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Prince Adrastos


Gold Syndicate Villains

 Acoustic Gold
 Auric Bolt
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Acoustic Gold

Cheryl Acres


Blonde bombshell.  Black Widow spider. Incredible singer. Conniving Woman. Goldigger.  These are but a few of the 'kinder' descriptions of Cheryl Acres AKA the 2nd Acoustic Gold (as an FYI, the first Golden Acoustic died by police gunshots during a gold robbery (Claire Cytuvonov)). 

In 2012, Cheryl had already amassed quite a reputation as a goldigger, flaunting herself at every rich man she knew since before she was a teenager.  Her schemes ranged from faked pregnancies to renaming herself as a once-dead heiress to outright professional larceny.  At one time or another, she has tried every illegal and immoral scheme to get rich quick and kill off any that got in her way.  She was married twice; once at 17 years of age to a gold magnate who mysteriously died on their honeymoon (she was arrested, but no proof found or wrong doing) and another time at 18 to another 18 year old heir who died in a tragic boating accident the day after their honeymoon.  Although she truly only married them for their money, she quickly learned in each case that there were secretive financial and legal safeguards in place to prevent her from obtaining any of their money from their wills.

In her early adulthood, she instead stayed at expensive hotels and resorts, feeding on the rich and using her wily skills to either extort money from her victims or outright steal their bank accounts.  Adept at social robbery (influencing others to give her money), she almost always got away with it.

A few years ago, Cheryl attempted to steal and swindle from Eugene Adrastos AKA Prince Adrastos of the Gold Syndicate, much to her surprise, unsuccessfully.  Placed in a dank cell on a remote island, she once again used her wily skills to free herself from the prison, but not before Adrastos intercepted her.  Rather than kill her, he offered her a job and a greater opportunity.  One of his 'proteges' had been shot to death in an attempted gold robbery she was to perform. For the robbery, she was wearing a powersuit that utilized sonic weaponry.  Cheryl, knowing she didn't have much of a choice, took the suit and was given a robbery job at a Fort Worth, Texas bank as an option to her potential death.

Cheryl and her sonic powersuit masterfully pulled off the robbery such that even the guards didn't know the gold had been robbed until the next morning.  Impressed, Adrastos offered her two other chances to test her skills.  Cheryl loved the rush of the heist and had felt more alive than ever before and was more than willing to do the additional robberies, but of course, at a price.  She wanted the powersuit and a spot at the table for getting her equal share of the robberies.  Adrastos told her if she proved herself, she'd get her fair share just as others in the Gold Syndicate get.  With that, Cheryl performed the next two robberies, again without the guards knowing when or who did it; this time though, she had to use her powersuit's abilities to get past certain security sensors and break into the vaults.  After the successful heists, Adrastos allowed Cheryl to join his syndicate, but only so long as he could trust her.

In 2014, Cheryl, now called Acoustic Gold as her new villain name, aided the Gold Syndicate and its other super-powered thieves in raiding several more banks and gold reserve locations. In one such raid, two superheroes arrived on the scene, and if it were not for Acoustic Gold, the raiding super-villains would have been captured, securing praise from her fellow Gold Syndicate super-villains for her efforts.

Today, Acoustic Gold continues in the Gold Syndicate's raids as part of the syndicate's super-villain team.  She tried to use her wily skills on Goldmaster, the super-villain team's leader, but he saw through her act.  Currently, she is slowly working her feminine wiles on Prince Adrastos, attempting to get him to trust her more; trust her so she can eventually find and steal all of the Gold Syndicate's gold, precious metals and money for herself.


  • Sonic Power Generator (Gauntlets and Pack)
    • Sonic Generator and Power Distribution
      • Can produce a stored energy level of 600 maximum.  This is the amount of energy available for use over time.
      • Generates an additional 20 energy per minute
      • Generator has amazing level of armor and protection, preventing it from being easily damaged
      • Each gauntlets can use sonic generator's stored/generated energy.
      • Each gauntlet contains an additional storage energy of 100 and can be eventually recharged by the Sonic Power Generator at a rate of 10 per minute.
    • Sonic Blast
      • Remarkable sonic energy attacks up to 300 feet of range
    • Frequency Altering
      • Excellent frequency manipulation to shatter objects, alter sound frequencies to that of her own choice and pitch
    • Noise Reduction
      • Using her powers, she can mute sounds of excellent intensity or less, creating a quiet, noiseless area only up to 20 feet in radius from her location
    • White Noise Generation
      • Using ambient sound, she can distort any form of active, recorded or audible sounds by creating a field of noise that can inflict good damage to any and all outside of her 20 foot sphere of influence out to within 200 yards of maximum noise generation
  • Limited Flight
    • Using her sonic gauntlets, she can redirect their power to lift off and fly up to 100 mph, but only up to 400 feet off the ground
    • Power consumption is high, causing a 10% loss of sonic power generator power per 2 miles of travel (1/2 that for hauling up to an additional 200 lbs).
  • Sonic Radar
    • Using her sonic generation powers coupled with her high-tech sonic goggles, she can see things using either active or passive sonar sensing, allowing her to 'see' shapes and objects from sonic bounce-back to her goggles.  As such, she can see in the dark and around corners, including sonic mapping of a space, all up to 250 yards range in an enclosed space or up to 20 miles in open air
  • Bodysuit Protection
    • Physical protection
      • Provides typical physical protection from attacks, poor protection from energy and thermal attack, but can provide amazing protection against resonating or sonic attacks
      Eye and Ear sonic filters
      • Eye protection allows typical physical protection and remarkable flash protection as well as seeing in the dark with her sonic Radar system (see above).
      • Remarkable hearing protection automatically falls into place any time sonic powers are generated greater than feeble levels.


