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Karen Kehoe


Karen Kehoe was born and raised on the Big Isle of Hawai'i, where she graduated with her master’s degree in Microbial Marine Science, eventually becoming the lead scientist at the University of Hawaii, Manoa campus and the head researcher on microbial studies in and around Hawaii's newest island located south of the Big Island of Hawaii known as Loihi. All was good for Karen until the Pacific Warlords invaded the Hawaiian Islands and Karen became a cosmically-empowered champion of the Hawaiian pantheon of gods.

A few years ago, while in a submersible collecting microbial samples along the underwater volcanic ridge of the new Hawaiian island, Loihe, Karen and her other two crew members on the submersible were attacked by hundreds of advancing Ningren warriors of the evil Pacific Warlords, bent on invading and taking over the whole of the Hawaiian Islands. Karen was able to send out a message to her support ship on the surface who relayed the message to Honolulu and the local military bases in the isles; if not for her message, the invasion would have been a complete surprise attack.  As she and her crew attempted to escape the advancing troops, they were instead captured by Milu, a transformed Hawaiian who believed himself to be the new Hawaiian God of Death, under the command of the Pacific Warlord's leader, Lord Abysmal.  For days, she and her crew were forced to survive in an air pocket in a sunken ship over 900 feet below the ocean's surface. Any attempt to escape to the surface would surely end in nitrogen psychosis or 'The Bends' as it's more commonly called. Although trapped, Karen and her team planned a scheme that may create havoc and maybe distract the invaders from doing the people of Hawaii any further harm.

She lied to Milu about a potentially dangerous microbe that she'd 'discovered' weeks before that, as she spoke, was infecting the human populace with the equivalent of a high infectious plague-like disease; a disease that could infect not only the Pacific Warlord's Ningren troops, but the overlords and Milu himself. Milu actually stopped the invasion of Hawaii long enough to figure out that she was bluffing and that she was simply creating a delaying tactic long enough for the surface dwellers to mount a counter offensive.  Instead, Milu killed the other two crew members of Karen's submersible and dragged her to the surface where he used her as a human shield from sniper fire from the few remaining military men alive on the island.  His tactic worked. No one would fire on the half-alive woman so long as she was used as a human shield.

After hours of being carried about like a seabag on a liberty-bound sailor's shoulder, she was able to catch the attention of one sniper and motioned that she'd toss herself off of Milu to allow for a clean shot at the savage overlord.  Nearly dead herself, she used every ounce of her remaining energy and not only launched herself off the overlord's shoulder, but stabbed him in the ear with her pen, causing the evil Milu to reel in pain. The sniper took two perfect shots at Milu, but his own body armor prevented his immediate demise.  Wounded, he dove into the ocean, only emerging days later after he'd been healed by his own troops.

For Karen, however, she lay upon the ground convulsing over her nitrogen poisoning...moments away from death.  That's when a naked Hawaiian woman began slowly walking from the jungle towards Karen; a woman oblivious to dozens of Ningren that were leaping to kill her.  The leaping Ningren, however, instead burst into flames in midair and quickly became nothing but ash on the wind.  The naked Hawaiian woman knelt down next to Karen, smiled at her, said something in a Polynesian dialect and gave her a long, passionate kiss.  Karen's body burst into white and then blue flames as the kiss continued, however Karen's body was not actually burning.  Instead, Karen felt like she was being charged with incredible new powers; powers that created a sheath of blue flames around her now healing body.  Shocked and startled by all that was happening, Karen passed out...but did not die. The naked woman stood up beside Karen...and disappeared mere feet in front of the few remaining Hawaiian civilians fighting against the Ningren.

Karen's unconscious body was taken to a make-shift hospital two miles down the road. There, that night, Karen dreamed about the naked Hawaiian woman.  The woman was Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of fire.  She told Karen in her dream that she was one of the chosen champions by the Polynesian pantheon of gods; champions that would use their new powers to drive off and/or destroy the Pacific Warlords from Hawaii.  In the dream, Pele told Karen that Karen herself would meet with the other champions inside the Diamond Head crater on Oahu where they would work together to fight off the invaders.

After Karen awoke from her dream, she was once again sheathed in blue flames; flames that did not burn or hurt anything, nor did it give off heat...unless she willed it to. Compelled to meet the other champions, Karen simply walked into the ocean and 'walked' to Oahu over the course of two days.  She emerged from the ocean on the shore of Diamond Head where she turned off her powers, stole some clothes, and made her way stealthily to Diamond Head's crater. There, she met the other champions. Over the next few days, they devised a battle plan with other local Hawaiian fighters and the few remaining US military personnel.

When her new teammates attacked the Pacific Warlord's forces with her, it was like a hot knife through butter.  She blasted bolts of blue fire at the Ningren warrior clones, causing them to burst into ash.  Within a day, they'd taken over the island of Oahu and all of Honolulu; within a week, all but one Hawaiian Island was liberated  by her new teammates.  Try as they might, the last Pacific Warlord stronghold on the northern most Hawaiian island called Ni'ihau (nicknamed the "Forbidden Island") could not be breached.  Regardless, nearly all of the Hawaiian Islands were freed from the invaders.  She and the other Pacific League members were deemed the heroes of Hawaii.

Today, Karen continues her microbial marine research, keeping her new super-powered hero identify secret from the world...well except for the Hawaiian and US governments...and her teammates...and her mother...and her new boyfriend....

Karen's new cosmically-endowed powers include the incredible ability to sheath herself in oxygen-creating blue flames, protecting her from all forms of physical, energy, temperature, toxic or radioactive damage.  She can fire blasts of blue-hot flames or intemperate blue plasma blasts from her hands at a distance of 40 yards. She can also breathe from her blue flames, allowing her to operate underwater or in space. She can levitate a few feet off the ground with her powers, but cannot fly as of yet. She can also turn her powers on or off at will. So long as she is in her blue flame state, she does not need to eat or drink, however, she does suffer from the effects and needs of sleep.




Chief Petty Officer Kane Kekoa (USN, ret.)



Chief Kekoa retired from the Us Navy after 25 years of service as a weapons expert at the Pearl Harbor Naval Base on the island of Oahu in Hawai'i. Upon his retirement, he became a security consultant for several large businesses in and about the state of Hawaii, including the US Navy. He was a strong, large native Hawaiian whose family had been in the islands back before records were kept. His wife had left him years before and although his two children loved him, they'd left with their mother to California years before.  As a retired navy bachelor with a retirement paycheck and a growing security business, life was as good as it was going to get in Hawaii...that is, until the invasion.

Hawaii was invaded by the evil Pacific Warlords.  Nearly all military bases, ships and planes were destroyed within hours of the invasion.  Kekoa escaped the destruction of his home and found his way out into the jungles of Oahu where he still owned a track of family land behind the tourist spot known as Waimea Falls Park.  There, he had a small home where he kept hidden several hundreds of rounds of ammunition, including hundreds of grenades, rifles, handguns and other assorted weapons.  Over the next week or two, as the Pacific Warlords took over the islands, Kane performed guerrilla tactics, sneaking up on the enemy taking out several at a time and escaping.  He'd managed to form three patrol's worth of volunteers later called "Kekoa's Heroes".  Kekoa and his ‘heroes’ raided invader armories and took out patrols and bases whenever they could. Although the effect was minimal against the tens of thousands of invading Ningrens from the Pacific Warlords' army, they still created enough of a stir that Kekoa and his 'heroes' became hunted.

Finally, the enemy found Kekoa, his troops and the only (at that time) known surviving Hawaiian royal, Kalipa’a Kemehameha (who was now the leader of the Hawaiian resistance) at their base inside Waimea Falls Park.  Kekoa and his militia fought valiantly against what seemed a never-ending horde of Ningren troops. As Kekoa and his heroes fell to the onslaught of the hordes of Ningren troops, Kekoa led hundreds of the invaders into a narrow canyon where he’d set a trap.  Once Kekoa sprung the trap, tons of rock and debris fell upon hundreds of advancing Ningren troops, burying them amidst the rubble. Although this was considered a great ‘last resort’ ditch effort, the remaining Ningren still advanced, climbing over the rubble and cutting off Kekoa’s escape route.  In a valiant final battle, the remainder of "Kekoa's Heroes" went down bravely fighting.  Kekoa and Kalipa’a were the last two survivors. In his bid to protect Kalipa’a, he was wounded in his right leg and upper chest.  Although wounded, he fought against the Ningren troops to his last dying minute to try and save Kalipa’a.  Just as it looked like the end was nigh, a beautiful naked Hawaiian woman walked out from the rubble towards Kekoa, all the while ignoring the Ningen warriors.  As the advancing naked woman locked her gaze upon Kekoa, the Ningren troops attempted to attack her, only to burst into flames and fall into a pile of ash. Despite this, the Ningren continued to try and attack the naked woman, but each Ningren trooper met the same fate. As the Ningren burst into flames about her, the naked woman walked right up to Kekoa, knelt down next to him and gave him a long, passionate kiss...just as he was exhaling his last breath.  Seconds later, Kekoa's lifeless body was engulfed in a orange-red flame.  His body miraculously healed as his body grew in height and stature. The naked woman then walked past Kekoa and up to Kalipa’a and did the same to her (see the entry for Princess Kamehameha) before disappearing into thin air.

When Kekoa awoke, his eyes were aglow with an orange-red light. He was alive, but not the same man he once was. As a result of the naked woman’s kiss, he'd become a cosmically-powered strongman with nearly impenetrable skin.  Regardless of this, Kekoa had a final duty to perform; ensure the safety of Kalipa’a, as well as take care of his fallen troops.  Kekoa effortlessly dug a deep hole in solid rock at the falls and placed his fallen troops into their new grave.  After covering the grave with large rocks and debris, he returned to his family’s land back behind the Waimea Falls Park with the still unconscious Kalipa’a. After placing her in a bed and ensuring they were safe there, he promptly collapsed in exhaustion.

That night, he dreamed. He dreamed of the goddess Pele and the Polynesian pantheon of gods telling him that he and others like him throughout the islands had been empowered as their new champions.  The pantheon had used all their last ergs of power to empower these several champions, including Kekoa, so they could use their new powers to protect the innocent and save the Hawaiian Islands, as well as  protect those in and about the Pacific isles and ocean from evil. They told him to go to the 'heart of Diamond Head', an extinct volcano on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, where he'd meet with the other champions. Once Kekoa awoke, he conferred with Kalipa’a, who was also cosmically empowered by the naked woman, now known to be the Hawaiian goddess of fire, Pele.  Kalipa’a told Kekoa that in her dream, she was told she’d be the new royalty of Hawaii once her champions had won the war for her. Kekoa immediately swore a Hawaiian oath of loyalty to her and the monarchy and became her first member of her royal guard. Together, they went to where Pele had told them to go – the heart of the Diamond Head crater.

Later the next night at the Diamond Head crater, Kekoa and Kalipa’a met the other new cosmically-powered champions of Pele.  Each had revealed nearly the same story of how they got their powers, including their strange dream of Pele telling them they were her champions and to go to Diamond Head next. Once the introductions were done, all the new champions swore an oath to Kalipa’a and the Hawaiian monarchy and agreed that they would use their powers to drive back the Pacific Warlords and save the Hawaiian Islands. Kekoa, who earned the simple codename of "Chief Kekoa", worked a battle strategy requiring not only the new champions, but the surviving American military and the local Hawaiian civilian underground militants.  Through their underground communications, using the Hawaiian language as a code, Kekoa contacted the US military forces that were waiting to take back Hawaii. Within days, their plan was prepped and ready for action. These new champions, now called the "Pacific League" were ready to go to battle with the Pacific Overlords - and win. His next action: start Hawaii’s own D-Day against the invaders.

