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About Eclipse

Eclipse was founded by Professor Zenaro of Zenith several years ago as a means of 'employing' enhanced, empowered super-beings that he'd used his empowerment equipment on.  As part of Zenith's 'pay to play' plan, anyone who wanted super-powers or wanted to enhance their already existing super-powers would covertly contact Zenith and through Professor Zenaro, the subject(s) would undergo grueling tests and assessments and eventually receive new or augmented powers.  As such, the cost to receive those new or augmented powers is high; unless you are a millionaire, most of those that received their new or augmented powers had to work for Zenith to pay off their extremely expensive gifts.  To keep things secretive, Professor Zenaro created "Eclipse", a villainous type of group that performs thefts, robberies, kidnappings and scientific sabotage for Zenith to advance their organization, while at the same time, providing the subject(s) with the opportunity to learn now to use their new or augmented abilities in fights with police, SWAT and superheroes.

Although many Eclipse members come and go (as they eventually pay off their debt), some stay, such as the current leader of Eclipse, Crescent. Those that stay not only lead or aid in the robberies and other illegal activities, but also help in setting up the raids and attacks, as well as stocking their own safe-houses, bases and ill-gotten gains secretive storage locations.

Eclipse has several bases of operations all over the world, located on each continent. Transportation to missions and bases is performed using several stealth jets flown by normal human personnel designated as Mission Support Teams.  These "MSTs" as they're known comprise of hackers, pilots, professional drivers, backup heavily armed support, MST supervisors and logisticians.

Thusfar, no one outside of Zenith or Eclipse has been able to connect the two group's inter-dependencies, however, GUARD has become suspicious of a couple of leads regarding ties to both Zenith and Eclipse, even though there is no evidence to support far.

Today, Eclipse's fluctuating ranks continue to support the illegal needs of Zenith while providing work for those with their new and augmented powers to continue to pay off their debts and test their powers.  Those who try and leave before their debts are repaid either don't survive to tell of their experience or are threatened to return for fear of their friends, family or loved ones disappearing...permanently.


Marcius/Marcus/Mark King


Mark King was born Marcius King in Cairo, Egypt in 1989 to a Coptic Christian family that fled Egypt in 1999 due to religious persecution shortly after Marcius’ 10th birthday.  With only backpacks of clothes and family heirlooms, Marcius’ family made a dangerous trek across Europe to eventually cross the Atlantic Ocean to the United States.  When they arrived, they were nearly destitute, however, Marcius’ father was offered to work as an interpreter at the United Nations in New York City.  Months, later, upon gaining their official U.S. citizenship, Marcius’ parents officially Americanized Marcius’ name to Marcus.  The next day, the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth.

New York City was a war zone within hours of the Soltan Invasion.  Mark’s father was killed when the United Nations General Assembly was taken hostage by the Soltans.  Mark’s mother packed up a dufflebag for Mark and told him to ‘run for safety’ and never look back.  She gave him her ‘special’ crescent moon medallion that Mark’s father had given to his mother on their wedding day.  She always said it was designed to always protect her.  She then assaulted an incoming Soltan warrior squad to grant Mark enough time to run away.  As he looked back, he saw his mother killed by the Soltans.  Although he wanted more than anything to run back to her, he did as his mother told him and ran for safety.

After weeks of running and hiding, Mark came upon a remote farmhouse on the edge of the woods in upper state New York.  There, a kind, yet well-armed older couple brought him in and cared for him.  For the next few months, Mark stayed with them, doing odd jobs around the home’s property from feeding the animals to learning how to clear and load guns, as well as practice with handguns and rifles the couple had.  Mark grieved for his parents and wanted nothing more than to avenge them. Eventually, the news stated the Soltans were losing the invasion and were on the run.  Just when the old couple and Mark started relaxing, the Soltans showed up at the farmhouse. 

Mark was out far across the pasture trying to corral a calf when the Soltans arrived at the farmhouse.  Within seconds, the farmhouse was in flames, the barn animals were slaughtered and the old couple was rounded up for a summary execution on their front porch.  When Mark saw what was happening, he ran like an Olympic runner to the old couple’s aid, only to see both of them cut down by the Soltan’s weapons.  Determined to give his life to avenge them, Mark ran towards the Soltan troops, still over 100 yards away, and with his outstretched hand, fired a burst of energy sending one of the Soltans through the front of the flame-engorged house. Surprised by what happened, Mark stumbled and fell flat on his stomach amid the waist-high grass of the field. That’s when he noticed the crescent medallion he wore around his neck was faintly glowing.  As the Soltan troops walked around the field with their weapons drawn and unable to determine where the felling blast came from, Mark peered through the grass and saw his next target.  Mark stood up and fired again, felling another Soltan troop.  The two remaining troops shot at Mark with perfect precision, however, a luminescent energy shield protected Mark from their weapons. Again, the Crescent Medallion was glowing. With a few more aimed blasts from his hand, Mark felled the remaining two Soltans dead.  Mark ran to the old couple.  The old man was dead, but his wife stayed alive long enough to tell Mark to find their son, Jake Powers of the CIA, and tell them what happened to them.  She died minutes later.

Mark did what he could to put out the fires, but was only able to save several farm animals instead.  He rummaged through the burnt down barn’s tools and found a pick ax and shovel and buried both of the old couple under an oak shade tree.  The next day, he grabbed up his few belongings and whatever food he could muster and set out to find Jake Powers of the CIA…wherever he was.

On his journey to Washington DC, Mark encountered several more Soltans and was able to test and use his new powers to stop them dead.  As luck would have it, mere miles from Washington D.C., the media reported that all Soltan invaders were retreating back to space and that Earth was liberated from the invaders.  Mark made his way to a devastated net functional CIA headquarters to be told that Jake Powers was coming in on a transport plane that night and to that he could wait for him in the remains of his office.  Midnight that night, a dirty, battle-hardened man loaded down with a variety of weapons woke the sleeping figure that was Mark, asking him his business.  After Mark told Agent Powers the sad news of his parents, Agent Powers fell to the floor crying.  Mark comforted him as best he could, telling Mark how wonderful his parents were and how blessed he was to be raised by such kind people.  They both fell asleep, exhausted, on the burnt-out floor of what was once Agent Powers office.

The next day, Agent Powers appropriated a helicopter and took Mark with him back to Agent Powers’ parents’ farmhouse.  There, they both said a prayer over their graves, salvaged what they could from the burned-out house and barn and flew back to Washington DC.  During their journey, Agent Powers realized Mark had no one left for him, and Powers realized he has no one left for him.  As such, both Mark and Agent Powers ‘adopted’ each other, as they put it and basically became like brothers.

Over the next few years, Mark completed high school and thanks to Agent Powers, was able to get a scholarship to Georgetown University to be able to sign up with the CIA in the end.  Powers knew about Mark’s Crescent Medallion and what it was capable of doing, however, both of them decided to keep the medallion a secret from everyone else. Instead, both Agent Powers and Mark learned more about the medallion’s capabilities, which were far greater than imagined (see powers below). Unfortunately, it wasn’t anywhere as powerful as during the Soltan invasion; in fact, most of the time, it didn’t work right. It wasn’t until Mark started training at the CIA Academy did the medallion become known by people other than Mark and Agent Powers.

During his physical training sessions, Mark knew better than to wear the medallion, otherwise others would discover its abilities, however, with the CIA Academy, any time of day could be a physical training session.  During his third year at the Academy, while Mark while secretly practicing how to use his medallion at a secluded section of the academy’s training grounds, he heard a dry for help at the obstacle course.  One of the more overweight trainees took it upon himself to practice the obstacle course and was dangling from the edge of the rappelling tower, about to fall to his death over 100 feet below.  Mark ran as fast as he could, but within 20 yards of the tower, the trainee lost his grip and began to fall.  Using the medallion’s powers, since it was night time, the dark energies rose from the ground and cushioned the trainee’s fall…just as three other academy cadets rounded the corner of the course and saw the whole thing with Mark’s powers. 

That night, Mark was brought before the academy’s director.  After everyone’s testimony of what happened, Mark was ordered to turn over the medallion and submit to a level10 interview.  Mark declined both and was not only summarily expelled from the academy but was sent to prison for his not telling the government about his powers through the medallion on his CIA application.  Agent Powers did everything he could to stop the series of actions that occurred, only to be demoted from his ‘agent’ status and placed on desk duty.  Imprisoned, Mark, began to hate everyone associated with what was happening; all but his pseudo-brother, Jake Powers, of course.  Mark’s medallion was sent to a government test center, eventually winding up in the possession of a famous and renowned American paranormal researcher, Tom Ward aka American Warder of the American Patrol super-group out of Houston. Texas.

