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Brewster Buffalo

Name: Unknown

Not much is known of this strange, dwarf-like hero, other than this 21st century version may be tied to the same hero who may have fought beside the WWII version  of the Allied Fighters SG from 1942 to 1943.

After several Pacific theater campaigns and battles during WWII, Brewster mysteriously disappeared while flying en-route to the Marshal Islands. No physical remains or evidence were ever found of him.

Recently, Brewster showed up during a recruiting campaign for the newly reformed Allied Fighters.  He looks much like the original Brewster, but had more unique weapons and now an army of robots and drones that serve him.

He is energetic and funny (makes jokes, does impressions, goofs around) just like he was back in WWII, always looking to do what is right, and more interestingly, with a simplistic almost childlike awe of the world.

Is this the same hero from WWII? If so, where has he been for the last several decades?


  • Robots/drones (21st century version)
    • Brewster Buffalo has hundreds of mechanical robots that he can call from and control. The robots have unique capabilities from robot warriors to support drones to assault bots and even tactical air strike drones.  Usually, Brewster will only choose up to six maximum to prevent combat clutter and command signal degradation (as well as too many to control at once).
  • Armor/body
    • (WWII) Originally, Brewster's WWII armor was a series of metal plating over a fabric undersuit.  His helmet used dark goggles and a respirator, and wore heavy leather/armor lined gloves with a rocket pack and fold out wings,  He carried two .45s handguns and two shoulder mounted/removable .50 caliber machine guns.
    • (21st Century) It is not understood whether if today's Brewster is human...or mechanical.  His suit covers him head to toe, as did his WWII version, and his stature is still unnaturally short and stocky.  Regardless, his modern suit now provides protection from the elements (heat, cold, radiation, etc.) as well as bullet proofing while looking very futuristic and sleek.  His newer helmet/visor/respirator has cybernetic connections to his robots and drones as well as a vast array of communications equipment, internet, entertainment, social and military channels.
    • Flight. He currently has a pair of short, fold out mechanical wings and a jet pack on his back that allows him to reach up to 180 mph. He is not very maneuverable, but does well in power dives.
    • Weapons. He currently wields a few powerful hand weapons (that he has named) to include:
      • 'Steampunk Willy' - a unique weapon that fires ionic energy blasts that can stun, incapacitate or cause a target to start convulsing.Also has an two-shot only electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) emitter that can affect a two bock radius.
      • 'Dixon' - a powerful energy rifle that cuts, chops, creates energy explosions, and can also burn through items, equipment...and people. 
      • 'Cal'vin and 'Cal'isto: the 50 Caliber twins - A pair of 50 caliber hand pistols both with large ammo magazines.


Captain Lithuania

Lukas Smetona (aliases: Captain Smetona, Viltis (Lithuanian for 'The Hope'))


Lukas is the great grandson of Lithuania's first president, whom later abdicated his position and emigrated to the United States after the Soviet Union took control of Lithuania is WWII.  As such, Lukas has dual citizenship in the U.S. and Lithuania.

As a boy, he grew up in Cleveland, Ohio.  Although well off, he found himself getting into fights with bullies while trying to protect the innocent or defenseless. This got him the Lithuanian nickname of 'Viltis', or ''The Hope'.

In1996, with the Berlin Wall already fallen and Lithuania's independence in full swing, he applied his dual citizenship and went to college at the Vilnius University, majoring in technological sciences.  After college, he joined the Lithuanian Armed Forces, specifically with LITHSOF (Lithuanian Special Operations Forces) Hostage Rescue unit.

While a Lieutenant in LITHSOF, the nefarious Soviet Guard and their Red Guard troops performed a military takeover of Lithuania. The Soviet Guard decimated most of the Lithuanian armed forces, leaving only weak remnants of some units left.  Lukas led a mish-mash of those units to victory wherein they not only stopped the the Soviet Guard's coupe, but captured and/or killed several of the Soviet Guard members.  Lukas was noted in the final grand battle with the Soviet Guard's leader, The Generalissimo, for his charging in, bloodied and battered, and stopping the Generalissimo's troops with only an 'appropriated' Red Guard trooper's energy rifle and a radio.  He was promoted to Captain on the spot and became a national hero known as the "Hope" and the "Hero of Vilnius".

