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Dark Overlord Villains

Akuma Garu

Kurio Tashima (now controlled by a Japanese ‘Bakeneko’ demon)


Kurio Tashima, once an ordinary, everyday Japanese schoolgirl, is now freely possessed by a dark demonic creature (that likes to sit on Kurio’s shoulder) that manipulates her for its own dark purposes.

One day, after an early evening sports event in Kashima, Japan, Kurio was walking home with her friends and her little sister, Kiri.  When Kiri saw what she thought was a fat cat running into an old haunted temple,  Kiri chased the 'cat', with Kurio and her friends trying to catch up to her.

In the temple, they found the 'cat' to instead be a cat-like demonic creature that violently clawed Kurio's two friends to death. As the demon was about to kill Kiri, Kurio begged and pleaded with the demon to spare her sister and instead, kill her. Instead, the demon made a pact with Kurio, demanding Kurio to allow it to possess her until 'it was done with its work'. Kurio reluctantly agreed, sparing her little sister's life. As a side note, ironically, Kiri died a slow, agonizing death resulting from a car accident only a few weeks after Kurio was possessed.  

Over the next few months, the demon-possessed Kurio hunted down and destroyed shrines and member of benevolent mystical orders throughout the Japanese islands.  One of the few remaining Japanese mystics confronted and defeated the possessed Kurio by separating the two in magical traps.  This effort killed the mystic, however the entrapped Kurio was now left in a coma-like state and the vile cat-like demon in a caged frenzy. In a quickly arranged deal prior to his death, the mystic had GUARD take custody of Kurio and the demon once they were captured.


The comatose Kurio and the demon were sent by GUARD to the United States for study by the mystical superhero American Warder of the American Patrol super-group.  While in custody at the American Patrol’s base in Texas, the comatose Kurio awoke and freed the demon from its trap.  In a violent and deadly battle, the demon-possessed Kurio (now codenamed Project “Akuma Garu” by GUARD) escaped and went into hiding in the hovels of the Houston, Texas slums.  While in hiding, Akuma Garu learned enough English to be able to communicate and speak through Kurio to gain food and shelter, killing any that threatened their survival.

A few years ago, a cultist from the villainous Dark Overlords villain-group discovered Akuma Garu’s location and brought them to Philadelphia where, at their base of operations known as “The Crypt”, Akuma Garu met the Dimension of Exile ruler, Lord Stygian, the demonic leader of the Dark Overlords.  Through an inter-dimensional communications portal, Lord Stygian tasked Akuma Garu, testing its loyalty and willingness to become one of his Dark Overlords.  After passing Stygian’s tests, Akuma Garu was sworn to obedience as a one of Lord Stygian’s Dark Overlord Avant Guard, promising Japan and the lands encircling the Sea of Japan to Akuma Garu as reward for its obedience…once Lord Stygian was aided in returning to Earth and making it his own living Hell.

Today, Kurio, still under the control of the now categorized Japanese “Bakeneko” demon, aids in searching for the remaining artifacts needed to open the portal between the Dimension of Exile and Earth, thus bringing Lord Stygian and his millions of demons to Earth.  Although the Bakeneko demon is cautious about Lord Stygian’s offer, regardless of the Lord Stygian’s intended demon invasion, the Bekeneko has been performing spells and empowering itself with unique enchantments, allowing itself to not only possess more humans, but to also possess ‘other’ demons…such as those purportedly being led by Lord Stygian.  If the demonic invasion does occur, Akuma Garu may indeed be positioned to take Lord Stygian’s army right out from under him and rule the demon army for its own malicious purposes...

Akuma Garu is a small, 2 foot long, black and white fat, cat-like demon with an evil grin (think Alice in Wonderland’s ‘Cheshire Cat’ grin) that has the (current) ability to fully possess one human at a time, or partially control up to three humans for only hours at a time.  It channels its arcane powers through a host, or ‘possessed’ body (since its body can’t survive the raw effects of the stressful use of its dark powers), performing incredible arcane feats, ranging from eldritch blasts and shields, entrapments, whips, flight, invisibility and darkness control, just to name a few of the more frequently used powers. The demon’s cat-like body is incredibly fast in speed, and between its stealthy demeanor, razor-sharp claws and teeth, and its ability to see in the darkest of night, it, by itself, is a serious danger unto itself. While possessed, the host’s eyes will change to a glowing orange state, with a faint orange-hued aura about the host’s body.  It is currently learning to control hundreds, if not thousands of humans and/or demons, all at one time, but in its attempts to do so, the strain has nearly killed Kurio and the Bakeneko demon itself.
While it searches for Lord Stygian’s five remaining artifacts needed to open the portal to the Dimension of Exile, Akuma Garu also searches for other artifacts it may need to expand its own powers.


