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Organizations in the MDU can be either benevolent...or malevolent.  The visage and public-projected image of said organizations may show beneficial, positive imagery and goals, but may also have a greater, more heinous secret goals.  Not all organizations are this way; some are global yet militaristic peace organizations. Regardless, this section covers the unique MDU businesses, companies and conglomerates that are not covered by the MDU's Cosmos, Nations, Super-Groups, Villain-groups or Solo Characters sections.

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12 Samurai

(Formerly Samurai Squadron)

A Japanese nationalist military organization resurrected as a result of a World War II Japanese Samurai's efforts in secretly training a dozen samurai warriors that bravely fought and killed thousands of invading Soltan warriors during the 2000 Soltan Invasion.  After the invasion was thwarted, The lead samurai was authorized for the first time in nearly 200 years to start up a Japan government sanctioned Samurai training and warrior program.  Unfortunately, due to politics and subversion, the lead samurai was removed from the program and later found murdered. Redesignated as "Samurai Squadron",  the Japanese government took over its operations.  Although several of the original samurai committed suicide to honor their lost leader, a new batch of samurai were trained on a remote island off the coast of the Japanese Island of Honshu. As per Japanese laws, only 12 samurai were allowed to hold their title until they either retired or died, after which a new samurai would be trained to replace him. Women are unauthorized to be samurai or train as samurai under penalty of death

Today, the "organization" is now called "12 Samurai", now run by a mysterious Japanese government inter-agency program.   As it stands, the "12 Samurai" have been seen performing ultra-national tasks not released to the media, some of those tasks purportedly against the United States...

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Aerospar Science Associates (ASA)

Based out of Singapore, ASA is an energy research and development center.  The ASA recruits the most brilliant scientists and physicists from all over the world in search of solutions for new forms of energy for the people of the world.  The ASA's research and efforts have earned the business and its scientists several global awards and achievements. 

Today, ASA's current research into utilizing unique and psychic energies have created entire new fields of study garnering them profitable contracts from nations and global businesses.


The Catalysts

 The Catalysts are a secret organization bent on modifying humans to evolve beyond what they consider as a 'dead end of evolution' using their many "catalysts" of change (alchemy, science, radiation, mutation, etc.) .  Led by the mad scientist, Kran-An, the Catalysts are renown for their incredibly brilliant studies and experimentations in life and animal sciences, but are considered to be the worst animal and human rights people on the planet.  As a result, the Catalysts' team of soldiers, scientists and 'evolved' men and women operate out of secretive locations all over the world.  In order to get the materials they need for their operations, the soldiers are usually assigned to rob banks, rob science centers, labs and government facilities including even superhero facilities and strongholds.
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Church of Arachno

 A spider god cult created by a commune of hippies in the late 1960s outside of San Dimas, California.  The cult leader created a religion based on 'rules' and prophecies said be to told by the red spider god with swords for legs called "Arachno".  Decades later, the cult's son took the Church of Arachno to the next level and began to recruit psychotics, madmen and criminals into their flock.  The church's membership are extremely dangerous, as is the church's inner circle, known as the Knights of Arachnos, led by the church's leader, Lord Arachnid.

Today, the Church of Arachnos, although know by the public, still reside out of their secretive San Dimas, California lair, fully operational and more deadly than ever.

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A secretive organization devised by a philanthropist and a band of submarine contractors, submarine officers and sailors that work outside of the US military in keeping the oceans free from evil.  As a 'benevolent' organization, they were initially able to operate independently of international rules and military standards by the United Nations, until the group later was absorbed into G.U.A.R.D. and became the "Seaguardians".

Today, COMSUBRON Alpha is decommissioned.