At dawn of Hawaii's D-Day, the Pacific League and their rag-tag army engaged the invading warlords on Oahu first.  Under the leadership of Princess Kamehameha, Pacific League began their assault on the invaders.  Within a day, they'd driven out the Pacific Warlords from Oahu; within a week, the Pacific League, the US military and the Hawaiian militia reclaimed all of the Hawaiian Islands except one - Ni'ihau, the Forbidden Island. On Ni’ihau, the Pacific Warlords created a bastion of defenses, preventing the League and their allies from liberating it.  After weeks of fruitless fighting, the Hawaiian government finally proclaimed victory over the Pacific Warlords and ceased hostilities. The US government considered Ni'ihau to now be 'enemy occupied territory' - a territory that to this day is still under the control of the Pacific Warlords , as are the thousands of local inhabitants that could not escape Ni'ihau. The Pacific Legion and their allies won the war and liberated all of the other Hawaiian Islands. All that was left was to rebuild Hawaii and deal with the future for Kekoa and his fellow champions.

Soon after the dust settled from the war, the US government agreed to recognize the Pacific League as registered super-powered heroes, as well as the right for Princess Kamehameha to effectively be the island nation's new royalty representative.  In an unprecedented congressional vote, the US Senate and House of Representatives unanimously agreed to allow an adjustment to Hawaii's constitution allowing for Hawaiian hereditary royalty to have an equal say (and veto power) for all laws in the new "Kingdom of Hawaii", allowing the Hawaiian royalty equal say in U.S. laws and judicial functions.  Kekoa was proclaimed the first new Hawaiian 'Warrior Chief' and the Leader of the Hawaiian Royal Guard in over 100 years; a position that only a ruling Hawaiian monarch was allowed to change.

With a new life as a cosmically-powered champion of the Hawaiian pantheon, the new Warrior Chief of the Hawaiian Islands and a leader (2nd in command) in the super-powered Pacific League, Kekoa took on his new responsibilities with great pride. To this day, Chief Kekoa is considered to be an example of Hawaiian military leadership, steadfast dedication and the leader of the royal guard to the people and monarchy of the new Kingdom of Hawaii. Nonetheless to say, his children loved him now more than ever, even though he remained a bachelor; a bachelor that was now married to his new role as the Warrior Chief of the Kingdom of Hawaii. 

Chief Kekoa's powers include his amazing invulnerability to all forms of damage, whether it be physical, mental, energy or temperature-related, not much can harm Chief Kekoa in a fight.  His incredible strength allows him to lift tons as well as leap over 1/2 mile in a single bound.  He carries a Hawaiian War Club into battle, made of an unearthly metal found in a Hawaiian meteor crater.  His excellent senses, hearing and vision round out his ability to perceive threats before they actually occur; some might say he even has a 'sixth' sense about danger.  As such, it seems that Chief Kekoa's physiology remains human, but has been altered in such a way as to channel incredible amounts of energy through his body to make it do what it does.  Biologically, he still ages at a normal rate and can interact with others without harm to others.




Akoni (Tony) Pilialoha


Born and raised on the Hawaiian isle of Maui, Akoni (or known by his nickname, “Tony”) was the last male descendant of both his father's and mother's Hawaiian lineage. 

His father, a renowned Hawaiian 'kahuna' (Priest/healer), practiced traditional Hawaiian spiritual healing (known in Hawai'i as a Lapa'au) and died when Akoni was only 5 years old.  His mother, a medical student at the University of Hawai'i's School of Medicine, had Akoni raised by her 'ohana', or 'family, comprised of friends and relatives located across Maui, allowing Akoni's mother to focus on her medical training and residency requirements.

When he was young, Akoni's 'ohana' amazed him with bedtime stories about the ancient Hawaiian pantheon of gods, as well as about his mother's and father’s ancestors.  One such story was about one of Akoni's ancestral relatives, Hewahewa, who hundreds of years before was once known as the last great ‘sorcerer’ (called a Great Kahuna, or 'Kahuna Nui' in the native Hawaiian language) to one of the last and greatest monarchs of Hawai'i,  King Kamehameha V, himself.  Hewahewa was considered to be a folk hero of Hawaiian history even after Hewahewa's Hawaiian 'pagan' methods were outlawed by Christian missionaries in the mid-1800s. Akoni, who romanticized Hawaiian culture, grew up to be a great well-adjusted Hawaiian boy.  His ultimate goal was to one day be a Kahuna like his father once was.  As such,  Akoni studied and practiced with the local Kahunas (all of whom worked with and revered Akoni's father before his death). Akoni was taught about each of the ten Kahuna 'sorcery' traits as well as the more common 'crafter' Kahuna traits of building canoes and navigating the open seas. Akoni, however, relished the idea of being a Lapa'au like his father and focused most of his training towards that end.

It wasn't until his mother had finished her residency in a California hospital that she'd returned home to Maui to tend to her then-teenage Akoni.  Soon after her return to Maui, she set up her own practice in the town of Lahina.  Three years after she started her medical practice, the worst thing that could happen to a doctor did - a war came to her doorstep and death followed in its wake.  The source of the war was an invasion of the Hawaiian Islands by the evil and notorious army of the Pacific Overlords.

On the day the invasion started, Akoni and his mother went from block to block helping save lives of the wounded and dying local civilians and American soldiers. She and Akoni saved dozens of lives before the unthinkable happened; a Pacific Warlord clone soldier, known as a Ningren trooper, killed Akoni's mother while she was trying to save the life of a local civilian. Akoni, although in shock, escaped capture.  Over the next day, Akoni was traumatized by seeing his mother killed before his eyes.  At that point, he swore he'd do all he could to help save the lives of the innocent...and inflict pain on the Pacific Warlords and their minions for the death of his mother. Weeks into the invasion, Akoni became the only person on the island who had any medical skills left alive.  He worked around the clock performing modern and traditional healing practices, hardly sleeping, but saving dozens of lives amidst his sleep-deprived efforts.  At one point, his small make-shift hospital became overrun by hundreds of Ningrens.  As they advanced on him and his patients, Akoni threw himself in front of his patients, shielding them from harm, all the while attempting an ancient ritual of old Kahuna's his ohana had once told stories about - the practice of praying someone to death, namely, the advancing Ningren soldiers.  Before the Ningrens were about to kill Akoni and his patients, a beautiful naked Hawaiian woman slowly walked towards Akoni.  Eyes locked onto one another, Akoni didn't notice until later that as the Ningren warriors  attempted to attack the naked Hawaiian woman, they'd instead burst into flames and fell to the ground as nothing but piles of ash.  The naked woman eventually made her way to Akoni. Once there, she embraced him in the longest, most passionate kiss Akoni had ever received in his life.  White flames engulfed Akoni's body throughout the long passionate kiss.  When he finally opened his eyes moments later, the naked Hawaiian woman had disappeared into thin air, leaving behind a cosmically-charged and super-powered Akoni along with hundreds of dead Ningren warriors in mounds of ash.

That night, after caring for dozens more wounded civilians using his newly gained 'healing' powers, Akoni dreamed a dream of the Hawaiian goddess Pele.  She told him in the dream that he'd been selected by the Hawaiian pantheon of gods to be one of their champions to fight against any who would seek to hurt or kill the people in and around the Pacific Ocean.  She told him in his dream to go to Oahu and the center of Diamond Head, an extinct volcano near Honolulu, and meet the other warriors there to team up and act as a force of one.  In the dream, she called him her 'Kahuna Nui'.

Diamond HeadThe next morning, using his canoe that he'd finished before the invasion and his new powers of nascent nautical navigation, Akoni sailed to Oahu…against the wind.  Once there, he found his way to the Diamond Head crater where he met the other champions Pele had told him of in his dream.  After days of discussion and planning, he and the other champions, along with the remnants of the US military forces and local militia, took the fight to the Pacific Overlords.  Throughout the Battle of Oahu, Akoni learned new facets of his powers, discovering that he could hurt others, steal their souls, control their bodies and most notably 'will' the Ningren to their deaths.  Within a week, he and his fellow champions now called the “Pacific League”, under the leadership of Princess Kamehameha, liberated all but one of the Hawaiian Islands.  The last warlord stronghold on the island of Ni'ihau, known as the "Forbidden Island", was completely impenetrable.  Eventually, the politicians and the Pacific League's allied warriors realized that Ni'ihau was lost to them, yet for their efforts, the remainder of the Hawaiian Islands were saved.

On his return to Maui, he was greeted by the lead Kahuna of the Hawaiian Islands who bestowed upon him the official title of Kahuna Nui, the Great Kahuna.  Days after partying and celebration, Akoni was asked to be the official 'Hawai'i Kahuna Nui' for the new monarch of the Hawaiian Kingdom, Princess Kamehameha, who was not only a fellow cosmically-altered champion and leader of his fellow teammates in the Pacific Legion, bu the new authorized Hawaiian monarch of the Kingdom of Hawai'i, as authorized by the US Congress.

Today, "Doc" Kahuna, as he is now known, lives the life as a true spiritual healer and warrior, balanced in demeanor as he is in temperament. As much as he has a warrior's soul, he also has the compassion of a benevolent druid; for as serious as he is about performing modern medical healing, he also parties as much as a college student.  He is the embodiment of the Hawaiian spirit, and as such is one of the greatest celebrities of Hawai'i, if not the world.

Akoni's powers cover several incredible abilities, all of which ironically are skills and powers that are related to what a true Kahuna Nui must master.  He is a Kuhikuhi pu'uone, who can locate spiritual or 'mana' centers anywhere on a planet, through which he can amplify his powers to the next level.  He is also a kilokilo, or one who divines and predicts future events as a prophet does (he can see up to 24 hours into the future, but cannot control when and what the visions are or where they are from). He is also a Hoʻounāunā; one who can make someone ill, increasing from a typical illness to an incredible debilitating ailment in over a minute's time (he must have direct line of sight, no barriers (not even glass) and can only be done up to a range of 10 feet). He is also considered a ʻAnāʻanā, or one who can 'pray' someone to death (requires direct line of sight, no barriers (not even glass), and must focus for over 30 seconds to infuse an amazing killing blow to a target's body, mind and spirit, the result of which will also leave Akoni unable to perform any physical act, even walk or talk, for up to 5 minutes thereafter).

His other powers include being a Nānāuli, or one who can read nature, clouds rain and winds to incredibly reveal where evil or good exists within his visual range.   An unusual power Akoni also has is that of a Hoʻopiʻopiʻo, or one who can, after concentrating on a visual biological target for at least 18 seconds,  touch a part of his own body and create an injury to his target's body in the same place, not unlike a voodoo doll (must have direct visual contact for at least 18 seconds on the target and depending on the range of the target, can infuse pain or physical damage across the distance to the target, wherein the maximum amount of pain can be induced up to 20 yards away, and a feeble pain up to a maximum range of a mile).

Another unique power, known as the practice of Poʻi ʻUhane, is the excellent ability to possess someone of the same psyche as his or less.  He can only control the target's body for a maximum time of 2 minutes before Akoni and the target pass out for at least a minute, time varying dependent upon each other’s willpower and psyche at the time of the possessive release.  Related to that, Akoni can also perform as a Hoʻokomokomo, or one who can incredibly purge an evil spirit (or possession) from a person's (or beast's) body, so long as the target body is within 40 feet of Akoni and its willpower/psyche is not greater than Akoni's.

Akoni is also an excellent distance and high-volume healer known as a Lapa'au (not unlike his father, but far, far more powerful and timely).  His empathic powers allow him to remotely 'mend' broken bones, blood vessels, muscles and any other physical ailments including toxins in a target's body so long as the target is within 40 feet of Akoni's location.  He cannot remotely resurrect a body that's already been dead for over a minute (see next paragraph for a spin on this).  He cannot fix any brain trauma or any synapses that are broken or damaged (no healing of the brain).  He can heal a typical person near death up to 20,000 times faster than any normal biological healing would take (i.e., a typical person near death from a physical wound would be back in full action and healed within half a minute). He does have a physical limit of healing in that he can only heal up to 35 typical people fully before becoming exhausted, requiring at least 20 minutes before he can try again, but in a degraded endurance state. Normally, he's back to full healing power after at least 4 hours of sleep/rest.

