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Demolition Party Villains


Carol Turner


Carol was a professional sharpshooter and construction worker out of Atlanta, Georgia.  In her spare time she was a gun range safety officer.  She enjoyed working out and kept her body in excellent shape. As a result, she actually won three female body builder national contests.  Her mother and father were proud of her achievements.  Life was going good for Carol…until the accident.

While working on a construction site down in Macon, Georgia, a top-story crane of the high rise she was working on gave way after a freak wind gust. Over 10 tons of steel beam fell from the sky, half of which, when it eventually crashed down to the ground, wound up landing on and burying Carol.  She was pronounced dead twice on her way to the hospital, but was revived each time.  After Carol's multiple surgeries were complete, Carol awoke to discover one leg was amputated, her other leg below the knee missing, both arms had been severely crushed and promptly removed, and she had severe brain and head damage, destroying her once beautiful face...and mind.  Upset and suicidal, Carol tried to end her life nearly every third day until her doctors finally transferred Carol to a psychiatric ward and placed her on a suicide watch.

Carol’s parents, friends, co-workers and other family members came to see her in the psyche ward, but many couldn’t stand to look at her disfigurements and usually left within mere minutes of their arrival.  Upset over the change in direction of her life, as well as being ostracized by her family and friends, Carol became exceedingly belligerent. Whether it was a side effect of her head and brain injuries, Carol became increasingly angry and physical, cursing and swearing at her doctors and visitors when they came to see her.  After a year’s stay in the psyche ward, she was deemed unfit to be returned to society, even though they’d fitted her with prosthetic arms and legs.

As Carol’s demeanor became darker, one of her cousins, a ‘jackass’ in the family, tried out several handicapped jokes on Carol. The jokes were in very poor taste. The cousin became upset that Carol wasn’t laughing at his jokes and got verbally abusive with her.  Using her artificial arms, Carol gouged out her cousins eyes and ripped out his tongue.  The cousin survived, but that incident created a lingering gap of fear that prevented her family and friends from ever visiting her again.   That’s when Doctor Zenith arrived.

Doctor Zenith, a super-power ‘broker’ who helped create super-human beings, technological marvels and magical titans, visited Carol and offered her a chance to regain her limbs and her beauty…for a price.  Without even asking the price, Carol jumped at the opportunity.  Later that day she was ‘transferred’ to the care of Doctor Zenith who experimented on her for over a week before performing his power infusions. When Carol awoke, she was a new woman physically with new cloned arms and legs attached to her body, however, mentally, she was still an angry and violent woman – a woman who held a grudge against everyone else other than Doctor Zenith who didn’t help her…and had abandoned her in her time of need.

Doctor Zenith infused plasma beam-generators in her forearms able to deliver powerful energy blasts with an endless source of energy.  Her strength and endurance were augmented, allowing her to pick fights even with the powerful hero, Major Deej. By the time she’d healed from her surgeries, she tested the use of her new powers and fell in love with them.

The destruction. 

The power. 

The empowered feeling to inflict her revenge on all who abandoned her.

All this coalesced into a new super-powered woman who was more than happy to work for Doctor Zenith to pay him back for giving her a new life.  After three years of robbing banks, gold reserves and technology-based industries, Carol had paid back Doctor Zenith.  Now paid off, the Doctor referred her to another one of his successful clients – The Foreman.  Together, Them Foreman, a handful of other augmented super-powered individuals and Carol, now called “Cannonade”, formed the destructive gang-for-hire known as the “Demolition Party”.

On a related item, Carol’s old friends, co-workers and family (that Carol believed abandoned her) all met ‘unique’ deaths over the last year or two.  The cousin got it the worst; he was found beneath a ten ton pile of cars that mysteriously ‘piled up’ atop her cousin, leaving him a broken and scarred and bed-ridden quadriplegic for life.