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Dynamitronics Industries

Originally based out of Seattle, Washington, DI was the manufacturer of the construction robotics units known as the "D.A.R.C.I.E." - Dynamatronics Android for Repair, Construction and Integrated Engineering.  Seattle, Washington had been severely damaged by the Soltan Invasion of 2000 and as a result, turned to DI to create the DARCIEs to rebuild Seattle.  Initially, the public and businesses loved what DI and the DARCIEs were doing, however, due to a nefarious mob-plot, DI's DARCIE coding was hacked with the DARCIE units reprogrammed to built one particular restaurant (see Fast Eddie's Italian Restaurant (below)) - over and over again.  In two day's time, the DARCIEs built over 400 restaurants, some right on top of another or in the middle of airport runways.  Eventually, the Protectors super group stopped the DARCIEs, but the negative press and insurance damages against DI caused them to go bankrupt in October 2004 as a result.

Today, Dynamatronics Industries and all its assets have been bankrupted and is no longer an operational organization. 

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Emerald Oil & Gas

An oil and gas company based in Dublin, Ireland.  Several executives were found responsible for devious actions that resulted in the destruction of nearly a mile of Ireland's coastline.  After judicial actions, the company was sold off to other competing oil and gas businesses in Ireland.

Today, Emerald Oil & gas is no longer in operation.

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Fast Eddy's Italian Restaurant

(MDU chain)

A mob-run fast food restaurant chain based out of Seattle, Washington that was indicted in 2004 for tampering with DARCIE construction robot programming that caused the robots to build over 400 Fast eddy's restaurants in less than two days, mostly in completely unsafe and dangerous manners. 

Today, the chain is now officially defunct, however, several new "Fast Eddy's" have since cropped up even though they are unlicensed to do so.

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Galaxy Panamerica

A cut-throat business brokerage firm that is now owned by the Vesta Steel Conglomerate (below) out of Brazil.

Today, Galaxy Panamerica no longer exists.

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 Geneticon Corporation

A San Francisco based biotech firm focused on life-saving future technologies in the medical field.  A high majority of their work revolves around research and development.

At one point, Geneticon had helped design a system that would help doctors cauterize human blood for accident victims while not placing the victim in shock or danger. Unfortunately, this new science resulted in creating the superhero, Doc Diamond, who has since taken his research with him.

Today, Geneticon Corporation is still a strong voice in life-saving technologies. 

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Global Heavyweight Boxing Federation (GHBF)

The GHBF was a high-money fledgling gang-run scam created as a legitimate boxing organization.  Run by the nefarious Zhim Lo of the Golden Dragons Asian-pacific gang, the GHBF was shutdown not long after the testimony of one of their star boxers, Michael "Brooklyn Brawler" Monroe.  Most of the GHBF staff were found dead shortly after the GHBF was indicted on fraud and illegal racketeering.

Today, the GHBF is no longer in operation.


G.U.A.R.D. (Global Unilateral Aegis Response Directive) was first started in the late 1970s as a response to increased super-powered and alien threats to Earth and is now a global and solar system powerhouse designed to keep the peace - or fight those that would disrupt it.

Decades ago, GUARD was a small agency that initially was designed to collate information and coordinate communications with the rest of the major national powers to ensure they were aware of any extra-national crisis.  With the discovery of several shadowy world domination organizations, GUARD earned the respect and support of all of the major world leaders and has since become a larger, benevolent peacekeeping force for the world.

Today, GUARD is considered a secretive peacekeeping organization created by the major national powers of Earth and the United Nations to be the predominant security peacekeeper force for the planet and human interests in the solar system.


 Harmony Foundation

Founded and operated by their CEO, Harmon Yee, Harmony Foundation is considered to be a benevolent, charitable progressive campaign to promote harmony in world politics, financial standards, as well as promoting a unified world language and working towards religious tolerance around the world.  

As per their Mission statement:
Our goal is to help improve the world so that its people can live healthy and productive lives in harmony with one another.
Today, the Harmony Foundation is a worldwide, well known operation highly praised by world leaders and the business community. 
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International Championship Boxing Association (ICBA)

An Ireland-based international boxing association, for 15 years the ICBA was the go-to business for setting up international boxing matches.  Not too long ago, a situation occurred causing one of their prize fighters, Daniel "Dublin" Patrick, and his manager to become entangled in the ICBA's secretive illegal gambling ring, resulting in the death of Patrick's manager and the attempted murder of Patrick himself.

