with them in their nightmares, she attempts a psychic shutdown of their brain, thus killing them.

The Croc hunters that caused her children's death and shot Binda? Well, even though Lord Abysmal says the "Transmutation Matrix" erases one's past life, those same croc hunters were found dead with the looks of horror on their faces weeks after Binda's trasnmutation into "Einganga".


Ikay Maloro


This once kind and environmentally-adjusted ocean fisheries intern who always enjoyed being on out the sea, has instead been changed from Ikay Maloro to that of an ego-maniacal transmutated being and enslaver of fish, all at the hand of the Pacific Warlord leader known as Lord Abysmal.

While out on the sea off of the Maori Islands, Ikay was cataloging and tagging local ocean fish for migration studies when a huge earthquake happened miles from his boat's location.  A large tsunami wave formed and capsized his boat, killing the crew, but leaving Ikay clinging to a piece of the boat's floating wreckage. After several hours and no rescue attempts, Ikay did the unthinkable; he started drinking the sea water.  When someone drinks too much sea water, they can become dehydrated and their kidneys may start to shut down. As Ikay was entering a delirious state as a result of this, he was dragged down underwater by a passing Ninrgen (a genetically created creature made in the tens of thousands by the Pacific Warlord's leader, Lord Abysmal) and brought before Lord Abysmal himself.  Placed in an air tank, Ikay, now delirious and close to death, yelled out to Lord Abysmal, demanding to become "one of the fish of the ocean".

Lord Abysmal in a rare event, smiled and had Ikay placed in Abysmal's 'Transmutation Matrix' equipment, allowed him to do just that...become one with the fish.  As a result of the Transmutation Matrix' exposure, Ikay was transformed into a fish-like humanoid that could swim up to 40 knots and easily breath underwater. He was also now able to talk to most fish in the ocean and command them.

He was also now stark raving mad, but under the control of Lord Abysmal.

In his new transmutated state, his attitude is near opposite of Ikay's; he is now reckless and bold, with an 'in your face' attitude.  Itay's memory has wiped, his attitude has been drastically altered, however, he did get one thing he wanted - his new power to 'be one with the fish of the ocean'.

He is now named after the Maoiran fish god, Ikatere, and has been made a Pacific Warlord for his fiefdom near his native islands.


Kanye Kehoe



Known by his street name, "K.K.", Kanye was a drug smuggling murderer who routinely smuggled drugs off of Hawaii's Kaena Point on the island of Oahu through off-shore fishing boats from the neighboring islands. 

In one smuggling operation, K.K. got shorted on his shipment and killed all the 'mules'.  The Coast Guard showed up and there was a fierce gunfight where K.K. was shot, resulting in him falling into the ocean.

Barely alive, K.K.'s body slowly descended in the depths until a genetically created creature called a Ningren found K.K.'s body and swam K.K. to an underwater cave once used as a base for the evil Pacific Warlord leader, Lord Abysmal.  There, the Ninrgen brought K.K. to a large air pocket in the cave and swan off reporting to Lord Abysmal who it had found. In less than an hour, Lord Abysmal arrived in the cave.  Rather than finish killing the surface dweller, he questioned him.  K.K. in his standard belligerence, spat at Lord Abysmal, cursing him. Lord Abysmal instead brought K.K. to one of his bases.  There, Abysmal had K.K. put into a "Transmutation Matrix" machine, thus creating a mind-controlled, super-powered minion that used dark energies.

Usually, Lord Abysmal does this simply to swell his ranks with near-dead humans to use as weapons against the surface world when required, however, he enjoyed K.K. 'arrogance' and instead adjusted the matrix to amplify K.K.'s evil tint, making him more aggressive and deadly, yet still under Lord Abysmal's control.

With his new powers, Abysmal renamed K.K. to "Milu", based on a Hawaiian god of death. When told to go forth and wreck havoc off of the island of Oahu until told otherwise, "Milu" did just that...tenfold.  He attacked cruise ships, submarines, pleasure boats, beach resorts and even the Honolulu International Airport, leaving behind him a wake of destruction and death.  After Lord Abysmal recalled Milu, Abysmal made Milu the warlord of the Hawaiian undersea fiefdom; a warlord that now controlled thousands of Ningrens.

Since then, Milu has slowly learned to use his powers better while attacking and murdering people in and around the Hawaiian Islands when it randomly suited him. 

