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Agent West

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Walter "Wild" West/Agent 511


Little is known of this incredible handgun marksman before he joined the Exterminators. 

West joined the Exterminators a few years ago looking for a place where he could "kill others" and train troops to become far more proficient marksmen than they'd ever been.  When tested by the Exterminators' leaders, West not only displayed the highest marksmanship scores (with handguns) out of anyone in the group (including Annihilator), but was a great teacher in handguns, handgun safety, marksmanship and patience.  West's demeanor and incredible teaching prowess quickly earned him a spot as the gun range officer and eventually the the sole handgun training expert which in time also garnered him his Exterminators rank of 'Agent' (Agent 511, actually).

As a result of his training of the Exterminator troops, their proficiencies have increased by over 40%, the highest ever recorded (and believed to be even higher than the US military's proficiency rates).  Time and again, he's been asked to lead one of the four specialized units with the Exterminators, but he's declined stating that there are 'others more qualified to do those jobs'.

On occasion, Agent West has been brought out in the field to aid in capturing or battling several 'difficult' super-powered beings that needed to be taken down.  With a simple, no-nonsense approach, Agent West would arrive at the right moment, use his weapons to subdue and/or injure the super-powered being and then walk or travel back to the Exterminators base alone, very much like a lone cowboy, for which he nearly dresses like one.

To this day, Agent "Wild" West, as he has been nicknamed by his students, is a highly respected trainer with the Exterminators and the troops.  He isn't one for politics, drama or B.S.; he instead just wants to 'do the job right and get it done'.

Agent West is a normal human being with a unique costume/armor and weapons combination.  His body armor covers everything from the neck down in a form of good protection against bullets, energy blasts, acidic compounds, cold or heat.  His handguns are highly fashionable unique 1800s style weapons that use modern, special ammunition providing good shooting damage to his targets.  His ammunition varies depending on the situation; incendiary, armor piercing, toxin-based, poisonous, acidic and even rubber bullets for non-lethal purposes.  Each of his unique handguns also has an attachable steel blade several inches long that he can use for stabbing with.  He's been known to also use these gun-mounted blades much like climbing stakes, allowing him to ascend the sides of wooden, thin metal and/or brick buildings. His glasses are designed with a night vision capability as well.

While in the field, Agent West caries a LARGE variety and number of ammunition clips for his guns, as well as additional copies of his unique guns.  He also carries a backpack with lots of other weapons and traps, depending on the mission or situation requirements. Other than his unique 1800s handguns, he is mostly fond of flares, flash-bangs and noise makers (which he uses for distracting his targets).




Derrek Garrett


Born from a wealthy American traveling businessman of a father and a Romanian Roma/Gypsy mother,  Derrek was born and raised in his native Romania with his mother and her Roma clan.  The father never knew of the Gypsy mother's pregnancy or of Derrek until many years later.  Before then, Derrek learned the ways of the Roma and the Gypsies; getting by day to day with swindling, thefts, deceit, fighting and of course killing. By the time he was a teenager, he was one of the toughest, most respected young men in his Roma clan. His mother, in an attempt to steal him money to go to America and start a new life with the unwitting father, robbed a jewelry store, resulting in her being shot by the police.  The Roma clan of course went ballistic and killed the jewelry store owner and family, as well as the policeman that shot Derrek's mother...and the policeman's family.  It was a bloody night; a night that ended in the complete destruction of the clan.  Nearly all were killed or arrested for murder.  As Derrek was on his way to avenge his clan, his beaten and bloodied cousin intercepted him and told him his mother's last wish was for him to go to America and start a new life.  Holding thousands of dollars soaked in his blood, the cousin gave Derrek the money and shoved him off in the direction of a new life.  Embittered, angry and vengeful at what had happened to his only family, he swore revenge...when he would later return from America.

After cleaning himself and the money up, he worked the back roads and narrow forest animal trails through all of Europe to get to France, where he chartered a small craft to take him to England and then an illegal immigration trip aboard a container ship to New York City where his father was supposed to have worked.  It was a long and perilous journey, from which he was nearly killed a few times in dealing with the dregs of the world to get where he needed to go.

Finally, after four months of traveling, he arrived in New Jersey's Port Authority.  He snuck out of his shipping container and hit the streets, swindling and stealing to get American dollars to get to New York.  Once there, he was in awe over the totality that was New York.  It took him days to take in the city and come down off of a 'high' on his amazement of the Big Apple.  Finally, he found his father's name and business:  Gerald Garrett, Chief Operations Officer (COO) of the Galaxy Panamerica Corporation - one of the top 5 in Forbes' 100 biggest American businesses.  After attempting to see his father at the Galaxy Panamerica Building in downtown Manhattan, he was promptly escorted out after being told that "Mr. Garrett does not have any sons ergo you are a fraud". After several attempts to sneak into the building, he realized he needed to visit his father's home instead.  After a day of searching, he found his father's mansion's address in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Although there was electronic security in and around his father's estate, he easily snuck past it and got to the main house.  There, the opulence and grandeur of his father's lifestyle made Derrek gape in awe.  There, he discovered his father was not only a wealthy businessman, but also married with three daughters.  Regardless, Derrek entered the house and sat in the corner of his father's expansive office and library.  Within minutes, his father entered and was surprised by Derrek.  Gerald, the father, grabbed a handgun in his desk and started shooting at Derrek, eventually shooting Derrek in the arm.  As the police were called, Gerald was told by Derrek that he was his son by his gypsy/Roma mistress, his mother.  Derrek saw the acknowledgement in his father's eyes as they carted Derrek off to the hospital.  Derrek knew that look; it was a look that ensured Derrek and his father would meet again - soon.

Soon was a mere few hours later at the Bridgeport Memorial Hospital.  There, Gerald Garret and his unknown son Derrek sat and talked for the next five hours. By the end of the conversation, the charges against Derrek were dropped, the police were 'paid off' to look the other way on Derrek's illegal immigration status, and Derrek was driven back to his father's sprawling estate.  Over the next few months, Gerald and Derrek became quick family.  Gerald hated the fact that he had three extremely spoiled and ignorant teenage daughters that were more concerned about partying than learning the business, however, Gerald saw the lust for business in Derrek; the drive; the determination; the mercenary mentality.  That was all it took for Gerald to formally recognize his bastard son into the family.

The next few years were grueling for Derrek.  his entire life was turned upside down.  From abject poverty, street survival techniques and tight family ties, he was now immersed in opulent riches, formal education and and a hateful family. Derrek's father's wife was not happy with Derrek being there; she saw him as nothing but a conniving, gold-digging thug of a gypsy manipulating his father for everything he could get, including the family inheritance. Derrek himself actually made Gerald the happiest he'd ever been; a male heir; a son he'd never had.  Together, Gerald and Derrek would go to the gun ranges and go hunting on weekends where Derrek, a true huntsman and marksman in his own rights, taught his father how to be a better shooter.  They'd go to clubs together and pick up racy women, never telling his step-mother anything of their adventures.  By the time Derrek was 20, Gerald decided to enter him in the will for over 1/2 of the family inheritance.  The step-mother and her daughters were livid; only the step-mother would get the other half, the daughters were completely cut off due to their high class debauchery and shameless partying they did.  The step-mother could no longer stand silent.  She'd get even with Gerald...and that conniving gypsy son of his.  After several calls, she was met by a mercenary well adept in murdering people and framing others for the crime.  The step-mother wanted her husband Gerald dead, and for all evidence to point to his bastard son, Derrek.

Within two weeks, the deed was done.  Gerald was dead and the weapon used in Gerald's murder had Derrek's fingerprints all over it.  Derrek was immediately arrested and since he was tried and convicted of his father's murder, the will was contested such that the step-mother was the sole recipient of the $290 million inheritance.  Derrek knew is was a set-up; he'd seen things like this back in Romania as a teenager.  He knew his step-mother was behind it all, but authorities didn't believe him.  Instead, he was sent to Ryker's Island prison where he started the first of his 30 year court-mandated incarceration.  While in prison, Derrek seethed at this turn of events.  He swore to get revenge, and revenge came sooner than he thought.

In his second year in prison, a riot ensued in his prison wing, eventually leading to an escape attempt by a thought-to-be non-super-powered villain.  The prison wall were knocked down, the fences were demolished and hundreds of prisoners escaped the facility, including Derrek.  He made his way to shore and lived out of an old abandoned warehouse for a few weeks as he tracked down the mercenary who'd murdered his father.  After some decent deductions, he contacted the assassin, only to find that he was kin.  The mercenary was an uncle of his from Romania.  After some initial heated discussions, the two sat down and discussed where to go from there.  Derrek told his uncle his story, which infuriated the uncle for his lack of knowledge about Derrek's involvement.  As it stood, the uncle swore to avenge Derrek's loss and get even with that witch of a step-mother of Derrek's.  Derrek asked to be trained; trained in the arts of being a mercenary and an assassin. the uncle obliged and started taking him on jobs with him and training him. Derrek, in his dark desire for revenge, fell easily into this mercenary mold as it he'd been born for it.  After earning enough funds to buy high-powered sniper rifles and gear, as well as mastering marksmanship, hunting and kill techniques, Derrek and his uncle were ready for Derrek's revenge.