As a result, the ICBA has been found guilty of their involvements with the shady Aegis Alliance gang, causing the ICBA to be shutdown and over forty ICBA staff charged with conspiracy, accessory to murder, money laundering, and many other charges.

Today, the ICBA is no longer in operation.

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 Juarez Honey Company

A fledgling Mexican honey company currently owned by Doingue Juarez, a relative of the company's founder.  Not long ago, the founder was killed by a massive killer bee attack, resulting in him and his wife's death, leaving the company to their young, strange daughter.  Eventually that strange daughter became Swarmstress, an assassin of the Death Legion assassin's guild.

Today, Juarez Honey Company still exists, but only as a local source of honey for neighboring locals.

Legacy Corporation

The Legacy Corporation is a private solutions firm based in the United States with worldwide offices. 

Their corporate headquarters is based out of Boston, Massachusetts in the Back Bay District. The Legacy Corporation is identified as a solutions firm that provides troubleshooting analysis, trend analysis, diverse solution resolution producing processes and teams to engage the resultant solution for their customers.

Guided by several former Fortune 500 executives, the Legacy Corporation is well known for ensuring that once a solution is found, it stays found!  Fees are negotiable and dependent on the extent of the solution requirements and end results. 

If the Legacy Corporation is what you are looking for, visit them via their website or contact them at 800.LEG.ACY.*.  Once you've experienced Legacy Corporation, you'll never need to come back for resolution - we guarantee our results, no matter what the consequences may turn out to be.

Today, Legacy Corporation, although not known by many other businesses, is considered one of the top troubleshooting businesses in the United States.

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Lexington Legal Inc.

Located in Boston's Back Bay district in the Carol Coddington Building, Lawrence Edwards founded Lexington Legal to help the poor, impoverished and unfortunate in all manner of legal process, usually pro bono. 

Today, Lexington Legal Inc.'s services have garnered interest from additional high-end business clients, noting that Lexington Legal is one of the best lawyer firms in the United States.

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Luft Feur

German Aviation manufacturer known for it drone production for the German Air Force, but most predominantly for its revolutionary jet pack design, currently being used by the German hero, Luftwaffe

The business is based outside of Berlin, Germany.  It is in competition with SAR, Inc. for the latest in personal and professional jetpack designs and use.  Currently, the company has been listed in Forbes' top 250 businesses in the world.

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McDugal Orphanage & Sanitarium

A Scottish orphanage known as "Hell's Day Care". 

It was a massive orphanage where mortality rates of orphans were rated the highest in all of Great Britain. 

Eventually, the orphanage was bought out by a unnamed Scots millionaire who then promptly shut it down. The building 'mysteriously' burned down days later.  Rumors in the tabloids stated that one of the previous headmasters was believed to be a mystical creature in disguise, although no proof was ever produced to support this claim.

Today, all the remains of the orphanage and sanitarium is the weed-overgrown outline of the buildings' foundation.

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Mexico Power & Electric (MP&E)

Powerful and innovative Mexican power company, run by the engineering genius of Alejandro Adimas.  MP&E owns dozens of future tech energy plants as well as dozens of traditional power energy plants.  Their greatest success though is their  1GW solar tower-furnace. 

The Solar Tower-Furnace is an amalgamate of a solar tower (used to produce, at 100% capacity, 1.1GW of solar converted electrical power) and of a solar furnace (used at varying temperatures from 1,830 to 6,330 degrees F for thermal convection energy production, producing Hydrogen from Methane, testing of spacecraft materials used in re-entry and ultimately in nanotech construction and manufacturing).  It is the first of its kind and the most powerful energy generator in Central America.

