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GUARD Intelligence Division


Intelligence Division

GUARD's Intelligence Division is designed to collect, collate, analyze, interrogate and contain any form of information and knowledge useful in performing GUARD operations and ensuring security and safety to anything GUARD is assigned to protect. 

Intelligence Division Director (IDD) ("Id")

Camile Jansen / Janis Jones


'Camile' is a deceased US Air Force Academy graduate who, during her time in and after her service, worked in Air Force Intelligence Operations (AFIO), Pentagon's Strategic Intelligence Group (SIG),  the National Security Agency (NSA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the International Police (Interpol); she was also considered to be one of the most ruthless domestic terrorists in US history, killing thousands of peacekeepers and civilians and blowing-up GUARD's Boston HQ.  Today, 'Janis' is GUARD's politically motivated and highly distrusted current well as a disguised bearer of one of the greatest secrets on the planet. 

Confused? Read on, reader...but you might want to sit down for this incredible story that will make any Hollywood spy-thriller look like a kiddy show... 

Camile, after her 10 years in the military, worked with the FBI, CIA, NSA and Interpol.  During that time, her efforts led to hundreds of arrests, dozens of federal crimes stopped and nearly a dozen terrorist bombings stopped.  She uncovered several new criminal organizations and even discovered the identities and bases of nearly 30% of the super-heroes in the world (as well as nearly 60% of the world's villains and their respective bases).  She was the most sought after Intelligence agent.  Eventually, she became a director for several respective departments under the FBI, CIA, NSA and Interpol.  It was during this time that Camile discovered a 'shadow' organization that was well on its way towards passive world domination.  Once she made her discoveries known, her life became a living hell.

Within hours of her meeting, she was discredited with just-released sex tapes of her with certain vile super-villains, corruption scandals, illegal drugs, illegal weapons, a list of international assassinations she'd 'pulled off' and even her theft of over $200 million from the Social Security Program (said to have been found in 'hidden yet just discovered' Crimewave (a criminal organization) bank accounts.

None of it was true.

She'd been set-up.

She knew she was on to something big; that, and the 'shadow' organization had more influence than she'd ever assumed. 

The media, police, federal organizations (and a few others like Israel's Mossad) were gunning for her, with the world being fed more information of her 'running battle' and rampage, shooting and killing innocent women, children, babies and house pets as well as executing homeless people -  all in her 'mad escape from being captured'.

Again, all of this was untrue.

Running from city to city, buildings to sewers, aqueducts to air vents, she made a crazed yet stealthy beeline to get to the only organization that might believe her: GUARD.

On her way to GUARD's Boston, Massachusetts headquarters, police, SWAT and military forces suddenly cordoned off any access to the GUARD HQ. The media stated they'd received reports of explosives in Camile's apartment, with a journal on how she is planning to blow-up the GUARD HQ building.  Reports were also mentioned about several booby-traps that had already been discovered on the HQ's doors and exits that were 'obviously' set by her to maliciously kill people as they evacuated the HQ.  The media dubbed her as one of the most evil, depraved minds ever.

Again, she had nothing to do with any of this.  It was all untrue; a set-up. 

A set-up not only for her, but for another threat as well - GUARD,

Camile realized this was a 'two birds, one stone' attempt by the 'shadow' organization to take out GUARD and her all in one fell swoop.  GUARD's personnel had been ordered by the authorities to stay inside to remain 'safe'. Camile now knew that GUARD was indeed a threat to this 'shadow' organization and that she needed more than ever to get her information to GUARD to bring the 'shadows' into the light...and hopefully save anyone in the building.

In an incredible series of actions that included technology, wit and athleticism, she was able to escape detection to within a block of GUARD's HQ.  There, she was able to contact GUARD's Executive Director (codenamed "Big Dog") and meet with him in the sewers below the HQ. After she explained all that had happened to her, "Big Dog" agreed she was telling the truth and tried to get her to safety, unfortunately, several members of the assassination organization known as "Death Legion" arrived in the same sewer lines, gunning for her...and the "Big Dog".


In a relentless firefight and melee, "Big Dog" was killed and Camile lost her arm from an exploding ammo round fired from Death Legion's leader, Deathmaster. At the same time Camile lost her arm, the GUARD HQ blew sky high, collapsing the sewer pipe Camile was in and separating a retreating Death Legion from each others certain death - but not before Camile was dragged to safety by GUARD's 2nd in Command, codenamed "Mr. Ed", into an undocumented adjacent sewer access.  Mr. Ed had been leading his guardsmen and women to safety through the sewer's secret passages when the building blew; Mr. Ed lost all those he'd tried to save...all except Camile. 

In the aftermath, the media stated authorities had determined that Camile 'set off the bomb', killing over a thousand guardsmen and women, as well as GUARD's Executive Director.  Everyone believed she was dead once they found what remained of her severed arm in the building's debris a day later.

"Mr. Ed" became the new "Big Dog" days later. 

