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Von Celeros


Von Celeros is a unique alien cyborg who until recently was imprisoned aboard a Soltan Star Cruiser of the Soltan Star Empire that crashed into the Sahara Desert during the Soltan Invasion of 2000.  Celeros was being tortured for information to star charts of an entire civilization in the galaxy that is considered the "El Dorado" of universally rare minerals, high amounts of magical energies and a hearty group of species that are considered 'honor' bound to do anything demanded of whoever conquers and rules them. That civilization is only known as the unfounded and hidden Itoz civilization. 

Celeros was the 'rebel' of his hidden civilization, traveling amongst the stars to gain the power and capability to subjugate his own civilization so that he himself would rule it.  He left before they could order him to stop, and as such, once someone challenges the rule of his "El Dorado"-like civilization, he is honor bound to fight to the death for that position.  Unfortunately for Celeros, he was defeated and captured by the super-powered Soltan "Master Universe" prior to both of them being subjugated by the Soltan Star Empire and placed aboard the Soltan Star Cruiser that eventually fell to Earth.  Although the Soltan Star Empire DID defeat him, Master Universe, the last one he was required by his civilization's rules to follow, did not die, ergo, Celeros is still under the control of Master Universe.  Thus, Celeros is bound to serve Master Universe as per the edicts of his civilization.  Due to that, Celeros continues to work for Master Universe and his new band of "Galactic Expatriates" on Earth as they continue an attempt to get off Earth and return to their own worlds and conquer them in turn.

Master Universe has demanded (even attempted to beat out of) Celeros the secrets of the unknown star charts held withing Celeros brain, however, Celeros, being the rebel that he is, considers the star charts as something that he is not required to 'give' to anyone else but himself, much to the disdain of Master Universe (and the Soltan Star Empire who want that information very badly); everything else Master Universe has tasked Celeros to do, Celeros does as part of his civilization's rules.

Today, Celeros continues to do Master Universe's bidding, but all the while, Celeros is looking for the tools he needs to finally overthrow the yoke of Master Universe and acquire the power and capability to return to his civilization and become its ultimate ruler.



Celeros is a part humanoid, part cyborg warrior that is armored in the unique metals and materials of his hidden civilization.  The armor and items he wears are considered extremely rare and/or unique in all the galaxy, and are highly sought after by many warlike alien races, pirates, and those hoping to unlock its secrets.

  • Cyborg Body
    • Remarkably strong body, capable of lift over a ton.
    • Can run up to speeds of 60 mph
    • Can leap up to 1/2 mile after several smaller bounds.
    • Body can operate without oxygen for up to 2 hours.  After two hours, biological breakdown occurs, weakening him at a whole level across his physical attributes every hour until he dies.  After a total of eight hours without oxygen, he will no longer be able to hold himself up, resulting in death within an hour after that.
    • His cyborg components can extracted oxygen from pure water at 100% exchange rate, allowing him to breath underwater, however, the greater the impurities in the water, the less of a percentage he'll have for operating to the previous bullet's capabilities.  Earth's ocean water, for example, is 80% water and 20% impurities (i.e.,salt), thus after 2 hours of time in contact with oxygen, he will have an 80% increase versus his lack of oxygenation issue in the previous bullet (thus he could survive in the ocean water for 80% longer or about 11 hours total before he is too weakened).
  • Cyborg Armor and Systems
    • Celeros armor provides incredible protection from physical, heat, cold and toxic attacks, while providing amazing protection from energy attacks (including plasma), monstrously powerful protection from radiation and magical energies.
    • His targeting system in amazingly fast and powerful, capable of controlling his biological and cyborg parts to an equivocal level of fighting and agility.
    • Due to several redundant systems in his body (biological as well as cyborg; he has 2 biological hearts and one mechanical), his endurance and stamina are amazingly powerful.
    • Visually, Celeros, thanks to his cyborg implants, can see in all spectrums of light, has thermal and night vision, and has an incredibly powerful taste, auditory and balance system. Without his implants, he has excellent normal light vision, poor ultra-violet vision and good auditory and taste abilities as per his species.
  • Flight
    • Celeros has boot jets that can work in air or water, allowing him to fly at up to 600 mph in the atmosphere or over 35 knots in the water.  Their design is alien in nature and seem to have no end limit to range.
    • In addition, Celeros has booster chemical rocket packs on his back, allowing him to accelerate up to Mach 2.5 in the atmosphere for a total of 1 minute before the fuel is expended. The pack would require physical replacement with fully charged modules for continued/additional flight.  He uses these as a means of escape if needed.
  • Cyber-Electronic Networking
    • Celeros can interface with nearly any computer or communications system that has less than excellent security features to its network/components.  As such, once into the system, his cyber-electronic database and processing allow him to rapidly control all facets of a computer system in less than a minute.
    • Due to his continuous interface with Earth's Internet and Satellite systems, Celeros has access to amazing amounts of data for learning, reasoning and academia, just short of what is behind the firewalled networks he can't hack.



  • Energy Blasters (gauntlets)
    • Can fire excellent energy blasts every few seconds from both gauntlets, or can fire two remarkably powerful energy blasts per minute per gauntlet, on one incredibly powerful energy blast per minute.  Anything else more powerful than this will most likely fry his gauntlets' circuitry and power supplies.
  • Energy Missiles
    • Can fire a total of 10 remarkably strong plasma energy missiles per day only. Each missile, once locked onto target with his amazingly accurate targeting system, will travel up to 300 mph to a range of 300 yards before the plasma charge completely dissipates.
    • Takes over 1.5 hrs to recharge for each individual missile.





Occupying over three dozen different asteroids in the Asteroid belt of our very own Solar System, the Kragstarian silicon-based race has slowly evolved from their original radioactive silica-based life forms created over several billion years ago into today's territorial, rock-burrowing alien creatures.

Detendro, the current warlord of the Asteroid Belt (or as he and his race call it, the "Remnants of Kragstaria") was discovered by a passing Soltan military scouting ship, surveying Earth.  The Soltan ship landed on the Kragstarians home asteroid, Krastaria Prime, and was immediately attacked by the Kragstarians.  Through the leadership of a Soltan military officer who would eventually become one of the continental generals during the Soltan Invasion of Earth in 2000, the Soltan officer created a makeshift sonic weapon that inflicted great pain on the attacking Kragstarians.  When the Soltan officer selected the largest of their specie, Detendro and started taking him to their ship, the other several thousand Kragstarians howled with sadness and despair at their loss.  Years later, without Detendro's leadership, the Kragstarians erupted into inter-racial civil war between their own asteroids, hurling rocks at each other's asteroids with make-shift chemical cannon reactions.  As of this writing, the results of the Kragstarian Civil War has yet to be revealed.