Akoni's last power in maybe his most controversial.  As a Oneoneihonua, he can bring a non-mutilated body back to life that's been dead less than 24 hours in literally 40 seconds...however, it has to be at the expense of another biological life and spirit (human sacrifice) and be done at a 'mana' center (leyline convergence point, or in Hawai'i, the site of a ceremonial heiau (religious Hawaiian alter (basically, a pile of blessed native rocks at a Hawaiian leyline convergence point)).  The sacrificed person must either voluntarily give themselves over body and soul to Akoni to perform the resurrection, or Akoni must violently take the life of the sacrificed person himself.  All three bodies (Akoni's, the sacrificed body and the resurrected body) must be within 6 feet of one another. As of this time, Akoni has never done more than a single resurrection/sacrifice action at the same time.  Akoni has sworn to himself that he'd only use this power when the most dire of consequences demanded it (i.e., save the world, save a family/ohana member, or save an innocent child's life), but even then, once the power is used and the target is resurrected (ok, maybe half healthy at the time of resurrection) and the sacrificed target is dead and spiritually drained, Akoni will fall into a coma that can last at least an entire day.




Zachary "Zippy" Kalaloa


Samoan-Hawaiian Zachary "Zippy" Kalaloa was an impoverished boy growing up on the Big Island of Hawaii.   His Mormon parents worked hard their whole lives raising seven children; Zippy was the 4th out of the 7 children.  Zippy had high hopes to make it to the NFL as a professional linebacker.  He played football his whole young life up to when he started high school; that's when he got in with the wrong crowd...and his whole world changed.

In his freshman year of high school, he signed up to play football, having played since the first year he was allowed to play in the local leagues on the Big Island.  He was a large boy, weighing over 310 lbs. his freshman year.  Although he was a great player, physically, he was at an 'awkward' stage, making it difficult to show his skills he'd acquired over the years.  As a result, he was cut from the team.  Upset and angry, Zippy started hanging out with a local gang that did nothing but get into trouble and do drugs.  Although he never did any drug heavier than Marijuana (called 'pakalolo' in Hawaiian), he had been involved in breaking into several cars and hotel rooms, stealing cell phones, computers and jewelry.  On the night of his 'final initiation' into the gang, he was told he'd have to hold up a convenience store and make away with at least $100.  Given a gun by the gang leader, Zippy reluctantly went and robbed the convenience store, only to have the store owner shoot Zippy in the shoulder during the robbery.  The police arrested Zippy after he was treated at the hospital. 

He was now a juvenile criminal and his parents despised him for his poor decisions.

After his 3 months in juvenile detention, he was released. His parents never showed up to take him home; his 'gang' members, however, did show.  While giving him a ride back to his parent’s house, the gang leader swore they'd go to the same convenience store the next day and kill the store owner that shot Zippy.  The leader egged Zippy on to pull the trigger himself, but Zippy said he just wanted to watch.  Once at Zippy’s house, the gang leader told Zippy they'd pick him up at 4pm the next afternoon to do the deed.  As the gang drove off, Zippy saw that his personal things were in a pile on the front lawn with a note saying "You are no son of ours.  You are a criminal.  You will never be allowed back into this family or home until you prove your worth to God and us". Homeless and depressed, he slept on the beach contemplating his choice of paths set before him.

The next day, he went back to school only to be shunned by his fellow classmates and teachers.  He received nothing but grief from his teachers for all his missed classes.  He was told he'd have to repeat his whole 9th grade over again.  At lunch, he ran into his older brother, Okono, a senior at the high school and a leader in the school's JROTC unit.   Okono, rather than shun Zippy, talked to him instead, trying to get him to leave the gang and get his act together.  Zippy told him about the gang's plan to kill the store owner that shot him.  Okono told Zippy that it was his choice to make and if he wanted help in saying no to his gang, he'd be there for him, otherwise he'd have to show up at store and stop Zippy from shooting the owner.  Okono gave Zippy a cellphone as a gift and told him to call him when he needed him...and to call their parents and try to mend the rift between them.  After being formally expelled that afternoon, Zippy was at his lowest point he'd ever been at in his life.  That's when he made the decision that would affect him for the rest of his life.

That night, the gang picked Zippy up to do the murder. When they arrived, Okono, Zippy's brother, was there standing in front of the store's door.  The doors were locked and the owner was nowhere to be seen.  Okono told Zippy it was time to break from the gang.  Before Okono could finish his sentence, police cars streaked into the parking lot.  Zippy help out his phone in his other hand and said, "I'd already called the police and told them to meet us here. I'm going to tell them everything about the wrongs this gang has done.  If I have to go to jail again, I'll know these guys (gang members) will be doing more time than I ever will."  The gang leader screamed in fury, pulling out a semi-automatic pistol, spraying the cop cars with bullets.  The gang leader then pointed his gun at Zippy, saying “You turn ME in? You die first, bro!”.  Just as the gang leader squeezed the trigger, Zippy’s brother, Okono, jumped in in the line of fire, intercepting the bullets meant for  his brother.  Okono fell to the ground dead.  The gang members took off in their car, blasting the police with their handguns, killing two cops in the process. Cradling his dead brother in his arms, Zippy grew enraged.  He would make them pay for what they did.

At this same moment, the police were getting reports of an undersea invasion army taking over the islands.  Everything was in turmoil as the police and the medics loaded the three victims in the ambulances.  Zippy was ignored and left at the convenience store alone. Zippy thoughts darkened, again oblivious to all that was going on around him.  He was going to make the gang leader pay…in blood.  Zippy went to one of the police cars left at the scene and found the gun of one of the dead cops under the cop car.  Zippy found his brother’s car parked on the side of the store and took off in pursuit of his brother’s killer.

Zippy knew where they’d be.  Where they always go after a crime. They’d go to an old abandoned house atop Mount Kilauea not far from one of their favorite robbery places, the Volcano House tourist area.

Zippy sped to the abandoned house.  He slammed on the brakes in front of the house, only to see the gang jump back into their car and speed off.  Zippy pursued them.  They drove up the road to Volcano House, however, the road has barriers across it stating “Road Closed”.  As a result of the invasion, and mysteriously, the sudden escalated volcanic activity in the Kilauea crater, the local police closed off the road.  This didn’t stop the gang or Zippy from ramming the barrier and coming to a screeching halt in front of the Volcano House Hotel.

The gang and the leader started running towards the lobby with the leader firing off a few shots at Zippy as he followed.  Once in the lobby, nearly half a dozen hotel guests were in the lobby, bags at their side, awaiting a van to leave the hotel and get to safety; the gang leader saw them only as hostages and human shields.  The gang rushed behind the tourists, using them as shields, while the leader grabbed up a young girl and used her as a shield, all the time shooting at Zippy.  Zippy continued to advance, not shooting a single shot.  He was. As Zippy advanced, fixated on the gang leader, the other gang members dropped their weapons and said they were sorry and that they had no idea what their leader was doing.  They gave up, but not the leader.  In a fit, the leader fired off his last three bullets, two of which hit Zippy.  Zippy continued to advance.  The other gang members ran.  Zippy walked up to the leader, looked him square in the eyes and said ‘let her go or this’ll go much worse for you’.  The leader, scared and unthinkingly threw the little girl to his side.  The little girl hit her head on an end table and fell to the floor bleeding from her head as her parents screamed in despair.  Zippy grabbed the leader by the hair and dragged him outside – out to the edge of the active Kilauea volcanic crater over 20 meters from the hotel.  There, he lifted the gang leader and said “You and me are now going to make a sacrifice to Pele.  We are going to make a sacrifice to save that little girl’s life by giving up our own to Pele.  You have no choice and I have nothing left to live for.  Die in hell you pathetic asshole!”. With that, Zippy threw himself and the gang leader into the lava below.

Zippy awoke in a hotel bedroom.

He was alive.

He was surrounded by several Volcano House staff members and a few other people.  One of those people was the little girl who the gang leader had previously hurt.  She was fine, like as if nothing had happened.  Mystified, he asked what happened.

One of the Volcano House staff told him that he’d followed Zippy out to the crater to try and help, but wasn’t able to get to him before Zippy threw himself and the gang leader over the ledge.  The staff member named Lelo said a geyser of steam erupted from where Zippy and the gang leader cast themselves down into.  Zippy’s body was jettisoned up in the geyser and had fallen mere feet away from Lelo.  He said Zippy’s body looked dead; the body was burnt badly with his skin boiling and popping.  That’s when a beautiful naked woman walked out from the same crater and over to Zippy’s body.  She knelt down and kissed Zippy’s charred lips.  That’s when a vein of lava rose over the ledge behind her and encompassed both the naked woman and Zippy’s burnt body, covering them completely.  Within minutes, the lava cooled and started to harden into the shape of a large lava stone.  That’s when that same lava stone  stood up.  Chunks of molten rock fell from the massive standing figure, forming the shape of a large 8 to 9 foot tall humanoid figure, covered in molten rock.  The figure looked at Lelo with fiery eyes and said “It is done” in native Hawaiian language. At that point it knelt down and transformed back into Zippy’s original body, all healed, not burned and with no bullet wounds.  That’s when other staff members arrived and helped bring Zippy into the hotel and thus ended Lelo's tale.  Zippy asked about the little girl that was hurt by the gang leader.  He was told that everyone at the hotel presumed she was dead, however, at the same time Zippy's rock form said ‘it is done’, the girl got up like as if she was awaking from a nap; her wounds were healed and she was in perfect shape.

The road was still closed off thanks to the invasion and the volcanic activity, however, the fiery plasmids erupting out from Kilauea were getting too close to the hotel and the trapped guests for comfort. With that, Zippy told the guests and staff to get into their vehicles and he’d lead them to safety.  The several vehicle caravan wound down the volcano, coming dangerously close to new lava veins and vents erupting from the ground.  As the neared the bottom, a volcanic vent blew right in front of the convoy.  A huge cauldron of lava shot out at the convoy like an umbrella.  Zippy, for some instinctive reason, stretched out his hand while driving the lead vehicle and tried to ‘motion’ the lava to fall away from the convoy.  With his eyes glowing a volcanic fire, the lava did just that, allowing the convoy to continue unabated down the road.  For the rest of the trip down, it seemed like the lava would change directions and flow ‘away’ from the convoy.  Each time this happened, Zippy’s eyes would glow the fiery glow they’d previously done.  They safety made it down the erupting volcano’s ridge and made their way to the town of Hilo…or so they thought.

On the outskirts of Hilo, nighttime at this point, the glow of fires and the blasts of weapons could be seen throughout the town.  As they pondered what was happening, a patrol on Ningren warriors stopped the convoy.  These warriors were the ones who’d been previously mentioned as part of the invading undersea forces attacking the island.  As the patrol opened fire on the convoy, plumes of lava shot from the ground under the Ningren, incinerating them instantly.  Zippy was the one that made that happen, and with each use of his new powers, he was becoming more confident. Thereafter, each time he used his new powers, his skin turn into a form of organic molten rock.  It didn’t burn or harm him, however, he realized this change was in fact burning the car he was driving in.  The people in the convoy got out on foot and followed the transforming Zippy to the airport, where he knew that Civil Air Patrol and some other pilot and flying friends might help get them off the invaded island.  On their way to the hangars, Zippy and his entourage encountered several more Ningren patrols, With each patrol encounter, Zippy would either use lava to blast up on them from underground or he’d go up to them, transforming into a large molten rock creature and beat them with a large sledgehammer like weapon he’d create from his transformed body.