Today, MP&E is the most powerful and reliable source of power for all of Central America, as well as being a reserve power source for North and South America. 

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Millhaven Institute

Powerful Canadian High Security Prison outside of Bath, Ontario.  The prison housed some of the worst criminals in Canadian history.  In the early 1980s, a reformist became warden of the prison and during his time in charge, prisoner attacks dropped by 60%, inmate deaths and injuries were lowered by 90% and the general attitude of those incarcerated there was surveyed to be 'pleasant'.  Due to the costs of the reform efforts, however, the prison was shutdown in 1985.

A 'decommissioning' crew was said to reside there in the facility until 1999 when the prison was sold to a private investor. Between 1985 and 1999 though, many speculative unofficial reports identified that at least one super-powered prisoner was kept there during that period.

Today the Millhaven Institute is officially shutdown and its facilities are now considered private property to an unlisted  investor.

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Neuscience Labs

Neuscience is a physics and engineering consortium that researches and develops engineering applications to new sciences.  With labs in Virginia, Florida, Manchester UK and Lisbon, Portugal, Neuscience is considered one of the premiere science labs in the world.  The US government has several contracts with Neuscience for space probes and unique science engineering on some of their experimental weapons.  Although there are rumors that one of their top scientists has since turned into a super-villain known as "Darque", Neuscience has ensured investors and government officials that any correlation is unfounded.

Today, Neuscience Labs continues its remarkable research and development in engineering applications.

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Norse Securities

A unique security company that has only one client: The Starkemann Family.  Currently owned and operated by Sebastian Starkemann (see Starkemann), this well-funded security service owns several helicopters, a fleet of vehicles, the most modern state-of-the-art security systems and a highly trained band of employees and guards.

Based out of Berlin, Germany, this security firm is relatively unknown to most, even in Germany.  Their office is a one-room suite in a high rise office building with only one administrative assistant in the office.

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Order of Chronos

Known by only a handful of people in today's world, the Order of Chronos is a time-traveling organization from Earth's 27th century.  This cult-like organization has a focused goal of ensuring time incursions do not affect the base timeline or for that matter, other critical alternate timelines.  Their leader Chrono Prime leaads  nearly four dozen Chrono Knights and hundreds of space-time trainers, adepts and apprentices in performing their actions.  Since the Order of Chronos is a world-governed organization, they are also requisite to follow the world order's governance and leadership.  As a dire result of this arrangement, dozens of time incursions have occurred from their era, for which Chrono Prime and his Knights have had to travel back and forward in time to rectify.

One such Chrono Knight, Sigma Seven, is responsible for the time stream between the 20th and 25th century.  He has made several unadvised alterations in the timeline already, causing a chronal shift, most of which has been the sole reasoning why the MDUverse is different from our normal world of reality as it is today.

Today, as mentioned earlier, only a handful of people know of the Order of Chronos.  No publicity or proof has been made to anyone else of their existence.

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Orphanage N.5 

 A 'boys only' orphanage located just across the exclusion border of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.  Several years after Chernobyl's nuclear melt down, the orphanage continued to stay in operation.  At the orphanage, most of the children were mentally abused, forced to do slave labor in metal working which the orphanage's headmaster profited off of. 

In 2005, the orphanage was shutdown.

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A national chain store for pets and pet accessories based out of Seattle, Washington with thousands of stores nationwide.

It has been noted that several legal documents have been drawn against the store chain, claiming cloning and DNA manipulation of many of its animal breeds, yet all claims have been resolved 'out of court'.

Today, Pets-R-Us is still the largest chain pet store in the United States, now branching into Europe and Asia. 

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 Quantum Industries Research & Development (QuIRD)

A secretive US government and military science front used to research and deploy new quantum energy applications. 

Creating quantum fusion reactors, QuIRD was the cutting edge of application science, however, in an undisclosed incident at one of their secretive fusion facilities, QuIRD, as an organization, was promptly shutdown and dismantled within 11 months.