Detendro, on the other hand, was imprisoned on the scout ship, constantly bombarded with sonic waves, leaving him weak and thin.  Settling for a thin diet of aluminum and iron, he nearly starved by the time he was taken to the Soltan home world as their prize.  The sad part for the Soltans was...they'd just lost their capitol city due to a nuclear strike against one of their own renegade Soltan super-powered mutants.  Days after the scout ship's return, Detendro was mentioned to the Soltan High Command, with their response simply being, "send it back; we do not need any more barbarically powerful creatures anywhere near our homeworld".  As such Detendro remained in custody until the next ship was sent back towards Earth.  That ship was the Soltan flagship for their space fleet that was on its way to Earth to invade it.

Locked in a powerful containment cell, Detendro was kept in a high security prison wing along with several other highly dangerous villains to the Soltan Empire.  These villains were eventually to be placed in a magically-powered prison on Earth and left there to eventually die.  Since the High Command didn't want to waste time 'dropping off' Detendro on Kragstaria Prime, it was decided he'd be imprisoned on Earth as well.  Amongst those other villains to be incarcerated on Earth was Detendro's next cell over neighbor...Master Universe, the man who survived three nuclear destroy him.

In Earth year 2000, the Soltans invaded Earth and were in the process of building the magically-powered prison for them on Earth when Earth struck back against the Soltans.  The Soltan flagship was severely damaged and fell from orbit down onto the Sahara Desert.  There, only a few hundred Soltans survived the crash of their well as Detendro and most of those in the prison wing.

Within minutes of emerging from the ship, Detendro began to eat the sand of the Sahara Desert as if it were water for a thirsty man.  When the Soltans attempted to regain control of Detendro, he massacred them mercilessly.  Eventually the other prisoner, Master Universe, emerged from the wreckage and was attacked by Detendro, however, Master Universe applied a control unit (kept next to Detendro's cell) using sonic powers to control Detendro.  Detendro eventually became submissive and began attacking whatever Master Universe pointed to.  By the day's end, Detendro, Master Universe and several other prisoners massacred the remaining survivors of the Soltan flagship, as well as a Soltan rescue crew and a few humans from a Bedouin tribe.

Under the control of Master Universe (most of the time), Detendro has done Master Universe's bidding.  Several times, Master Universe lost control of Detendro, wherein Detendro would be found at metal refineries, mines, or in deserts, eating metal minerals and/or sand and attacking any who got in his way.  Since his arrival on Earth, he's killed at least two dozen people while acting for Master Universe or during his hunt for minerals to eat.

Today, Detendro is back under Master Universe's control and does his bidding against any who oppose the Galactic Expatriates villain team they are part of.  Detendro wants desperately to return to Kragstaria Prime and take back leadership as well as see his two dozen sons an daughters, however, with the advent of the Kragstarian Civil War, which Detendro still doesn't know occurred, there might not be much left for him to return to, if at all...



Detendro's powers and capabilities relate directly to his silica-based specie.  Although he is stronger and more aggressive, Detendro has no different powers or capabilities as compared to any others in his species.

  • Strength and Stamina
    • Most Kragstarians are remarkably strong, while Detendro himself in incredibly stronger that other Kragstarians.  Most female Kragstarians have excellent strength, while most Kragstarian children start off with good strength.
  • Rock Armor
    • Detendro and his species are covered in a moderate to thick layer of stone, providing remarkable to incredible physical protection, incredible to amazing energy protection, and unearthly radiation and toxic/acidic protection.  Magically, they only have remarkable protection.
  • Movement
    • Ground movement speed is about half that of a normal human (14 mph), however, they are fully capable of burrowing into the ground and digging at about 6 mph once they start. They can dig through ground and rock materials effortlessly up to stone and concrete, however, they cannot dig through steel or high density metal barriers though.
    • Due to their incredible strength, they can leap over 200 yards in a single bound.
  • Vision
    • All Kragstarians have thermal-based vision. Being surrounded by high amounts of heat can blind or confuse them.
  • Mental Protection
    • Kragstarians have a single-minded, guarded mind set, providing good mental protection from any forms of mind control, illusion or telepathic actions.
  • Appetite
    • Kragstarians, like Detendro, have a voracious appetite for minerals and silica.  Silica/sand is like water to them (require about 20 lbs of sand a day), while minerals such as quartz, rubies, iron and granite are meals to them (require about 10 lbs a day to survive).
    • They consider such items as gold, silver, platinum, emeralds and diamonds to be 'delicacies' much like chocolate or ice cream are to us.  Diamonds are unique in that Kragstarians digest them for their 'flavor' but can't "pass" them as excrement without serious pain, ergo, after several minutes of 'tasting' diamonds, usually Kragstarians will vomit them up willingly.



Kragstarians are highly susceptible to sonic attacks, creating twice the damage to them compared to what a normal human could take.

To control Detendro, Master Universe has placed an incredibly powerful sonic belt that can do up to monstrous damage on Detendro that, when remotely activated, can drop any Kragstarian to their knees in pain and immobilize him.


 Lord Darkstar

Name: None, other than Lord Darkstar 


From the Epsilon Sagittarii (Kaus Australis) binary star system in the Sagittarius Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy at 142 light years distance from Earth, the eight planet in the system (we call Epsilon Sagittarii VIII), known in the planet's native language as Lasimiron, bore one of the greatest leaders...and demagogues...of their solar system; a man known only as "Lord Darkstar".

With Lasimironian life spans extending to the equivocal of 250 Earth years, and with their civilization being over 200 million years old, the planet and its neighboring planets were considered one of the most highly advanced set of planets within 100 light years of itself.  Most of the Lasimironian's history was considered peaceful, wrought with major advances in science, space exploration and benevolence.  Over 100 years ago, however, the planet and its neighboring inhabited planets were militarily taken over by Lord Darkstar and his forces.  Unable to act against the military might of Lord Darkstar and his unearthly powers over dark energy, their solar system fell to his demagogic rule.   As "Lord" over the masses, he forced millions of planetary inhabitants to build his war machine of hundreds of space ships and stellar destroyers in an attempt to take over neighboring solar systems and make them his own.

15 years ago, Lord Darkstar started his attack against the Delta Sagittarii solar system that contained three inhabited, yet primitive planets.  On Delta Sagittarii V (also known as the planet Majestus), Lord Darkstar met defeat at the hands of magic users who catapulted Lord Darkstar into space and used their planet's magical energies to damage many of Lord Darkstar's fleet of vessels, all while never going into physical combat with them.  As a result, Lord Darkstar's fleet returned to the Epsilon Sagittarii solar system and has not been seen or heard from since.  Lord Darkstar, however, had a greater problem - survival.

Using his dark matter powers, he encapsulated himself in a dark energy sphere to prevent himself from dying in space.  Black Holes abounded near the Delta Sagittari sun, and Lord Darkstar was drawn into it and wormholed to the Perseus Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, where he was discovered by a passing Soltan starship on its way to invade Earth (see Soltan Invasion of Earth, 2000).  He was picked up and brought aboard one of the medical ships.  There, after he dropped his dark energy field, did he finally collapse from exhaustion and lack of food. 