Once at the hangars, Zippy saved several  Civil Air Patrol pilots and hostages.  These pilots took the refugees of Volcano House and their fellow recent hostages into their planes and flew them and Zippy (who was now able to change back into his normal self) towards Oahu.  Once in Oahu’s airspace, they were told over the radio that Oahu was also under invasion. The planes were diverted to an aircraft carrier 50 miles from the Hawaiian Islands.  Although a very difficult feat to perform, the planes landed safely on the carrier.  When all was said and done, Zippy had saved over 20 lives that night. 

Worn and weary, Zippy passed out in a bunk room they assigned him on the carrier.  There, he had a dream.  Pele told him she and the Polynesian pantheon of gods had empowered him to save the Hawaiian Island and to further protect the innocent in and about the Pacific Ocean.  Pele told him to go to Diamond Head crater and meet with other champions she’d empowered and selected.  She told him that she heard his sacrifice to save the little girl and that his past mistakes meant nothing as compared to the compassion and sacrifice he did that day.  She told him he’d proven himself a hero to Pele, now it was his turn to prove himself a hero to his family and the rest of the world.

When he awoke the next day, he explained to the Aircraft Carrier’s Commanding Officer (CO) about his powers (with a little display to prove what he was capable of…by melting and breaking the wing off of one of the carrier’s planes…by accident of course).  The CO put him on a helo and flew him out to Diamond Head that night.  At Diamond Head, Zippy met the other champions. There, they devised a plan to take back the Hawaiian Islands from the invaders, known as the Pacific Warlords, under the leadership of Lord Abysmal and the fire-based super-powered regional warlord, Milu.  Days later, this new band of warriors, now known as the “Pacific League”, allied with the Hawaiian resistance forces and the remnants of the US military on the isle of Oahu, attacked the Pacific Warlord’s troops.  By days end, the Pacific Legion and their allies liberated Oahu; within a week, they liberated all but one Hawaiian Island from the Pacific Warlords; the Forbidden Island known as Ni’ihau.  Try as they might, they were not able to retake Ni’ihau.  Eventually, a cease fire was established.  They’d won all but Ni’ihau back, and as far as everyone was concerned, that was a huge victory.

After the Liberation of Hawaii, Zippy was interviewed for days by the local media.  He eventually turned himself into the police for questioning regarding the events at the convenience store and at Volcano House, along with his previous crimes.  Within weeks, Zippy was cleared of all wrongdoing.  The day the state dropped the charges against Zippy, his parents and family showed up at the court room.  Zippy begged their forgiveness, only for his parents to ask the same.  They embraced as family once again, with his parents stating how proud they were for making the right decisions.  The loss of his brother was still a deep wound between him and his family, but together, they would get through it. The other four gang members Zippy knew were never found, however, Lelo, the Volcano House staff member, did tell Zippy that later that night he’d discovered four piles of burnt ash inside the burned out car the gang leader left at the hotel that night.

Today, Zippy, codenamed “Kilauea”, is a member of Hawaii’s “Pacific League” super group, living out of the group’s new base in Diamond Head.  Aside from doing his duties as a hero, he is back with his nose in the books, catching up on his grades and schooling.  When he’s not studying or saving lives, Zippy can be seen practicing control of his powers…and playing football with the local kids at the park.

Kilauea has the incredible ability to morph into a large, tall, rocky armored creature with veins of magma flowing between the crags in the lava rock-like armor.  He can increase the density of his rock/magma armor a whole level for up to 50 minutes, so long as he is anchored/connected to the ground. His incredible strength can lift and/or crush up to 4 tons of material.  When in his rock creature form, he can create a large 6 foot long hammer made of heavy metals and rock and use it as a melee weapon, again causing a whole other level of damage than he normally does when he hits things.  He can create rocky spires to shoot up/out from the grounds and/or cliffs within 40 feet of himself. His lava powers include shooting short range blasts of superheated magma up to 40 feet from himself; a person or object hit by hit receives incredible heat and physical damage, and if left on the person/object for a few minutes, it will harden into a rock casing of equal rank.  He can project flumes of magma from beneath the ground and up into the air within 40 feet of his location.  It takes a few seconds to activate the magma plumes, but when they are activated, so long as Kilauea is grounded and within 40 feet of the location, the plumes can and will continue indefinitely.  Along the same ‘vein’, Kilauea can create a magma pool in a 40 foot radius around himself, again, so long as he’s grounded.  This magma pool does excellent damage to any who try to enter, cross or come in contact with it.  The heat itself rising into the air above the magma pool does good heat damage to objects and/or people with time and exposure.  When using his magma powers, he can easily melt materials of lesser density than the magma (think steel robots; they’d eventually melt under a constant magma plume)

Kilauea can change from human form to his rocky armor by sheer thought over several seconds.  If rendered unconscious, Kilauea will revert back to Zippy’s human form.  While in human form he’s very typical, except for a noted good endurance due to his football days.


Kona Storm

Katrina Iasoa


Katrina is a gifted young native Hawaiian woman from the Hawaiian Island of Molokai who owned a horse ranch with her brother, that is, until the Hawaiian Islands were invaded by the evil Pacific Warlords…and Katrina instead was given a new gift of power over the winds and rains.

At age, 18, Katrina was given one of her family’s horse ranches on the Hawaiian Island of Molokai, along with the family’s horse riding business and barn.  Her brother, Akeo, a year older than her, managed the finances, logistics, scheduling and events for the horse ranch, while Katrina took care of the horses, training and feeding.  They made a fair living doing this primarily as part of vacation packages for tourists.

Within a few years, their reputation grew, thus bringing in more business, especially from the tourists and businessmen who considered Katrina and her brother ‘the most talented horse handlers ever seen’. Soon enough, they were bordering more show horses, bringing in more business and hiring more staff than any other horse ranch on the island. Their fortune, however, started impinging on the other horse ranchers on the island, most of which had been bought up by a greedy Montana horse baron called Maximilian  “Montana Max” Manning who ran his horse business like a wall street commodity.  Eventually, legal proceedings started pouring in at Katrina’s Horse Ranch from Montana Max about stupid things; water rights, grazing rights, licensing, road rights, taxes…you name it, Montana Max tried to nickel and dime her and her brother out of business, all the while making an offer to buy their horse ranch and stables for nearly 20% of its true value.  Money-strapped, Katrina and her brother were nearly broke when the chance to reverse their situation arose; a million dollar horse show was coming to Molokai.

Over the next few months, Katrina and her brother worked feverishly hard to prepare two of their best horses for the horse show.  In preliminary local horse shows, Katrina and her brother placed first in all categories, making Montana Max furious.  Max knew if they won the big million dollar horse show, he’d never be able to buy Katrina’s horse ranch out from under her and/or force her out of business.  Max wanted the monopoly on horse ranches on Molokai; he wanted it so bad he was ready to kill for it.

A week before the show, Katrina’s brother was stopped by a couple of ‘houlies’ (not native to Hawaii) that threatened him and Katrina not register for the horse show; the houlies told him if they did register, bad things would happen to him…or his family.  Spooked about the situation, Akeo talked with Katrina. Both agreed the show would go on and believed the houlies would never be stupid enough to hurt them or any locals in Molokai; everyone on the island was like family, and as such, always took care of each other.

The day of the horse show, over 25 riders were entered with their show horses.  Not even an hour into the show, a ‘runaway pickup truck’ ran straight through Akeo’s horse's stall, breaking his horse’s legs.  Distraught, Katrina marched over to the booth Montana Max bought to watch the show from and yelled at him that she nor anyone else would bow down to his threats.  She was unceremoniously thrown out of Max’s booth by the houlies who threatened her that if she still performs, some ‘one’ may get hurt…permanently.  Bent on proving them wrong, she stormed off to get her horse to perform the best show the island would ever see.

Minutes later, as she was saddling up her horse, she was abducted by the two houlies, tied up  and thrown into the back of a horse trailer.  Katrina’s brother saw the whole thing and took off on Katrina’s horse in pursuit. Using his cellphone, he called up Katrina's and his family and friends to help stop them.  After several miles of driving the houlies encountered a barricade of cars across the road…it was Katrina's and Akeo's family and friends...and the local police.  The police pulled the houlies out of the truck and freed Katrina.  They arrested the houlies on the spot and took them to jail. Akeo arrived and gave Katrina back her horse.  Katrina then rode fast and hard back to the show, arriving exactly on time for her performance.  Nonetheless to say, Katrina and her horse won the million dollar prize that day.  There were many happy locals cheering Katrina for her bravery and actions, however, a certain Montana Max was not.  He took off during the show and went into hiding as a warrant for his arrest was issued.

Within days, word got out about Katrina’s abduction, the staged runaway pickup that injured Akeo’s horse, and the strong arming that had occurred to other local horse ranchers…all discovered to be at the orders of Montana Max, thanks to a confession from the houlies.  A manhunt for Max ensued, but after two days of searching, no one found him. That afternoon, the Pacific Warlords, a force that contained an army of undersea creature-warriors called Ningrens, invaded the Hawaiian Islands. Katrina saw with her own eyes the thousands of Ningren troops plowing through Palau'au Park towards the airport...and in the direction of her horse ranch and family. 
As she arrived at her horse ranch to get her guns, she saw the ranch houses and barn burning.  Akeo, the staff nor the horses were nowhere to be seen, however, Katrina noticed the barn door was closed and locked; something she, Akeo or the staff never did.  She raced to the barn to try to open it, only to confronted by Montana Max holding a shotgun.  Ranting how she ruined his empire, Max shot Katrina twice, with one of the blasts severing her arm off.  Dying and bleeding to death, she got up and walked past Max and to the barn.  Surprised and scare of Katrina's determination, Max kept dropping the shotgun shells to reload the shotgun.  Katrina made it to the barn and heard the scared whinnies of the trapped horses inside. She pried the lock from the door and entered the flaming barn.  Max reloaded and shot into the barn, resulting in missing Katrina and the horses completely as he reloaded again
.  Katrina opened the stalls for the horses, releasing them from the fiery frames that surrounded them.  In the barn, she found Akeo on the ground with a a shotgun wound to the shoulder, unconscious, as well as the rest of the staff tied up to one of the barn's beams and gagged.  She freed the staff who promptly helped carry Akeo and the nearly dead Katrina out of the burning barn.  As they exited the barn, two of the staff were shot dead by Montana Max.  Unable to run and hide, they all thought this was the end.  That's when a beautiful naked Hawaiian woman walked from the flames in the barn towards Katrina.
Max shot at the naked woman, but the shots seemed to pass right through her.  The naked woman knelt next to Katrina, stroked her hair and gave Katrina a long, passionate kiss.  Stupefied by what was happening, Max tried to reload the shotgun as the remaining two staff members dragged Akeo to safety.  Max pumped another two rounds into the naked Hawaiian woman, but to no avail.  Katrina's body began to glow a bright white and before his eyes, Max saw Katrina stand up, fully healed, including her arm he'd shot off earlier. The naked woman threw a menacing look at Max wherein Max burst into flames and promptly became a pile of smoking ash.  Katrina slowly turned toward the barn and levitated off the ground. With a gesture to the sky, she called down bursts of wind and heavy rain that within minutes blew out and doused the fires in the barn and ranch houses.  As the fires went out, Katrina slowly rotated around facing the ranch staff, who now saw her white glowing eyes.  Katrina slowly descended back to the ground and promptly collapsed unconscious.
Katrina dreamed.  She dreamed of the naked Hawaiian woman that had magically saved her with a kiss.  The woman was Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of fire.  In the dream, Pele spoke to Katrina telling her she was chosen as a champion of life by her and the Polynesian pantheon of gods.  Katrina was told that her new entrusted powers were needed to save Hawaii and protect the people in and about the Pacific Ocean.  She was told to make her way to Oahu's extinct Diamond Head volcanic crater where she would meet other champions that would team together to save Hawaii.
When Katrina awoke in the hospital later that night, she was surrounded by dozens of her family, friends and ranch staff members, including Akeo, who was alive and well in the next hospital bed over recovering from his wounds.  The hospital was crazily busy with wounded people being rushed about and doctors yelling orders out in the halls.  It was all from the invasion that had occurred earlier that day.  Katrina slowly got out of her hospital bed, eyes glowing a bright white and levitated on a strong gust of wind and flew out of the hospital.   A mere half mile away, she spied hundreds of advancing Ningren troops heading towards the hospital.  Katrina once again raised her arms to the heavens and drew the sky black.  Lightning flashed.  Thunder roared. Then came what can only be described as a class five hurricane bottled into a 200 yard path directly into the Ningren troops. The fury of the storm ripped the Ningren to shreds, casting destroying the entire advancing division.  She flew back down to the hospital and warned the staff and her family of the Ningren, telling them to evacuate to the mountains where they might be safer.  She then hugged and kissed each person in the room with her and told Akeo to take care of the family and the horses until she got back from liberating Hawaii from the invaders. She then flew across the channel to Oahu where she eventually met the other Pele-empowered champions.
The champions formed an army of their own made up of remnants of the US military and local men and women who'd formed a militia under the leadership of another champion, Princess Kamehameha.  Within days, the champions and their allies attacked the invaders, taking back Oahu then liberating all but one of the Hawaiian Islands within a week of intense fighting.  The one island they couldn't reclaim, Ni'ihau, the Forbidden Island, remained under the control of the Pacific Overlords, even to this day.
On the day of the cease fire, Katrina flew back to Molokai and her family, where she found her friends, relatives and horses safe and sound.  The community was told of Montana Max's assault (and demise) and the heroic actions of Katrina and her staff. The local islanders, in appreciation for saving them, rebuilt her ranch houses and barn, where Katrina still resides to this day.  Akeo took over the operations of the ranch, and has since expanded his duties by training other islanders how to manage their own newly reacquired horse ranches and prevent madmen like Montana Max from taking their lands away form them ever again.
Katrina, now called "Kona Storm", and her fellow champions became overnight Hawaiian heroes.  Their group, now calling themselves the "Pacific League", continue to use their powers to protect the people in and about the Pacific Ocean.  Even the horses of Molokai.
Kona Storm's incredible weather control powers allow her to create hurricane force winds, lightning, thunder and rain within a 4 mile range of herself.  She uses the winds to fly up to nearly 100 mph at an altitude of over 400 feet.  She can aim and fire off hail and/or lightning from the sky to a target with good accuracy.  She can even call upon the frigid air and snow, however, she herself is not protected from the elements, heat or cold, ergo, she must be careful in controlling the weather around her or she may injure herself with her own powers.