He is considered to be the most dangerous of the Pacific Warlords - he is "Milu"!



Unknown to all but several


Nothing is known about the past of this being until the Pacific Warlord, Sasano'o, fished him out of the waters off the coast of Ni'ihau during the end of one of the Pacific Warlords greatest wars, the Invasion of Hawaii.

The damaged and nearly lifeless body Sasano'o found seemed to have an incredible power behind it, much to the interest of the Pacific Warlord's leader, Lord Abysmal's, interest.  Curious about this empowered dying person, Lord Abysmal,  threw the him into one of Abysmal's "Transmutation Matrix" machines.  Within minutes, screams of pure agony and despair erupted from their dying person in the matrix.  After five minutes, the machine overloaded and exploded.  What emerged from the damaged matrix vat was a dark and evil fiery creature with purple flames. It could barely speak, but what little it did speak was native Hawaiian.

A side effect of the matrix machine is that it  allows Lord Abysmal to mentally control those subjected to the matrix.  To test that, Lord Abysmal ordered "Pyre" (the being's new codename that Lord Abysmal gave him) to attack a fellow warlord, Milu, and show no mercy. By the fight's end Milu had been severely beaten and was about to be killed by Pyre.  Abysmal stopped the fight before Pyre could administer the killing blow on Milu.  Lord Abysmal was impressed with Pyre's powers and ruthlessness, thus, he decided to use the newly transformed Pyre as a weapon against the super-group team known as the Pacific League.

Abysmal told Pyre that if Pyre 'proved his worth' to him, he'd make Pyre a warlord of the undersea area in and around the Samoan Islands.  Pyre agreed, but asked for help with his missing leg, arm and damaged eyes so that he could be more useful to the warlords.  After several grueling surgeries, a titanium hook hand and peg leg replaced his missing body parts.  His eyes were replaced with cyborg implants, allowing him to see in all ranges of the light spectrum, including absolute darkness.

Not long thereafter, Pyre arrived off the Somoan Islands and began attacking shipping and tourists in and around the islands.  At one point, he'd subjugated half of Eastern Samoa all by himself, until the Pacific League arrived. 

When the Pacific League arrived, they were brutally beaten by Pyre and his legions of Ningren soldiers.  Half of the Pacific Leaguers were hospitalized as a result of just one battle with Pyre and his troops. Within weeks, however, the Pacific League regrouped and liberated the Samoan Islands from Pyre.  Pyre fought the Pacific League to a standstill during the battle for Somoa's liberation, however, in the middle of the battle, Pyre simply left the fight and disappeared, all due to Lord Abysmal recalling Pyre back to his side.

Lord Abysmal was overjoyed at the chaos Pyre had wrought, as well as nearly defeating the Pacific League nearly by himself.  As such, Pyre was granted to be the warlord of the waters and troops in and around the Samoan Islands.  Since then, Pyre has been placed in charge of over 200,000 Ningren troops and a new underwater citadel was built for him and his new army.  Pyre hasn't attacked the Samoan Islands since his last encounter with the Pacific League, however, he is building up for an invasion of those islands to an epic level scale.

Pyre's powers are fire-based, wherein he can enshroud himself in an amazing purple fiery aura.  He can also shoot amazingly powerful purple fire balls from his right hand at a range of nearly 50 yards. His titanium hook is razor sharp and with his incredible strength, can rend steel with it.  His peg leg is also an energy-based propulsion device that allows him to fly at speeds of over 200 mph in the air or travel over 90 knots in the water.  His eye-band, in conjunction with his cyborg eye implants provide an excellent means of telescopic vision, and the ability to see into all areas of the light spectrum, from ultraviolet to infra red, normal vision and x-ray.  He is a strong, fierce warrior that enjoys killing, maiming and hurting others.  Pyre is ruthless to his own Ningren troops and twice as cruel to any who oppose him..



Professor Umi Sato


A Japanese scholar in meteorology and ocean currents, Professor Sato was a brave yet foolhardy middle aged man who enjoyed placing himself in danger to report and study on storms and typhoons.  Considered "reckless" by his colleagues, Umi would travel into the hearts of hurricanes, braving the winds and debris, all to get his valuable storm well as video himself and blog in the middle of the storms.

