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This section provides a listing and information of planets and alien species. 

This can include a planetary-related, ultra-galactic alien race or any offshoot of a race of beings that have been born or bred on any other planet or location other than Earth.(much like DC Comics' Kryptonians, or Marvel's Kree, Skrull, or Shi'Ar)

Aliens can also include any "other-than-Earth" species that were create, born, or incubated on Earth, and are not originally native to Earth. 

These aliens more than likely, operate outside of Earth's laws.  Sometimes simple misunderstandings of culture and customs are enough to fuel conflicts between those from Earth (Terrans) and other alien cultures.  Some may simply want to work with Earth in peace, but then again...some may just want to take over the Earth simply to conquer or devour it.

Alpha Centaurians

Examples: Doc Vega
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Examples: Prince Arux
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Examples: Exiler
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Examples: Jartho
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Examples: See Celeros story
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Examples: Detendro
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Examples: Lord Darkstar

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Examples: (story from Lord Darkstar's History)
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Examples: Thesiliss
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Examples: GUARD's GEICOM, Rak'A Tos
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Examples: Psygate, Selgate
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Examples: Astra
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Examples: Master Universe, Magistrate Andromeda
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Examples: (See Magistrate Andromeda's History)
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Examples: Krag
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