A few years later, in a hijacking situation above Boston, Lukas was able to sneak on-board the flight and stop a potential terrorist plot that would have nuked Boston. In that time, an aged CIA operative and ex-leader of the WWII hero group, the Allied Fighters, codenamed Major Invader, was also doing the same thing, and worked side-by-side with Lukas on stopping the plot. Major Invader, highly impressed with Lukas' efforts and fearlessness, decided to provide him a powerful tech battle suit.  The new battle suit gave Lukas a chance to do more than just hostage rescue, and as such, left the military and became the next famous European superhero.

Recently, the newly named "Captain Lithuania" was invited to join the Allied Fighters in their quest to stop the reanimated Baron Berlin and his Axis Force from starting an evil restart of the Third Reich.

The day before his meeting with Major Invader, Boston was attacked by a wave of alien creatures. Taking charge of a loose band of untrained superheroes, Lukas and his team fought the aliens, but at a cost of every single hero in Lukas' team other than him. 

After the alien creatures were defeated, Lukas wanted to fight in the name of those fallen heroes and has since volunteered and dedicated himself to leading Delta Squad of the Allied Fighters!



  • Power Field
    • His suit contains a powerful, personal power field that can absorb incredible amounts of damage from physical, energy, heat, cold, radiation, or toxins. The field allows filtered oxygen and nitrogen in, but no other elements.
    • The Power Field's circuitry is very complex and has a self-recharging system, however, if the circuits become overheated, the recharging system has been known to fail until it cools down.
    • The Power Field has an automatic function as well as a manual one for turning on or off.
  • Energy Blast
    • His gauntlets can unleash a massive blast of plasma energy particles enough to punch a hole in the side of a ship.  Both gauntlets have a unique power supply.  They are also slightly armored to allow for use use of energy punches.
  • Energy Punch
    • Localizing the plasma energy to the ends of his gauntlet, Lukas can create a powerful 'energy punch' with either gauntlet.  As with the energy blast, it can punch a hole in the side of a ship. 
  • Bodysuit/Helmet
    • Kevlar weave with a composite mesh for protection from any gunshot or rifle. The Chest piece also stores kinetic energy and converts it to anti-gravitons and electricity for the suit's Power Field and Self-Recharging Energy system.
    • Helmet has a shortwave, radio and broadcast communications network equipment that he can activate using Lithuanian voice commands. Helmet also has night vision and flash protection capabilities.
    • Bodysuit has thousands of self-repairing nanites that can mend or fix parts of the costume or circuitry upon mental command.  The nanites, so long as they are inside the Power Field, can travel through circuitry or fibers to get to their repair destination in merely a second. If any nanites die, thecan be recreated via a special incubator device in his suit, allowing many more nanites to be created in mere seconds if needed.
  • Anti-Graviton Boots
    • Allow for flight (200 mph max speed; altitude: untested) and hovering.
    • These boots have been temperamental in the past; if they receive any form of damage, the self-repairing circuits in the boots take 'time' to self repair.  This can sometimes leave him without flight for minutes if not hours at a time.

Lukas 'inherited a power as a result of his great grandmother's exposure to the WWI German X65 gas.

  • Healing
    • Lukas has a poor, yet innate ability to mend his own broken or torn muscles, bones, arteries and/or respiratory trauma to his own body.  He can also help mend others by placing his hands on their wounds, allowing a 'transfer' of pain and trauma to him, healing the targeted person at a poor rate. He hasn't told many of these powers for fear that he might be placed as a religious 'healer' figure that, according to his mother, 'should go from church to church healing people', which he considers his ability to heal himself and continue to fight when most could not, as a greater ends to his powers.

Doc Baltimore

Dr. Randall Prichard


Dr. Randall Prichard is a noted psychologist who was shot protecting several innocents, died and came back to life as Baltimore, Maryland's new superhero.