Days later, Lord Darkstar awoke in a Soltan  prison medical center aboard the same ship.  Due to the Soltans' universal translator not knowing Lord Darkstar's language, communications were practically useless other than hand of facial gestures.  eventually, the Soltan doctors went to draw additional blood samples from Lord Darkstar, who considered it a 'violation' to his being; he attacked the doctors with his dark energies, however, they'd been severely restricted due to his extensive distance from the source of his power - his home solar system's black holes.  As a result, his normally unearthly levels of power were merely only good levels.  Even at those levels, he still slew over a dozen doctors and several Soltan soldiers before he was subdued himself.  Lord Darkstar was then taken to a high security cell aboard the Soltan Star Empire's flagship and kept there for the duration of their journey to Earth.

In 2000, Earth was attacked and invaded by the Soltans.  Several months later, the military forces and super-powered heroes of Earth rallied to take the fight to the Soltans and pushed the Soltans off Earth for good.  As a result of their rallied attacks, the Soltan flagship was severely damaged, causing it to careen from its orbit around Earth to eventually crash into the Sahara Desert on Earth.  Lord Darkstar, several other imprisoned aliens, and a few hundred Soltans survived the crash.  When Lord Darkstar was ordered to stand down by a Soltan military trooper, Lord Darkstar killed him using his dark energy powers, still weakened by his distance to the source of his powers.  Another prisoner, the extremely powerful excommunicated Soltan usurper who called himself "Master Universe", saw Lord Darkstar's powers.  Using rudimentary gestures, Master Universe prompted Lord Darkstar to join him in killing the remaining surviving Soltan troops from the crash site.  Each time Lord Darkstar used his powers, he got better at manipulating them, eventually allowing for him to reach short bursts of remarkably powerful dark energy attacks.  In the end, every Soltan crash survivor, as well as a Soltan Rescue ship crew and a few human nomads were killed, leaving only the villainous band of usurpers and expatriates from the prison wing, left standing.   They all agreed to band together and attempt to leave Earth and return to their native planets where together, they'd rule as a consortium over their own worlds and planets.

Lord Darkstar, being a very selfish fellow, did not like the idea of sharing rule of his Delta and Epsilon solar systems with anyone else but himself, however, he agreed to go along with Master Universe's plan for the time being.  Once they were aboard a starship, capable of getting them home, then Lord Darkstar would make his move and decimate his fellow "Galactic Expatriates" and then return to his home world and pick up where he left off.  He considers himself better than each of his fellow Galactic Expatriates and at times has proven himself useful to the team in tactics and resource gathering.

Today, Lord Darkstar, still under-powered due to his vast distance from his power source in his home solar system, continues to work with Master Universe and the Galactic Expatriates in their bid to return to space and find their way to their home planets.  As such, he considers the people of Earth to be similar to those on Majestus, and hates Earth even more, being reminded daily of his defeat at the hands of what he deems "savages".  He has maliciously killed dozens of people on Earth and could be merciful or merciless, depending on his mood that day, .  He has acclimatized himself to Earth, even though he considers even the deserts on Earth during the summer as "cold".


Lord Darkstar is a science-altered being who has the ability to manipulate and generate dark energy and matter from his own being.  Due to his distance from his home solar system's dark energy power source, he is severely limited in the power level access to his energies.

  • Dark Energy and Matter Manipulation
    • Dark Energy
      • Can fire dark energy blasts from the aura of his body (outward from body), or from his hands and eyes at excellent power levels routinely, but can use it up to remarkable levels once every three minutes if required.  Although using remarkable levels is tough for him to do, it doesn't physically affect him if he uses the power to that level. He can fire his energy from his body outward to affect only those within 12 feet of his location, but when shooting from his eyes or hands, he has a range of up to 300 feet.
    • Dark Matter
      • He is capable of creating dark matter energy constructs in simply forms, like shields, stairs, column-like battering rams, or walkways across building or voids.  Each construct in remarkable in physical material strength, but with concentration, he can up the level in incredible strength and thickness, but only for less than 1/2 a minute at a time, having to wait up to 3 minutes to attempt to do so again.  He can create his dark matter constructs up to 300 feet away; more than this again requires intense concentration.
  • Teleportation
    • While in Earth's Solar System, Lord Darkstar can only teleport himself and up to a dozen people at a time for a distance not to exceed 12 miles at a time.  It takes him over 3 minutes to recharge after using his teleportation powers to be able to use them again.  With extreme focus, he can teleport the same amount of people over 60 miles in one teleport, but would require over 3 hours to recharge and recover, leaving his endurance and stamina depleted by a factor of two for that same duration of recharging.
    • He can teleport matter and contained energy, but cannot teleport any other form of loose of existing energy (i.e., he cannot fire energy bolts through the teleportation field and out the other side; it would simply dissipate en route to the other side of the portal)

  • Lasimironian Physiology
Although scientifically augmented to be three times as strong and endurable as the best conditioned Lasimironian could ever be, he still retains several standard and unique trains of Lasimironians:
  • Ultra-Violet and Normal Light Vision
    • Lasimironians can see normally in both normal light and (with their mauve-colored eye membrane in place) into the ultra-violet spectrum all at a good rank.
  • Magical Weakness
    • Lasimironians have no defenses against magical energies and have never been exposed to those powers (although Lord Darkstar obviously has had to fight magical beings on Earth)
  • Skin Density
    • All Lasimironians have typical physical protection due to a thick, leathery skin.  Their internal organs can also take up to typical damage from poisons or toxins without being affected.
  • Nitrogen breathers
    • Nitrogen is what Lasimironians usually use to breath in and survive on.
    • Oxygen, to Lasimironians, is like a drug; a "high", if you will, making Lord Darkstar drunk/stoned on Earth's oxygen nearly all the time.  Rather than be silly, austere or visionary during this 'high', he instead feels 'empowered' and a 'risk taker', attacking others he would normally know better than to attack.  It also makes him more aggressive and angry.



 Magistrate Andromeda

Maije Straet Anrdroe Mida


As a Soltan military planetary overseer (titled as: Maije Strate) that was in charge of the invaded planet of Vetona in the Perseus Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, Androe Mida was considered a ruthless and cruel dictator of the enslaved races on the planet.  Thirty years before today, he'd been placed in charge of the planet by the Soltan Star Empire's High Command, but within two years time, had earned the ire of the High Command due to Androe Mida's poor administration of using the planet's species to mine and process ores needed to build Soltan Star Ships.  Rebellions from the planet's species coupled with Androe Mida's mass killings of the planet's work force created a lull in quotas for ore shipments.  As a result,the High Command demanded Androe Mida to 'correct' the deficiency or be jailed for his inaction.  Androe Mida was furious at the High Command in even considering prison for him and as a result, made Androe Mida kills tens of thousands more workers just to spite the High Command.  Nearly two decades ago, the High Command sent a new Maije Straet to replace Andro Mida.  The resultant encounter was epic to say the least.