The step-mother didn't take long before she started pandering to sexy young male models as her 'boy toys' living in the attaching wings of the mansion, nor for her daughters' numerous drug and alcohol parties that drew hundreds of nightly vapid acquaintances and fair-weather friends. Derrek and his uncle planned their revenge well. 

Phase I was draining the estate's money and accounts. 

Phase II was ensuring his step mother and daughters went to jail by being framed in crimes they did AND didn't commit already.

Phase III was killing the step-mother and his 'sisters' while getting the step-mother to confess her crime about contracting her husband's death.

Phase IV, the final phase, would be to go back to Romania, find their remaining Roma family, remove the money from their Swiss bank account and live like a family of kings. 

Everything was planned. 

The chess board was set.

The game was on.

The first move was played when Derrek and his uncle bled the step-mother's bank accounts dry through an intricate series of transfers that pointed to her lawyer, her 'boy toys' and dealings with several high-profile and dangerous drug kingpins.  Eventually, all of the money would be re-funneled back to Derrek and his uncle's Swiss bank account, by which time they'd amass nearly $350 million. The tie to the 'drug kingpins' was a two-fold purpose; first, to 'swindle' money from a drug kingpin, who'd in turn want his money back (from the only person he knew involved, Derrek's step-mother), and then to notify the authorities of said transactions, thus indicting the step-mother, the daughters and the kingpins all in one fell swoop.  Those same transactions, upon being frozen by federal regulations for the investigation, would instead activate a bot command that would instead transfer the funds through hundreds of other businesses associated and related to the step-mother (thus making her look like a money launderer) and then would secretly regroup in Derrek and his uncle's Swiss bank account, with what they were told, had no way of being tracked back to them, all courtesy of their affiliation with the Aegis Alliance (who would get 10% of the final funds for services once the funds were re-funneled).

Phase I went off like clockwork.

Imprisoned and shamed in the news, the step-mother and daughters were brought up on conspiracy, drug trafficking, money laundering, underage drinking, depraved sex acts and videos with minors and many other charges...all while their money had been drained from their accounts.  There was no money left.  The mansion was repossessed. All of their stock earnings had been drained. Repo businesses took back every single thing the step-mother and daughters owned; cars, clothes, jewelry -everything.

Phase II was done.

As for Phase III, that went off even quicker and better than Derrek and his uncle had planned. The drug kingpin put out a hit/marker for the step-mother and her daughters; daughters first, then the step-mother. Before Derrek and his uncle were able to kill the daughters, the mob did it for them. 

The step-mother's impending death, however, was 100% Derrek's job. 

Derrek visited Ryker's Island where his step-mother was jailed.  There, disguised as her state-appointed lawyer, Derrek was able to meet with her for the last time.  Throughout their time together at that meeting, the step-mother never once recognized Derrek in his disguise; she was too buried in her own self desire to be freed. Derrek scratched his step-mothers hand and said she was now poisoned by a slow-acting venom that would kill her in the next ten minutes if she didn't do what he said.  He then told her to sit calmly and to admit her crimes against Derrek and her late husband, at which point, if she told the truth, he'd give her the antidote.

There was no poison; Derrek made that up...but the step-mother didn't know that.

After Derrek placed a digital recorder on the table, the step-mother spilled the beans - all of it. Her involvement in the framing of Derrek; the contracted mercenary who killed Gerald; the plan to get the whole of the inheritance for themselves. Everything. Throughout all of this, Derrek recorded the same confession on a 2nd digital recorder in his briefcase, one he'd later replay after his revenge was done, listening to his step-mother's confessions again and again at his personal leisure.  When the step-mother was done with her confession, Derrek, using his new mercenary skills in pressure points, reached over as if to give her the antidote and instead did a nerve pinch that would paralyze his step-mother's heart and lungs in the next 1/2 hour. He then lied again and told the step-mother that her daughters were still alive and if she wanted them 'unharmed' and freed, she'd keep quiet about their meeting and take her punishment in the courts on their behalf.  Derrek then got up and left the prison, but not without leaving one of the digital recorders in a guard's jacket pocket for him to discover later that day.  The step-mother died minutes after Derrek stepped off the ferry.

Phase III was now complete.

Within a day of his step-mother's death, Derrek started feeling like he was being watched.  Even his uncle mentioned the same thing.  As they packed to go back to Romania, that's when Derrek and his uncle were assailed by the New York Police Department (NYPD), investigators from the Peacekeepers Investigation Division, Night Jack and Special Agent Watson, and two other super-heroes from the Protectors super-group known as Psimind and Simius. IN less than 24 hours, this team of police and super-powered heroes cracked the case of Derrek's step-mother's unexplained death and discovered Derrek and his uncle's intricate plot, as well as the recording of Derrek's step-mother's confession.  Derrek and his uncle fought their way out of the building.  Grenades, high-caliber rifles, powerful handguns, martial arts techniques, parkour, and every other method ever used in a Hollywood movie gun-and-foot chase was used.  In the end, Derrek's uncle fell 40 stories to his death on the New York streets below.  Derrek, was able to severely wound Simius and distract the other pursuing super-powered heroes by putting Special Agent Watson's life in jeopardy with a trap (which almost cost her life).  Derrek did get away, but was now a hunted man.

Taking his time, collecting his resources and calling in favors, he was able to board another container ship to Europe, more to the point, Lithuania.  While in Vilnius, Derrek attempted to access his Swiss bank account only to discover the funds were no longer there.  They'd been taken by the United States Federal government.

They stole his money.

Those 'heroes' killed his only true family he knew he had left, his uncle.

After more research, he discovered that whatever family he had left in Romania had died in prison or were killed by town police for one reason or another.

Without any family left and no reason to go on, he became a soulless void of a man.

To get by, he'd heard of a group that needed security at a secretive facility called "Baltic Force".  He was hired and worked there for a year.  The facility was in the business of capturing, dissecting and killing super-powered beings.  He relished the idea of making 'supers' and 'capes' pay for what they did to his uncle and their plans.  Over time, Derrek was assigned a codename of "Annihilator" and was promoted to being the murderous killer of the super beings once the science team was done with them.

Derrek began to enjoy killing the super beings more and more each day.  Derrek soon became the go-to guy for the killing and mutilations of all the super beings to be executed.

In 1990, the US government's Major Brown (see Major Invader) and his team invaded the baltic Force facilty to rescue the remaining 100 super-powered inmates that were destined to be executed. In the firefight, Derrek/Annihilator took out over 10% of the Major's team himself before he was hit by a sniper in a stealthed cargo plane hovering over the facility grounds. Derrek/Annihilator crawled to safety just before the entirety of the Baltic Force facility was obliterated. Within hours, a band of Baltic Force survivors came out from underground, attempting to salvage what was left.  Although given orders to kill anyone, good or bad, if found injured, a Baltic Force trooper found Derrek/Annihilator and instead brought him to one of the trucks and took care of his wounds.  They eventually absconded with tons of salvaged equipment and files and almost two dozen survivors, all of which made their way to several different locations over the next years to escape detection.

Derrek/Annihilator healed from his injuries, but grew a new hatred for super beings, the United States and anything or anyone that had powers.  He'd become acquainted with Baltic Force and started thinking of them as family; now this new family was dead too. After all that had happened and occurred with him, he started thinking that his life as "Derrek" was a curse.

As far as he was concerned, the Annihilator was all that was left of him. 

Derrek Garrett was dead - only the Annihilator would now stand in his place.

As such, after politics, logistical issues and team building over a decade, the remnants of Baltic Force became 'The Exterminators'.  Under the leadership of Director 13, Annihilator, by age of 35, was finally allowed to carry on with his skills as a killer of capes and a mutilator of bodies and corpses. Since the inception of the Exterminators, Annihilator has been since promoted to a unit leader in charge of the Kill Unit.

Between his co-leader, Sister Blade and him, God needs to provide mercy on the souls of anyone these two cross.

Armed with an excellent array of varying and custom-designed set of weapons, munitions, knives, handguns, rifles, traps, explosives, tech gadgets and armor, Annihilator is a dangerous mercenary with no soul.  He is skilled in martial arts, as well as the application of pressure points that can stun a victim for up to a minute at a time, or if done with time, could even kill a person within a half hour of application.  He is physically in the shape of an Olympic athlete and has mastered all tasks, skills and abilities taught and used in the Exterminators' ranks.  His armor is normally good material, enough to stop regular bullets, however, he also has used armor that could stop a tank's projectile should the tactical need for it arise.


Doc Saw

Dr. Bruno Malenko


A sadistic, immoral doctor bent on discovering what makes super-powered beings tick - that is Dr. Bruno Malenko, otherwise known as Doc Saw.

With a degree from one of Moscow's most esteemed medical universities, Dr. Malenko worked his way into the Kremlin as one of their forensic doctors used in hundreds of Kremlin-related operations.  When needed in the field, Dr. Malenko had a high-tech backpack created that when coupled to his neural network of his brain, was able to maniipulate over a dozen tools and medical devices from long, extendable articulating arms from his pack.  Over the years, he became renown in his actions and duty to the Soviet Union, however, whenever there is a political change in the Kremlin, many are 'purged' due to their previous affiliation with the prior directors and leaders; Dr. Malenko was one of those.

