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About the Pacific League

What happens when you tick off Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of fire and the entire Polynesian pantheon of gods? You get the PACIFIC LEAGUE, that's what!  Empowered Hawaiians and Polynesians teaming together to stop evil and fend off the invading forces of the evil Pacific Warlords!

On January 13, 2013, during the 120th anniversary of the Hawaiian monarchy's overthrow by the United States, local Hawaiians amassed at the Iolani Palace for a demonstration protesting the monarchy's overthrow.  During the events, over a hundred young radicals started a riot, injuring over two hundred citizens, police and national guard personnel.  Conditions became grave when the state senator implemented a curfew followed by martial law.  Within days, the peaceful islands of Hawaii were beset by rage-fueled militia attacks and terrorism.  Amidst the turmoil, a band of Asian-pacific super-powered heroes formed to not only keep the peace, but to side with the locals. Through their benevolent efforts, peace was restored and new federal and Hawaiian policies and laws were enacted. 

One of the new laws placed into effect identified the Hawaiian monarchy as a figurehead placeholder in the the Hawaiian government.  The last heir to the Kamehameha dynasty, Kalipa'a Kamehameha, was voted unanimously as the figurehead.  She was all of 22 years old at the time.  She had no political experience, management skills nor any understanding of how government worked, however, she was a social worker who'd earned an incredible following for her kindness and empathy.

Within months, Kalipa'a, now designated as the monarchical state representative, realized her efforts in the political arena would make little difference in helping the Hawaiian people with their needs and desires.  Nearly all her proposals were stymied in congressional hearings and committees.  As the people of Hawaii started getting upset again, a greater evil accosted the shores of Hawaii - the evil Pacific Overlords.


The Pacific Warlords, an army of warlords and sea creatures, attacked Honolulu with the intention of taking over the whole of the Hawaiian Islands and claiming them as part of the sovereign territory of the Pacific Warlords who intended to rule the whole of the Pacific Ocean and the continental coastlines and islands.  Tens of thousands of Ningren soldiers rose from the ocean depths and invaded Oahu at several key strategic locations. The local US military navy, army, coast guard, air force and marine bases were destroyed withing the first day.

Within the week, all of the Hawaiian Islands were under the control of the regional Pacific Warlord, Milu.  Lord Abysmal, ruler of the Pacific Warlords, took up residence as the State Capitol in Honolulu.  Milu took over Iolani Palace as his headquarters.  Several thousand military and local Hawaiians, attempting to stop the Pacific Warlords, died fighting to take back the islands. Regardless of their efforts, Milu and his troops held the islands and executed any who opposed them.  During this time, the Hawaiian people and the US military set aside their differences to work together to continue their efforts to take back the islands. Even though their efforts were valiant, the local military and Hawaiian populace failed to regain control.  The US military fought to a standstill, but the Pacific Warlords' weapons and troops were too powerful and plentiful.

That's when the ancient Polynesian pantheon of gods finally intervened.

Led by Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of fire, the Polynesian pantheon arose for the first time in hundreds of years and created their own cosmically-empowered champions to stop Lord Abysmal's forces.  Pele and the pantheon utilized the last of their waning powers to empower their champions in and about the Hawaiian islands, bestowing on them incredible powers.  Each one was told their powers were given to them to stop the Pacific Warlords and to protect the innocent people in and about the Pacific Ocean.  Over the course of a few days, these new "champions" found their way to Oahu and met for the first time inside the extinct Diamond Head volcanic crater on the isle of Oahu.  One of these new champions was Kalipa'a Kamehameha, a descendant of ancient Hawaiian monarchy.  After these new champions met, the "Pacific League" as they became known to be, formed a plan with the remaining US military forces and militia factions in and about the islands. After a few days of planning and preparing, Princess Kamehameha led the resistance forces on Oahu against the Pacific Warlords.  Within hours, the Pacific Warlords were driven back into the sea.  Within a week, all of the Hawaiian Islands, with the exception of Ni'ihau (known as the "Forbidden Island") were liberated.  Ni'ihau, one of the most northern islands in the Hawaiian Island chain, remained under the control of the Pacific Warlords though. 

After weeks of fighting, the US military, the Hawaiian militia and the Pacific League relented in trying to take back Ni'ihau.  Milu retained Ni'ihau as his new base of operations and continues to hold the island in the name of the Pacific Warlords to this day. Nonetheless, the Pacific League was the driving force that took back the islands from the Pacific Warlords.

