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GUARD Operations Division

Operations Division




GUARD's Operations Division is the largest division in the organization.  Broken up into several subdivisions, Operations is where the organization actually performs its role in world security and protection.  With over 100,000 personnel in this division, Operations also is the most expensive to run and maintain. 

Operations Division's subdivisions are:

- AEROGUARD (Troposphere to Exosphere planet-wide, as well as Search & Rescue (SAR))

- ASTROGUARD (Earth's Exosphere to all space, excluding Earth's Moon.

- MOONGUARD (Lunar surface, subsurface and localized atmosphere)

- MYSTIGUARD (All things arcane and mystical in origin or dealings)

- PORTALGUARD (Access to/from any inter or extra dimensional space, including said dimensions)

- PSIGUARD (All aspects of mental powers, mental energies, psychic or brain-related powers)

- SEAGUARD (All oceans, seas, lakes, rivers and navigable waterways on Earth)

- TERRAGUARD (All continental, land-based, surface-ice (glacial, above water ice) and island-based operations on Earth)

- XGUARD (Black Ops, Psychic monitoring, Internal Affairs)

These divisions and subdivisions are led by members of the Executive Division of GUARD.  Their locations and bases vary depending on application, however, Executive Division leaders operate out of GUARD's main headquarters. Although allowed a fair amount of autonomy, subdivisions have been known to be 'shutdown' for investigations and overspending.  Thusfar, this division has been identified as 'the best run organization in the world' by several world and corporate leaders.  Time will tell how well this accolade holds up under pressure.

Operations Division Director (ODD) (codename: Oddball)

Professor Katelyn Snow


A professor in military strategy and internationally renown in her role as director of Britain's MI-6, Katelyn Snow is easily the busiest person in all of GUARD.

Raised by her MI-6 parents outside of London, she was challenged day in and day out with puzzles, riddles, strategic games, chess and a rigorous physical workout routine from the age of two.  First in her class in all things academic and physical, she served in Her Majesty's Armed Forces, reaching the rank of Brigadier in record time. She was later brought in to work for British Intelligence, as well as being the head of the Queen's guard.  Later, she was assigned to MI-6 where she became internationally known for her incredible skills in identifying and defeating a band of super-villains intent on blowing a nuclear bomb in the heart of Berlin, Germany.  She single-highhandedly defused the bomb, took out ten super-villains and over 50 minions, including their mastermind.  She then flew to Washington DC and stopped an assassination attempt on the President of the United States and the United Nations President - all before she had dinner.   regardless of her prestige, she ruffled many feathers in the Intelligence community, thus forcing her out of service.

Within hours of her departure from MI-6, she was contacted by the Director of GUARD, who offered her a spot as an Operations Division Deputy Director. She agreed to the job.  Within three months, she'd unveiled hundreds of inefficiencies, wasteful surveillance and chopped down her division's budget by 20%, all the while increasing the efficiency of the team and not overloading them with more work.  Her predecessor was later promoted to become a member of the Northern Hemisphere Team, but died during his first mission.

As the new Operations Division Director, Snow has worked hard to correlate information and resources from all GUARD divisions and utilize Operations Division personnel respectfully and not haphazardly. As such, Snow has found this position for her "fits her like a glove" with nearly all of Operations Division enjoy her leadership, wit and intelligence.

Snow's only antagonistic relationship she has is with XGUARD, their Black Ops division.  Although comprised of dedicated GUARD men and women, Snow believes that a group like this with that much power and skill could be a great internal danger to GUARD should XGUARD ever be compromised. Nonetheless, Snow takes care of all subdivisions, but watches XGUARD a little closer than most.



AEROGUARD is an Operations Division unit comprised of personnel, combatants, Search & Rescue (SAR) teams and associated equipment (jet packs, Aerostations, etc.) that cover from the Troposphere out to but not including the Exosphere on Planet Earth.

AEROGUARD's capabilities are to perform any and all operations that are in and about Earth's atmosphere.  Most of the AEROGUARD's operatives, and all of the super-team "Aeroguardians" team members, have jet packs to fly with to perform their duties.  At key logistical 'safe' locations around the world, about 10,000 feet up (or more), AEROGUARD maintains close to 100 "Skyports", where AEROGUARD personnel or heroes can go to to recharge their jet packs, rest, or use for communications or equipment repairs. 