LeRoy Laurence


A Haitian Dark Voodoo Hogun, LeRoy (meaning 'The King') practiced a very dark form of voodoo - human sacrifice. In Haiti, he was a feared Hogun. Criminal elements would seek him out when they wanted someone 'taken out' or to disappear.  For two decades, LeRoy ruled his corner of the dark voodoo trade like a kingpin...that is, until Hurricane Katrina arrived in Haiti.

The hurricane obliterated the Haitian island, destroying homes, buildings and roads, killing thousands of people.  LeRoy, in a mad scramble to haul his hundreds of pounds of rare and unique potions and ingredients, was ripped from his residence and whipped into the storm’s fury, eventually tossing him out into the open Caribbean Sea, where he clung to floating debris before he passed out from his wounds.  Days later, the United States Navy, assisting in the hurricane recovery, found LeRoy amidst the floating debris off the Haitian coast.  They brought him aboard their hospital ship, where his immediate injuries were treated, however, due to his head injury, he required surgery that the hospital ship could not provide.  He was evacuated via helicopter to the only state not overwhelmed with hurricane relief efforts, yet capable of performing the required surgery – Kentucky. 

After several successful surgeries to relieve the pressure on LeRoy’s brain, he awoke in a Louisville, Kentucky intensive care ward, adorned with hundreds of flowers from locals trying to show support for LeRoy, their only resident hurricane victim.  Stunned at his location, settings and condition, LeRoy was met by a fellow man of voodoo; a ‘Hogun’ (a white-magic Voodoo practitioner) named Mogambo Bindula.  Mogambo, who was born in Freetown, Liberia, had lived in Haiti for several years before he gained his doctor’s license and moved to Louisiana and eventually Kentucky.  Mogambo was brought in when LeRoy’s doctors denoted LeRoy’s voodoo tattoos and wanted to have someone there when LeRoy awoke to explain things and assure him not to be fearful.  LeRoy, however, was far from being fearful; he was livid over being taken from his home in Haiti and treated by the ‘white man’s’ medical practivies.   Mogambo assured LeRoy that if it wasn’t for the ‘white man’s’ practices, LeRoy would not be alive today.  After calming down, LeRoy feigned sleep to instead plot what he needed to do next. Once Mogambo left, he realized he was penniless in a land of money, and trapped in a land he had no clue how to navigate, nonetheless fit into.  He decided to plot a way to play into Mogambo’s good graces and bide his time to find a way to get home, even if he had to kill everyone who got in his way.

Once able to leave the hospital, Mogambo invited LeRoy to stay at his home with his wife and four children.  Mogambo, a practicing physician at the Louisville Memorial Hospital, dabbled in an online ‘voodoo’ practice with his wife, aiding their clientele in love potions, ‘paths to success’ spells, and voodoo remedies for those terminally ill patients looking for other forms of remedies.  During his stay at Mogambo’s, LeRoy regained his strength and began to learn what had transpired in his own country, Haiti, after the hurricane.  Using the internet for the first time, LeRoy discovered his home and property had been turned into a refugee camp where thousands of Haitian hurricane victims were now squatting – on HIS property.  Angered, LeRoy fomented a plan to get back to Haiti and make the squatters pay for their audacity.

Within a year's time, LeRoy had accumulated enough funds from the Kentucky locals (putting on a cheery, yet creepy smile, to those that donated their funds) through online and TV interviews and charity drives organized by Mogambo and his family. When all was done, Mogambo and his family insisted to fly back with LeRoy to Haiti (much to LeRoy’s chagrin; he wanted to fly back on his own).  Once there, Mogambo surprised LeRoy with TV interviewers and cameramen who wanted to record LeRoy’s return home for a Kentucky TV station.  Irritated yet unwilling to create a scene, he allowed them to record his journey home; with any luck, they’d record the results of his plans for those squatters and let the world know that LeRoy was a force not to be trifled with.