Auric Bolt

Samantha Smith


The militant isle nation of Oceania is well known for its highly advanced weaponry and equipment, such that many black marketeers have diligently gone after their technology at great risk of death.  Very few robberies have ever been successful from Oceania, however, one particular one leads us to the tangled involvement with several gangs and villain groups as well as an audacious ex-CANIS Omega named Samantha Smith.

A few years ago, a worker from Oceania's unique weapons manufacturing plant escaped the island in a specialized, yet untested electrical generation suit.  Using the suit, the worker flew high into the sky on a stormy night, attempting to shake his pursuers, the Champions of Oceania as well as the well-armed Oceania Air Patrol (OAC).  for the first five minutes into the escape, the worker flew an erratic, evasive course towards the African coastline.  After 10 miles from Oceania, the OAC had to turn back or be fired upon by any of the several United Nations fleet vessels blockading the island.  The Champions of Oceania, however, let go one final salvo at the 10 mile marker, hitting the worker's electrical generation pack and causing it to start shorting out.  Several miles from the African coastline, the suit finally gave out, sending the escaping worker crashing into the ocean.  An international rescue team was sent out for the primary purpose of retrieving the suit, and if lucky, the worker, alive.  Sadly, after a week of searching, the international rescue team wasn't able to find the suit or the worker.  Oceania put out an excessive reward across the globe for salvagers to find and return the suit in fair condition.  As such, the hunt was on, with every single villainous group and gang, as well as the CIA, MI6 and several other international spy and militant agencies (i.e., Legacy Corporation) out looking for it. 

Over the next few weeks, it was a true free-for-all in the waters between Oceania and the African coast.  Heroes fighting villains, opposing nations attacking and sabotaging the others search efforts, mercenaries killing salvagers - it was chaos.  Amidst the chaos, one of the crime groups know as CANIS sent out two teams, one from its Hyena Pack and the other from its Jackal Pack.  One of the Jackal Pack Omegas (trooper) was the one who eventually found the suit; that Omega was Samantha Smith.  The suit was found under a ledge in the ocean with half of the worker's body still strapped in; the other half was eaten by fish. 

Once CANIS' Omega trooper Smith brought the suit up from the depths sans the remnants of the workers body, a fight immediately broke out, with other CANIS troops, legates, and initiates attempting to claim the suit.  In the confusion, Samantha spirited away the suit and took it to a repair shop in the bowels of the CANIS ship they were on.  There, she ordered a mechanic to find out what was wrong with the suit and fix it on the spot, all the while Samantha fended off others who attempted to take the suit from her and the mechanic.  After killing five CANIS members, the suit was finally repaired.  She shot the mechanic, opened a cargo hatch in the maintenance bay that lead outside the ship and flew off in the suit under heavy fire.  She made her way to shore, but not before a band of Golden Dragons thugs tried to steal it from her.  Those same thugs learned the extent of the suit's electrical generation powers and abilities much to their hospitalized chagrin.

Weeks later, still being chased by everyone originally hunting for the suit, she was surprised by the Gold Syndicate's Goldmaster, who'd teleported in front of her.  Rather than fight her, he offered her a spot in the Gold Syndicate, including a percentage share of their gains.  With few choices before her, she agreed.  Together, they teleported out of Egypt and back to the United States and the Gold Syndicate's Fort Gold HQ. 

Today, "Auric Bolt" as she calls herself, has officially became a member of the Gold Syndicate and has continued to be a strong combatant for them since.



  • Electrical Generation
    • Using her electrical generator, she can generate up to incredible amounts of electricity.  So long as a magnetic field is allowed to be formed within her generator pack, she can generate the electrical power.  The generator is protected by a monstrously strong casing.
  • Electrical Blast
    • Using the suit's generator, she can channel electrical blasts from her gauntlets at a maximum of remarkable levels.
    • Using the suit's generator, she can also channel electrical discharges throughout her suit, creating an excellent level of electrical charge around her within 5 feet of her ungrounded location.  Coupled with her electrical aura (see below), anyone touching her can be jolted with an additional level of electrical/energy damage to remarkable levels.
  • Electrical Aura
    • Just like her electrical blast body discharge power, she can generate an electrified aura around herself at all times providing excellent physical, incredible energy and good temperate protection.
  • Suit
    • Suit provides Poor physical protection, amazing energy protection and excellent thermal protection all by itself even without the generator running. 
  • Flight
    • Using her electrical powers, she can travel up to 400 mph by riding a generated bolt of electrical energy.  Her agility while in-flight increases by a factor of 1x her own agility due to the bolt's directional properties.