Reassigned to the Baltic Force facility outside of Vilnius, Lithuania in 1988, Dr. Malenko became the lead surgeon for experimentations and autopsies on living and dead super-powered beings.  Over time, he became fascinated by their physiology and what made them 'tick', as such, the good doctor became more barbaric in his practices of tearing apart the bodies of the super-powered beings to get at whatever it was that made them different.  His sadistic tendencies were well known to the staff at the Baltic Force facility, however, his results and findings were deemed worthy of his torturous methods.

In 1990, the Baltic Force facility was assaulted by the US government's CIA field commander, Major Brown (see Major Invader), leaving the facility a smoldering ruin.  Dr. Malenko was spirited away to a strong containment cell used for some of their super-powered captives, where he and two other troopers rode out the massive destruction Major Brown and his team imparted on the Baltic Force facility.  When all was done, Dr. Malenko was furious over the destruction of most of his life's work by the CIA.  He aided in salvaging what he could from the decimated facility and left with the few remaining survivors of Baltic Force to secretive hiding places for the next year or two.

During the Soltan Invasion of 2000, Dr. Malenko (in conjunction with his fellow Baltic Force co-worker, Professor Bolo), while performing alien autopsies on the Soltans and their army of creatures, discovered each of their true weaknesses.  Dr. Malenko's sadistic and immoral methods did provide to be critical to creating weapons against the Soltan's weaknesses such that his actions may have been one of the means by which Earth defeated and drove off the Soltans.

After the invasion, Baltic Force struggled to regain its foothold and re-purpose its own mission, but in 2002, their new director 13 violently took over leadership of the remnants of Baltic Force and renamed themselves "The Exterminators".  Dr. Malenko was given the codename "Doc Saw" and became the chief surgeon and medical doctor for the newly formed Science Unit.  Dr. Makenko, now with new modern resources and a new leader more than willing to accept his methods, was never happier in being part of this group's new direction.  As part of The Exterminators 'signal to the world' of their desire to annihilate every single super-powered being, alien, magically-altered person or tech-infused being, Doc Saw was brought in to perform 'field butchery and mutilations' on over 40 targeted super-beings, their families and their children.  Doc Saw,directly responsible for all the mutilations, showed no remorse or sense of shame in any of what he'd done.

To this day, Doc Saw has not only continued his work in experimenting, dissecting, mutilating and killing super-powered beings, but he has also become more active in the field, sometimes using his medical high-tech backpack as a weapons system against anyone 'stupid' enough to stop him in his duties.

Doc Saw is a normal, middle aged man in poor health that uses a neurally-connected medical backpack not only as his tools in performing his unethical and sadistic surgeries and mutilations, but also uses them in the field in combat.  Several amazing strong steel armatures can be independently operated using a variety of replaceable medical tools and instruments, as well and those that can be wielded as weapons as well.  Those weapons include remarkably strong knives/scalpels, saws, lasers, blinding lights, sonic beams, and a flamethrower.  His suit provides him typical protection, while his helmet is used to operate his backpack of horrors.  If the helmet is removed, he'll lose control of the backpack's functions.

Although a proud, boisterous and arrogant Russian, he is also a coward when it looks like he or his teammates are losing. He'll be one of the first to retreat to safety.  

Exterminator Troops

Equipment and Gear

Each Exterminator is equipped with a good bullet-proof vest, backpack for personal goods and supplies, one of several different rifles or handguns that can do up to excellent shooting damage to a target. Each also carries a 4 day supply of food and water, five knives, two flares, 2 handcuffs (titanium), two vials of amazingly powerful knockout gas (affects anyone in a 6 foot diameter unless you have a mask), knockout gas-resistance mask, infrared/night-vision goggles, 200 miles range comms device, first aid kit, 10 clips of ammunition per weapon, baton, compass, garrote wire and 2 packs of hand warmers.

Commanders and Sub-Commanders are allowed to carry unique MULTI-weapons; an all-in-one excellent level machine gun, flamethrower, grenade launcher, smoke grenade launcher, and high powered flashlight.


Ranks and Qualifications


Each Exterminator troop, prior to being even interviewed, has a

background check done to verify they aren't undercover cops or federal agents or heroes or the such.  They are then given an extensive physical fitness test, a psyche eval and weapons testing. If a candidate passes, they are promoted to the rank of Recruit.


An Exterminator that has completed basic level in qualifications in weapons training, knife fighting, survival, technology orientation, communications, tactics, standard operating procedures, equipment maintenance, protocols, security access and bypassing, vehicle operations, ground navigation and rapid mobility team operations.


An Exterminator that has completed advanced level in qualifications in weapons training, knife fighting, survival, technology orientation, communications, tactics, standard operating procedures, equipment maintenance, protocols, security access and bypassing, vehicle operations, and rapid mobility team operations, as well as basic qualifications in stealth operations, silent coding, ground navigation, aircraft piloting, aircraft weapons control/loading.


An Exterminator that has completed expert level in qualifications in weapons training, knife fighting, survival, technology orientation, communications, tactics, standard operating procedures, equipment maintenance, protocols, security access and bypassing, vehicle operations, and rapid mobility team operations, as well as advanced qualifications in stealth operations, silent coding, ground navigation, aircraft piloting, aircraft weapons control/loading and basic qualifications in leadership, team operations, team logistics, team weapons control, team stealth tactics entrapment systems and operations and satellite communications.


An Exterminator that has completed Mastery level in qualifications in weapons training, knife fighting, survival, technology orientation, communications, tactics, standard operating procedures, equipment maintenance, protocols, security access and bypassing, vehicle operations, and rapid mobility team operations, as well as Expert qualifications in stealth operations, silent coding, ground navigation, aircraft piloting, aircraft weapons control/loading and advanced qualifications in leadership, team operations, team logistics, team weapons control, team stealth tactics entrapment systems and operations and satellite communications, complete with basic qualifications in explosives handling, extraction, defusing, criminal justice, escape methods and watercraft operations and tactics.


An Exterminator that has completed Expert qualifications in all fields (see each of the respective unit's leaders here).


Hyperions (Automatons)

H-005 Series Mod A (H-005_A)


Hyperions are programmed automatons that are used in heavy combat, assault and defensive operations in the Extermniators. These powerful automatons are capable of amazing damage, protection and extermination standards.  As of 2015, there were over 400 Hyperions in the Exterminators' inventory.The Hyperions are used in massive raids, facility defense and in high-energy captures.

Built in 2010, the Hyperions were initially designed for facility defense, however, after a 'super' escaped custody at an Exterminator base, it was quickly discovered that a Hyperion's capabilities could easily be applied for offensive operations as well.

In three year's time, Hyperions were able to stop four facility assaults, aid in capturing over 34 supers and killing at least 20 other supers and nearly 400 anti-Exterminator personnel attacking Exterminator bases.

Hyperions are armored in amazingly defensive armor, capable of taking artillery fire and missile fire.  They can run up to speeds of 35 mph and fly at short ranges of up to 200 miles at 500 mph before fuel is expended.  They are only capable of flying up to 2000 feet altitude. Each Hyperion is equipped with an array of arm, shoulder, chest and leg missile launchers, housing a total of 60 missiles that can be alternated in tracking capabilities between radar, sonar, infra-red, heat-seeking, radiation/radio frequency tracking (HARM), or video camera.  All missiles are controlled by each individual Hyperion, however, other Hyperion units engaged in the same combat group can remotely override and take control of the missiles to aid, take over or assist in targeting or control of the missile on its way to a target.  The amazing strength of the units can tear through steel plating and girders and its monstrously powerful frame ensures it can endure massive amounts of damage and run for days at a time on one charge.  Its communications tracking, data transfer and surveillance systems are state-of-the-art with all visual spectrums viewable (except X-Ray).  Their robotic voices can be amplified 100 fold, causing feeble, yet viable sonic damage.  They are also equipped with excellent intensity flares (2 dozen), flash bangs (1 dozen) and dispensable chaff loads (2). The right arm has a forward-firing retractable forearm laser that can do excellent energy damage over time up to 200 yards away capable of firing off a total of 40 shots before the laser's battery is depleted.  The left arm houses a retractable dual machine gun mount able to fire an excellent swath of damage up to 500 yards away controlled by the Hyperion unit's tracking and targeting system, complete with over 1000 rounds for each gun, firing up to 20 rounds per second per gun.

Master Marauder


John Doble (previously Agent 500)

Master Marauder is the leader of the Capture Unit for the Exterminators.  He is a cunning strategist who's trademark is creating distractions and complex traps to capture super-powered beings for the Exterminators to use and kill.  He normally runs a squad of 10 Exterminator Agents adept in imprisoning and immobilizing.

Master Marauder's tactics vary depending on the target. He'll usually use a form of distraction or event that will draw out his target(s), and then lead them into the capture zone where he and his agents will have at least three different traps set to contain and/or immobilize their target.  One captured, the Capture Unit utilizes a variety of devices that can either shut down the target's powers or caged them in a container that is normally escape-proof.

He's said to be very smart and doesn't do what he does for money, but instead for spite.  Rumors are that he'd been caged most of his life by super-powered beings that laughed and abused him and this was his way at getting back at those that did him wrong.