The next day, LeRoy, Mogambo, Mogambo’s family and the TV crew arrived at LeRoy’s overrun estate.  Using every ounce of control, LeRoy greeted the squatters, telling them he was ‘happy’ to help those in need of his property.  LeRoy walked around his property not to greet the squatters, but instead to ensure his hidden supplies of voodoo ingredients were undiscovered.  Out of twenty secret stashes, only several survived the storm and squatters invasion.  Denoting their location and condition, he told Mogambo it was ‘too emotional’ for him, and that he’d rather take time for himself overnight on his property and rejoin Mogambo and the TV crew the next morning.  Mogambo and the TV crew acquiesced, and left, leaving LeRoy to his own unhindered malicious machinations.

The next morning, LeRoy wanted to use the remainder of his Kentucky charity funds to provide a feast for the squatters.  Engaging the squatters, he got dozens of volunteers to help cook the feast for the squatters.  Later that night, after everyone had eaten their fill, LeRoy requested for a toast, using his own ‘special java juice’ his mother once taught him to make.  LeRoy demanded that no one drink the toast until he said so, showing ‘unity’ in overcoming the disaster. During the toast, LeRoy eerily mentioned that ‘those that won against the hurricane’s death may have to face death once again, sooner rather than later’.  At that point, in unison, all the squatters drank his special java juice.

His ‘special java juice’ was poison.

Thousands of squatters began to die, as did the TV crew (cameras were set up and rolling, recording the entire event) and Mogambo’s family.  Mogambo, realizing what was happening, inducing himself to vomit the poisonous contents, and attempt to do the same for his family; Mogambo, rather than die that day, passed out, while his family died at his side.

As the squatters and LeRoy’s acquaintances died around him, LeRoy cackled a vicious and evil laugh, cursing them and stating that they would soon be ‘serving him’ for their crime of squatting on his lands. Relief workers found the bodies later that night with LeRoy sitting in the middle of the circle of the dead, performing a voodoo ritual.  When the police arrived later that night, LeRoy gave up without a fight and was taken into custody.

By morning, the Kentucky TV crew’s footage was seen around the world, with LeRoy now considered the greatest ‘mass murderer’ of the 21st century.  The thousands of bodies were buried in a mass grave within days, while the bodies of the Kentucky TV crew, Mogambo’s wife and children’s were taken back to Kentucky and buried there. Out of all the dead, only one person survived LeRoy’s murderous revenge – Mogambo Bindula. Mogambo was found to be in a coma and was taken back to Kentucky for treatment.

LeRoy never spoke again until the day of his trial, when, during sentencing, he said that his revenge was far from complete and that his “Loa” (voodoo god) would claim the souls of even more from this night forward.

That night, those thousands of souls that were fed and poisoned by LeRoy came back to life – as zombies.

That gruesome night resulted in hundreds of deaths as the zombies, hungry for flesh, attacked and ate their victims.  LeRoy was ordered to cancel the spell on penalty of death, for which LeRoy agreed to only if the authorities released him.  Minutes later, LeRoy was taken from prison back to his property where he said he’d need his voodoo ingredients there to counter the spell.  Instead, LeRoy lied to the authorities and instead got them sick with a poisonous powder.

Now LeRoy was free, back on his property, and in control of thousands of zombies.

Over the next week or so, the police and military tried to stop the throngs of zombies, however, LeRoy used his dark voodoo magics to increase his hordes by hundreds more, drawing dead bodies from graveyards all across Haiti.  Even when the United States tried to help, an entire Seal Team was accosted and turned into zombies.  Haiti soon became a quarantined land.  Walls went up between the Dominican Republic and Haiti, only for thousands of new zombies on the Dominican Republic side to rise and add more zombies to their ranks.  All hope was gone for those that remained in the quarantined Haiti and the Dominican Republic, now renamed “Zombie Island” by the media.  All hope…except for Mogombo Bindula, who was now awake from his coma…as a half undead, half alive man.

Mogambo, still in control of his faculties, wept over the loss of his family and vowed to help stop the monster that was LeRoy.  A Mystiguard representative from the international protection force known as GUARD worked a plan with Mogambo to stop LeRoy.  It was a dangerous one, but the only plan anyone was able to pull off without further casualties.