Gilded Arrow

Juan Santiago



Juan Santiago was a normal boy raised in an impoverish part of Georgetown, Guyana in South America.  One day in his youth, he snuck into the Providence Stadium to watch a small group of archery competitors compete for state championship.  He was so overwhelmed at their skills that he decided to steal one of their bows and a quiver to use for himself.  Eventually, Juan was caught and placed in a youth jail for his theft. After a few days in jail, the archery team's coach showed up to talk to Juan, asking him why he stole the bow and quiver.  Juan mentioned his interest in the sport, but his family had no money to get those things.  The coach got him out of jail the next day and presented him a work-exchange plan; Juan worked for him doing menial tasks and cleaning and the coach would teach him archery and let him use some of the team's equipment in the process.  Elated, Juan agreed and worked very hard at his job and his training.  By the time he was 16 years of age, he was the best archer on the team and won the national championship that same year.

Thanks to a medal winning competition in the 2011 Pan-American games, Juan was sponsored to be one of six representing Guyana athletes attending the 2012 London Olympics.There, he easily advanced in the men's division.  Amidst serious competition, Juan was proving to be a serious threat to the other national competitors, none of which even knew who Juan was or expected him to advance as he did.  That same year, Oceania was allowed to compete for the first time ever in the Olympics amid incredible international consternation and controversy.  One of the Juan's competitors in the archery field was a man from Oceania named Darren Gregory.  Gregory was 'denoted' to be the top of his field, and although he'd never competed internationally, it was rumored he was a highly talented archer, even though some thought he was cheating most of the time, but couldn't prove it.  Juan and Gregory came down to the final heat before the medal round, with both showing off their skills effortlessly, earning some of the highest scores in their field. That's when Juan saw how Gregory was cheating.

A small and dimly lit light would always light up when Oceania's Gregory was perfectly aligned for a bulls eye shot.  Juan saw this, while no one else did.  Juan, feeling it he needed to report the cheating, told his coach what he saw.  As such, Juan's coach called for an on-site equipment inspection against Gregory.  As such, they found Gregory's bow had a highly-complex targeting system built into it, thus disqualifying him from competition and earning Oceania a lifetime ban from participating in Olympic archery events.  Juan was considered a hero of the moment, challenging Oceania as he did, however, Oceania got even with Juan very quickly.

Guyana, until recently, had severe laws about gay couples and marriage, imposing penalties of up to life imprisonment should any citizen ever be found guilty.  Juan had a childhood friend that he'd grown up with named Ariz Bandu.  Ariz and Juan eventually advanced into a gay relationship at age 15, but kept their relationship a secret from everyone, including their parents.  Oceania's Darren Gregory, the day before he was evicted from the Olympic village, saw Juan and Ariz making out through their village dorm window.  Knowing Guyana's laws, Gregory had 'other people' take pictures of Ariz and Juan and had them immediately taken to the Guyana embassy in London.

Hours before Juan's medal competition the next day, Juan and his archery team (including Ariz) were called in to the Guyana embassy in London.  Upset over the timing, Juan and his coach tried to reschedule the meeting, but instead, several strong men from the embassy's staff arrived and stuffed the Guyana archery team into a van and drove back to the embassy.  There, the archery team was questioned about Juan's affair with Ariz.  Since no one else on the team knew about the affair other than Juan and Ariz, the rest of the team were dumbfounded.  As such, the coach and the rest of the team begged the embassy and their ambassador to let them go to the competition before he'd have to forfeit for not appearing on time.  Instead, the ambassador ordered the entire team to be jailed and sent back to Guyana for trial.  Although the ambassador was apologetic, he was told he 'had no choice'.  Juan instead broke from his captors and freed Ariz, both making an incredible escape out of the embassy and onto London streets.  There, they made their way back to the Olympic venue,where, even amidst high security, both Ariz and Juan were able to sneak back into the stadium.  Once there, Juan hid until it was time to show for his medal round in archery competition.  The Guyana embassy's strongmen arrived at the event, but it was too late; unless they wanted an international incident played out on live TV, the Guyana embassy's men couldn't arrest Juan in full public view.  They did, however, find the hidden Ariz back behind a food vendor court.  Juan saw  Ariz arrive on the sidelines with the embassy guards just as Juan was about to compete for the medal round, knowing full well that after the medal round was done, he'd be arrested as well.

The competitors were tough. The stress was high.  Juan was truly in a unique hell that would've broken most men.

As the final shots were cast in the archery competition in compound bows, Juan was 10 points in the lead.  He could completely miss a shot and still tie with the next highest competitor for the gold medal.  On his final shot, rather than go for the gold, Juan turned about and shot one of the embassy guards in the knee.  Juan immediately jumped form his platform, grabbed his reserve quiver of arrows and began taking down each of the embassy guards.  Sadly, one of the embassy guards pushed Ariz in front of his own body to shield himself, causing Ariz to receive an arrow to the heart shot by Juan and meant for the embassy guard's hand instead. 

Ariz fell to the ground, instantly dead.

