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Crimson Quill

Andre Alfonso Rojo


Andre was once a Spanish military contractor in Spain that produced the latest unique weapons ever produced in all of Europe.  As the head of Rojo Industriale, he was notorious for creating equipment for spies, covert operations and black ops teams.  Several years ago, the Spanish economy was hit hard and Rojo Industriale's product lines came to a standstill.  In debt with hundreds of millions of Euros, Andre discovered most of his contracted work had been taken over by several other small companies now headed be executives that had once worked with Rojo Industriale, who started underbiding whatever little work was left, selling products that were originally designed or were in the process of being tested by Rojo Industriale.  Infuriated, Andre went on the legal warpath, trying to sue them, only to find that the corrupt Spanish legal system was against him.  All of his previous international contractors ignored and brushed off Andre and started doing business with the other smaller companies, leaving Andre will huge legal fees, no production and his entire estate and fortune drained. Rojo Industriale was shutdown and boarded up five years ago, and a penniless Andre was left with a seething anger that slowly drove him to revenge.

Amidst his vengeful despair, Andre broke into his fenced off building and got into his research and development vault; a vault that had dozens of unique (if not preposterous) designs to use in covert and black ops warfare.  He stole all the designs, including a plan for an environmental combat suit that still had several bugs to be worked out.  With these designs and a truckload of stolen materials and tools, he drove off to a remote lab in the hills he once used when he'd originally started the company, located about 4 miles outside of his hometown of San Martin de la Vega.  There, he started re-engineering his designs and comiling them onto the environmental combat suit for the purpose of getting even with all those that screwed him over - permanantly.  Months later, when he went back to his original factory to 'appropriate' some more raw materials, he discovered his company had been leveled, and in its place, a movie studios amusement theme park.  Red with rage, Andre broke into the park late in the evening and stole materials from the rides and roller coasters he needed for his suit, not even caring that the stuff he took would cause the rides and roller coaster cars to fly off their tracks and potentially kill people.  The next day, Andre finished his suit and tested in at a nearby stream.  The suit worked perfectly, however, as a result of his 'robbery', two roller coaster ride cars flew off the tracks killing over a dozen people.  Security footage was reviewed, and Andre was tracked to his remote lab.

That's when the police showed up.

Andre was told to turn himself in by the megaphone bellowing officers, yet instead, Andre put his suit to a new test: killing all the police that were now (in his own mind) 'trespassing' on his (truthfully, no longer his legally) property.  Andre swept through the police like a hot knife through butter, firing off various-sized poisonous quills from his armor, as well as charging and impaling officers with the spikes of his armor.  In the end, over 24 Spanish policmen and women were viciously murdered, with the image of Andre and his blood-soaked quill suit standing over their bodies, all caught on a police car's dash cam.  A national manhunt went out that day, with military units, police, and air units scouring the territory for him.  After several pitched battles, and another three dozen dead military and police (and one downed helicopter), Andre was herded into a cabin outside of his hometown.  Minutes before the police and military were about to rain bullets, bombs and grenades upon the cabin, Andre encountered the villainous "Death Master" who'd teleported into the cabin Andre was in.  The two fought momentarily, unitl Death Master stopped and stated that this new "Crimson Quill" as the media had now dubbed him, would be an excellent asset to his newly revived assassin organization, Death Legion.  With that as his only option for escape, Andre agreed and both of them teleported out of the cabin and into Death Legion's secret lair, "Death's Door", located outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the United States.

Over the next few months, Death Master taught Andre the skills of how to be an assassin; how to hunt and track, and most importantly, how to use his suit in performing contract killings for Death Legion.  Andre agreed to train and join Death Legion, so long as 'seven' other 'personal' contracts were dealth with first.  In agreeance, Death Legion aided Andre in assassinating each of the seven ex-Rojo Industriale executives that destroyed Andre's company.  Each 'mark' was killed by a red quill, with a black rose (Death Legion's calling card) left on each of the bodies. On the day that the last ex-executive was assassinated, Andre Alfonso Rojo dropped his name forever and instead has simply become the "Crimson Quill".

Crimson Quill's powers are all technology-related and based on his redesigned combat suit and unique weapons.  The suit, with its layers of composite material quills covering it, provides remarkable protection from any and all forms of attack.  Anyone attempting to grapple with the Crimson Quill in his armor would take typical damage from the piercing spikes all over the armor. Crimson Quill's main weapons are his wrist and shoulder launchers that can mentally fire off a single or barrage of various or individually selected and sized quills.  The quills range from needle thin to two inches in diameter, most providing excellent piercing damage, some with poisons, some with a crimson smoke, and others yet with electrical charges.  The quills  are launched using a targeting computer and sensor system, allowing for the quills to travel up to 600mph at a maximum range (for some) to 400 yards. His helmet encapsulates a variety of communications equipment, a loudspeaker system, a focused audio detection and listening system, and a Heads-Up targeting display, which covers infra red, ultra violet and night vision.  


Crimson Rook

Sean Castle


World Chess Champion of 1991, 1992 and 1995, Sean Castle was considered one of the premiere chess champions that was bound to make it during the 1996 competition...that is untill he cracked.   He had a mental breakdown, starting to come up with highly mathematical processing in his head, wherein 'gut feelings' and 'intuition' were considered unnecessary.  Regardless to say, Sean was beaten in seconds on the first round of elimination.  He was admitted to a psyche ward a day later after killing a child at an Ice Cream Truck, stating he saved her from her 'unnecessary' fallacy of choices in ice cream; that was 1996...and he's been there all up until last year.

Sean, after years of therapy and rehabilitation (and a severe lack of funding at the hospital) released Sean back into society.  He did good his first hour.  After that, he went straight to Wall Street and gambled his hidden savings on the Stock Market.  In one day of trading, Sean made over 450 million dollars in profit.  Within a week he was a multimillionaire.    His newly acquired fortune soon garrnered the interest of the IRS and several other agencies, believing a 'hustle' was happening.  As it turned out, Sean had started 'memoririzing' the stock market's system since 1996, and as such knew every single transaction needed to gain his riches.  The IRS however, visited Sean.  In their increasingly agitated conversation, Sean asked if the agent wanted water or sugary drink; after requesting the sugary drink, Sean pulled out a kitchen knove and within two swift moves, slit the agents throat and stabbed him through the heart, saying, "sugary drinks are bad for you; you are incapable of making good decisions, thus I've accelerated your demise before you do it to yourself...and you're welcome".

Interestingly, someone else was also monitoring Sean; it was the leader of the legendary assassin's guild. Death was Death Master himself.  WHen he arrived to talk to Sean, Sean admitted that Death Master's risk of being killed and caught in his current criminal activities ensure his eventual demise, and thus stabbed Death Master in the heart, through his armor.  Death Master cropped to the ground, dead, but thanks to his alien regeneration technology in his suit, Death Master heladed and came back to life.   Sean was intrigued.  He started working a whole new set of calculations.  When Sean was fininshed, Death Master had fully healed, and Sean identified that in lieu of the revised capability of Death Master's 'potential immortality', Sean conceived that him joining Death Legion would have a probability of success for the Legion and Sean at a 85% rate; the highest he's ever calculated.  As such, Sean and Death Maste rsat down and discussed their terms and conditions over a game of chess. In less than 3 minutes, Sean won the game, asking what his new codename was going to be; Death Master looked at the chess board and back up to Sean and said, "Crimson Rook".  Seam liked it and created his own costume.