Master Marauder wears an excellent set of body armor, providing protection from most physical and ballistics attacks.  An electron-altering field around him reduces any form of remarkable energies projected or shot at him.  He retains dozens of unique weapons, some amazingly powerful in their effect.  Smoke bombs, a large variety of grenades, traps and small weapons, coupled with dozens of restraining devices make up a majority of his arsenal.  His suit in a self-contained environment in unto itself, providing up to a day's worth of oxygen and food pastes.  His helmet contains all the modern hi-tech gadgets such as satellite communications, internet/WiFi access, enhanced audio system, enhanced visual detection system and even a unique 'smell' feature able to distinguish amongst tens of thousands of scents and smells, as well as emit selected smells into the atmosphere to use for confusion, tracking and/or memory enablers. 

He is also a highly trained military scientist, marksman, kit-basher, weapons creator and an incredible detective and tracker. 



Mysterious Maeve

Maeve Marston


Maeve was born in 1991 to her Lithuanian parents, Antov and Marta Sevilnus just outside of Vilnius.  Within days of her birth, her father, an agent with the nefarious Baltic Force organization (a secretive group known for capturing, experimenting and killing super powered people from all over the world) was killed in a huge battle created by the legendary Major Invader himself.  As Baltic Force's facility went up in a ball of flames, Maeve's mother ran down the road to the site to find out what may have happened to her husband, only to be shot and killed by one of Major Invader's CIA troops in return (she surprised the trooper). This left baby Maeve alone with no parents. In fact it was three days before someone finally found her, barely alive and on the verge of starvation.  A neighbor took Maeve to a hospital where they promptly placed her in the care of a local orphanage.  It didn't take long before she was taken from the a black market baby.

A California middle class man, Matthew Marston, and his wife, Melinda, wanted a child of their own, however, with the husband impotent and the mother infertile, they tried other methods of getting a child, however, that quickly proved itself unrealistic.  The husband had been mixed up in his younger days as a chemical specialist that once worked for a super villain known as Doctor Phlebotinum. In one such caper, Doctor Phlebotinum was defeated by a local super hero and the doctor's 'gang', which Martson was a member of, were all jailed for 5-10 years. Thus, because he had a prison record, he was not able to adopt.  Instead, Marston bought a baby off the black market - Maeve.

The 1990s were tough times financially, and the cost of a black market baby didn't help the Marston's bank account any  both unemployed, Matthew went back to the only thing that he made good money at - being a chemical scientist for super villains.  Not long after he 'leaked' work of his unemployment did he get a job offer with the evil group of assassins known as "Death Legion".  Within months, Matthew had his bills paid up and was able to stop the foreclosure on his house.  Although Death Legion wasn't a place he wanted to be associated with, it allowed him and his wife to raise their beautiful daughter...or so he thought...

As Maeve grew up, even as a little girl, she was found to be aggressive and a bully to some. She'd get into fights, but was always quick to make it look like what happened was an accident, not a fight. Despite that fact, she was smart enough to be on her class' honor roll each year. Crafty, smart and a fighter, Maeve still never found out about her true origin. As far as she knew, she was adopted. That fact alone would eventually hold an ominous future for Maeve. 

Maeve grew up playing with their next-door neighbor's son, Alex. The next-door neighbor just happened to be her father's supervisor in Death Legion's Experimental Chemical Division.  Despite their violent employment, both families would have barbeques and host holiday events at one another's homes from year to year.  As, such, Alex and Maeve became quick friends despite Alex's two year older age difference. Although Alex was home schooled and Maeve went to public school, they still spent lots of time together.  As both progressed into their teens, they both became each others 'first' sexual encounter.  Since they'd known each other most of their lives, their friendship took its next eventual turn to love; a love that Maeve would never recover from.

Throughout their teen years, Alex was not only home-schooled academically, but was trained in guns, martial arts and kept in great physical shape.  Knowing Maeve was deeply in love with Alex, rather than derail each other's young love, Alex's father talked with Maeve's father about allowing her to sign up and join Alex in his 'extra' training.  Although uncomfortable with this, Maeve's father agreed.  He didn't have much of a choice; Alex's father was a very influential person...and the boss.

Together, Alex and Maeve trained in weapons, shot at the gun ranges, learned martial arts and participated in municipal sports all the while continuing their passionate love affair. When Alex turned 18, he was sent off to the University of California (UC) Berkeley to earn his chemical engineering degree. Both Maeve and Alex were nearly heart-broken over this, but promises were made of visits and eventual time together.  While Alex was off to college, to help keep Maeve's mind off of Alex, Maeve's father started allowing her to work with him in their secretive chemical lab in their basement.  There, Maeve believed that if she learned more about chemical engineering, she'd be able to get a degree in the same field, getting her that much closer to Alex and maybe they'd both work together every day...forever, together.  Through her obsession with Alex, she focused like never before and quickly became a student of chemistry, much to her father's reserved happiness.  He'd rather that Maeve was learning this for herself rather than for Alex.  The tell-tale signs of Maeve's obsession with Alex were evident, but in contrast to what life she could be choosing, Maeve's father deemed the benefits of Maeve's obsession with Alex as more beneficial for her than destructive...or so he thought. 

Over the next couple years, Maeve focused determination made her a truly ingenious chemical engineer.  Maeve loved one particular facet of her training in perfumes and scents.  She even started making her own perfumes, which she quickly discovered made all the boys crazy for her at her school. Maeve went now and then to go visit Alex at Berkeley over the next few years, but always as part of a planned and scheduled activity.  After Maeve graduated high school, she decided to make an unscheduled trip to visit Alex at college.  There, she surprised him while he was two bed.  Maeve ran off heart-broken back home.  After her parent's consoling, Maeve became withdrawn and distant.  She was crushed over what Alex had done to her.  Instead, she plotted a means of getting him back.  She eventually conceived a plan and immediately went to work on it; a plan that would have greater ramifications than any would have imagined.

Initially, Maeve began hyper-studying about perfumes, pheromones, scents to keep her mind off of Alex and his betrayal, but her obsession with him coupled with her new driving hate for him instead intensified a dark plot to get even with Alex and his 'bimbos'. While searching through her father's notes, she found a hidden cache of special formulas he'd created for Death Legion. Amongst those formulas were unused designs for creating a mind controlling solution that could be used as a two-part application with an aerosol and pheromone-based combination.  It had been used on human derelicts and animals, but wasn't approved by her father or Death Legion due to the fact that after 3 day's time, the effects wore off and the subject would remember everything they did.  This was more than enough for Maeve to use to get her revenge on Alex...once and for all.

Calling her new 'perfume' "Mysterious #1", she went back to Alex's campus, again, unannounced. There, she showed up to an apologetic Alex who was once again in the company of yet another girl.  Amidst his backpedaling and shuffling to try and get Maeve to 'not see this for what it looks like', Maeve simply asked Alex that instead or arguing that they instead would simply sit down to dinner that night and 'talk' about the future of their relationship.  Alex surprised by Maeve's offer, agreed.  At a downtown Berkeley restaurant, Cafe Intermezzo, Maeve set her plan into motion.  Once at the restaurant, Maeve sat down with Alex to 'talk', She pulled out a small, perfume shaped vial and asked Alex to 'smell' one her latest perfumes.  He did, taking in the aromatic smell deeply several times to try and encourage further positive discussions, praising her for its sensuousness.  Part one was complete.  Maeve then asked him to take in a strong breath of another perfume she'd 'just recently' created.  After Maeve applied her "Mysterious #1" (the 2nd part of the potion) generously, Alex took in her a deep breath of her fragrance...and almost passed out.  After a minute, Alex slowly raised his head; his eyes were almost glowing...literally. 

Maeve tested her new power over Alex by asking him to disjoint his finger, which he did. 

She then told him to put the finger back in place, which he did under great pain. 

She then asked him to beat up their rude waiter, which he did...and nearly killed him in the process.

The police showed up and took down Alex, handcuffing him.  As the officers were taking Alex to the police car, Maeve decided to expand her field test. She waived down the officers and told them she'd like to provide a witness testimony at the police station.  As they were talking, Maeve, looking like she was primping, spritzed the two policemen with part one of her Mysterious #1.  The second part of her potion was already in play.  The officers quickly became her mind-controlled minions.  Maeve told the officers to drive her and Alex back to the college.  On campus, Maeve ordered Alex to track down each woman he'd slept with and with the two police officers to assist him, have each of those girls killed.  When the last girl was killed, Alex and the officers were to return to her at the south base of the Golden Gate Bridge.

It was a bloodbath.

Over fifty college girls were killed that night. 

Alex and the officer not only killed dozen of college girls on campus, by dozens out across the Bay Area.  When Alex and the controlled police officers finished their killing spree, they drove to their commanded location, covered in blood, brandishing a variety of blood-soaked weapons from guns to shotguns to bent, bloody golf clubs.  At this point, Maeve told the two mind-controlled officers to walk to the middle of the Golden Gate bridge and jump off to the waters below, basically committing suicide to any who would watch their actions. Maeve had other more delectable plans for Alex.

While driving the officer's police car, the two officers jumped off the Golden Gate bridge.  Over a dozen cell phone recorded videos of the whole thing. Maeve instead took Alex to a hotel and used him for her own 'pleasures', followed by her own newly engaged sadistic desires and methods of bodily torture. As she was about to tell Alex to kill himself while repeatedly stating his love for Maeve, the superhero group known as 'The Protectors' with their leader, Ascender, tore into the hotel room and knocked Maeve unconscious in a mere second. Maeve was arrested, placed in a specially filtered prison cell and charged with mass murder.