Mogambo was flown back to Haiti.  There he was released into the zombie infestation zone where the other zombies considered him as one of their own and didn’t try and stop him.  After miles of walking, Mogambo arrived at LeRoy’s compound.  Mogambo was armed with several weapons and mystical tools needed to stop LeRoy and end the zombie plague, however, before the zombies could be stopped, LeRoy had to be killed first. Mogambo advanced on LeRoy as LeRoy was performing yet another zombie-raising ritual.  In the middle of the ritual, Mogambo, rather than go with GUARD’s plan, overcome with rage and anger, leapt at LeRoy, cursing him to Hell.  LeRoy was knocked into the middle of the ritual fire, where several smoky pots surrounding the fire exploded into tendrils of dark energy.  Mogambo was able to scurry free of the tendrils, but not before he saw LeRoy, screaming in the center of the ritual fire, turn into a zombie right before him.  All the zombies surrounding the compound (as well as the rest of the island) fell to the ground as lifeless corpses.  LeRoy, on the other hand, stood up in the center of the fire, cursing at Mogambo, stating that he’d interrupted the ritual at the worst moment, and that now LeRoy was a living zombie.  The only benefit for LeRoy was that he was now fused with his Loa’s dark energies.  In a pitched battle with Mogambo using Mystiguard’s arcane weapons, guns, and knives against LeRoy, while LeRoy used dark energy blasts and magics, Mogambo finally got the upper hand in the fight and was able to enshroud LeRoy in one of Mystiguard’s counter-magic nets, negating LeRoy’s voodoo magics and dark powers, albeit temporarily. LeRoy was captured and all zombies across Haiti and the Dominican Republic were officially ‘dead’, yet Mogambo was still in his new state as a living, cognizant zombie.

Mystiguard hauled LeRoy away and placed him in one of Aeroguard’s Sky Prisons, keeping him far away from any dead bodies that he’d be able to reanimate.  Mogambo was asked to join Mystiguard, but declined.  His current location and status is unknown.


After properly burying the Haitian and Dominican zombie corpses (and exorcising their tint of dark voodoo magics), Haiti’s quarantine was lifted, but the island remains forever scarred when it was nothing more than a “Zombie Island”; tourism and business left the island and it has since begun to fall into a land of disrepair and economic despair. 

As part of GUARD's obsession with renaming prisoners or events with codenames, LeRoy was placed into Project: Bokor; the mystical study of zombies and reanimated bodies.  LeRoy was actually pleased with the project’s name and started calling himself ‘Bokor’ as a result.

Bokor’s actions drew the attention of the sinister Dark Overlords.  The Dark Overlord’s leader, Lord Stygian, wanted a means by which one could ‘reanimate’ any of the demons in his otherworldly army that might die in combat; Bokor had the knowledge to perform this, and tasked several of their cultists to perform suicide runs of the Sky Prison to release Bokor.  Their initial attempt failed, however, the dead bodies of the cultists were resurrected by Bokor and used to take over the Sky Prison, releasing dozens of dangerous super-villains and allowing Bokor to meet Lord Stygian.


After a few days of testing, Bokor became a Dark Overlord and was taken to the swamps of Louisiana, where Bokor set up a base of operations deep in the murky swamps, complete with a magical portal to the Dark Overlords base called “The Crypt” located in Pennsylvania.

Bokor has the means to create thousands upon thousands of zombies, however, he is usually only surrounded by 3-5 at any given time.  He cannot die other than through very powerful white or dark magic ritual spells, those that require hours of preparation and ceremony by highly practiced hoguns, mages and witches.  Bokor also has new powers, thanks to his Loa, based on dark energies, allowing Bokor to project remarkable dark energy  blasts, tendrils for immobilization, and even dark energy ‘creatures’ that perform his will for several minutes before they fade out or are exposed to solar radiation. 

As a footnote, one mystery still remains related to Bokor; the Kentucky graves of Mogambo’s family and those of the Kentucky TV crew that died in Haiti were found disturbed with the bodies missing from their gravesites.  This was reported hours after LeRoy’s first zombie night.  Their bodies have yet to be found…


Brian ?


A motorcycle gang member, who was admitted as a "John Doe" to an Albany, New York hospital's burn unit, has since become the horrific creature known as 'Brierfire".

In 2012, The Albany District Hospital admitted a man found under a highway overpass with 3rd degree burns across 70% of his body.  What partially charred few clothes left identified the twenty-something year old man as a member from the local 'Fire Angels' motorcycle gang.  Even though the doctors did everything they could, they didn’t expect him to live. The man was left in a recovery ward, where they pumped him full of morphine to make his last few hours on Earth as painless as possible.  When the nurse went in to check on him, she found the fifth story window open and the burn victim gone.

Forward to 2013.

In a string of robberies and arson at museums and churches up and down the US east coast, a variety of religious artifacts were discovered to have been stolen prior to the fires.  No one was able to find any accelerant that would have fueled the fires. Instead the investigators found only burnt footsteps in the tiles or flooring leading up to stolen item locations. One witness in Virginia stated they saw a being - the “devil himself”, fly from one of the churches as it went up in flames. 