While out to dinner with his wife, the restaurant was held up by a violent gang. The leader started spraying the place with automatic gunfire, for which the doctor jumped in front of the hail of bullets, shielding the patrons, but took several bullet hits of which two went through his brain. His pregnant wife died from a stray bullet.

A mad scientist named Doctor Phlebotinum, stole Dr. Prichard's dead body from the morgue and within the hour experimented on it using a form of nanobites created by one of Phlebotinum's captured scientists.  Once the nanobites were loosed in Dr. Prichard's body, he began to heal rapidly, including, miraculously, his memories, while also supercharging his brain stem and cells to create new psychic powers. Dr. Prichard reanimated, and in a display of high-speed mentally controlled actions, was able to defeat Doctor Phlebotinum and his minions and escape.

Devastated at the loss of his wife and unborn child, and everyone believing him dead, he became a depressed homeless man, living under the bridges of Baltimore.

In one instance, an innocent family from Germany were being held up by a gang of thugs in a Baltimore park.  Prichard instinctively came to their rescue and in an impressive display of acrobatics, evasion and fighting, was able to save them...except the German family's daughter who was stabbed in the fight.  Prichard, not having any medical tools or first aid equipment, instead, instinctively, placed his hands on the wounds of the girl, wherein the nanobites 'healed' the girl.  The media caught the whole thing on video and dubbed him "Doc Baltimore".

In one fight with a drug gang, Prichard obtained a shotgun from a bad guy, and has since always carried it for backup.

After months of helping others on the street, Prichard was given a $100,000 reward for his actions.  At the ceremony on Baltimore's City Hall steps, he was given a new suit to use, created by a local popular fashion designer, wherein he became Baltimore's official guardian.

Years later, elected officials tried to coerce Doc Baltimore to help them 'take out' their political competition.  When the Doc refused, the crooked politicians used the media to destroy Doc Baltimore's reputation, where eventually he became labelled as a 'vigilante' and was instead hunted by the police.

The Allied Fighter's leader, Major Invader, who'd been closely watching Doc Baltimore's heroic career, offered Doc Baltimore the chance to test for the latest incarnation of the  Allied Fighters.

Passing the trials, Doc Baltimore is now in the Allied Fighter's Delta Squad and is considered the squad's healer and psychic powers guy.


  • Nanobite Healing
    • As a result of his infusion of nanobites, his body remarkably heals quickly, and if placed in a non-limb losing death, within an hour, can reanimate to life.
    • The Nanobites can also remarkably heal others, but requires the Doc to directly place his hands on the victim's wounds to 'point' the Nanobites to where they need to heal.  Once done, the Nanobites will, regardless of the distance, find their way back to the Doc.
  • Psychic blast
    • The Doc has the good capability to project mental energy over a distance to either create mental attacks, short-term domination, or scramble thoughts.  His range is limited to within only 100 feet, ergo, he needs to be close by to perform and control.
  • Attack Anticipation
    • WIth the Doc's mind 'freed up', he is able to quickly surmise an opponent's attack pattern an move his body at remarkable speeds to evade and dodge said attacks.  He can also 'anticipate' what attacks to perform on an opponent that will yield whatever result he wants; unconsciousness, slams, stuns etc.


  • Shotgun
    • Doc Baltimore likes having a back-sheathed short barrel shotgun with 12 rounds ready should the need arise.  He uses in when he gets overwhelmed in large group battles. 
  • Comms Equipment
    • Doc has a100 mile range, fixed frequency and police band radio so others can communicate with him, previously used for and with the Baltimore City Hall and Police Department, now used with the Allied Fighters.
  • First Aid/EMT Belt Gear
    • The Doc keeps a variety of first aid and medical equipment in his belt pouches, should the need arise. He also has a GPS device and several tracers he can track with.