Cannonade can fire remarkably powerful plasma energy blasts from each forearm/wrist up to a range of 30 yards that can also impact physically, causing knock-backs and knockdowns.  Her strength has been augmented such that she can lift over 500 lbs. effortlessly.  Her endurance and stamina have dramatically increased allowing her to run up to 35 mph in a sprint and leap up to 50 feet in a standing bound.  Due to her augmentation, her skin provides typical protection against physical attacks, excellent protection against toxins and temperature variances and amazing protection against energy and radiation attacks.  One of her main vulnerabilities though is her senses; they are all still average and can be affected just the same as any normal person. In addition, she wears jet boots that can fly her up to 500 mph for 500 miles up to 2,000 ft.


The Digger / El Excavador

Carlos Castillo


Carlos is a Cuban national who was a well-known and respected excavator in the region in and around the capitol of Havana.  He could operate any excavation equipment, regardless of complexity or antiquity, with the precision of a true professional.

Carlos’ family consists of three brothers and four sisters, all of which were very close to one another.  Their father had grown ill over the years and their mother contracted an illness that left her weak and incapable of working.  By the time Carlos was 25, he became the breadwinner for his family.  Carlos didn’t mind working and living in Cuba, however his younger brothers were restless and wanted to immigrate to Florida in the United States to be rich and famous like most Americans they’d seen in the movies.

During this time, Carlos fell in love with a beautiful Cuban government worker named Maria Escalanza.  She was head-over-heels for him, however, her father, a prominent man in the government, was not impressed with Carlos’ siblings blabbing about going to America, and thus was unhappy with Maria’s choice of men.  He wanted a son-in-law that wasn’t an embarrassment to his position.   Maria was furious over her father’s attitude and although Carlos didn’t want to leave Cuba, between his siblings constant nagging to go and now Maria’s desire to run away with Carlos, he reluctantly agreed; it was time to make their way to the United States.

A week later, Maria commandeered a local fishing boat from a friend of her father. Carlos and his brothers carried their ailing parents to the boat, and with the sisters and Maria, Carlos set off to Key West to start their new life…that is, until Hurricane Carl hit them in the midst of their journey.

Tossed about like a cork on the open ocean, they fought and struggled to stay alive and keep the boat from flooding and breaking apart.  During the storm, the boat capsized.  Carlos, Maria and his siblings  were able to cling to the hull of the overturned boat, but both of Carlos’ parents were lost in the storm.  When the storm finally subsided, it was late at night.  Not a one of them knew where they were or how long they’d last, however, the clung to each other, hoping for the best. 

At sunrise, Carlos was able to see land 2 miles from their location.  Everyone was still exhausted from the storm, however, Carlos volunteered to swim to shore and find help to get them to dry land. With a parting kiss to Maria, Carlos swam to the distant shore.  The moment he stepped on the beach, he saw the sign in Spanish read “Welcome to Key West, Florida!”

They’d made it to America after all.

…or so Carlos thought.

Just then, a US Coast Guard helicopter roared over his head, flying out to sea in the direction of Maria and his siblings. Ecstatic to see their rescue, Carlos waved from the shore is pure delight…only to watch a US Coast Guard vessel appear, load up Maria and his siblings…and head back towards Cuban waters.  Screaming at the top of his lungs, Carlos tried to get them to bring Maria and his siblings to his location, however, instead, Carlos was picked up by Immigration Services and brought to their facility.  Carlos pleaded with the agents to bring them to him, but it fell on deaf ears; Maria and his siblings were going back to Cuba because of the United States “Dry Feet/Wet Feet” rule; if you step on US soil, every available provision will be given to protect one’s right to stay in the US; if you were found in the waters off the coast and unable to touch dry land, you were sent back to Cuba.  Maria and his siblings would be tried and sentenced for up to 10 years in a Cuban jail for all that had been done (Stealing a boat, attempting to leave Cuba illegally, etc.). As a result Carlos nearly snapped while in custody in the Immigration building.  He’d lost everything to be in a country he didn’t necessarily wanted to be in. Now, the ones who wanted to be here in America, will see the inside of a Cuban prison for years thanks to the United States and their laws. 

What future could he ever have now?

His future was dead.

He had to find a way to save Maria and his brothers and sisters, somehow, and fast.

