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Maritime Marauders


About the Maritime Marauders

In the 21st century, on the ocean blue, traditional pirates are all but extinct, however, modern maritime piracy has a new master...'Rivermaster' that is.

The Maritime Marauders, led by the nefarious 'Rivermaster', are modern day pirates that have raided ports, docks, businesses and shipping all across the western hemisphere, stealing and amassing incredible wealth and riches.  Aside from his incredible fleet of raiding ships, including submarines and planes, Rivermaster controls a 60-foot long Sea Dragon called "Mamilus".  Coupled with his crews of pirates and technical wizards, Rivermaster had become the most dangerous man on the open seas.  He's raided and sunk millions of tons of commercial shipping and luxury liners, including military and Coast Guard vessels.  

With the crews constantly rotating out with some of the meanest, nastiest seafarers alive, the Maritime Marauders are known to never stay in one place too long.  All efforts to track and capture them have ended in failure, due in part to the Marauder's incredible high-powered fleet of ships and expert jamming equipment against any surveillance, radar or satellite monitoring.

His aggressive fighting men (and women) are armed raid ships with the highest tech weapons and armor.  When the raids are done, the parties begin.  Renown for their after-raid parties, socialites and celebrities alike amass amongst the capricious and wild parties ever thrown. By morning, the Marauder's are gone and they're off to another port or shipping raid.

With his powerful fleet of ships, aggressive high-tech raiding parties, and superior jamming equipment, coupled with his own personal sea dragon, Rivermaster's Maritime Marauders are a band of pirates you DON'T want to cross...


Richard Masters


Related to the renown poet and famous US River Master, Edgar Lee Masters, Richard Masters was the foremost River Master and waterways expert throughout all of North America and the Caribbean. For decades, Masters painstakingly learned and navigated large ships in and out of ports as a harbor or river pilot for many major ports on the east and west coasts of North America.  He was also a tough taskmaster who had a temper in trying to train other River Masters or in dealings with attitude-ridden ship's captains who didn't like listening to Masters.

In 2005, Richard "Dick (as most ship's captains called him)" Masters, was to pilot a crude oil supertanker into port in Alaska.  Two of the 10 ship's thrusters were not working, requiring additional tugboats to maneuver the ship to the pier.  The supertanker captain told the additional tugboats NOT to assist the supertanker, since it was too expensive to have additional tugs.  Masters and the ship's captain got into a verbal fight.  Masters, in a huff, stated he would not be responsible for piloting the ship into port and started to leave, stating he was going to report the supertanker captain.  The supertanker captain had other plans; he instead had one of his crew accost Masters, knock him out with a whiskey bottle, and throw him in a locked cabin until they were moored.  Not properly supervising the ship's entry into port, the tanker hit an underwater reef a 1/2 mile from the shore, ripping open the tanker and spilling tens of thousands of barrels of oil onto the Alaska coastline. The supertanker captain, who was distracted with calling in a false report that Masters showed up to pilot the ship 'drunk', instead was one of the first to abandon ship.  Ten crew members lost their lives due to this shipwreck.  Masters was found by a Coast Guard crew who erroneously thought Masters was passed out drunk, however, before the Coast Guard rescuers could extract Masters and verify his condition, the ship broke again, sending that section of the ship underwater, killing the Coast Guard rescuers.  Masters, revived by the rush of seawater, swam out using one of the dead Coast Guard rescuer's life preserver.  He was later found (by the Coast Guard...again) and helicoptered out to a nearby hospital Masters was near death due to his exposure to the frozen waters he had been in.

After the investigation, Masters, who was still hospitalized but no longer considered in critical condition, was blamed for the entire incident.  The supertanker captain spun a series of lies stating Masters' incompetence, drunkenness and physical violence as the cause of the wreck.  Masters was immediately 'kangaroo courted' and was never allowed to testify on his behalf due to the public outcry and a dirty (paid for) judge.The supertanker captain, well, he was promoted to an executive level position with the tanker's oil company and cleared of any and all criminal charges.

Devastated at the charges and insane with rage over the court's decision, Masters, while being transferred to a prison hospital, snapped.  He broke out of the ambulance, killing two EMTs and a policeman.  He swore at that point he'd had enough of the world, and that he'd make them all pay for their ignorance and lies.  He then set out on a task to steal from all the harbormasters and River Masters he'd trained yet hated.  He killed dozens of them, accessing their financial accounts, stealing their personal possessions and burning down their homes, sometimes with their families tied up inside, dying in the blaze.

He then went along to every seedy river and harbor bar and recruited the nastiest thugs on the waterfronts.  With their help, he began raiding city ports up and down the west and east coasts of North America.Considered 'pirates' by the media, Masters kidnapped a reporter and forced him to broadcast that Masters was now to be called "Rivermaster" and that his gang be called the "Maritime Marauders".  He then promptly killed the reporter and cameraman in front of a live audience.

Through his rampant thefts and 'marauding', Rivermaster has since become a billionaire with a fleet of Marauding ships coupled with the latest in stealth and electronic jamming technology, becoming basically undetected on the sea.

Recently, he has embarked on kidnapping, pillaging and raiding ports in the Caribbean Sea, while he continues to maraud up and down the east and west coast of North America.  He now even has two older nuclear-powered submarines he stole from the US Navy's decommissioning yards.

Set up for a tragedy he wasn't responsible for, blamed and jailed for a crime he wasn't allowed to represent himself against, the new "Rivermaster" intends now to maraud, pillage and destroy everything he once held so dear.  He is a twisted man; a man who not only reached his breaking point with a corrupt society, but may have been brain damaged as a result of the cold water exposure and near death experience as a result from the supertanker incident.  Regardless, Rivermaster and his band of Maritime Marauders will show no mercy at the next port they raid.

If you live near a port-of-call, shipyard or prepared...they're probably on their way to raid it now...

MDUverse Info

CoHverse and prior: The original group was called the Sub-Pacific Organization (SPO), created in 1978.  Later, in 2008, with the advent of City of Heroes MMORPG, Rivermaster was made as part of the Atlatntic Kingdom villain-group.  In October 2012, Rivermaster was reassigned to "The Vilified" VG in the same game.

MDUverse: The Maritime Marauders was created on 7 August 2013.  Rivermaster is the founding leader.