As the crowd looked on in absolute horror, the terrorist response teams converged on the site.  Overwhelmed with grief and anger, Juan wheeled around, stealing two other competitor's reserve quivers and began shooting killing shots at the anti-terrorist troops, all the while screaming in agony and despair, tears streaming from his eyes.  Eventually, he was able to elude the squad, making his way back to the Olympic village, where he intended to turn himself in.  Once there, he had another problem - Oceania's Gregory was just leaving with bags packed when the two crossed paths.

Gregory saw Juan and quizzically asked why he hadn't been arrested at the embassy yet.  Juan wheeled around and asked how Gregory knew of this, only for Gregory to see anti-terrorist troops bearing down on Juan (and initially, thinking himself as well).  Before Juan could add up Gregory's involvement in this, Gregory broke out his bow and an arrow and aimed it at Juan, demanding to know what Juan knew.  Juan then figured it out.  He figured out Gregory was the cause of the embassy arrest on him and his team. With lightning speed, Juan planted three arrows in Gregory's chest before Gregory even knew it.  Before Gregory's body even hit the ground, Juan sprinted behind the Olympic village and made his way off the campus and out into the London streets.

The ensuing manhunt never found Juan, and as such it was believed he'd died trying to swim the Thames during his escape, or at least that's what the media said.  Juan was considered disqualified in the competition, with Guyana banned for a lifetime from the Olympic event.  Ironically, due to Gregory's reportedly 'heroic' attempt to stop the murdering Juan, Oceania's lifetime ban was lifted and Gregory was given a posthumous medal for Olympic bravery instead.  Juan, however, was now considered an international terrorist, murderer, and expatriate of Guyana.  All references to Juan back in Guyana were stripped from records, paintings, murals, etc.; even Juan's parents, as well as the rest of Guyana's Olympic archery team, disappeared, never to be seen again.

Juan did survive.

He made his way into the London sewers and eventually made his way  to the docks, catching a cargo ship to the United States.  That cargo ship, however, was a secretive front ship for the gold Syndicate.  While aboard ship, to earn his keep, he showed the crew his archery skills, all the while doing menial labor on the ship during its run to Florida.  Once in Florida, the captain of the ship introduced Juan to a Gold Syndicate leader, who in turn, introduced him to one of the syndicate's super-powered operatives, Goldmaster.   Not only was Goldmaster impressed with Juan, he was impressed over his skill in getting past the anti-terrorist squads at the Olympic venue, a feat not easily done.  With that, Juan was offered a job with the Gold Syndicate.

Today, Juan, bereft of any feelings or morality, continues with the Gold Syndicate now as the Gilded Arrow, now constantly in search for his own 'gold medal' of being  a gold thief.



  • Master Archery Skills
    • Gilded Arrow has incredible archery skills, making him one of the top 10 archers in the world.
    • He normally uses composite fiber arrows of remarkable material, allowing him to pierce excellent level materials with ease. 
    • Can easily shoot normal arrows up to a range of 180 feet.
  • Trick Arrows
    • Gas arrow - remarkable knock-out gas, fills an area in seconds to a maximum radius of 30 feet.  Gas effects vary depending on targeted endurance.
    • Flash arrow - remarkable bright arrow that can temporarily blind most targets in the arrow's area.
    • Explosive arrow - Excellent level concussive blast arrow affects all in impact area, with typical damage to all in adjacent areas and feeble damage to those in area beyond that.
    • Sonic arrow - emits excellent level sonic energy screech for 10-12 seconds while operational to all in area of arrow, with typical damage to adjacent areas and feeble damage to those in areas beyond that.
    • Smoke arrow - emits thick black smoke,dropping visibility by a factor of 4 to all in area and a factor of 2 in adjacent areas.
    • Shrapnel arrow - at manually set time, will discharge 12 damaging excellent ranked metal shards against all in area.
    • ECM/Electronic Scrambler arrow - fries all electronic systems with remarkable quick discharge upon impact or with timer.  Can also be used to distort electronic sensors and cameras at same level; range upon impact of ECM/scrambling: 25 yards.
    • Camera arrow - shoots a fully remotely controlled tilt-zoom micro-camera.  Contains 50x zoom and can rotate/tilt a full 360 degrees.  Range of video transceiver signal: 250 yards.  Battery allows 1 hour (or less, depending on use of zoom and tilt) operation.
  • Acrobatics
    • Gilded Arrow is an excellent acrobatic fighter, runner and parquor  trained gymnast.
  • Suit
    • Provides typical protection from physical and temperate effects, good energy protection, excellent radiation protection and no magic protection.
    • Earwig devices provide sonic protection once a sonic arrow is let loose.
    • Eye covers provide good remarkable protection from own flash devices (once arrow is loosed, filters on suit kick in).
    • Contains in-suit comms unit for a max range of 25 miles.
    • Has a night vision filter that can be dropped in place with a switch on goggles.