While in detention at the immigration facility, a Miami news crew was doing a story on Cuban illegal immigrants and the ‘boat people’.  There, they ran into Carlos and got his story of what happened to his family and Maria.  By 10pm that night, Carlos’ story was on the news and within two days it was national headlines. Carlos’ plight was disseminated nationwide, however, other than sympathy, Carlos received no help…that is, until Doctor Zenith contacted him.

Doctor Zenith was a notorious super-power broker; a scientific genius that, for a price, would augment and empower people.  Doctor Zenith discussed that he could empower Carlos thus allowing Carlos to go free his loved ones in Cuba.  Carlos jumped at the chance and agreed to Doctor Zenith’s terms.

Within 2 weeks, Carlos was tested for new augmented powers.  Due to his unique DNA structure, Carlos’ only option was to be empowered with Earth-based powers. Carlos didn’t care so long as it helped him save his family and Maria.  After the scientific augmentation, Carlos received powers enabling him to control earth and rock and use them as weapons. 

After the augmentation, Doctor Zenith, for the first time ever, allowed Carlos to ‘go do what he had to do’, so long as Carlos returned and started working towards his ‘payments’ in less than a month.  Carlos bolted from Zenith’s labs, but thanks to GUARD monitoring Doctor Zenith, GUARD went into hot pursuit of the new super-powered Carlos. Carlos was intercepted by GUARD and the battle began.  When the dust settled, Carlos was defeated and placed into custody. Carlos was furious at GUARD and the Americans for stopping him from saving them.

Two days later, Doctor Zenith had one of his ‘workers’, a man later known as “The Foreman”, break Carlos out of GUARD’s custody.  Carlos thanked The Foreman and took off to Cuba, stealing a tourist boat from Key West to get there.  Once Carlos got close to the Cuban shore, he saw half the Cuban Army on the shore ready to fight him.  Amidst the troops, he saw his siblings and Maria with guns held to their heads.  The Cuban general swore to Carlos that unless he surrendered, they’d kill Maria and his siblings.  With no choice, he gave himself up.  As Carlos was being taken away, Maria broke free of her captors and ran for Carlos to save him, only to be shot by a Cuban soldier mere feet from Carlos’ location.

Carlos lost it.

In five minutes, Carlos’ rampage of anguish decimated over 100 Cuban troops, including the Cuban General…and each of his siblings, who died as collateral damage not only from the soldier’s bullets and grenades, but from Carlos himself.

Devastated over the loss, he drove the bodies of his siblings and Maria to Maria’s father’s hacienda.  There, Carlos took each of their bodies and laid them before Maria’s father, who was surrounded by over 40 Havana policemen with pistols. Carlos told Maria’s father to give each of them a decent burial and that if he didn’t he’d come back to Havana and level it. Carlos then walked away back to the beach and drove the stolen tourist boat back to Key West.

Thanks to another super-hero/villain battle happening a few miles away, the US Coast Guard, the military, any local super-heroes and GUARD were too preoccupied to intercept Carlos.  Once Carlos arrived in Key West, he went back to Doctor Zenith and for the next three years, worked off his payment to him.  During that time, Carlos was the icon of anger and depression.  The only friend, as far as Carlos was concerned, was The Foreman who helped him break out from GUARD’s prison.

After Carlos finished his work-to-pay effort to Doctor Zenith, The Foreman asked Carlos to join him and his new band of entrepreneurial masters of disaster called the “Demolition Party”; a team that got paid to break things for whoever paid them to do the breaking.  Carlos agreed, and although he befriended his new teammates and became a valuable team members, he still held the pain and depression of what happened to his family and Maria.

Last year, Carlos received an anonymous letter.  In the letter was a picture of a grand mausoleum mad to house and enshrined the bodies of Maria and Carlos’ brothers and sisters atop a hill overlooking Havana.  Nonetheless to say, Havana, to this day, still stands, while Carlos, now known as either “The Digger” or by his Spanish title of “El Excavador” ends each day with a forlorn look into each sunset in the direction of Cuba…and remembers that which he lost...