While in prison, Mark was beaten and man-raped weekly by the inmates.  The guards at the prison were not only running the prison as their own personal drug market and sex slave brothel, but were exceptionally hateful of anyone who once or ever worked with the federal government.  As mentioned, Mark grew angry and hateful of everyone and everything, and even though he tried to fight back, most of the time he lost and lost badly.  After being taken to the infirmary for stitches after one such ‘inmate encounter’, Mark saw the doctor’s newspaper mentioning that several CIA personnel were still missing for the last several days after each of the missing agents and personnel mentioned they’d uncovered a ‘global’ conspiracy plot. Amongst the names of the missing CIA personnel was his pseudo-brother, Jake Powers.  Jake demanded an audience with the warden, only to be taken to Solitary Confinement and beaten again.

Beaten and bruised, Mark’s contempt and anger welled up all new levels of hate against the guards, the system and world in general.  He had to find a way to get out of prison and save Jake, but knew it would take nothing short of a miracle for that to happen.  That’s when the miracle happened.

Later that night, a new ‘neighbor’ was placed in solitary confinement in the cell next to Marks.  Within seconds, Mark’s new neighbor began tapping in Morse code through the wall.  The message repeated several times “GET BACK”. Mark moved away from the wall in time to see a pencil-thin laser cut a large access hole through their adjoining wall.  A large man with a crazy face and sinister smile began telling Mark that he and some friends of his had a solution to his problem in saving Jake Powers.  He mentioned that a company known as Zenith was willing to help Mark retrieve his medallion and further empower it to help Mark save Jake Powers...for a price.  The price: after saving Jake Powers, Mark would be required to use hi new enhanced medallion to work for a group called “Eclipse”, made up of others that would do illegal jobs for Zenith and Eclipse to help pay the fee necessary to help Mark save Jake. To say no meant certain death.

Mark thought about it for a few minutes and agreed to the crazy-man’s terms.  With that, the large crazy-man cut another hole through the wall on his side of the cell, where the hole opened up to a delivery truck parked intentionally next to the wall’s opening.  In the truck was a change of clothes, and two additional helpers that had the same size, looks and build as Mark and the crazy guy.  Before Mark could say anything, the large crazy guy that had just busted him out of solitary snapped the necks of the other two helpers.  He their lifeless bodies into each their prison clothes and respective cells, donned the new set of clothes and went to the prison gate where they were ‘easily’ waved through, obviously via another guard on the take.

After changing vehicles twice, Mark and the crazy-looking man who finally introduced himself as Quentin Mansfield, they through the night to Houston, Texas.  There, Quentin told Mark to stay in the vehicle and he’d be back in an hour with the medallion.  After 1 ½ hours, Mark heard the sound of battle slowly advancing on his location.  It was Quentin Mansfield, dressed in a red and black horned costume battling three superheroes from the American Patrol.  Mark, at this point, was overwhelmed with what was happening. Just as he saw Quentin leap aside the vehicle, Quentin picked up the vehicle with Mark in it and ordered the heroes to fall back or he’d smash the ‘stupid civilian in the car’.  Quentin, however, whispered it was all an act and slipped Mark the medallion and told him to follow the GPS in the car to Zenith after Quentin and the heroes leave.  Quentin acted like he was going to throw the car at the heroes, but instead, set it down and continued on his leaping across hundreds of yards of distance with the superheroes hot on his tail.  One of the heroes, Cali Girl, stopped by the car and asked if he was alright, which Mark said yes.  With an ‘okthankxbye’ from Cali Girl, Mark was left to follow the GPS coordinates to his potential destiny…although at this time, it was beginning to seem like a bad idea…

After a long drive, he arrived at the Zenith facility, where he was met by the company’s CEO, Professor Zenaro, personally at the door.  After a simple and kind discussion, Mark emphasized the importance of time in saving Jake and that if the Professor couldn’t augment the medallion in the next few hours, he’d leave and find Jake himself.  That’s when Zenaro mentioned he knew where they were keeping Jake and that he would be safe where he was for the next few days, however, he’d only tell Mark the location if Mark agreed to let him and his team ‘do their work’ and attempt to augment the medallion.  Mark reluctantly agreed, but let Zenaro know that he wasn’t happy with the plan…or how Zenaro knew so much about Jake’s status.

For the next day, Zenaro’s team studied and tested Mark’s medallion with no rest. During that time, Mark began to think this delay was a big mistake and that something was fishy with Zenith and this whole mess.  Mark finally decided he was going to take the medallion and force Zenaro to tell him where Jake was and finally go rescue him.  Mark then stormed into the lab with the scientists and the medallion.  The medallion was set upon a strange array of what looked like magical wards, lasers and some type of mystical field.  Mark didn’t care.  He walked past the tired and unsuspecting scientists straight towards the medallion.  One scientist finally looked up and saw Mark and quickly figured out what Mark’s motivation was.  The scientist shouted out to Mark not to touch the medallion as it was undergoing a critical arcane darkness amplification, but Mark didn’t hear him or care to hear him; he grabbed the medallion anyway.

The room erupted is an enormous display of powerful light blasts coupled with swirling dark strands intertwining the light.  Mark screamed in agony as his skin color shifted from white to black and finally grey. Within several seconds, the light and dark display stopped and Mark was left resting a knee on the ground with the medallion nothing but dust in his hand. When Mark looked up, his eyes were completely white with his face beaming an evil look to the pile of dust in his hand.  That which was Mark, Marcus or Marcius was not longer there; in its place was a different person. A more evil person.

Professor Zenaro arrived at the scene upset over what had happened.  The ‘new’ Mark grabbed the professor by the throat, lifting him off the ground and chocking him, asking in a smooth, slow yet evil voice, “Who are you?” Professor Zanaro, as best he could, told new Mark that he was new Mark’s master and to let him go. New Mark released Professor Zenaro.  After a few bewildering moments, Professor Zenaro asked Mark his name, for which new Mark didn’t reply.  With slow rings of light and dark swirling around his feet and frame, new Mark was unsure who he was, nor seemed to care.

Zenaro did not expect the original Mark to take the medallion like he did, instead, he intended to get as much data as he could from the medallion and then apply Jake Powers as a hostage to get Mark to use his freshly empowered medallion to pull off several big heists. He’d then kill Mark and Jake before taking the medallion for his own perverted uses, however, this new Mark, seemed not to know who or what he was.  This gave Zenaro an idea; an idea that would benefit him far greater than his original plans. 

Zenaro began to spin a story of new Mark’s life-long ambition of vengeance upon all that was good and how he (new Mark) was to be the vanguard for Zenith’s wealth and riches.  New Mark, not knowing any better and bereft of who or what he was, believed Zenaro. 

Over the next few hours, Zenaro continued to spin a tale of new Mark’s life and history, churning a tale of being a villainous thief and combatant of GUARD and superheroes alike. Eventually, Zenaro convinced new Mark of this fake identity and mentioned his code-name: “Crescent”. He gave “Crescent” a costume (originally intended for Mark to wear) and had “Crescent” put it on. Zenaro then had “Crescent” demonstrate his powers.  “Mark’s” previous powers gained through the medallion were now ingrained into “Crescent’s” DNA, amplified to nearly double the now non-existent medallion’s maximum power and range

After a day of equivalent brain-washing, Crescent finally asked ‘the only thing I remember is one name: Jake Powers….what is he to me? How do I know that name? Is he a friend? A foe?” to which Zenaro smiled with the response, ‘foe”. To ensure that his hold on Crescent was complete, Professor Zenaro brought out a beaten and broken Jake Powers from Zenith’s hidden prison cells.  Zenaro explained to Crescent that CIA Agent Jake Powers has been trying to track down, capture and kill Crescent since day one and offered Crescent his chance to dispense with Jake Powers once and for all.  Jake had no idea who “Crescent” was…until Zenaro pulled off Crescent’s mask.  Jake pleaded with “Mark” not to what he was about to do and that they were brothers.  Although Crescent hesitated for a couple of seconds, Jake Powers was blasted with dark energy, apparently vaporizing the body.  Zenaro’s control was complete. 