Days before the new Maije Straet was to arrive, Androe Mida scoured the planet for any and all means of unique weapons he could use against anyone daring to usurp him or his post.  As a result, he discovered a hidden shrine from one of the planet's races; a shrine that contained a powerful transmutation device that the native races knew was too dangerous to ever use (based on lore and history from thousands of years ago in their past).  Androe Mida killed hundreds of those trying to protect and hide the shrine, eventually discovering the shrine and the transmutation device.  Placing himself in the device, he was empowered with unearthly abilities in gravity control and force field creation, making him the most powerful individual on the planet.

When the new Maije Straet arrived, he and his associates were crushed to death by Anrode Mida's new powers.  As a result, the Soltan starship in orbit launched an orbital barrage on Androe Mida's position, however, thanks to his new powers, Androe Mida was able to shield the entire overseer facility and base from the Soltan starship's barrage.  The Soltan starship then sent down over a thousand armed troops to the planet's surface to take out Androe Mida and his brainwashed troops, only for nearly 400 of those Soltan troops to be slaughtered by Androe Mida and his troops. 

During their battle, each time Androe Mida used his gravity powers, he also created planet-wide quakes.  The fragile planet eventually began to become unstable.  Plumes of magma and steam began to erupt all over the planet in the throes of the planet's own destruction. 

Androe Mida took his troops, over one hundred slave laborers from the planet and flew an orbital transport to the starship, lying that they had Androe Mida in custody and were flying him to the star ship as their prisoner.  Instead, Androe Mida and his troops took over the starship all the while Vetona crumbled below them and eventually exploded.  Due to Androe Mida's damage to the starship while in the process of taking it over, coupled with damage to the ship resulting from the collapsing of Vetona, the starship's environmental controls and engines were severely damaged, causing the ship to slowly break obit and float out into space, tumbling end over end and out of control.  Due to the loss of atmospheric controls, the remaining crew of the starship succumbed due to the loss of oxygen, lack of internal ship's heat and the loss of artificial gravity.  Andro Mida however salvaged dozens of oxygen tanks, independently-powered heaters and stores of food and water and barricaded himself on the starship's command deck.  There he survived for a whole year until he was found barely alive be another Soltan starship (that was eventually sent to find out what happened on Vetona).  He was then taken into custody and placed in a powerful cell that negated his new powers; a cell that required 1/3rd the ship's engine power to simply contain Androe Mida from using his powers.  

Eventually Androe Mida was flown to a remote Soltan-controlled solar system and placed on trial over a remote link back to the Soltan home world.  He was found guilty of his crimes and sentenced to death.  Each time the Soltans attempted to kill him, Androe Mida used a fraction of his powers to protect himself, thus preventing the Soltans from killing him. During this period of his captivity, he was also causing the starship's engines to strain and fail, thus it was only a matter of time before he'd be able to break free. Finally, the decision was made to place him aboard  a Soltan flagship bound for Earth that was designed to hold powerful inmates without taxing the ship's systems.  The flagship was to transport several other powerful and dangerous villains of the Soltans to Earth where they'd be placed in a powerful, magically-power generated prison and kept their indefinitely on Earth. Since Earth was to be invaded anyway, they'd be able to keep their captives under lock and key by siphoning off Earth's magical energies to power the containment cells for the prisoners.  This was also a means of keeping these incarcerated villains as far away from the Soltan Star Empire as possible. This, of course, was a good plan, but as we continue with this story, you'll discover that thanks to Earth's defenders during the invasion, they'd instead unleashed a far more dangerous foe onto their planet instead.

In 2000, the Soltans arrived at Earth and invaded the planet.  Preparations were made to house the Soltan prisoners on Earth when several months into the invasion, the military forces and super-powered heroes of Earth joined forces and took the Earth back from the Soltans.  During the final battles, the Soltan flagship was severely damaged, causing it to crash into Earth's Sahara Desert from orbit.  Only a few hundred Soltan crew members survived the crash...just as each of the prisoners on the starship had, including Androe Mida.

Now free from his power-sapping shackles, Androe Mida used his powers to kill the Soltan flagship's survivors.  He joined others from the prison wing of the flagship and decided to work together until they'd figure out how to get off Earth and get back to their home planets where each villain intended to exact their own form of revenge against their own civilization and/or the Soltans.  Androe Mida wanted nothing more than to become a warlord of a planet he'd once been assigned to: Bedafustia, a planet rich in resources, wealth and technology; a planet that he was supposed to have been promoted to have been its Maije Staet, but the Soltan High Command decided against.  In taking over Bedafustia, he would then create and mount the most powerful fleet in the galaxy and take over Solta and its Star Empire, making himself emperor.

That was Androe Mida's desire, however, this came into conflict with the group's new and very powerful leader, Master Universe.  Master Universe wanted to exact revenge against the Soltan Star Empire, however, he wanted to do it himself and make himself the new emperor.  Androe Mida knew there was no way he could beat Master Universe, however, he tactically realized it best to go along with Master Universe and his plans and then, when the time was right, find a way to take out Master Universe and become Emperor himself.  As such, Androe Mida continued to play the lackey of Master Universe, doing whatever Master Universe demanded on Androe Mida.  Although Master Universe despised Androe Mida's last title as Maije Straet, he allowed him to continue using the title so long as he didn't 'displease' Master Universe.  Together, Andore Mida, Master Universe and the band of other powerful alien prisoners became the "Galactic Expatriates".

Today, Maije Staet Andro Mida (called "Magistrate Andromeda" by Earth's media) and the Galactic Expatriates continue to find a way off of Earth to achieve their galactic goals.  During the lat 15 years, however, the Galactic Expatriates have battled with Earth's forces time and again, being imprisoned from time to time, but eventually the expatriates would band back together again towards their common goal.  Androe Mida hates every single on of his teammates and loves to lord over them, letting them known they are 'less' than he is...all except Master Universe.  Androe Mida praises Master Universe in everything he does and every decision he makes, making him the ultimate yes man to the team.  His fellow villains despise him, however, they know that Andro Midas is no fool and is as dangerous to fight as any others on the team, thus an uneasy alliance towards their big goals is all that keeps the team from killing each other.

On a side note, Prince Arux is a Bedafustian amidst the Galactic Expatriates team.  Prince Arux and Magistrate Andromeda hate each other with a serious passion.  These two are always fighting with each other, arguing constantly and creating rifts in the Galactic Expatriates' teamwork.