Crimson Rook's costume provides climate protection and protection from small caliber weapons and knives.  His headgear is linked to Death Legion's computer system.  Crimson Rook is brilliant, and as such can multitask up to 50 things at once on a routine daily basis.  Death Master has him running the Legion's business and operatons now.  His intellect is scary smart, however, Sean has several issues that he has to work through with a threapist; one of them is that Sean doesn't understand the 'rules' science puts on the world and its students ; Sean believes true knoweldge is all that universe needs; all others are biding time until their death decades later.  Sean believes when he kills someone, it's because their life is truly so low or so damaged that Sean considers killing them is a service, not murder.  regardless, Crimson Rook is Death Master's right hand man and is responsible for nearly all the assassin mark creations, hiring and managing the business..




Ratko Crncevic 


A Serbian medic during the Yugoslav Wars in the 1990s, Ratko was known as the 'miracle healer' (Čudo iscelitelj) through his incredible skills in bringing others back from the brink of death.  His Serbian officers over him kept him close to them throughout most of the battles waged during the war.  No one was any the wiser that most of his miraculous healing was due to him being a mutant with spcial healing powers...and more.  The 'more' was displayed the first time in 1998 when the Serbian lines fell and his unit was overrun by the enemy.  As a soldier was about to shoot Ratko and his patient, Ratko held up his hands to block the shot, instinctively, and instead caused to enemy soldier to convulse and die mere meters away.  Ratko, never using his powers that way before, started walking through the hail of bullets and grenades, gesturing at enemy troops and watching them fall to the ground in death throughs.  When the battle was done, Ratko had killed nearly 40 troops in less than 10 minutes.  His superiors, thereafter, placed him in the front lines, performing his 'death trick' on enemy soldiers.  This worked until Ratko got hit with two bullets in the chest.  He discovered that he was unable to heal himself.  For the rest of the war, Ratko remained in intensive care, healing from his deadly wounds.

After the Kosovo Wars was over, Ratko was released from the military hospital.  Many of the Serbian troops he saved were grateful to him and for the next few months, Ratko was taken from home to home of these soldiers and given room and board and free meals for all he did.  This went well until the day Serbia had to answer to multiple counts of war crimes.  Ratko was identified as the one who'd killed hundreds of enemy trooops in some manner of 'exploding blood vessels, hearts, and contorting internal organs and lungs until they didn't function.  By the World Court, this was considered monstrous.  Ratko was jailed and placed on trial.  Although the soliders he'd helped tried their best to support him, the World Court sentenced Ratko to 50 years of imprisonment with no possibility of parole.  Within weeks, thanks to the European media system, Ratko was vilified and deemed a "Serbian monster".  To those soldiers that remembered being saved by him, they simply called him "Deathmender" (Smrt iscelitelja). There, in prison, Ratko began to slowly rot away, while his family (his wife and their young two sons and two daughters) who'd been living on the outskirts of Belgrade, where captured, tortured and killed by a mob of angry ex-enemy soldiers. Nonetheless to say, Ratko swore vengeance upon them and the world for what they'd done to him and his family.

Four years ago, a dark figure 'popped out of thin air' and into Ratko's cell.  It was Death Master, leader of the assassin guild known as "Death Legion".  Death Master, after teleporting into Ratko's prison cell one day, drilled Ratko with a series of questions about what Ratko wanted in return for his freedom.  When Ratko said he wanted to get even with those that killed his family and the rest of the world for what they'd done to him, Death Master told Ratko that 'Ratko's future lied in what he (Ratko) did next'.  Death Master then blasted himself with his own blaster blowing a hole through his gut. 

With Death Master's blood and guts pouring out, as well as the prison security guards descending on Ratko's cell, Ratko used his healing powers to rapidly heal Death Master and then turned around and used his 'death' powers to kill the two guards when they arrived at his cell door.  Death Master stood up, pushed a button on his belt, and healed himself further, enough to be able to stand (Death Master has alien technology he uses for hyper-healing).  Death Master then said, "Yep.  You passed the test. Vow that you'll work for Death Legion and I will give you what you want the most - revenge".  Ratko took his hand and the two of them teleported away to Death Legion's base of operations outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania called "Death's Door".  There, Ratko was given a new costume and from that point on, learned how to use his powers to perform assassinations and murder...that is of course, after he killed the soldiers and soldiers' families that had killed his wife, two sons and two daughters. Today, "Deathmender" heals those that get hurt in the Death Legion, and kills those that the Death Legion wants dead.

Deathmender's powers are mutant based.  He has the ability to amazingly heal wounded personnel.  He cannot reattach limbs of a head or the sort, but can mend flesh wounds, restart hearts, constrict and open blood vessels as required and resuscitate any who stop breathing.  The only one he can't himself; his own powers do NOT work on him.  He also has the power to rip and destroy the bodies of those he wants to kill or maim with but simple thoughts and gestures.  He can stop hearts, burst lungs, burst hearts and blood vessels, contort and destroy a person's guts and or muscles, however, he cannot affect the brain other than exploding blood vessels in the brain (which is quite effective enough as it is).  He can do this up to 20 meters (60 feet) from his location, however, he has to have a line-of-sight to use his powers on a person.  For healing, he can only use his powers withing a five meter radius (15 feet). 

He is between 35 and 40 years of age, and as such, is stronger and more durable against attacks that most his age.  His suit provides him with excellent phsyical and shooting protection, as well as remarkable energy, heat and cold protection; all other forms of psychic or radiation attacks are only protected by the typical materials he wears to protect himself against these types of attacks.


 El Scorpio

Renaldo Enrique Vasquez


Latino ex-gang leader from Miami that grew up to become one of the most influential and dangerous bomb-makers in all of the Americas.  His parents were Cuban dissidents that were part of the "Bay of Pigs" attack against Cuba's leader, Fidel Castro in the 1960s.  After the attack failed, his parents were taken to Miami, where his father continued making weapons and bombs for the CIA, as well as became a professional bomb demolitions expert for the state of Florida.  Renaldo was taught these same skills by his father as he was growing up.

At age 11, Renaldo's father was killed in gang violence in Miami related to the drug trade.  His mother was subsequently shot when she was tasked to testify about the drug cartel, leaving Renaldo and his five siblings to fend for themselves, with Renaldo being the oldest sibling.  One of the family acquaintances took in Renaldo and his siblings.  Within months, however, his two sisters were sold into sex slavery on the black market, his next older brother was recruited into a rival drug gang, and the youngest male sibling, Tomino, was hit by a car on a busy Miami street.  Nonetheless to say, Renaldo was devastated.  As such, he created dozens of bombs and explosives and used them against all who'd wronged him, from the family 'acquaintances', to the drug gangs to the sex trade bosses.  They all died as a result of his well as dozens of their gang members and troopers.