French Right

Jacques Jeane Demers (alias: "Jack-Ass" (Major Invader's nickname for his son))


Jacques Demers is one of the twins born via a test tube process performed using the DNA of the World War Two (WWII) French Resistance superhero, Madame Libertad, and the Allied Fighters leader (then Captain, now) Major Invader.
In 1945, as Captain Invader was operating in France, a French Resistance fighter, Vivianne Demers (Madame Libertad), fell in love with him.  At the time, Captain Invader was already romantically involved with Miss Vindicator, a British superhero in the WWII version of the Allied Fighters, who was at that time, pregnant with Captain Invader's son.  Vivianne was obsessed with wanting Captain Invader such to the point that when Captain Invader eventually shunned her, she utilized her power of mental manipulation on him.  Interestingly enough, her powers did not work on Captain Invader.  Disgusted with her attempt to mind control him, he left her pointing a gun to her head swearing that if he ever saw her again, he'd kill her for what she'd just attempted to do.  The two never met again for the rest of their lives...directly.
Shortly after Madame Libertad's rejection from Captain Invader, Vivianne was mortally wounded from a Nazi anti-personnel mine in a French field.  She was taken to a French hospital where after several surgeries, they were able to repair most of her legs.  By war's end, however, it soon became apparent that Vivianne would henceforth require a cane to walk with.  She also lost the ability to have children as a result of the mine's damage to her. After a few months of anger and pity, Vivianne decided to use her secretive powers to make a better life for herself.  As such, she quickly became a millionaire with a large estate and a prominent member of French society. Over the next few decades after the war, she found herself well off, but always comparing her men to Captain (now Major) Invader.  To her last living day, she remained obsessed with the man that was Major Invader.
Using mind-controlled contacts within the French Intelligence Service, she was kept abreast of Major Invader's life.  She had always resolved to one day try to get back together with him, but due to his CIA operations and the difficulty of her FIS contacts trying to find him most of the time, she found it difficult to pin him down to see him.  Finally, in the 1960s, she realized that her family legacy was completely dependent on her, since all her other relatives were either killed in WWII or reported missing.  As such, she decided to marry (another) rich millionaire and adopted children to fill their home.  All together, she raised eight children throughout the 60s and 70s.  She ensured they had the best education and tutors, were highly trained in physical fitness, fencing, acrobatics and academics.  As such, each of her adopted children became upstanding citizens and heroes in their own rights as they grew up.  Some even became masked heroes (not superheroes) in France and in French territories, fighting for the common good against thugs, communism and international plots against France.  Unfortunately, each of her adopted children died in service to France before 1990, leaving Vivianne an old woman with again no legacy.  That's when she implemented a decades-long plan she'd devised as a last ditch effort to ensure her legacy - creating at least one test tube baby from her and Major Invader's DNA...without the Major knowing about it.
In the late 1990s, after spending half her fortune on what she deemed her 'legacy lab', she had her paid (not mind controlled) scientists create the first test tube baby from her and Major Invader's DNA.  Unfortunately, the development created twins, both conjoined at the brain; the girl's left lobe was physically attached to her brother's right lobe.  When the twins were born from the artificial womb, the conjoined twins were surgically separated within a few months of their birth.  The twins almost died after the surgery, but eventually, both survived the procedure.  Vivianne utilized her wealth and resources to do for them as she'd done for her previous adopted children; the best schools and tutors, intense physical training and extensive exposure to the academics.  by the time the twins reached puberty, Vivianne realized that not only had they received the genetic physical conditioning of Major Invader in their genes, but also her mental different forms and far more powerful.  She trained them to use their powers enough to be able to get through day per day, but Vivianne's health and mental faculties began to fade, making the twin's teenage years far from complete in the use of their powers.
Jacques Jeane Demers was a pistol of a boy as he was growing up.  Due to his condition with his conjoined twin sister, Sophia Genevieve Demers, he was highly "right minded" about things (creative, imaginative, intuitive, extremely sensitive and reactionary and a daydreamer).  He enjoyed being cocky and going off half cocked when entering a verbal or physical fight.  As such, his explosive feelings usually got him into a lot of trouble and discord with others.  He was an excellent in Fencing and acrobatics and almost made the French Fencing Olympic team, but thanks to his grating attitude, he was discounted from the team.  He had many girlfriends from age 13 and enjoyed spending his time with beautiful girls, however, he was also an athlete who enjoyed rugby and European Football and hanging out with the guys. He also enjoyed playing the drums and electric guitar.  Although a good and smart student, he'd quickly get bored of his classwork and would be found daydreaming instead.
Recently, a major nemeses attempted to have Vivianne killed and take her fortune, estate and her powers.  Now old and bed-ridden with her mental powers barely operational, coupled with being plagued with late stage Alzheimer's Disease, she decided in one of her more lucid moments to initiate a contingency plan for the twins should she or they have their lives imperiled - she would send them to the United States to their father, Major Invader, otherwise known as John Brown.  One night, Vivianne walked from her bed, unassisted, and informed the twins that her personal butler was going to take them to the United States.  She informed Jacque and Sophia of a suitcase for each of them that would reveal all they needed to know for the rest of their lives.  She hugged and kissed them a final time as she sent them off with her butler.  She died minutes later of old age on her estate's veranda after she'd set the entire estate on fire, burning everything on the property to ash.  Vivianne's body was found before the fire consumed it, but that's a story for another day...
