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Gangs are organized or unorganized groups of people (or beings)  inducted with the intent of either forming a means of defending themselves or other or performing malevolent actions.  Normally, there is a leader, with a 2nd in command, then "Lieutenants" that carry out or lead smaller groups in the gang.  The gang members themselves are usually typically versed in performing violence or other malevolent actions and are normally recruited from poorer, more disparaged communities with the promise of mutual defense, respect, authority, money or power. 

Most of the gangs in the MDU are malevolent in nature, but some operate in the 'gray areas' of civilization. These 'gray area' gangs might kill or maim others, but state do so in the name of 'doing good' for the common man.  Regardless, nearly all gangs are formed for illegal means by their leaders.

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