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Demolition Party

About the Demolition Party

In the construction business, companies are hired to build things to expand or create one's business and profits; in the darker side of business, companies, nations and even upstart political movements need to hire a company to 'unbuild' things to allow the darker businesses to expand and profit.  That is the purpose of the Demolition Party!

A team of super-powered people, all empowered by Doctor Zenith and his Zenith power brokering organization, have banded together to work for the right price to take down competing businesses, politicians, banks, nations and even super heroes and their groups.  This powerful team of tough-as-nails villains as renown for their ability to stir up trouble and do some serious damage in their wake.

Recently, the Demolition Party was 'hired' to create a distraction in Berlin, Germany, requiring most of the nation's military and super-hero might to stop them.  As a result, their employer, the "New Reich Army", with the help of the WWII notorious Nazi leader, Baron Berlin, was able to take the city of Nuremberg and create their new Nazi nation of "Reichsland". 

Part of the 'business deal' with the Demolition Party at any time is to ensure that they are removed from custody as fast as possible should they be caught.  Provisions, Plans Bs, and well-paid human sleeper agents are usually used to either get them out of jail or legally cleared of their crimes.  As a result, the average time any Demolition Party member has spent in jail was no more than 4 months.

The team, although aggressive and arrogant, when working together, are an impressive display of teamwork.  After the 'job' is done, however, things usually get more strained amongst each other.  led by the notorious 'boss', The Foreman, the team has yet to welch on a contract they've been hired to do.

Each team members worked for Zenith at one time or another paying back their debt to get super-powered, however, with the members on this team, each has already paid back their 200% payment plan in full; now all they do is purely for profit...and to them, fun.

Primarily operating out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the team has a series of business associates that take care of the business and administration services, as well as a professional forger and document specialist who is able to 'create' evidence that expunges the Demolition Party members from any from of legal evidence or proof of their involvement.

Today, the Demolition Party is a vibrantly run business, with hundreds of clients that are in need of the Demolition Party to keep their dark operations profitable and beneficial!


The Foreman

Oscar "Ox" O'Reilly 


Oscar was a street thug from the tough side of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  In his youth, he stole and robbed from stores and houses, mostly for the thrill of it.  In his teens, he started stealing cars and running gambling games in back alleys.  By age 18, he was in prison for his crimes.  While in prison, Oscar was met by a certain disguised man named "Doctor Zenith"  who promised him super-powers and freedom...for a price.  Since his folks were very wealthy business owners, Oscar agreed and intended to drain his parents bank accounts dry (since they said they'd 'disowned' him after being lock up at age 18).

On a cool, brisk April evening a few years ago, Oscar was sneaked from jail and to the labs of Doctor Zenith.  There, Oscar gave Doctor Zenith all the passwords and account numbers to his parents bank accounts and underwent his scientific transformation into the super strong and nearly invulnerable "Foreman".

At first, Oscar did a few minion-level jobs for Zenith to help pay off the difference in his debt, but after one of Zenith's crime bosses screwed up a bank heist and Oscar was able to still get his team and the stolen money out safely, he was quickly promoted to "Foreman" of a crime gang group.

By age 25, Oscar had performed dozens of robberies for Zenith and finished paying off his debt.  Thanks to his experience with Zenith, Oscar became very business savvy and as a result started his own super-villain 'hiring' business.  At first, the work was slow, but in a short year's time, he had too much work, such that he enticed several other beings in his neighborhood to get super-powered by Zenith as well, and thus was born the Demolition Party.

With a good head for business, no morals and no problem using his muscle to get what he wanted, he soon became rich and infamous for his jobs he was hired to do.  He worked hard to train his team how to work as a team, much like the way he had to work with other kids in his crime0ridden neighborhood.  Today, Oscar "The Foreman" O'Reilly is a true leader with no problem working for anyone for any job, so long as it pays and he stays out of jail as much as possible.

The Foreman's strength is amazing. he is able to lift over 50 tons and hurtle most things up to 500 yards away.  His super dense skin provides his incredible protection from physical, energy and temperature-related extremes.  He has an unearthly resistance to toxins and radiation as well.  He can leap up to 1/2 mile in a single bound.  He keeps an array of equipment in his pouches to include flares, 'titanium knuckles' (which adds another level of damage to his fighting strength), radios, phones, and overpowered construction site tools that he may use in combat (i.e., His "Foreman's Hammer, which is shaped like a very large mace, or his spring loaded wrist mounted titanium drill bit to 'drill into his victims or vehicles).  He only needs about 2 hours of sleep before he is fully refreshed.  He cannot stand the rigors of outer space and still requires to breath oxygen to live. 

MDUverse Info

MDUverse: The Demolition Party was created on 29 September 2014, with its leader, originally called Professor Demolition, now renamed as "The Foreman".