Pika Lehua


Originally from the Hawaiian Island of Ni'ihau (dubbed the "Forbidden Island"), Pika Lehua was a teacher at the one of the very few schools on Ni'ihau...until the evil Pacific Warlords invaded the Hawaiian Islands and Pika became a heroic champion of the fire goddess, Pele...for awhile. 

His students loved being in class with him.  His students and their parents loved him for teaching the old Hawaiian ways as well as educating them in science, engineering and mathematics.  Most of his students went on to the University of Hawaii,Manoa campus, graduating in the top 10% from the university. He told his students that each one of them were his 'heroes' and that his 'heroes' were the type to go out into the world or their communities and do selfless and helpful deeds like any other hero would.  The day before PIka's world changed, one of his students, Okeo Lehore, age 8, drew a crayon-made picture of his teacher, Pika, looking like a fiery superhero, saving lives.  In the picture, Okeo titled the picture of Pika with a superhero name...Polano.

One day while teaching his students, the Pacific Warlords invaded the Hawaiian Islands.  Over 300 amphibious cloned troops known as Ningren walked ashore and tool over the island in less than 4 hours.  Pika, hearing of the invasion took all 50 of his students and hid they in a hurricane shelter located under the school.  Pika heard the screams of the locals being killed directly above him and the students. To keep the kids' minds off of the horror occurring above, he found several solar inverters and power cells in the basement, as well as a test bench and a large capacitor, and had the kids rebuild a solar power inverter/capacitor setup. Since the school's power came from solar power, he assessed that if he had them rebuild the electrical system right, he might be able to use it as a weapon against the Ningren.  He devised a wire mesh system across the floor and after connecting the solar panels, batteries and capacitors to overload upon grounding, he had the students create a 'shock trap' that would stun the Ningren long enough for him to get the students on a boat and to safety.  He also found two containers full of gasoline in the shelter and set them up as very large 'Moseltov cocktails' to use as the second part of getting the students to safety.

Just as he and the students finished the trap, the Ningren found the hurricane shelter and descended the stairs.  Pika had the kids hide in the far corner of the shelter as he held the controls of the shock trap.  When all five Ningren scouts stepped on the trap, Pika plugged in the capacitor and zapped the five Ningren troops into unconsciousness.  He grabbed the rigged gasoline containers and made his way to the top of the shelter's stairs.  After he made sure it was clear, he got the 50 students to follow him up and out of the school building.  Once at the door, Pika realized the school was surrounded by over two dozen other Ningren troops.  He saw one of the school's utility "stake" trucks nearby and told the oldest student, Mohio, who knew how to drive, to be responsible for getting the students to the back of the stake truck and make a getaway to the docks and leave the island, all the while Pika intended to distract the Ningren long enough for them to get away.

Pika raced out to the front of the school were nearly all of the Ningren were, lit the gas containers and tossed them into the troops.  A huge fireball and explosion took out a dozen of the two dozen troops.  Pika took off on foot and headed in the opposite direction of where the students needed to go and let the remaining Ningren troops pursue him.  After about 1/8th of a mile from the school he lit off the last gas container and tossed at them all while being shot at in a hail of energy weapon fire from the Ningren troops in pursuit.  The gas container exploded once again, taking out another five Ningren, however, PIka had been shot in the back and fell to the ground with seconds of life left in him.  Pika uttered what he believed to be his last words, "Pele, protect the children.  See them to safety."

As the remaining Ningren troops advanced on Pika, the flames from the exploded gas container shot out across the road and burned the remaining Ningren solders to piles of ash.  As he lay dying, Pika saw a beautiful naked Hawaiian woman walk through the flames and straight to him.  She knelt down to his side and gave him a long passionate kiss.  Fire engulfed both of them.  Pika felt a roaring energy and power race through his body as he began to not only heal but control the flames near and around him and the woman.  The naked woman then looked at Pika longingly and sad as a fiery tear rolled down her cheek. She stood slowly and slowly walked away all the while crying tears of fire from her eyes.  As she turned, she looked completely distraught and then magically disappeared into a wall of fire.  Then, through the wall of fire the stake truck with the students plowed through and stopped in front of Pika.  Still weary and disorientated, the students picked up Pika, put him on the stake truck and drove to the wharf where they took one of the Robinson family's large fishing boats and made their getaway out to sea.

Once the boat left the pier, Pika passed out.

Pika was placed in the captain's cabin, where in his unconscious condition, dreamed a dream he'd never had before.  In the dream, he saw the same beautiful naked Hawaiian woman.  She spoke to him, still crying tears of fire.  She said that he was a good man and a champion for saving the children of Ni'ihau.  She told him that she and the Polynesian pantheon of gods empowered Pika to be a champion to protect not only other children, but the whole of the Hawaiian Islands from evil and death.  In the dream, Pika asked why she was crying.  The woman said, "because I know your fate...and your fate fills me with a sadness I cannot bear".  When Pika asked what that fate was, the woman only replied "I can tell you no more, other than you must now go to Oahu and meet with your fellow champions in the heart of the diamond head crater.  Together, you must not only liberate the Hawaiian Island of the the evil invaders, but you must pay a price that I myself cannot bear to say.  Go save Hawaii; go save the children; know that I, Pele, hold you dear in my heart". 

When Pika awoke, the fishing boat had already been intercepted by a US Coast Guard Cutter that eventually took command and captained the fishing boat towards the awaiting US  Navy's fleet of ships about 40 miles off the Hawaiian coast.  The navy ships were positioned to help save the islands' refugees and prepared for an attack on the Pacific Warlords. 

The children were flown back to the mainland for safety, all of which thanked Pika for saving them. One of the children named Okeo gave Pika the crayon-drawn picture he'd made the day before of Pika as the superhero Polano.  Okeo told Pika that he was his hero and that he hoped Pika would save Ni'ihau and his parents for him. Tearfully, Pika swore to the boy that he'd die before he'd allow those 'evil guys' to do any more harm to their homes or their families.

After the children were flown back to the mainland, Pika told the US Navy captain that he needed to go to Diamond Head to meet with other Hawaiian champions that were going to help save the islands from the invaders.  At first the Navy Captain declined to help, but after showing the captain a sample of his new fiery powers, the Captain not only wanted to help, but placed him on a cargo plane, had him trained en route on how to parachute, and had him parachute down with two other naval intelligence advisers to Diamond Head for the meeting.

At Diamond Head, Pika met up with the other Pele-empowered champions, and introduced the champions leader, Princess Kamehameha, to the US Navy officers who accompanied him They would help the Princess coordinate with the US military forces in a counteroffensive against the Pacific Warlords to retake and liberate the Hawaiian Islands.

Pika became fast friends with the new champions, making bonds with them immediately.  His positive, can-do attitude, coupled with his sincere honesty and kindness disarmed even the most pessimistic person there. After a week of planning, Pika, now codenamed "Polano", his fellow champions, Hawaiian resistance fighters and the remnants of the US military amongst the islands, performed a massive counteroffensive against the Pacific Warlords.

Within a day, they retook Oahu; within a week, they'd liberated all but one of the Hawaiian Island - that island was his home of Ni'ihau.

Days after liberating the other Hawaiian Islands, the "Pacific League", the name given to his fellow champions, fought bravely and hard to retake Ni'ihau back from the dug-in Pacific Warlords on Ni'ihau.  During one such fight, one of the evil Pacific Warlords arrived from Japan to join in on the fighting off Ni'ihau - his name was Sasano'o. He was a weather wizard capable of creating Tsunamis and hurricanes.  While fighting Sasano'o, Polano noticed a huge supertanker that had been swept up in the stormy fight.  Unless something was done, the supertanker would run aground, spilling millions of gallons of crude oil over the whole of Ni'ihau's coastline. Polano made his way to the foundering ship.  There, he attempted to use his strength and powers to propel the ship away from the Ni'ihau shore.  Just as the ship was at a safe distance from the shore, Sasano'o launched a tsunami against the ship, breaking the supertanker in two.  The supertanker started spewing millions of gallons of crude oil from its holds. Polano was right next to one of the supertanker's oil holds when the ship broke up.  When the spewing oil hit his flames, the ship ignited and exploded like a raging sun, leaving nothing larger than the ship's propeller as debris.  Polano was ground zero when the  explosion occurred.  After Solano'o was driven back to Ni'ihau, the other Pacific Leaguers and the US Navy and Coast Guard attempted a search and rescue for Polano.  They never found his body.

Ni'ihau was never retaken from the Pacific Warlords by the time the cease fire was called. Continued searches for Polano yielded nothing, other than burned parts of his costume...and a severed piece of Polano's left lower leg.

A warrior's funeral was performed for Polano.  All of the Pacific League showed up for the ceremony except The Night Marcher and his legion of fellow Night Marchers who refused to attend an "unnecessary" ceremony.  The members of the Pacific League were deeply saddened by their loss, but none more than Pele.  It was said that the night of the ceremony, fiery embers were seen falling from the sky over the ceremony's site.  Some said the embers were Pele's fiery tears falling to earth crying for the loss of one of her warriors.

As the world mourned the loss of Polano, the evil Pacific Warlords dug in deeper and fortified themselves even more on Ni'ihau, readying themselves for the day that the Pacific league would try once again to retake Ni'ihau and avenge Polano. Interestingly enough, even more warlords have now joined Lord Abysmal's ranks after the Liberation of Hawaii, further amplifying the threat already posed by the invading Pacific Warlords.