E-BOT 4E1-1


Zenith had built several types of robots for distribution and use with its Eclipse operations to help augment and support its Eclipse team.  Once such robot series, E-BOT 4E1-1, was considered a veritable tank of a machine that was originally to be built for the Eugene Adrastos of Adastros Investments for security to his secretive money laundering floor of his business.  Unfortunately, Adrastos' business was shutdown on racketeering and money laundering charges, and the prototype was instead left to the side, finished, but never activated. Zenith/Eclipse considered the prototype way too expensive to mass produce and instead shelved the whole series.  The prototype was kept off to the corner of the factory floor gathering dust for nearly four years. 

The protoype's designer and builder, Professor Robert Gould-Durst,  had left Zenith/Eclipse and was working on projects for CANIS when he was caught and jailed by G.U.A.R.D. in a raid on CANIS.  Gould-Durst, knowing he'd be killed outright by CANIS or Zenith/Eclipse for being captured and potentially interrogated by the police, set off a signal he'd programmed the prototype to hone in on through his own bio-tracker transmitter (an implant he'd placed under his skin in his forearm) to create enough of a distraction for Gould-Durst to possibly escape.  Once Gould-Durst activated the signal, the prototype came to life.  It started tearing through the Eclipse factory floor, destroying dozens of other assembly line robots and servers with all the other active robotic schematics, thus destroying whole series of Zenith/Eclipse robot lines.  Eclipse sent out two of its super-powered agents to stop the prototype, but instead got hospitalized in their fight against the robot as it trudged to the GUARD HQ building where its builder was located.

Eventually, dozens of police and SWAT teams were called in to stop the prototype on its trajectory through Boston and towards GUARD's HQ, but to no avail.  Eventually, G.U.A.R.D. sent in its own super-powered teams to stop it, yet again, unsuccessfully.  Eventually, the prototype made its way to GUARD's HQ and tore through two floors of the building before the super team, Yankee Minutemen, arrived on the scene.  One of their teammates, Maine Man, was the only one capable of stopping the robot, using his magically empowered pole axe.  Maine Man eventually chopped the prototype to pieces before the team's leader, Minuteman, was able to damage the prototype's mobility core, thus causing it to stop moving.  

When Gould-Durst was shown the played-back security footage of the prototype's demise, he had a fatal heart attack.  Interestingly enough, his death prompted a specialized signal between Gould-Durst and the prototype, merging the builder's thoughts and unconscious mental faculties to upload to the prototype.  It was Gould-Durst's way of achieving what he considered to be "a means of reaching a limited immortality for himself". Although Gould-Durst's memories weren't uploaded, his mental state, being angry, aggressive and disliking G.U.A.R.D., the police and others of authority, transferred to the prototype, making the limited internal circuity and diminished Artificial Intelligence capacity to that  of a caveman's mentality, but with technical knowledge and skills to not only repair itself, but for use in limited situational troubleshooting and solution generation.

Gould-Durst's body was never claimed by family and instead cremated and left in a potter's field type graveyard.  The device under Gould-Durst's skin was destroyed during the cremation, thus the prototype no longer had a signal or purpose to hone in on. During Gould-Durst's funeral and cremation period, the prototype was locked in a vault in one of GUARD's Boston facilities where it was to be further analyzed by G.U.A.R.D.'s robotics experts, who were severely backed up with other the time.  While the prototype was locked away in the vault, it started to repair itself, all the while never moving or letting on it was performing self repairs.  Rerouted power in the prototype's network prevented anyone in G.U.A.R.D. from monitoring what it was doing.  After three months, the prototype repaired itself and thus simply waited for the opportunity to escape.  Four months later, it had the opportunity to escape.

A group of engineers finally got around to E-Bot 4E1-1's review. When they entered the room, E-Bot 4E1-1 stood up, killed the engineers and tore out of the facility.  It made its way to the last known location of Gould-Durst - the crematorium.  There, followed by dozens of police, SWAT teams and helicopters, the robot searched for its builder, but to no avail.  Unsure what next to do, it started rewriting its algorithms, looking for a person who would give it orders.  The police, rather than reason with the E-Bot, instead, commenced attacking it.  It's defensive and offensive protocols kicked in and quickly began fighting the police, wounding 40% of those present and downing the police helicopter.  At one point the E-Bot ran behind the remnants of the crematorium and found a man calling himself "Goldmaster" there.  Goldmaster ordered the E-Bot to stop and asked it what it was trying to do.  The E-Bot stopped its aggressive actions and told Goldmaster it was looking for a new master to provide orders and update its own process algorithms as procedures dicatated.  Goldmaster had originally shown up at the E-Bot's crematorium battle by order of  Prince Adrastos who requested Goldmaster to discover what was going on with his old security robot he'd never previously received.  Now, with the E-bot asking for a 'master', Goldmaster decided to take advantage of the situation.  He tried to tell the E-Bot that he was the E-Bot's master now.  The E-Bot instead stated that Goldmaster was not in its 'directory of authorized personnel' and could not comply.  As the E-bot was about to attack Goldmaster, he instead mentioned Adrastos' name.  The E-Bot stopped short of its attack and grabbed Goldmaster up, demanding to be taken to his '4th directory choice'.  With that, as the police rounded the corner of the nearly destroyed crematorium, Goldmaster activated his teleporter system and teleported him and the E-bot back to Fort Gold, leaving the police dumbfounded and confused over the E-Bot's sudden disappearance.