Currently, the AEROGUARD has a large band of super-powered heroes called the "Aeroguardians" (see: Aeroguardians) that are highly trained in aerial warfare, piloting, SAR and aerial support. 

AEROGUARD Commander (codename: Air)


Terrell K. Lamont (USAF General, Air Force Chief of Staff (ret.)


A US Air Force (USAF) fighter pilot, commanding officer and eventually the senior most position in the USAF, Air Force Chief of Staff. With 35 years of experience in combat, operations, command and politics, General Lamont was a highly respected leader and warrior. His only issue: he had incredible new ideas for planes, aerial combat and what he deemed as "Skyports" (autonomous, self-powered, aerial landing and refueling bases, normally located about 5,000 feet in the air). To some, the ideas were genius; to most, General Lamont was considered a loon.

In 2000, After severe budget cuts to the USAF, General Lamont was 'requested' to step down and retire to make way for another general who was notoriously a 'bean counter' and a 'yes man'.  With great exception, he retired, but didn't stay that way for long.  That's when GUARD contacted him.

GUARD's Director invited Lamont to join up with them and head up their new Operations subdivision called AEROGUARD.  Initially, Lamont said no, but when they talked about bringing in some of Lamont's ideas into the program, he agreed.

Within three years, AEROGUARD became the bastion of aerial power in the world.  Equipped with some of the most sophisticated and dynamic aircraft ever built, AEROGUARD quickly became the leader in aviation technology and designs for the future.  To top that off, Lamont got one of his biggest wishes: the creation of nearly 100 "Skyports" worldwide.  With their self-replicating power supplies, composite material construction, and advanced Vertical/Short Take-Off and Landing (V/STOL) platforms, the Skyports became the rave of the world...and villains.

Over time, other nations, criminal organizations, unscrupulous businesses and super-villains wanted AEROGAURD's technology and equipment, to include taking over Skyports for their own bases of operation.  For every threat to AEROGUARD or GUARD in general, Lamont and his forces repelled them in spades.  Lamont's forces were indeed a force to be reckoned with.  That's when the super-villains decided to start working together to take down GUARD and AEROGUARD.

A few years ago, a group of innovatiive Search & Rescue (SAR) equipment designers and rescuers were asked to assist AEOGUARD in their operations, due in part to saving Lamont during one particular kdnapping by a super-villain.  As such, their group known as "SAR, Inc." became a new super-powered hero group that worked (mostly) for Lamont and AEROGUARD; they were the "Aeroguardians".  With the greatest aviation equipment, systems, planes, skyports, personnel and their own super-team,

Lamont is indeed one of the most powerful men on the planet. 

The good thing is, he's doing it for all the right reasons: promote peace through deterrence; help others when aid is needed, and most importantly, when attacked, be prepared to fight back with the best of the best!



ASTROGUARD is an Operations Division unit comprised of personnel, combatants, starships and space stations that covers everything Terran in space with the exception of the Earth itself and its Moon.

ASTROGUARD's capabilities are currently only able to extend out to and including the Solar System's inner planets, however, plans have been made to establish a Mars orbital station and potentially a small orbital platform for communications and emergency shelter near Saturn's moon, Io.

Currently, the ASTROGUARD has a band of super-powered heroes called "Astroguardians" based out of MOONGUARD's Fort Armstrong Moon base. 

All in all, ASTROGUARD operates two space stations around Earth and one around Venus, twoTerracer starships, one super-group (Astroguardians) and over 10,000 personnel and combatants.  MOONGUARD works side-by-side with ASTROGUARD, however, the two are independent operations unto themselves.

Currently, a Mars space station is being built in Mars orbit, as well as plans for another space station arouind Saturn's Moon of Io.

ASTROGUARD Commander (codename: Space)

Vladimir Vorisch


An ex-Russian military colonel, as well as a Russian Space Agency Astronaut, mission commander and Director, Vladimir Vorisch is currently the leader of ASTROGUARD.

A tough-as-nails leader, he is also extremely smart and an incredible tactician.  During the Soltan Invasion, Vladimir was a critical leader in taking out the invading alien Soltans throughout all of Russia.  As such, he lost many good men and women as a result and has a deep hatred for anything Soltan.

Recently, Vorisch was asked to replace the current ASTROGUARD Commander who'd reached retirement age.  He agreed, but insisted on creation of their own Space Station. GUARD and Vorisch agreed.