In one particular storm, Umi went out on a fishing trawler with his equipment.  The boat's captain refused to enter the storm but Umi coerced him to do so.  In the middle of the storm, the boat cracked in half, sinking the boat and drowning the crew.  Unknowingly, the sunken ship crashed on the ocean bottom,  destroying a religious structure created by one of the Pacific Warlords, which had been used as a religious temple for the Warlord's subjects to worship him at. Bent on making an example of any living surface dweller left from the sunken boat, Umi was dragged underwater by the warlord and brought before trial in the warlord's court of his subjects.

It was a kangaroo court.  

Umi was sentenced to death for his transgression.  Prior to his execution, the smart Umi asked of a way to counter his execution; the only way was to challenge the warlord to physical/powers-based combat to the death.  Umi challenged the warlord.  Since Umi was no match in a fair fight with the warlord, he demanded the fight be called a draw and Umi be allowed to return home. Instead, the warlord placed Umi in Lord Abysmal's "Transmutation Matrix" (without Abysmal's authorization), and created a dark storm and weather-powered being that looked like a cross between a Shinto Warrior and an amphibian.  Umi was now super-powered to fight the warlord.

That's when Lord Abysmal arrived. 

Abysmal was furious over the local warlord's unauthorized use of the Matrix and killed the warlord on the spot.  As the dead warlord's subjects wailed and cried over their warlord's death, Umi simply held up a finger to his mouth and without a word, motioned to the subjects to be quiet, through which they all fell silent.  This amazed Abysmal proclaimed Umi as the new warlord of the Japanese waters. Given the name Sasano'o, based on the Japanese god of weather and storms, Umi accepted his new position and has since ruled the Ningen subjects with a more respectful Shinto-themed manner.  The only time Sasano'o has been aggressive is when the surface dwellers invade or dump things into his realm, or at the beckon of Lord Abysmal.

In the old (dead) warlord's bunker, Sasano'o found a collection of incredible Japanese artifacts, including a magical sword that is considered unbreakable and can slice rice paper floating in the open air. He discovered his new powers are based on water control and storm generation.  Dressed much like a dark Shinto-warrior of eras past, Sonano'o is a powerful force in the Pacific Warlords.





An orphaned Eskimo girl from the Alaskan island of Unalaska, Yutu (no last name) learned quickly how to survive by working at the cannery by day and selling herself for sex by night. 

At age 16, Yutu was considered one of the most requested prostitutes on the island.  Many island men and fishermen had their way with her, often beating her for kicks.  Friendless and devoid of hope, one night, after a brutal series of beatings during her night of selling herself, she decided to commit suicide and tossed herself into the freezing cold waters of the Bearing Sea.  As she descended into the dark depths, a mysterious image of an old woman irradiating white light about her, extended her hand out to Yutu as if to help.  At the last second, Yutu grabbed at the image's hand, causing her body to be charged with ancient Inuit natural magics, transforming her into a woman of the sea.  She now had  green skin and gills, as well as black soulless eyes.  Still deep underwater as this transformation occured, Yutu was now able to breath underwater.  Initially, this frightened her, causing her to instinctively call out for help. As if in response, several seals swooped up to her and hauled her to the rocky shallows adjacent to the bridge where she'd attempted her suicide.

Unable to breath air for anything over a minute, Sedna went back into the water and learned of her new abilities.  She could communicate with local sea animals, as well as monstrous creatures she later discovered deep in the underwater trenches of the Bearing Sea.

While surveying her new watery home, she came upon Lord Abysmal, who was converting an old sunken WWII submarine into a base and high-tech weapons platform. Intrigued by her, Abysmal invited her into his ranks of the Pacific Warlords IF she prove to him the extent of her powers against the surface dwellers. 

Initially, Yutu wanted to have nothing to do with Lord Abysmal, however, he stated as she darted away that there must be something or someone on the surface worthy of her wrath.

Yutu paused.

The more she thought of the offer, the more she realized she now had the power to make everyone pay for their abuses put upon her.  With that, Yutu agreed.  Abysmal gave her a rebreather (allowing her to breath in the air), and with that, Yutu launched herself towards the surface to exact her revenge.

She attacked the island town of Unalaska.

She slaughtered all of the men who'd beaten her when she was a prostitute; she killed nearly everyone, including children, in the orphanage, and obliterated the homes of the Mayor and any businesses and structure on the island.  When all was done, only one hundred inhabitants of Unalaska were left alive.  