That being was Brierfire.

Back in 2012, the day “John Doe” was reported in the newspaper as being admitted to the Albany hospital, a handful of mages from the villainous arcane magic group known as Arcanus, entered the victim’s hospital room through his fifth floor window and took him to one of their nearby secretive underground temples.  There, they turned "John Doe" into a winged creature with sharp spines across his charred, fiery body. The mages had done this same action in the past remaking bums and destitute people into mystically created creatures they can control.  During the transformation, however, “John Doe” broke loose from its bonds just as the ‘controlling’ spell was about to be cast.  It killed several of the Arcanus mages before it escaped and fly off into the night.

For the next few weeks in 2012, people from all around Albany and upper state New York reported dozens of deaths of “Fire Angel” biker gang members, all from fire, dagger-like or a combination thereof type wounds.  A couple of the victims, prior to their death, said they were attacked by ‘the devil’ itself. 

Back in 2013, the creature was tracked down and contacted by another evil organization – the Dark Overlords.  Although the three old Dark Overlords mages were able to subdue the creature, two of them lost their lives in fighting it.  The last mage attempted to reason with the creature, asking what it truly wanted.  In a deep, throaty voice, the creature said ‘revenge’.  After some discussion, the mage was able to convince the creature to accompany him to their location to talk with the leader of the Dark Overlords, Lord Stygian.  It reluctantly agreed.

At the Dark Overlord’s secret location in Philadelphia, the mage introduced the creature to Lord Stygian, a powerful demonic being trapped in the “Dimension of Exile”, looking to be free upon Earth and make the world a living Hell of his own design.  It asked the creature if it wanted revenge against humanity or whether it had other motivations.  The creature said “all humanity”.  Lord Stygian then offered the creature a chance to be an overlord if it passed his trials.  Days later, the creature, now called “Brierfire”, completed its trials and was promised that if it helped Lord Stygian get the relics needed to open the portal between Earth and his “Dimension of Exile” that it would personally aid him in subjugating humanity and making it pay.

Since then, Brierfire has been seen at dozens of locations, stealing artifacts and museum pieces before setting the buildings on fire.  It has killed dozens of people in the process and revels in causing pain.

Brierfire can shoot flames from its body with fearsome speed, as well as fly at speeds of 80 mph.  Its blackened, coarse skin provides it protection against standard caliber weapons and amazing protection from heat and other dangers.  Its spines, projecting vine-like all over its body, are reminiscent of the barbs on briar, inflicting horrible injuries to any who get struck by them. It’s smart enough to be able to navigate maps and perform thefts, yet seems lost to any and all technology or alarm systems.  It has no remorse, reveling in creating pain to any who oppose it.

NOTE: “John Doe” was later discovered to have been a Fire Angels motorcycle gang member called “Brian” who’d had an illicit affair with the gang leader’s wife; “John Doe” was beaten within an inch of his life, tossed into a pit of gasoline, and set on fire while still alive…the gang leader’s wife was also given the same treatment; she didn’t survive though.


Cameron Raine/'Demon Lord' Q'zok


Demoneist is a scrawny yet intelligent parapsychologist gestalted with a powerful ultra-dimensional demon-lord that has been loosed into our dimension by a greedy, vainglorious TV show Demonologist.

The celebrity Demonologist, Dr. Sten Sarcopolli, was the host of a reality cable TV show called "Demonology", wherein the host would go to iconic locations and 'ward off' demons by performing unlicensed exorcisms, all the while using another cast member, Parapsychologist Cameron "Rain Main" Raine as the butt of all of the host's jokes and commentaries.  Being a highly watched show, 'Demonology' was in the top 25 rated cable TV shows in the nation.

Dr. Sarcopolli, although a knowledgeable demonologist, was also an amateur in the field, and in most cases, looked for ratings for his show rather than actually properly perform any exorcism or proper demon-related investigation.  Most of his 'exorcisms' would fail within weeks, leaving those susceptible to the believed-exorcised demon facing all new levels of evil. 

The the end-of-season episode (which he was already approved for another two seasons by the cable network he worked for), Dr. Sarcopolli wanted to show his viewers his 'vast' abilities by calling forth and binding a demon as part of a live TV event.


