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Legacy Corporation




The Legacy Corporation is a private solutions firm based in the United States with worldwide offices. 

Our corporate headquarters is based out of Boston, Massachusetts in the Back Bay District. Our current assets consist of three locations on the US west coast, three on the US east coast and eight throughout the rest of the US continent, including locations in Hawaii and Alaska. Our European offices are located in London, England, Paris, France, Berlin, Germany, Naples, Italy and Oslo, Norway.  As the Legacy Corporation continues to grow, so do our services and locations.  Our goal at Legacy Corporation is to not only provide solutions for personal, local and national issues but to include our burgeoning international community as well.

The Legacy Corporation is identified as a solutions firm that provides troubleshooting analysis, trend analysis, diverse solution resolution and provides processes and teams to engage the resultant solution for their customers.

Guided by several Fortune 500 executives, the Legacy Corporation is quite particular in their clientele. Many initial meetings, background checks and discussions are required even before a contract can be discussed.  Although this seems excessive, the Legacy Corporation ensures that the company, its clientele and all associated resources are utilized for positive, profitable exchanges for all involved in the process of providing 100% guaranteed solutions to the customer.

The Legacy Corporation is well known for ensuring that once a solution is found, it stays found!  Fees are negotiable and dependent on the extent of the solution requirements and end results, however, our fees also cover a 100% guarantee that the solution provided REMAINS a viable solution.  

If the Legacy Corporation is what you are looking for, visit us via our website or contact us at 800.LEG.ACY.*.  Once you've experienced Legacy Corporation, you'll never need to come back for resolution - we guarantee our results, no matter what the consequences may turn out to be.


Legacy Corporation.

We're here to solve your problems.


Legacy Corporation CEO

Lionel Caruthers (Major, ret.)



Lionel Caruthers is a graduate of the West Point US Army military academy.  Graduating at the top of his class, Lionel was assigned to the Joint Services Intelligence Consortium (JSIC) where the greatest minds worked as a 'think tank' for identifying problems and effecting solutions.  Most of his work to this day is considered classified, however, his efforts were recently publicized in his involvement in effectively routing several Soltan invasion groups from major world cities.

In 2010, Major Caruthers retired from military service and began the inception of the Legacy Corporation.  Over the years, Mr. Caruthers has provided over 200 private clientele with solutions resulting in 100% customer satisfaction.  Mr Caruthers and his team of specialist and experts work tirelessly around the clock to ensure their client's solutions are met. 

Currently residing in Boston, Massachusetts, Mr Caruthers works from the Legacy Corporation's Boston Back Bay Corporate Headquarters.

He is an amiable man with a sharp wit and a 'no nonsense' attitude.  He can be charming while at the same time be direct and forceful.   He does not believe in 'small talk', but instead enjoys puzzles, riddles and tasteful jokes when engaged in conversation.


MDUverse Info

MDUverse: Legacy Corporation was created on 4 July 2015 by  Eric Finger.  The corporation was initially conceived August 2012 with the character "Corrupt Commander".