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Aguila de Mexico

Juan Diego DeVega


Juan Diego DeVega, an Olympic swordsman from Mexico City, won several gold medals in his last Olympics - before his life was destroyed.

A war between drug cartels, trafficking, and two rivals, Canis and Crimewave, led to his family being caught in a crossfire in a war-zone in his neighborhood.

No one in his family survived. 

To make matters worse, days after his family's funerals, a battalion of  alien Soltans began invading and attacking Mexico City.

Distraught, angered and yet calmly focused, he tackled dozens upon dozens of Soltans and held them off and/or killed the Soltans long enough for the Mexican Army and the few Mexican superheroes to show up and route them off. 

Nearly all of Mexico's superheroes died that day; leaving the world Juan as their newest hero - Aguila de Mexico - as he was later dubbed by the media.

Years later, Mexico City rebuilt into Central America's new mecca for business and Latino arts. Along with it, crime grew, but kept at bay with Aguila de Mexico stopping small and major crimes, working with a new, non-corrupt Mexican Police force that is now the model of the western hemisphere.

Recently, Mexico's newest growing band of heroes began to 'outperform' him in crime fighting and as such, he has been asked by Major Invader to join the Allied Fighters.  Since Juan's grandfather was the original "Aztec Eagle" hero from WWII's Allied Fighters (who died at Baron Berlin's hands), Juan felt an obligation to join and make a difference.

His demeanor, patience and detective skills, will make him a great asset to the team.


  • Fencing/Swordsmanship skills
    • Juan is an incredible Olympic-level sword-master and fencer.  He uses two perfectly balanced composites swords, monstrously strong that are laser-sharpened well enough to cut steel. 
  • Athleticism
    • Juan has studied for years in tumbling, gymnastics and rooftop running in Mexico City, making him an excellent acrobat and fighter.
  • Scrapper/Boxing/Wrestling
    • He also trained in boxing and wrestling, able to focus punches, purchase wrestling holds on opponents, and even knows certain pressure points he can stun or disarm an opponent with.

  • Detective
    • Juan is an excellent investigator and detective. His intuition has saved him dozens of times from certain death.
  • Light body armor
    • Juan wears a body suit that provides poor protection from physical, energy and temperature effects.  It provides goo protection from radiation.


Daryl D. Daniels


Daryl Daniels was a an ex-Navy Seal officer and more recently a leading weapons engineer  and designer for several high end weapons manufacturers and organizations, including the US Government.
A few years ago, Daryl was working on a new energy weapon for what he thought was for the US Government, but unknowingly was  instead a European superhero kill squad called the Exterminators (previously called Baltic Force).
When the weapon was finished, Daryl and his team of engineers were sequestered to Block Island (off the Rhode Island coast), were the disguised Exterminators' Director wanted Daryl to test his new weapon.  While there, Daryl's team was drugged and hauled off to a remote corner of Block Island, where they were tortured and threatened to make more of the same weapon. Daryl was shown an example of when the Exterminators used the weapon on his house, killing all of his family.
Enraged, Daryl grabbed the weapon and destroyed all in the building on Block Island, including his engineering team (by sheer accident).
Believed dead, he retooled the weapon to be portable and went after The Exterminators.  In his one-man war against The Exterminators, he caught the attention of an aged Major Invader, who pulled him out of a suicidal charge on the Exterminators headquarters. 
Angered, but understanding, Daryl listened to the Major's reasoning on helping others instead of suicidal vengeance. The Major gave him a battle suit, a high speed jet-pack and a set of updated communications equipment, so long as Daryl promised to 'move on with his life'.  Daryl agreed and has since been enacting as a tech superhero in and around New York City and Boston, helping people on the street and stopping several major criminal factions.  The media dubbed him "Dauntless", in one such firefight, when he kept advancing on the thugs and Daryl blowing away all forms of cover for said thugs.  The media's new name for him stuck with him since then.
Recently, Daryl was asked by Major Invader to try out for a team leader position in the newly reformed Allied Fighters' Omega Squad.  Time will tell if this ex-SEAL officer can lead a team of supers.