To prepare for the live show, Cameron Raine was tasked to setup the binding ring for the ceremony.  Cameron denoted to Dr. Sarcopolli that the ingredients used for the binding ring were wrong, and he'd have to go out and find the correct materials which would have resulted in at least a two-hour delay of the show.  Dr. Sarcopolli chided Raine for daring to delay 'the greatest event in his life's work' and ordered Raine to use the improper ingredients anyway.  Raine protested, wherein Dr. Sarcopolli mixed the ingredients himself, constantly telling Raine that he was lucky to still have a job as comedy relief, but and that he was going to dock 1/2 of Raine's pay for the next season as a result. Raine pleaded with the doctor to stop, but was ignored. Raine instead started working on something he'd hoped he wouldn't have to use if the situation got out of hand.

At the beginning of the show, the doctor would talk-up his experiences and the event they were about to have unfold before the viewers, all the while berating Raine.  Raine was often derided by the doctor, who at times referred to Raine as a 'demoneist': a person who was so awkward and messed up that he'd even scare away demons through his geeky-like actions.  Raine, throughout the first part of the show kept reminding the doctor of the mistake he was about to perform only for the doctor to willfully berate Raine as an 'amateur'.  

Halfway into the live TV show, Dr. Sarcopolli used his spells to conjure the haunting demon.  When the demon appeared and began cursing at the doctor, the doctor told the demon that it was bound and was unable to perform any action against him and his crew.

The demon immediately obliterated the doctor's body with a blast of hellfire.

The demon, who called itself 'Demon Lord' Q'zok,  was now free to do what it wanted on Earth.

The TV crew and producers died next, all the while with the cameras still rolling for the world to watch as the horrific event continue to spill out before their eyes.

Raine, who had earlier prepared a contingency if something like this was to happen, quickly spoke a spell from an ancient tome that was to weaken and possibly send the demon back to where it came from.  Once Raine completed the spell, Q'zok fell to the ground, weakened, but still on Earth.  Instead the demon started speaking a spell that would open a portal for his demon army to come through to Earth.  Thinking quick, Raine used his last-ditch plan; possess the demon and force it back.  This would result in Raine's death, but he knew the sacrifice.  As Raine and Q'zok forged spell after spell to counter each other, a freak combination of their spells gestalted the two into one body, allowing Raine a moment's control over the demon, wherein he reversed the portal spell and fused it permanently with a security spell, through which only through Raine's utterance would allow the portal to reopen...ever.  Moments after sealing the portal, Q'zok took over and flew out of the building and into the night. 

Q'zok had been severely weakened magically thanks to Raine, however, Raine's spirit still resided in Q'zok's body.  Every several days, Q'zok would be so depleted in his willpower and control that he'd revert back into Raine, who's retained his own body during this transformation.  Raine would have the demon's powers, but was in control...that is, until Raine would either pass out from exhaustion, go to sleep or willed it to happen, in which Q'zok would transform into its own body and take control again.  This cycle of control continues to this day between the two of them.

Although the world watched the events that happened, they instead believed the doctor and his crew faked the whole thing.  Since only ashes were left of the doctor and the crew, conspiracy theorists started stating that the doctor and his crew 'skipped out' with their money and were living it up big in some 3rd world country, rather than believe they'd been killed by a powerful demon.  The show, obviously, was cancelled forthwith. 

Raine, when he is in control, has worked tirelessly to undo the unique gestalt spell, but to no avail.  Instead, he has tattooed a mystical symbol on his chest, preventing Q'zok from controlling or summoning other demons itself.  Q'zok, on the other hand, went out to search for a way to destroy Raine's gestalted spirit from itself.  In its search, it found the Dark Overlords.  There, it has promised to aid them in their actions so long as they discover a spell or means by which to undo Raine's control of its body. Q'zok is said that he'll do ANYTHING to break the gestalt bind . . . so that it can remake Earth into its own version of Hell.

Both Raine and Q'zok, in their own bodies, can control and emit hellfire.  Raine is reluctant to do so, seeing as every time he uses the hellfire-based powers, he feels more inclined towards evil, thus it is rare when he uses these powers.  Q'zok on the other hand, relishes using his now limited powers to make others suffer.

Their powers include incredible control of hellfire; a fire that can physically and mentally burn a person, or for inanimate objects, simply burn (this includes robots and androids).  They can project hellfire blasts from their hands or eyes, and can create a fiery hellfire aura about themselves, providing remarkable mental and physical protection.  Q'zok, when in control of its own form, has a prehensile tail and incredible strength and amazing endurance; Raine on the other hand, is a typical person with typical abilities, even thought he is remarkably smart.