Now with the new Gagarin Space Station being built, Vorisch has increased the intensity in training all of ASTROGUARD's personnel in Zero-G fighting, space endurance and educational classes in all the latest technologies.  he is also a taskmaster in regards to drills, casualty training and discipline.  Regardless of ASTROGUARD's military position, Vorisch has upped  ASTROGUARD's capabilities nearly tenfold.

Should another alien invasion occur again, it can be assured ASTROGUARD will be ready for matter what. 


As a subdivision of GUARD's Operations Division, MOONGUARD is a group of Lunar Astronauts who 'guard' Earth's Moon from any potential villainous plans.  In the late 1990s, a group of villains attempted to set up a Lunar base to build a climate control weapon and ransom Earth's governments in the process.  They set up a small base on the Moon, however, with the advent of a specialized group of GUARD agents and heroes, the group of villains were defeated.

After more threats to Earth occurred from alien invasions and from a powerful alien super-group known as the Galactic Expatriates, GUARD decided to set up their own Moonbase to ensure that someone was there to prevent the next incursion. As a result, after several years of secretive construction and manning, Fort Armstrong was created.

Fort Armstrong is the sole MOONGUARD base and currently the only permanently manned Lunar facility in the Solar System (by Terrans; i.e., people of Earth).  Staffed with 250 GUARD and civilian personnel, Fort Armstrong contains dozens of powerful energy artillery weapons, thousands of missiles, and 10 foot thick walls protecting the main facility.  A dedicated 'Space Debris Laser" (SDL, or "Siddle", as it is nicknamed) tracks and destroys any incoming meteorites and space debris from impacting on or near Fort Armstrong. Half of the base facilities are beneath the Lunar and Fort's surface, with dozens of tunnels leading to pocketed areas used for storage, transportation, training and Experimental Lab Environments (ELEs or "Ellies", as they are nicknamed).

Since the construction and manning of Fort Armstrong, only several attempts have been made to take over the facility, each of which were turned away in mere minutes.

MOONGUARD is a perfect place for refueling rockets/engines prior to extended space travel or exploration, and though very few people know of its existence, GUARD has not turned away those willing to visit or study at Fort long as you have GUARD authorization.

Fort Armstrong Moon Base


Located on the edge of the Sea of Tranquility, several miles from the first Lunar Landing by Apollo 11, Fort Armstrong is currently the only operational moon-base on the Lunar surface.

Created and completed by NASA in 2010, yet manned by a subdivision of G.U.A.R.D.'s ASTROGUARD Division called MOONGUARD, Fort Armstrong is designed as a base for monitoring interstellar communications, a safe house for space farers, a refueling stop for certain spacecraft, and a source of protecting the Moon from any and all threats from Earth or beyond.

Over 50 personnel work in the moon-base at any given time. Bay 1 is for housing; Bay 2 contains the base's communications array and is an alternate command center; Bay 3 is Logistics, Storage, Supplies, Electrical Equipment and Auxiliary Power; Bay 4 contains Science and Astrostudies, as well as medical; Bay 5 is the Command Center, Operations Center, and meeting rooms.  The center or "Hub" as it is referred to contains atmosphere control equipment, water storage and refinement, a repair bay and several arms storage lockers. Extending between Bays 4 and 5 is the Extra-Vehicular Activities (EVA) Bay, containing several lunar rovers, small spacecraft, and astro-suit storage. Each bay also contains a set of emergency escape pods designed to automatically return personnel to Earth in the event of an evacuation.

Although a small facility, it is also bristling with dozens of excellent retractable energy weapons.  Two banks of missile launchers are also available a several dozen yards from the fort.

Emergency tunnels brim out from under the fort, leading to emergency evacuation shelters, alternate logistics storage, stored oxygen and several weapons lockers.

MOONGUARD and Fort Armstrong Moon Base Commander (codename: Moon)

Wayne Grissom


Grandson to Astronaut Virgil I. "Gus" Grissom (famous Mercury and Gemini Astronaut who died in fiery Apollo 1 Test Flight), Wayne Grissom started as a cadet in Civil Air Patrol and went on to become a USAF pilot and then NASA Astronaut.  His first Space Shuttle mission occurred during the Soltan alien invasion.  During the initial invasion, the Shuttle was destroyed on the launch pad, with Grissom and his crew barely able to escape in time.  On the ground, they fought hand-to-hand, rifles, knives and even some high tech ingenuity to fight the invaders.  After three months of leading underground resistance against the Soltans, the people of earth won and drove off the Soltans...but at a huge price.

