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 Executive Division

The Executive Division is the senior commanding leadership of GUARD and is designed to govern and manage all of GUARD.


 Director of GUARD (DoG) ("Big Dog")

Neal Norton


Born in Lansing Michigan, Neal enlisted in the US Army as a 5th generation soldier, who later, during the Gulf War, was assigned to Officer's Candidate School (OCS), where, after a total of 20 years, retired at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel (LtCol). During that time, Neal was involved in numerous Ranger operations, earning the Congressional Medal of Honor (CMH) as his highest award. Upon departing from the service, he was employed with the Pentagon, providing strategic and tactical assessments in hundreds of military operations.  During that time, he became a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), advising the President of the United States on military operations.  It was during one such military briefing that Neal discovered the 'military machine' was out of control, and instead was amassing more firepower than needed in too many 'top secret' programs.  When he started investigating, he was relieved of his position.

Jobless and without any influence, Neal eked out a part time job supporting the United Nations security council on a 'as required' need. Married and with 4 children, Neal turned to one of his old friends from his Ranger days, retired General Duke Hart.  Hart had been working in a secretive organization the previous five years, and although distasteful to Neal personally, he need a job.  Days later, Neal was indoctrinated into GUARD as their new Operations Director, codenamed "Oddball".

There, Neal performed his role in creating a revised and powerful structure of subdivisions known as Astroguard, Seaguard, Terraguard and Aeroguard. Through these subdivisions, he'd hoped to ensure that national governments would concern themselves less with their defensive and offensive weaponry and instead focus on their citizens needs.  It worked.  Within a few years, nations began to focus on their populace and science rather than warring with each other, knowing that GUARD had the world's back.

Then the warlike alien Soltans invaded Earth.

In three months of pitched fighting and incredible coordination, GUARD and the world's nations were able to beat back the Soltans, sending them off-planet and saving Earth.  His action garnered him a promotion to the Executive Director of GUARD, codenamed, "Mr. Ed".  He was well loved and revered by all of GUARD, being called a 'fair, yet hard charging leader'.  During that time, GUARD had set up a new base in Boston, Massachusetts.  That's when everything turned upside down for GUARD.

Not too long ago, GUARD's HQ in Boston was informed they were under attack by someone who was considered a hero in the intelligence community.  The HQ was cordoned off by US military and police units, attempting to stop her 'rampage' to get to the GUARD HQ and blow it up.  Several explosives were found on the building's exits, booby-trapped to blow if anyone in GUARD left the building.  Using a little-known blueprint of  the building's structure, Neal lead a few hundred guardsmen and women that he was able to get to and used a secret sewer access to get his troops to safety.  Only 50 made it to safety before the building blew and the sewer line with the hundreds of other guardsmen and women collapsed, killing all but the 50...and Neal.  In a mad attempt to find another way out, he discovered the bodies of the purported ex-heroic and rampaging intelligence officer and his friend and leader, GUARD Director Duke Hart in an adjacent sewer tunnel, moments from its collapse.  He grabbed both bodies and with luck and fate on his side, was able to escape the HQ's destruction.  All in all, nearly a thousand guardsmen and women died in the HQ's explosion.

Rather than heading back to GUARD and the world, he decided to go 'underground' for a few days to sort out what was going on; his intuition told him something more was at play than a rogue intelligence officer doing a 'bull in a china shop' path of destruction; intelligence officers don't operate that way; they are VERY crafty and subtle in their operations.  This whole incident raised a red flag in his mind. He had to find out the truth of what was happening.

After heading to an old safe house he knew of in his JCS days, he contacted an old Army medical officer friend of his from his Ranger days, Dr. Elaine Trask, once a field medic, and now a techno-organic (bionic) surgeon. He had Dr. Trask stabilize the rampaging murdering intelligence officer he'd saved, Camile Jansen, to question her.  In the interim, he'd discovered a personal recording device on the body of his old friend and director's body.  The recording identified a meeting the director had with Camile Jansen in the sewers minutes before the bombing. In that recording, it was identified that Camile had stumbled on a large 'shadow' organization that was nearly complete in its passive domination of all facets of controlling the world.  When she told others about what she'd found, she was set up and hunted.  Camile wasn't the one who'd blown the GUARD HQ, or set the explosives in the exits, not did she go on any 'wild' rampage; she'd been set up.  The recordings also identified that his now-deceased GUARD Director believed Camile.  In the last minute before the explosion, a band of assassins known as "Death Legion" had entered the sewers and were in a fire-fight with the Director and Camile.  The Director had been shot to death and Camile lost her arm in the battle.  That's when the building blew. Death Legion retreated, and that's when Neal came upon their bodies and dragged them off.