The butler, who'd was the recipient of Vivianne's final use of her mind control powers, was ordered to drive the twins to a private airport where the same butler, who was also a pilot, flew them to the city of Boston in the United States.  There, he drove them in a rented limousine to an off-road location on the outskirts of the city.  The twins were then informed by the butler of a secret access to a base that they were to go to prior to opening up a letter with Vivianne's final instructions to the twins.  Perplexed but accepting, the twins performed and went along with what the butler told them to do.  After the twins crawled through a now-unlocked utility conduit to gain access to the 'base' that was mentioned, the butler drove back to the airport, as per Vivianne's last mental instructions to him, where he flew himself in the plane to a particular set of coordinates off of Mexico where he was to bail out with a parachute leaving the plane to crash into the ocean below.  Once he'd parachuted into the ocean, he was to swim to shore, walk to a nearby beach cabin built exclusively for him and, once there, forget all of his past.  Renaming himself as "Juan Solidad", the ex-butler was to live out the rest of his life bereft of the knowledge of his previous life and live comfortably off the 1,250,000 Mexican Pesos located in a secret safe under the floorboards of the cabin.  The butler was never to be heard from again.
As for the twins, they entered the dark, musty base that had been shutdown for the previous decade; it was the secret base of Major Invader's Allied Fighters.  The base had been shutdown since 2000 when the last group of Allied Fighters died in the alien Soltan Invasion of Earth.  The twins opened up the letter as instructed once they were inside the base. The letter told them that 'greater forces were at work' to get after her and the twins. Their mother stated that she'd ensure that they'd never take her alive, and that if they were already reading this letter, she'd already be dead by her own hand.  She mentioned about an organization called "Scorpius" that would be after them for their powers and that they would have to be vigilant in order to stay alive and safe.  As such, she stated that she'd sent them to their father's secret base she'd known of for years, and that they could start there in finding the clues they needed to find their father, John Brown.  The twins were never told that John Brown was actually "Major Invader", nor for that matter that he even knew of their existence (which he didn't).  Nonetheless, at the closing of the letter, she told them to continue their training in their powers with him and his team and to give their father a chance at being a father to both of them.  She stated several kind sentences about their father, and her love of the twins and closed the letter with a simple, "From this point on, other than your father, trust no one ever again".
Over the next two days, the twins lived out of their suitcases.  The suitcases contained $10,000 (in $10 and $20 dollar bills) in American dollars as well as three days of food rations, flashlights, a map of Boston, a thermal blanket for each of them, two changes of civilian clothes and a superhero-like costume for each of them. On the 2nd night, the twins devised a plan to leave the next morning and use the clues they found in the musty deserted base to go out and find their father, John Brown. That night, however, the twins were awakened by two men with flashlights skulking around the base.  Since they weren't good at understanding the English language, both of the twins believed the the others were thieves.  They both put on their costumes, attempting to stay masked from whoever the 'thieves' were, and were about to challenge the 'thieves' when a secret bookcase panel opened behind them with a large silhouetted man coming out from behind the panel.  Jacques panicked and used his mental powers to shutdown the potential attacker, which he effectively did, however, it also alerted the other two potential 'thieves' (the large silhouetted man was actually Dr. John Hamilton who'd been led to that secret panel by Major Invader so as to get him to 'rebuild' the base for the latest incarnation of the Allied Fighters starting that night). 
In a chase around the dark and musty base, the twins eventually found themselves in an old hangar bay housing several old and small one-man planes.  After hiding behind one of the planes, one of the mysterious 'thieves' closed and locked the hangar bay's only access to the rest of the base, leaving the three of them trapped with one another.  Over the next few minutes the three fought each other before finding out the 'mysterious thief' was none other than their father, John Brown.  John Brown (aka Major Invader) was not pleased with the twins breaking into his base, and even after an explanation, he didn't believe them to be his kids.  It was only when they handed him another letter addressed to "John Brown" that was found in each of their suitcases that he realized what the truth was.  In the letter, Vivianne explained everything about the twins and that they were born based off his DNA.  She instructed him about "Scorpius" and its world-wide breadth of power and influence and that Scorpius' leader was after the twins for their powers. She continued on asking him to continue their training and keep them safe from Scorpius.  She closed the letter with paragraphs of how much she had longed for them to have been together those many decades before, but that she now considers the responsibility of Vivianne's and John Brown's legacy as his personal responsibility from there on.
Today, after that 'very rough' start with their first meeting with their father, both teenage twins have joined the Allied Fighters, fighting alongside their father, Major Invader being trained the way Major Invader has trained generations of his other Allied Fighter teammates - the hard way!  Jacques and his father do not get along at all, however, for his sister's sake, he continues to tolerate his father's teachings and 'old school, militaristic' methods.