Wayne lost his two daughters and his wife in the invasion.  Bereft of hope and plagued with guilt, Wayne soon started burying himself in his work to try and restart the Space Shuttle program; the problem was that NASA decided to shut down the Space Shuttle program, thus firing Wayne.

Days after his departure from NASA, Wayne was contacted by GUARD.  They wanted him to head up a secretive team that would build a new moon base named "Fort Armstrong" on the moon.  He agreed and bore himself into this exhaustive effort.  Through his leadership, Fort Armstrong was not only built in record time, but was also one of the most highly defendable bases ever. By the time the base was completed, Wayne was given the new title as Fort Armstrong's Base Commander and as GUARD's new MOONGUARD Subdivision under Operations.

Numerous attempts by villain groups, aliens and megalomaniacs were made to take over Fort Armstrong, however, none have ever succeeded.  In time, GUARD's "Astroguardians" set up shop in Fort Armstrong and although considered a separate division, MOONGUARD and the Astroguardians have worked closely and effectively together.

Wayne Grissom is an incredible smart and dynamic leader, one who understands what is needed to complete a task, and ensuring every resource in thrown at it to accomplish the task.  he is respected by all personnel in MOONGUARD.  He is currently working 'remotely' on his next masters Degree, however, he desires to create and eventually be the only expert in Lunar Engineering; a field he intends to make his own.


MYSTIGUARD is an Operations Division unit comprised of personnel, combatants and mystical artifact researchers that are responsible for identifying and logging all arcane and mystical phenomena and materials everywhere, including space. On occasion, MYSTIGUARD may be required to work with other Operations subdivisions a be a 'Subject Matter Expert" (SME) for whatever mission requires their expertise.  MYSTIGUARD has few magical warriors working with GUARD, since most magic users are suspicious of GUARD, however, several other magical superheroes have 'volunteered' to help MYSTIGUARD should the need arise.

Based out of Farlane, Scotland, MYSTIGUARD has a sprawling underground facility for magic training, research, and artifact storage.  Over 400 GUARD personnel work for MYSTIGUARD.  The facility is magically shielded and protected and is not accessible from the surface; the only way to enter the subteranean spaces in through magical portals, jointly controlled by MYSTIGUARD and PORTALGUARD. These portals are located all around the world.  A new portal can also be created by a few MYSTIGUARD high ranking personnel within an hour's time and effort.

MYSTIGUARD's arcane vaults are considered to be the largest collection of magical-based artifacts and items in the world.  No one outside of GUARD knows about the vault's location.  Of course that would never stop any malicious mages or witches that may want to find out where their next powerful weapon or weapons is coming from...

MYSTIGUARD Commander (codename: Green Bean)

The Green Witch (Leila McPhereson)


At age 14, Leila, daughter to the renown Professor Paragon mystical superhero, watched in horror as she saw her father attacked by dozens of demonic creatures; creatures that shredded her father's body and astral form in a great battle in London, destroying her father's soul.  Racing down to her father's relics cellar, she sought to find a magical device to defeat the demons and exact revenge on them.  Instead, the demons followed her into the cellar, knocked Leila unconscious and stole ALL of the artifacts.

After her father's funeral (she'd been told her mother died in a car accident), her 'mother' appeared to her in a magical-like image.  She said she'd been murdered by bad people; the same bad people that unleashed the demons upon Leila and her father. Her mother's spirit pleased with Leila to avenge them so that both her parents could rest in peace.

Committed and driven, Leila sought out several adept, secretive mages to learn magic from them.  Since at one time or another, these mages owed Professor Paragon a favor, they agreed to help her with her magical training.  The only issue was, most of the mages only new nature magic, not powerful dimensional or universal spells, just...nature.  Leila learned it regardless.

After years of training, she embarked on her 'vengeance quest'; a quest to destroy the demons that killed her father, but to also take down the people who unleashed those same demons and killed her mother.  It didn't take by 3 weeks into her quest that she found the demons.  Within minutes, she destroyed them.  Another week later she found the mages responsible for all of her woes; it was the evil arcane group known as Arcanus.  With thousands of magic users at their beck and call, Leila knew she could not defeat them alone.