Back at Fort Gold, the E-Bot met with Adrastos.  Once it verified Adrastos identity, the E-Bot requested a series of answers from its owner to perform specific functions and ensure existing safeguards were established.  After several hours of discussions and question answering, Adrastos and the E-Bot were complete with all but one item: the E-Bot's new name.  Adrastos decided upon a meld of his owner's last name and a word using 'gold' in it, thus Goldust was designated as the E-Bot's new name.  Adrastos' became Goldust's new master and followed only his orders, or in lieu there of, Goldmaster's orders, so long as they didn't conflict with its primary operations or Adrastos' orders.

Painted over in gold paint, Goldust was placed into the Gold Syndicate as its new strongman. Since then, in many of its fights, whether victorious or calamitous, Goldust has updgraded its weapons, armor and systems so as ensure greater odds of victory over its opponents.  Goldust's only major design flaw, however, is its access to wireless data and frequencies.  Its limited AI, coupled with its older baud-rate transceiver are unable to be upgraded due to its primacy protocol; no one other than Directory contact #1 is allowed to change, alter, repair or replace its AI and wireless data transfer equipment.  The #1 Directory contact - Gould-Durst himself, and seeing as how he is not alive, no one else can override Goldust's primacy protocol. 

Today, Goldust is a powerhouse for the Gold Syndicate.  It has no morals or humanity and as such could easily rip an opponent's body in half rather than shoot that same opponent.  It follows Goldmaster's orders in the field, however, on occasion, Prince Adrastos has sent Goldust on dozens of independent missions from simply robberies to killing Adrastos' opposition. It is also learning to adapt to combat encounters, constantly upgrading its weapons, sensors and armor to augment its existing powers/capabilities depending on its opponents or mission parameters (i.e., to combat a group of aerial combatants, Goldust may load mini-missile packs in its gauntlets to use for air-to-air combat).



  • E-Bot 4E1-1 Body and Frame
    • Monstrously strong physical capabilities.
    • Its heavy alloy and layered composite material design normally provides unearthly levels of endurance and stamina in combat.  All electronic systems in the frame are housed in Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)-proof materials, thus providing Amazing protection from any form of EMP burst or blast.
    • Goldust is covered in amazingly strong armor, providing equally strong physical protections, Incredibly strong armored joints and incredible levels of protection from energy based attacks, unearthly levels of temperate and radiation-based attacks, yet at this time, no protection against magical attacks.
    • Since it's brain is circuitry and memory chips, it has an unearthly resistance to mental assaults and attacks. 
    • In the event it is engulfed in an electromagnetic field, it can produce a short 6-second reverse magnetic field that can negate the original magnetic fields effects, however, it can only be used once an hour.
  • Sensors and Communications
    • Goldust contains a remarkable short range radar system, capable of identifying and receiving signals up to 30 miles away.
    • Internal radar can feed data to its tactical computer and algorithm data-banks to bolster its combat fighting and agility by 2x when in identified combat situations.
    • Goldust has full telescopic normal, infrared, ultraviolet and night vision, allowing it to see clearly up to 5 miles away, or 20 miles with image pixelation.
    • Communications equipment can only operate up to a 10 mile range across a wide variety of bands and frequencies.
    • Can upload or download data using a 10 Mbps baud rate of transfer.  It can connect to the internet, but it is far slower than normal modern means of wireless connectivity.  It cannot augment this capability otherwise it will overload Goldust's AI and cause its safety circuits to shutdown Goldust completely.
  • Limited AI, Logic and Troubleshooting/repairs Features
    • Goldust has the academic knowledge of a typical person, however, when it researches or references a particular topic of knowledge it desires, it increases its level of knowledge on the subject one-fold each hour it studies the topic, to a mastery level of remarkable.
    • Goldust's limited AI utilizes a 'short term memory' system that will clear itself every 100 hours of operation to allow new data to process and store.  Once something was learned 100 hours ago, Goldust's AI will either file it under 'short term purge' or file it away for permanent remembrance in its 'long term' files,
    • Goldust's systems have an integrated and networked self repair system, allowing a good rate of regeneration (10% of its health regained per hour). These same systems can mend, replace, weld and reconnect broken or remove circuits, systems and appendages over time.
    • The limited AI is also a learning computer; if it was damaged due to a particular attack once or twice, it will devise countermeasures to ensure it can block, counter or evade the same attack the next time by increasing its intuition two-fold against each remembered/experienced attack.  This knowledge, however, can possibly be purged after 100 hours of memory storage as per design, or retained in long term memory.
  • Movement and Agility
    • Goldust can run up to 60mph
    • Goldust can leap over 300 yards in a single bound.
    • Boot and back rockets allow it to fly for a duration of 10 minutes at 600mph at a maximum altitude of 6000 feet.  Both Boot and Back Rockets require Liquid Oxygen (LOX) replenishment once depleted.
    • Without using its tactical computer, it has excellent agility; with its targeting computer, it has incredible agility.