Androe Mida is a Soltan soldier, trained in ranged combat, military tactics and practices, leadership, subversion, torture, military equipment, piloting and melee combat.  He also has the following scientifically-enhanced powers:

  • Gravity Control
    • Anrdro Mida's control of gravity is a localized effect based from his own body.  Depending on the planet he is on and the gravity well of the planet, his powers are directly proportional to planet's gravity.  On Earth, he has remarkable gravity control, able to negate or increase gravity to repel or smash victims along the planetary gravity axis.  He cannot use his powers to perform sidereal gravity manipulation; only axial, thus his directional control is completely based on an axial trajectory.  He can control this power out to 300 yards of his personage.
    • As a limitation, the further he gets fro a planet's gravity well, the weaker he is.  On Earth's Moon, for example, his powers are only typically powerful; on Jupiter they are unearthly.  In space, greater than a million miles from a gravity well, he would only have feeble ranked powers.
  • Force Fields
    • Androe Media can surround himself or others near him in spherical force fields of amazing strength on Earth.  For planets with other heavier gravity wells, this power increases one rank per level of gravity increase.  On Jupiter, for example, his force field would be near limitless in protecting him; floating in space, however, he'd be lucky to maintain a feeble powered force field close in around himself.
    • On Earth, he can create up to 3 individual force field to protect others, so long as they are within 300 yards of Androe Mida's body.
    • Androe Mida usually likes to maintain a force field around himself during combat and would never sacrifice his own force field protection for anyone else, not even Master Universe.
    • He can use his gravity powers through his force field without having to drop his force field, however, if he was to shoot a gun, he'd have to drop his force field to prevent the bullet from ricocheting off the inside of the force field bubble.  Same goes for him grabbing anything/anyone outside a force field. The force field acts like a plow to anything outside the force field with the exception of the earth or surface below the field; he's still protected at ground level, but it doesn't 'bubble' into the ground, it just stops at the ground level.


  • Armor
    • Androe Mida wears remarkably strong armor providing physical and energy protection, as well as incredible toxin, temperate and radiation protection. It is made from the same metal used on Soltan starships.
    • Protects him from limited times in space (2 hours), however the suit's thermal shield will eventually allow the cold of space to seep in, causing death (or suspended animation) by cryofreezing.
    • Contains its own oxygen pack, allowing 4 hours of oxygen.
  • Systems
    • Extensive array of communications equipment, tactical displays and heads-up targeting data visuals from his helmet, all at excellent levels of control and use.
    • Suit's power supply can be indefinite so long and it can recharge from solar, kinetic and/or electrical.  Recharges at a poor rate


  • Has his own customized Soltan fighter plane capable of firing remarkably strong energy cannons at a rate of twin shots per every 6 seconds or excellently strong shots at every 3 seconds, good strength at every second, or typical for rapid fire.
  • Can fly only in the Earth's atmosphere; cannot fly in space.
  • Max altitude: 100,000 feet
  • Max speed: Mach 3.5
  • Stealth: remarkably powerful stealth field vs. electronic, radar and visual tracking
  • Protection: remarkable defense for outer skin of plane; electrical systems are protected with excellent levels of electronic sheathing from disruption
  • Controls: Remarkably agile in upper atmosphere, incredibly agile in lower atmosphere
  • Engines are ion powered; perpetual; no fuel required except a new ion core every 10 years (which Androe Mida knows how to build from scratch using Earth's resources).



Krrick 'Lkrrklkl


An insect-like humanoid specie from an unknown planet was discovered 20 years ago aboard a Soltan supply starship from one of the Soltan Star Empire's many captured/invaded planets.  While aboard the supply starship,the creature ate nearly 1/2 the 250 person crew before the ship was placed on auto-pilot to the nearest Soltan controlled planet all the while transmitting a 'quarantine' alert from the ship.  A passing pirate ship went in to salvage the ship and became the creature's 'dinner' as well.  The pirate ship became damaged fighting off the creature and careened to the primitive Soltan-controlled planet below, crashing in a dense jungle.  For the next two years, the creature ate humanoids, animal life and spawned a colony of its own species on the planet numbering in the hundreds.  The creature, only identified by its unusual clicking-sounding name (Krrick 'Lkrrklkl), became the hive leaders, coordinating planet-wide invasions of the local inhabitants.  Eventually, a Soltan battle cruiser came to the planet in an attempt to quell the invasion of the creature's voracious appetite; most of the Soltan troops were killed during the hunt.

Worried of a planet-wide infestation, the Soltans did a 'nuclear burn' of the planet, destroying all life on the planet in an attempt to wipe out the predatory specie.  It worked at the expense of the entire planet's population and Eco-system. The planet's Eco-system would take decades to reform, however, the humanoid and animal species on the planet were exterminated.  When the final survey team left the planet after investigating the after effects of the nuclear burn, Krrick stowed away in one of the Soltan's equipment cases and was brought aboard their shuttle which eventually docked onto the battle cruiser.  The battle cruiser was recalled to the fleet for preparations for an invasion of Earth. When the cruiser arrived with the fleet, Krrick decided it was time to kill again.

It went through the cruiser slaughtering and eating the crew.  With only a dozen crew left, they decided to open the inside of the ship to open space, hoping to asphyxiate it or freeze it to death.  Soltan Entomologists arrived at the ship in space suits and found the creature in a cocooned shell.  They encased it in a titanium cage and brought it to a high-powered prison cell aboard the fleet's flagship.  There, the creature was left in custody, isolated and contained.  The fleet commander decided he'd bring the creature to Earth with him and the invading Soltan fleet and place it, along with several other dangerous and powerful villains held in the same prison bay, in a specialized prison that the Soltans were going to build on Earth, thus keeping the beast away from the Soltan Empire's core worlds and leaving it on a planet that they'd rather have its inhabitants 'deal with' should it escape (which was not likely).

During the Soltan invasion of Earth, the planet's military and super-powered heroes eventually fought back and sent the Soltans back to space, but not before they damaged the Soltan flagship and sent it crashing from orbit into Earth's Sahara Desert.  There, only a few hundred Soltan crew members survived the crash...but so did several other incarcerated villains in the ship's prison wing, including Krrick.

Krrick had exited its cocoon mere days before the flagship's crash on Earth.  It was starving and was voracious when it was freed from its cell as a result of the flagship's crash.  It went on a killing/eating spree on the surviving Soltan troops at the crash site.  It even attempted to attack/eat the other freed prisoners that were also killing the remaining Soltans, however, the most powerful escaped prisoner amongst them, Master Universe, easily beat the creature into submission.  The creature realized Master Universe's power and instead became submissive to him.  He ordered the creature not to attack or eat the other escaped prisoners.  As it was, the creature actually helped the escaped prisoners in their fight against the crash site's remaining Soltan troops, even saving one of the escaped prisoners from certain death.  Master Universe acknowledged its contribution to this band of galactic expatriates, as they'd eventually be known as, and allowed the creature to remain with them until they were able to figure out a way to get back into space and back to their own home-worlds where each intended to take over their own planets as revenge for their incarceration.

Unfortunately for the Galactic Expatriates, they've yet to get off of Earth to achieve their goals.  Together (and at times, separately) they've tried to get back into space and find their way home, but have thus been thwarted by the Earth's heroes and inhabitants.  Krrickk has enjoyed being on Earth and considered the humans of Earth as 'very tasty'.  The creature, for the most part, wants to help his fellow expatriates off the planet...only so that it can create its own colony on Earth and birth a whole new generation of its specie to rule Earth with!