On the street, poor and alone, he was brought in to a gang called "The Scopions" that wanted to enact as 'protectors' or 'enforcers' in a protection racquet for small Miami businesses.  With his bomb making skills, Renaldo soon took leadership of the young gang and was soon calling the shots.  He went after all other gangs in the Miami area, and eventually was able to get his two sisters back.  The sisters (Jaunita and Manuela) had been 'abused' in their captivity in the sex slave trade for years before he freed them.  Both were mentally unbalanced as a result of their captivity and their sex slavery, and as such, to this day are still located in mental hospitals.

Renaldo eventually started working with a large criminal cartel known as CANIS, and became a Legate in record time.  During that time, he was able to work quite a network of clientel that demanded his business.  Renaldo became one of the most requested bomb-makers in the U.S. Southeast.   That's when everything took a turn for the worst.

Several of the gangs joined together and started battling CANIS' Miami faction.  CANIS lost over 240 men in street fights, drive-by shootings and territorial disputes.  Eventually, Renaldo was tasked to bomb a certain gang HQ, which he not only made the explosives, but the one who even broke in the opposing gang's base and set the charges.  After the explosion, the media identified Renaldo's 2nd oldest sibling, Thomas, as being one of the blombing victims.  Renaldo lost it and swore vengeance on everyone.  He made over 200 bombs and planted them all about Miami and informed the police and other gangs that it was in revenge of his brother's loss, and that until his last dying breath, he'd ensure that everyone would pay for the attrocities done unto him and his ffamily.  Although SWAT and super-heroes arrived and were able to defuse several bombs, the remaining bombs went off and destroyed homes and businesses upward of $500 million.

Six years ago, he was finally caught by Homeland security.  He was placed in Leavenworth Federal Prison in Kansas.  After a one year stay, a mysterious figure appeared in his cell one night; is was Death Master, leader of the assassination guild known as "Death Legion".  Death master needed an explosives expert in his ranks and swore to break Renaldo out of jail and allow him 'some' flexibility in his bloodthirty revenge on the world if he promised to help Death Legion with bomb-making and explosives, as well as not kill any of Death Legion's contacts, clients or Death Legionnaires themselves.  Renaldo agreed and was teleported directly to Death Legion's base of operations, know as "Death's Door" located underground just outside of Philadelphia.  There, Renaldo has access to millions of ways to create and plant bombs.  There, he also was able to get his youngest brother, Ramone, a safe home in Montana, where the brother was able to have a normal life.

Since his induction to Death Legion, he has been taught by the best of the best in small arms, rifles and military combat kills, including martial arts.  Today, no known as "El Scorpio", Renaldo runs Death Legion's bomb making group and has gone out in the field hundreds of times to either plant the bombs, or aid in disarming bombs.  He has killed hundreds in his quest for revenge, however, he has been true to his word and never killed anyone associated with Death Legion.

El Scorpio's skills in bomb making and munitions are incredible; he is considered the best make maker and munitions expert in the Americas now.  Normally this standard build of a 20-something Latino guy carries around two highly accurate handguns wherein speical ammunition can be used (incendiary, freezing and poison, just to name a few).  He is trained in Martial Arts and street fighting and can go toe-to-toe with US Marines in a melee fight.  He usually weapns a kevlar-lined leather coat to provide typical protection for attacks and bullets. He carries a highly encrypted smart phone with him to get orders and communicate with others as needed.


Master Malefactor

Martin Malloy


Professional international thief and assassin, Malloy has more INTERPOL 'wanted' posters out on him than any other criminal in Europe and North America.  Malloy was once a CIA operative, trained to get in and out of places with the highest security.  His skills in overcoming and getting past all forms of human and technological security systems garnered him the title of 'The Master".

In one such CIA mission, an unexpected Earthquake triggered the building's alarm systems, wherein Agent Malloy was caught in the Central American nation of Guatamala.  There, he was detained, tortured and brought to near death for over a two year period, all the while, the CIA did nothing to help get him out and save him.  Although several scenarios to extract and free Malloy were provided by fellow CIA field agents, the CIA leadership decided to 'purge' Malloy's existence from any US Government affiliation and left him to die in Guatemala. Malloy, understanding the CIA's protocols, still was angered at their inaction.

At the end of the end of the two year period, an opportunity arose for Malloy to escape his captors.  In so doing, he ran out into the bordering jungle with dozens of gaurds shooting and chasing after him.  By pure luck, he fell into a hole that was a vent to an enormous underground cavern.  In utter darkness, Malloy walked the cave's length for nearly two miles before he ran into an abandoned super-villain lair carved out at one end of the tunnel.  There, he discovered several thousand weapons, devices and vehicles, including an enhanced exo-skeleton; the cave once belonged to the legendary Major Invader, the current leader of the super-hero group, the Allied Fighters.  Noting that the base hadn't been used in decades, Malloy fired up the nuclear generators and began buidling, creating and updating weapons and traps.  He used the exo-skeleton and bagan training with it, providing him twice his fighting, agility, strength and endurance.  After a few months of scavenging everything he could from Major Invader's secret base, he took all the material and set up a base in the United States in Oklahoma.  There, after setting himself up in an old abandoned silver mine, Malloy travelled to Washington DC and contacted the CIA for a debriefing.  He arranged for the meet to occur in a public area.  What happened next shaped the man who would soon become "Master Malefactor".

Malloy expected the CIA to try to take him out, but had hoped that they'd instead changed their policies and wanted to bring him back, which Malloy inteneded that if he did go back, he was going to be recomepnsed greatly for the CIA's lack of action in getting him out of the Guatamala prison he was in for two years.  Outside of a Burger King in downtown Washington DC, Malloy met with his old department head, Sub-Director Wallace "Wally" Wentworth.  After a short discussion, Wentworth ordered Malloy to turn himself in, where they'd 'later decide' what to do with him.  When Malloy gave Wentworth his terms, Wentworth walked away from the meeting, and immediately Malloy was fired upon by several sniper positions.  Using Major Invader's holographic toys, Malloy's body was actually not at the Burger King; only a holo image.  Malloy instead had circled around and using his stealth suit, planted explosives on the snipers, blowing up and killing each of them remotely after the sniper's first shots. Malloy then killed Wentworth and went on a killing rampage at the Washington DC CIA HQ building.  He broke in and killed over five dozen agents, as well as the director of the CIA at the time.  They never caught Malloy since he got away in his stealth suit.

Shortly after that, Malloy started hunting down CIA operatives and agents and killing them at the buildings, desks and in the field.  After a year of assassinations, Malloy had wrached up over five dozen CIA kills.  Since Malloy wasno longer a 'citizen' or had a file on him (purged during his Guatamala imrisonment), the CIA would not publicly call him as public enemy #1, but instead attempted several covert operations to try to trick and entrap Malloy, all of which backfired and failed...all except one...

In Philadelphia, at the CIA regional HQ, Malloy was 'enticed' by a target of opportunity - the regional director, himself.  Knowing it was a trap, Malloy had several escape plans, but at the time he was to assassinate the regional director, his mind was overtaken by a psychic CIA operative.  Malloy was imprisoned and held in a secret jail, in all places, Oklahoma (literally several miles from his secret silver mine base).  During the 'secret trial', the leader of Death Legion, Death Master teleported into the trial and released Malloy, dropping a bag of Malloy's weapons and equipment in front of Malloy.  Death Master quickly told Malloy "Let's see what you've got", with Death Master teleporting back out of the trial, leaving Malloy to fight his way out.