Bruce Butcher


Bruce Butcher was orignially a member of CANIS' Wolf Pack for over 10 years and eventually became an Emissary in their ranks.  During that time, Butcher was known for his dedication to CANIS and his string of successful heists, robberies and battles for CANIS.  When he finally reached the rank of Emissary, a Red Wolf Pack Legate Consuesor attempted to discredit Butcher in order to get his own son in as an Emissary in the Wolf Pack.  As such, a series of incidents were performed against Butcher and his minions, making him look unreliable to his Wolf Pack superiors.  When brought in to be 'questioned' about the incidents, the Red Wolf Legate Consuesor produced forged and doctored documents and imagery further discrediting Butcher during the meeting.  Butcher figured out the Legate Consuesor was behind the discrediting and shot him in front of his superiors.  Butcher's superiors called for an immediate capture and execution of Butcher, however, Butcher fought his way out of the meeting and got away.  With a CANIS price on his head, sent out to all other gangs in the world, as well as bounty hunters, Butcher was in deep trouble.

In one of his last heists he did, he and his crew stole a prototype portable teleporter they'd stolen from a G.U.A.R.D. testing facility.  Butcher broke into the seemingly abandoned warehouse that CANIS was hiding some of their stolen products and took the personal teleporter, using it to make his escape mere seconds from being cut down by a hail of gun fire from over a dozen CANIS Omegas.

The teleporter took him straight into an underground laboratory that GUARD had previously used for testing the teleporter, deep in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.  Unsure how to use the teleporter, Butcher did a running fight with GUARD's security personnel at the underground facility all the while fidgeting with the teleporter's settings and controls.  After several minutes of this, he activated the teleporter only to be teleported over 50 feet above a high rise building in Japan.  Barely grabbing a handhold on the roof of the high rise after he fell down upon the building, he pulled himself to safety and made his way to a vacant office where he attempted to recover from his escapade and dangerous teleports.  Not knowing what to do, he contacted an old friend of his that was now working for a man called Eugene Adrastos.  After working out travel and money issues, Butcher flew back to the United States on one of Adrastos' private jets.

When Butcher landed in Newark, New Jersey, he was met by his old friend as well as Eugene Adrastos himself.  In a conversation in the limousine ride back into New York City, Butcher's old friend fumbled with the portable teleporter, attempting to figure out to operate and ascertain its teleportation settings, all the while Adrastos talked to Butcher about his future.  Adrastos wanted to hire Butcher to build a team of exceptionally talented and super-powered people to work for him and his newly formed Gold Syndicate.  Butcher, unsure of Adrastos' motivations, agreed to the deal, but only for one year's time to 'test the waters' of their working relationship.  With all in agreement, the limo took them to one of the Gold Syndicate's warehouse hideouts to test the portable teleporter.

During the testing of the portable teleporter, it was quickly discovered that the unit was bio-locked to whoever used the suit.  As such, no one else, including Adrastos nor Butcher's old friend, were able to activate the teleporter by themselves.  After Butcher's old friend explained how to operate the teleporter, they performed a series of tests, teleporting from one end of the warehouse to the other, from the floor to the warehouse roof, and then from the warehouse to the Eiffel Tower in Paris and back.  The teleporter's testing was a success.

After a few more days of getting 'integrated' into the Gold Syndicate, Butcher's old friend also showed him how to expand the teleportation field to a maximum radius of 20 feet where it could teleport everything in the diameter of the expanded field, thus allowing him to teleport equipment, vehicles and people.  Within weeks, Butcher was pulling off incredible heists for the Gold Syndicate, most of which were done in such a way that even the guards didn't realize until hours later that  the items had been stolen. 

Over the next few months, Butcher started gathering intel on personnel to form the super-powered and highly talented team Adrastos wanted him to create.  Before the first person was to be recruited by Butcher, Adrastos requested Butcher to wear a specialized costume and take on a new villain name so as to prevent CANIS from recognizing him in any of their operations.  With that, Goldmaster was born.

Eventually, Butcher was able to recruit a handful of new highly talented and super-powered people for the Gold Syndicate.  Butcher was deemed the team's field commander, while Adrastos, now taking the title "Prince Adrastos", would lead like a CEO of a sports team.  On the second of bringing in the 2010 new year, Goldmaster and his team, along with dozens of gold Syndicate troops, pulled off massive simultaneous heists of US gold repositories successfully.  Over the last few years, their heists have been more brazen and their encounters more dangerous, fighting superheroes and GUARD along the way.

Since then, Goldmaster and his team continue to perform hundreds of heists, raids and thefts of banks, gold repositories and vaults a year, stealing not only the syndicate's namesake, but millions in cash and other precious metals.  Goldmaster agreed to renew his contract with Adrastos annually thereafter, and as such, each year, Adrastos increases Goldmaster's percentage of the annual 'take' as an incentive to stay on as the team's leader. Goldmaster's team is handsomely paid for each of the heists (Goldmaster, though, gets paid on an annual salary), but all of them only get paid in cash and/or other precious metals, not in gold. As for the gold, Prince Adrastos had Goldmaster teleport the bulk of the gold to secret hidden locations all over the world where, eventually, Adrastos will use his horded gold to destabilize the world's gold market and most of the world's economies, thus making him a financial juggernaut in a world that will be desperate for his cached gold.