Today, Krrickk continues to fight alongside the Galactic Expatriates, patiently biding its time to when they leave Earth and it can start its own colony.  Until the, Krrick will aid them in their battles on Earth against its heroes and "food stuff" (otherwise known as 'people').  It will follow Master Universe's orders, however, should Master Universe of other in the team become too condescending or "lord over" Krrick, he will disappear for weeks at a time and eventually return to them, ensuring its own survival by being surrounded by powerful beings...and watching them to ensure they finally leave the planet that it considers to be the best "buffet" in the galaxy.  It can shy away from overly strong combatants, heroes alike, however, it will most likely hunt for its food and willingly go after the most fit humans and 'tasty' heroes, since they are more delicious to it than all other living things on Earth.



  • Insect-Like Humanoid Abilities
Krrick's species are insectoid in nature.  They are strong and have a great deal of agility, fighting reflexes and agility, however are feeble minded overall.  They can understand language and body actions, but cannot read or write or understand mathematics or complex actions.
  • Strength, Endurance and Reflexes
    • Krrick is incredibly strong, able to rend steel, as well as amazingly endurable.  It has remarkable fighting reflexes and agility in Earth's atmosphere.
  • Armoring and Protection
    • Krrick's species have a natural body armor over the whole of their body, providing excellent physical, energy and radiation protection
    • Can defend against heated attacks of remarkable levels
    • No defense against magical attacks
    • Mentally, due to their hive mind and feeble reasoning, they have their own inherent good mental defenses
    • Limitation: Cold.  If temperatures drop below freezing (normally 32 degrees F on Earth), it will do double damage to its body and frame, dramatically slowing its physical actions down a level for each drop of 30 degrees below the freezing temperature.  Eventually it will be incapable of movement since its body chemistry is liquid in nature.
  • Cocooning
    • It can cocoon itself in a shell-like membrane that provides it monstrous protection against all forms of attack should it perceive potential death or a means of protecting itself from a more powerful attacker.
  • Venom, Claws and Teeth
    • It can extract a good strength poison into its victims either through its teeth or claws.  The poison is fast acting, causing anyone with typical resistance to be paralyzed within 6 seconds or those with a good endurance within 10 to 12 seconds.  Anyone with a higher endurance may fight the paralysis, however, it will slow most physical abilities down a whole level every minute after the first 20+ seconds of exposure to the poison.  The poison eventually dissipates after an hour in most people, leaving them weakened (down a level in endurance), fuzzy in their reasoning (down a level as well) and down two levels in their agility for the next 1/2 hour after the poison has dissipated.
    • Its teeth are amazingly strong, and to bite or rend metal.  Its jaws can hold anything in between the teeth against its incredibly strong jaw muscles.
    • The claws are sharp and also amazingly strong. A strong grip or swipe of its sharpened claws could cut a steel I-beam in two.
  • Flight
  • It has a large dual pair of wings allowing it to hover and fly in normal atmospheric air at a speed of over 250 mph at a maximum altitude of 4000 feet.  It is amazingly agile and maneuverable while in flight.
  • Heightened Senses
    • His species are renown for their remarkable sense of movement, radar and sight.
    • Its hearing is poor at best.
    • It can see in the dark and normal light spectrum, but can shift to a thermal view for only two seconds in a 20 second period of time.
  • Breeding
It is capable of making itself 'pregnant', but it has to meet several criteria before its body allows for this to happen:
  • To lay the eggs
    • Must remain in a 120 degree zone for over a week uninterrupted
    • Must not be stressed/attacked for a week
    • Must have an overabundant supply of food (10 normal sized humans a day for 1 week's time)
    • Must be in a humid location (>70% humidity)
    • Must be greater than two Earth years since last attempt to lay eggs

  • Hatching/Larvae Period
    • Takes 1 month for eggs to hatch (can lay up to 50 eggs at a time)
    • Must remain in same location/conditions listed above for over a month
    • Once the eggs hatch, the larvae will require 'tenderized' humans/meat at a rate of 1/2 a human a day per larvae otherwise they'll starve by end of day
    • Larvae will grow to about 3 feet in height and length with typical capabilities across the board (reasoning remains feeble) in one month and will leave nest to hunt for own food, but still considers birthing mother/father as the hive leader
    • Larvae will grown into adult insectoids yet will never achieve a physical stat of anything above excellent due to parent being "super powered" and unique.
  • Feeding
    • It will only eat flesh, not plants.  It considers humans very tasty and will attack and break a victim's back or neck and them eat them from the head to their feet, pieces at a time.  It does NOT like armor or protective coatings or fields.  It would rather kill them than eat them.
    • To stay fit, it must eat the equivocal of five humans a day or begin to starve at the loss of an endurance level a day.
    • If it so desires, it can secrete a resin onto its 'dead or immobilized' victim in about a minute's time and cocoon its prey; it can then carry the cocooned victim/food to a place where it can later eat it at its leisure.


 Prince Arux



Arux, a Bedafustian warrior prince from the Cygnus star system, was poised to take the planetary throne and lead his planet in a battle against the forthcoming Soltan Invasion that all on the planet knew was coming soon; instead, Arux is now trapped on Earth, exiled from his home planet and at war with anyone and anything that prevents his from returning home - except the man that currently leads him on Earth; an ex-Soltan general known as Master Universe.

Twenty years ago, Prince Arux,a teenager by Bedafustian standards, was to perform the royal right of passage by combat. It was more a ceremonial act of combat than it was an actual life and death match.  In the royal right of passage by combat, the first son or daughter of the King or Queen of Bedafustia (or, in lieu thereof, the First Warrior's (planetary general who answers to the king or queen) first son or daughter should the King or Queen not have a son or daughter) would engage in a ceremonial combat ritual where the king or queen would perform a series of traditional combat maneuvers, normally resulting in several small cuts and minor stab wounds wherein the prince or princess (or First Warrior's child) would then ascend to the throne in a massive ceremony wherein the existing king or queen would instead change position and title to that of leader of the new king or queen's advisor and called the Elder Leader. In over 1000 years, the ritual went off with great fanfare, aplomb and civility as tradition dictated.  For the first time in over 1000, the worst thing that could happen, happened.

The king was killed by his own son, Prince Arux.

Years before, the Bedafustians saw neighboring planets being invaded and taken over by the expansionist Soltan Star Empire.  Knowing that Bedafustia would eventually be invaded, they set forth their traditional planetary edict to train every last citizen to become well versed warriors for the coming battle.  Some in the artisan community and several advisors decried for more diplomatic methods to stop the Soltans, but the king, his war council and a majority of the planet's populace backed the traditional plan to prepare for war.  One such planetary advisor, a sleezy yet cunning logistician called Faranuez, created a dangerous plot to prevent his children and family from having to drop their logistician trade and go off to war.  He'd made a secret deal with the Soltans, telling them that he'd depose Arux, set someone else he could control to be the new king, and thus ensure the Soltans would no longer have a need to go to war with Bedafustia.  The Soltans agreed to the subterfuge and acknowledged they'd 'do their part' in the grand scheme.  As such, Faranuez became a secret collaborator with the Soltans, and the mastermind in the plot to overthrown the monarchy.