After 20 minutes of intense fighting, Malloy got out from the secret underground bunker outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma and made a mad dash for his base.  The CIA and other black-ops units followed him to the location of the mine.  There, once in the mine, Malloy used every device, weapon and trick he had to not only stop his assailants, but kill all 60 of them.  In the end, Malloy didn't even have a scratch.

Impressed with Malloy's engagement, Death Master offered up a positon in Death Legion,  Malloy agreed, but demanded that all CIA 'marks/contracts' wer to be done by him and only him.  In agreeance, Death Master inducted Malloy as "Master Malefactor" to the Death Legion....and since then, the CIA has lost even MORE men thanks to Malloy's contracted CIA kills.

Malloy is a normal human being with a powerful exo-skeleton that powers up his fighting, agillity, strength and endurance by a  factor of two.  He has access to an inordinate amount of weapons, and in highly noted as an inventor of unique and deadly traps and devices used by Death Legion and himself.  He still retains the old silver mine base in Oklahoma as his 'own' base, and keeps it well stocked with the latest weapons and devices.



Dr. Devon Delmaso


Originally a forensic nuerotoxologist, Dr. Delmaso was a membe of Phoenix, Arizona's Criminal Science Unit (CSU) and a noted and published scientist in the study of snake venom and toxins.  Although highly arrogant and a bit obsessed with fitnesss and staying in shape, he was considered the most knoweldgable person in all of the United States Southwest region in regards to snake venom and nuerotoxology. All that came to a dramatic change during a criminal trial five years ago.

A Phoenix real estate tycoon, Walter Westfield, was considered a highly competitive and mob-orientated real estate mogul in Arizona..  One of his new, rich competitors was 21 year old Harvard graduate Dean Statesmore, who started outselling Westfield in the real estae market.  A brilliant man, Dean, used his knowledge and skills vice Walter's mob contacts and shady dealings to create entire hew housing communities for pennies on the dollar. Weeks after a violent conversation between Walter and Dean, Dean was found dead due to a rattlesnake bite.  When Dr. Delmaso completed the forensics on Dean's body, he discovered the bites were not made by any form of Rattlesnake (or snake for that matter) but made to look so, while discovering that over 40 times the venom of a rattlesnake bite was instead pumped through the faked wound on Dean. After further investigation, Walter Westfield was arrested for the murder of Dean Statesmore.  Dr. Delmaso was told to testify in court on the forensic science behind the conviction.  The day before Dr. Delmaso's testimony was to happen, Dr. Delmaso was abducted and held in a desert shack in the middle of nowhere in Arizona.  Without dr. Delmaso's expert witness testimony, Walter was freed on inconclusive evidence.  Dr. Delmaso wasn't so lucky.  As it was, it was thugs from the mob, led by Walter Westfield, that had kidnapped and abducted Dr. Delmaso.  The only question left for Walter was what to do with Delmaso now that the trial was over.

Wanting to make his death 'a greek tragedy of irony', Walter told his thugs to take Delmaso out to the 'snake pit' aut at the old nuclear test site in Nevada and get rid of him.  The thugs took Delmaso out to the Nevada desert at the nuke test site, long since abandoned since the 1950s, and dumped Dr. Delmaso in a pit brimming with poisonous Rattlesnakes and bones from other 'unfortunate' mob victims.  Unbeknownst to the thugs, the Rattlesnakes, after years of exposure to the radioactive sands of the test site, had developed a mutagenic in their venom; a mutagenic that rather than kill someone with their poisonous bite, instead, transferred radioactive reptile DNA into their victim's body, thus allowing the victim's DNA to rapidly alter and change to a hybrid DNA of a snake and a human.

Hours after dr. Delmaso was thrown in the Rattlesnake bit and bitten over a hundred times, did Dr. Delmaso psuedo-death instead create a whole new being.  Dr. Delmaso's skin hardened on the outside as he changed to the human-snake hybrid.  After a few days, dr. Delmaso was no more; what arose out of the newly shedded snakeskin was the villainous "Rattlesnake".  Not only was 'Rattlesnake's" skin now scaly, but his face became reptillian, including a forked tongue that he uses as a new sensory organ much like other snakes do.  His speed was five times faster than a humans, and his bones softened to a cartilidge-bone hydrid, allowing him to crawl and enter spaces much smaller than his body would normally allow.  With his heightened senses, rapid reflexes, and hybrid human-snake DNA, he was a now a creature; a creature that still had a human brain!

Rattlesnake escaped the pit and made his way along the highway down to Arizona.   ALong the way, with the nights being too cold for his now reptilian hybrid body, he broke into a 'sex' store and stole a leather body costume, along with a Motorcycle helmet with a demonic snake skull emblazoned on it.  He also found, further down the road, a museum of 19th century weapons, of which a unique pair of chinese hand claws were found.  These claws had drilled passages when poison couild be kept in them.  In his new hybrid body, Rattlesnake was able to 'milk' the venom from his new snake-like fangs and enter them into the claw blades.  The reasoning for all this? 


Rattlesnake was going to kill Walter Westfield and all his mob thugs, along with anyone who'd get in his way.

Long story short: Rattlesnake made it back to Arizona, attacked the mob thugs, killing/poisoning all of them, and then eventually killed Walter Westfield only through poison...not a quick death. The police eventually caught up to Rattlesnake and imrisoned it, with the aid of a couple of super-heroes from the American Patrol.  While locked in his special cell, the leader of Death Legion, Death Master, teleported into Rattlesnake's cell.  After a quick skirmish, which Death Master lost, but was revived again (several times) thanks to Death master's alien reanimation device,  the two sat down and worked a deal; Rattlensake would be teleoprted out of prison, however, he was to help Death Legion in several of their next contracted kills.  Rattlesnake reluctantly agreed.

After Rattlesnake was teelported to safety and after working for Death legion for thenext several month's, Rattlesnake decided to stay and become one of Death Legion's assassins.  WIth no 'guilt' or 'humanity' left in it, Rattlesnake instead enjoys his sun-lamp heated room, his steady diet of desert critters and creatures, and the ability to spring into action and kill others at Death Master's command.  He considers Death Legion his new home, and Death Master his one and only leader.

Rattlensake is a mutated human-snake hybrid with good protection with its scaly skin, and an additional layer of typical protection from his leather suit and helmet.  Death Legion's engineers rebuilt Rattlesnakes' helmet to include new radio and satellite communications, a head warmer, and excellent psychic protection filters.  Its new natural hybrid abilities include excellent fighting techniques and strength, its remarkable endurance, agility and vision, and its ability to move up to 40 mph and crwl into spaces no normal human couild fit.  Its main weakness, however, is the cold.  Any cold or frigid powers or conditions it expereiences has a double effect on it. Its claws were completely overhauled into external retractable three bladed claws, complete with venomous ports in the claws, providing  good snake venom that can kill over time unless anti-venom is used. Rattlesnake also has a wide variety of Rattlesnake-like devices, traps and toys that can be used in the field, such as an excellent strangth sonic rattler, robotic rattlesnake probes and 'venombots', venom grenades, venom gun, a store of anti-venom (just in case), and several other snake-like gadgets he uses to create fear and reaction from its victims.