The Digger/El Excavador has the good super-powered ability to control and manipulate rock and soil up to 10 yards away, almost as if telekinetically controlled.  He can slam 1000 lb. boulders anywhere in his range; cause rocky spikes to jut from the ground; he can even create a rocky creature that provides excellent attacks and protection muchlike a pet he can control mentally.  Doctor Zenith was able to technologically amplify El Excavador's powers five times  his maximum capabilities providing an amazing earth control and assault power that can manipulate up to 2 1/2 tons of earth and rock up to a range of 50 yards. He can also move earth and rock to 'tunnel' underground at a speed of 5 mph with the enhanced suit. So long as the artificial geo-power crystals are intact on his enhanced suit, El Excavador can continue to amplify his good powers to this amazing level. He is a fierce combatant and a good teammate in combat with his Destruction Party teammates. However, at the end of the day, he becomes Carlos again and separates himself from others to lament the loss of his family and Maria.



Kami Choi


A Taiwanese girl who, during the Soltan Invasion of 2000, was left parent-less and homeless as a result of the alien attacks. Taiwan was decimated by the Soltans during the alien invasion, leaving the city a smoldering wasteland.  1 out of 500 survived the onslaught on the Taiwan island. Kami was found by a Chinese government aid worker and brought to mainland China to be raised through her teenage years.  While in China, Kami found an outlet for her anger and depression; weightlifting.

Kami became one of the best female weightlifters in her category, winning a world championship in 2006, and was thus entered the 2008 XXIX Olympiad in China, given a new name, Lu Yingqi, to prevent any issues of origin and nationality. Although she was officially a Taiwanese (Chinese Taipei, as the Olympic committees had to categorize Taiwan thanks to Chinese issues with Taiwan) citizen and she wanted to represented Taiwan, the Chinese government ordered her to represent China respectfully or she'd be jailed and eventually deported with nothing but the clothes on her back - as well as the government parents that had been raising her since the Soltan invasion.  She was also told that if she didn't get the gold medal in her class, they'd 'be upset' with her and her adoptive parents - VERY upset.

Try as she could, she won the bronze medal instead.

Weeks after the Olympic closing ceremonies, Lu Yingqi and her adoptive parents ceased to exist in records, and instead Kami Choi was 'deported' to the slowly rebuilt island of Taiwan. Nothing was every heard of her adoptive parents ever again.  Back in Taiwan, Kami lived in abject poverty, living off the streets, watching acquaintances die from exposure and starvation all around her.  No one, including other benevolent governments, seemed to care of Taiwan's plight.

By 2012, Kami had been working as a construction worker, lifting and loading heavy objects at construction sites.  She worked a deal with the construction foremen over the years to allow her and some of her destitute friends to live in the building overnights and be out in the morning before construction started, allowing them some shelter vice none in the streets.  This deal worked well, that is until a Chinese construction magnate named Ho Sin replaced the site's existing foreman.  Ho Sin was one of the Chinese Olympic committee people that had driven her out of China after her failure to win them a gold medal in her Olympic weightlifting event; he was considered the one who was the most ruthless in the committee.  One Ho Sin's first day at the construction site, he immediately recognized Kami and inquired about her from the previous foreman.  Angered that Kami was even there, nonetheless housing vagrants in 'his' construction site, he fired her on the spot and called for the police to arrest her for soliciting unapproved housing to vagrants.  

Kami lost it.

She attacked Ho Sin and as a result of their struggle, she broke his neck.  She was now a wanted woman.

Over the next day, she was hounded and chased by the police.  Kami had nothing to lose but her life, so she fought back in the only way she knew how - sheer strength and stamina.  Each time she got caught, she'd fight with the police, knocking them unconscious in single blow, even killing three of them by caving in their skulls. A national manhunt went out for Kami, but to her credit, she evaded them all.