Today, there is no data or documentation proving QuIRD ever existed.  Any of its existing facilities have since been emptied and stripped of proof of ownership. 

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Reston Firearms Company

Canadian arms manufacturer located in Vancouver, Canada that was one of the best gun and rifle makers in North America.  Less than a decade ago, the founding family's owner and CEO and his wife died and the business was inherited by their son, Terrance Reston.
Sadly, once auditors and tax assessors completed their inheritor's survey for Terrance, it was found that the Reston Company was destitute and after years of legal wranglings eventually went bankrupt.  The company was sold off, as well as the Reston estates and holdings, to pay its creditors.
Today, the Reston Firearms Company no longer exists.
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 Rojo Industriale

 A major European weapons and military equipment manufacturing firm, Rojo Industriale, originating in Spain, provided numerous European countries with state-of-the-art weapons and surveillance systems.

Several years ago, thanks to competition and the failing Spanish economy, Rojo Industriale was shutdown in bankruptcy court.  The company's last CEO, Andre Rojo, lost his family fortune in the bankruptcy hearings and is believed to either be dead or wandering the streets as a homeless man. 

Today, the site of Rojo Industriale is a theme park for a movie business, making millions on entertainment.

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Santana's Circus

A European traditional traveling circus well known for their skilled acrobats, knife throwers and animal acts, Santana's Circus was recently found to be a front for a large crime and theft ring.   When the police arrived to arrest those involved, the circus performers performed a stand-off with the police, resulting in a gun battle and the deaths of nearly all of the circus performers and roadies and several police officers.

Today, the circus is defunct and no longer operational. 

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SAR Incorporated

A Search and Rescue (SAR) private organization that developed and perfected the "SAR suit" used in rescuing those in need of rescue, predominantly downed pilots and crews as well as lost hikers, elderly or children.  Created by the son of famed astronaut Neil Armstrong, SAR Inc, based out of their new St. Louis, Missouri facility, continues to create SAR Suits and provide SAR services to legitimate organizations around the world. 

Today, SAR Inc. has contracts with multiple nations as well as the secretive GUARD and is a booming multi-million dollars business.

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Scorpio Solutions

Originally identified as a world 'think tank' designed to identify and solve world problems for the benefit of mankind.  Using dozens of brilliant and intelligent men and women, coupled with the radical "Scorpius X" supercomputer for simulation and modeling, Scorpio Solutions was deemed a boon for the betterment of civilization.  Unfortunately, it was found to be a front for a shadow organization.  Since then, Scorpio Solutions has mysteriously dissolved and the Scorpius X computer in nothing more than molten slag.  GUARD continues to investigate this company's connections to other world dominating groups. Scorpio Solutions' think tank and Scorpius X computer were located in London, England.

Today, Scorpio Solutions is considered a defunct organization, with very few records even proving its existence. 

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Skaguay Military Company

In the mid to late 1890s in the Yukon region of Canada, a crime organization known as the Skaguay Military Company ruled the region between Skaguay and Dawson City.  There, the thieves robbed Yukon gold miners of their gold, killed them in their sleep, claim jumped and violated women.  Their leader, Jefferson "Soapy" Smith, eventually met his end, as did the company before the turn of the century.

Today, the Skaguay Military Company is only considered another sad yet historic chapter in the Yukon Gold Rush of the 1890s.

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 Stellar Corporation

Stellar Corp. is a space agency subcontractor based out of North Dakota, previously owned and operated by multi-millionaire Mr. Stellar.  A few years ago, Stellar Corps performed a live TV broadcast to show off their new high-powered space suit designated as the "Stellar Suit" by using it to fight and imprison a vastly dangerous alien conqueror known as Master Universe.  The suit was worn by Stellar Corp CEO's son, who was untrained in combat nor in most of the suit's functions.  Even though the CEO's son was quickly defeated by Master Universe, as Master Universe was on a buildup to blow up a 20-mile radius of the battle site, the CEO's son came to and flew a disabled Master Universe out into space and ejected him away from Earth preventing the massive explosion from harming anyone. That CEO's son would later go on to be the hero, Omniflux.