Camile wasn't the terrorist; a huge 'shadow' organization was; an organization that he had little knowledge of nor the resources to fight.  Who would you trust? He knew he had to devise a battle plan; a long-term one that would aid him in finding out those responsible for all of this...and crush them.  After Camile awoke, she verified all of what the Director's recording device had divulged. Neal had Dr. Trask give Camile a new bionic arm, as well as some plastic surgery to disguise her.  Within a week, Neal had devised a plan to make it look like Camile was dead and that GUARD was ineffective and unknowing against all that had transpired.

Disguising Camile and creating a new persona for her, Neal set into motion a plan to have Camile's new persona as Janice Jones, a hateful, corporate ladder-climbing executive, become GUARD's new United Nation's appointed Intelligence Director, allowing Camile to operate and work in plain site. 

Neal was promoted to Director of GUARD, replacing his dead friend, Hart.  Now as the new Director of GUARD, Neal has set into motion a series of events and operations that are designed to not only establish GUARD as a protector to Earth and local space, but secretly working on the discovery of who or what is behind this 'shadow' organization; an organization that Neal has sworn on the dead guardsmen and women who died in the Boston HQ blast that he'd never rest until these shadows were brought to light...and justice.

Neal is married to his wife of 25 years, Sharon.  They had four children, Tom (24), Andria (22), William (18) and Karen (15). His wife, Sharon, is a true military wife, capable of performing any logistic feat necessary to support her family; she's also a proven marksman and an award-winning handgun target shooter (which is where he met her during one of those competitions). Tom is a GUARD officer in the Operations Division, while Andria has just completed helicopter pilot training for the US Coast Guard and intends to work in Search and Rescue (SAR).  Will and Karen are attending private schools, and are planning on attending college.

 Executive Director (ED) ("Mr. Ed")

Rupert "Rupe" Reinhold


Recently promoted as GUARD's Executive Director, 'Rupe' was once the Northern Hemisphere Executive Commander (NHEC), codenamed "Nick", during the Soltan invasion from a few years ago. He has been with GUARD for over 20 years. He is considered one of the best in coordinating operations and missions worldwide.  His list of contacts is incomparable.  His fellow guardsmen and women know him to be a hard-charger and brilliant tactician, however, he loves to put on a bit of a 'show of firepower' when the situation warrants.

An ex-German Luftwaffe general, he rose to become the Defense Director for the European Union, until a series of unjustified scandals ended his career.

Ex-GUARD Director Hart brought Rupert discovered several criminal groups, CANIS and Crimewave, had set the scandals in motion, but had no solid proof to aid him in getting justice.  Instead, Director Hart invited "Rupe' to work for GUARD.  Rupe agreed, and started off as a Tactical Vice Commander for the Southern Hemisphere. Within a few years, he was promoted to become the NHEC.

That's when he became famous for his operations during the alien Soltan invasion.

In an unprecedented move, he was able to coordinate thousands of operations with nations, military forces and superheroes across the Northern Hemisphere, all the while aiding the Southern Hemisphere as needed.  His actions were critical in driving off the alien invasion.

Recently, the Executive Director, Neal Norton, was promoted to GUARD's Director.  Rupe was then promoted to Executive Director.

Since then, Rupe has easily transitioned into the role of having control of ALL facets of GUARD, and as such, is considered the best Executive Director ever in the history of GUARD, according to current GUARD Director Norton. 

Unmarried, Rupe does have a fiancee, Seraphina Schultz, the European Union's current director of defense.  They are a 'power couple' and have a very lustful relationship.

Northern Hemisphere Executive Commander (NHEC) ("Nick")

Jennifer Jankowski


A brutally honest coordinator whose previous role in working with NORAD created political tensions in the White House when she instead aligned defensive resources during the Soltan alien invasion to help civilians rather than congressmen/women and business executives, She was reprimanded and 'honorably discharged' immediately after the invasion.

After joining GUARD, Jennifer rose to her current position with her incredible efforts in coordinating GUARD resources in hundreds of anti-criminal operations, working with INTERPOL, the FBI, the CIA and MI-6.

She has also engaged in unique operations to include not only integrating GUARD's "Guardian" super-group into NHEC operations, but also working with other superheroes worldwide.  As such, she has garnered the first ever "90% operations efficiency rating" in GUARD's history (previous NHECs only achieved a 75% mark).