She found her way to a cargo ship that was destined for the United States and stowed away in Engineering.  During her ocean voyage, she found engineer clothes and tried to blend in as 'one of the guys', getting food from the galley and eventually lying well enough to get the others to thing she was actually one of the crew.  When Kami reached San Francisco, she dodged customs and made her way to the streets of San Francisco.  There, she was overwhelmed by the opulence and beauty of the city, however, to Kami, she rode a different view of the city - a view of opulent decadence and selfishness.  Why didn't America try to help the alien-decimated Taiwan to help their cities look even a fraction of what this city was?  How could they live like they do with the squalor and rotting life that was Taiwan screaming to receive even a fraction of the help they desperately needed?  Within days, her mentality had grown to a dark and angry demeanor. 

She wanted to make America pay for their lack of helping the poor souls of Taiwan. 

She wanted to make China pay for what was done to her and her adoptive parents.

She wanted to make the world PAY for their ignorance and evil.

That's when she saw a villain known as "Foreman" burst from the side of the San Francisco Federal Gold Reserve building was bags and bags of gold bars and money.  Bullets bounded off his body and armor as he laughed and made his way down the street to a manhole cover.  She followed him, amazed at his brazenness and power, mesmerized that any one person could do what he just did.

Just short of the 'getaway manhole', Foreman turned to Kami and asked what her problem was; in her best broken English, she said "I want to be you.  Power.  Money. Strength.  I want what you are. I want in now!"

At first he laughed at her until he saw the look in her eyes.  That of a woman who had killed and would kill to get what she wanted. He knew that look.  Against all common sense, he told her to follow him down into the sewers. She followed. Once they eluded the police in the sewers, Foreman and Kami made their way to a derelict pumping station where, at that time, Foreman's boss, Doctor Zenith, arrived to pick him and the money up.  After introductions, Doctor Zenith offered Kami the chance to become 'super-powered' through his scientific application of DNA recombination with mystical artifacts, technology and mutagens. Kami agreed, and started her transformation into the powerhouse of a woman now known as "Dilapidator".

After weeks of testing, surgeries and experimentation, Doctor Zenith was able to grant Kami gravity control powers and energy assault powers.  After two months of training with her powers, she worked off her 'debt' to Doctor Zenith for the cost of her powers by robbing banks, federal reserves, rich international institutions, technology factories and bio-science labs.  After 2 1/2 years of effort, Kami paid off her debt.  Foreman, the first super-powered man she'd ever met, had since moved on and was setting up a new private-destruction-for-pay business called the "Destruction Party".  Kami joined and has since been a staunch member of the team.  All of her money she gets for her 'share', she sends back to Taiwan to those that were once her destitute friends.  She arranges passage for them to come to America, where she takes care of them in her residential building she bought in San Francisco.

Although still very angry at the world, especially China, she sees America as an 'ends to a means', by stealing from them and their international allies to take care of her friends and acquaintances from Taiwan.  She currently has 45 families she's brought over from Taiwan, giving them descent housing and finding them jobs in the community.  Kami has also worked with a few 'shady' businessmen and has since applied a majority of her ill-gotten gains towards creating the "Choi Corporation"; a construction corporation that is gearing itself up to take on the rebuilding of Taiwan exclusively through her direction and leadership.

Although her heart is in the right place in regards to the plight of the poor souls of Taiwan, Kami continues her violent and deadly actions with the Destruction Party, relentlessly ensuring the rest of the world will pay for their treatment of Taiwan and its people.

In time, she will make them pay...and with time, Kami may herself be the savior of Taiwan; a title she has set as a goal for her life from here out.

Dilapidator has the incredible power to control gravity in a limited, 40 yard radius around her.  She can easily lift over 40 tons with little thought and use those materials as ranged weapons, shields, or make them even heavier than they are 40-fold.  She can also channel her energies to her fists to either fire short range (30 yard) remarkably powerful energy blasts, or remarkably strong physical hits from her fist (proving to dent or pierce 3" plate steel). Her stamina and endurance are amazingly strong, and as a result of her powers, she has the equivocal of remarkable body armor that can take hits from mortars and 0.50 caliber machine guns with little to no effect on her. 