In that interim time, after affixing Camile with a new composite material bionic arm for the one she'd lost, the new "Big Dog" had plastic surgery performed on her and created a new identity and persona for her to hide from ever being discovered again.

Shortly thereafter, the new "Big Dog", in a heated United Nations GUARD deposition, was assigned (forced) a new Intelligence Division Director named Janis Jones. She was said to be an ego-centric, corporate ladder-climbing executive who got her new position as the Intelligence Division Director through politics.

The truth was: Camile was hiding in plain sight disguised as "Janis Jones".

No one was the wiser.

Armed with what little knowledge she has of this major 'shadow' organization, 'Camile' has carefully started amassing information to find a way to stop them, meanwhile "Janis" continues as a corporate bitch that no one in GUARD least, that's was "Janis" is portraying to the world...

Galactic/Extraterrestrial Intelligence Commander (GEICOM) ("Galaxy")

Rak'A Tos


An alien Orionan who is a first generation Earther, Rak'A Tos (named Ryan Toss to fit in with the other regular Earth kids), was raised and educated on Earth his whole life and is now the commander of all Galactic and Extraterrestrial Intelligence gathering and monitoring in the Milky Way, or more to truth, the Solar System.

His Orionan parents, seeking to escape the wars on their planet, left their Solar System and traveled to Earth in 1930 to start a new life.  Since Orionans are similar to Earthers, except able to handle 100 times more information that a standard Earther, it was not 'too' hard for them to fit in.  Once they established a new identity, home and background, the Tos family began to grow. By 1940, the Tos family grew from 2 to 10.  In the late 1960s, in an unexpected turn, 5 of the 8 Tos children were drafted to fight in the Vietnam war. Rather than easily manipulate the system to get them out of combat, the children wanted to go to learn how to fight, if for one day, they might have to return to their original world and had to fight there.  The parents were highly reluctant, but agreed. 

Three of the five children that went off to war did not return home alive.

The remaining two, Rak'A Tos and his older brother, Nam'O Tos, were deeply affected by the war.  Rak'A believed that with proper information, the prevention of ignorance about their actions, that the Earthers might want to stop fighting wars, and maybe a better if not more idealistic peace might ensue. His brother, Nam'O, thought the exact opposite.  He wanted to kill Earthers for killing his other brothers.  In a rage, Nam'O set out on a rage-fueled battle in Washington DC...with his father's alien weapons and space suit.

During the rampage, Nam'O was shot nearly a dozen times until he was dead.  That's when the Feds discovered Nam'O wasn't human.  Days later, the "Feds" arrived at the Tos home and arrested all of the remaining family, taking them to Roswell AFB in New Mexico for interrogation.

After weeks of grueling interrogation, brutal torture, sleep deprivation and medical procedures, the father had enough.  He told the Earthers if they wanted to know the 'secret' for why the Tos family was hiding on Earth, they'd have to bring in a lawyer, after which certain remunerations had been accepted, he'd tell the "Feds" everything. 

The 'lawyer' the Feds brought in was a certain CIA operative known as "Major Invader".  The Feds wanted the Major to get the alien to confess about what they believed was a forthcoming invasion by their people. The Major, a known radical even in the CIA, yet an incredibly unequal agent nonetheless, sat with the alien father.  After two days of discussions, the Major knew the Tos family was no threat at all to the US or Earth. Instead of getting a confession out of them, the Major freed the Tos family and secreted them away to a new location with new identities, where they'd be able to lead the life they'd wanted in the first place - peaceful.  The Major torched the Roswell facility the Tos family had been help in and reported the Tos family died in the fire, committing suicide rather than accepting the Earther's barbaric treatment of their kind.  The Tos family agreed to the Major's plan...all except Rak'A; Rak'A wanted to work with the Earthers to show them what his people were capable of and that they could work together.  The Major made a counter offer and stated "when the time is right, and you still want to, I'll set the wheels in motion for you to not only get what you want, but that they'll accept you and your family without question."  With that the Major found the Tos family a remote home in Canada to live with their new identities...until the Major contacted them in the late 1970s.

Major Invader, a bit older and still a rogue CIA agent, had worked hard on educating and preparing some 'friends' of his that were forming a new organization called "GUARD"; he'd prepared them to get Rak'A to be a part of GUARD's team to actually promote peace and understanding.  In an incredible display of diversity, GUARD took in Rak'A and ensured the Tos family would never be discovered or bothered.

That is, until the Soltans arrived, invading Earth in 2000.

During the nine month invasion, the world's nations, military, GUARD and many super-heroes (and villains) fought to push back the Soltans to space.  After millions of deaths, Earth won its fight against the Soltans, who'd retreated to Mars.  During the invasion, the Tos family volunteered to help at GUARD to aid them in deciphering the millions of actions, communications and bits of information that had to be collated and scrutinized.  Orionans, renown in their ability to process information, proved themselves incredible allies to the Earthers during the invasion. Rak'A's processing was even better than both his parents combined; he was a natural at it.

After the invasion's end, the Tos family once again went back to their peace and quiet, except Rak'A who decided to stay on helping GUARD.