In the wake of the liberation, the US government set forth new edicts that eventually placed now titled "Princess" Kamehameha in a greater position of policy making and empowerment for the good of the Hawaiian Islands.  Through her powers, Princess Kamehameha 're-greened' the Hawaiian Islands as compared to the devastation and ruin the invasion had wrought.  Through a coordinated effort with industry, green energy production and new futuristic approaches to integrating human civilization into nature, Princess Kamehameha, the Hawaiian legislation and the people of Hawaii have rebuilt Hawaii into the most modern state of the 21st century by integrating housing, technology and power generation into the folds of the island's natural beauty and plant life.  No other region has seen this type of incredible redesigning since Mexico City after the alien Soltan Invasion. Hawai'i is considered a US state still following and abiding by US governmental policies, however, the Hawaiian people now have a greater say in their representation, geography and policies.  As such, Hawaii has prospered like never before, integrating technology and nature, chaos and harmony, citizens and people, all into a happier, more coherent chain of islands.

Today, the Pacific League is considered to be the champions against evil throughout the Pacific Ocean.  The threats created by the Pacific Warlords, as well as hundreds of others bent on subjugating and hurting other Polynesian people are now countered by the Pacific League.  With their strong relationships with the nations in and about the Pacific theater, the League has become the new champions of the Pacific Ocean!

 Princess Kamehameha

Kalipa’a Kamehameha


An ancestral native Hawaiian, Kalipa’a is considered the last in the bloodline of the deposed Kamehameha Hawaiian monarchy.  Her father died in a hunting incident when she was young, and her mother, while fishing of the Oahu coast, was lost at sea when

she was a teenager.  She was raised by several aunts, uncles and cousins thereafter.  All through her youthful upbringing, she had a connection with nature.  She volunteered at Waimea Falls Park, where she took care of the incredible array of rare tropical plants, trees and animals, as well as performed in native Hawaiian luau festivals and hula dances for the tourists.  She was tutored in Hawaiian lore and history by an old woman who lived in an old run-down shack at the front entrance of the park.  There at the park, she felt like she belonged.

At 21 years of age, she graduated from the University of Hawai’i, Honolulu with a double degree; one in Hawaiian studies, the other in Hawaiian language.  She’d also taken classes in public speaking and in political science, hoping to one day make a difference in a political role to fight for retaining the natural beauty of Hawaii and its rich, ancient culture. At age 23, she was cast into the horrific invasion of Hawaii by the armies of Lord Abysmal and his Pacific Warlords' super-powered warlord, Milu, named after the Hawaiian god of death.

The invading army, predominantly cloned mutated undersea warriors known as Ningrens, poured ashore, killing civilians and military alike, destroying anything in their path.  Within a day, her island of Oahu was taken over.  She lost several relatives in the fighting, however, another several relatives got Kalipa’a to safety amongst the hidden caverns at the Waimea Falls Park.  There, they devised a plan, using native Hawaiian language and dialects to pass the word from town to town of the news of the invasion as well as muster up a resistance force to perform guerrilla tactics on the invading Ningren troops.  Although Kalipa’a was a naturalist, she also had a kindred warrior spirit, one that exuded confidence and leadership like a natural leader. 

Within weeks, Kalipa’a amassed dozens of locals and military survivors with her new ‘general’, US Navy Chief Kekoa who had taken charge of training and leading these resistance groups across Oahu. She’d established an underground communications network, coding the communications in the use of the native Hawaiian language. Known as “Kekoa’s Heroes”, these militia-like troops amassed weapons through performing strategic attacks on Ningren camps, patrols and armories.  Over time, they’d amassed an arsenal of weapons.  Eventually, their actions garnered the interest of the leader of the invasion, the super-powered warlord known as Milu (named after the Hawaiian god of death).  Milu lead an attack on Kekoa’s Heroes and Kalipa’a in Waimea Falls Park.  There, Chief Kekoa bottle-necked a majority of the invaders and collapsed the surrounding cliff walls down upon them, burying the enemy troops under tons of rock.  Although a great tactic, it wasn’t enough to stop the endless droves of troops.  In their last pitched fight, Chief Kekoa and Kalipa’a became the last two fighters left.

Chief Kekoa fought to his last breath protecting Kalipa’a, but as he lay dying amongst the advancing Ningren, a beautiful naked Hawaiian woman advanced onto Chief Kekoa and gave him a long passionate kiss, all the while attacking Ningren burst into flames around the naked Hawaiian woman. After the kiss to Chief Kekoa, the naked woman walked up to Kalipa’a.  Holding a large Koa tree branch as a weapon, the woman brushed the weapon gently aside and gave Kalipa’a a long kiss.  Kalipa’a was engulfed in a green flame for the duration of the kiss.  When Kalipa’a opened her eyes, the naked woman had disappeared, and all about her feet was nothing but lush, beautiful plants, flowers and grass where once there was burned and destroyed vegetation moments before.  Even from the ashen corpses of the dead Ningren about her, beautiful patches of lush green grass and flowers bloomed almost miraculously.  She had been empowered with the ability to grow the vegetation at an amazing rate.  She collapsed from the shock of what had all happened, only to awaken the next morning safe and sound with Chief Kekoa. 