Impressed with her ice and water powers, as well as her sea animal communications, Lord Abysmal gave her the title 'warlord' and the authorization to control the waters in and around the Bearing Sea. As a token of her position, Lord Abysmal gave Yutu a beautifully fashioned choker necklace.  Never receiving a gift of such beauty, Yutu accepted it without question (sadly, this choker was actually a mind control device that, should Yutu ever disagree with him, all he had to do was press a button on his belt and she would be under his mental control until the choker was turned off again).

For the first time ever in her life, Yutu was now in control of more than she'd ever been in her entire life *as far as she knew).  She relished the thought of being able to exact her own justice and territorial control on anyone or anything in HER waters.  With an army of over 20,000 Ningren soldiers and workers (genetically-created creatures provided by Lord Abysmal), she was well on her way to the dream of dominating all who belittle her.

Since then, "Sedna", as she's became known (referring to the Inuit goddess of the seas and sea animals), has ruled the Bearing Sea, making an ancient sunken Inuit city as her new base.  Her Ningen subjects  range in the thousands, and although kinder than most warlords, she still rules them with a strong hand. 

She considers herself a goddess and has no trouble 'wounding' the surface world when it pleases her...almost like how the Unalaska men used to 'beat' her when it pleased them...

Sirena & Siyokoy

Sirena (female)

Siyokoy (male)


These two are the last of their kind - Merepeople.

Sirena and Siyokoy are the last two merepeople of the Pacific Ocean.  For centuries, the Merepeople, who were magically altered humans from thousands of years before when dimensional magic existed, flourished and numbered in the tens of thousands in and about the Pacific Ocean basin.  They were meek and shy beings, mostly wanting to remain in the depths of the oceans and away from man and their insatiable appetite for violence.  Whenever encountered by man, most of the time, the Merepeople would simply swim away, however, the few that didn't mostly due to curiosity about man.  Instead, tales were told of when men and sailors would see Mermaids and even some reports of lonely fishermen's and sailor's wives who were seduced by Meremen.

Sadly, the more the Merepeople interacted with the human men and women, the more they became susceptible to human diseases.  In time, the Merepeople's population dwindled amidst the contagious diseases and plagues that man had unwittingly exposed them to. By the late 20th century, there were less than 50 Merepeople left alive; sick and unable to even hunt for food.  Their species was practically extinct...that is, until Lord Abysmal found them.

While surveying the Pacific Ocean (which he considers his 'realm'), he came across two sick and dying Merepeople.  He encouraged them to point the way to their home so he could help them.  What Lord Abysmal instead wanted was to see if there were enough of these Merepeople to make into an army.  Instead, when he arrived at their enclave, Most were disgustingly sick and near death.  Only two young Merepeople, a boy and a girl, seemed the healthiest, and just barely.  Incensed over the find, Lord Abysmal discovered their weakened conditions were due to simple diseases that man himself had already created vaccines for. He went forth and, with the boy and girl Merekids, attacked a small Philippine Island, arriving at their hospital and taking all of their drugs and well as two human doctors and two nurses to administer the drugs to the Merepeople.  Lord Abysmal's goal was to get the Merepeople healthy again and add them to his army of undersea beings, otherwise kill them or let them die by natural selection.

Abysmal took the doctors and nurses into a cave containing a large air pocket below the ocean's surface and brought the Merepeople there to the same spot.  There, Lord Abysmal ordered the doctor to give the Merepeople the vaccines needed to cure them.  The doctors protested, saying they want to help the Merepeople, but without proper diagnostics, the wrong dosages would either kill them or do nothing for them.  Coupled with the Merepeople's current frail and sickly condition, the doctor was concerned that the drugs would most likely kill them.  After killing one nurse, Abysmal made his point that the doctor and remaining nurse would need to 'figure it out' from there in the underwater air pocket and help the Merepeople within the next 24 hours before he'd grow bored of this entire endeavor. 


When Lord Abysmal returned, all but two of the mererpeople were dead.  The survivors were the two Merekids, now looking a bit more healthier.The doctor concluded the drugs most likely overloaded the Merepeople's already weak physiologies and killed them. The two healthier Merdekids were ovbiously healthy enough for the vaccines to work on them more effectively without killing them.  After getting the details of what was done for the Merepeople, Lord Abysmal killed the remaining doctor and nurse.

All that remained were the young boy and girl merekids.  In an inspirational flash, Lord Abysmal took them to one of his 'transmutation matrix' machines and changed the merekids into powerful, yet darker versions of themselves. Now, instead of shy and innocent, they were aggressive and murderous...and under Abysmal's control. They also gained the ability to split their fish-like tails into legs at their own command.