  • Protection
    • Heavy weave, layered Kevlar that can provide good protection against most projectiles like a full body bullet-proof vest.
    • Air filtering throughout the weave allows for cooling and insulation.
  • Gloves/Boots
    • Provides additional excellent protection to forearms, hands, lower legs and feet. Composite steel and a special also provides remarkable protection from acidic and radiation damage. Also can handle excellent extremes of temperature between 550 degrees F and -200 degrees F.
  • Helmet
    • Provides remarkable protection from physical, energy heat, cold and readiation.
    • Helmet has microwave, shortwave, radio and broadcast communications network equipment that can be activated at the push of a button. Helmet also has night vision, heat vision and flash protection capabilities but no flash protection while in heat vision mode).
    • Video camera/recording equipment/video transmitter/short range audio microphone/receiver/transmitter equipment; 2-way video channeling/display in helmet HUD
    • Contains target and tracking system.  Can track up to 40 contacts up to 40 miles away (via clean line of sight only) through GPS/radar/computer/ground station/satellite infiltration.
    • Contains air filtering system (gas mask)
    • Contains oxygen supply for 2 hours
    • Lights on edge of face-shield allow for forward lighting at night up to 50 feet away
  • High Speed Jet Pack
    • Allows for flight speeds up to 550 mph, and altitudes up to 60,000 feet.
    • Self-replicating fuel source, only exhausts after 12 hours of continual use, after which it will take a full day to recharge to 100%.
    • Afterburner effect.  In the event Daryl should need to get somewhere faster, the Jet Pack can be placed in afterburner, allowing him to exceed Mach 1 for a duration of 1/2 hour.  This will, however, deplete his self-replication fuel supply badly, causing him to wait for up to one day to recharge the fuel source or requiring the power source to be replaced and then recharged (again,up to a day to recharge).
    • Allows for quiet, no-noise operations aside from when exceeding 200 mph.  While hovering, the pack is perfectly quiet.
  • Belt Modules
Daryl has a variety of different modules he can affix to his belt and use in combat or situations.
  • Grenades (good force damage)
  • Smoke Grenades (cuts down visibility for 400%)
  • Explosive Grenades (excellent force damage)
  • Fragmentation Grenade (affects all in adjacent areas with sharp projectiles; good edged attack physical damage)
  • Flash Grenade (typically, can blind a target for up to a minute)
  • Flares (poor heat/energy damage, range 200 yards)
  • Emergency Food Supply (2 days/module)
  • high tensile, incredibly strong thin steel cable (20 foot length) and cutter
  • lighter/spark generator
  • Incendiary Grenade (can create a good amount of heat/burning damage to the area it lands; may also cause some confusion and limited visualization; those wearing heat vision devices will be blinded when seeing this go off)


Daryl has a very special weapon he personally designed, which will only operate or fire at his command/activation.

  • "Devastator" energy weapon
    • Energy weapon that can fire destructive blasts of pure energy, explosive, laser or plasma in narrow, wide and area-wide shots. Energy can be a single blast or a continuous stream.
    • Range in 200 yards.
    • Can fire up to 30 single shots per minute, or one continuous stream for 5 seconds, with a 12 second recharge before firing any other shot.
    • Contains same self-replicating fuel source as the high speed jet pack.
    • "Going Destructive" mode of the gun allows an incredible continuous stream of energy, plasma and explosive energy beams and saturation auras (typical energy damage to anyone in the area when the weapon fires) that can affect a whole area in a high-damage piercing and damaging blast that can cut through 4inch steel.  This mode can only be used a maximum of 24 times per day for a duration of 12 seconds; after the 12 seconds, it'll take an entire hour for the power source to replicate itself.
    • "Nuking the Target" mode allows for one amazingly high level concentrated shot to do enough damage to blast through a battleship's armor, albeit for only 3 seconds.  When performed, this mode will require the power source to be completely replaced (1/2 hour job, plus 1 hr. recharging; burns out the power source). When this mode is fired off, anyone within the same area as the weapon when it fires will take excellent amounts of energy damage, with all those several feet away receiving typical energy damage and those up to 15 feet away will receive negligibly feeble energy damage.


Hamik 'Hassan' Yashid


Hamik 'Hassan' Yashid, a prince of the small wealthy Arabic tribe,  dreamed of swashbuckling adventures. He had his father allow him to learn gymnastics, tumbling, wrestling and swordsmanship. By age 15, he was already an Olympic-level athlete.
On his 16 birthday, he was told that he was the heir to not only the Arabic tribe, but to magical items that had been hidden away for centuries, and belonged to him, in his family's name.  They were the historic Magic Lamp and the Golden Scimitar.