Master Disaster

Quenton Mansfield


Quenton is a psychotic, demented man who enjoys inflicting pain and destroying things; as a matter of fact, his whole life has prepared him to become nothing but this.

Within a month of his birth, Quenton's mother was divorced.  According to his biological father, he could see it in Quenton's eyes that 'something was wrong with the boy'.  His mother, Sharla, with no job or means of support, shacked up with every loser she could to get by.  Sharla eventually found work on a late shift in a factory, leaving Quenton with her abusive boyfriend in their trailer park home. Her boyfriend would routinely beat and smack the baby, scream at it, and even throw it around the trailer to get the baby to stop crying in the night.  More nights than less, it didn't work, and instead he left baby Quenton usually struggling to survive his bruising and torment. Sharla was usually beaten by her boyfriend every time she tried to go to the police over the matter.  Eventually, Sharla and her boyfriend got into a knife fight and both died, leaving Quenton a ward of the state.

As with most adoption agencies, couples looking for a child are very picky, and Quenton with his 'crazy eyes', obtuse body and slow development didn't put him high on any couple's adoption list.  When Quenton was old enough, he was sent to a Catholic Boys Home in Baltimore, Maryland, where, unfortunately, Quenton was also 'abused' there for years.  By the time he was a teenager, he was still working on his 6th grade skill levels, barely able to function with the other kids, who relentlessly teased and bullied him.  The final straw for Quenton happened one day while on a field trip.

At the Baltimore Natural History Museum, Quenton and his classmates were touring a display of rare antiquities from early man, pottery tens of thousands of years old, fragile animal skeletons of early dogs, and so forth.  It was there that one of the biggest bullies of the class decided to perform a cruel prank on Quenton.  He told Quenton that he was 'specially chosen' to retrieve one of the Neanderthal skeletons on display at the main floor and that he had to quickly bring it to the Catholic teacher in less than a minute, Quenton, not knowing better, hefted the extremely heavy skeleton and its base (much to the surprise of the bully) and ran with it back to the Catholic teacher; the bully stealthily tripped Quenton in mid run.  The skeleton and case crashed across the floor in hundreds of pieces.  

By the time the museum curators, staff and security finished with them, the Catholic Boys Home was to pay restitution for over 2 million dollars of damages. The Catholic teacher deduced that Quenton was solely responsible.  Back at the school dorms, the teacher viciously whipped Quenton within an inch of his life.  After that, Quenton was again beaten and pommeled by his fellow classmates.  WHen they weren't beating on him, they were off the side laughing at his misery.

At midnight that night, Quenton had more than enough of being abused.  He went outside looking for a weapon; a weapon to get even against each and every one of them.  He found an old metal pole with a concrete base that was littered on the lot, picked it up over his shoulder and went into the boy's dorm wing, locked the doors and windows and beat each of the 40 boys to death with the concrete-based pole as a bludgeon. He then went to the teacher's room and did the same thing.  Quenton then went on a rampage, destroying everything with his bludgeon in the building, in the church, in the rectory - everywhere on the grounds.  Quenton for the first time since he was born, smiled and enjoyed the destruction.   He actually started laughing maniacally while smashing and destroying the priceless religious antiquities in the church.  Quenton had finally gone over the edge of sanity and humanity.

When the police arrived the next morning to the destruction and death, Quenton was sitting in the cafeteria eating a bowl of cereal, just like it was any other day.  When questioned, Quenton attacked the police and anyone else who 'got tough with him' during the interview.  He was quickly admitted to the psyche ward of the children's hospital there, but thanks to a legal document snafu, Quenton found himself in an adult insane asylum instead.  There, Quenton quickly learned how to be even more evil than he'd already become by interacting with the insane inmates.

On the anniversary of his captivity at the asylum, Quenton killed several staff members with the same type of weapon he used at the Catholic school, as well as once again destroying anything he could smash in view.  This time, Quenton was hauled off to a maximum security psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane.  The media harangued on Quenton's treatment and his conditon, calling everything associated with what was happening to him (or by him) a "Master Disaster", which Quenton liked being called.  At the asylum, Quenton escaped after killing dozens of the staff and, after smashing most of the building's things, torched the hospital, leaving the remaining insane to die in the fire. To this day, Quenton is believed to have died in that fire.