Not long after the TV broadcast fiasco, Stellar Corps was placed in business limbo by the U.S. government, with the Stellar Suit placed in GUARD's custody for safekeeping.  Omniflux quickly became a social media celebrity for his heroism, while his father, whom Cameron hated, is now serving a 25 year jail sentence for his dangerous product promotion that would have killed thousands of North Dakota residents.  A new group of executives and investors have now taken over Stellar Corporation and are working on several new spacecraft designs, as well as maintain their previous contracts for NASA, The European Space Agency (ESA) and Brazil's Space Operations.

Today, Stellar Corps is still in operation, but is struggling to compete against more reputable businesses.

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Top Notch Ski Resort

 4-star family ski resort in northern Vermont noted for its excellent snow pack even into the late spring and early fall seasons.  It is also known for being the victim of the villain known as Yukon performing a rampage through the ski resort, killing several innocents including the resort owner's little girl. 

Today, the ski resort is still a popular tourist and ski attraction.  Check out their new hotel during your next ski resort visit!  Kids 5 and under ski for free!!

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"The Rhode Island Paranormal Society" (TRIPS) is a popular and professional paranormal investigation team based out of Providence, Rhode Island, that had their own TV show.  They are most famous for their live Halloween investigation of a haunted house that unfortunately led to a deadly encounter with a villainess known as "Mysteria", who used her dark powers to release dark creatures that feasted on the souls of the TRIPS team during their live broadcast. 

Today, TRIPS is no longer in operation.

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 Ultimate Fighting Federation

The predominant free-fighting world organization that allows highly trained martial artists, savatists, boxers, wrestlers and several other physical unique style fighters (all sans weapons), to go around the world and compete for the world title.  Operational since 2005, the UFF is a highly rated fighting entertainment business that usually airs its fights on pay preview television and in public matches across the world. 

Today, the UFF is still considered a popular venue with a very strong following. Their world office is located in Atlanta, Georgia, but they also have regional offices in Finland, Italy, Singapore and Australia.

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Vesta Steel Conglomerate

Sizable multinational steel business worth over 17 billion dollars and based out of Brazil.  Known for their aggressive purchasing of failing steel and metal works companies worldwide, VSC is considered one of the biggest steel producers in the world. 

Although VSC has been under investigation for ties to criminal organizations and money laundering, VSC has never been convicted and today continues to grow despite the accusations to become one of the largest and most powerful steel magnates in the world.

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Virgil Industries Space Tours

The 2nd place winner of the 2012 Space-X competition, Virgil Industries, based out of Riverside, California, spearheaded the construction and utilization of four space planes to be used for high altitude/exospheric flights for tourists.  After their first few flights, one space plane was lost in space.  Believed to be corporate sabotage, a man was tried and convicted in the supposed sabotage, freeing Virgil Industries from any and all blame (notably, the 'saboteur' was murdered in prison months later). 

Today, Virgil Industries Space Tours has continued its flights and is slowly becoming a multi-million dollar business.

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 Virtual Warriors

The Virtual Warriors were Initially a small band of hackers that simply broke into networks and servers to make political statements and perform Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks.  Ass time went on, the VW's messages became more blatant and their actions more criminal.  They started hacking into major banks and stealing entire bank accounts of the rich, then redistributing those stolen funds to the bank accounts of the poor.  This garnered the attention of the FBI and Interpol. After months of investigation, neither the FBI or Interpol were able to arrest one single "Virtual Warrior".  

After many unsuccessful attempts to shutdown the "Virtual Warriors", an anonymous chat message reached the FBI's cyber-crimes unit, stating her (or she) knew who was behind the Virtual Warrior's internet attacks and that their leader had to be stopped before things got worse. During that chat, a 747 was remotely shutdown in mid air and crashed into the FBI's cyber-crime unit building, killing hundreds of passengers and over 200 FBI agents.  The Virtual Warriors posted a comment that they had nothing to do with this and it was done by a rogue hacker only known as "Corsair Commander", who was later identified as the leader of a new cyber-terrorist group named the "Virtual Corsairs".