After a failed attempt to create a magical super-group, Leila decided to find all the magical artifacts that had been taken from her, wherein she'd learn how to use them to combat and maybe defeat Arcanus.

In the last three years, Leila has only found about 40% of the artifacts, as well as discovered another two dozen that no one else knew about.  During that same time, she encountered GUARD in a particular magical battle.  There, she talked to GUARD's director and they agreed to form MYSTIGUARD while aid her in the recovery and storage of all of the mystical artifacts and keeping them from the bad guys.

Although Leila is still on her 'vengeance quest', she is being silent and patient about it; no one from GUARD knows about her quest. She is slowly amassing her weapons and artifacts, using GUARD to get all the intel she needs on Arcanus, and then, when the time is right...




Any and all access to inter and extra-dimensional portals, the portals themselves, and the dimensions associated to each portal fall under the responsibility of PORTALGUARD.

Although GUARD only has three working portals, they are never accessed unless in critical need.  As such, PORTALGUARD is the first called in to control, analyze and take action against anything related to dimensional aggression or instability. 

The three portal locations are: Sonoma, Arizona, Cairo, Egypt and Kyoto, Japan.

PORTALGUARD Commander (codename: Door Man)

Professor Vernon Perse


An accomplished quantum engineer and astrophysicist, Vernon is in charge of the only three technology-based dimensions portals  In conjunction with MYSTIGUARD, he also has access to over 100 mystical portals worldwide, however, they are all linked to earth-bound locations.

Born in Naples, Italy, Vernon studied at some of the best science-based universities in the world.  Several years ago, he and his team created their first interdimensional portal in Barcelona, Spain with the financing from a secretive yet rich financier.  The portal, if configured and aligned correctly, would open up doorways to other dimensions, planets or realms. Unfortunately, when a 'portal' is opened, anything can go through...or come back through.  After opening a portal to a planet with werewolves for its inhabitants, the werewolves came through the portal decimating any and all the technicians.  After a quick call to GUARD, the werewolves were all rounded up and sent back through the portal.  That's when Vernon found out their mysterious financier was from a major crime organization.  GUARD aided Vernon and his teaming in destroying the portal, however, in an accord that Vernon reached with GUARD, they decided to build new ones at three different locations and place them under the protection of GUARD via their newly created PORTALGUARD subdivision of Operations.

Since them, Vernon and his team (all now members of PORTALGUARD) have built the three new portals and have discovered over 135 new planets, dimensions and realms.  Thusfar, only a few have been explored, however, Vernon anticipates that exploration missions will be starting within the year.

A likable, nerdy type of person, Vernon is usually distracted working out calculations in his head than listening to others.  His ambition is second only to his curiosity.  He enjoys working with GUARD and PORTALGUARD, however, he's been known to go off and 'do his own thing' now and then...all in the name of science.


PSIGUARD not only helps train GUARD's Guardsmen and women in protecting their stray thoughts from being read by psychics or psionic-powered beings (psychic training), but also contains some of the most powerful psychic-powered heroes on (and off) the planet.  In conjunction with all of this, any psychic or psionic-powered folks are used or assigned to other Operations subdivisions on a case-by-case basis, assisting in or aiding said subdivisions as needed should the need of a psychic be required.

The biggest question is: who monitors the psychics in PSIGUARD? Each psychic/mental powered member is monitored by XGUARD, otherwise known as the "Black Ops" department. There, much like other organization's Internal Affairs, they ensure the psychics aren't controlling GUARD or any Guardsmen or women. 

Led by the secretive  Psygate, sister of the Astroknights super-group member Selgate, PSIGUARD is considered one of the most important subdivisions for internal security in GUARD.  PSIGUARD psychics have routinely been used in the field effectively, however, the loss of a psychic asset in GUARD is an expense most don't want to lose, ergo, most field teams don't have an active psychic, but can access one via comms links and remote communications.

When PSIGUARD first started several psychics were found to be manipulating others in GUARD (which led to the rapid creation of XGUARD) and were cast out of GUARD.  At last conversation, they expatriated psychics swore they'd get their revenge on GUARD one day.