The dichotomy of these two it extreme; Raine looks to stop Q'zok, and Q'zok want to make Earth a living Hell.  To this day, these two are locked in spiritual battle; the true question is, who will eventually win out?




Zams'I is a rogue goblin warlock, originating from the 6th century BC period in the Dacian capital of Sarnitzegetusa Regia of South-west Transylvania, now part of Slovakia.  Zams'I was part of an unknown sect of goblins who had survived over the last 30,000 years, but had grown sick from disease and were chased and killed from every human settlement area since before the 6th century. Zams'I's parents, uncle and several other relatives were killed when a Darcian war party found these remnant goblins deep in the caves outside of the Darcian capital.  Only Zams'I was left alive at the tender age of 2.   Taken to the Darcian King, Zams'I was to be forever imprisoned in the king's dungeon.  Rather than kill Zams'I, the king kept it as a 'pet'.  Eventually, the king discovered that Zams'I was an accomplished thief.  It was an accomplished thief and a master of slight of hand, making him a perfect 'court jester' by having him take things from others in the court and entertaining the king in this form of entertainment.  

The truth was, Zams'I was a true kleptomaniac.   Even though he 'pickpocketed' things for entertainment in the court (and would then give them back as a sign of fealty), he instead learned to steal things they wouldn't miss; things that would aid him in his ascent as a force to be reckoned with.  

By the time Zams'I was a young adult, the Dacian king's outer lands had slowly been invaded by western Celtic warriors.  The king decided to 'scare' some of the Celts with Zams'I appearance, creating fear and dread amongst the Celtic ranks, all the while allowing Zams'I to steal Celtic weapons, armor, maps and vital information, bringing (most ) items back to the Dacian King.  His actions allowed Zams'I to have his own room in the castle, rather than in the dungeon.  His room was ordained with many trinkets and baubles from the Celts, however, he kept a hidden stash of unique weapons he'd taken from the Celts, specifically alchemy-based ingredients and books.  Zams'I began to learn how to dabble in the dark arts in his spare time, aided by a witch he'd encountered in the forest.

Over time, a unique situation happened where hundreds of impressively created Celt items the king had Zams'I steal, were sold in the market to fund the king's growing army.  The peasants and craftsmen were amazed at the quality of the Celt materials, and began openly trading with the Celts, against the King's orders. This led to a crackdown on the peasants, and eventually, a revolt by the king's subjects against him.

A civil war had started.  In the end, the Celts sided with the peasants and overthrew the King and his army.  Zams'I, knowing his new life was forfeit, escaped into the forest and took up residence with the witch, where she taught him to master alchemy and dark arts spells...that is, until Zams'I grew so powerful, he killed the witch, took all her potions and books and made off to the old caves his goblin family were once slaughtered in, where he took up new residence.

Over the decades, Zams'I became a bit of a warlock; a masterful practitioner of the dark arts.  His skin became blackened by the dark energies he'd learned to control, and his eyes began to glow an eerie orange glow.  He was now ready to battle man's world and treat them as they treated him; as slaves and pets.

The Celts who'd taken over the lands began to relax in their new role of invaders, living in the ex-Darcian castle, much like barbaric warlords.  One night, Zams'I entered the castle through one of its many secret entrances and took out the Celt warriors, one by one, mostly while they slept, drunk on ale.  By morning's light, he made his way to the warlord's chamber and killed him and his entire family.  By noon, Zams'I claimed all of the Darcian land and his to rule and that the land's peasants were his slaves.  To enforce this, he created an army of dark energy creatures that would guard him and control the populace. Zams'I considered himself the "Goblin Lord".

After several years of his reign, the populace and remnants of the Darcian army colluded together to take back their lands.  In a coordinated attack, the Darcian army, armed with their own mages and Celt-armored peasants, retook the castle.  The final battle resulted in Zams'I being surrounded by mages, immobilized with Druidic magic in the foyer of the castle.  There, the mages utilized a rare, unused spell that would forever turn Zams'I into stone.  In the end, Zams'I became a statue of stone that would adorn the castle's foyer for centuries to come...that is, until the early 21st century.

