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The Harmony Foundation



About the Harmony Foundation

Founded and operated by their CEO, Harmon Yee, the foundation has two agendas; one public…and one secret.

Harmony Foundation’s public agenda is a benevolent, charitable progressive campaign to promote harmony in world politics, financial standards, a unified language and the promotion of religious tolerance. 

As per their Mission statement:

Our goal is to help improve the world so that its people can live healthy and productive lives in harmony with one another.


With over $291 Billion in assets, the Harmony Foundation has worked with world politicians, major multi-national corporations, businesses , industries and other charitable organizations to promote better standards of living in developing nations and cooperation throughout the world.  As part of their goals, they intend to integrate their methods of communication, tolerance and the development of a common world language to unite the businesses and populace of the world in a peaceful, sustainable manner.  Their objectives, put in place since the conclusion of the Soltan Invasion of 2000, are designed to stop the unethical business practices of nations and instead unite to a common world goal using their guidelines for a more prosperous tomorrow and the betterment of all mankind.

As for their ‘secret’ agenda:

Their true plan is to t@#&$(*#$(*#&$ *(#& $(#&$*$%+_)$()*& $(*&^#$#$& (^#*&^#* ^$*&$)(* #$^@(*^#$()$__+@#+_$(*#)$^#()# ^$(*#^(_*()#$*(&(#$_#_&#$$*(^#*(^$$@#$&(#*%^ #(*$&#*($&#$* (#& @#*(&# $#* ()$&#*($&#($&*#($)*& (*&$(#*&amp




Initiate . . .


 Thank you for supporting the Harmony Foundation.

 We look forward to bringing you a brighter future today!


 Our foundation associates will be with you shortly at your home and business

to impart your contributions towards our goal for a new tomorrow.


"Harmony to you and all that will be"


Harmony Foundation CEO, Harman Yee

Professor Harman Yee

A reclusive billionaire, Japan's Professor Haman Yee is said to be a graduate of the University of Tokyo in International Business.  His initial interests were in renewable energy, solar power and farming.  Over the years, it is said that Yee earned enough through his business ventures to become a philanthropist while working for a multi-national think tank in Germany. After years of being a part of the think tank, Yee suddenly created the Harmony Foundation.

His pursuit of a world more in 'harmony' with each other has set a tone for thousands of businesses and contributors, making his foundation one of the largest in the world. The foundation's practices are said to have aided the poor in Africa, the hungry in the Sudan, the religiously oppressed in Europe and the forward thinking necessary to act as one world to prevent any future alien invasions, such as that wrought by the Soltan Empire in 2000.

In 2008, Yee built the foundation's massive headquarters in Hiroshima, Japan.  Since then, more businesses and entrepreneurs have collected around him and his foundation.

Currently, there are rumors that Professor Yee, aided with scholars in linguistics, have devised a new international language and written form that one day soon can be taught to the whole world.  This new language, according to Yee, will 'break the barriers' that have always separated the world's population from one another. 

Though his foundation's goals are lofty and are hailed by the international political and business communities as "paradigm breakers", there are others in the world who see Professor Yee and his foundation as something more than it claims to be.  Protests have erupted time and again decrying the foundation and Professor Yee as "puppetmasters".  Some have even said he has an army of ninjas at his beck and call; others have even outrageously claimed he can control peoples minds. Regardless of the protests of a few, a majority of the world agrees with the foundation's goals and thus consider the Harmony Foundation as the path to a new future for humankind. 

As a result of the current wave of approval over the foundation's plans and Professor Yee's leadership in the Harmony Foundation, Professor Yee has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize by the Nobel Committee and other world leaders.

MDUverse Info

The Harmony Foundation was created through a combined effort by Eric Finger, Sean Nunley and Don"Major Deej" Finger. 

Created on 6 June 2015 with Professor Harmon Yee as the foundation's leader, based out of Hiroshima, Japan.