Lord Abysmal tasked the two super-powered Merekids to prove to him their fealty and wreck destruction across the surface-worlders in the Philippine Islands.  Both did so, killing hundreds of sailors and coastal families, while demolishing ships, boats, businesses and island communities. After three weeks of terror in the Philippines, Abysmal made the two of them Pacific Warlords, granting a fiefdom in and around the Philippines Islands.

Although too young to breed, these once innocent Merekids, now the last of their kind, have instead been transformed into monsters...monsters that Lord Abysmal controls... 

Sirena has excellent sonic ranged attack powers and has excellent protection from all forms of damage or temperatures; Siyokoy, the male Merekid, is remarkably strong.  Both are incredibly agile.  Their powerful legs make them potent swimmers, able to reach up to 40 knots at max speed.



Dr. Cho Richen


Recently, the Chinese were performing hyper-surveys of the underwater terrain off their coast in order to create artificial islands to expand their coastal water adiz and zones.  The survey team comprised of seven professional underwater surveyors and engineers, all aboard an experimental deep submersible simple called "The Bubble". 

During the survey, they found a palatial underwater city.  This was the 'Lost city of Shinchu", a city noted in ancient records to have fallen into the sea by a great storm. 

As the team approached, they were attacked by underwater creatures called "Ningrens".  The vehicle was disabled and dragged into the base of an underwater pyramid-like temple.  the temple was sealed and water began to exit the void within the pyramid where the submersible was.  The team exited the sub and was confronted with the leader of Pacific Warlords, Lord Abysmal.  six of the seven Chinese attempted to attack him and died quickly at his hand; the seventh one, Dr. Cho Richen, a female oceanographer, instead, decided to applaud Abysmal in his victory.  Abysmal, perplexed, demanded why he shouldn't kill her.  her response: she wanted to have the power to survey the oceans of the world, she didn't care for whom she did it, whether if it was for Abysmal or the Chinese government, she cared not - only the desire to swim the breadth of the ocean and learn its secrets.

Abysmal smirked at her.

Abysmal asked her if she wanted to learn what 'real' power was, and took her in his ship to the site of his "Transmutation Matrix" where he tossed her into the machine...with a puffer fish.  She was changed into a spiny, spiky/quilled human-fish hybrid that had poisonous quills, spines and teeth.  Now under Lord Abysmal's control, he placed her as one of his warlords in the undersea territory off of China, making it her fiefdom.  Abysmal stated if she proved her worth in managing her new undersea territory and kill surface dwellers who'd dare enter his 'ocean', he'd one day allow her the freedom to swim the ocean and be free.  With her newly acquired blood-lust and aggressiveness, thanks to the matrix' machines, she set out to win Abysmal's prize.



Her highly poisonous spines and teeth have an Incredible toxic effect.  The poisonous spines can be shot from her body up to 20 feet away, with new ones that regrow in 20 seconds. She can swim faster than 20 knots. When threatened, she can increase her body size by 250%, expanding from just over 4 feet in height to over 7 feet.  This triples her strength and endurance, however, if she receives a puncture to her chest or abdomen, she will 'deflate' to her original size.

Named "Takifugu" after the Asian Pufferfish genus, she now controls and psuedo-warlords off the coast of China, attacking their industry, shipping and civilian as she wants, when she wants..all in the name of Lord Abysmal...and eventually, what she hopes will be her freedom...


Tamei Maieri


A Polynesian-born Mormon student who attended Brigham Young University in Hawaii, as well as an incredible actor at the Polynesian Culture Center in Oahu, became a famous Hollywood actor, loved by many for his kindness, generous values and contagious charm.  His last film done in the Cook Islands was the last time the world saw Tamei...and the first time they'd fear "Tangaroa".

Tamei, although successful in Hollywood, did not flow like many of them.  He did not fall into the trappings of drugs and alcohol, yet instead, lead by example, being clean and sober.  Many times he'd help major and minor Hollywood stars during a film shoot with their addiction problems, helping them to get clean and sober, yet never bragging about it or using what he did to further himself in the business.  As such, he was highly respected; he also had a large fan base.  He'd starred in several major movies, but his best know roles were in a series of movies called the "Aquaknights"; a blockbuster adrenaline-filled underwater adventure trilogy.

