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Isles of Oceania


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Oceania comprises of several islands.  Key to these are the following:

These islands were once British Overseas Territories in the southern Atlantic Ocean consisting of the island of Saint Helena, Ascension Island and the island group called Tristan da Cunha.

In 1990, amidst the population's denigrated British status, a new Governor was elected who seceded these islands from Britain.  Although Britain attempted to reclaim them through military force, an incredibly advanced military force sprang from these islands with millions of troops, and technologically superior warships, aircraft and missiles. Britain is in a truce with what has since been renamed "Oceania" by Governor Goldstein (affectionately called "Big Brother").

Since then, the island names, townships, bays and points have had their names changed. New industrial complexes have developed on all islands in mere fortnights.  From all indications, they are utilizing raw minerals and resources, as well as nuclear and geothermal/volcanic energies to power their towns and plants.

The only island that has no indication of power or thermal traces is Winston's Folly, however, the island has been covered in a perpetual fog and cloud layer since 1995 wherein no one has visually seen if anything has been happening on the island, if at all.



 ORANGE Towns/Residence

 Integrated Government System Organizational

 Complex (INGSOC) Industrial Sites

 BLUE Waterways
 BROWN TRIANGLES Known Military Outposts

Ascension Island

Ascension Island is the northernmost of the three sets of islands that make up Oceania. Georgetown is the main town on the island.
Industrial production is heavy across the island. Most production is estimated to be of Naval vessels, aircraft and missile systems. The island also has an international-level runway used by the military for fighter squadrons and cargo transport, as well as a way-point for most long range flights.
The Peak is an active volcano with dozens of huge 'magma-lines' that stretch out to each industrial site. The Peak is about 850 ft. from sea level.
Oceania Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) Launch Point and Silo
South Point Industrial Center, Ascension Island, Oceania
The island is protected with nearly 250,000 military troops, hundreds of missile systems, two aircraft carriers, three battleships, and two squadrons of destroyers and cruisers. Five squadrons of attack aircraft/fighters and five squadrons of bombers are based on this island.  There is rumor that there are more than one long-range ICBM missile silos on the island, but no one has been able to discover or detect them thusfar.

Equality Islands

Equality Island (formerly known as the Isles of Tristan da Cunha) is located to the south of Oceania's main island.
In this satellite view, you can see where the industrial sites are located across the island.  High peaks of thermal action exists at all sites and in direct lines out from the center of Proles Peak.  This island is believed to be the key production site for most military troop hardware, vehicles, armor, and missile systems, as well as production and manufacturing equipment used on the other islands.
This once quiet, beautiful island has slowly turned into an industrial wasteland, with large amounts of toxic waste detected in and around the waters of the associated islands. Most of the other islands have one or two industrial complexes on them, as well as thousands of troops, missiles, naval and air support.  The only island part of this chain that has a purely unknown quality to it is the fog-enshrouded Inaccessible Island.  Most Intel from these Equality Islands is based on conjecture and professional guesswork, since no one can get close enough to provide any formal Intel.
The southernmost of all these islands, Winston's Folly, seems to be a form of prison island.  A facility located deep in the heart of the island is surrounded with high security wild (non-indigenous) animals, and hundreds of lasers, missiles and troops.  It seems designed to prevent people from leaving the island, more than allowing people on the island.


Oceania (formerly known as St. Helena) is the capitol island of Oceania. Goldtown (originally Jamestown) is where the Oceania Governor is located, as well as all Ministry buildings.  Several industrial production sites are located across the island with a VERY large complex out near Tradesman's Isle.  The largest military presence amongst all the islands is located here. Although no airstrips are found here, it is believed several runways are burrowed into the hills and peak on the island.  A large naval flotilla surrounds the island at any given time.  Hundreds of missile sites have also been discovered, however, most of them are mobile sites.
The complex out on Goldstein Point is believed to be a submarine manufacturing facility and sub-pen base.  No one can affirm this, since no spies or Intel have come out of there alive.  Governor Goldstein ("Big Brother") is known to operate primarily from this island, as well as the Champions of Oceania.