She is dedicated to her craft and is very good at using guilt, honor and dedication to manipulate those  she coordinates with.  She is also a highly attractive commander, one that has garnered her many romances over the years.

Although incredibly focused on her job, she also sees herself as one day becoming the first female Director of GUARD.

NHEC Public Relations Commander (NHEC PRCOM) ("Nick's Dirty Laundry")

Antoine "Tony" Carnegie


Successful British social media guru with an incredible list of news sources and contacts, Tony achieved his current position by being fired from his previous position as the social super website, Ya!Go!'s CEO, as well as uncovering some of the greatest scandals of the 21st century thusfar.

A few years ago, media outlets worldwide were passing along scripted news from major world business leaders and governments, rarely performing any form of investigative journalism.  Antoine, a known hacker and media blogger, set up his own website called Ya!Go! and formulated a no-nonsense investigative journalist's haven.  Although highly liberal, it was also one of the very few sources of 'true' information on the internet.  Hundreds of lawsuits and charges were filed against his company to shut them up.  Equipped with an old childhood friend who went to Oxford to become a Barrister, he was able to keep the lawsuits at bay and in most cases, dismissed.

In one heated column called "The People's Rights", which he wrote, he uncovered the fleecing of people all over the world, leading to the arrest of hundreds of greedy corporate fat-cats and diabolical financiers.  In one such article, he'd discovered a world crime organization called "CANIS" that had incredible influence on trade and banks.  In his articles, he was able to display proof of the thefts and corruption of many such "legates" as they were called.  The World Court rounded up many of these criminals, but one day, it all stopped and Tony was instead charged with drug dealings in Central America, which were untrue.

He'd been set-up.

In an incredible story of political intrigue, murder, multimillion dollar scandals and superheroes saving the day, During that time, his lawyer friend from Harvard was killed in order to get at Antoine.  Antoine was devastated over his friend's death.

Antoine was able to get his name cleared, however, his reputation was constantly berated after the incident by the rest of the world's media, all of which he couldn't understand why they were doing so. regardless, he continued his investigative journalism until he discovered several major world media outlets were being controlled and funded by some type of 'shadow' organization.  In an incredibly brazen move, he ordered said major world media CEOs to meet with him at an old restaurant in Boston, Massachusetts, several blocks from GUARD's HQ.  There, he showed his evidence to the media CEOs. telling them they had 15 minutes to turn themselves in to either the local police or GUARD or his information would be distributed to the world via the internet.

That's when the assassin's guild known as Death Legion arrived.

A band of assassins, Death Legion was 'assigned' to assassinate Antoine, but at the last second, informed that they info was to media scandal information was about to be published worldwide, instead, was to take him in and tortured quickly to gain access to the files and stop the worldwide dissemination of information.  Tony, in working with superheroes in the CANIS scandals, had contacts with them.  Several superheroes appeared and in an incredible battle, nearly 20 civilians were killed, four superheroes were fatally injured and six Death Legion assassins were detained and arrested (which were all broken out of jail within hours).  The media CEOs even tried to kill Tony with knives and forks from the dinner table, but Tony was smart and had the meeting live-streamed across the internet for all to see.  Tony did get stabbed several times, but survived their attacks.

Ya!Go!s stock holders, impressed with Tony, yet unwilling to financially support someone who may turn on his investors (some of them he did in the last battle), lost his CEO position from his own company and was let go.  Tony knew his old life was no longer going to make a difference; he had to change things up for the good.

Knowing he'd also had a target on his head by Death Legion for the rest of his life, Tony agreed to instead join GUARD and help them, so long as they agreed to stay 'transparent' in their operations. All parties agreed.

Within a few years, Tony rose to his current position, continuing to investigate and disseminate information truthfully, no matter the cost...and at times, to the chagrin of GUARD's director.

NHEC Tactical Commander (NHEC TACCOM) ("Nick's Tackle Box")

Dmitri Dostrov


A Russian air force general, Dmitri rose to the ranks of the leader of the United Nation's peacekeeping forces just before the alien Soltan invasion.

During the invasion, Dmitri coordinated with GUARD and other nation's military forces to defeat the invading Soltans all across Northern Europe and Asia.  During this time, Dmitri released tens of thousands of 'hidden' military equipment that Russia had store-housed after the Cold War, critical of these were tactical nuclear weapons, which he used against several of the Soltan's massive transports located in orbit above Earth.  His actions wiped out tens of thousands of reinforcing Soltan troops, however, at the invasion's end, Dmitiri, for telling and using his nation's 'hidden' arsenal, was released from his duties. The United Nations, however, retained his skills; skills that were needed once again when a rouge Soviet army known as the "Red Guard" invaded the Balkan states and established a communist regime in Lithuania.