During the finals days of site filming for "Aquaknight III: Revenge" in the Cook Islands, he and the film team were performing an underwater shoot off the beach when they were attacked by hundreds of genetically-created sea creatures called "Ningens", led by the leader of the Pacific Warlords, Lord Abysmal, himself.  Most of the cast and crew were slaughtered in the attack. Tamei, trying to save the leading lady and a cameraman from attacking Ningen, threatened the Ningen with a fantastic-looking energy rifle that was used as a prop in the movie.  Surrounded and about to be torn to pieces, Lord Abysmal stopped the Ningen and walked toward Tamei unflinching, even while Tamei pointed the weapon prop at Abysmal's head. Lord Abysmal laughed at Tamei, who instead attacked Abysmal with judo attacks, actually knocking down Abysmal onto the sand.  Abysmal recovered and quickly immobilized Tamei.  Tamei begged for the remainder of the crew to go free and that Abysmal could do with him as he wanted.  Abysmal took him up on his offer, stating that Tamei should never have struck that bargain with him (Abysmal also knew that the superhero group, Pacific Legion, was on their way, and was unwilling to fight them at that time).

Taking Tamei underwater with him and his Ningens, Abysmal swam to a sunken ship (used as a base for the Pacific Warlords) off the coast.  It had been converted to a weapons platform and command post - complete with a machine called a "Transmutation Matrix".  Abysmal threw Tamei into the machine and turned it on, permanently changing Tamei's mind and body.  When all was done, Tamei was now a strong and evil version of himself, as well as a bearer of new water control powers and powerful pheromones that made females become attracted to Tangaroa.

Since Tamei was still in his Hollywood makeup that made him look like a Maori tattooed warrior, those same 'tattoos' became part of his new look.  His kind, selflessness was now replaced with a hedonistic, selfish and dark personality.  Calling himself "Tangaroa", after the Polynesian sea god, he followed Lord Abysmal's orders and re-attacked the film site, leaving no one alive - except for one witness to tell others of their story.  Tangaroa, under complete control of Abysmal, did as he said and minutes later, killed the remaining film crew...all except the film's leading lady. During the battle, four Pacific Legion superheroes fought Tangaroa and were nearly defeated before Tangaroa made off underwater with the leading lady.  Tanagroa brought her to the Pacific Warlords' sunken ship/command station and made her his 'slave'.  Abysmal, impressed with Tamei's transformation, bequeathed unto him the underwater territories of and around the Polynesian Islands as his 'fiefdom', complete with over a thousand Ningens to command.

Over the next year, Tangaroa attacked shipping, cruise lines, coastal towns and villages, all the while adding a new beautiful young woman to his growing harem of 'slaves'.  Last count, he had over 15  beautiful yet enthralled women under his command as his slaves, bedding them routinely and frequently.

All that Tamei was, is no more; only Tangaroa exists, and he is as evil as Tamei was good.


Thomas Ulapelo


A native Tahitian,  Thomas was a fisherman, who went out in his family's outrigger boat daily to net and spear fish for his family's dinner.  All of 17 years old, Thomas was a smart, happy and well adjusted young man who respected nature. 

While fishing, he'd caught a large Tiger Shark in his net.  The Shark became entangled in the net, as did Thomas, who was jettisoned out of the boat and into the watery depths as the shark swam down and away to try to get free of the net.  Finally, the shark turned around and began to charge Thomas. At the last minute, the shark turned and swan away, only for Thomas to come face to face with the Pacific Warlord's super-villain leader, Lord Abysmal.  Abysmal studied the slowly drowning Thomas, smiled, slapped a rebreather onto Thomas' face and dragged his down to an old wooden sailing ship wreck off the coast. Inside the wreck was a vast array of weapons, equipment and a strange machine called a "transmutation matrix".   Abysmal eyed Thomas asking him if he was willing to die; Thomas said no. Abysmal then asked him if anyone would miss him if he never appeared back home; he said yes, and that his family and friends were probably looking for him now.  Abysmal threw Thomas into the Transmutation Matrix machine and said, 'that won't do.  I can't have people looking for you here.  My work here isn't done.  I think I'll just have to go and kill all of them instead'.  Abysmal then energized the machine, changing Thomas into a new person; an evil person, now under the control of Lord Abysmal. Abysmal called Thomas, "Ro'o", after a healing god of ancient days.