Zenaro later introduced Crescent to his new teammates of “Eclipse”, a villainous group of augmented people that willingly committed robberies, thefts, etc to pay off their pricey power boosting courtesy of Zenith.  In time, Crescent became the leader of Eclipse.  As per Zenaro’s brainwashing, Crescent gave up all his profits and stolen goods to Zenaro and Zenith. Today, Crescent continues to lead Eclipse as a powerful and highly dangerous leader, capable of fighting superheroes without any fear.

Recently, in a coma ward in Oslo, Sweden, one of their John Doe coma patients awoke screaming and thrashing.  After they sedated their agitated patient, the nurses and doctors asked themselves the same question in Swedish: “Who’s this ‘Mark’ he keeps screaming about?”.

Crescent’s powers are incredibly strong and powerful magical light energy blasts and magical dark energy manipulation.  The light energy blasts have a range of 400 yards, while his dark energy manipulation is only 250 yards.  The light energy blasts emanate from his hands only; the dark energy can emanate from anywhere around his body, but mostly from his hands.  The dark energy manipulation allows Crescent to control tendrils of magical dark matter energy to act as a solid object to act as a cushion, a blunt object, a flat object, tentacles to grab things, and much more.  Although unfamiliar with how to use it, Crescent could use the dark energies as a portal (thus far, its range is about 3000 miles). His light energy is also able to form a body-tight light energy field around Crescent, providing him excellent magical, physical and energy protection when engaged. Using these energies, Crescent can levitate and fly up to 40 mph, but only in altitudes of breathable atmosphere. Crescent’s costume offers poor physical, temperate and energy protection as well.  His eye pieces provide Crescent the capability of night vision.  On nights with a full moon, Crescent’s light based powers are increased a whole level, while during an eclipse, Crescent’s dark based powers are increased a whole level.



Dr. Lilith Gethin


A dark matter scientist working at the Neuscience Labs outside of London, England, Doctor Gethin had devised a manner to manipulate dark matter, controlling it to interact with other masses.  Her fellow British and American scientist, uncomfortable with all facets of her hypothesis, instead decided to wait a few years after conclusive mathematical equations and control standards would be created to ensure a safe plan to proceed with their studies.  Russian scientist were close to the same breakthroughs, however with these devised delays, Neuscience Labs teams would fall behind the Russians and loose exclusive rights to Dr. Gethin's hypothesis.  Dr. Gethin fought for weeks to get the science community and Neuscience Labs to continue with her ideas, only to be taken off the team as the team leader when she insisted she was right and the rest of the team and community were wrong.  Angered by this, Dr. Gethin decided to perform experiments on the dark matter to support her hypothesis without the team and community's consent.

Late night in the dark matter labs, Dr. Gethin attempted to fuse nitrogen molecules with the dark matter and use electron magnets to move and manipulate the dark matter in a test chamber.

Dr. Gethin's experiment went horribly wrong...yet right.

During the fusion process, while using a glove-mounted electron magnet, she breached the containment field, flooding the dark matter's test chamber with air.  The dark matter grew exponentially, enveloping the chamber, the room and into every air-filled open space in the area.  Dr. Gethin tried to her best to manipulate the nitrogen-infused dark matter and control it, but instead, it enveloped around and in her body.  All Nitrogen in her body was immediately replaced with the new infused dark matter, where in grafted and adapted to her biology.  The dark matter eventually receded into Dr. Gethin's body and thanks to her cool head throughout the situation, she was able to eventually control the dark matter using her electron magnetic gloves.  The end result: the labs was destroyed, all the data from the experiment was lost and Dr. Gethin was now herself infused with dark matter in her body and DNA.  Without her gloves, the dark matter would once again expand at exponential rates; rates that in less than several days time could encompass the Earth...and begin expanding out into space.  Dr. Gethin and her gloves were now the only thing able of keeping the dark matter from destroying everything.

Within minutes, security discovered what had happened and Neuscience Labs' directors and scientists arrived on site.  Dr. Gethin explained what had happened.  She mentioned that so long as the electron magnet gloves were recharged or replaced continuously, she would be able to control the dark matter.  Her colleagues were obviously angered and irate over her illegal and unauthorized actions.  After several quick meetings, the Neuscience Labs team decided to keep everything secret from the rest of the world and take their own actions about Dr. Gethin.  Rather than come up with solutions to contain and stop the dark matter from being destructive, the team instead decided on a much shorter range solution - launch Dr. Gethin into deep space, away from the solar system using one of their deep space probes being launched in two days in Cape Canaveral, Florida.  The team made their decision, however, how they were going to get Dr. Gethin to go along with this was another story.

Later that night, after all accommodations and arrangements were made, the Neuscience Labs team lied to Dr. Gethin stating they had concocted a solution that they believe would halt the dark matter's expansion without Dr. Gethin and her controlling/containing it with her Electron Magnet gloves, however, the equipment needed for the operation was over four thousand miles away in America and they all needed to depart immediately for that location.  Dr. Gethin, tired and spent, admitted she hadn't thought of any alternatives at that point (since she was too busy fine tuning and replacing the gloves to keep the dark matter in check in the first place), and that she'd go with what they recommended.

Dr. Gethin and her new steel prison were loaded onto a small jet transport and took off at high speed to Cape Canaveral, Florida.  During the flight, Dr. Gethin finally found a few minutes to go over in her head what possible venture her teammates had intended to do to contain the dark matter's uncontrollable spread.  That's when she realized...there was no other equipment created capable of doing what was needed to contain the dark matter.  She also realized what was in Cape Canaveral - the deep space probe, scheduled to launch later that day.  After adding up these conclusions, she realized the fate her teammates decided to choose for her: committed to deep space to die.  Dr. Gethin obviously wasn't too keen on this idea.  She quickly realized she needed to escape as soon as possible as well as get access to all the remaining charged electron magnetic gloves the team had brought with them on the plane; at the least, those gloves would give her a week's worth of control of the dark matter, however, she also knew that sleep deprivation was going to be a huge factor soon.  She hadn't slept for 2 days already, and if she fell asleep now, she'd unconsciously unleashed the dark matter's exponential growth.  Regardless, she devised a plan to save herself...and hopefully the planet.

After setting down in the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, a mere couple miles from the Kennedy Space Center, Dr. Gethin in her steel cell were removed from the cargo aircraft and placed on a flatbed trailer to haul to the rocket.  As the flatebed truck was en route to the launch pad, Dr. Gethin used her electron magnet gloves to manipulate the dark matter and rip her steel cage open with little to no effort.  Upon exiting the cell, she quickly realized she was being escorted by dozens of military vehicles with armed soldiers.  Radio comms and loudspeakers repeatedly screeched not to shoot Dr. Gethin and instead ordered her to get back into the 'pod' (Steel cage).  Dr. Gethin refused to do so and again using the gloves, manipulated the dark matter to propel her into the sky like a stone from a slingshot.  Using the gloves, she was able to steer he flight, while going over 600 mph at over 1000 feet above the ground.  Part I of her plan was complete - escape; part II of her plan, however, was to find the only other facility she knew that had the wherewithal to help her - Zenith Labs.

With a handful of fully charged electron magnet gloves, Dr. Gethin alighted atop the Zenith Labs building after a few hours of flying to the location.  There, after a complex discussion with zenith's security and administrators, Dr. Gethin was introduced to Zenith's CEO, Professor Zenaro.  After a long discussion, Zenaro agreed to help Dr. Gethin, however...for a price.  He mentioned that, of the top of his head, he couldn't think of a way to contain the dark matter other than through electron magnetic control, but instead offered her an alternate solution of granting her a limited ability to have electron magnetic control infused into her body and hands, as well and 'alter' her biological sleep cycle from her brain's control.  With no other options, Dr. Gethin agreed, however, the cost to do so in such a short time amassed a fee of over $400 million dollars.  Although Dr. Gethin initially was angered by Zenaro's greed and control, she knew she had to do what was necessary and sort out the payment issue at a later date.  Thus, Zenaro amassed all shifts at his labs to work exclusively on altering Dr. Gethin's situation.