One can only hope that one day, Polano's body can be recovered and laid to rest properly. One can only hope that Polano is at peace knowing that he helped liberate nearly all of the Hawaiian Islands.  One can only hope there isn't any other reason why they weren't able to find the rest of Polano's body other than him being vaporized by the explosion...

Polano had the Pele-empowered ability to manifest fire and flames.  He could enshroud himself in a fiery aura providing him incredible protection from any physical or energy-based (and temperate) attacks.  He was able to hurl fireballs from his hands and shoot them out in rapid succession at a range of up to 40 yards.  He was also able to use the thermal energy of his aura to fly short distances and levitate, however, doing this usually melted or ignited the ground or items below him.  Instead, he liked to  'surf' across the surface of the waters and oceans through his own power stunt of using his fire powers to create steam out of the water beneath and in front of him, thus seemingly  gliding or 'surfing' across the surface of the water.  His powers also afforded him a higher remarkable endurance and fairly good strength.

One thing that was unique about Polano; he was always looking out for everyone else.  he never went off half-cocked or indecisive.  He helped out his fellow Pacific Leaguers in battle, as well as help save countless others that were in peril during the Liberation of Hawaii.  His kindness and exhaustive helpfulness were his strongest and most endearing attributes.  



Kai "Sunny" Takumi


Kai was a typical boy growing up on the Hawaiian Island of Kaui; school, surfing and getting into trouble.   His father left him when he was three, and his mother worked three jobs in Lihue to make ends meet.  As such, Kai became a bit of a 'latchkey' kid, taking care of himself while his mother was working.  From age 5, Kai used to go down to the beach and learned how to surf from the regulars. By age 15, he was one of the best surfers on the island; he'd even won a few hundred dollars here and there from competitions.

As he was growing up surfing and hanging at the beach, Kai usually found himself in some form of  trouble.  Gangs across the island, including surf gangs trying to impose their 'turf' on other beaches, usually resulted in fights with the surfers.  As such, Kai learned to fight and scrap with the best.  He even learned a bit of martial arts from an older surfer guru that took it upon himself to give Kai some guidance.  School-wise, he wasn't much of a student, but when it came to life's philosophies and being an all around good guy, Kai was it.  He was so 'positive' in his mentality that he was given the nickname "Sunny".  The beach became his home, and by age 17, he was living with the other surfers in cabanas on the beach, working odd jobs at the tourist hotels and teaching rich tourists how to surf on long boards.

A few years ago, a surfing competition was being help at Acid Drop (surfing location) on his home island. The prize money was $20,000.  Every surfer on the island jumped at the chance to register and compete...including pros from across the world.  Several Australian professional surfers were considered early favorites to win.  Sunny, wanting more than anything to finally get some half decent money and help his mom out a bit, practiced day and night, perfecting his technique, getting in shape by holding his breath underwater and moving rocks along the bottom of the ocean floor.  Days before the competition, he was ready.  Unfortunately, that's when all the competition arrived.

It didn't take long before the international surfing pros took over the beach and ostracized the local surfers from their own beach.  Tempers flared between the pros and the locals.  After several shoving matches and some unsportsmanlike behavior by the pros in the water (slicing local surfer's leashes from their boards, purposely shooting the wave into other locals riding the wave, etc.), a local surf gang with a bad reputation got involved.  They were members of the "Wolf Pak", a notorious surfer group that didn't like 'houlies" (non-Hawaiians) taking over their beaches and disrespecting the locals on their own beaches. With the Wolf Pak around, everyone knew there was going to be trouble.

On the day of the surfing competition, the pros and the locals faced off in incredible displays of skill.  Five of the pros didn't making the standing, but Sunny and a few locals did.  As a matter of fact, Sunny was in the lead after the day's third session. That's when the fighting started.  One of the Aussie pros got belligerent with one of the locals for 'taking his wave' and causing him to lose points in the last session.  A fight started and escalated to knives and guns.  Just at people started getting hurt...the Invasion of Hawaii happened.

From out of the waves on the beach, hundreds of cloned aquatic warriors emerged from the surf.  They began firing on the crowds, killing tourists and competitors alike.  Several large transports rolled up on shore loaded with thousands of these "Ningren" troops. They were the troops of the evil Pacific Warlords, and they were performing a coordinated invasion of all of the Hawaiian Islands.  Everyone around Sunny panicked and ran for safety, dozens of people lied on the sand with wounds received either by themselves during the fight between the Wolf Pak and the International Pro surfers or from the Ningren's energy rifles. Sunny grabbed up three of the wounded and made his way to a truck in the parking lot and sent them on their way to safety; he then went back and collected up even more wounded, again getting them to cars to drive away from the war-zone.  In several minutes, Sunny saved over a dozen people on the beach.  Now, Sunny went off to try and save his mother in Lihue.  He jumped on his bicycle and rode the fastest he ever had...only to come over the rise to the city and see that it was completely taken over by the Pacific Warlords' Ningren troops.

Regardless of the danger, Sunny rode his bike fearlessly through the Ningren troops, knocking them down as the rode and leading them on chases throughout the streets to distract them from escaping Lihue residents.  When he got to his mother's workplace, it was nothing but a smoldering crater.  Standing aside of it was the evil Milu - a super-powered warlord of the Pacific Warlords who considered himself the Hawaiian god of death...and the leader of Kauai's invasion. Undaunted, Sunny rode up on his bike beside Milu via a blind spot and tackled Milu to the ground, beating on Milu's head with his fists.  Milu smacked Sunny away from him (Sunny didn't land for over 20 yards) and sent dozens of troops after Sunny to kill him.  Rabbiting around the alleys and houses, none of the Ningren troops could get a bead on Sunny.  A local news cameraman got the whole fight live on TV for all to watch. Eventually, Sunny escaped.  Sunny then went back to his mom's home up in the hills to figure out what to do next. In that time, Sunny's attack on Milu became an immediate social media viral sensation, prompting others on the islands to fight instead of run and hide; he quickly became a symbol of resistance against the Pacific Warlords' invasion forces.


When he arrived at his mom's place, he discovered that the Lihue invasion forces had met up with the ones at the Acid Drop surf spot and were converging on his location.  Sunny spotted several of the local surfers and the other pro competitors running up the street and called them over for shelter.  After a few minutes of re-hydrating and taking care of their wounds, they started to figure out what to do.  As they watched the TV, they saw the attack Sunny did against the Warlord Milu.  All of the surfers were in awe.  Sunny didn't care; as far as he knew, he'd lost his mother already; however, he was sad...he was empowered.  He told the other surfers that they may be the only ones that can help save the island, or at the very least, get the people on the island to safety.  They all agreed, and with that, the local surfers knew where to get weapons and ammunition and promptly went to scavenge them up. The international pros knew how to make Molotov Cocktails (from their protesting days) and started amassing crates of firebombs. Sunny was forming the only resistance to the invaders - and he was going to make Milu and his troops pay dearly for invading his island...

Hours later, in the middle of the night, Sunny's gang of surfers, plus several from the Wolf Pak and a few retired military veterans they found, made their way to what seemed to be a holding pen for prisoners at the local school's soccer field. There, they formed an attack plan, complete with Ham Radio communications (courtesy of one of the military veterans) to coordinate US Coast Guard vessel gun and Army helicopter attacks to distract the invaders and free the locals to get them over the rise and to a fleet of incoming rescue helicopters that would take as many citizens as they could to safety.  At 2am, the assault started.

As the Coast Guard and the US Army's Apache helicopters attacked the invading forces in their encampment, Sunny's crew made their was down to the soccer field and took out several troops guarding the imprisoned populace.  The citizens started pouring out of their captivity and to the hills when the invasion's leader, Milu appeared.  Sunny told the rest of his crew to keep getting the people to safety while he distracted Milu...and distract him he did.  With the arrogance of rap star and the acrobatic skill of an Olympic gymnast, he worked his way to Milu, taunting and jibbing him as he closed in on him.  Just as Sunny was about to pounce on Milu, he saw Milu standing with a little girl in his arms with a knife to her throat.  Sunny stopped dead and told Milu to let her go; Milu instead dropped the girl and thrust his knife through Sunny's chest, stabbing at him rabidly.  Seconds later, Sunny, coughing up blood and trying his best to try and tell the scared little girl to run away, saw an image behind the grandstanding Milu...the image of a beautiful, naked Hawaiian woman walking fearlessly towards Sunny.  As Milu turned to congratulate himself to his troops, the Hawaiian woman slid behind Milu and instead advanced towards a dying Sunny.  The woman knelt down next to Sunny and gave Sunny a long, passionate kiss.  As they kissed, Sunny could feel his body changing; getting better.  As the kiss ended and he opened his eyes, the woman had disappeared...and all that stood before him was Milu...with his back to Sunny.

He tried to motion to the little girl previously held captive by Milu to run, but she was frozen in fear.  As Milu turned about towards Sunny, all Sunny could thing about was wanting to smash Milu with one of the biggest waves ever seen on the island...that's when what seemed like thousands of gallons of water slammed Milu in the chest and blasted him down the road and into the ocean.  Where did the water come from? It came from Sunny's hands.  Sunny jumped to his feet and set the little girl on the path to safety.  He also noticed that all the prisoners were freed from the soccer field's cage.  There was no one left in the town but the troops...Sunny was going to take the battle to them.

Over the next few minutes, Sunny and his new water-based powers blasted and swept Ningren warriors, their equipment and even Milu again and again reeling back into the ocean.  Sunny advanced down the street, constantly manipulating water from everywhere around him and slamming and blasting the invaders away to the ocean.  try as they might, the Ningren and Milu could not stop Sunny, instead they retreated back to the ocean.  Milu bellowed that he'd return tomorrow and kill any humans left on it...especially Sunny. Sunny won the battle of Kauai...but only for that day.

Over the next dozen hours, Sunny and his crew helped evacuate as many people across Kauai that they could find.  They were transported by helicopters to ships and aircraft carriers off the coast.  The last helicopter that left was that of Sunny and his crew of surfers and veterans.  They were all heroes of Kauai now.  Once Sunny finally collapsed in a store room on a container ship from exhaustion, he had a dream...a dream of the woman who kissed him.

The woman in his dream...and the one who kissed him was the Hawaiian goddess Pele.  She told him in his dream that she had chosen him as one of her champions to fight and protect the people of Hawaii from the invaders, as well as eventually to protect the people of the Pacific Ocean from evil.  She told him to go to the island of Oahu and meet with her other champions to work together to combat the invaders and take back the Hawaiian Islands.

The next day, Sunny started practicing with his powers, learning how to manipulate the water as hi did against Milu.  Within hours, he'd learned of a way to create a constant wave to ride on across the ocean to travel to Oahu.  it took him a few hours to get there, but get there he did.  After meeting with Princess Kamehameha, the leader of Pele's champions, they worked together to devise a plan that included Hawaii's resistance fighters (including Sunny's crew) and the remnants of the US military in the area. Within a week, they had a plan to counterattack the Pacific Warlords and take back the Hawaiian Islands.

On Hawaii's D-Day, the US military, the Hawaiian resistance forces and Sunny's fellow champions, now calling themselves the "Pacific League", attacked the invaders.  Within a day, they took back Oahu; within a week, all but one of the Hawaiian Islands had been liberated.  Sunny's crew spearheaded the assault on Kauai and even shot a missile at Milu and blew him into the ocean at one point.  The last island, Ni'ihau (known as the "Forbidden Island") was too well fortified to take back.  When the cease fire was called, Ni'ihau was still under the warlords' control and to this day has remained so.  Sunny, now codenamed as "Surf" and his Pacific Leaguers had done the impossible; they'd liberated Hawaii and saved millions of lives in the process.