Ro'o had new powers that would not only heal people, but could also drain them of life.  Abysmal ordered Ro'o to go kill his friends and family.  An hour later, Abysmal, concerned over the amount of time Ro'o was gone, went after him, only to find 1/2 of the inhabitants of the Tahitian island of  Manihi slaughtered with Ro'o continuing on his murderous rampage.

Pleased with Ro'o's murderous streak, he made Ro'o a Pacific Warlord for the Tahitian region, giving him over 1000 genetically-created sea creatures called Ningens to use as troops and slaves.

Thomas no longer exists; Ro'o has taken his place, and unless you are from the Pacific Warlords, don't expect him to heal you, rather Ro'o will drain you of your life energy...and leave you to rot.


Satish Misra


Indian Navy Chief Petty Officer and submariner from the INS Shalki (S46), Satish was a strong willed man, defiant in failure and explosive in actions.  He motivated many young submariners to 'do better' and 'overcome one's fears' during their submarine duty.  That was all well and good for a leader of this caliber, until his sub's encounter with the Pacific Warlords.

In 2012, the INS Shalki was performing submerged operations between the India coastline and the Philippines Islands when a distress call was picked up from a freighter.  The INS Shalki responded to find the burning freighter half sunk and rolling over, smoke billowing out of her.  She'd been attacked by the Pacific Warlord's leader, Lord Abysmal and hundreds of his genetically-created sea creatures known at "Ningens".   With dozens of crewmen from the freighter in the water, screaming for help, the INS Shalki surfaced and brought out a zodiac-type inflatable boat to go our and rescue the survivors.  That's when the Ningen attacked the INS Shalki.

The first attacked the Zodiac boat, pulling each sailor down underwater, drowning them, then they shot up onto the deck of the sub, making their way down the hatch and started killing and destroying equipment on the sub.  During that time, Chief petty Officer Misra had donned a set of diving gear so that he could attempt to swim out and save some of the survivors.  He fought his way through two Ningens, killing each one and exited the sub and dove into the water to get to the freighter's survivors and maybe find the Zodiac crew as well.  In the torpedo room, a young sailor with a machine gun, shooting at the Ningen was too scared to watch what he was doing; he shot three torpedoes up, spilling the torpedo propellant fuel all over the Torpedo Room.  One spark later, the room was engulfed in flames; one minute later, the submarine exploded.  The sub was destroyed and the crew killed.  About two dozen Ningens were also killed in the attack.  Misra was caught in the underwater shock-wave during his dive, rendering him unconscious.  Lord Abysmal was angered yet impressed that someone actual meted a worthy fight for him.  He saw Misra's body slowly descending into the depths, grabbed it, and took it out to one of his sunken ships that he used as a base of operations all about the Pacific Ocean.  There, he placed Misra in an air pocket, tied to the sunken ships frame, looking over his new captured adversary.

When Misra awoke, Lord Abysmal congratulated him on his daring 'submarine explosion' sacrifice and his obvious attempt to personally take on the Ningens and Abysmal himself using his SCUBA gear.  Misra played along with the notion, trying to figure out how to escape.  Instead, Abysmal stated he wanted a 'true warrior' such as Misra to lead his new territory's fiefdom on the edge of the Indian Ocean.  Abysmal took Misra and tossed him into a machine known as a "Transmutation Matrix"; a machine that would super-charge a person's body with incredible new random powers, while also placing that new body under the mental control of Lord Abysmal.  Misra transformed into a dark energy powered being that used the energies to control and move water.  He could use his powers to blast victims with a dark energy, or use that same dark energy to manipulate the waters around them out to and within 100 yards. He also was able to breath underwater and could swim up to 40 knots speed.

Now under the control of Lord Abysmal, Misra has been renamed Varuna, based on the Indian god of the sea...and death.  Misra in no longer the motivated, good leader he once was; now he is a selfish, indifferent super-powered thrall who is now in charge of thousands of Lord Abysmal-provided Ningens; Ningens that Varuna abuses and tortures each and every day. 

Varuna has since proven his worth to Abysmal by attacking several other ships and freighters in the fiefdom's territory, killing hundreds of sailors and civilians in the process.  Varuna now uses the remnant hull of the INS Shalki as his base, and the freighter wreck as the barracks for most of his Ningen subject-servant-slaves.

All that Misra was seems to be gone from this evil version known as Varuna.  Varuna is an evil being who enjoys torture and pain and revels in the use of his powers to destroy others.