After two sleepless days of analysis and solution coalescing, Zenaro's scientists believed they had a working solution.  They'd create a radical design in nuclear fusion-powered gauntlets that empowered powerful and fine-tuned electron magnets allowing Dr. Gethin finite control of dark matter manipulation as needed.  They also mapped and identified Dr. Gethin's neural pathways that could be severed to prevent her from ever sleeping (thus unleashing the dark matter uncontrollably).  Barely able to stay awake, delusional and physically spent, Dr. Gethin submitted to the procedures, all of which had to be done quickly and while she was awake.  The brain surgery was first.  After a few hours, Zenaro's doctors 'rewired' Dr. Gethin's part of the brain demanding for her to sleep.  They also rerouted her body's chemistry to allow for sleepless 'down time' that would reduce Dr. Gethin's heart rate to as slow as they could and still allow her the necessary bodily and dark matter control needed.  The engineers then fused the new nuclear-powered electron magnetic gauntlets to Dr. Gethin's forearms and hands.  To prevent the pain, the neurosurgeons inserted a pain receptor 'cut off' switch that Dr. Gethin could turn on or off with but a thought, thus preventing her from the agonizing pain she'd have felt during the gauntlet surgery.  Within a day's time, the work was complete and Dr. Gethin was a new more ways than one.

As a result of the neurosurgeons' efforts coupled with the lack of sleep prior to the surgery and the effects of the internalized dark matter, Dr. Gethin's morality synapses were severely damaged.  Dr. Gethin now help no empathy or emotion for others; instead, she feels...nothing.  With her ability to turn on and off her pain receptors, she also bars herself from any physical bodily pain as well.

After a few days of acclimatization with her new powers and abilities, Dr. Gethin robotically asked Professor Zenaro what was required of her now.  That's when Zenaro mentioned his fee...and his 'pay to play' work solution with her doing certain 'jobs and tasks' with his secretive super-powered group known as Eclipse.  Since then, Dr. Gethin, now codenamed "Darque" has become an integral member of Eclipse robbing banks, stealing extremely rare science equipment for Zenith, and fighting the police, the military and even superheroes as a result. 

Darque has the remarkable ability to manipulate dark matter at a limited range from her body.  She can project beams of dark matter blasts resulting in physical damage.  She can also surround her electron magnet gauntlets with dark matter, making them powerful pounding tools for fisticuffs and melee attacks.  She can also use the dark matter to surround her targets, blinding them to darkness and in some cases create fear and/or drain health from the target to her.  Tendrils of dark energy can also be used for immobilization or incapacitating targets. The dark matter can be used for all these purposes up to 40 yards from Darque's location.  If she attempts to extend the range, the dark matter's strength will be significantly reduced by a factor of 3.  Using the dark matter, she is also capable of flight up to but not including the speed of sound (speed is approximately 600-700 mph, pending on atmospheric conditions).  She is also capable of covering herself in a layer of dark matter, providing remarkable protection from all forms of attack other than magic (no protection from it).  Darque can also use her powers to 'blend in' to the shadows, increasing her stealth ability, however, infrared and heat detection methods can still see her.  Thanks to her neural 'rewiring', Darque no longer requires sleep, and as such, has a weaker endurance than most. She can, however, also turn on and off her pain receptors in her brain, thus preventing her from being distressed or knocked out due to extreme pain (this does not negate damage she'd receive otherwise).

Darque also has two monumental weaknesses that can expose the planet and the galaxy to grave danger; they are her gauntlets and the overridden sleep center of her brain. Her current gauntlets are made of amazingly strong material, housing a miniature fusion reactor to provide 10+ years of power to an incredibly powerful set of electron magnets in each gauntlet.  These magnets are needed to contain and control the dark matter coalescing in Darque's body.  Should the gauntlets shell be breached, the mini-reactor damaged or the electron magnets damaged, her control over the dark matter will diminish a whole level every several seconds, eventually, within a few minutes time, she would no longer be able to contain the dark matter and it would dimensionally expand at an exponential rate from her body at ground zero.  The dark matter's radiation would also exponentially increase until after several hours, it would require amazing levels of protection to prevent a normal human body from receiving neutron radiation poisoning.  Coupled with this is Darque's sleep center of her brain.  It is currently overridden with biological implants, however, should her synapses to her sleep center ever be reconnected or the implants fail, Darque will immediately go into a coma (duration: eventually terminal) and loose control over the contained dark matter in her body resulting in the same devastation as mentioned about the gauntlets.  Fighting her in itself is a planetary and cosmic risk; as such, every measure should be made to not interact with her two weaknesses.

Darque has no morals, convictions or emotion. She is ambivalent about everything and has no concern if those she's fighting live or die. She continues to work for Eclipse not only because she needs to pay off her debt, but also because its the only group of people willing to work with her in her current state of mind.



Toraq Krag


Toraq was originally born a warrior prince from the planet Zoria, a planet in the outer Sagittarius Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy.  The Zorians are a royalty-based civilization.  As such Toraq was raised and trained to be one of the planet’s most powerful warriors.  On his planet, he was exactly that.  At one point, a neighboring planet that was under the domain of Zoria, was invaded by the Soltan Star Empire and one of their mercilessly powerful mutant Soltan warrior named "Master Universe". 

Toraq and over 100,000 Zorian troops went to fight the Soltans and Master Universe, only for Toraq and his troops to be summarily defeated.  Since Toraq was a person of power and influence, he was left alive (although the rest of his troops were summarily executed) and thrown in prison to eventually be used as a bargaining tool in taking over Zoria.  Unfortunately, the King of Zoria, Dormon Krag, didn’t oblige to the Soltan’s offer of returning their prince unharmed in exchange for submitting to Soltan rule; as such it became a planetary war.

Zoria’s people fought for four years against the Soltans, but eventually were subjugated. In the middle of this, Master Universe "tired" of their long conflict and left the war in pursuit of his own selfish, personal pleasures (see Master Universe's History section under "Galactic Expatriates" for more on this).

Prior to Zoria's last and devastating battle with the Soltans, the Zorian special forces attempted a risky jail break of Toraq from a Soltan prison world, sadly ending in failure and the decimation of Zoria' s last remaining incredible defenders.  Once Zoria was subjugated, the Soltans moved Toraq to a high security prison wing aboard a Soltan starship that was eventually promoted to be a flagship used for Soltan planetary invasions.  The Soltan Fleet Commander was ordered to keep Toraq hidden away, with no orders about his transfer to the flagship or for that matter any form of documentation stating his existence on the ship.

Eventually, the Soltan Fleet Commander was given orders to lead an invasion of Earth.  As such, the Soltan Fleet Commander and the Invasion Commander, Q’nox Baklax, set up a way-station for the invasion on the dark side of Mars.  In Earth year 2000 AD, the Soltans invaded.  Before 2000 was over, Earth’s defenders found a way to defeat the Soltans and send them packing (the first defeat for the Soltans in over 2000 years).  As a result of Earth’s attack on the orbiting Soltan Flagship, it crashed in a remote region of the Sahara Desert, where a few hundred Soltan troops survived the crash as well as a very weakened and broken Toraq (from years of torture).  Along with Toraq, several other incarcerated dangerous aliens were freed from their cells, including a certain incarcerated traitor to the Soltan Star Empire - Master Universe.

Within minutes of his freedom, Toraq was beset by the surviving Soltan soldiers as they attempted to subdue him.  Again, due to his years of torture, Toraq was too weak to fight.  To make it even more difficult, Earth's gravity was twice that of Zoria, making Toraq have to fight just to stand up nonetheless breath normally.  Miraculously, the other incarcerated aliens stepped in and began slaughtering the surviving Soltan troops that were fighting Toraq. Amongst those freed prisoners that saved his life was a being he'd hoped to one day meet and defeat in combat for what he'd done to Zoria - Master Universe.  With every last erg of energy remaining in his body, Toraq attempted to tackle and attempt to kill Master Universe, only to collapse feet short of Master Universe.  Master Universe's 'pet' Soltan Scorpion was about to disembowel Toraq when Master Universe realized who Toraq was.  With a bountiful belly laugh, Master Universe ridiculed the once great Toraq for being in the state he was now in.  Master Universe knelt down to Toraq's side and whispered to him, "if you survive this day, maybe you can try again to take my life...but I believe you are too weak and worthless to be of any concern to me at this or any other time in the future.  Enjoy your fruitless death, little prince".  With that, Master Universe and his band of 'galactic expatriates' left him to die in the sand (see Galactic Expatriates for Master Universe and his group's further exploits). 

Toraq, practically dying in the baking heat of the Sahara Desert's sands, crawled and trudged over a forty milesthrough the desert until he finally found an oasis on the outskirts of a small village.  While rehydrating himself, an arabic man attempted to kill the 'godless' alien drinking from his oasis, however, Toraq simply snapped the Arab's neck and went on drinking.  He then forced the dead Arab's family to tend to his wounds, feed him and care for him (a rule of combat common in Zorian society, but obviously not expected of humans).  Days later, several anti-Soltan militants arrived and fought  Toraq. In the end, though still seriously weakened, Toraq was still able to out-fighting the militants and quickly kill them using their own weapons.

