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 History of Death Legion

Death Legion's history is a long convoluted and sad story.

Back in 1805, when America was starting to grow as a nation, Britain formed a secret assassin organization to find ways to 'get back' at America; it was dubbed "The Death Legion".  

This 'legion' was a conglomerate of hired killers, occult assassins, and professional mercenaries, whose sole purpose was to 'stage' or 'create' circumstances that led to a government official or presidential assassination. At each instance, they left a "Death" Tarot Card to show the assassination was by Death Legion. As forensic science and fingerprinting became more useful, the use of the "Death" Tarot Card was disbanded.

In 1813, the organization attempted its first high level assassination by poisoning James Madison; President Madison pulled through, making Britain VERY unhappy with the Legion.

As the years went by 'unfortunate' accidents happened to congressmen and senators alike throughout the country.  Most of these deaths were ruled as accidents or 'acts of God'; instead, it was the Death Legion.

By the mid 1800s, Britain forgot about them and aborted the Death Legion, burning all correspondence and documentation relating to their relationship, thus claiming there was no such link or tie to them.  Death Legion was told to disband.  Strangely enough, an assassination attempt was made against the Speaker of the House of Commons; it succeeded.

Now, on their own, they instead became a loose knit band of generation to generation killers and murderers.  One individual codenamed "Death's Shadow" recruited a mind-controlling mystic to get John Wilkes Booth to assassinate President Lincoln.  "Death's Shadow" was soon voted as the new leader of the Death Legion.

Within several years, Death Legion became a dangerous and powerful organization.  Using Civil War veterans, they created armies of disenchanted thugs to do their bidding; creating riots, lynchings, hangings, you name it.  If someone needed someone dead, the job went to Death Legion..

After racking up more presidential kills of Garfield and McKinley, "Death's Shadow" retired a wealthy man.  His successor was simply codenamed "Political Death". Using politics and subversion, instead of using knives, poisons and guns to kill, he created political situations that would create enough anarchy for the need for MORE services from Death Legion.  Even the munitions and gun manufacturers paid them to create issues that would demand more of their weapons.

Finally, at a ripe old age, "Political Death" took a holiday, and strangely enough, died on the first day of his retirement.  His replacement, "Global Death". Using the same tactics, but at the international level, he helped create WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.  His actions resounded in billions of dollars of profit. Then, they did it - they finally bit off more than they could chew; the Kennedy Assassination.

Using mind control over a several hour period, a Death Legion member forced Oswald to shoot Kennedy, and then, eventually, Jack Ruby to shoot Oswald as he was loosing his mental grip on Oswald (and prison walls were too thick to use mental powers through).  As a result, dozens of classified and secret superhero groups and organizations were brought in to find who was responsible.  The manhunt took the heroes to the Death Legion's lair, nicknamed "Death's Door", where several hundred legionnaires fought the heroes...and lost.  Nearly every member of Death Legion was arrested or killed in action (KIA); as a result, Death Legion became defunct overnight.

The Legion remained abandoned until that fateful day in 2007 when a schizophrenic mercenary (a poor one too) was told of the old Death Legion lair in Philadelphia, and that he might find something of value there.  He didn't find anything but an old tunic worn by the original "Death's Shadow".  He took this and reinstated the rumor that Death Legion was back in action, calling himself "Death Master".  He was soon pommeled with work; such to the fact that he 'died' a lot (thankful for alien regeneration technology). Eventually he brought in more mercs, but this time, he also brought in meta-humans, gangs, mages, aliens, and even....(gasp)

To this day, the Death Legion continues to grow, and with it, its ambitious agenda.  Now, each assassination conducted by Death Legion is identified with a black rose left at the site of the murder or where the sniper or assassin stayed. 

 If Death Legion follows it's predecessor's agenda...


Death Master

Marcus Malone


Born in Queens, New York, the son of a gun shop owner and distributor, Marcus grew up initially in abject poverty.  By the time he was 10, his father (mother died at child birth) suddenly came into money, where they were able to move into a very upscale apartment in downtown Manhattan.  By age 12, Marcus had become a highly proficient marksman in his own right, thanks to his father taking him out the the gun range five times a week.  While there at the gun range, he noticed that his father 'talked' to lots of people there, constantly handing them keys or packages.  Marcus later found out his father was dealing guns, rifles, machine guns and ammunition to several gangs and villainous groups, all under the table secretly.  At age 15, the Feds arrived at their Manhattan apartment and took his father into custody for illegal firearms dealing.  His father got a 30 year sentence. Marcus was placed into foster care, where he was abused and beaten routinely, until by age 17, he killed his foster parents, their friends and the other foster kids and ran away.

Over the next few years, he was able to get work as a hit-man for a variety of gangs, all of which usually got defeated or jailed rather quickly by super-heroes and/or local police.  Although an awkward young man, his marksmanship skills were exceptional.  Eventually, he started working for the Solano crime family until he got shot during a gang war with the Marconi family. After that, he signed up with a multi-regional crime cartel known as CANIS, where for the next 5 years, he acted as a one of their Omega troops and rose to become a Tribune Lieutenant of the eastern United States faction codenamed as "Wolf Pack". After a huge super-hero take down of the "Wolf Pack", Marcus was once again jobless.  During this time, he wandered cities and towns getting hired for random 'hit-man' type jobs...until one day he discovered the hideout of a defunct mercenary group once called "The Death Legion".