Although history embellished a lot of the Lamp's and Scimitar's magical properties, Hassan knew they must be used for the good of the world today.  Against his father's wishes, Hassan began using his new magical items to stop street crimes all throughout their tribe and neighboring cities.  This led to dissension amongst the other tribes, who demanded the Prince be expelled from the lands until such time that his father passes away.

Downcast and alone, Hassan left for New York City where he met several friends who went to America to study abroad.  Now, a Harvard college student, Hassan has also been helping to clean up the streets of Boston in his spare time.

This was all noticed by the aged WWII hero, Major Invader, who has since asked Hassan to try out for a spot on the Allied Fighters.  The rest...we'll have to see...


  • Acrobatics
    • Hassan is a good Olympic-level gymnast, learned in tumbling and wrestling.
  • Kung Fu To'A
    • Martial Arts skill learned.  Like a mix of Kung Fu and Yoga.
  •  Flying Carpet/Magic Lamp
    • Using the unearthly 'magical lamp' that has been in his family hidden for generations, Hassan can animate ANY object that the lamp directly touches to fly.  With the verbal command (in Arabic) of 'up', whatever the lamp is touching, that is solid will attempt to levitate it.  If it is solid ground, it will not work, nor sand (it's like it has to have the ability to be 'ungrounded').
    • The flying carpet/object flies at mental command, and can attain up to 40 mph max.  Altitude is dependent on environment of those riding the object, inside or outside.  The maximum weight the  Lamp has ever been able to support is 2000 lbs @ 20mph.
    • Hassan likes to use the traditional flying Persian Rug as his mode of transport.


  • Magical Scimitar
    • Unbreakable Golden Scimitar.  It can damage and cut physical, energy and magical creations.
    • The magical Scimitar, when summoned, will appear out of thin air in the caller's hand, as will it disappear via verbal command as well.


Leon Rains


At the age of 6, little Kata (or Leon, if you prefer) and his family was saved by a traveling martial arts expert during a rather explosive bank heist in New York City.  The master thwarted the heist of 6 heavily armed criminals, and even disabled the getaway vehicle before doing so.  His presence alone was overwhelming with doubtless confidence and mastery.  He dispatched each criminal with but a single hand, while his other was formally held behind his back.  Once the police came and secured the location, little Kata's parents wanted to thank the man for saving everyone.  The master said, if they wanted to repay him so much, they would allow their son to become his student and learn martial arts, to help people like he did.  The parents were hesitant at first, knowing that choosing a life for their only child is a cruel choice, but after days of conversation and the remarkable charisma of the master, the parents agreed, and had Leon given to the master.
At first, it seemed like a movie.  A kid, growing up to be a hero, just like those films made in New York City.  Leon was taken to a very remote and very secret training academy in the misty mountains of China.  The scenery was as different as it was beautiful, compared to the trashy noisy streets of New York.  Little did he know, that this was going to be his personal hell.
One of about 24 different students, little Kata grew up learning martial arts the hard way.  That master, the man who saved everyone, kidnapped him with his parents consent.  After talking to the other male students, Leon was quick to learn that this master staged every crime, every violent encounter, from hiring thugs to a series of unfortunate "accidents", just to impress parents and induct their kids in the world of martial arts.  Why?  Rumor was, he hated anybody with super powers, especially ones that flaunt their powers and expect mankind to be impressed or subjugated from it.  Little Kata thought it would be easier to just kidnap kids, but then you'd have world class detectives all over you.  Very few find a man doing good deeds to be suspicious
Kata grew up in the most inhuman training, just shy of being permanently damaged physically or mentally.  From having sparring matches in large ovens that bake pottery, to meditating for 24 hours in a blizzard.  He was obviously not alone in this hell though. Where equal suffering exist, so does companionship.  Leon became close friends with four other students, 3 girls one other guy. After years of rigorous training and many, many stories to tell therein, Kata became a master as left to go back home to the United States.  There, in New York City, he struggled night after night trying to stop crime, but always found his way out towards Providence, Rhode Island and Boston, Massachusetts.  Eventually, he set up shop in Boston.  There, in another story for another day, he encountered Major Invader.  The Major informed him that one he might call upon him to do 'the greater good'...and did.
Today, Kata is a member of the Omega Squad of the Allied Fighters.
  • Martial Arts
    • Kata is a remarkable martial arts prodigy among the locals of Boston.  Able to identify any form of martial art (excluding self-taught styles) and can preform every style with black belt perfection.
  • Body Armor
    • His body from the neck to his boots is covered in leather armor, providing feeble, yet useful, protection against physical, energy, and temperature-related attacks (also provides good radiation protection for all but his face and arms).
    • His gauntlets provide excellent protection from physical, energy and temperature-related attacks, as well as incredible protection from radiation.