Shortly after his recuperation, Toraq realized he was in no shape to fight on Earth due to its heavier gravity.  He knew he had to either find a way off the planet or find a way to operate within the confines of the planet’s gravity. Coincidentally, a human archeologist arrived at the oasis; a human that would change Toraq's life.

The archaeologist was a staff member from Zenith Labs who was in the area looking for a particular magical artifact that was rumored to be in the area.  When Toraq spied the archaeologist and his team, he immediately set upon killing all of them, which he did with the exception of the archaeologist.  As Toraq was about to deliver a killing blow to the archaeologist, the archaeologist yelled at Toraq in several different languages to stop.  By complete luck, one of the words he used was similar to the Zorian word for "parlay", meaning 'let's stop fighting and work out a deal'.  Toraq stopped just short of killing the man and allowed him to explain the exchange under the parlay.  Unable to communicate, both used generalized hand signals to communicate to each other.  After hours of difficult (and at times dangerous) attempts to communicate, the archaeologist was finally able to convince Toraq to travel with him to a safe location to help him get whatever it was Toraq wanted.  Although Toraq was cautious with the archaeologist, Toraq hoped he’d find a way home or at least a means of surviving the gravity on Earth.  By the time the Zenith Labs archaeologist and Toraq made it to one of Zenith’s labs in the United States, the Soltan Invasion was over, with the Soltans in full retreat.

At Zenith Labs, Toraq and the senior lab personnel spent weeks working together to establish a standardized communication dialect.  In the end, they were able to perform basic communications.  Toraq exclaimed his desire to return to his home world of Zoria, but as the Zenith Labs personnel told Toraq, they nor Earth's governments had any means, especially at that time directly after the Soltan Invasion, to get Toraq to his home planet.

Toraq was devastated.  To get past his anger and frustration with the humans, Toraq would work out with his unique fighting moves and exercises all around the lab’s facilities wherever he wanted to go.  Eventually, Zenith Lab’s leader, Professor Zenaro, came up with an alternate solution to Toraq's problem; they'd help him become super-powered.  After a brief discussion, Professor Zenaro mentioned to Toraq that he noticed Toraq wasn’t adapting well to Earth’s gravity, which Toraq reluctantly agreed.  Zenaro made Toraq an offer – Zenaro and Zenith would power-up Toraq’s already impressive abilities so long as Toraq worked for the professor long enough to help pay off his debt in receipt of the newly acquired power boost.  Toraq relished the idea of being a super-powered being amongst others, especially Earthers.  As such, Toraq agreed.

After months of assessment and testing, Toraq was finally augmented with his new, amazing strength, monstrously powerful stamina and endurance, and an excellent armored skin that not only resisted physical attacks, but also energy, temperate and radiation attacks.  Toraq now considered himself strong enough to go back to his planet and eventually decimate the Soltan invaders there.  He also beleived he would now be strong enough to fight and kill Master Universe should their paths ever cross again.  WIth his new super powers, Toraq went to work with Zenith Labs’ secret and villainous group known as Eclipse, where to this day, under the name codename “Krag”, he continues to team with Eclipse to pay off his incredibly large debt to Zenaro and Zenith Labs.

Krag is a Zorian at roughly the equivalent Earth age of 40.  Initially, Krag’s strength and endurance were poor in Earth’s gravity, however, with his new Zenith Labs enhanced abilities, Krag is now amazingly strong, with a monstrously powerful stamina and endurance.  His skin has been augmented to a rough defensible armor providing excellent physical, energy, temperate and radiation protection.  His eyesight already allowed him to see in the dark on his planet (as well as Earth’s), however, he could also now see thermal images with his new eyesight.  He barely understands English and Arabic as the only languages he’s learned thusfar.  His is not technically smart, and as far as he is concerned, Earthers are smarter and more technically capable than most of Zorian people, however, they’d established interplanetary flight between worlds in their solar system many hundreds of years before Earth did.

Krag is a demagogic character with delusions of grandeur and victory.  As royalty, he considers himself above all else, however, in regards to his teammates in Eclipse, he considers them ‘fellow warriors’ and nothing more.  Toraq wears the uniform he would wear as a warrior prince of Zoria, and has told anyone who dared to comment negatively about his apparel that they would 'die' at their next encounter for daring to speak about his wardrobe. He respects Professor Zenaro of Zenith Labs, but doesn’t trust him fully.  He despises Earth’s heroes and considers them to be flawed since they are not working for true regal powers such as a Zorian prince.



Luna "Moonbeam" Liu 


Luna is the granddaughter of the mysterious Golden Dragon leader, “Dragon Master”.  It is rumored that Luna began working for her grandfather and the Golden Dragons gang not long after her grandfather took control of it.  During her time with the Golden Dragons, she primarily fought and bandaged up fellow Golden Dragons hurt in their fights.  With years of medical training, she was adept enough to be able to fix most wounds and breaks.

In a massive battle with the Crimson vampire gang, the Golden Dragon won, however, at great cost.  It was rumored that Luna’s grandfather ‘empowered’ her with one of his short term enhancement spells, such to the point that she was able to heal others by simply laying her hands on their wounds; for the Crimson, she’d lay her hand on their wounds to make them suffer all the more.

Her powers were only active for an hour, but in that time, she did a great job of saving dozens of Golden Dragon lives and limbs.  It’s rumored that her grandfather ‘sent her away’ to be trained in her ability to heal in this manner; rather, she was sent to Zenith Labs and Professor Zenaro to obtain the powers she obviously innately had.

At Zenith Labs, Luna was tested, assessed and prepared for receiving a power enhancement.  Scientists ascertained there was a 78% chance her powers would be related to pain domination and healing, since her grandfather’s ‘magics’ previously unlocked those abilities.  Unfortunately, upon completion of the enhancement process, Luna wound up in a coma.  The Golden Dragon’s leader was furious, however, he was also very patient all the while hoping she’d come out of her coma with her new abilities within a few months’ time.  After 5 months’ time, as predicted by her grandfather, Luna finally awoke from her coma.  Not only did she have a remarkable ability to heal others, but she could now do so from a distance of 30 yards.  She was also able to wrack pain upon a target at the same distance.  Her visual acuity was also enhanced, making her an excellent marksman now as well.

Armed with a high power laser rifle, Luna quickly became adept at her new powers as well as an incredible marksman with her rifle.  As a part of the her grandfather’s agreement with Professor Zenaro, Luna would continue to work with Zenith, not to pay off the money for the enhancements, which were promptly paid, but to allow Luna to train with her new powers and to learn to work with a team so that one day she could take over her grandfather’s role as the leader of the Golden Dragons gang.

Today, Luna, now going by the codename “Moonbeam” (a nickname given to her by her grandfather), continues to work with Zenith’s secretive Eclipse villain group, performing thefts, robberies and targeted attacks all in the name of wealth and obtaining the mastery of her own new abilities.

Moonbeam has the remarkable ability to heal others up to 30 yards away from her, as well as inflict biological pain to her target at the same distance.  Her powers do not work on anything artificial or mechanical (i.e., synthetic beings, robots, androids or any alien or unique species that does not have a bio-organic body).  She also has limited flight speed of 25 mph up to a max altitude of 1,000 feet.  Her incredible agility allows her amazing marksmanship skills and a highly acrobatic capability in dodging, evading and aiming with other items.  Her visual acuity allows her to see anything telescopically up to 5 miles with perfect vision.  She wears a body suit that provides good physical, energy, radiation and thermal protection.



Allisa Phrene'


Born in Toulouse, France, Allisa was discovered to be mentally retarded as a young girl.  Her parents abandoned her on the side of the road near an animal sanctuary when she was only 13 year old; both parents were never found after that.  Left alone in the middle of the night, Allisa was attacked by a pack of wolves.  Allisa ran screaming from the pack until she stumbled and fell; when she turned to face the leaping wolves, she unleashed her powers for the first time.  She mind blasted the wolves, leaving their brains pureed gray matter.  She eventually found a policeman later the next morning who took her to the local police station.  There, after repeated attempts to find her parents, they sent her to the state run orphanage until they could find her parents.

That day never came.

In the orphanage, she was ridiculed and bullied due to her retardation, however, when pushed too far, the bullies were found as mental vegetables the following mornings in their own beds.  The other children attempted to tell the orphanage's adults that something wasn't 'right' about Allisa, but the adults didn't care.  By the time Allisa was 18 and forced to leave the orphanage, over 40 other children died from unexplained brain aneurysms.