Today, Goldmaster is still the field commander for the super-powered, highly talented Gold Syndiate team.  He trusts Adrastos more than any other boss he's ever worked for, however, with the addition of Adrastos' storngman and loyal robot, Goldust, Goldmaster is beginning to think that it may be time to start his own empire...

On a side note, CANIS' Red Wolf Pack replaced the Legate Consuesor with the son of the man Butcher had killed.  The new Legate Consuesor still has a mark out on Butcher with a $1 million bounty to bring him in alive, $250,000, dead, and is obsessed with finding and killing the man responsible for his father's death.  As the dark corners of the world continue their hunt for Butcher, Goldmaster continues to keep his identity a secret from everyone, including those on his own team.



  • Goldmaster Suit
    • Provides good physical protection against attacks, with equivocal energy-based attack protection.
    • remarkable radiation protection from all forms of radiation
    • Good protection from temperate attacks and mental/psionic attacks
    • Night vision and infra red vision available with drop-down eye filters
    • Suit has connectors that can be used to fry electronic systems and security alarms that have up to excellent levels of electrical protection
    • Full suite of comms, WiFi and satellite accessible links and frequencies, including military grade GPS and 1000 Mbps internet access.
  • Energy Aura
    • When activated, the aura provides an additional two-fold level of protection versus physical, energy, temperate and radiation-based attacks.
    • Energy aura can remain active for up to 10 hours before its power packs must be recharged.  In base recharge=2 hours, off-base with standard electrical outlet=5 hours
  • Dual Energy Handguns
    • Energy handguns produces excellent-level energy blasts at a range of 200 yards with 100 shots/power pack.
    • Stock material strength is incredibly strong.
    • Laser scope increases targeting agility of the shooter one-fold. 
    • Carries extra 2 power packs for handguns (100 shots/pack)
  • Jet Boots
    • Self replicating energy source jet-powered boots provide flight up to 300mph, capable of carrying over 500 lbs max (and then, only at half speed) to a max altitude of 5000 feet.
  • Portable Teleporter
    • Teleporter can teleport Goldmaster and/or anyone/anything within up to a 20 foot radius to anywhere on planet Earth up to a max altitude of 20,000 feet above sea level, or 200 feet below sea level.
    • Teleporter can teleport a total of 4 times in a one hour period.
    • After 25 uses, the teleporter pack must be recharged for 12 hours on base or 24 hours off base with standard electrical outlet


Gold Syndicate Troops


Each Gold Syndicate trooper is trained in 4 weeks in hand-to-hand combat, knife fighting, handguns, rifles, syndicate chain of command, syndicate operations,  police tactics and formations and Gold Syndicate equipment and vehicle operations.  Most troops are men from broken homes or orphans or war orphans.  About 30% have prior military experience.  All are normally poor in knowledge and psyche and typical in their intuition.  Currently, the Gold Syndicate's troops number to over 600 men and women.

Rank Structure (lowest to highest):

  • Trooper
  • Sergeant
  • Master Sergeant
  • Lieutenant
  • Captain
  • Commander
  • Goldmaster



All troops are skilled in small arms and rifle marksmanship, knife fighting, judo throws, vehicle operations and electronic security systems/break-ins

Master Sergeants and above are also skilled in leadership, explosives and martial arts and basic equipment repairs

Captains and above are trained in finance, stock markets, government security systems and an additional level of leadership 



  • Standard equipment for all troops:
    • 1 bodysuit and headgear providing poor physical, energy and temperate protection
    • 1 Comms ear device up to 10 miles range
    • 1 pair of night vision goggles
    • 2 9mm handguns
    • 4 extra 9mm 12-bullet magazines
    • 1 incredible material strength knife
    • 1-charge electronics scrambler (lasts for 12 seconds) that can affect any electronics of good or less protection up to 20 yards from scrambler
    • 1 gas mask
    • 1 day food and water packs
  • Troopers to Master Sergeants (carries standard equipment plus:)
    • 2 excellent level explosive grenades 
    • 1 smoke grenade
    • 1 flash bang device
  • Lieutenants and Captains (carries standard equipment, plus)
    • 1 aura protection pack (provides one-fold physical, energy and temperate protection for up to 1 hour)
    • 1 smoke grenades
    • 1 excellent-level explosive grenade
    • 2 good-level poison gas grenades
    • 1 low-yield energy rifle (good energy damage, range 150 yards)
    • 2 energy ammo packs (50 shots/clip)
    • 1 flare gun with 2 flares
    • 1 signalling device used for extraction/personnel finder  
  • Commanders (carries standard equipment, plus)
    • 1 aura protection pack (provides two-fold physical, energy and temperate protection for up to 2 hours)
    • 1 high-yield energy rifle (excellent energy damage, range 200 yards)
    • 2 energy ammo clips (50 shots/clip)
    • 1 flare gun with 2 flares
    • 1 signalling device used for extraction/personnel finder
    • 1 pair rechargeable jet boots (300 mph, range 100 miles, max alt - 1000 feet