Savage Dieses

Sarah Dieses


Daughter to a circus-performing knife thrower, Sarah grew up in and around the European traveling circus called "Santana's Circus".  By the age of 8, her father had started teaching her his knife throwing skills; by age 10, she was juggling sabers, cutlasses, sais, and a variety of other knives; by age 12, she and her father worked together in their new act, "The Savage Dieses".  As she grew older, she realized that although the circus was her family, she noted that they were also thieves and crooks.  It wasn't until, at age 14, she discovered they were also into bank robberies.  Since the circus was her family, she didn't care what crimes they'd committed, so long as the family stayed together and happy.  That changed on her 16th birthday.

Prior to her 16th birthday, she'd met a boy when the circus was in Nice, France.  The boy had seen her show, "The Savage Dieses", and asked her out for coffee afterwards, much to her father's chagrin.  Over the next two days, the boy pressed Sarah for 'more', at one point nearly raping her.  When she returned to the circus that night in tears, the circus performers banded together and went to beat the crap out of the boy; instead the boy was beat so bad he died in the hospital that night. 

The final night of the circus performance in Nice, Sarah's 16th birthday, as Sarah and her father were performing in the middle of the show, Sarah's whole world fell apart.  During a critical part of the show where Srah and her dad were to perform a 'William Tell' trich of throwing a long knife each at an apple poised on a young girl's head, the police arrived, guns drawn.  They yelled at Sarah and her father to put the knives down just as Sarah had released her knife. The police's distraction caused Sarah's throw to instead not hit the apple on the little girl's head, but instead...IN the little girl's head. The little girl died in convulsions seconds later.  As the crowd screamed and the police were about to shoot Sarah, her father intercepted the policeman's shots and tossed his knife at one of the police, sending the knife through the policeman's skull. Her father died in that hail of bullets.  One of the performers, "Boris, The Strong Man" reached from under the tent and grabbed Sarah and made off with her trying to escape the police, but instead Boris was shot five times in the back. 

With his last dying breath, Boris told her to run, and run she did. 

She ran for miles, tears streaming out of her eyes after witnessing the horror of her action to the little girl and that which the police did to her father and Boris. The further she ran, the angrier she got; the angrier she got the more wanted to kill the police for what they did to her father and Boris.  After hours of running, she found herself deep in the woods oin Southeastern France.  There, she collapsed in exhaustion in the from yard of a old, kindly French couiple. They took her in, caring for her cuts and scrathes from her running through the woods and put her in the spare bedroom.  Sarah awoke a day later.  The old couple took gave her something to eat and asked what had happened.  Sarah told them everything.  She had always trusted her circus family and the old couple would obviously be just as kind and trustworthy, she thought.  As they ate their dinner, Sarah noticed the old couiple were very nervous.  Looking at the TV, Sarah saw that the circus - her circus family - had all been killed in a massive gunfight with the police. 37 of the 38 circus performers and roadies were killed in the gunfight. As the news continued on about the police finding evidence of the circuses string of thefts and robberies, Sarah looked at the old couple, who simply said, 'we're sorry, dearie, we had to call the police'.  Just then, the police barged in.  Sarah was in disbelief; even the old couple could not be trusted. 

No one could be trusted..

Sarah changed that very moment.

Grabbing the knives and forks on the dinner table, Sarah swung around like the trained athlete and blade-wielder that she was and planted one in each of the policemen's skulls before they could even get off a single shot.  Sarah then turned to the old couple, cursed them, and killed them with them own cutlery. Sarah escaped out the back and into the woods once again.

For the next few months, Sarah broke into houses along the edge of the forest, stealing food and water...and knives.  Lots of knives.  She even stole an old theatrical cloak from a Playhouse and created dozens of make-shift pockets and holsters in the cloak to store all of her knives.  While hiding in said woods, she practiced again and again with the knives; learning to throw them no longer for entertainment...but to kill.  To Sarah, her world was destroyed, and the world was responsible. She swore vengeance on anyone living, all in the name of her now dead circus family.

Eventually, the police tracked her down into the woods.  A running battle began with police dying from lethal knife throws everytime they got close to Sarah.The media started covering the chase; helicopters swarmed above the forest; police dogs were set loose upon Sarah.

EVERYONE was after Sarah.

As Sarah was running through the woods, a dark figure came out from behind a tree in front of her, whom she ran straight into.  The figure was Death Master, leader of the assassin guild known as "Death Legion".  Sarah tossed a barrage of knives and weapons at Death Master, all of which bounced off his armor.  As she was doing this, Death Master told her he wasn't her enemy and that instead, he wanted to help her get away...if she would help him take out some other 'bad' people.  Untrusting, she ran from him further into th woods, with Death Master popping out of thin air (teleporting) in front of her several times, each time offering the same offer over and over again.  Finally, when she realized she was surrounded by the police, the police dogs were mere meters away, and Death Master would continue to hound her, she dropped to her knees and conceded to Death Master.  Death Master teleported her away to the Death Legion's secret lair in Philadelphia, known as "Death's Door".  There she promptly stabbled Death Master in the nether region several times, between the joints in his armor, leaving Death Master a bleeding bag of flesh on the floor.  She was chased by several other Death Legion assassins and technicians, whom she promptly killed, only to be stopped by another member of Death Legion known as Swarmstress. 

Swarmstress deflected Sarah's barrage of thrown knives again and again until Sarah ran out of knives and dropped to the floor in a pathetic crying mess.  Swarmstress coddled her and told her she was with her new family now.  Death Master, after reviving (he has alien tech that resurrects him if he dies), told Sarah that Swarmstress was correct; Death legion was here for her now and wanted to be her new family.  That night, Sarah and Death Legion held an impromptu memorial for the Santana Circus family that was slain...and then bombed all the police precincts in the area. Death Legion also captured several police officers for Sarah to personally flay at her liesure.  Sarah relished slowly killing the officers, taking over a week before she tired of their 'insipid whining'.  After she killed the last of the captive officers, she agreed with Swarmstress and Death Master and that Death Legion was now officially her new home, and that she'd do ANYTHING to prevent what happened to her circus family ever happend to her new Death Legion family. With her new codename of "Savage Dieses", Sarah is now the ultimate knive-wielding assassin within Death Legion..

Sarah is a normal human, who was trained as an athlete and acrobat in the circus. Her amazing skills at knife fighting and thrown sharp weapons in also truly amazing.  She can handle ANY edged weapon; shuriken, sais, pocket knives, stilettos, polearms, kitchen knives, cleavers, etc, however, she fancies long knives as her favorite throwing weapons. She is quick, agile and is not afraid of heights or death-defying feats.  She is truly fearless and a proven killer.