It so happens the reason the super group known as the Protectors got involved was because of their fortuitous timely presence of flying under the Golden Gate Bridge just as the officer jumped off the bridge.  Both officers were caught inches from the water and brought back to the Protectors base at the old Presidio military site under the Golden Gate Bridge.  There, the team's resident mentalist, Psimind, was able to determine what happened to the officers and from there, the team used local video surveillance, GPS tracking of the officer's car and a chemical analysis of Maeve's "Mysterious #1" potion.  Thus, the Protectors saved the day, saving the officers and Alex.  Alex and the two controlled police officers, after three days, were free of Maeve's mind-control potion/perfume. All three of them told the authorities everything she did to them and she made them do.  Alex was so furious with Maeve that he demanded his father find a way to kill Maeve's adoptive parents' next door, which interestingly enough, within hours, Maeve's adoptive parents happened to die of mysterious heart attacks with a strange black rose beside both bodies them.

When Maeve woke up in her new special prison cell, she was furious.  She swore she'd kill every single super or cape she'd ever see again.  Due to the charges against her and the time it would take to make the case against her, the trial took over ten months to be started.  Before the trial, the media has new details every day about every single embarrassing detail of Maeve - her and Alex's teenage love affair; Maeve's 'immoral' and 'obsessive' psychotic behavior, her ordering veteran policemen to perform the murders for which the two recovering police officers were now in psychotherapy for realizing what they'd done...and much more.

During the trial, Maeve, while being transported to the courthouse, but was instead absconded to an old waterfront warehouse in Oakland where her driver, who was in disguise, was actually a member of a group called the "Exterminators". The driver knew Maeve's biological mother and father and told her the tale about what happened to her parents and Major Invader being the cause of their deaths. Happy to be free of the police, grief stricken about her true parents, and furious about any super-hero or super-being, she was overwhelmed with emotions and the ensuing events.  The disguised driver then gave Maeve an on-the-spot option - join with the Exterminators and get her revenge on all super-powered people across the world, or he'd simply shoot her in the head right there and end her misery.

She happily chose revenge.

In less that two hours, Maeve's adoptive parent's home was burned to the ground and the next-door neighbor's house and occupants (Alex's parents) exploded with enough strength to blow the roof over 400 feet into the air. Maeve was flown to Lithuania under a false name, met with the Exterminator senior officers and received a special gift - all her father's chemical engineering notes...and his secretive formulas as well. Over the last few years, Maeve quickly learned how to be a master of disguise, as well as a masterful trapper.  After concocting many of her father's formulas and potions, Maeve quickly became one of the two leaders in the Capture unit of the Exterminators.  She enjoys the cat-and-mouse games required of the position and as such, gets to use her potions and disguises to their ultimate abilities.  Maeve has never been happier...but she'll NEVER have a relationship ever again as far as she's concerned.

As for Alex's fate, well...that's another story for another day that is far from being finished.

Mysterious Maeve has since learned over 150 new formulas and potions, all of which have amazing effects ranging from mind-control to sleep to inducing heart seizures to blindness just to name a few.   She carries a 'purse' with at least 30 different formulas and potions (as well as a couple of hidden in places on her body we can't talk about here!). She is well versed in judo, savate and Tae Kwon Do. She is also a marksman in pistols, rifles, shotguns and arrows.  She is in excellent shape and also skilled in tumbling and acrobatics. She is an excellent master of disguise and a remarkable trapper and tracker, all taught to her by others in the Exterminators over the years.  Though she loves tracking and hunting, she also gets sadistically overjoyed when she gets to use her malevolent potions and formulas to capture the super-beings...before they're killed.  

Professor Bolo

Professor Maria Escolanza


Maria was originally a young sidekick to the Champions of Argentina super-group, even though she was an non-super-powered group member as well as a minor at the time she joined.

The team consisted,  of Gaucho Azul (The Blue Cowboy), Mercedario (a super-strong man mountain), El Latigo Ardiente (The Fiery Whip) and of course Maria, known as La GauchitaInitially, the team fought for the people against greedy land barons, drug cartels, human trafficking, and the occasional bank robbery. The team was very masculine and had a strong testosterone-driven mentality, leaving Maria to become second fiddle in most of their field operations.  As such, Maria, who was already a very smart young girl, was usually only brought in for the big fights.  She was usually left at their base of operations to obtain information from the internet, fix their gadgets , nursemaid their wounds and come up with ways to defeat the bad guys. Maria, using her guile, tactics and a genuine skill at concocting plans that worked with the team's abilities, was usually the only one in the team to figure out how to beat the bad guys.  Regardless of her importance to the team, she was always treated as a young girl who 'couldn't do anything without the rest of the team'.  Eclipsed in their shadows, Maria was usually only seen by the rest of the world as a worthless 'tag along' as compared to the rest of the team.

Then the Soltan Empire invaded the Earth in 2000.

Buenos Aires was hit hard by the Soltans.  Try as they might, the Champions of Argentina fought where they could, but too often they were outmatched and outnumbered. Maria, who by that time had earned her double bachelor's degree in science and biology in only three years, worked feverishly to devise a plan for the team to stop the invaders.  One time she asked to have one of the deceased Soltan bodies brought to their base so she could study it to find their weaknesses, only to be chastised by her compatriots calling her a 'ghoul'.  Nonetheless, the team battled on, winning some, losing most.  The team was becoming increasingly agitated with Maria and her inability to stop the 'simple, stupid aliens' as they put it.  Finally, after a communique went out to the world's leaders (and the Champions of Argentina base as well), a weakness was found to defeat the Soltan troops.  It happened to be a solution that Maria herself had highly hypothesized, but thanks to not being able to study a Soltan soldier's body, she was never able to reach the same conclusion that others (ironically, "Baltic Force") had deduced.

Armed with the new information on how to defeat the Soltans, Maria created weapons that would actually defeat the Soltans by the dozens.  After training her team how to use the weapons, they patted Maria on the head and told her she 'might actually be useful to the team yet'.  Maria demanded to go out into the field with the team, but they forcefully sat her down behind her communications station and told her it was too dangerous and that she'd only 'get in the way'.  The super-powered portion of the Champions of Argentina then went off to battle without La Gauchita but instead with their new anti-Soltan weapons she'd created and designed.  The three Champions of Argentina eventually turned the tide of the war in South America, forcing the Soltans to retreat from the continent completely, but not before a major ramification occurred to Maria. 

In several instances during the invasion, the three super-powered members of the team had routinely flown to their relatives and friends and either moved them or fought in their neighborhoods to protect them from the Soltans.  A week before the Soltans finally retreated, Maria's fiancee and family were threatened by the Soltans.  When she asked the team to help them out, they declined, stating that they had 'other more important people to save'. Angered, Maria went to leave with a pack of weapons and tech-like gizmos of her own design to help save her family.  Instead, The Blue Gaucho, the team leader, slapped Maria and forced her into her chair saying that she needed to 'monitor their next mission they were leaving for'.  That mission was not to save Maria's family, but instead, a finance minister's mansion. 

Maria had enough. 

She'd save her family herself.

She took one of their flyers and flew to her family's home in San Luis.  There, over 100 Soltan troops were advancing on the town, trying to take over the city's airport to use as a Soltan Air Defense base.  Maria leaped into battle.  In less than 10 minutes, Maria took out nearly all of the Soltans, however, several got past her.  Those several destroyed everything in their path while attempting to get evacuated; everything including Maria's family home.  When Maria arrived at her humble home, over a dozen relatives, women and children lay dead before her...including her fiancee.  Wracked with guilt and anger over the lack of support the rest of the team gave her, she hunted down the remaining Soltans and slaughtered them mercilessly. When all was done, Maria had taken down over 100 Soltans, 2 evacuation aircraft and 2 troop transports all by herself.  Over the communications link, Maria was being yelled at for (once again) another solution to get the team out of trouble in their fight with 10 Soltan soldiers at the Finance Minister's mansion.

Maria screamed curses at them over the comms link rather than any of their 'demanded solutions'.

Maria was furious with her teammates.

Eventually, the other three teammates were assisted by the local military to stop the whopping '10' Soltans.  Beaten and bloodied, they arrived back at the base just as Maria had returned herself...without a scratch on her.  They screamed and yelled at her, demanding an explanation.  When she told them what happened and that all her relatives and family were dead, rather than console her or understand her actions, the leader, Blue Gaucho, backhanded her to the ground.  Blue Gaucho bellowed at Maria calling her 'worthless', 'undisciplined' and a 'detriment to the team'.  He decided to give her a 'negative mark' on her next team evaluation as a result of her selfish actions.

As Maria sat on the floor, blood flowing from her cut lip and broken nose, Maria eyed Blue Gaucho and the team with a look that could burn through steel. She barely heard anything Blue Gaucho was saying at this point; all she wanted to do was get even at the team for what they'd done to her...and what they didn't do for her, like, save her entire family and fiancee.

She swore revenge against the other Champions of Argentina...but not just yet; soon.