  • Mental Blast
    • He can project an excellent mental attack to a target's mind, so long as the target is in visual range and sight. Farthest range of power so far is 1/8th mile.  His mental blast can tear at the target's synapses temporarily, creating excruciating pain and unconsciousness, or stunning them.  He can also, to a lesser degree, cause them to go to sleep.
  • Mental Manipulation
    • With his remarkable power, if he is within two to three dozen feet, can project thought patterns into other people's minds and 'influence' them to do his bidding. He can have them do rudimentary tasks such as open doors, go to sleep, walk to the other room, drink coffee, or divulge non-critical information, however, if Jacques' mental command places the target in danger, or if there is a mental disorder or fear of doing a certain function, or the target knows that Jacques' mental requests would harm a love one, the targeted person can snap out of the control, sometimes causing a psychic backlash onto Jacques himself.  When doing this, Jacques has to focus his thoughts and cannot be distracted, or he won't be able to manipulate the target's mind beyond that of a 'mental note', suggestion or 'that little voice in the back of our heads trying to tell us to do something'.

Irish Lad

Brendan O'Donnell


Brendan O'Donnell was a normal Irish teen living in Bantry, Ireland.

His single-parent mother worked at the Fishery in town, scraping by a living. Brendan had played Rugby growing up and although small for his age, was a bit of a scrapper on and off the field.

One afternoon in 2012, Brendan was informed that drug-dealers who were smuggling drugs in the fish catches at his mom's cannery, had killed his mother when she tried to alert the police. The police caught the dealers, however, Brendan, in a fit of anger and despair, attacked the murderers at the local police station and killed them or beat them within an inch of their lives. Brendan tore the police station to the ground as a result of this event with his new-found powers. 

After being subdued and blood tested, it was found he was the illegitimate son of the legendary WWII hero, the Irish Fighter. The original Irish Fighter from WWII was near immortal, and had sired many children in his time and had obviously had an affair with his mother.  Interestingly enough, most of the Irish Fighter's other children did not have any powers, but Brendan was one of the few with powers.

The original Irish Fighter broke Brendan out of jail and had a brief discussion with him.  As a result,  Brendan was sent off to Boston and his old WWII buddy, Major Invader of the Allied Fighters, to be trained as the new Irish Lad!