Eventually, Quenton's meanderings brought him to Washington DC, where he intended to 'have a talk with the President of the United States' about how he'd been treated.  On the way there, a couple of super-powered villains had stolen highly classified technology and documents from the Pentagon and were on the run from the military and the Washington DC police.  At one point, when Quenton was crossing the street two blocks from the White House, the two villains ran across his path while they being tear gassed by the police.  Seeing these two being 'bullied', Quenton walked over to the policemen and beat them with their own nightsticks to death.  he then grabbed up each of the villains by the arm and told them he'd save them.  He took them to an abandoned store front where they were able to elude the police and the military.  The two villains were known as Dilapidator and Cannonade, on their latest heist for their power-broker, Doctor Zenith.  Both of the women thanked Quenton for his help and brought him with them back to Doctor Zenith's hideout with their stolen technology and documents. 

After determining who Quenton was and his history, Doctor Zenith offered Quenton super-powers, so long as he assisted Doctor Zenith in 'obtaining' and destroying things from 'bad people'.  Quenton of course agreed and within months, was working dozens of jobs a week with incredible results.  His augmentation turned him into a juggernaut of power.  Within less than a year, Quenton amassed enough funds to 'pay off' his augmentation price tag.  Doctor Zenith, by this time, was starting to get tired of Quenton's ignorant and banal behavior and wanted nothing more than to let him go.  That's when the two women, Dilapidator and Cannonade, asked Quenton if he wanted to come work with them in a new business they were starting called the "Demolition Party".  He agreed happily and has since become a weapon through which the team's leader called "The Foreman" uses for the their mutual profits.

Quenton is the happiest he's ever been with the Demolition Party, however, if any of his teammates ever gets hurt (by police, a super-hero, etc.), Quenton goes into his "Master Disaster" mode and goes on a killing and destruction spree. As for his share of the money he earns, Quenton is 'saving it up' so that one day, he can buy his own island so he and his friends can get away from all the mean people of the world.

Master Disaster, as a result of his augmentation, is an incredibly strong individual that also has remarkably dense skin. His skin provides him with protection against even high caliber bullets and mortars. Coupled with his suit's heavy armor, he can have up to amazing protection in physical combat, deflective missile explosions and tank fire.  When charging against an opponent, Master Disaster can do fantastic damage just short of leveling a steel-framed building. Due to what happened to him in his youth, his eyesight (cross eyed at times) is poor, as is his hearing.  He is also very slow to recall or remember things, and operates on a 7th grade level of education.  His favorite weapons of choice are metal poles with concrete bases on them which he uses as amazingly powerful bludgeons.




Marcela Montoya Ignacia


The daughter of the famous Brazilian Steel magnate, Phillipe Hidalgo Ignacia of the Vesta Steel Conglomerate (VSC), Marcela has received the best education and lifestyle anyone would want.  With a masters degree in International Business, as well as being one of the top ten female college Beach Volleyball players in her time, Marcela has lived a life of precedent, luxury, stature  and wealth. 

Not too long ago, her aging father retired from running the business and had Marcela brought in as the company's CEO.  It wasn't long before she realized that the steel industry was a highly competitive world.  Several other international steel corporations, including ones in the United States, were doing everything they could to take away her business.  At one point, a hostile takeover of VSC was attempted by a powerful United States business broker known as Galaxy Panamerica.  The resulting legal, administrative and financial turmoil it caused to stop the takeover was dramatic.  VSC lost nearly 1/2 of its value overnight with each day thereafter placing a drain on their investors and wealth. As such, Marcela had to make some tough business decisions.

Shady business decisions.

Decisions that would save her family's company and their overseas businesses.

Decisions that involved corporate espionage and sabotage.

Decisions that would take her down a darker path than her father would've ever wished for her.

Decisions she made and approved.

Dark decisions.