Maria told Blue Gaucho she was going to leave for a week to deal with the funeral arrangements for her family.  Agitated and dismissive, Blue gaucho conceded, but demanded her back in 3 days vice a week.  While Maria dealt with the heart-breaking funeral arrangements back in San Luis, the remaining Champions of Argentina muddled through a final push by the military to eventually cause the Soltans to retreat from South America.  The Soltans retreated the day Maria came back. Her teammates were more than happy to deride her for missing out on the most 'crucial' of battles and their final 'victorious assault' that her teammates did.  Blue Gaucho, by this time, started to realize he was being too harsh on Maria.  After talking with the rest of his team, Blue Gaucho decided to help pay for the funeral expenses and to be a bit more considerate towards Maria by helping take some of the load off her at the base.  Unfortunately for those three, their civility came way too late...terminally too late.

Maria had plotted her revenge the whole three days she was burying her family and fiancee.  She planned to blow up their base of operations and leave a note saying she was quitting and that she'd never again 'disgrace' herself with being "La Gauchita".  That night, Maria planted enough explosives in the base to blow it to atoms three times over.  She knew the rest of the team would be at their normal pub, "The Gaucho's Saddle", until at least midnight, boozing it up with the locals while being exuberantly praised for their heroic actions.. She put the explosives on a timer for 1 hour; more than enough time to gather her belongings and set off to a new future...somewhere, possibly back to college to get her Master's degree or even her graduates degree.   Fate, being a fickle mistress, created instead a tragic tale.

The three super-powered Champions of Argentina, after having their beers and cheers at the pub, decided they'd go back to the base and help, for the first time ever, clean up the base to try and make amends for their words and actions against Maria.  Mere minutes after they entered the base, it exploded in a cauldron of fire and destruction.

All three of the super-powered Champions of Argentina were instantly killed.

Maria awoke the next morning after driving all night to La Plata in her car in a gas station parking lot.  When she went into the store to get some breakfast, she saw on the news what had happened.  The TV news report mentioned that the Champions of Argentina were murdered in a fiery explosion of their base and that recovered remote video surveillance of their base showed their sidekick, "La Gauchita" as the murderer.  The media showed the surveillance tape footage of her setting the explosives, leaving a note and 'flipping the bird' to a team picture on the wall before leaving with 'stolen materials'. 

The news hit her like a brick.

She'd never intended to kill the team, just blow up the base.

As she sat their in bewilderment about this fatal turn of events, Maria fought to want to grieve...but didn't.

Instead, Maria felt a dangerously evil emotion she'd never expected to feel...satisfaction.

She didn't grieve for them; instead, she was happy.  She actually started laughing at the TV, as others in the gas station yelled at her for her inconsiderate actions. That's when the folks at the gas station recognized her.  They all started screaming at her calling her a 'murderer' and a 'worthless piece of human flesh'.

That's all it took to break Maria's final straw.

She reached into her bag and broke out her high-tech bolos and her Facon blade and met each attacking civilian in kind.  IN less than a minute, she'd killed all 12 people at the gas station.  Her explosive bolos set off a fiery explosion of the station's gas tanks, leaving the gas station a cauldron of flames.  Maria walked to her car and drove until she ran out of gas near Cordoba. There, she walked the rest of the way to the foot of the Andes Mountains due west to her.  There, she found an abandoned house where she stayed at, contemplating her next move.

Suicide? Turn herself in? Run? What to do.

From her backpack one night, Maria heard a hail of static.  It was her team's comms device.  She'd long forgotten it was even amongst her things.  She immediately feared that the authorities would track her by its frequency and location, however, something else happened.  It was a call from a man only known as "Director 11".  He said he'd been looking for her for awhile and wanted to meet with her to offer an opportunity she'd find to her advantage.  Uneasy about this, she agreed but gave them a bogus location to meet, where she'd instead set up surveillance equipment at to see who and what they were.  If they were the authorities, she'd see them there and instead go into hiding again.  On the day of the meet, Maria remotely monitored through her surveillance cameras of the meeting place, instead, Director 11 snuck up behind her at the abandoned house and introduced himself politely.  Surprised, Maria almost shot Director 11. Instead, Director 11 graciously offered her a job and the chance to complete her college...even towards her graduates degree.  His group, called "Baltic Force" was in need of someone with her skills.  He said they were going through some 'rebuilding', but wanted her to be part of their science team, earning six digits of money every 6 months...if she joined them.  Knowing that "Baltic Force" were the ones who found the weaknesses in the Soltans, Maria was actually excited to join.

She signed up right then and there.

After completing her college graduate studies in the United States, Maria was clandestinely flown to Lithuania.  There, she was introduced to the rest of Baltic Force.  Initially, Maria was asked to apply her skills in medical and science procedures that would help them to identify what made certain super-powered individuals 'tick', as it were.  Her first cadaver was that of a Soltan Soldier.  Maria engaged the challenge with vigor and desire.  She had no morality towards the cadaver.  After several more 'alien' autopsies, she was introduced to a live, super-powered female from Greece.  The Director requested her to 'study' the prisoner and find out how her powers worked, as well as obtain any unique biological specimens and body parts that would be of use in the study.

Maria operated on the super-powered prisoner without anesthesia and happily performed the procedures needed.  The prisoner died on the table, but again, Maria didn't care.  She truly enjoyed ripping into a super-powered being's body, extracting her revenge on those that left her family and fiancee helpless before the onslaught of the invading aliens.  That's when she knew, this was her way of getting back at the super-powered people, the aliens, and the rest of the human race for all that had happened to her.  Director 11 and Baltic Force were her new family.  She felt closer to them than at any time with the Champions of Argentina.  This was her new home.

Over the next few years, leadership changed, and eventually a new leader, Director 13, came to power.  He called forth on a new refocused effort to track, capture, experiment and kill all the world's super-powered beings, aliens, magical beings and any other 'unearthly' creatures here on Earth.  Maria was never  more motivated from that point on.  She enjoyed Baltic Force's new role as "The Exterminators" and in a short time after its forming, Maria was promoted to be one of the two Unit Leaders for the Science Unit.

Since then, "Professor Bolo" has examined and dissected hundreds of super-powered beings, aliens, creatures and magical beings.  She has extracted body parts to be sold on the black market, and/or has kept other body pieces in stasis for further examination and study.  She is heartless and immoral in her actions and considers what she does as a 'blessing to the world' in ridding it of these supers, capes, aliens and unearthly creatures, whether they are heroic or villainous, it matters little to her.  All that matters is her work...and the pain she gets to redirect to her patients/victims.

Professor Bolo is a normal yet exceptionally smart woman with a graduate degree in biological sciences.  She is highly skilled in autopsies and body extractions, as well as biological stasis containment.  As for her physical skills, from her past teachings by The Blue Gaucho and the Fiery Whip Champions of Argentina teammates, she is a master as the bolo and in using a traditional Argentine knife known as a Falon.  She retains several different types of bolos on her person at any given time; explosive, tear gas, smoke, acid, electrical, fragmentary, constrictive, normal and even a cyanide bolo (which she enjoys using on supers that give her 'trouble').  She is highly athletic and is well versed in boxing, wrestling, street fighting and judo.  She normally carries an energy rifle with her to take on missions and field operations...just as a means of additional defense. She also, at times, will carry two energy pistols if she knows there will be a tough fight coming.


John Johnston


A professional tracker and pilot, Canadian Royal Mounted Police Lieutenant Johnston had earned dozens of awards citing his skills in finding, tracking and at times apprehending dangerous fugitives not only from Canada but also from the United States. Over time, Lt. Johnston started getting sidebarred from his duties by intervening Canadian and American super-heroes that started doing his job for him...and screwing it up royally.

On several instances, Lt. Johnston was notified to track an escaped prisoner or fugitive in the dense Canadian wilderness only to have super-heroes who were completely unqualified in tracking instead alert or scare the escaped prisoners and/or fugitives that they were being tracked.  This usually resulted in the prisoners/fugitives taking either drastic actions or going deeper into hiding.  The superheroes would clumsily create problems in the towns or areas the prisoners/fugitives would run to, usually resulting in kidnappings, hostages or full scale battle.  More times than few, the said superheroes would leave a town, area or community a wreck in the process of apprehending the prisoners/fugitives, while Lt. Johnston instead would use more stealthy tactics to ensure local citizens or property would get hurt and/or damaged, respectively. This just added to this happy-go-lucky Canadian's anger; an anger that when surfaced could easily become a psychotic episode for him.

Although screened and tested in the RCMP, Lt. Johnston also knew how to hide his anger and rage.  Anytime in his youthful past if angered, he'd go out into the woods and slaughter whatever woodland or tundra critter he could get his hands on.  He'd track them, box them in, capture them, fight with them if necessary, and once immobilized he'd used knives or even his bare hands to rip their bodies to pieces, all the while completely ambivalent towards what he was doing. With supers and capes intervening into his job, he felt inadequate and belittled, thus once again bringing rise to his psychotic tendencies.

Finally, after being removed from his post as a tracking pilot and basically demoted to a desk job, Johnston met with his new supervisor calmly discussing why he needed to be back to aerial tracking.  His supervisor, a pencil-pushing, arrogant younger Captain, told Johnston that in today's economy, he was lucky to have a job and to stop complaining or he'd find another worthless post to place him in.  Johnston smiled, thanked him for his time and pumped three clips worth of bullets into his supervisor.  With no one hearing the shots in the supervisor's sound proof office, Johnston then took the stairs down to the operations center where three Canadian superheroes and a handful of other RCMPs were poorly working out how to track a band of super-villains across the Canadian wilderness with an out-of-date aerial map. Johnston kindly asked if he could help them out, with each hero saying 'No, we got it'.  Johnston then upholstered his weapon yet again and killed two of the super-heroes and severely wounded the third.  The other RCMPs tackled Johnston to the ground and disarmed him, all the while Johnston went into his psychotic episode and started breaking their arms, hands and noses. He even plummeted his hand into one RCMPer's guts and pulled out the RCMPer's intestines, all the while asking 'Why don't you need me? I'm better at tracking than these guys.  I think you need me". Nonetheless to say, Johnston was jailed and within an hour was sent to a psyche ward.