  • Street Fighting
    • He's learned a variety of powerful street fighting moves from is time playing Rugby and mixing it up with the local gangs and bullies. He is not above breaking someone's leg or arm to stop a fight. His remarkable strength can lift tons, while his excellent street fighting skills make him a tough fisticuff fighter.
  • Invulnerability
    • Thusfar, Brendan has shown an incredible level of invulnerability that is similar to his biological father, Irish Fighter's, physiology.  He can take a direct impact of an artillery shell or bomb and be unhurt (although the blast can potentially stun him). 
  • Leaping
    • His remarkable strength allows him to make impressive leaps of up to 1/4 mile per leap.
  • Limited immortality?
    • Although his father only aged one year for every ten years, it is unknown if Brendan has this capability yet or not.

Ms. Vindicator

Cheryl Vincent


Cheryl Vincent, ex-police Sergeant, was the wife of police Lieutenant Sam Vincent (who was known as the superhero "Captain Justice") who was killed by alien Soltan troops while single-highhandedly protecting an entire hospital wing during the 2000 alien invasion of Earth.
Upon hearing the news of her husband's death, Cheryl exploded into action, vowing to vindicate Sam. 
In a brazen (and extremely lucky set of circumstances), she was able to shutdown power to one of the Soltan overrun strongholds, thus allowing the superheroes to retake the location.
For her efforts, a band of Super-group leaders gave her Sam's deactivated and inert "Captain Justice" battlesuit and armor.  They presented the battle suit to Cheryl as a symbol of their appreciation. The 'awarded' battle suit, although deactivated, wasn't enough for Cheryl.  She instead rallied to get her own fully operational suit and join the supers in their battle.  She was denied the request when it seemed she was out for revenge rather than justice. Cheryl wasn't going to let that stop her though.
Cheryl discovered that one of the wounded in the hospital was none other than the legendary Major Invader.  When he awoke from his injuries, she pleaded with him to help her get an operational battle suit so she could 'fight the good fight' as she put it. Major Invader had the armor reactivated...and added a powerful energy source to the suit, allowing the suit to operate at over 250% more of what it had before.
Over the last few years, Cheryl has joined many Super-Groups, police and military units only long enough to engage any remaining Soltans before the leaders of those groups and units realized she was a loose cannon of 'vindication'.   She was dropped from each group and reprimanded.  A short time ago, she was dropped from her last chance at getting back at the Soltans by being part of the ultra-secretive GUARD.  She was released from her duties as a result of her 'vindictive' actions against any and all enemies, especially the Soltans.
Recently, the super-group Allied Fighters reformed under the leadership of Major Invader and Cheryl was invited to test for a spot on one of the squads.  After some difficult discussions and some 'psychological therapy' with Major Invader and her fellow potential teammates, she was allowed to join Delta Squad.

At her graduation ceremony, Major Invader stated that she hadn't chosen a codename yet, and in a rare, emotional scene, the Major admitted that he saw a spirit and determination in Cheryl that reminded him of his ex-wife, Miss Vindicator.  Thus, the Major authorized Cheryl the honor of using her new codename: Ms. Vindicator!


  • Energy Gauntlets
  • High powered energy blast that can flatten a truck at full power.  Power supply allows for over 200 blasts before the energy cells need to recharge.
  • Body Armor
    • Protects her from neck to toes. High density Kevlar weave with composite material under layer.  Protects from most energy attacks,hand and rifle ballistics, heat, cold and radiation.
  • Flight
    • Her boots allow her the power of flight, and through stabilizers in her gauntlets, allow her very maneuverable control.  She has been clocked at over 225 mph, with her highest altitude recorded at 1000 feet.
  • Belt
    • Variety of equipment to include tracers/trackers, comms devices, batteries, food, water, goggles (wears when needed only), and a picture of her deceased husband.