PSIGUARD Commander (codename: Brains)



Psygate is a Sistarian alien psychic energy being who, with her sister, Selgate, crash landed on Earth.  Near death, GUARD's Astroguardians arrived at their crash site and nursed the energy beings back to health.  Gracious for the kindness provided and amazed at their incredible generosity, sincerity and desire to save them, both Psygate and Selgate decided to aid GUARD and the Terrans for as long as they were needed.  Selgate, wonton for stopping the Soltans from further aggression, teamed with the Astroknights super-group in a new android body, while Psygate went on to volunteer assisting GUARD's newly formed PSIGUARD Division.  She retained her energy form rather than wear an artificial body.

Once established, she aided GUARD personnel in learning to shield their minds from other intrusive psychics, such to the point that to any and all psychics on Earth, it seemed as if all GUARD personnel had been removed from the psychic network.

Even though intentions were well meant, GUARD desired another division, XGUARD, to monitor the psychic training and blocking to ensure that Psygate (or Selgate) weren't taking over minds rather than helping shield them.

Psygate's intentions are truly honorable and believes GUARD and all Terrans to be highly respectable, regardless of the their violent and political aspects; aspects she's used to seeing in the last centuries with her race, however, more ruthless and violent.  She believes, with her and Selgate's help, Terrans can overcome the Soltan Star Empire that destroyed her race.



SEAGUARD is the Operations Division that covers any bodies of water on planet Earth, to include lakes, seas and oceans. SEAGUARD has dozens of experimental and powerful submarines (no surface vessels-easy targets) ranging from transports, battlesubs, stealth and fast attackers.  Thousands of the best trained submariners from around the world make up the crews of these vessels.

One particular group in SEAGUARD is a super-powered team led by the GSA Paragon City (SSX-1) Captain Seawolf: The Seaguardians.  This band of undersea warriors and the whole of SEAGUARD were created to counter aggressive villains and organizations from angered sea gods, the Pacific Ocean's "Abyss" undersea terrorists and all the way to the Atlantic Kingdom's King Dolphin and his lab-creator weapons of war.

SEAGUARD is led by the enigmatic Commodore Argonaut.  Base locations are CLASSIFIED.

SEAGUARD Commander (codename: Sea)

Jonathan Argough / Commodore Argonaut


Commodore Argonaut, commanding officer of COMSUBRON Alpha, started his career as an enlisted sailor aboard the USS Los Angeles (SSN-688) and now commands the most powerful underwater fleet of subs in the world.

In 1985, Jonathan Argough enlisted in the US Navy, volunteering for submarine duty.  Once the US Navy realized that Argough had an IQ of over 280, they instead assigned him to Nuclear Power School out of Orlando, Florida, where he graduated at the top of his class as a nuclear trained electronics technician. After his first assignment to the USS Los Angeles, he was persuaded to sign up for the US Naval Academy out of Annapolis, Maryland.  Again, graduating at the top of his class, he was assigned to the USS San Francisco (SSN-711) where he rose quickly through the junior officer ranks.  His first shore tour was a Pentagon tour, where he became engaged in advanced submarine design projects.  Working closely with NAVSEA, he aided in designing several new systems and platforms for subs, all of which were state of the art.  As such, he was promoted to the rank of Captain nearly overnight.  With his smooth talking skills and a 'never back down' mentality reminiscent of famous Admiral Hyman G. Rickover, father of the modern nuclear navy), he was able to create a new secretive submarine squadron - COMSUBRON Alpha.  This squadron would participate in implementing the new submarine designs, further refined and recreated with the brilliant Commander Wolfe (i.e., Captain Seawolf), but unfortunately, none of this would come to pass, as Congress, in the midst of a financial crisis, shutdown the new squadron's activation and mothballed all of the new submarine designs.


Reassigned to head US Naval Intelligence, Captain Argough kept pushing for COMSUBRON Alpha to be restarted, but fell on deaf congressional ears. Finally, the Captain was approached by a high ranking officer in G.U.A.R.D., a secretive worldwide security group, where Argough was asked if he still wanted to start COMSUBRON Alpha and have the never-designed subs actually built.  The catch: the squadron would have to operate as part of GUARD under its "SEAGUARD" division, rather than the US Navy.  Captain Argough immediately retired from the US Navy and through SEAGUARD, started creating the new COMSUBRON Alpha.