After weeks of plotting, Faranuez convince the First Warrior, Calmikon, and his first son, Satool, to back his plan.  The next step revolved around the formal awarding of the the prince's sword that was was to occur minutes before the right of passage ceremony.  Prior to being awarded his new warrior's swords (named Rakon and Artinies), Satool poured a powerful yet odorless poison over the blades.  The plan was that during the ceremonial right of passage, when Arux was to land a cut with one of his swords to his father, the poison would kill his father in mere seconds.  In Bedafustian society, it was considered the greatest sin and violation of planetary law to kill one's own father, and worse yet, do it in front of any form of assembly. Once Satool soaked the sword blades in the odorless poison, the plan was set in motion; all that was left was the right of passage ceremony to occur to cement their plans.

After receiving his new swords in a glamorous process, Arux went to the arena to perform his right of passage ceremony with his father the king.  They had a somber moment before the combat started and with aplomb and smiles, the two engaged in combat.  Uniquely enough, the king got in the first cut to a roar of surprise and laughter from the assembled crowd, however, both combatants simply smiled and went on with their ritualistic combat moves.  Finally Arux got his two hits in; one to the king's arm and the other to his leg.  As the crowd cheered and roared, the king soon began to falter on the arena floor and fell over, dead.  The crowd gasped in disbelief.  Arux ran to his father's side coaxing him not to play such a dangerous prank, but within minutes, medics arrived and confirmed the king's death.

The arena's crowd went silent...but only for less than a minute.

Amidst the crowd, Satool, the First Warrior's son, began screaming that Arux had killed his father and should be arrested on the spot.  With that, over a dozen guards came out onto the arena floor and pulled a weeping Arux from his father's body.  Arux erupted, fighting the guards, slicing one in the arm, causing the guard to die moments later as well.  The arena went into a panic, with people scrambling to leave the stadium, while other warriors in the stands took their swords and weapons out, jumped onto the arena floor and aided the guards in subduing Arux.  Eventually, Arux was knocked unconscious and taken to a prison cell.  The call went forth for justice over the king's death.  By morning, Satool was named as the next king and was crowned by noon.  Arux, however, awakened to a world that had instead been now turned upside down.

Over the next few days, the investigators discovered the poison on Arux' blades and was charged with regal murder, parental murder, parental murder before an assembly, dishonorable dueling and planetary discord.

The sentence was death.

Several of Arux' friends couldn't believe Arux was capable of such a thing, and being the good friends they were, did their own investigation.  Luckily for them, they found security footage of Satool poisoning the Arux' blades.  When Arux friends went to the investigators to show them their proof, Arux' friends were charged with collaboration.  Arux' friends engage in combat, killing four warriors in the process and were chased out of the city.  A massive manhunt went into effect to find and kill the collaborators.  Arux friends quickly realized that Arux was innocent and since there was no legal way to save the prince, they decided to perform a prison break, free Arux, and present the evidence to another group of investigators in hopes of proving Arux' innocence.

That night, Arux' friends broke into the prison and freed Arux. Giving Arux back his blades, Rakon and Aritinies, his friends attempted to secret Arux out of the city only to be sighted by other warriors.  In a running battle, Arux and his friends fought their way to the spaceport where several shuttles were ready for launch to the Bedafustian moons.  One of Arux' friends was a pilot, and with the group's help, they were all able to board a shuttle and launch into space.  Once in space, though, Arux saw the worst possible thing they'd even expected to see - a battle fleet of Soltan warships.

As Arux' shuttle pilot friend maneuvered again and again to prevent being destroyed, Arux saw thousands of troop and weapons transports travel to the planet's surface.  Bedafustia was under attack.  As Arux ordered his shuttle friend to take him back to the planet to combat the Soltans, the shuttle was hit.  The shuttle careened towards the surface of their third moon and crashed upon the barren surface.  Arux and his friends survived the crash but not had to don spacesuits, make their way to one of their moon cities over 20 miles away and from there...they weren't sure what could be done other than go back to Bedafustia on another shuttle and fight the Soltans as per their last plan.

By the time Arux and his friends got to the outskirts of the moon city, they were surrounded by Soltan troops, tanks and star fighters.  In a fight that any Bedafustian would call epic and/or legendary, Arux and his friends fought the Soltans.  In mere minutes, Arux and his friends felled over 40 Soltan troops until finally Arux' friends were cut down one by one and Arux was captured in an energy net.  Arux was dragged back to the now Soltan-occupied moon city, transferred to a Soltan shuttle and flown to the Soltan flagship.  There, it was decided to keep Arux alive simply at the pleasure of the fleet commander's whim;l after all, the fleet commander was the one who worked the evil deed with Faranuez in the first place, and then reneged on the entire deal.

Bedafustia, in less than a week, was officially taken over by the Soltan Star Empire.  Over 40% of their populace were killed during the fighting. The planet's survivors were not forced to be slaves, mining minerals, food and resources for the Soltans for their next conquest.  All the while Arux was left imprisoned, unaware on his planet's plight.

Months later, the flagship Arux was imprisoned in was sent to Earth to invade the planet.  In Earth's year of 2000 A.D., the Soltans invaded Earth and nearly subjugated it.  After several months into the invasion, the military troops and super-powered heroes of Earth rose up and forced the Soltans to retreat from Earth.  In the final battles, the Soltan flagship that Arux was imprisoned on was severely damaged and fell from Earth's orbit, crashing into the Sahara Desert planet-side.  There, amidst the smoking wreckage of the flagship, Arux emerged from his prison cell, complete with his two blades, Rakon and Aritinies.

The surviving hew hundred Soltan troops at the crash site were slaughtered by Arux and other fellow prisoners from the flagship.  The most powerful of the escaped prisoners was an ex-Soltan himself, Master Universe.  In a short discussion, Master Universe explained what had happened to Bedafustia and that he himself swore vengeance against the Soltan Empire.  Arux, emotional and angered, swore an oath to Master Universe that he'd pledge himself to Master Universe until his planet, Bedafustia, was freed of Soltan rule once and for all.  A 'pledge' in Bedafustian society was considered a blood oath, and from that moment forth, Arux was obligated to Master Universe, body and soul. Over the next 15 years, on Earth, Master Universe, Arux and their band of "Galactic Expatriates" attempted to get off Earth and achieve their own 'destinies' amidst the stars.  Although Arux knew he was surrounded by the scum of the galaxy, he continued to faithfully follow Master Universe's order, regardless of the repercussions.

Today, Arux continues his blood oath in following Master Universe as a member of the Galactic Expatriates.   Although his soul in heavy over the atrocities he's been ordered to commit on Earth, he still believes that it will all be eventually worth it when he arrives back at his home world of Bedafustia and help liberate it.


