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In 1942, shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor, America and its allies needed victories in battles and heroes through which citizens and troops could rally to. The ‘Allied Fighters’ were banded together just for this purpose. Led by Captain Invader, these legends of WWII fought against the powerful forces of the Axis Forces and won victory after victory. On V-J Day in 1945, the Allied Fighters disbanded and went their separate ways. It’s now the 21st Century and an old threat has become new. The Allied Fighters are needed once again, with the ‘new’ Major Invader leading old and new heroes in the fight to save Earth from an evil that was thought to be extinguished at the end of WWII.  

Series run: Feb 2012-Jul 2013



Issue 1

Feb 2012
With nothing left but self-loathing and memories, the legendary WWII hero and ex-leader of the Allied Fighters. Major Invader,  contemplates retirement.
As he mulls his decision with his only remaining 'live' relative, Chaz, he realizes he must cast out certain demons before he can move forward with his big decision.
ALSO: Atheyta and Emperor Cole! The Predominator returns to Primal Earth! Major Invader's tragic WWII story! Love! Hate! and more importantly, a 'major' occurrence that sets the foundation for Major Invader's decision!

Issue 2



Mar 2012
Atheyta Unleashed! 
With Major Invader's currently unnamed arch-nemesis now reported alive and plotting, the Major must reform the Allied Fighters!
To do this, he needs to pull upon all of his resources; no matter what the cost!
Also: The introduction to the first of the 'New' Allied Fighters: Doctor Alleviation!
Plus, Atheyta arrives on Primal Earth, and it didn't take long before the body count grows at her sword's end! More premises with the Predominator!

The quest of Mr. Hamilton! All this and much more!


Issue 3


Jan 2013

Home Invasion (Part I)
As Major Invader preps for combating his arch-nemesis, while getting the old Allied Fighter's base back in order, our soon-to-be team members go through their own unique experiences!
Atheyta goes on a killing spree with the Tsoo and the Warriors of Talos Island!
Mr. Hamilton gets led to the sewers, where things get more complicated! 
ALSO: A new incoming member experiences Galaxy City at its worst!


Issue 4


Feb 2013
Home Invasion (Part II)
Major Invader and Doc Alleviation, while trying to get the old dilapidated Allied Fighters HQ online, run into more problems that you can shake Major Invader's gun, "Devastator" at...which he does...a LOT of in this issue!
Mr. Hamilton FINALLY gets to where he has been sent...only to be attacked!
Predominator's condition does not improve as he is shunted...yet again.
ALSO: A "major" revelation for Major Invader that will affect the rest of his life...and everyone else around him!



Issue 5



Feb 2013

Home Invasion (Part III)
Doc Alleviation and Mr. Hamilton meet for the first time!
Captain Lithuania faces off against...well, that would be telling you!
Atheyta continues on her quest! 
How much larger will the body count grow as she now focuses on obtaining her superhero registration?
ALSO: A new hero enters the fold! 
Meet Cheryl Vincent!  She quite the 'vindictive' one!



Issue 6


 Mar 2013
Home Invasion (Part IV)
Continuing the "Home Invasion" storyline!
Major Invader discovers the truth about his French grandchildren...and has a LOT to think about...unless of course he has to shoot them again!
Doc Alleviation plays doctor once again and gets involved in the middle of a family squabble!
Captain Lithuania goes all out in this action-packed interlude that includes guest appearances of the US Navy's Red Wolves Attack Helicopter Squadron, Longbow, Arachnos and aliens! You DON'T want to miss out on the end of this storyline!
ALSO: Atheyta continues on her quest for super-group membership!  Will she get her hero registration card without decimating more villainous thugs?  We'll find out as her journey takes her to Atlas Park!

Issue 7



Apr/May 2013
Home Invasion (Part V)
Continuing the "Home Invasion" storyline!
Atheyta arrives in Atlas Park to throw down with Superhero Registration's "Master Scribe" Verne!

Predominator dreams!

Major Invader gives his grand-kids an 'attitude' adjustment!

Captain Lithuania vs. XXL-sized Meteor-spawned Shivan (with a little luck o' the Irish)!

Mr. Hamilton vs the temperamental Base Motor Generator!

ALSO: A mysterious sword-wielder appears on the scene,but is he friend or foe to the Allied Fighters??


Issue 8


June 2013
Home Invasion (Part VI)
Continuing the "Home Invasion" storyline!
 Ms. Vindicator is back!  Where has she been hiding herself? The big question is, has her attitude changed for the better...or gotten worse?
Predominator awakens!

French Left in a Time-Out..with Canada's Doc Alleviation!

Captain Lithuania just fought the battle of his life, but the cost of Galaxy City has been vast.  Even when one such as the Captain has done all he could do for others, can despair for the lost be far behind?

Mexico's legendary sword-wielding hero searches to stop a conspiracy that will create a scandal that will rock Mexico to it's foundations...and place our Mexican hero in some serious hot water!

ALSO:  Now that Atheyta has her Hero Registration Card, which super-group gets her attention? It's time for Atheyta to let the world know of her return, and with it more information than she should let go to the media!

It all starts to come together as all the players start to converge on the final chapter of the Home Invasion saga!

 Issue 9



July 2013
Home Invasion (Part VII)
Penultimate Issue of the "Home Invasion" storyline!
Things start coming together for our heroes as "The Gathering" occurs, but what are the ramifications of last issue's bombshells?
Will Atheyta's televised announcement of the reforming of the Allied Fighters be breaking news or will it beckon the call of all their old enemies?
What happened to Aguila de Mexico after he was gunned down?
What is Captain Lithuania's next move now that he's threatened the Dark Watcher?
Will the new Ms. Vindicator chose Vanguard?
After shooting his grandson twice and terrorizing his granddaughter, will Major Invader be able to convince them to join the Allied Fighters?
Will Predominator EVER find any clothes?
Will Mr. Hamilton EVER get the lights on in the base?
Check out the New Allied Fighters Issue #9 to see it all start to come together...or fall apart!!

MDUverse Information

The New Allied Fighters (Vol. I) was first produced in February 2012 under the "Major Deej Universe Comics" label (now Major Deej Comics).  The comic series was produced, edited, illustrated (with CoH MMORPG screenshots) and published by Don "Major Deej" Finger.