Nina Juarez



The only daughter to Mexico's "Juarez Honey" founder, Julio Juarez, Nina was a strange young girl that gravitated towards the family's trouigh hives (man-made beehives used to extract honey from) while not wearing protective clothes and 'hang-out' with the bees at their Honey Farm. Her parents had to go 'save' her many times in her youth, even thouigh she was never once stung  by the bees.  In her pre-teen years, her parents, concerned with her obsessive desire to hang out with the bees, took Nina to live with her Aunt 70 m

iles away in the town of Jaurez, Mexico, her father's hometown.  Instead, a huge migration of aggressive South American bees and wasps had come up and through Mexico and instead set up hives encircling and in Nina's aunt's house.  Nina was actually happy to be out and am


ongst the bees, however her Aunt was fearful of the bees, and started blasting them with bee killer sprays and smoke.  Nina told her Aunt to stop doing that or they'd get mad.  The Aunt eventually stormed out to Nina's 'outdoor bee comunion time' and grabbed her by the arm, dragging her back to the house and locking her in her room, fearful that the bee colonies were growing out of control.  In response, the bees and wasps swarmed the Aunt and stung her hundreds of times, killing her on the spot.  Nina, rather than be shocked and fearful at the site of her dead Aunt, instead, stood over her aunt's dead body and said "you shouldn't have done that, Auntie". She then exited the house, held her arms out slowly spinning her body around in one spot, while all the bees and wasps landed on her covering her entire skin's surface, save her mouth, nose and ears.  Nina was never more happier...that is, unitl the aunt's funeral.

On the day of the aunt's funeral, Nina's parents brought her back to Juarez for the closed-casket ceremony.  When there, when Nina went up to the coffin, she said, "you deserved that auntie, for hurting my friends".  Nina's parents and the funeral crowd gasped at her words.  Nina's father grabbed Nina by her arm and demanded her to take her words back.  Nina simply said, 'you shouldn't have done that, father.  Now they'll be mad at you too", wherein several thousand bees and wasps exploded into the church, stinging everyone, killing everyone at the funeral, including Nina's parents.  When all was done, Nina simply sighed and skipped out of the church, with a string of bees following wherever she went .

After the funeral death's, Nina was eventuall hit with a tranquilizer dart, and her following of bees promptly frozen.  Nina was then kept drugged in a children's psyche ward outside of Tiajuana, Mexico.  There, they kept her sedated and confined for the next 10 years.  During that time, hundreds of reports came in from all across Central America and Mexico of huge swarms of killer bees and wasps attacking towns and communities. These killer bees and wasps would only stay long enough as though they were looking for something, and then would leave for good.

Eventually, the killer bees and wasps found Nina in Tijuana.

For Tiajuana, it was a bee apocalypse as hundreds of thousands of bees and wasps swarmed into the city, eventually taking up a new enormous hive in Nina's very own psyche ward room.  Since the staff couldn't get anywhere close to Nina without getting attacked by the bees, Nina's drugs eventually wore off and she began talking with the bees once again.  She was once again happy to be around her bee and wasp friends again.  The honey bees began creating an enormous hive throughout the hospital wing that housed Nina. That's when the psyche hospital's staff gave in and called the Mexican government for help.

Eventually, the Mexican army arrived with flamethrowers to burn and smoke the bees out.  Nina was furious.  Nina screamed at the soldiers telling them to leave; instead Nina told the bees and wasps to attack.  Over 25 Mexican soldiers died that day from stings.  At this point, the Mexican Air Force was brought in and told to 'firebomb' the evacuated (excpet for Nina, of course) hospital.  When the planes arrived on site, they were downed by hundrreds of thousands of bees and wasps entering the aircraft's air intake and killing the planes' engine combustion.  The plane engines di


ed and crashed in fiery explosions on the ground not far from the hospital.  At this point, nothing was able to stop Nina and her bees and wasps....nothing that is, except for the legendary Mexican hero, Aguila de Mexico.

Much like a modern day Zorro, Aguila de Mexico arrived at the hospital, showing respect for the bees, wasps and Nina.  His kindly demeanor towards Nina prevented the bees and wasps from attacking him.  In a polite conversation, Aguila kindly asked Nina to go to a 'new location' where the bees, wasps and people wouldn't hurt one another;  to an uninhabited island off the Mexican coast called Islas San Benitos.  There, the Mexican government would house her in an old lighthouse home and the millions of flowers that lined the shores of the islands would provide the bees and wasps with sustainence.  The Mexican Navy would drop off food shipment and supplies to her on a monthly basis.  Nina agreed, and through a very complex process, was able to get the bees, wasps and Nina moved to Islas San Benitos.  There, Nina was happy in her long as she had her bee and wasp freinds.  Over time, the two lighthouses on the island became the largest beehives in recorded history.  Aguila's solution saved everyone, however, it wasn't long before it all went wrong again.

Recently, at the age of 32, Nina had her first new guest in years.  It was Domingue Juarez, a relative of hers, who'd taken over the derelict "Juarez Honey" business and instead became a mogul in a variety of foods and food goods distribution.  Domingue, although family and a businessman, was also involved with some VERY shady ties in the Mexican drug cartels as well as a very corupt business leader.  Her uncle tried to influence Nina to allow his men to come ashore extract the enormous amounts of honey being stored at the enormous beehives.  Nina, after communing with the bees, agreed, but said only half was to be extracted and that no bees were to be harmed, nor were they to bother the queen bee under any circumstances.  Happily, Domingue brough boatloads of workers and equipment over to the island to extract the several thousands pounds of honey from the ex-lighthouse...all for free.  All was going well until one of the workers lost his footing on the slippery honey-drenched lighthouse stairs and fell, smashing several bees...inclduing the queen bee.  When Nina discovered this, she screamed at


the top of her lungs, ordering the bees and wasps to attack the workers.  Of the thirty workers on the island that day, only two survived. One of the fatally stung workers was a drug lord's cousin.  The drug lord was furious and had Domingue killed. The drug lord then ordered his men to set fire to the island and its enormous beehives, as well as kill the 'strange bee woman'.  That night, the drug lord's men snuck ashore on the island, poured gasoline on the two large hives, and set them on fire.  The men got away. Nina and her bees however, weren't so lucky.  Nina was found a day later by the Mexican Navy (the ones that usually delivered her supplies). They found her with 20% of her body caked in 3rd degree burns, and nearly all of the bees and wasps dead.  After multiple surgeries and skin grafts, Nina awoke a month later screaming in rage, pain and anger.

Her family of bees and wasps had been killed.

Humanity would pay the final price for destroying her bees and her island paradise. 

For a day she sat up in bed in a semi-concious state with her eyes whited out. She was calling for any and all bees and wasps to converg on her location at the Ensanada Naval Base in Baja California.  Millions of bees and wasps descended upon Baja California, killing people along their flightpath by the hundreds.  Aguila de Mexico was brought in to once again resolve the situation, but even he was unable to get even close enough to talk to Nina, and was instead stung multiple times, hospitalized for over a week as a result.  As Nina was about to unleash her bees upon the naval base, a dark figure called Death Master arrived in Nina's hospital room out of thin air...