In his battle with the Red Guard, he worked with Lithuanian freedom fighters and a superhero known as "Captain Lithuania".  Through perfectly executed military maneuvers, the Balkans states were liberated and the Red Guard was decimated (for a few years...).  Again, his actions drew dire consequences when it was established that the UN told Dmitri "NOT" to liberate the Balkans, but rather allow a political arrangement, all of which didn't sit well for anyone but the politicians.

Relieved once again, he was contacted by GUARD's then-Director Hart, who invited him to join GUARD and use his skills for the good of the planet.  Dmitri agreed, but had to move his entire family clan, all 100 of them, from Russia to Poland, for fear of further reprisal.

Now the NHEC TACCOM, Dmitri is once again in his element, and is probably the happiest Russian in all of GUARD.  Blunt and very forward, Dmitri has provided incredible tactical know-how to an already amazing group of professionals.





Southern Hemisphere Executive Commander (SHEC) ("Shecky")

Muhatma Inaru


Once an Indian Naval Operations Admiral, and later the head of the United Nations Security Council, Muhatma's whole purpose in life was peace through deterrence, and if peace failed, then to ensure that the side of right would prevail,  With an exemplary military and political record, Muhatma would be faced with one of the greatest threats in his lifetime - The Abyss.

A few years ago, an unknown underwater band of conquerors amassed an army of slave warriors to attack several critical targets throughout the Pacific and Indian Oceans.  Muhatma had, in his Indian military days, engaged in several dozen skirmishes with The Abyss' slave warriors and warlords.  Each time, he'd beaten them back, but each time they grew bolder and in larger numbers.

As the US Head of the Security Council, Muhatma was forced to extend an 'olive branch' to The Abyss to attempt political peace.  Not only did this fail, but half of his diplomatic force was decimated in an unprecedented sneak attack.  Muhatma barely made it out alive.  Within days, The Abyss launched an assault against key locations around the Pacific Ocean, including in India.  Using all of his incredible tactical skills,  Muhatma engaged the Abyss with everything he had; a multinational military force, a superhero task force, and even alien allies.  In an incredible series of battles, The Abyss radioed their withdrawal from human territory under the clause that if they were ever bothered again, they'd respond in kind.

Considered a hero of the Abyss Invasion, Muhatma was awarded several major accolades.  He became a household name in India and across the Southern Hemisphere...that is until he was abducted.

One of the Abyss' warlords was furious with Muhatma.  In a brazen kidnapping from an Indian Super-carrier at sea, the warlord intended to torture Muhatma for the rest of his life in an underwater prison cell.  With the timely arrival of GAURD's "Seaguardians", Muhatma was rescued, as well as dozens of other sailors and ship's captains that had been reported missing for the past several years. Mohmar provided minute-to-minute tactical calls for the Seaguardians, allowing them to attack with incredible striking power, taking down the warlord and all of its forces in less than 10 minutes.

Muhatma was so impressed with GUARD's ability to fight and save lives that he volunteered to join them.  After a few years, Muhatma became GAURD's SHEC.  Since then, Muhatma has dedicated himself to ensure that peace continues, however, he also is ready to strike with GUARD's 'tactical stick' should all other options fail.

SHEC Public Relations Commander (SHEC PRCOM) ("Shecky's Dirty Laundry")

Cecilia Molina


A Brazilian news CEO for the Worldwide News Network (WNN), Cecilia is the foremost free media leader in all of South America, and currently, the most sought-after Public Relations person in the world.

A few years ago, Cecilia earned her masters degree in electronic journalism at the Universidade de Brasilia and started working as an independent journalist, covering hundreds of stories about people needing help around the world.  Her articles, though liberal, also appealed to populaces to 'rise above their station' and make a difference.  She earned many enemies amongst South American news agencies, most of which were state run.  As such she was threatened time and again for her life, and those on her team should 'certain' news be printed.  As such, she learned how to defend herself, taking marital arts and trained in handguns and rifles.  At one point, she was accosted by a gang of hired thugs to silence her, however, instead, she left them a bloody mess in the alley and printed her story regardless.

After winning several prestigious journalist awards worldwide, she started investigating about a criminal organization known as the "Aegis Alliance", a money-laundering band of high-end criminals that used casinos and gambling parlors as their fronts.  After several of her 'sources' were found dead, she instead went undercover, acting as a prostitute in one of the Aegis Alliance's casinos.  There, she was able to work her way into the inner circle, where she later discovered how deeply involved the Aegis Alliance was with many of South America's major businesses.  Just when she'd gotten all she needed to print the story and reveal the illegal ties to several major CEOs and government figures, she was discovered.   In an incredible chase that took her halfway across Brazil into the Amazon basin, she would release pieces of the article, hoping that she'd been successful in outing the criminals involved.