Today, Rak'A is the Commander of Galactic and Extraterrestrial Intelligence for GUARD; a job he enjoys doing every day; as much as he enjoys GUARD's continued mission to promote peace.  Although Rak'A is nearly 70 Earth-years old, by Orionan standards, he is only in his mid 20s.

Rak'A obtained that which he dreamed most about; peace.  That, and the gorgeous blonde model that is now his wife...and mother to his two alien/human hybrid children.

World Intelligence Commander (WORLDINTCOM) ("World")

Albert Conrad


Albert, a London-born British citizen, is considered one of the smartest people on Earth.  With an IQ of 138 (tested through the Terman's IQ testing system), Albert had been requested by every major think tank in the world. After a year with one particular 'think tank', and an incredible chain of events, he has deduced that GUARD is the better place to use his near-unparalled intellect.

Graduating with three PhDs by age 23 from MIT, Harvard and Stanford Universities, Albert was interviewed by hundreds of potential employers, however, one particular 'think tank' employer caught his interest, Scorpio Solutions.  There, he was allowed a large income and an opportunity to solve many of the world's problems with a group of highly intelligent men and women.  He had access to one of the most powerful computers, dubbed Scorpio X, to process most of his calculations.  In his first year with Scorpio Solutions, he helped map out a financial system for world leaders to follow that within 10 years, would stabilize most of the world's economies and bring about a new era of prosperity,  In order to obtain the data he needed to work these calculations, he'd been provided financial, economic and manufacturing data that was not readily available to normal channels.  Intrigued with his world financial solution, he presented it to the Scorpio Solutions 'Brain Trust', the senior executives of Scorpio Solutions.  It was accepted with expected criticism and deductions, however, in the end, the Brain Trust agreed to its premise.  The only major issue that Albert knew had to be performed to made his model work was for a 90% agreement of all national and United Nations leaders to enact his model's policies, which would allow a smooth transition and not a 'heavy-handed' approach to to model's success.

Days later, Albert, working on a new project for a low-cost worldwide information dissemination system, started quizzically questioning where all of his previous project's data had originally come from.  Much to his surprise, he discovered that all nations, military establishments and international businesses and corporations were illegally being spied on through the Scorpio X mega-computer.  The computer had been siphoning off data worldwide for the last 10 years.  Rumors of a new Scorpio XI mega-computer's production had also been hinted at.  Albert, uncomfortable with this knowledge, sat down with the Scorpio Solutions president, Professor Cameron Cole.  Cole assured Albert the information was legal and quickly ended the meeting, mentioning he'd get back to him with the proof of the computer's information legality.  That's when everything went wrong.

As Albert left for home that night, he was kidnapped by 'terrorists' who wanted him to tell them everything he knew about Scorpio Solutions.  These terrorists were actually hired thugs from the villainous assassin group known as "Death Legion".  Their intention was to see what Albert knew and if he'd told anyone else about what the Scorpio X computer was doing.  Albert refused to talk, and was set up to be summarily executed in an old barn on a remote farm.  That's when GUARD showed up.

GUARD's newest subdivision, "Terraguardians" arrived on the scene.  In a brilliantly executed battle, Albert was saved from execution.  Within minutes, Albert and GUARD's Terraguardians departed from the scene, taking Albert into protective custody.

After two days of discussions, Albert (and GUARD) deduced that Scorpio Solutions was a front for a 'shadow' organization that was bent on world domination.  They'd been monitoring the personnel at Scorpio Solutions with their own legally authorized intel, and had deduced that Albert was about to be 'let go' or 'assassinated' as it nearly turned out to be.

When GUARD, the local police and military went to Scorpio Solutions to shut them down, Scorpio Solutions exploded in a fiery blast that not only leveled the building and its underground 'think tank', but killed over 150 of the world's greatest minds on the planet.  The Scorpio X computer was discovered to have been the epicenter of the blast.  The Scorpio X mega-computer was found to be nothing more than molten slag as a result of the fiery explosion. No data or documents were found or recoverable.  The "Shadow Organization" had covered their tracks well.

Shortly after that, Albert was asked to aid GUARD in their Resources Division to help them design new , powerful vehicles, portals and aircraft.  Albert instead declined and asked instead to work in Intelligence; he wanted to avenge those that were killed at Scorpio Solutions and bring to justice whatever "Shadow Organization" is was that nearly killed him and took his world financial model.

Recently, as the new World Intelligence Commander, codenamed "World", he started seeing the results of his world financial model being put into play.  Somehow, a version of his model was being applied through national and United Nations delegates and leaders, but with a twist.  Trillions of dollars were not being accounted for in this revisionist version of his model.  He knows that someone, more than likely the "Shadow Organization", is instead draining the newly manipulated world economy to its own diabolical schemes...

In the meantime, Albert, using his intellect and skills has not only become the best "World" ever in GUARD's history, but has also allowed a version of his world financial model to be used by GUARD; a model that is currently earning GUARD a 25% profit every quarter.