Death Master, the leader of the legendary assassin guild known as "Death Legion", began talking to Nina, asking her to join his group and help him in killing others that needed killing.  During their conversation, Death Master died several times (resurrected by his alien technology each time) from bee and wasp stings, however, after time, Nina stopped her bees and wasps from stining him to hear what he had to say. Death Master avowed that she and her bees and wasps deserved their peace, and that Death Legion wouild take care of her on her island if she agreed to help them with 'punishing' others with her bees and wasps whenever he needed her to do so.  She agreed, but mentioned the colony's queen was dead as a result of the last attack, and that Nina was now the colony's queen and that she should be treated as a queen would in man's world.  Death Master had an enormous building made for her on her island, including massive bays for the bees and wasps to nest in close to her.  He also had special armor made for her; armor that included kinetic-powered insect wings that she could use to fly with.  With her new island home and a new army of bees and wasps, Nina took the codename of "Swarmstress". To this day, Nina lives on her island, surrounded by close to five millino killer bees and wasps.  She has her own teleportation platform, allowing her to teleport to any of several dozen fixed locations courtesy of Death Legion's teleportation technology.

When called upon, Swarmstress will glady aid Death Legion.  Swarmstress takes great pleasure in killing other humans, however, she has given her bees and wasps an order never to hurt anyone from Death Legion.  As such, Swarmstress in a VERY dangerous woman, with no morals, scruples or convictions, other than towards her enormous colony of bees and wasps...and Death Legion!

Swarmstress is a mutant with the ability to communicate and control bees and wasps for miles away.  With concentration, she can call for bees and wasps over 200 miles away with her thoughts.  Although she has 3rd degree burns of 20% of her body, she is cloaked in a special armor that produces salves and pain medication, as well as accentuates her fighting, agility, strength and endurance two-fold.  She retains excellent protection from any attacks with her armor.  Her gauntlets fire poisonous needles (created by a fellow Death Legionnaire, Crimson Quill) that can inflict a typical nuerotoxin over a period of time to its victoms, killing them within minutes or hours.  She also has a bio-electric stinger, which can fire exceptionally powerful electric blasts from her gauntlets.  her wings allow her to hover and fly up to 60 mph, and are unlimited in range and require no recharge (kinetic engine design).  Her headset allows her to communicate with Death Legion and extend her communication with bees and wasps, without concentration, up to 50 miles away.  her eyes are now a permanent white, and she can now see in the dark as a result.


Terminal Ballistic

Marcus Asterley


An embittered US Army Green Beret, weapons expert, designer and ammunition specialist, Gunnery Sergeant  Asterley had fought in every major conflict around the world for 10 years before he'd finally had enough.  In his last mission, training rebels covertly in Syria, Sergeant Asterley decided he'd had enough of the politics of the military and the world and went out on a killing spree against the Syrian government's military.  After two weeks, he'd drummed up over 150 kills, including four tanks, three chemical weapon launchers, two helicopters and one Syrian Air Force fighter jet.  He was finally captured by his own troops and sent back to the United States for Court Martial, only for the World Court to demand his immediate prosecution before their court.  For the first time in recent history, Sergeant Asterley was turned over to the World Court out of The Hague in the Netherlands, where he was tried for 150 'murders'.  In the kangaroo-court type actions, the courts found him guilty and for their first time ever, sentenced a World Court-created execution.  Marcus was NOT happy with being cast out by the US Military and government and even angrier over the World Court's quick decision.  He wanted revenge against the world...but with his execution days away, there was little he could do...

On the day of his execution, he was able to free himself and broke out of the Danish prison, killing ten guards in the process.  He eventually got within a mile of the Danish border when he was herded and surrounded in an old abandoned windmill.  There, he fought and killed another several policemen, creating and crafting weapons, tools and traps on the fly in the old windmill.  Just as he was about to be tear gassed and assaulted by nearly 100 policemen, the villainous "Death Master" of the assassin guild known as "Death Legion", teleported inside the windmill, urging Marcus to come with him if he wanted to truly take vengence on the world.  With little choice, Marcus agreed and both were teleported to safety to Death Legion's Philadelphia base known as "Death's Door".  There, Marcus was told of what Death Legion was all about and offered him a position as one of their assassins.  Marcus agreed and has since become 'Terminal Ballistic", the most deadly weapons and ammunition designer in the group!

Terminal Ballistic has no super-powers, but has access to an enormous variety of weapons, traps, grenades, armor and other materials that make him a perfect hitman for Death Legion.  He normally sports an excellent-level set of body armor and helmet.  The suit contains an audible filter system that reduces all noises within a foot of the armor-attached device on Marcus. His helmet contains the standard variety of radio and satellite communications equipment, visual enhancment equipmetn allowing 100X vision in normal, infra red, ultraviolet and night vision.  He has a self-contained breathing system, oferring him 2 hours of air. His audio filter system also can filter out up to excellent-level sonic attacks, providing no damage to him or his hearing.  His weapons vary from large machine guns to energy rifles to handguns.  A wide variety of excellent-level grenades are also used to include, fregmentary, smoke, flash-bang and remote detonation exploisve grenades.  He has several craft to include a custom armored and weaponized HumVee, two attack helicopters, an F-35 Lightning II fighter and a customized energy-blasting tank. He has many safe houses, identities and secret stashes of weapons throughout the world.  He has a remarkable skill in designing rifles, cannons, handguns and special use weapons, as well as a variety of deadly ammunition.  He can create any type of hand held weapon and its required ammunition, which his skills have been of great use with Death Legion. His tenacity is 2nd to none; once there is a mark/contract out on you, he will not stop until you are dead - no matter the cost.





Viniento "Vinny" Cerante


Vinny was originally an abandoned baby found naked in the center of a large charred crop circle in Crete.  He was placed in a boy's home, until age 13.  When he was 13, the boy's home burned to the ground, killing over 100 other children and staff; Vinny was micrculously the only one to survive the fire. After temporarily placing him in a catholic boy's home, run by the church, months later, the church and the Catholic Boys Home was also burned to the ground, this time, though, Vinny was not to be found.  In investigations, it was later identified that one of the priests had been abusing the boys in the Catholic Boys Home, and that the priest's apartment was the epicenter of the fire at the Catholic Church.  Vinny was the one who created the two fires; Vinny was also a young teen with powers; the powers of extreme heat.

Vinny lived on the street, begging and working odd jobs for the next few years.  Unsure of what he was (and to this day, no one can say whether he was alien or mutant), Vinny's skin eventually started turning orange the more he used his powers.This scared the local populace, and as such, was labelled a 'demon'.  One day, after working an odd job in construction on Crete, the locals broke into a fight saying all 'orange-skinned' demons should be cast back into Hell; during the bar fight, Vinny exploded with heat, catching everything to fire all around him.  He also started melting the rocky floor beneath the, creating molten lava all around the bar.  He'd then erupt in a massive heaat surge and cause teh building and adjacent molten ground to explode like a volcano.  Three dozen people died that day.  Vinny got away and eventually made his way to a small island in the Mediterranean Sea located west of Naples, Itanly called Capri. There, he took on a welding job under a different name using makeup to hide his orange skin. During this period, he learned to hone his powers, much as he did with his welding skills.  After awhile, he was able to weld without a welding torch.  He started earning a good living and even met a beautiful Capri island girl that was also a model.  All was going well until he showed her his true 'colors' and unveiled his orange skin.  Screaming in horror, he tried to calm her down, only to have local police intervene.  While holding her arm, trying to explain who/what he was, the police attempted to shoot Vinny; Vinney unthinkingly, 'heated up' while still holding his girlfriend's arm; she lost her arm as it eploded in his fiery grip.  She ran away in shock calling him a 'monster'.  The police kept firing only for the bullets to melt before they got to him.  That's when he ran to the top of Capri, an area known at Anacapri, located a couple kilomters and above the city of Capri.  Once atop the mountain that ANacapri was upon, Vinny had enough.  He was tired of the bigotry and responses; tired of his life going wrong; tired to people fearing him, and now, after burning his only girlfriend's arm off, Vinny decided to end it all and fire up his heat generation to take himself out....and the island of Capri in the process.  Just as Vinny was about to peak and blow up the island in a molten rock explosion, the European hero (and currently a member of GUARD's "Terraguardians"), Madame Salvo was able to fire off a titanium bullet using a high velocity sniper rifle to wound and knock out Vinny.  Vinny was captured, treated and drugged prior to being thrown into a stone prison off the Italian coast.