After a few years of production and testing, the first new experimental submarine, the USS Paragon City (SSX-1) was launched under a veil of secrecy under the command of Argough's right hand man, Captain Wolfe.  Under SEAGUARD, the newly codenamed "Commodore Argonaut" (Argough) and "Captain Seawolf" (Wolfe) started recruiting some of the greatest submariners in the world, bringing them into the squadron.   This also included a team of super-powered ex-submariners as well; a team that would be used to 'fight fire with fire' should they run into super-villains or the overpowered warriors of The Abyss or the Atlantic Kingdom.

Although Commodore Argonaut is a normal human, he does carry several high tech weapons, including a unique energy weapon he found in a mysterious underwater cave in the Atlantic Ocean.  He also uses remotely and voice controlled robots to assist him in tasks, since he values his sailor's skills to do more than chauffeur him around and do his administrative work.  Interestingly enough though, these robots are also autonomous protector-bots that can be controlled to fight or protect if he is ever flung into combat.

As the leader of SEAGUARD (and in truth, the Seaguardians), he mainly finds the assignments and provides support for any and all who make up the Seaguardians and SEAGUARD.

It is rare to see him in the field, but when he does arrive, beware his protector-bots!






TERRAGUARD comprises of all continental and island ground mechanical, combat, investigative, armored and geological teams from GUARD.   Based out of St. Louis, Missouri, Edinburgh, Scotland, Ankara, Turkey, Adelaide, Australia and Pretoria, South Africa, TERRAGUARD has advanced transportation and combat equipment to face any aggression with firepower and combat-trained warriors.

TERRAGUARD's Investigation subdivision is one of the greatest sleuth groups on Earth.  Their combined skills have solved thousands of unsolved mysteries and murders.  They've been able to piece together crime scenes and analyze data to aid in intelligence operations across the world.

Headed by General Stone, TERRAGUARD is one of the largest and most powerful subdivisions of Operations.

TERRAGUARD Commander (codename: Land)

Gerald "Jerry" Stone / General Stone


US Marine enlisted-gone-officer with over 25 years of combat experience and training,  A tactical genius with a PhD in Military Science, General Stone leads one of the most powerful, heavily trained ground combatants, sleuths and Earth Science engineers on all of Earth.

After his 25 years of exhaustive military service, participating in nearly every campaign on Earth during that time, Stone turned down positional promotions to stay in the field with the troops, all the while earning his degrees in Criminology, Political Science, Social Studies, Earth Sciences and his PhD in Military Science. Considered an expert with nearly every weapon used by the military, Stone was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor...twice.

After 25 years, Stone was relieved of his command and retired from the service after he refused to take a desk job one last time.  Days later, he was contacted by the Director of GUARD to head up TERRAGUARD; he moved his gear into GUARD's HQ that a duffel bag.


When TERRAGUARD's personnel were informed of General Stone's new position with GUARD, the theater exploded in cheers and excitement; he was a true war hero, loved and respected by many.

Since then, General Stone has trained and honed the thousands of troops, sleuths and engineers under his command, ready to take the fight to any who dare ask for it. 



In every major organization, there is an some form of internal affairs group...and potentially, a 'black ops' group of people that will do anything to get the job done.  XGUARD is notorious as GUARD's internal police, as well as the monitors of PSIGUARD.  Although not a popular subdivision, XGUARD has proven time and again their skills in policing the organization and performing some of the riskiest and most dangerous stealthy missions in GUARD.

Comprised of some of the best of the best in their respective fields, XGUARD is led by the mysterious Colonel X.  Their base of operations, according to everywhere...

All other information about XGUARD has been deemed CLASSIFIED.

XGUARD Commanders (codenames: Mr. and Ms. Black)

Real Names: Classified


Very little is known about the mutant binary brother and sister team that is Mr. and Ms. Black.  Both of them share the same consciousness, thoughts memories and senses, regardless of distance (trans-galactic, even!).  They are highly skilled in melee and ranged weapons, combat techniques and know how to operate and utilize every single form of GUARD equipment, as well as most equipment on Earth showing little to no effort in their understanding and operation.

Believed to also be psychic, these two are entrusted by the Executive Division to train and lead XGUARD personnel in performing Black Ops type missions, monitor PSIGUARD and GUARD's psychic protection program, as well as perform a form of "Internal Affairs" police work should there be an internal disciplinary case or hearing.

Rarely seen anywhere within GUARD's facilities, these two are VERY stealthy and have been known to disappear in plain site, yet not teleport or use any form of super-speed.

The question most commonly asked about Mr and Ms Black is simply, "Can they be trusted?"