Sunny eventually buried his mother and said his goodbyes to his home island and crew.  He knew that so long as he stayed on Kauai, Milu would find reason to destroy it.  Before he left, those that survived the invasion that had attended the surfing competition,  unanimously voted that Sunny was the unquestionable winner of the competition giving him a large surfing trophy belt to wear from that day forward (which he does to this day).  Since then, he moved into his super-group's new base, "Da Puka" in the Diamond Head crater outside of Honolulu.  There, he continues to hone his powers and use his aggressive fight techniques in his further battles again the warlords and anyone else looking to promote evil.  He still goes to the beach and surfs, especially out at North Shore in Oahu, but he no longer sees the need to compete in surfing competitions...why complete when you have already "mastered the waves' with his god-given powers...

Surf can incredibly manipulate any form of liquid water within 40 yards of his location.  He can use it as a battering ram, or like a fire hose, as a shield, as geyser erupting form the ground, or even to create air pockets while underwater.  He uses his powers in a special way to ride the waterways at over 40mph by riding a wave of water to his location.  His strength and endurance at good as compared to before the kiss, and as such, he tends to leap even further than he did before, sometimes up to a 20 foot distance.  He's able to use his powers to also create water funnels that can pull things up from the sea floor back up to the surface, as well as create whirlpools that do the opposite.





Although this story relates to one particular Night Marcher that was selected by the Hawaiian goddess of fire, Pele, herself, to the Pacific League, the history of the actual Night Marchers of Hawaii is shrouded in cryptic Hawaiian mythology and lore...and strangely enough, is a TRUE story.

To begin, the lore of the Night Marchers needs to be explained.  For hundreds of years, mysterious phantom marchers have been randomly seen marching throughout the Hawaiian Isles with torches in a single file along ancient traditional routes and paths usually on nights of waning moons or a new moon.  These ‘night marchers’ are mystical spirits notorious for killing people in their path not recognized as related to ancestral chiefs, warriors or craftsmen.  Their procession is always preceded by the sound of conch shell calls or the beating of drums. Lore and story dictate that those that run away, lie prone (or faking be dead on the ground) or avert their eyes from the Night Marchers will live.  Those who don’t follow these guidelines usually are found dead on the site or die within a day or two after they encountered the Night Marchers.   Reports have been told of conversations that these spirits would have when a normal person would come across the Night Marchers’ path.  A spirit would shout “Pepehi” (Kill), but others, presumably dead relatives in the procession would call “Kali, Kali” (Wait, wait) or “Alia!” (Stop) or “A’ohe!” (No!) in the person was recognized as a relative. Those unfortunate people not recognized might hear “Oia” (Go Ahead) before they’d either be killed on site or within a day or two of their encounter.  Autopsies conducted on those killed have yet to be explained or deduced how they actually died. Interestingly enough, these Night Marchers actually exist in our real world and universe today.

Forward to a few years ago in the Majordeej Universe (MDU) (not real life...) when the evil Pacific Warlords had invaded the Hawaiian Islands.  Within days, the warlords and theirs tens of thousands of troops took over all of the islands.  The US military and numerous brave local citizens resisted, but were overpowered in their efforts.  Pele, the

goddess of fire in the Hawaiian pantheon of gods, empowered several ‘champions’ with incredible powers to use as a team against the invading Pacific Overlords.  Each was told in a dream to meet on the island of Oahu in the center of the extinct volcano in the Diamond Head crater near Honolulu.  There, the champions met for the first time. 

As these champions began devising a plan to ally with the local Hawaiian resistance fighters and the remnants of US military personnel, the sound of a conch shell call and the beating of drums permeated the crater, as well as a foul stench of death.  Appearing through the solid rock of the volcano’s walls, a sole Night Marcher spirit walked up to the new champions carrying a torch.  It quickly recognized the leader of the champions, Kalipa’a Kamehameha, who was a descendant of one of the greatest Hawaiian monarchs, King Kamehameha.  Knowing the scary stories and lore of Night Marchers, all of the other champions dropped their gaze and/or laid prone on the ground (one of the champions, Surf, took off all of his clothes and began running around in circles (like he was being chased), all the while collecting herbs from the ground (this was a technique his grandmother had said he should do if he ever encountered a night marcher).  The Night Marcher cryptically spoke in ancient Hawaiian to “Princess Kamehameha” (that’s how it addressed her) and mentioned that Pele and the true spirit of death, Milu, (Hawaiian god of death) themselves ordered it (the marcher) to serve the princess and protect Hawaii.  The princess immediately stated that all ‘champions’ of the gods present, including any and all resistance fighters and military forces would not be allowed to fall under his Night Marcher ‘death gaze’ unless she (the Princess) says otherwise.  The Night Marcher stood silent for a few nervous minutes and exclaimed in ancient Hawaiian “so it will be done, Princess”.  In further discussions, the Night Marcher stated that should other fellow Night Marchers be required by the princess in the forthcoming battles, she had but to ask and it (the sole Night Marcher) would ensure the safety of those the princess had mentioned from the other Night Marchers.  It also stated it was allowed to break its obligation of appearing only at night and instead to show up whenever the Princess called forth for it by his ancient title: “ilāmuku” (Kamehameha’s personal club-carrying executioner).  With that said, it marched through and across the Diamond Head crater, disappearing into the crater wall.

Within a week, these new champions, now called the “Pacific League”, started their counteroffensive attacks against the Pacific Warlords and their troops.  The Night Marcher fought like a warrior possessed, killing the enemy with its death gaze and/or striking them dead with its mystical war club.  Most of the battles also included hundreds of called-upon Night Marchers, led by the princess and the sole Night Marcher.   Together, the Night Marchers nearly wiped out half of the invaders themselves. Within a week’s time, the Pacific League, its allies and the Night Marchers liberated all but one of the Hawaiian Islands.  The remaining captive island, Ni’ihau (known as the “Forbidden Island”) had powerful warlord defenses, including against the Night Marchers. The warlords had blessed tea leaf-wrapped rocks strategically positioned all around Ni’ihau, warding off the Night Marchers from even getting ashore on Ni’ihau. This was the Night Marchers’ kryptonite; they could not go onto lands blessed against them with ancient Hawaiian offerings.  Regardless, a cease fire came into effect, ending all hostilities, with Ni’ihau still under the militarized control of the Pacific Warlords.

After the liberation, the Night Marcher told the princess that she and her Pacific League warriors held the respect of all of the Night Marchers and that from that day forth, the ilāmuku would forever serve the princess and her fellow royal warriors (translation: the Pacific League) as a member of her royal warriors until she told it otherwise…or died.  The legion of Night Marchers, however, needed to continue their sole purpose of haunting and protecting the sacred lands of the islands of Hawaii their own way, however, should a future battle as great as that done for the liberation of Hawaii occur once again, then the legion of Night Marchers would, and only then, return to aid her and her fellow royal warriors…otherwise, they’ll show up when she, or the other royal warriors, die.

To this day, the ilāmuku continues to battle beside the Pacific Legion when Princess Kamehameha calls for it.  Dubbed simply “The Night Marcher” by the Honolulu Gazette, it continues in its eerie and cryptic manner of protecting the Hawaiian Island and the Pacific Ocean.

The Night Marcher has incredible ghost-like powers of being able to phase-walk/run through any solid object.  It carries a mystical war club with a blade on one side that as far as can be understood, is indestructible.  The torch it carries has flames that can change colors at command, as well as act as a melee fire weapon.  Its excellent strength allows it to move rapidly through things when it runs up to a maximum speed of 40 mph. It can also lift (psycho-kinetically) anything up to ½ a ton. Its vision and hearing are highly acute, as is its sense of smell. Its ‘death gaze’ in a remarkably strong mystical attack that can literally shut down a living person’s body, causing them to die.  Those that are remarkably strong enough to resist its gaze and not die, may still be stunned or may start dying still as a result.

Although the Night Marcher cannot be harmed in its ghost-like form, it does have limitations; it cannot proceed through or past any Hawaiian Kahuna-level blessed offering placed in front of it.  Each offering (a tea leaf-wrapped around a smooth rock, stood up on its end, touching/setting on anything connected to the ground) acts as an unearthly level ward to the Night Marcher (and his legions) for a radius of 100 yards for each offering.  It also cannot attack or kill anything or anyone when commanded by any living or dead royalty (or fellow Night Marchers).  In the case of Princess Kamehameha, the sole Night Marcher is under her control, as ensured by the Hawaiian gods Pele and Milu (the pantheon of gods Milu; not the Pacific Warlord Milu).

As a side note, although having a Night Marcher in combat as an unnatural weapon is a great thing; having a Night Marcher out in public, well that’s just dangerous.  A Night Marcher in public could kill people at a moment’s notice, before the Princess would have a chance to ever say “no!”  The workaround for this for the princess has been to personally tell the ilāmuku that for the next “x” minutes/hours/days/weeks, it is not allowed to kill any in its path or any that displease it; only the princess can tell it otherwise; that unto itself, is a blessing for most that meet the Night Marcher, however, it can also be a weakness an enemy may one day exploit..



Steven Conner


Steven was the 2nd son and part of the fourth generation of the prominent Trident Pineapple Plantation family from the Hawaiian Island of Lanai, that is until his family lost the plantation, his parents died, and an angry young boy would eventually become one of Hawaii's greatest champions.

When Steven was 5, his father's plantation was in jeopardy. The Pineapple business was drying up thanks to cheaper overseas exports.   Land barons were pushing Steven's father to sell his land to hotel real estate developers, but because the property had been in the family for generations, he declined and instead worked harder everyday to make due for his family, the estate and the local workers that were dependent on his product.  Over those few months, Steven's dad was being threatened nearly daily to sell the land.  After one heated fight with a 'less than reputable' land baron, Steven's father found Steven's younger brother, Bobby, age 3, dead in the middle of one of their pineapple fields.  Steven's parents were devastated over their loss.  Within weeks, Steven's father sold the plantation for pennies on the dollar.  They moved to a humble four bedroom home on the beach in the town of Naha. Months later, Steven's dad was found dead of an apparent suicide a mere two miles from their new home.  His mother, overwrought with depression, began drinking heavily.  Steven usually found solace with his cousins in the nearby town of Lopa, where he eventually moved into due to his mother being routinely arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct by the local police.  Steven's family had fallen apart, and before his 7th birthday, was becoming angry and unruly with everyone around him.

His cousin, Kapeha Conner, was a martial arts instructor with his own dojo in Lopa.  He took in many local kids and taught them how to get their karate belts, but for Steven, his cousin was like a mentor...a mentor that he desperately needed to focus his life not on anger and despair, but on hope and kindness.  By his 15th birthday, Steven had become a master in his own right at pole and stick (escrima) fighting. On his birthday, his mother had arrived at his cousin's house, where Steven had been staying, to celebrate Steven's big day.  Unusually sober, she informed Steven that things were going to turn around for them for the better after her interview she was going to have with the "Feds" in the next few days.

Things did not get better days later, in fact things got enormously worse.

Days after his 15th birthday police contacted Steven and his cousin Kapeha that they'd found Steven's mother dead from a drug overdose in a back alley in Lanai City.  Steven, once again, was devastated.  His parents' suicides were too much for Steven to deal with.  he ran away from his cousin's home and became a homeless teenage beach vagrant living under the piers in Kaulamapau Harbor on Lanai. Steven's cousin searched for him dozens of times, but when one doesn't want to be found, he usually isn't found.  He still practiced his stick and pole fighting with pieces of scrap wood from the trash.  He also started a life of debauchery by bedding every young tourist to get money to survive.  On occasion, his 'tourist gals' would take him to get him cleaned up with new clothes and fashionable looks at the hairdresser.  Eventually, he became a self-employed male prostitute by the time he was 18.  Strung out on drugs, alcohol, sex and anger about his past life, he was soon to become another tragic death in his family's lineage. 