A few years ago, Vinny was awakened by Death Master, the leader of the assassination guild known as "Death Legion".  Death Master offered a proposition to Vinny.  They 'd ensure that his younger brother was safe and would allow Vinny freedom from his cell, however, Death master wanted to use Vinny for several 'marks' or kill contracts that required his special powers.  With little to lose, Vinny agreed.  Since then, he was been a dedicated and vocal contributor to Death Legion and its troop of assassins.  He considers Death LEgion to be his new family, and will fight to the bitter end for them, but will rarely place the Legion's personnel in any form of jeopardy, after all, what prison couild hope to hold him, knowing that Death Master would easily find a way to teleport him out of the prison that might conceivably contain him?  To this day, the man who was once Vinny is now "Vesuvius"!

Vesuvius has the power to super-heat his body and receive no physical or energy damage as a result.  His costume was specially created to handle the extreme heat.  He can control his temperature and generate up to 2000 degrees F, melting most if not all rock and materials around and under him.  Lately, he's learned to control the heat in various parts of his body, charging to 2000 degrees F around his hands, but only150 degrees F at his feet.  Regardless this incredible power allows his to turn on or off by mentally thinking of it.  He can create a fiery sheathe around himself, providing remarkable protections from most attacks.  He can also rapidly cool and reheat rock surfaces to prompt the rock to turn into a pyroplastic display of projecting molten fireballs and gas.  He can control the heating of his body, but cannot directly heat up something meters away; he has to be in phsyical contact to do that, or generate his heat sheathe to hyper-heat his surrounding air or water. When doing this with water, he can flash boil the water into superheated steam, creating up to remarkable steam damage to unprotected people. 

If Vesuvius hasn't used his powers in over a week, his orange skin will begin to fade back into a fleshy, Mediterranean olive-skinned color, however, these days, as soon as he uses his powers, his orange skin color comes right back.



Kizwansi Torbuka


Kizwansi was an African sound systems engineer for a large African science research company in South Africa.  There,Kizwansi, through his own discovery, identified a unique South African crystal with a lattice structure with properties that allowed for exiting sonic energy from the crystal to be amplified nearly a thousandfold when aimed at a particular refracted facet and crystal thickness.  He spent over 5 years experimenting and engineering the process, working 15 hour days and sacrificing his marriage and children as a result of his obsessive work practices.  Over time, Kizwansi had worked so closely with the sonic resonations and amplitudes that it started to affect him mind.  He started getting paranoid, believing that his fellow researchers and engineers wanted to take his work away from him.  At the five year mark, he finally snapped when one of the professors told him to go, relax and take a vacation; to Kizwansi, he translated that in his soncially damaged mind that they were going to steal his work while he was on vacation and fire him.  Kizwansi attacked the professor with t mobile version of the crystal-audio interface neofacet equipment (CAINE) Gauntlet he'd devised.  The exploding noise that emanated from the CAINE gauntlet blasted out the side of the 3rd story lab and liquified the professor.  Kizwansi, smug in his belief that the damage and the professor's death was 'justified', walked out of the research company, blasting anyone who tried to stop him.  He took a backpack with all his research, parts and crystals with him. Nonetheless to say, Kizwansi became a hunted man.

Hours later the police surrounded his home several miles from the company.  Adjusting the frequencies, Kizwansi was able to create a sonic resonance that enacted as a sonic barrier, preventing the hail of bullets fired by the police from getting to Kizwansi.  He then stepped onto his front porch and started blasting the cops and the police cars, decimating and liquifying them each time.  After 15 minutes of this, the power supply on his CAINE Gauntlet failed and Kizwansi was shot twice, with another couple of bullets damaging the gauntlet.

Kizwansi was taken to a prison hospital where he was treated for his wounds.  After several weeks in recovery, he was questioned by the police detectives.  At this point, they considered Kizwansi to be insane and carted him off to a venerable old psychiatric ward outside of Pretoria, South Africa.  Weeks into his stay, he was visited by a mysterious black-armored man - Death Master of the assassins guild known as "Death Legion".  Death Master asked where Kizwansi hid the backpack of equipment and info, since Death Master himself had already stolen the CAINE Gauntlet, but couldn't get it to work.  Kizwansi laughed a devilish laugh and told Death Master that he'd never tell anyone.  All Kizwansi wanted to do was continue on his work and be leeft alone...and kill anyone who would try to stop him.  Death Master then told Kizwansi that he'd provide such an opportunity...and even allow for Kizwansi to routinely 'field test' his guantlet(s) on contacted kills that he'd set up for Kizwansi to perform.  He also said he'd give him his own lab and privacy to continue his work.  Kizwansi agreed, but warned that if anyone tried to steal his work he'd kill them.  Kizwansi was teleported to where he'd hidden his backpack of notes and equipment and then was brought to Death Legion's hidden base located outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  

Now, "Professor" Torbuka, as he likes to be called now, has also taken on a new codename: the dangerous sonic weapons master known as "Vuvuzela", based on the same sound that his gauntlet makes when in goes off.  Today, he has modified and repaired his CAINE Gauntlets (two now) to decrease the level of damage, so as not to liquify everything.  He's improved the power source and through Death Legion's infinite materials and equipment in its labs, Kizwansi is indeed the happiest he's ever been in his new lab.  When Death Master does call on him for a contract killing, Kizwansi is more than happy to go into the field and 'test' his latest modifications on his CAINE Gauntlets as the psychotic "Vuvuzela".

Vuvuzela is a normal human, in fair physical condition, who wears a good quality body armor and helmet to protect him from standard small arms and rifle fire.  His CAINE Gauntlets can amplify sound up to an amazing level, or as low as a feeble sound that only dogs can hear.  His gauntlets can blast sound waves in remarkable wide area damage or amazingly tight beams.  In wide or coned areas, the range in 50 yards; as a tight beam, up to 200 yards.  he can also created an excellent sonic shield that can encapsulate and shield him and anyone within six feet of himself.  It can also be used as a stun device that sends out a powerfully exceptional pulse of sound, causing any normal person within 200 yards to black out from the sonic effects. Kizwansi is HIGHLY unstable and is currently psychotic and delusional.  All efforts to reason with him usually end in failure, except for Death Master who seems to understand delusional, psychotic minds.