It didn't take long after Allisa left the orphanage that street toughs took advantage of her retardation.  They'd manipulate her into stealing, distracting, lying or whatever was needed so her new 'friends' could get what they wanted but make Alisa the scapegoat.  In one such instance, Allisa's street friends coerced her into stealing a small market's entire rack of comic books.  The store owner easily caught her in the act.  Allisa surprised by the owner, mentally blasted him, causing him to collapse to the floor, dying.  A French policeman happened to be across the street and saw the whole encounter.  He ran up behind Allisa and hit her with his night stick, rendering her unconscious.

When Allisa woke up she was in the hospital with two policemen guarding her. Scared and angry, she mind blasted the policemen and the attending nurse.  One of the policemen, before he died of his fatal aneurysm fired off one shot that almost killed Allisa.  She eventually passed out from blood loss and shock, but not before she fried at least 10 other peoples minds adjacent to her. 

The next time she woke up, she was in a sensory tank located in an old bunker below the streets of Paris, France.  There, a group of scientists were studying Allisa and her powers at a safe distance in the next chamber over. For the next few years, Allisa was studied like a lab rat and kept in the sensory deprivation tank.  Unfortunately for the scientists, Allisa's senses became highly acute while in the tank and she was able to differentiate her senses, even when deprived of tactile and spacial validation.

One day, an AMerican scientist, Professor Zenaro of Zenith Labs was brought in to help with the studies done on Allisa.  He was impressed by her powers.  At one point, he was able to talk to Allisa through an embedded earwig and microphone system in ALlisa's tank.  With no one else able to monitor their conversation, Zenaro asked if Allisa wanted to leave the tank and come with him to meet others like her.  Without a word, Allisa mind blasted everyone in the underground facility, except Professor Zenaro, pulled off each of her sensory deprivation suit items, punched the glass of the tank and spilled out onto the chamber's floor.  Looking up at the video camera, Allisa looked right at Zenaro and said, "can we go now?".

That night, Professor Zenaro took Allisa to one of his Zenith Lab facilities.  During the flight, he drugged her food putting her to sleep.  She awoke with Zenaro sitting next to her on a bed in a beautiful room.  There, the two talked for hours about what each wanted.  Zenaro wanted to be her true friend and help her be more powerful; Allisa wanted a friend and to not be locked up.  Both agreed to help each other.

Over the next few months, Zenaro's scientists combed over all the stolen data Zenaro took from the Paris underground prison facility Allisa had previously been in.  After many exhaustive tests, the scientists concluded that her powers were too integrated in her physiology to be able to separate her powers from her body, preventing the removed powers from ever working again in anything other than Allisa's body and mind.  As a result, Zenaro's original plan to extract her powers and sell them didn't come to fruition, instead, he got Allisa to agree to having her powers enhanced and to use her to help him and her become rich. Allisa agreed to the power enhancements and to help them both become rich.

Zenaro's team tried several times to enhance her powers, but instead only allowed her to govern the amount of damage she could do with her powers (vice her 'full mental blast' ability she'd previously done to everyone else).  Regardless, Zenaro introduced her to the Eclipse team (who were trained in how to deal with her by Zenaro himself), who, although scared to death of her powers, treated her as a friend and teammate.

On Allisa's first mission with Eclipse, a policeman was about to shoot one of her teammates in the back.  Allisa instead mind blasted the policeman, saving her teammate.  The policeman eventually recovered, but Allisa was now on INTERPOL's radar.  Within weeks, Allisa started doing independent jobs for Zenaro to make her 'new friend' happy; as such she encountered a few French superheroes in the process.  Each of those superheroes were either killed or hospitalized for years after their encounter with Allisa.

Today, Allisa, now known as "Phrenetic", continues to work with her friends in Eclipse.  She is a dedicated, steadfast compatriot who despises anyone wanting to hurt her teammates.  Although she is much older, she still operates on a 2nd grade reading level yet the emotional capacity of a teenager.

Phrenetic has the remarkable power to mentally mind-blast a target's neural receptors and brains, potentially causing synaptic failure or popping blood vessels in the brain, or scrambling the target's neural network.  She now has the ability to distinguish attacks from typical levels of damage to full power.  As a result of her sensory deprivation tank period, she is highly acute to special sensory awareness; her hearing and senses are remarkably sensitive, allowing her to detect a single mouse running through a field up to 1/4 mile away.  As such, her hearing, sight and tactile senses are extremely sensitive to harm, doubling the damage to her physically.  Due to her retardation, she is slow in conceptualizing and understanding things, however, she is dangerously quick in the use of her powers, especially when under attack.


Shadow Archer

Obatu Morris


Obatu was a world champion archer for three years in South Africa.  Although he qualified to attend the Olympic Archery events, due to elimination heats, he was never able to actually compete for any medals.  As such, Obatu carried on with his training almost obsessively, that is, until he was told be a doctor why his skills had started to wane - he had a neurological disease that was slowly degenerating his motor skills and depth perception.

Distraught over his medical news, Obatu sought out any doctor or medicine he could to correct the problem, all the while his archery skills grew worse and worse.  After a year of experimental surgeries, quack-philosophy doctors, alternative medicines and even a voodoo witch doctor, Obatu was nearly broke and no better off in his degenerating condition.  Rather than given in, Obatu decided to fly to the United States (with the last of his money) and do what all Americans do (at least, from what he'd seen on Ya!Go! websites and social media) - beg for money and help.

At first, there were only sympathetic responses, but as time went on, while staying at a homeless shelter in Texas, he got the response he'd long hoped for.  An 'anonymous' contributor was willing to give him the help needed.  Obatu was forwarded money through Western Union and told to go to a facility in Montana.  There, he was greeted by several security guards and a scientist called Professor Zenaro.  Zenaro discussed with Obatu about the means by which he could not only reverse the degenerative condition Obatu had, but to also 'enhance' his abilities to make him a master marksman...all for a price.  Obatu didn't care what 'deal with the devil' needed to be made, just that he had to be free of his disabling condition and get the chance to once again be the best archer in the world.  Obatu agreed to the procedure and to whatever was needed to pay Zenaro for his efforts.  The next several weeks, Obatu was studied buy the dozens of scientists and medical experts.  Hundreds of tests and procedures eventually culminated in a final operation on Obatu's brain and nervous system.

When Obatu awoke, he was violently ill for the next three days.  For awhile, it was touch-and-go as to whether or not he'd survive the procedures, yet survive he did.  Days after recuperating, he was ripped from his bed and put on a highly disciplined workout regimen that included not only a rigorous physical workout program, but to be trained in different forms of archery and how to use the shadows to hide in.  As the days went on, Obatu saw that not only was his condition reversed, he had nearly superhuman perception.  His hand-to-eye coordination was nearly 10 times better than when he was a world archery competitor.  He also discovered he had a new power; a chameleon-like shadow power.  So long as Obatu stayed out of the light for several minutes, he'd create a chameleon-like field around himself and anything his body touched to blend in to the surrounding area, especially if it was dark.  Obatu called it his 'shadow' field, but Professor Zenaro called it a chameleon-stealth field instead.  Regardless, Obatu liked "shadow" better.

After weeks of training and intense therapy to get Obatu into shape, Professor Zenaro dropped the 'payment' bomb on Obatu.  In order to repay Zenaro, Obatu would have to help perform 'services' for him via a super-powered group known as "Eclipse".  This band of beings was predominantly composed of others that were given powers, just like Obatu.  The 'services' requested included robberies, thefts, espionage and at times, battles with other super-powered beings.  Obatu, as far as he was concerned, didn't care about the questionable morality of anything Zenaro or Eclipse wanted him to do; Obatu was overwhelmingly happy just to be able to be the best archer he'd ever been.

Several months later and dozens of Eclipse thefts and robberies under his belt, one particular Eclipse mission led to an encounter with a superhero group known as the Challengers out of New York City.  One of the Challenger's members, Pink Arrow, not only 'out-archered' Obatu, but made him look like he was standing still.  Although Obatu and Eclipse got away during the ordeal, Obatu quickly realized that he was not the best archer in the world.  As such, he swore to continue letting Zenaro and his scientists do whatever was needed to improve his skills and abilities so that one day he could defeat Pink Arrow and any other archery-related heroes (or villains) out there.

After several more surgeries, Obatu has since been augmented with cybernetic and bionic implants. With a 5.8% increased in skills resulting from his 20% cyborg upgrades, Obatu has now become obsessed with being the best archer ever, now at the expense of ever paying back Zenaro for his services and continued augmentation.