After weeks of evasion, she was finally caught.  Just prior to her capture, she was able to transmit a plea for help.  That's when GUARD showed up in full force.

In an incredible battle along the Amazon River, elements of Terraguard, Seaguard and Aerogaurd were able to not only rescue Cecilia, but also take down nearly 1/2 of the Aegis Alliance's thugs.  She was never more relieved than the day she was rescued.

As such, dozens of South American government officials and CEOs were indicted on charges of corruption and money laundering, earning them decades in some of the most vicious prisons in Brazil.  With death threats still looming, she asked GUARD's then-Director Hart where she could go; he instead, offered her a job with GUARD.

Although she initially said no, after two of her fellow reporters were shot dead, she decided to join GUARD.

There, with her gun, rifle and martial arts skills, along with an incredible ability to ensure the truth was spoken, she has since become a true 'must have' as a PR Commander.  Her appearances in GUARD briefs soon grew her fan-base to hundreds of thousands, all clamoring for her bravery, beauty and truthfulness. 

As the SHEC PRCOM, she is a taskmaster, ensuring her fellow colleagues get the new 'right' and that it also is used to help motivate others to do for themselves. As such, she has become an incredible leader in GUARD as well as one of the most popular pin-up girls in all of South America!

SHEC Tactical Commander (SHEC TACCOM) ("Shecky's Tackle Box")

Kefenste Joubert


South African tactical genius and one of the  greatest dynamic coordinators of personnel and resources in all of the southern hemisphere.

Raised in the poor shanty town of Soweto, South Africa, Kefenste learned quickly how to survive on the street.  His father had been killed in a gold mine accident and his mother had been beaten and raped to the point she was physically incapable of working at the local hospital as a nurse.  He and his five brothers and sisters fought and scavenged for food on a daily basis. While hunting for food, he came across an older man who had lost two legs in a mining camp battle; he was once an up and coming gold mine manager, one who was revered in the industry until his discovery of the theft and corruption within his own company.  As such, the executives got rid of the old man by turning him loose on a band of disenfranchised thug workers, who chopped off his legs, leaving him to die.  He didn't die, however, the old man promised if Kefenste would bring him food, he'd educate Kefenste so that he'd become a smart man that one day may be able to end the corruption and death.

In time, Kefenste amassed a small collection of books, learning to read and write, as well as all the insider info he needed to know how to run a mining business and all of its operations.  Within time, he was able to transform himself from a boy in extreme poverty to a man who had a working knowledge of the mining business. A highly intelligent and creative mind, Kefenste was able to create his own documents and applied as a business graduate in mining, falsifying documents saying he'd graduated from the local college.  In his interview, he wowed them with his knowledge and was hired on the spot.  There, he earned money and gave what he had to the poor and his family, spending nights in and amongst the poor, giving them what he could.

In time, he was discovered to have been trained by the old legless man.  Beaten to a pulp, he was left for dead in a dog-fighting pen with dogs that hadn't eaten in days.  He fought hard and was able to defeat the hungry dogs and make his escape.

Later, he discovered the legless old man had been murdered, as was Kefenste's family.  He wanted vengeance, but he didn't want to be a murderer himself.  Instead he devised a plan that would have made TV's "A-Team" proud.

On moonless night, Kefenste was able to rally over 200 troops; using their skills, they created tanks out of derilict cars, salt and potato guns, sonic weapons, traps and cages.  In two hours of an incredible raid on the mining company, he was able to entrap all mining company thugs without one death.  He compiled their records and turned them over to INTERPOL who arrested them on the spot. After joining INTPERPOL for five years, he was caught in the Soltan alien invasion.  He flew back to South Africa where, using his analytical mind, was able to again set up traps, strategies and offensives that took out the Soltans in South Africa in less than a week and all of Africa in four months. Deemed the 'savior of Africa', he was later asked by GUARD to join them and aid them in cleaning up the rest of the world of Soltans.  He agreed and through many dynamically created tactical scenarios devised by Kefenste, Earth was once again liberated, sending the Soltans back into space.

Kefenste stayed with GUARD after that and eventually rose to the current position as SHEC TACCOM.  A shrewd, yet energetic, positive and hard-working man, Kefenste continues saving the world each and every day.