Joseph X. Black (alias: Xerox, C-26)


Liberator is a 'failed' evil clone of the Allied Fighters SG's Major Invader.

In 1985, a twisted villain by the name of Doctor Phlebotinum, decided to 'sell' evil versions of clones he was to make of Major Invader.  Since his cloning process runs in 'normal' time and not accelerate clones (which burned out and died in a matter of years), It took over 18 years before he could introduce them onto the market. In 2005, the clones had 'downloaded' memories from Major Invader (that the evil doctor obtained secretively) injected into their brains, wherein each clone would have the memories, skills and abilities of Major Invader, however, the clones were also programmed to follow orders via code words.  Each clone also had a mini-bomb implanted in their head so if a clone got 'out of line', one press of a button or the utterance of unique code-words would activate each mini bomb killing the clones. Doctor Phlebotinum eventually made over 100 clones of Major Invader.

In 2005, during the auction, Major Invader had snuck in and instead of destroying all the clones (and buyers) in a massive display of destruction that he usually would do, he instead acquired the code-words to activate the mini bombs in the clone's heads.  The Major also hijacked the auction's payment system to go to his own 'personal' offshore account for each and every clone payment.  Once the clones were auctioned and bought, the Major activated the mini-bombs on the clones.  All but six were destroyed.  Three of the six were damaged and barely functioning, two clones' mini-bombs did not go off, and the sixth clone ran off (later becoming Agent Wild West of "The Exterminators" VG).  The first five clones  began hunting for Major Invader and in an epic fight (five clones of him fighting himself), the Major was able to kill three of them.  The 4th one got the drop on the Major and was about to kill the Major when the 5th clone (one that didn't have a mini-bomb go off in its head) blew away the 4th clone, saving the Major.  Both the fifth clone and the Major battled their way through Doctor Phlebotinum's facility safely, side by side all the way out.

After that, the Major had the 5th clone's (originally designated by Doctor Phlebotinum as C-26) mini-bomb and conditioned code-words removed.  The Major allowed C-26 to live (against the Major's own better judgement, according to him).  As such the Major set up a cushy, comfortable life for the clone in Rhode Island, giving him a new name, credentials and a new life (that didn't stop the Major from making an inside joke of creating Liberator's new identity middle name "X" which he had spelled out in Liberator's faked birth certificate as "Xerox").  The clone accepted the new life, but within weeks became restless.  Having the Major's memories, the clone decided to do all the things the Major wished he'd have done in his life it he hadn't been controlled and handled by the CIA; liberate people throughout the world that were controlled or subject to tyranny.

Over the next decade, "Liberator", as he called himself, went to help the common man (and women and children) escape dictatorships, despots and evil organizations and nations.  During that time, Liberator was nearly killed in a massive aerial attack that left him near death. Liberator was found by a nearby mad scientist who tried to recreate Liberator as a mind-controlled cyborg. After the cyborg/bionic implants were installed, but before the mental conditioning could happen, Liberator awoke and instead destroyed the evil scientist's lab.  

Now part clone, part cyborg, Liberator became depressed and suicidal over his condition. 

Recently, in a suicide attack to save the island system of Oceania from the tyrannical rule of Oceania's "Big Brother", he poured everything he had - every last dollar, resource and bullet - into a one-man war with the Champions of Oceania VG. The result: the subjugated people under Oceania's rule instead 'fought' Liberator and 'believed' that Big Brother was the good.  Near death once again, he was rescued by Major Invader and brought to the newly restored Allied Fighters Super-Group base, where, after therapy and suicide intervention, Liberator was asked to join the Allied Fighters.  Liberator agreed, but stated that at any time, he be allowed the option to leave should his "Liberator" duties be in need once again. Major Invader agreed, and although Liberator could easily lead a team, the Major believed it better for Liberator to learn how to be part of a team instead of taking the burden of leadership. To sweeten the deal, the Major agreed to provide a box of fresh Cuban cigars, Liberator's favorite cigar, each and every week to him.

