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In the MDUverse, a high majority of the planet's nations are intact and exist as they are today, however, there are a few unique exceptions.  The following is a list of nations that uniquely exist in the MDU.


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Atlantic Kingdom

Ruled by the mad scientist, King Dolphin, the Atlantic Kingdom is an underwater militant order bent on domination of the Atlantic Ocean, demanding the nations of the world to grant his kingdom their own national autonomy, preventing anyone and anything from ever entering the Atlantic Ocean anywhere from a 12 mile coastal ADIZ for all land-based and island-based nations.

Using genetically modified combatants and cloned 'citizens', King Dolphin rules the Atlantic Ocean like a dictator to its slave populace.


The once-British owned isles of  Saint Helena, Ascension Island and the island group called Tristan da Cunha, located in the south Atlantic Ocean, were taken over in 1990 by the a viciously socialist Governor named Goldstien.  When the British attempted to take back their islands, they met utter defeat from an overwhelming military force that the world had never seen up to that point.  Since then, the newly named chain of islands of "Oceania" are now a massive militant socialist society closed off from most of the world, creating powerful weapons for other villainous nations and organizations.

Governor Goldstein, now designated as "Big Brother" runs this socialist island nation much like the fictitious INGSOC nation depicted in the George Orwell novel, "1984".



A variety of 'fiefdoms' set across underwater regions of the Pacific Ocean, ruled by their malicious overlord leader, Lord Abysmal.  Using advanced cloning and DNA morphing technology, Lord Abysmal has created powerful warlords and underwater troops called "Ningens" to pillage, murder and dominate sections of the Pacific Ocean.  His forces operate out of old shipwrecks and undersea cities usually not too far from mainland shores.

The Pacific Warlords are murderous and violent towards anyone and anything that gets in the way of Lord Abysmal's plans and devious desires.



Reichsland is a 22 square mile area of what was once Nuremburg, Germany. Recently, Nuremburg and its surrounding lands were attacked and invaded by the New Reich Army, a band of fascist militants.  During the siege, the New Reich Army, under the leadership of their influential leader, Volksjagger, help off European forces and superheroes bent on liberating the city and region, however, the long frozen World War II Nazi Germany mastermind, Baron Berlin,  arrived during the battle and pushed the European forces and superheroes from the area.  Now calling that land "Riechsland", Baron Berlin has created his own Nazi nation with the New Reich Army and Volksjagger as his to command.  His goal -  to finish off where Hitler failed: world domination and the eradication of all other 'lesser' races other than his Aryan master race.



 Ruled by the self-proclaimed "Emperor" North, the UCE is a militant nation-state residing on Wolf Island off the Atlantic coast between the United States and Canada's border.  The UCE purpose is to take over all of North America, in the name of the 'proper' Canadian powers that he claims to represent, and create a new empire that will be the model for all other nations in the world to concede to.  Thusfar, his forces have pillaged Canadian and US military sites, steaming billions of dollars in equipment, weapons and resources and has created a small army and an super-powered group known as the United Canadian empire Enforcers.

Emperor North and his forces have already attacked the United States' New England region once in an attempt to take over the New England territory, people and resources using nuclear weapons at a deterrence method, but the emperor's plans were instead thwarted by what is now known as the Yankee Minutemen super group.

The UCE and Emperor North continue to plague the world with their North America domination goal from their shielded base of operations in the Wolfe Islands.

 Click on the logos above to access their respective webpages for more information.