Kalipa’a and the chief had survived the attack, however, they also realized they were also now empowered with new abilities...abilities akin to a god’s.

After discussing what had happened, both Kalipa’a and the chief mentioned to each other about a strange dream they’d both had that night – a dream of the Hawaiian goddess Pele (the same woman who had come to them and kissed them during the battle).  In that dream, Kalipa’a was told by Pele that she alone was the last hope of Hawaii and that she had been selected by Pele and the pantheon of Polynesian gods to lead other empowered ‘champions’ located throughout the islands and save Hawaii.  Pele mentioned that Kalipa’a and the chief were to meet these ‘champions’ inside the crater of the extinct volcano, Diamond Head, on Oahu to form their new ‘league of warriors’; a league that would forever be tasked with protecting the isles and coastlines of the Pacific Ocean from oppressors and invaders, as well as lead the Polynesian people to a life of harmony with nature and the world’s advances in technology.  At the end of the dream, Kalipa’a’s vison differed slightly from the chiefs in that Kapia’a saw herself in a Hawaiian monarch’s seat at the royal Iolani Palace in Honolulu, dressed in royal Hawaiian ceremonial garb with her ‘champions’ at her side with the chant of people calling her “Princess Kamehameha” and praising the ‘champions’ at her side.  After discussing her dream with the chief, they traveled to Diamond Head where they met the other Pele-empowered champions. 

At Diamond Head, Kalipa’a and the chief finally met with the other newly empowered champions and devised a plan to use their powers to liberate the Hawaiian Islands and its people.  Communicating through their underground network, they devised an incredible assault on the army of the Pacific Warlords.  Hundreds of local civilians, armed and trained as militia, hundreds of surviving military personnel and support from the United States armed forces were coordinated by Kalipa’a.  Finally, after weeks of preparation, the assault was confirmed as a go; dubbed Hawaii’s “D-Day”, this assault would be the greatest battle ever fought on Hawaiian soil.

On D-Day, the newly titled “Pacific League” spearheaded the charge against the Pacific Warlords, taking all of Oahu by day’s end; within a week, all but one island had been liberated by Kekoa’s Heroes, the Pacific League and the US Military.  The one island that the Pacific Warlords did not leave was the northernmost isle of Ni’ihau, otherwise known as the “Forbidden Island”.  The Pacific Warlords dug in and put up a massive defense preventing the liberators from retaking the island.  In the end, hostilities ended, with all but Ni’ihau liberated and back in control of the people of Hawaii.  Although a great victory, Hawaii had been devastated.  Major manufacturing, shipyards, plantations, towns and cities were smoldering ruins.  For the next few weeks, Princess Kamehameha, as she was now dubbed, went about the islands using her powers to grow new crops, vegetation and plant life to the devastated regions.  The United States brought in industrialists, and through the most incredible coordination ever achieved (outside of the rebuilding of Mexico City from the alien Soltan Invasion), the islands spawned new architectures and construction that complemented the natural beauty that is Hawaii.  Within 3 years, Hawaii and its citizens were happier than they’d even been in over a hundred years.

Amidst all of the rebuilding of Hawaii, legislation was approved with the US Congress and the Hawaiian legislation allowing for a new position to be included in their ranks: a royal representative of Hawaii.  Although several other ancestral Hawaiians vied for the position, the people voted Kalipa’a almost unanimously as the first and newest royal representative.  She now had a say in the governing of Hawaii, and has become a celebrity hero to the people of Hawaii for her efforts during the invasion and her coordination in the rebuilding of Hawaii.

Today, Princess Kamehameha continues to lead the Pacific Legion, fighting against evil and protecting the Polynesian people from dangers, internal and external.  She had a special headquarters built in the extinct volcano that once was Diamond Head and has since used it as a base of operations and a home for her and her champions.

Although she has become the new heir to the Hawaiian monarchy, her troubles are not over.  The looming danger that the Pacific Warlords pose from Ni’ihau, the in-fighting amongst the other potential royal candidates for office and the constant battle to make Hawaii a paradise that it once was, but still allow the mixing of the modern world to integrate into it.  She still goes to Waimea Falls Park on occasion to create a new patch of flowers to honor those that fell there during the invasion.  She also talks to the plants at the park in hopes that Pele herself can hear the princess’ words and know that her and her champions, the Pacific League, will be there to fulfill their duties the Polynesian pantheon have entrusted them with.

 MDUverse Info

The Pacific League is a redesigned super group recreated on 10 May 2013. It is based on a previous group called the Pacific Avengers formed by Chief Koa Ahi on 17 May 2010.  The character of Chief Kekoa (Chief Koa Ahi in the Pacific Avengers version) and Kilauea were originally  created in August of 1986.