Today, "Shadow Archer" as he now calls himself has become an obsessive compulsive in bettering himself in his archery skills.  His debt to Zenaro would take 50 years to pay off at the current rate of augmentation required for Obatu to better himself.  As such, he will do anything and everything to be the best archer in the world, even if it requires murder.

Shadow Archer has the incredible ability to hone in on targets and use his depth perception skills in targeting and shooting.  He is amazingly skilled in archery, however, he is remarkably accurate in firearms and other forms of thrown or shooting weapons.  His excellent strength and stamina allow for him to be a remarkable acrobat in the field.  His other power is his chameleon-like stealth field; after standing still in a certain location for at least 5 minutes, he can generate a stealth field that automatically reflects light (or the lack thereof) allowing him to 'blend in' to his surroundings (think "Predator" movie stealth field).  As such, if he uses darkness or shadows for his power, so long as he remains in the darkness or shadows, it is virtually impossible to see him visually.  The field, however, can only be used versus normal sight and vision; heat, radar, motion and audio sensors can still track him and his movements, although he has become highly trained in stealth.

Shadow Archer carries a variety of arrows and specialized arrow heads, ranging from blunt to sharp arrow tips to excellent explosive, acid, constrictive netting, flash-bang, sonic and ECM/scrambler arrow heads. 



Silver Saber

Pietre Vostol


A highly trained Russian Foreign Intelligence Service mercenary, Pietre was wounded in a bomb blast during one of his secretive assassination missions.  As a result, he lost his hearing and sight, along with severe head injuries resulting in other senses like taste and smell practically destroyed.  his face and upper body required several surgeries just to stabilize his condition, resulting in poorly done plastic surgery and skin grafts. Due to his injuries, he was let go from the Service with a paltry severance pay, barely enough to house and feed himself.  As a blind, deaf and disfigured man, he quickly became homeless.  There, he had to fight other homeless miscreants throughout the alleys and sewers of his home town of Moscow just to get by day to day.  Just as Pietre was about to go forward with suicide, he was contacted by a former FIS associate regarding a case that only Pietre knew the answers to.  Pietre demanded compensation for sharing the information to include free medical, housing, food and an additional million Rubels as payment up front.  He also demanded to be brought along on the mission as 'one last chance' at doing the job again. The 'associate' agreed to Pietre's demands, however, the FIS was not happy about it and explicitly told Pietre that if the information was not to their liking, they do him his 'wish' of being killed, whether he wanted death or not.  As such, Pietre and the FIS went forward with their agreement.

The information Pietre had and that FIS wanted was about Professor Zenaro and a secretive human augmentation lab that they'd learned of three years before.  Pietre was assigned to perform surveillance on a particular secretive Zenith Labs facility  in Montana.  During his mission, however, the lab was raided by dozens of costumed heroes, all of whom found the lab not only abandoned, but bereft of any particular evidence about human augmentation there.  Pietre knew where the Zenith had moved their lab to, but was recalled for a greater mission to infiltrate the Soviet Guard (which resulted in his current injuries).  The FIS associate and Pietre went to the location that Pietre knew as the newer secretive location and lo and behold, they were still there.  Once Pietre showed his FIS associate the location, the FIS associate attempted to kill Pietre on the spot, a few hundred yards outside of the secretive Zenith Labs' security gate.  As the two fought, Pietre's wounds opened up and he quickly began bleeding again.  As his FIS associate was about to deliver a killing blow, everything went dark.

When Pietre awoke, he quickly realized he was in a secure hospital room, most likely inside Zenith Labs.A voice came over the intercom, wishing to discuss what had happened outside of the labs' fence line. Realizing he had no more care for the FIS in their attempt to kill him, Pietre told them everything, including his surveillance he'd done years before on Zenith.  Over the next several days, doctors came in and mended Pietre as well as performed dozens of tests and procedures, all the while, the mysterious voice over the intercom would talk to him and discuss everything about the FIS, its secretive operations, and what had happened to Pietre.  Eventually, Pietre met with the intercommed voice. It was Zenith Labs' CEO and lead scientist, Professor Zenaro.  Zenaro asked Pietre what he would do if he could not only regain his senses through cyborg and augmented biotechnology, but also for a chance to get even with the FIS, as well as 'work off' the enhancement and augmentations doing "odd jobs' for Zenaro.  Not only did Pietre agree, but he swore that if he could get even with the FIS, he'd sell his soul to Zenaro on the spot.

After several months of studies, procedures and operations, Pietre's soul was ready to given to Zenaro.

Pietre had been augmented and enhanced in vision, audible components and even a spectrographic air and taste enhancement, however, the damage done by the FIS with the plastic surgery and skin grafts had so severely damaged Pietre's face that there was no way to restore it to anything that wouldn't gross out another person seeing him while passing on the street.  As such, Pietre was given an specialized helmet that enhanced his new senses even more.  He was given a 'stolen' and modified "Britannia" Mk I power suit that was altered to severely reduce heat signatures of his own body temperature as well as a refractive body suit that made his radar image no larger than two or three birds in size.  As such, he also underwent a severe physical therapy reconditioning, retraining his body to its former secret agent condition when he was in the FIS.  With the enhanced powers of the Mk I Britannia suit, along with two of his favorite weapons, two energy sabres he'd taken off a dead Soltan Empire trooper (see Soltan Invasion), he planned a complex mission of revenge against those who wronged him in the well as garner tens of thousands of classified files from the FIS for Professor Zenaro.

The revenge mission with the FIS was a total success.  Although the Russian media portrayed the burning FIS office as result of an 'accidental electrical fire', Pietre and a handful of other augmented and enhanced beings, members of the group that Pietre would eventually join (Eclipse), killed over 40 FIS agents, the FIS assassin leader and trainer, and stole instead hundreds of thousands of files and documents from the FIS well as a hidden stash of weapons and million of Rubles in cash.

Today, although Pietre still mourns the loss of his face, he has never been happier than he has been now that he is with Eclipse, working for Zenaro.  he continues to go on missions with Eclipse, usually being the one to set up the missions thanks to he many years as a covert operations man and assassin while attached to the FIS.  As such, even though he'll never allow himself a normal life, he'd never turn away from the group that he considers to have 'saved him' from suicide and the FIS' dirty tricks.

Silver Sabre has techno and bio enhancements and augmentations to provide excellent digital and electronic viewing in normal, infra red, ultraviolet (nightvision) and even X-ray for brief image captures, as well as audible abilities that allow him to hear a standard conversation over 250 yards away.  His olfactory and taste senses have been enhanced with a specrographic analyzer, allowing him to differentiate gases, chemicals and other airborne smells into particulate analysis down to the micron.  As such, he can 'smell' grandma's pie cooling in the window nearly half a mile away, as well as tell you the ingredients of the pie from the same distance.  Although the spectrum analyzer has been known to 'lock up' from time to time, it is highly reliable when it is working.  If he was being attacked with knock out gas, he has the ability to turn off his receptors and go to an internalized oxygen source in the suit, thus preventing him from getting knocked out by the gas.  His revised Mk I "Britannia" power suit allows Silver Sable excellent strength and stamina, as well as excellent fighting and coordination.  With his two energy sabres, he is remarkably accurate and deadly.  The suit provides excellent radiation and temperature related protection as well as good physical and energy protection.  As a result of his enhancements and augmentation, he is able to process moving speeds of his body, making him an excellent athlete able to do Parkour style actions routinely while wearing the suit.  If Silver Sabre's helmet were removed or severely damaged in a fight, Sabre's senses would become feeble at best. His energy sables are alien tech, made from amazingly strong material,creating an unearthly energy slicing blade that can cut nearly anything, including Titanium (over time).



Isabella Vienta 


Cuban singing sensational Isabella was a rock star in Cuba, leading a decent life.  She and her three dozen family members were doing well living off of her incredible vocal career.  A few years ago, Isabella was asked to perform in the United States for a nice fee.  When she arrived in New York City, she not only recorded a hit single there, but quickly became a Latino pop sensation.  She returned twice to the United States for live performances, with her last performance in Miami, Florida.  It was that last performance she'd ever make as a star.

