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Oceania Security

Oceania Security Forces (OSF)

The OSF is a powerful, high-tech military force located amongst Oceania's islands in the South Atlantic Ocean. This military force contains over two million troops, airman and sailors.  It is believed that these troops were/are clones, since no one is able to amass that many troops unwittingly in a two week period from when Oceania's military force started in 2001.

The OSF is operated by the Ministry of Peace (minipax). This powerful force was strong enough to repel a British military invasion.

It is believed that as of 2013, the OSF contains three aircraft carriers, five battleships, five squadrons of destroyers and cruisers, dozens of corvettes, and over one hundred remotely operated gunboats and aerial drones. Their Air Force, at best estimate, contains at least 300-400 fighters, bombers, attack planes and helicopters.

The army is believed to be about two million troops, complete with three battalions of tanks, heavy armored vehicles, mobile missile launchers, anti-aircraft batteries and mobile ESM and radar platforms. 

Thusfar, the OSF has only exhibited defensive combat actions, and have not attacked anyone outside their borders offensively.

The technology of this force is considered at least 10 years ahead of whatever the rest of the world has to offer.

Oceania Citizen Patrols (OCP)

In addition to a powerful military force, the OCP also contains three sub-divisions that are unique yet subject to minipax:

Oceania Air Patrol (OAP)

To alleviate the cost of fuel for a constant Combat Air Patrol (CAP) around Oceania, Minipax has created an Oceania Air Patrol (OAP) of troops with high-powered folding-wing solar energized flight packs and weapons that patrol the skies in and around all of Oceania.

These troops are well trained, acrobatic fighters that can engage ground units as easily as fending off enemy aircraft (or other flying persons/crafts). Each "Patroller" has a built-in radio system, tracking and targeting system, and either an high-tech assault rifle or a pair of high-powered gauntlet energy blasters.  Patrollers can carry a variety of equipment on their belts to include grenades (smoke, flash, fragmentation, gas, etc.), electronic jammers (for comms, radar and tracking signals), signal flares, emergency beacons, food and medical supplies.

OAPs have also used handheld Plasma Cannons to 'disintegrate' mobs or protesters.

Several higher ranking OAPs have access to high-velocity heat-seeking and Infra-red explosive missiles and can adapt to higher altitudes (Stratospheric, possibly even Exospheric).

Oceania Social Units (OSUs)

Greetings, Citizen!

This Oceania Social Unit (OSU) is unique for use in the public sector.  OCEANIA TECHNOLOGIES UNLIMITED has CREATED this exciting mechanoid line for use with Oceania's social order and security.

This latest model series features a much kinder exterior, thus PROMOTING HAPPINESS AND WELL-BEING.

Its carbon titanium shell is a PLEASING TITANIUM LOOK and resistant to all forms of corrosion, ensuring a LONG SERVICE LIFE.

All citizens can REST EASY knowing that their friendly neighborhood OSU will also respond to THREATS TO THE POPULACE, conducting arrests or creating SAFE ZONES in case of any UNGOODTHINK developments.   

At OCEANIA TECHNOLOGIES UNLIMITED we TAKE PRIDE in administering to our citizens' needs, such as Big Brother and the Heroes of Oceania.

We hope you TAKE AS MUCH PRIDE in our products as we do, and we look forward to meeting THE DEMANDS OF TOMORROW, today. 








Thought Police (thinkpol)

Under the direction of Big Brother and the Upper Party, the Oceania Thought Police are weapons against anyone conducting 'crimethink', or thoughts that are unorthodox or are outside the official government platform.
The Thought Police have been known to abduct people in Oceania, sometimes in the middle of the night, that were guilty of crimethink, oldthink and facecrime (an indication that a person is guilty of thoughtcrime based on their facial expression).
Goodthink of Oceania and Big Brother are all that is allowed.
Oceania has over three to four hundred 'thinkpols' amongst the islands, using them as necessary to maintain the glory that is Oceania!
Promote Goodthink!
Praise Oceania!
Praise Big Brother!
I didn't see you saluting Big Brother on the video screen!
Stay where you are.  Thinkpol shall be there shortly to 're-educate' you.
What are YOU thinking?
Thoughtcrime does not entail death: thoughtcrime IS death.