The media had a field day with the news of a deranged RCMP pilot going crazy and killing two of Canada's most beloved superheroes and seriously maiming another.  Although the death penalty didn't exist in Canada, public opinion strarted decrying Johnston's death for his actions.  Johnston, under high security, did not deny his actions, but instead told investigators that he was ready to return to work now that the superheroes were no longer 'available' to do his job. His doctors soon realized the inherent danger Johnston would be in society and were opting to institutionalize him for life. 

After his first two weeks in the psyche ward, Johnston met with a man who was disguised as a doctor but was actually a recruiter from a super-hero killing organization known as Baltic Force. After discussions, the recruiter asked if he hated super-powered beings, for which Johnston said that unless he had a reason to dislike them, he thought most of them were 'ok people'.  The recruiter offered to spring Johnston from the psyche ward if Johnston would come and work for Baltic Force.  Johnston asked if he'd get to fly and track again if he'd go to work for Baltic Force.  The recruiter said yes...and more.  That night Johnston was slipped out of the prison hospital's psyche ward and on a flight to Baltic Force's facility.

There in Lithuania, Baltic Force's base, several very influential psychologists that worked for Baltic Force easily persuaded Johnston how dangerous super-powered beings, aliens, magical beings and unearthly creatures were to the human populace.  They told him that he was one of two tracker teams needed to find these beings and creatures and trap them, study them and eventually kill them.  It only took three days of psychological manipulating before Johnston fully agreed with the folks with Baltic Force and joined one of their hunter/tracker teams after being suited with a standard issue flight pack and armor set.  Once Johnston learned to use the flight pack, he immediately was overwhelmed with joy and excitement for his new job.

It didn't take long before Johnston started tracking and hunting down the supers, capes, aliens and creatures.  In less than a year, he alone tracked and hunted 70% of Baltic Force's 'assets' successfully.  Promotion after promotion, he worked his way up to Commander rapidly. If Johnston ever got into an altercation with an asset, Johnston would usually find a way to pin or impale the 'asset' into something that would immobilize the asset until the extraction team would arrive and transport the asset to the medical and sciences division for dissection and killing.  As a result, Johnston started picking up the nickname of "Shrike", based on the actions of the Shrike genus of birds that also liked to impale their meals and adversaries.

By 1990, the Soviet Union was breaking up, with Baltic Force's existence teetering on the tip of a pin.  Nonetheless, Johnston was sent on yet one more assignment: hunting and tracking a new super-powered hero in Liberia.  While Johnston was on his assignment, Baltic Force was attacked and destroyed overnight by the CIA special operations division, led by Major Invader himself. When Johnston returned with his assigned asset, he made his way back to the Baltic Force facility where he saw the smoldering ruins of the new home he'd recently made. Johnston immediately snapped the African super-powered heores neck followed by disemboweling and ripping the arms and legs from the Afrikaner's body. Unsure where to go, he instead started tracking other European heroes to discover if they were the ones that decimated Baltic Force.  In this time, Johnston hunted and killed over half a dozen superheroes and villains while interrogating said heroes and villains.  With no answers and a trail of bodies, Johnston was finally contacted by a remnant group of Baltic Force that got away after the facility's invasion and destruction.  When Johnston heard of what Major Invader did, he hunted down the good old Major and fought him.  The resulting fight put Major Invader in the hospital for three months, but nearly killed Johnston.  Once again, Baltic Force arrived and spirited away the broken and damaged Johnston back to a secret hideout in East Germany.

After two years of recuperating and therapy, Johnston was ready to go back to work.  This time however, he was promoted to a Unit Leader of the Hunter Unit and given a special suit and a specially bladed staff.  Given the official codename "Shrike", Johnston continued his hunting and tracking duties even as Baltic Force shifted to become the Exterminators under the new leadership of the nefarious Director 13.  Today, Shrike is still out there...




Whatever assignments he's given, he'll do it, regardless of age, sex, race or status; Shrike wants to eventually help rid the world of super beings, aliens, creatures and magical beings so that, according to Johnston, he could go back to work at the RCMP and fly his plane to track other dangerous people once again...

Shrike is equipped with excellent body armor and helmet for all forms of protection.  His jet pack allows for him to fly up to 500 mph for a range of up 500 miles or a standard tracking flight time of 5 hours. His pack can easily be recharged with a standard electrical socket in less than 6 hours.  It can only fly him to a maximum altitude of 4000 feet. His amazingly strong "Impaler" sharp-ended staff is razor-sharp, containing a stun blister in the staff ends that upon contact with an asset/opponent, creates a remarkable stun effect on contact. Shrike also carries a variety of traps and immobilization devices.  His helmet is rigged with satellite communications, video recording and WiFi transfer capabilities, internet connections and an amazing tracking system.  His suit can provide normal power output up to 5 hours before it also requires a 6 hour recharge period.  With his jet pack, Shrike is amazingly agile as well as an excellent fighter.  His suit also provides stealth characteristics such as a heat dissipation field (cannot be detected on infra red or by heat signature), an electronics jamming circuit and a null frequency field, thus preventing others from detecting his comms or electronics frequencies he's using, even when he's jamming other people's electronics within a 400 foot radius.  His helmet's vision allows for remarkable visuals for night vision, normal light and infra red.


Sister Blade

Jenae Jacobs


A prior enlisted U.S. Army soldier, Jacobs worked her way through the ranks of her units by example.  Active in several world conflicts, she reached the rank of Staff Sergeant rather quickly.  She was highly skilled in knife fighting and close-in/military hand-to-hand combat with over 50 confirmed kills using said techniques and another 40 with handguns and machine guns. On her final mission with the Army in Syria, SSgt. Jacobs went from one of the Army's best close-order combatants to a fugitive and murderer of super-powered beings.

While in Syria, SSgt. Jacobs was covertly training local militias and citizenry how to perform close-order combat with knives and a bit of hand-to-hand combat techniques when the predominantly civilian town she was in was attacked by enemy government forces.  Ordered not to attack, fire on, or engage any of the Syrian government forces, SSgt. Jacobs and her squad were forced to hide in a nearby minaret. From there, she watched as several super-powered, villains-for-hire led a platoon of Syrian troops into the town.

It was a slaughter.

The super-powered villains casually walked through the town destroying buildings on a whim, killing innocent civilians and children.  Unable to bear it anymore, SSgt. Jacobs went against her orders and directed her unit to attack the villains and Syrian troops  to defend the town's populace.  In less than a minute, three of the villains-for-hire were shot dead, while another two were severely wounded.  After several minutes of a fire fight, things got quiet.  After doing some reconnaissance, she discovered all of the Syrian government troops were dead...but not solely by SSgt Jacobs' team, but instead by the remaining living 'villains-for-hire', who greeted her with the claim they were working undercover for the US government.

Flabbergasted, SSgt. Jacobs verified their credentials and instead was chastised by her chain of command for killing their 'undercover super-powered' operatives they'd integrated into the Syrian troops.  Jacobs told her superiors over a secure SatComm channel that she saw those same 'undercover supers' killing innocent women and children as they LED the Syrian troops into the town.  Appalled by the deceit and breakdown in communications, coupled with her chain of command's ambivalence towards the civilian casualties as a 'means to an end', SSgt Jacobs ordered the remaining four super-powered 'undercover' killers to surrender their weapons and turn themselves in for trial and sentencing.  Unwilling to submit to what they called a 'pathetic 'normal' person', the remaining supers instead disarmed SSgt Jacobs and her squad and killed them all...except Jacobs. They had other plans for her.

Over the next few days, the remaining 'undercover' supers/villains decimated the rest of the inhabitants of the town, propping up the Syrian soldiers to make it look like they were killed by rebel combatants instead.  All the while, SSgt Jacobs was mercilessly raped and beaten repeatedly by the same 'undercover' supers.

After a week's time, the 'undercover' supers radioed in that they'd 'done all they could' to stop the Syrian government troops, but 'thanks to an ignorant SSgt Jacobs, his undercover team's cover was not only blown, but that Jacobs and her squad murdered to other supers in the group'.  The lead super mentioned that they were going to 'return' SSgt Jacobs back to the states for trials for her murders and dissension of the chain of command and her orders.  Once the lead super was done talking on the radio, he informed the severely beaten and raped SSgt Jacobs that she'd 'never' make it back to the states in one piece and that he knew several other supers back in the states that were integrated in super-groups and government agencies that he'd order to go out and maliciously kill, maim and murder the rest of her extended family as payback for the supers she murdered that day.