Days prior to the concert, Isabella had arranged for a large portion of her family to 'visit' her at the concert.  She'd intended to get them to apply as political refugees when they showed up, just as she was going to.  She'd already contacted a secretive State Department representative to arrange the whole thing.  She and the State Department rep also had a plan to get the rest of her family members out of Cuba via a boat to a US Coast Guard vessel that would be waiting off the Cuban coast to pick them up.  With all the planning done, Isabella and the State Department rep were hours away from enacting their operation.  As Isabella was shopping in Little Havana, a frenzied fan demanded pictures and signatures from her, incessantly getting in her face and getting more agitated with each slight by Isabella, who did everything the fan asked, yet he kept asking for more.  When the fan finally asked Isabella if she'd marry him, Isabella kissed him on the cheek and said, "no".  He drew a gun and shot Isabella, several other paparazzi and innocent shoppers and then attempted to shoot himself dead.  Instead, the bullet got lodged into the fan's frontal lobe and survived his own suicide.  The shot at Isabella went straight to her throat...and vocal cords.  She survived the attack, but was unable to speak nonetheless sing as far as medical science was concerned.

After a week or so of recovery, Isabella was told the bad news about her voice, as well as the fact that the plan to bring her family to the show and the remaining family members to be picked up by the US Coast Guard was abandoned once the Cuban authorities discovered the plan.  Isabella's accounts were frozen by Cuba, including all her assets she had in the United States.  She was branded a criminal in Cuba and was ordered to be sent home for legal processing.  To top that off, the State Department rep was discovered to be a person that had originally had no authority to do the actions he did and was promptly arrested for his actions (come to find out he too was an overly zealous fan who thought his actions might one day endear her to him and maybe get married to her).  As for the crazed fan that shot Isabella, he quickly became a social media sensation.  He told the story of how Isabella treated him cruelly and that she told him that if he loved her shows, he should shoot himself and everyone around him dead.  Since the footage and images of the shooting were gathered up for the federal investigation on the State Department rep, no one alive was able to counter the crazed fan's claims.  Overnight, Isabella became a pariah and the crazed fan instead was committed to a mental ward for surveillance and grief counseling.  Isabella was told to pack her things and was to be taken to the airport to be flown back to Cuba for prosecution.  Completely overwhelmed with how things had suddenly grown so horrendously wrong, her Latino blood began to boil and she started attacking reporters and paparazzi that were mobbing her.  Isabella was tasered by the police and sent to jail that same day she was to fly home.

When Isabella awoke in a hospital jail ward, she was told the terrible news of her extended family dying while trying to leave Cuba on a boat illegally.  It was said the US Coast Guard was ordered not to receive them and unfortunately due to the weather, the boat capsized, killing those family members on the boat. All that she had left were her parents, brothers and sisters, all of which had been taken to a Cuban prison for interrogation and potential charges of departing Cuba illegally.  Isabella's world had fallen apart.  Dead family members, incarcerated parents, brothers and sisters, damaged vocal cords and no money.  In prison, she was told by her court-appointed lawyer that she'd be charged with aggravated assault against the media people and that they were each was suing her for over $1 million in damages and emotional distress.

That was all it took for Isabella to completely give up on humanity.

She knew she had to get to her remaining family in Cuba and save them, but had no idea how she'd be able to pull it off.  A chance encounter with a prison guard who loved her music worked a deal with her; he gets free sex with her and he'll help her get a video message out to her fans from prison.  She agreed to the deal, but knew her end of the bargain wouldn't go quite the way the guard would've hoped for.  That night, using cue cards and a marker, Isabella wrote out her story, showing the cards to the guard's cell phone video feature stating she'd 'sell her soul to the devil' if someone would help her to get free and help save her family in Cuba.  After the guard posted the video to the Ya!Go! website, he demanded his portion of the deal be done.  Isabella played along long enough for her to get close enough to him to kill him by 'biting off' a body part, wherein the guard quickly bled to death from.  That night she was indicted for murder and placed in a high security wing of the Miami-Dade County Prison.

The next morning, Isabella's video was getting social media attention including prime time news coverage of her murder of the guard.  She was quickly arraigned at a hearing and was told she'd remain in prison until the trial date.  Later than night, as Isabella was contemplating what to do next, she saw the shadows in the prison area get darker until basically the entire cell block was pitch black.  That's when two black-and-silver costumed super-powered individuals who said they were from a group called "Eclipse" broke her out of prison.  They transported her to a facility in Georgia called Zenith Labs.  There she met the company's CEO, and Eclipse's secretive leader, Professor Zenaro.   The Professor offered Isabella a chance to not only get her voice back, but to be 'augmented" and enhanced to give her sonic powers; powers she could use to save her family in Cuba.  Without hesitation, Isabella agreed 100%.

Over the next few weeks, Isabella was poked and prodded by doctors, scientists and engineers all working on the plan Professor Zenaro had set them on.  After two surgeries, and a couple days of healing, Isabella was finally able to speak.  Although her voice wasn't as perfect as before, it was a far cry better than no voice at all.  She'd also had two facial/cheek implants placed on her, as well as a digitized and amplification device in her neck, thus allowing her to increase the volume and range of her voice by a factor of 10.  To further amplify this, the engineers built a sonic amplification device that she could wear on her back making her amplified voice remarkably strong; strong enough to kill with the sound of her own voice.

After being trained on her new powers, she was allowed to be flown to Cuba with several Eclipse troopers to free her immediate family members and fly them back to Zenith Labs, this time, in Arizona.  When they got to the prison, Isabella told the troops that 'she' would take care of the guards and that the Eclipse troopers' jobs were simply to get her family safely to Eclipse's getaway plane.

She assaulted the prison with no mercy.  Her new powers severely incapacitated the guards, causing permanent hearing damage in some, but mostly, blasting their minds to jelly with her new sonic powers.  When she finally got to the warden's office, she found the warden and a handful of guards with guns to Isabella's family's heads.  It looked as if her family had already been beaten and tortured as apparent of the bruises distant looks on their faces.  The warden said they'd release her family after they were allowed to leave the prison unharmed.  Isabella agreed to let them get to the prison gates where the lives would be exchanged.  At the prison gate, the Eclipse troopers stood at the ready to gun down the warden and his remaining guards in they tried anything funny.  Isabella demanded her family turned over at the gate, where the warden simply said, "we don't negotiate with traitors" and shot Isabella's mother and father; the warden's guards were about to shoot Isabella's remaining brothers and sisters when the Eclipse troopers instead got off a head shot to each guard, killing them before they could further harm Isabella's brothers and sisters.  Isabella screamed at full volume at the warden, liquefying the warden's body in the process. In the end, one Eclipse trooper was wounded, 25 of the Cuban prison guards were dead, the warden liquefied, and Isabella's parents dead.  her remaining five brothers and sisters, however, were quickly discovered to be in a catatonic state of shock.  It seems that not only were they physically abused, but sexually and mentally tortured as well. Isabella, her brothers and sisters, the bodies of her parents, and the remaining Eclipse troopers flew back to Arizona safely.

After their return to a Zenith Labs location in Arizona, Isabella found out that the treatment it would take to repair the torture and damage done to her siblings would take hundreds of thousands of dollars and many years of specialized treatment, all of which Isabella knew she could not afford.  That's when Professor Zenaro mentioned that he could 'extend' Isabella's payment plan to include her siblings care, so long as she stayed working for him and Eclipse until her bill was paid and/or her siblings got better..  With little choice, she agreed to his terms.  She wasn't upset at the decision though; as far as she was concerned, Professor Zenaro did more for her and her family than anyone else ever did right.  She considered herself lucky to be able to vent her wrath on the rest of the world by using her new powers for Zenaro and Eclipse to get them what they needed, so long as her siblings were being taken care of and treated for their conditions.

Today, "Skreem" as she now calls herself, is a die-hard member of Eclipse.  She is devoted to Eclipse and has no intention to ever betray them...even though she doesn't know that her siblings are being kept in their catatonic states in the Zenith Labs Arizona facility to keep Isabella in Zenaro's control...  

Skreem's powers are technologically and bio-organically augmented enhancements allowing her to amplify her voice to produce good damage to any and all within 100 yards of her location.  With the amplification backpack, she can further increase her powers to remarkable levels, affecting those in a radius of 300 yards from her location, or focused to within a narrow 5 degree arc out in front of her. She can control the level of amplification, creating sonic barriers, sonic blasts, resonating frequencies and cab even alter the sounds to go subsonic where only animals can hear.  She is in good physical shape and has been trained by Eclipse in had-to-hand fighting, tumbling and acrobatics.  She is skilled in music and audio frequencies and is also highly knowledgeable about Cuban history and society 9her mother was  school teacher).  She can speak English and Spanish fluently.