Through several unsavory business alliances, predominantly with the Aegis Alliance, CANIS, the Golden Dragons and the Solano Family, Marcela was not only able to destabilize and sabotage Galaxy Panamerica's takeover, but within weeks was able to reverse the tables and bought out Galaxy Panamerica for over $6 Billion. Taking such a risk didn't come without consequences.

Many other competitors started pressuring the World Court to investigate VSC's finances to figure out how they were suddenly able to buyout Galaxy Panamerica.  Legal investigations ensued and with the finesse of a politician, Marcela and VSC were able to hide all of their illegal transactions, but again, at a cost.  Her business alliances demanded more money for having to 'work so hard' to save her 'assets'. As such, Marcela had to come up with a plan that would allow her to make more money while at the same time give her the thrill she strove for when she played soccer/futbol...something daring, inventive and exhilarating. 

As part of sabotaging Galaxy Panamerica, a unique pay-for-destruction group was brought in called the "Demolition Party" that created several 'accidents' in Galaxy Panamerica's financial server locations.  When she covertly met with the Demolition Party's leader to thank him personally for his team's work, she had a long discussion of how he and his team got their powers.  After several drinks and a long discussion about the power-broker known as Professor Zenith and his Zenith augmentations to the team, Marcela was thoroughly excited about the prospect of super-powers. 

The thrill of the physical confrontations.

The zeal to steal something not hers.

The opportunity to maim, hurt or maybe even kill others that she dislikes or gets in her way.

The camaraderie of a powerful team.

She now yearned for her own powers.

Days later, after devising her plan, she paid off (in one payment) to Professor Zenith to augment her with new super-powers.  After discussions, testing and surgeries, Marcela was imbued with fire generation powers, fire invulnerability and fire manipulation abilities at an incredible level.  After learning to use her powers, she set forth Phase II of her master plan.

Phase II involved making back her money by working with the Demolition Party on their jobs and getting her multimillion dollar cuts.  That money would be matched to her teammates for them to continue to do more covert corporate sabotage against her company's other competitors. She would work with the Demolition Party on their gigs, and in turn, they'd do her jobs she needed so long as she was a great distance away with an alibi and means of proving her alibi. VSC would benefit from the competition's collapses wherein she could buy up their businesses, their profits and their resources and pay her business alliances to maintain a secretive, yet shared relationship.

Amidst all of this, another organization known as the Harmony Foundation, a benevolent world-view movement, introduced themselves to Marcela.  They admitted they were in the business of creating an new world order and that their world order saw VSC as the one and only steel magnate in the world, or course under their leadership.  The Harmony Foundation entrusted Marcela as one of their 'associates' and thus the VSC soon reached a new level of corruptible evil 

To this day, Marcela throws on her fire-resistant long black haired wig and and facial software distorting shades and secretly frequents missions and jobs with the Demolition Party for the thrill of the job, all the while continuing on as the billionaire business heiress who disappears for days at a time, ultimately found in the arms of some famous actor or young playboy millionaire in a tumultuous media fanfare article and leaked pictures.   To this day, only her three trusted VSC advisers, the Demolition Party and Professor zenith's science team know the true identity of "Fiera"!

Fiera has the incredible ability to generate her own fire and heat from her body, capable of flight up to 200 mph and 10,000 feet.  Her fire sheath around her body acts as incredible body armor versus all forms of attacks except cosmic. She can generate her own oxygen to breath, however, she cannot generate her fire and flames in space or in water. She is also skilled at cauterizing others' wounds and even regenerating a pulse to revive those close to or at death.  She can turn the power on or off at her whim.  She retains a fire resistant costume, wig and thermal sunglasses that allow her to easily see when flying and with the flame flickering of her own powers.  The shades are also loaded with the latest in technology that masks her voice and looks (facial recognition software distortion scramblers), as well as providing Infra-Red viewing, satellite communications, cell phone tie-in communications and an electronics scrambler that affects selective technology within a foot of her or aimed at her (i.e., targeting computers, sensors, visual recording devices, etc.).