Now a member of the Allied Fighter's Omega Squad, Liberator is ready to 'liberate' the Allied Fighter's enemies of their evil ways!


  • Bionic attachments
    • As a result of several 'intense' battles, Liberator has lost both legs, his right arm an eye, hearing in both ears, and has an artificial heart.  These body parts were replaced with remarkably durable bionic replacements. He also has a remarkably protective metal plate in his head from previous head injuries. 
    • The bionics give him the following capabilities:
      • Legs
        • Can run up to 30 mph.
        • Allows for excellent leaps up to 1/8th of a mile.
      • Right Arm
        • Strength to produce 1000psi of excellent grip power, or enough to punch a hole through a metal door.
        • operates under guidance servos from electronic right eye's tracking system.
      • Right eye
        • Excellent night and normal vision.
        • Visual targeting processing to right arm.
        • Excellent Laser beam eye (can cut 1" hole through metal door; enough charge for 20 shots).
      • Hearing
        • Good amplified acoustic detection; adjustable sensitivity, allowing for long range hearing, whispers and certain humanly-undetectable frequencies.
  • Body Suit
    • Good protection against all form of small ammunition fire other than armor piercing rounds, from neck to toes.
    • Chest area and mirrored back area have additional excellent protection, including armor piercing rounds.
  • Backpack/Belt/Bandolier
    • Caltrops (typical edged damaged to those walking across them).
    • Land Mines (good force and energy damage to those standing on one)
    • Gun Drones (shoots up to 200 rnds each of typical ammunition up to 140 yards range; drone can fly via Liberator's targeting system up to a range of 1 mile and can stay aloft for only 5 minutes from time of launch)
    • Web Grenades (remarkably sticky substance used for binding)
    • Fragmentation Grenades (Good edged attack damage to anyone in same area of effect)
    • Smoke Grenades (reduced visibility 400%)
    • Targeting Drones (adds an extra level of agility to shooting with Gun Drones, or viewing around corners or upon high)
    • 2x 9mm handguns fire good shooting damage
    • dozen additional ammunition clips (6 are armor piercing)
    • handcuffs x2 (remarkably strong steel construction)
    • remote detonator/fuses
    • C4 plastic explosives (excellent force damage)
    • 3 lengths of remarkably strong cable rope
    • 4 grapple hooks
    • Emergency pressurized helium nodule personnel escape balloon (PEB) packages (10)
    • 4 Cuban Cigars
  • Rifle ('Liberty')
    • High powered Machine Gun (fires off an excellent barrage of damage over a 90 degree arc per several seconds)
    • Shotgun (excellent force and shooting damage; 1 shot per round)
    • Rocket Launcher (remarkably powerful exploding rocket with a range of 1/2; targeted and tracked via onboard tracking system.
    • Grenade Launcher (launches grenades that do good force and energy damage up to 200 yards away).
    • Grapple Hook Launcher (cable is 100 feet long)


Real Name: Unknown (alias: Army MCU-22c)


Very little is known about the Army's MCU-22c Battle Armor, other than the Secretary of Defense pulled the plug on its development and continued testing.  

The only prototype armor was 'given' to the Allied Fighter's leader, Major Invader for a 'substantial' fee for safe keeping.

The armor is currently worn by an unknown person, and has been a tightly kept secret even amongst the Allied Fighters squads.

The Pershing suit and the AEC-1 Mace is believed to be stolen technology the Army 'acquired' based on a  super-villain's design.  The AEC-1 is far more powerful than any equivalent weapons, however, Pershing's weapon does not have replicating power cells, and burns through energy at a far greater rate.

Although Pershing failed Major Invader's trials (twice), he has still been admitted to Omega Squad.  This is a first ever for the Major, since he NEVER allows a recruit to join on any fail of a trail. There might be more to this Pershing than just a pile of armor and an atomic mace.