While performing a contracted 'hit' on a local business man in Philadelphia, Marcus ran into an old man who was also contracted to perform a 'hit' on the same person.  The two fought, and in the end the old man won, but just barely.  The old man was once a Lieutenant in the now-defunct "Death Legion" mercenary guild, and as such, was considered to be a legendary assassin back in his day before super-groups invaded the old "Death's Door" HQ. The heroes shutdown the legion's operations, killing and/or jailing the nearly all of the legionnaires, with the exception of several mercs that escaped during the fight.  The old man was one of those that got away.  Regardless, the old man saw something in Marcus that reminded him of his younger self and began teaching Marcus how to be the best mercenary ever.  Years later, Marcus, with his newly trained skills, began to do his own contracts, eventually taking out up to 40 marks a year. At age 28, Marcus was considered to be a well renown 'solo' mercenary That same year, , however, the old man that trained him, was dying.  On his death bed, the old man mentioned to Marcus about the location of the old "Death's Door" Death Legion HQ and that maybe, after all these years, he might find something useful there to help him continue in his career.  Rather that die a slow painful death in the hospital, Marcus killed the old man with an execution shot to the head and left for "Death's Door".

After days of searching for the secret entrance to Death's Door, located underground and just outside of Philadelphia, Marcus finally found the secret passage to the old dilapidated HQ.  There, the place had been stripped of everything; all that was left were chairs, tables, desks and wires hanging from broken ceiling conduits. and a new Coleman lanterns.  Over the next few days, Marcus mapped out and investigated the enormous underground facility (was originally made a a nuclear bomb shelter for Philadelphia's rich and famous), and to his surprise, found a secret room where the previous heads of Death Legion resided out of.  There, Marcus discovered hundreds of weapons and thousands of caches of ammunition, electronic weapons, and even an old reel-to-reel computer.  After some tinkering, he was able to get the enormous computer to work.  On the computer was all the data of Death Legion's operatives and mercenaries, their kill records, potential 'marks' that had been killed and some that were never gotten around to, as well as the history of Death Legion and everything this assassin guild had since ints inception after the American Revolutionary War.  it was a true treasure trove of info...and power.  Over the next year, Marcus rebuilt the base into a functional, modern facility, using caches of contract money, over 35 million dollars worth, found in a safe in the secret room.  While there, Marcus began to identify with the previous leaders of Death Legion, and found an old cloak and hood that one of the original Death Legion leaders used to wear; the cloak of "Death's Shadow".  Taking the cloak and using a unique set of armor and adapting several powerful components to the armor, Marcus took on the title of "Death Master" and started spreading the work that Death Legion was once again 'open for business".

Within weeks, some of the old guard came back to Death Legion and started providing training to a new younger band of mercenaries.  Super-powered villains arrived and signed up, making Death Legion, once again, a serious threat to any and all on their hit list.  A year later, Death Legion started taking new contracts, and with the Legion's previous reputation, they quickly amassed thousands of clients...and marks.  Over the next few years, "Death Master", as Marcus now called himself, led the new legion with a business-like style, but also with the demeanor of a psychopath.  If anyone crossed him, they'd be dead within an hour's time.  Marcus started using a new calling card for all of Death Legion's new 'victims': a black rose.  When a mark was killed by a Death Legion assassin, a black rose was left on the body, identifying that Death Legion was the one who killed the mark.

Since then, Death Legion has grown to legendary status.  The  old entrance to the base was caved in and an elaborate 'teleportation' system was set up to gain access to the majority of the cut-off base, thus preventing the authorities from discovering the base's use.  One of Death Legion's top hackers was able to 'change' the info about the location and size of the old Death Legion HQ so no one would be the wiser that they were operating mere feet from the collapsed entrance of the original "Death's Door" entry.

Today, Marcus as "Death Master" leads the latest incarnation of Death Legion.  His hundreds of new assassins and mercenaries, coupled with his dozen or so super-powered villains have made him a force to be reckoned with...and a VERY wealthy man.  It remains to be seen what Death Master's next 'big' move will be, but if he even attempts to perform a fraction of the previous death Legion incarnation's bold murders, the world may be shortened by quite a few presidents, prime ministers and ambassadors.

Death Master is a normal human with high-tech armor and weapons. His armor provides amazing protection against any and all forms of attack and damage, including psychic.  He retains a teleportation device that can teleport him to one of five dozen safe houses and bases around the world, courtesy of an unused yet hacked Soviet satellite. Amidst the Death Door secret room, Marcus also found a 'regeneration and resurrection' alien device, thus allowing Marcus, as Death Master, to not only heal rapidly from any wounds received, but if killed, can be resurrected.  He maintains an incredibly large variety of weapons, traps and electronic devices.  His most used weapons are his gauntlet blasters, his jet boots (700mph @ range of 500 miles), and his remarkable mini-rocket launchers.  He has developed a uniquely amazing energy sniper rifle with a range of nearly a mile.  His suit is a self-contained enclosed suit capable of operating in a vacuum or up to 3000 psi of pressure.  He has enough internal rations for up to five days. His helmet contains all the latest communications, Heads-Up Displays, targeting systems, internet access and a variety of sensors and visual modes (to include x-ray vision).


MDUverse Info

CoHverse: Created on CoH MMORPG in Triumph Server by Death-Master on 19 February 2007.

MDUverse: Originally created by the British monarchy (in secrecy) on 1 May 1805; the British monarchy and Parliament dissolved it on 1 May 1845, however Death Legion continued under independent operations from there on until it was destroyed on 21 December 1963 by a massive superhero, military and police raid after JFK's assassination.  It was restarted by Death Master on 19 February 2007 and is in full operation today.