  • Bedafustian Physiology
    Considered to be one of the best warriors in Bedafustia's militant regal society, he has some of the best physical traits and abilities of his people.
    • Thick Skin
      • All Bedafustians have an inherently thick skin, providing feeble physical, temperate and energy protection, however, Arux has conditioned his skin further to have a typical form of the same protections.
    • Stamina and Strength
      • Bedafustian warriors have excellent strength and remarkable endurance.
      • Arux can hold his breath for over 5 minutes.
  • Fighting skills
    • Arux is considered one of the finest warriors of all of Bedafustia, and as such, is considered to be an incredibly skilled fighter and tactician.
    • Arux has remarkable stealthy skills, allowing him to blend into the scenery or remain motionless for hours at a time.
  • Leaping
    • On Earth's lower gravity, Arux can leap over 200 yards with ease.
  • Rakon and Artinies
    • Both weapons are made from an unknown metal mined from secret locations on Bedafustia that is considered unbreakable to all forms of energy, physical force or toxin, including magic.
    • both weapons can absorb energy at a typical rate for every six seconds.  Each sword can absorb incredible amounts of energy.  As a power stunt, Arux would slash the energized swords in the direction of his assailant, causing an energy wave to project from the swords outward in the direction of the sword swing, dispense the sword's contained energy out to a range of 40 yards.
    • Each sword's hilt can attach themselves to one another and create a double-ended sword.
Arux wears a self-made combat suit, based on his role as a Prince of Bedafustia, which provides additional good physical, energy, magical, toxic and temperate protection.  It also provides remarkable radiation protection.


 Soltan Scorpion



An ancient bio-engineered Soltan aggression weapon used against snipers,militias, and stealthy combatants.  These scorpions are usually dropped into spots in a warzones, leaving them to attack and kill anything in the zone.  A control collar would force them back into cages to be used again.  They were also conditioned to not attack Soltan troops.  For over 100 years, Soltan Scorpions were used for clean-up tasks during invasions, however, over time, the scorpions began to get smarter and craftier, finding ways to get out of their collars or break their conditioning and actually kill their Soltan troops and handlers.  As such, 50 years ago, Solta decided to end the practice of using Soltan Scorpions and had the entire line of them destroyed...all except for a few.

Some military commanders enjoyed retaining them as pets, while some considered them useful as personal security.  Altogether, there might still be a total of 100 Soltan Scorpions left in the galaxy.  One of those remaining and of concern here is Soltan Scorpion S39247-1.

S39247-1 was once personally trained by a super-powered mutant Soltan who called himself Master Universe.  Over 17 years ago, Master Universe challenged the Soltan High Command and eventually was defeated, imprisoned and sentenced to death.  During that time, S39247-1 was kept in captivity, eventually being transferred to a fleet commander.  Although the Soltan Star Empire tried to kill Master Universe, he wouldn't die, thus the High Command instead had to imprison him in their most powerful restraints and take him halfway across the galaxy to a planet where they'd leave him to rot in a magically powered prison; a prison they'd create on their next planet they were to invade - EARTH.

S39247-1 was placed in a control collar, and try as the fleet commander could, he could not get S39247-1 to behave or be the 'pet' that Master Universe had once gotten him to be.  However, the fleet commander did enjoy having a 'dangerous' bio-engineering killing machine around; it made others in the Soltan military think twice about questioning or usurping the fleet commander. Thus, the fleet commander kept S39247-1, but in a cage in the lower levels of his flagship.

In Earth year 2000 A.D., the Soltans invaded Earth, with the Fleet Commander and his flagship leading the invasion. Several months into the invasion of Earth, the flagship was severely damaged by the combined military and super-powered heroes of Earth, causing the flagship to fall from orbit and crash into the Sahara Desert.  Only a few hundred Soltan flagship troops survived the crash; the fleet commander did not.

S39247-1 did, however, survive the crash.

After S39247-1 awoke from the impact it took during the flagship's crash landing, it sought out the fleet commander's body, where it not only verified his latest 'master' death, but decided to also make its now dead master a tasty meal (it was hungry!).  Minutes after eating the fleet commander, S39247-1 caught a scent it hadn't smelled in years; it was the scent of his previous (and kinder) master, Master Universe.

S39247-1 ran through the flagship's wreckage at breakneck speeds until it finally came upon Master Universe, who'd now been freed from his secretive prison aboard the flagship as a result of the flagship's crash.  S39247-1 and Master Universe eyed each other for over a minute before S39247-1 sauntered up to Master Universe and showed its universal sign of loyalty to him by bowing its head in submission.  At that point, Master Universe began attacking the remaining surviving Soltan troops from the crash site, ordering S39247-1 to attack and kill the Soltan troops. S39247-1 did so with great abandon.

Rejoined with his old/new master, S39247-1 continued to be Master Universe's dangerous weapon, tracker and pet over the last 15 years on Earth.  Its only desire it has is to stay reunited with Master Universe until it can find a male of its specie, wherein S39247-1 intends to raise a new and uncontrollable brood of Soltan Scorpions and take down its Soltan oppressors and slavemasters.

Today, S39247-1, simply called "Soltan Scorpion", continues to fight alongside Master Universe and his band of "Galactic Expatriates", attempting to leave Earth to one day go back and rule their own respective civilizations, either together or separately.



  • Armored Hide
    • Soltan Scorpions have an excellent armored hide, protecting it from physical and energy attacks, with a diminished level of protection from temperate effects and magic.  It in incredibly resistant to radiation.
  • Super Reflexes
    • Soltan Scorpions are incredibly agile and fast, able to run up to 80 mph.
  • Tail, Claws and Teeth
    • Their 6 foot long tail contains a poisonous stinger on the end that can inject amazingly powerful poisons into a victim's body, causing paralysis in less than 12 seconds to a normal human being.
    • Their teeth are remarkably razor sharp, while their claws are amazingly endurable to all forms of physical damage and incredibly endurable to all forms of energy damage.
    • While fighting, the Soltan Scorpions are remarkably devastating in using their sharp claws and/or teeth in attacks.
  • Strength and Stamina
    • Although their strength is quite excellent, their endurance in incredibly potent.
    • Their leg muscles are strong enough to allow themselves to leap over 250 yards in a single leap.
    • Their claws and feet allows them a typical form of wall-crawling on all but slick, oily or frictionless surfaces.
  • Stealth
    • Soltan Scorpions can change the color of their outer hide to camouflage or blend into their environment, providing remarkable stealth capabilities.
  • Heightened Senses
    • Each Soltan Scorpion is remarkably sensitive to hearing, sight, taste and smell.
    • They can see in normal light as well as use a form of heat vision membranes to see things.
  • Mannerisms
    • Most all Soltan Scorpions were trained and conditioned to take orders from Soltan troops.  Some, however, needed prompting with incredibly powerful magical collars.  Since most scorpions have been destroyed decades ago, any scorpions found today have either been extensively trained (like S39247-1) or have worked past their conditioning and are now savage killing machines.
    • They are fiercely loyal when they acknowledge a master, however, should the master beat on them or torture them, the Soltan Scorpions have a 10% chance to rebel against their masters either by leaving them forever (taking off into the distance), or attacking them and eating them.