  • Super Strength
    • Remarkably strong enough to dent 2" steel.
  • Charging/Running Speed
    • He can run up to 30 mph
  • Battle Plating
    • Incredible armored protection provides damage resistance and defense from up to and including direct tank fire, 700 degree F heat, -100 degree F cold and amazing protection from radiation and toxic attacks.
  • Visual and Audio Amplification/Helmet
    • He can hear and see up to 20 times normal human capacities.
    • Can record and transmit audio and visual files
    • Full radio/comms for all formats; range of transmission: 1000 miles
    • Infrared/heat vision/flash protection/photonic lensing
    • Targeting computer and data feed/computer HUD
    • Searchlight, computer rotated and retractable
  • Translator
    • On-board computer can translate languages incoming and broadcast...but only at Google Translate levels.
  • Self contained environment
    • Can provide food, drink and bio needs, including air, for up to 3 days.
  • Rocket Pack
    • Flight at 300 mph, range: 250 miles; altitude: 3,000 feet; non-rechargeable energy source; when depleted, requires pack replacement.  Controlled by voice/mental/manual controls.  Can hover. Can carry an additional 1000 lbs.


  • Atomic Mace
    • Incredible plasma energy mace; monstrously strong staff length: 12 feet. Can smash through 2" steel, or affect energy damage to all in a widespread arc. Can disrupt electronics upon impact.
    • Non-rechargeable source; after 1000 minutes of use, AEC-1 power pack has to be replaced (takes 1/2 hour to do).


Derek W. Washington (alias: Staff Sergeant Washington, "Doc")


Iraq. Afghanistan. Chechnya. Haiti.  Syria. 

This ex-Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) has seen it all. 

War.  Bloodshed. Violence. Death.

In 2006, Derek Washington completed his EMT training with the US Army and soon became the most valuable medic on the battlefield.  He had a 'zero loss' for patients, regardless of their combat-related wounds.  He wasn't able to save severed limbs, but he was able to keep those near-death, alive. 

His secret: he is a skilled mutant healer. 

SSGT Washington received dozens of commendation, medals and honors for his heroic and life-saving efforts. He was the most requested medic in all the US Army. That all ended last year.

Last year, SSGT Washington took a 'leave' from the Army and, against formal allowance, traveled to the war torn villages of Syria.  There, he did all he could to save and heal the thousands of Syrian war victims.  On his last day before he had to get back to the US Army or be considered AWOL, he went into a village that was chemically gassed.  While trying to save the gassed victims, he was overwhelmed by the gas himself, knocking him unconscious.  he'd saved the gassed victims, however, the militants didn't take kindly to a foreigner being where he wasn't supposed to be.Washington was tortured for weeks for information of US military involvement (which there wasn't any).  Finally, two months later, he was traded in a prisoner exchange for a known hard-line militant colonel.  When he returned to the US, he was prosecuted for being AWOL and entering a foreign exclusion area without authorization.  He was sent to Leavenworth Federal Prison for 6 month and dishonorably discharged thereafter.

Destitute, jobless and shunned by his own family and friends, he began living on the streets.  He used his powers to help the homeless and unfortunate, at times protecting them from violent gang youth attacks and those who felt it necessary to play 'knockout' games with the indigent. 

He fought and protected them until he ran across one old man who was seemingly attacked in a dark alley.  As he fought his way to the victim, he instead found dozens of gang youths beaten and defeated before the old man's feet.  The old man was the legendary Major Invader in disguise.  Impressed with Washington's fervor and response, Major Invader offered Derek a new life with the Allied Fighters...IF he passed the Major's trials.

Today, Washington is housed in the Allied Fighters base, preparing for his trials...but at times when nobody's paying attention, he still goes out at night and fights for the homeless and less fortunate. 



  • Healing
    • Triage has the remarkable mutant power to heal by touch or from a distance up to a dozen feet in distance.  It takes great concentration for him to do this for heavier wounds and broken bones. 
    • He cannot regrow fingers, limbs, etc, but can stop the bleeding and repair the traumatized flesh and systems around the wound.


  • Medical Backpack
    • Triage always carries a field medical kit in his backpack and on his belt capable of military-level battlefield fixes, including morphine. 
  • Body Suit
    • He wears good protective good armor from head to toe.
  • Rocket boots
    • Allows him flight up to100 miles range at over 250 mph speed; ceiling, no greater than 2000 ft. 
  • Helmet
    • Provides excellent protection from all forms of damage.
    • Goggles are designed for battlefield night vision and contain a WiFi internet linked medical computer link providing him voice and visual displays in treating injuries and trauma.
    • Contains a wide array of communications gear capable to up to 100 miles of receiving.