Although the lead 'undercover' super was secretly lying about his affiliation with other 'supers' in super-groups and other government agencies (and his proclaimed intentions to murder her extended family), that was enough for SSgt Jabos to muster every last bit of her being to attack the lead 'undercover' super.  In a blur of motion SSgt Jacobs used her close-order combat training and mercilessly assaulted each of the four remaining supers. During the fight, she got free of her restraints and grabbed up several long knives and an ancient Syrian sword, obviously stolen by the supers from one of the local town's households.  In minutes it was over.  SSgt Jacobs was the only person left standing alive in the Syrian town.

Bloodied, battered and near death herself.  She gathered the sword, several knives, two canteens of water and two handguns with six clips of ammunition and took out across the desert before any other Syrian troops or 'undercover' supers would show up.  Over the next two days, SSgt Jacobs walked and crawled across the desert looking for shelter.  her goal was to get across the next sand dune after reaching her previous goal's sand dune.  All the while this was happening, she grew a new deep-seeded hate for super-powered people, the US Army and the US government.  With the threat still in her head that her extended family was to be targeted by those evil super beings, she carried on across the desert.  Her exposure to the sun, her weakened condition and her vengeful, hate-filled desire to kill every single super-powered being finally overwhelmed her. Her mind snapped with nothing but her deep desire to kill super powered beings - all of them.   She eventually collapsed and was minutes from dying when she was found be a Bedouin tribe. Although unwilling to care to an infidel, their leader saw her US military uniform and figured he'd be able to call for a ransom or 'equitable trade' for her release.  Once the tribe reached a town, they figured out a way to contact a US base and called them about the body of SSgt Jacobs they'd found.  Within hours, the tribe leader was contacted by a US general who said he'd be there to 'collect' her up and pay for their troubles.

The 'general in question was the same general that was in charge of the 'undercover' supers SSgt Jacobs had fought and killed earlier.  the general wanted to prevent Jacobs story from getting out, since the 'undercover' supers were never authorized for their actions in Syria in the first place; the General had gone rogue in carrying out his orders.  Jacobs was the only one left who knew what happened.  The General had to get her and kill her.  To add to his growing list of mistakes, he 'worked a story' with the CIA telling them of a rogue US Army Staff Sergeant that needed to be apprehended by a 'super-powered being' due to level of dangerousness. The CIA called forth a new super-powered recruit they been secretly training codenamed "Radikill", a radiation-based super-powered patriotic youth who had no problems following any government official's orders, even to kill without mercy. Radikill was told to not only kill SSgt Jacobs, but everyone in the hospital, thereafter, making it look like a 'dirty bomb' was used and detonated by SSgt Jacobs in a mad killing spree against all of Islam. 

The next day, SSgt Jacobs awoke in a hospital, but not in Syria - it was just across the border in neighboring Iraq. The Bedouin tribe leader explained, kindly, that he had 'worked a deal' with her government to get her home safely.  Minutes later, Radikill arrived at the hospital.  He immediately killed, via his radiation powers, the Bedouin tribe leader and that wing's hospital staff, all the while planting a make-shift 'expended' dirty bomb at SSgt Jacob's feet in her hospital bed.  The Bedouin leader, in his last action, slid Jacobs his family scabbard knife which Jacobs immediately planted into Radikill's brain.  As Radikill started uncontrollably leaking radiation from his head wound, Jacobs pulled herself to a wheelchair and made off down the hall.  There, she saw that Radikill had already killed other hospital staff and patients on his way into the hospital; all but one - a young 8-year old Arab girl, .Jacobs grabbed up the girl and wheeled her chair out the from of the hospital to one of the two ambulances out front.  Jacobs grabbed up the girl, tossed her into the ambulance and with what little energy she had, drove off down the highway, only to see a green-yellow cloud of radiation pour from the hospital in her rear-view mirror.  She only made it five miles down the road before she collapsed at the steering wheel unconscious.\

Jabobs awoke in an old stone and brick hut.

The little girl had flagged down another car off the road and told them what had happened.  The kind people took Jacobs and the girl back to their home, where for the last two weeks, Jacobs was treated and stabilized for all her wounds.  After talking/translating with the women of the household, Jacobs discovered her face under her nose cad radiation burns and that as a result of her earlier repeated raping, she was no longer able to bear children.  The household's leader, the man of the house, was a militant for the Kurdish rebels.  He discovered all that Jacobs had done and praised her for her actions.  he offered to take her anywhere she wanted to go, but, according to the news, she was now considered to be an international terrorist and a murderer of super-powered beings.  Unsure what to do, she told him to take her to people that would 'understand her plight'.  Days later, the Kurdish militant worked out a means to get her to Lithuania and a group he'd heard of called Baltic Force - a group that hated super-powered being as much as Jacobs, and just as internationally renown.

Days later, Jacobs arrived at Baltic Force's facility in Lithuania and told them her tale.  Although she was considered slight 'unbalanced' due to her exposure to the desert heat, they promised that she'd be able to stay and work with them - in killing supers.  She happily agreed.

Over the last few years, Baltic Force became the Exterminators under the leadership of Director 13.  during that time, Jacobs quickly rose to the rank of Commander.  her desire to mercilessly kill super powered beings was only meted by her desire to ensure that her extended family was safely hidden away in secretive locations around the world, away from the touch of any of the 'despicable supers'.

"Sister Blade", as she was codenamed, and her mercenary mentality against supers finally earned her a spot as a Unit Leader in the Kill Unit for the Exterminators. There, she uses her skills, weapons and savagery to extol her hate against super-powered beings in mercilessly killing them, much to the Exterminators' happiness.

Sister Blade is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant and is well versed in judo, savate, karate and military close-in combat.  She is an expert in knife and sword fighting. She carries a variety of other para-military weapons to include grenades, flash-bangs and toxic sprays.  Her goggles are able to see in darkness (night vision) and in the Infra Red spectrum.  her bodysuit provides her typical protection from physical, energy, heat cold, toxic and radiation attacks.


Stygian Huntsman

Tu Ah Pan


Back in the final year of the Cold War, a famous Chinese military tracker's wife gave birth to their only son, Tu Ah Pan.  The father was trained in Chinese stealth tracking with a baseline unique skill in Ninja training.  Coupled with superior bow and arrow skills, Tu Ah Pan's father was considered one of the greatest trackers in the Chinese Army.  In 2000, Tu's mother died from health ailments due to the increased smog in their city.  The father was upset over the way his wife was medically treated before her death and railed against the establishment.  Unfortunately for Tu's father, they unleashed several of their secretive military super-powered  thugs on him.  His father was beaten within an inch of his life.  As a result of his 'attitude', Tu's father was imprisoned for 2 years for his actions and dishonorably discharged from the Chinese military.  Tu was raised by neighbors during those two years until his father was released from prison. Within hours of his release, Tu and his father disappeared from the Chinese government's control and went to a special location Tu's father learned of while he was training in his ninja skills.

Over the next decade, Tu learned every skill his father learned; how to track, how to hide, stealth, hunting, survival and uniquely how to hide in the shadows and in plain sight.  In 2012, the Chinese military found Tu and his father in their remote properly in Mongolia.  Once again, the government sent out the remaining few super-powered military assets they had to punish Tu's father for hiding all these past years.

The Chinese super-powered military goons killed Tu's father before his eyes.

In a blind, maddening series of attacks, Tu unleashed everything his father taught him and killed three of the four Chinese supers.  The remaining super barely made it out of the battle alive.  Tu was heartbroken.  He'd lost his mother to industrial waste and his father to the Chinese government.  After a proper burial in a secret location, Tu left China and Mongolia and started traversing the globe.  In his travels, he applied his new skills in tracking, hunting and hiding, as well as a few combat skills now and then against anyone who tried to take advantage of him.  If wasn't until he made his way to Germany that Tu would start his career with the Executioners.

While Tu was in outside of Bonn, Germany, he witnessed a super-powered Polish hero attack a band of black and blue garbed militants (The Executioners).  In that fight, he was impressed at how they worked as a team to subdue and capture the hero, and then mention that the super was 'fated for death' after he was examined.  Strangely, Tu was excited for the first time ever in wanting to do something, to him, of value - the extermination of supers anywhere.

After an unusual meeting with the Exterminators (another story for another day), Tu was brought in and assigned to the Hunter unit.  Over the next year, Not only did Tu track and hunt over 40 super-powered and alien beings (sometimes simultaneously) in Europe, but Tu also discovered two undercover supers amidst their own Executioner ranks (of course they were promptly put to death). Director 13, the leader of the Exterminators, impressed with his efforts and dedication, promoted Tu as one of the two Unit Leaders of the Hunter Unit. 

With a new squad of over 20 agents he's personally trained in tracking and hunting, Tu has now become a deadly and important member of the Exterminators as the "Stygian Huntsman".

The Stygian Huntsman has incredible fighting skills, and a mastery of the bow and arrow, stealth and all forms of Ninjitsu. His tracking skills are amazing, being able to find and track a target for up to two weeks without losing sight of him or her during that time.  his uncanny ability to blend in with the shadows and his skills in disguise and accents has also made him difficult to find or track himself.  Stygian Huntsman keeps standard utility body and waist belts of handcuffs, tasers, ammunition, tracking devices, black smoke distractions, various caltrops, and a variety of different arrow heads for smoke, toxins, electronic eavesdropping, short range EMP blasts and electrical shock.  He keeps at least 10-20 highly trained ninja-like minions with and around him at all times while tracking and hunting.  They've worked out a complete series of hand, eye and body language gestures to communicate.