Days after his 18th birthday, handing out at a hotel pool with one of his 'tourist gals', his cousin Kapeha found him.  Kapeha hardly even recognized Steven from his bleach-blond hair, dark tan and drunkenness.  Kapeha pulled Steven to the side and told him he'd been looking for him for years, thinking he was dead.  Steven told Kapeha was 'was' dead and to leave him alone and that he wanted nothing to do with family ever again.  Kapeha grabbed Stephen by the ear and dragged him down to a local coffee shop and started thrusting coffee down Stephen's throat, trying to sober him up.  Belligerently, Steven, slapped Kapeha away telling him to leave him be.  Kapeha instead told Steven before he left there were two things Steven needed to know: one, that Kapeha had found evidence that Steven's parents had not committed suicide and instead with murdered; second, that his father left Steven a trust fund of millions of dollars, and that Steven needed to meet their attorney to receive the money from the secretive trust fund his father had made for him.  Kapeha left Steven on the coffee shop floor, a drunken, broken and now confused young man.  Steven had to make a decision he was trying to run from...a decision that would affect the rest of his life...or end it prematurely.

After contemplating his own suicide that morning, Steven spent the next day sobering up and getting his head together and taking stock in what Kapeha said.  After a long soul-searching day, he leaned himself up and took a taxi to Kapeha's house to resolve his life.  As the taxi pulled away from delivering Steven to the front of Kapeha's home, three tough looking strong men wearing Hawaiian shirts surrounded Steven asking him if he was Steven Conner.  Steven told them colorfully what to go do with themselves, only to be knocked unconscious from behind.

When Steven awoke, he was tied up in Kapeha's home's living room on the couch.  In the room was a duct-taped Kapeha, his new wife, and their new 2 year old son crying in the woman's arms...with those same three Hawaiian-shirt strongmen aiming guns at Kapeha and his wife's head.  A well-dressed, black-and-purple suited man with a wide brimmed hat and purple-tinted glasses introduced himself as Lorenzo Ramirez.  He stated that he was happy to see that Steven was still alive after all these years and that he could now continue his business with Steven, now that he was of age and his parents were too dead to discuss 'the deal'.  Ramirez stated that he'd presented a 'fair' deal to his father many years ago to convert his pathetic pineapple plantation into a thriving tourist casino resort, but his father would not sell.  Shamefully, it took the unfortunate 'death' on his youngest son, Bobby, to see the error of his ways.  He mentioned that killers on Lanai were by far cheaper and far more ruthless than he had even experienced even in his homeland of Mexico. Continuing on, Ramirez stated that his father was about to involve the FBI when he had to meet his unfortunate 'suicide'.  He said he discovered about Steven's secretive trust fund on his 15th birthday and tried to coerce his mother to turn over the money that was 'obviously' what should have been stolen by Ramirez, along with the plantation, in the first place. His mother was about to contact the FBI as well and that's when she met her demise in a back alley...stuck with a deadly heroin derivative by the same man who killed Steven's brother years before.  Ramirez then blamed Steven for involving his cousin Kapeha in this whole wicked deal.  Now, thanks to Steven being alive, Ramirez required Steven to go to Kapeha's attorney, cash in his fifteen million dollar trust fund and turn it over to Ramirez, or he'd have no choice but to kill Kapeha and his new family.  Furious beyond thought, Steven launched himself from the couch, knocking over one of the thugs only to wheel around and see Ramirez holding his gun to the baby's head.  Ramirez repeated his demand and told Steven he had one day to bring him the money.  No FBI. No authorities. No tricks.  They thugs took Kapeha's wife and baby with them and drove off.  Steven profusely apologized to Kapeha for what was happening. Kapeha said he has never blamed, nor ever will, Steven's involvement in all of this; as far as he was concerned, Ramirez was the evil behind all of this.  They both agreed that they must first of all get the money to get Kapeha's wife, baby and Steven to safety, then, as far as he was concerned, he would stop Ramirez...personally.  Steven told Kapeha that they'd both do what needed to be done to save Kapeha's family and stop Ramirez...even if it resulted in Steven's death; as far as he was concerned, Steven was dead...vengeance was all that was left.  Kapeha took a moment and reminded Steven of his training; his philosophy; his legacy.  Vengeance would get Steven nowhere but death and darkness; stopping Ramirez and saving himself (referring to Steven) and Kapeha's family should be their focus and goal.  

Together, they both went to Kapeha's dojo, where Kapeha set up ancient Asian-style traps around his dojo to use to spring on Ramirez and his thugs when they'd come collecting later the next day. Kapeha also gave Steven a present he'd wanted to give him on his 18th birthday...a gold-colored staff with a trident mount on one end, depicting his family's Trident Pineapple Plantation logo.  Crying, the two embraced in a release of emotions before they set off on their imposed rescue mission.

After working with the lawyer most of the day and night, the next morning Steven and Kapeha went to the bank and withdrew the $15 million in cash in three briefcases.  Knowing they were being followed and watched, they drove around the island, taking in the sights one last time, catching up about what had happened over their three missing years, including Kapeha's new wife and how they met.  As the afternoon sun glowed above, Steven and his cousin arrived at their dojo and parked the car.  they motioned to the car following them that they had the money and to meet them in the dojo. Within an hour, Ramirez, five thugs, Kapeha's wife and baby arrived.  Ramirez mentioned he knows that the dojo was rigged with traps and surprises and that if he wanted his family to live, he'd think twice about trying to set any off.  relenting, Steven worked the deal that he'd place the money-filled briefcases in the middle of the floor, then they'd release Kapeha and his family and never bother them again.  Steven said they'd swear to never to reveal anything that had been discussed or transacted between them, so long as they were all left alone from that point on.  As the deal was in the middle of being done, all hell broke loose outside and on the beach; Hawaii was being invaded by the evil Pacific Warlords.

One of Ramirez' thugs pulled back a curtain to see outside; Kapeha yelled to the thug not to touch the curtain, but it was too late - one of Kapeha's traps impaled the thug with a spring-loaded machete, killing the thug outright.  The fight was on. Kapeha leaped across the room shielding his wife and child, pulling them to the front door to escape. Kapeha took a round to the shoulder by Ramirez' guns. Although wounded, once Kapeha's family was outside, he wheeled around and started attacking the thugs with his incredible martial arts skills.  Steven launched himself under a couch and drew out the trident staff Kapeha had given him earlier the previous day. With the trident, Steven took out two thugs in mere seconds.  As gunfire erupted all around them, Kapeha and Steven worked together in a beautiful synchronized dance of fighting skill and continued to take down the thugs.  Ramirez, realizing the situation was now out of his control, took off and escaped.  As Steven took out the last thug, the dojo's windows blew in from incoming fire from the beach; the invaders were here and at the dojo.  Steven and Kapeha saw Kapeha's wife and child drove off and away from the battle.  They both looked at each other, nodded, and launched themselves into the advancing Ningren troops entering the dojo.

The battle was epic.  After minutes of fighting, Steven and Kapeha had taken out dozens of Ningren troops.  As they exited the smoldering dojo, a Ningren trooper jumped in front of Kapeha, about to stab Kapeha through the heart with its energy spear.  Steven intercepted the Ningren's attack and was stabbed through the heart, saving Kapeha.  Kapeha quickly discharged the Ningren and fell beside Steven, bloodied and mournful. As they said what they thought to be they last tearful goodbye to one another, a beautiful naked Hawaiian woman advanced up the steps of the dojo to the two warriors.  She knelt beside Steven and gave him a long passionate kiss; a kiss that created a shroud of orange flames enveloping all three of them and Steven's trident staff.  Kapeha realized quickly his wounds here now healed, and that Steven was not only in perfect health, but seemed empowered with energy.  The beautiful woman faded into thin air before them. They both got up and looked at each other amazed over what had just happened.  They both retreated to Kapeha's home, with most of the advancing Ningren troops hot on their trail.

At Kapeha's home, they found Ningren troops in their yard.  Kapeha and Steven attacked the Ningren and the countless others that followed.  Hours later, Kapeha and Steven stood victorious amidst over two hundred dead Ningren soldiers.  The other troops retreated back to the coast, leaving Kapeha, Steven, Kapeha's wife and child alone.  That night, a Japanese rescue helicopter arrived and ferried off some of Lanai's refugees, including the foursome.  They landed aboard the Japanese DDG-174 Kirishima Aegis Cruiser.  All four were escorted to the hangar where they were promptly given food and water.  There, after days of battle and toil, they all slept a sound sleep in that hangar bay.

Steven dreamed.  He dreamed a dream of the naked Hawaiian woman.  In his dream, she told him that she was the Hawaiian goddess Pele and that she and the Polynesian pantheon of gods had empowered him to be one of their several champions to fight the invaders and hereafter protect the whole of the Hawaiian Islands and the innocents across the Pacific Ocean.  She told him in the dream to go forth to Diamond head crater on the isle of Oahu and to quickly meet up with their other champions to team up and combat the invaders.  When Steven awoke, he noticed that his trident was glowing a faint glow.  It was pointing him to where he needed to go.  After a long difficult discussion with the Japanese Cruiser's captain, he was finally allowed to take a Zodiac boat, some extra fuel and food,  and go to Oahu.  Within a day, he arrived at Diamond Head and met with his fellow Pele-empowered champions.

Within a week, the new champions, now called the "Pacific League", led a counter offensive against the Pacific Warlords, along with thousands of other local Hawaiian resistance fighters and the remnants of the US military and Navy.  In a day, they took back Oahu; within a week, they'd liberated all of the Hawaiian Island except the northern-most island of Ni'ihau, the Forbidden Island.  There, the Pacific Warlords had entrenched themselves and help the island as their own. After weeks of fighting, a cease fire was called.  Ni'ihau was still 'enemy occupied territory', however, the rest of the Hawaiian Islands had been liberated from the warlords.

After things settled down, Steven went back to Lanai.  Once there, his cousin Kapeha and his wife greeted him with tears of joy.  Kapeha showed Steven a surprise; the money from his trust fund was still in the briefcases even after the invasion; all $15 million worth.  In the following days, Steven told the FBI what had happened and the testament that Ramirez (who he now found to be a man known as "Crimemaster" of the evil criminal cartel known as "Crimewave") had spoken of.  Although the FBI said they'd do what they could, it seemed without proof or a recording, Ramirez would get away with his devious plot...or so it would seem...

Steven over the next few weeks worked with local land developers and real estate agencies.  Recent Hawaiian laws decreed that Steven still had rights to his family's plantation (which was now nothing but fields of weeds and grass), and was promptly allowed, for a $5 million fee, to reclaim his family's lands.  Within weeks, the land was back in Steven's hands.  Kapeha and his family moved onto the land and into Steven's family estate that still stood.  After refurnishing the estate, he promptly developed the land into farmlands once again, devising a mix of various tropical plants and fruits made available for the local markets.  Part of his land was also built up for housing for those that once work the plantation, as well and hundreds of Hawaiian resistance fighter veterans and their families that fought against the Pacific Warlords.  Kapeha's wife became the overseer of the estate, while Kapeha rebuilt his dojo, which soon became a booming business of wanna be martial artists who wanted to be just like Kapeha and Steven, now known as Lanai's greatest hero, "Trident".

Today, "Trident" continues to team with his fellow champions against additional evil aggressions across the Pacific theater, as well as help manage his family's now thriving plantation.

Trident was empowered with the incredible fighting ability and skill that was already innate to his own abilities in fighting with the trident staff and in martial arts.  He can now attack quicker, better and more focused than ever before, his excellent strength has increased, thus making a hit from Steven with his Trident pole one that would land a normal person immediate in the hospital.  His endurance and stamina have increased to near peak human potential, and his skin has been become more dense providing a good form of protection from attacks.  His empowered, nigh-unbreakable trident staff can now fire remarkable energy blasts at the rate of once every 12-15 seconds, as well as 'point the way' to either the location of his fellow Pacific Leaguers...or to trouble in and about the Pacific Ocean.  Its razor sharp trident blades, in the hands of Steven, can pierce a 1/2 inch thick of steel.  His own innate martial arts skills have remarkably been 'amped up', providing Steven with a speed unmatched in any normal person trained in martial arts.