Philippines Fighter

Bo Lam-Ang


Trained in Kali and Eskrima, Philippines citizen Bo Lam-ang is the current embodiment of the heroic fighting spirit of the Philippines, and is a master in this form of martial arts.
His grandfather was a Philippine Army officer that died in the Bataan Death March in WWII.  The grandfather's family was a respected and wealthy clan, but the family lost everything by war's end.
Over the decades, the family lived in squalor.  Bo's mother turned to prostitution and gave up Bo to a monastery shortly after he was born. Bo was later taken in by the Kali Academy where he later became a Kali and Eskrima master.
Over three years ago, The Triad-like 'Golden Dragons' gang started a new line of drug trade in the Philippines.  The island where Bo was taught Eskrima was attacked and taken over by the Golden Dragons.  350 locals and students were killed (but over 100 Golden Dragon thugs were also lost). Bo's mentor was beheaded. 
Bo needed help to drive off the Golden Dragons and got it through aid by the aged American WWII hero, Major Invader.  After a year of planning and training, Philippines locals and others who'd been previously  trained at the academy attacked the Golden Dragon's new stronghold and eventually took back their lands.  The Golden Dragons instead left the territory and relocated to Malaysia.  Bo was considered an overnight hero of the Philippines and an enemy of the Golden Dragons thereafter.
Major Invader recently invited Bo to test for joining the latest incarnation of the Allied Fighters, and has since been assigned to Delta Squad.
  • Kali and Eskrima combat skills
    • Bo is a master in Kali and Eskrima martial arts.  He is considered to be the foremost world champion in his expertise.  He became a master at age 17.
  • Languages
    • English, Chinese, Tagalog, Vietnamese


Although Bo does not carry all of these weapons at once, he is a master in the use of all of the following types of weapons, and as such, carries what he needs in whatever the scenario requires.  His most used weapon, however, is his high tech composite Baston/Largo.
  • Blunt Weapons
    • Baston, olisi, yantok: stick ranging from twenty-four to twenty-eight inches long.
    • Largo mano yantok: longer stick ranging from twenty-eight to thirty-six inches
    • Dulo y dulo: short stick about four to seven inches in length, held in the palm of the hand
    • Bankaw: six-foot pole. Staves can be used to practice sword techniques
    • Wooden dagger measuring 12 to 14 inches (300 to 360 mm)
    • Panangga: shield
    • Improvised weapons: Pens, car keys (using the push knife grip), cellular phones, flashlights, coffee mugs, umbrellas, rolled-up magazines & newspapers, books, tennis rackets, bottles, chair legs, etc.
  • Edged weapons

Baraw is a Cebuano term used in the art of Eskrima that means knife or dagger. The term Baraw is more commonly used on the Cebu Island in the Visayan region whereas other islands and regions more commonly use the term Daga but both terms are often interchangeable within the Filipino martial arts community.

The terms Baraw and Daga can be used either as Solo Baraw or Solo Daga associated with single knife fighting and defense systems, Doble Baraw or Doble Daga associated with the double knife fighting systems or even with a combination of long and short weapons e.g. stick and dagger fighting systems Olisi Baraw or sword and dagger fighting systems Espada y Daga.

  • Daga/Cuchillo/Baraw: daggers or knives of different shapes and sizes
  • Balisong: fan knife or butterfly knife from Barrio Balisong in Batangas province. The handle is two-piece and attaches to a swivel that folds to enclose the blade when shut.
  • Karambit: claw-shaped Indo-Malay blade held by inserting the finger into a hole at the top of the handle.
  • Bolo: a knife/sword similar to a machete
  • Pinuti: a type of bolo from Cebu
  • Iták or sundáng: a sword created by the Bugis people of Indonesia. Its blade is usually wavy.
  • Barang: flat-headed blade
  • Binikoko: long blade named after a porgy fish
  • Dinahong palay: blade named after a type of poisonous snake
  • Kalis or Kris: Indo-Malay dagger, often given a wavy blade, it is most commonly used in the southern provinces
  • Kampilan: fork-tipped sword, popular in the southern Philippines
  • Sibat: spear
  • Improvised weapons: Icepicks, box cutters, screwdrivers, broken bottles
  • Flexible weapons

  • Sarong: a length of fabric wrapped around the waist
  • Ekut: handkerchief
  • Tabak-toyok: chained sticks or nunchaku
  • Latigo (Spanish for whip): consisting of a handle between 8 and 12 inches (200 and 300 mm), and a lash composed of a braided thong 3–20 ft (0.91–6.1 m) long. The "fall" at the end of the lash is a single piece of leather 10–30 inches (250–760 mm) in length.
  • Improvised weapons: Belt, bandana, handkerchiefs, shirts, towels with hard soap bars, ropes, power cables, etc.