Today, the Virtual Warriors have been officially disbanded, however, many Virtual Warrior 'tags' are still seen on Virtual Corsair hacks and codes.

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Walker Technologies

Forged by the company's brilliant engineer and CEO, Aaron Walker, this San Francisco, California based firm started with several government contracts for weapons systems for the United States Navy and the Air Force and has now grown into a manufacturing and production business for artificial arms, legs, neural engineering and aeronautical psycho-motor controls.

Today, Walker Technologies is a burgeoning business that is now listed on the NYSE.

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 West Germany Ministry of Agriculture, Division 8

During the Cold War (1946-1990), West Germany, in the wake of its defeat in World War II and allied occupation thereafter, outlawed any super-powered beings, technologically-advanced combatants or arcane users in the country's borders, due to the Nazi super-group known as Axis Force.  As a result, any and all super-powered beings were arrested and removed from Germany and forced to live/sign-up with the Western nation governments.  West Germany's government, although an upholder of the anti-super-powered laws, also knew this left them with no means of defense should the Soviet Union invade West Germany.  With East Germany already having its own super-group (Condor Legion), several secretive West German ministers and federal agents created a secretive super-group of West Germany super-beings. To hide their actions and funding, one of the German ministers created a new ministry of agriculture division.

For over 20 years during the Cold War Division 8 performed hundreds of missions against the aggressive and covert operations of the Soviets and East Germany. One of the operations directors/agents for the division was a man known as Damon Kaufmann, a man who would later be responsible for the creation of the first German super-group since World War II, the Teutonic League.

In 1990, with the fall of the Berlin Wall, so too fell Division 8

Today, the world knows of Division 8's heroic although illegal operations and its legacy.  Most people consider Division 8 to be just a "Cold War" unconfirmed story, however, official government documents, kept in Top Secret vaults, house the truth.  To this day, Division 8 remains shutdown as it has been since 1990.

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Worldwide News Network  (WNN)

Worldwide News Network (WNN) is the premiere news agency for news from around the world.  With over 40% of the world watching WNN, this news company is the highest regarded source for up-to-the-minute news coverage from any disaster around the world.  Rather than report 'boring' political and financial news, WNN's business model is all about death, destruction, atrocities, blame, drama and high-stakes news stories, rather than kitten images or 'local men feed homeless veterans' stories.

As such, this billion dollar news agency has offices all around the world, using regional CEOs on each continent and region to run their news operations. The world HQ for WNN is located in New York City.

Today, WNN is a leading source of world news and makes billions from its investors.

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Ya!Go! is the world's premiere web search and email service.  Worth billions of dollars in value, the Ya!Go! business model has since been flooded with multiple investors and innovators, looking to take over the web search and email service fields and make it the only company to provide those services to the world.  Although several "odd" occurrences have happened with their executives and shareholders, Ya!Go! is truly a search engine and email service for the people...just ask anyone!

Who do you use to search the internet? YA!GO!

Today, Ya!Go! is the world's predominant software search engine, making billions of dollars each year as a powerful tech business.


Zenith Labs

The premiere facility in bio research, medical advancements, DNA testing and genome splicing, Zenith Labs is considered to be one of the most famous science labs in the world.  Based out of Tuscon, Arizona (with additional Labs located all over the world), Zenith Labs has earned a reputation in the advancement of science and technology with the human condition.  Their efforts, as well as their highly educated staff, have won dozens of science awards, accolades and a reputable name in scientific advances.

Today, Zenith Labs and its CEO, Professor Zenaro,  continue to awe and inspire the world of science and medicine every few months with new and ingenious revelations and discoveries, all garnering billions of dollars in annual revenue.