The Darcian castle eventually became a crumbling ruin, with the statue of Zams'I placed in a museum in Slovakia, where it had remained for the last 50 years. The Dark Overlord leader, Lord Stygian, while searching for arcane artifacts in Praque, sensed the dark magics emanating from the slowly crumbling Zams'I statue.  Lord Stygian then used his dark magics to undo the druidic mages' spell and freed Zams'I for the first time in over 15 centuries.  Nonetheless to say, Zams'I was appreciative to Lord Stygian, but his centuries of imprisonment fomented a new level of hate for humankind. Lord Stygian invited the Goblin Lord to join the Dark Overlords, impressing upon him their motto of "We shall rule all".

Today, Zams'I has reconnected with his alchemy and dark magics, making himself more powerful than he had ever once been.  His goal is the enslavement of humankind; his secret ambition is to be the ONLY one that rules the humans once they are enslaved, not the Dark Overlords, whom, in Zams'I's mind, will be but simple pawns in his conquest of humanity.

Zams'I has a variety of remarkable magical powers, all dimensionally based. From love potions, to chemical bombs, to mind-controlling spells, to dark energy blasts, Zams'I is considered to be a master of the dark arts, and as such is a dangerous villain...and ally.  He is noted for using his powers to confuse people long enough for him to engage a coupe de gras type spell or to teleport away to fight another day.  As it is, he is truly the last of his kind, and with no female goblin to start his species up again, his anger and rage instead fuel him in his hatred of humanity's position in the world.  

If only there was another goblin of his specie alive today...

Grim Huntsman

Samuel "Sam" Stevens


Professional mercenary, Samuel "Sam" Stevens, was hired to track down and find an Arkaenus mage who had cursed a multimillionaire's family. Sam eventually tracked the location of the mage to an ancient site outside of Mexico City.  There, Stevens mowed through hundreds of Arkaenus mages, eventually getting to one of their lead mages, Airius.  Stevens demanded that the mage lift the curse and in return, he'd spare the mage's life (which was a lie).  The mage, angered yet rational, agreed to the terms, however instead of lifting the curse, the mage instead decided to unleash a horde of demons on Stevens through a portal that the mage had been warned never to open.  Regardless, the mage opened the portal.  

That's when all hell, literally, broke loose.

Hordes of demons came spilling out the portal, most of which swarmed to Stevens, however, the mage himself was gutted in seconds.  In an incredible firefight, complete with grenades, hand-to-hand, shotgun and machine gun action, Stevens advanced on the area the mage did his spell, noting a brilliantly lit crystal through which the portal seemed to have opened from.  As he attempted to destroy the crystal an enormously blackened clawed hand came out of the portal, grabbing Stevens.  Stevens, in a last ditch effort, lobbed a grenade at the crystal, destroying it into shards.  The portal began to fracture.  the enormous arm began to discoprorate, but not before a deep voice uttered "Your body is mine to control!" and black tendril from the dissolving arm launched into Stevens mouth, nose and ears.  A second later, the portal was gone, the enormous arm was now severed on the ground, turning into a black ooze, and Stevens stood a changed man.

Stevens skin was now jet black, with his visage a wide toothy grin complete with evil-looking eyes.  Although the demon attempted to possess him, it instead created a gestalt of Stevens and the demon, neither of which were in control of the previous Stevens body; now, it was a new creature with a new personality; it was now the Grim Huntsman.

The Grim Huntsman began hunting people to appease the darkness in his soul; the minimum rate at which he feels he needs to feed is at least two bodies a week, otherwise he goes mad with hunger and becomes more animalistic. At his current rate, he had taken out over a dozen souls a week.  Neither Stevens nor the enormous demon at the other end of the large arm that protruded through the portal have been able to take charge of the body; only the gestalted/hybrid 'Grim Huntsman' is in charge (or the more animalistic version if he doesn't feed enough).

Grim Huntsman was found by Lord Stygian and brought to the Dark Overlords.  The Grim Huntsman is a shrewd, devious hunter with an incredible instinct in hunting, tracking and killing prey.  The huntsman enjoys the 'darker' company that is the Dark Overlords and enjoys his unique assignments to go and find arcane relics to aid in the Dark Overlords goal in 'Ruling All'  of the world.

Dark Huntsman's powers are excellent fleeting speed, strength, fighting, agility, coupled with a remarkable form of endurance.  His unbreakable axe/sword is utilized to slice and dice his victims, each time channeling the victim's soul into the huntsman's body.  The huntsman can also reanimate dead bodies and skeletons, almost like necromancy, but instead more of a reanimation and mind control. He can control up to 4 reanimated bodies at a time.  His senses are near superhuman; able to to smell, hear and see at 5 times the capability of any human.  If he gets down to half of his health, a blackened tendril-like aura begins to form around his body, providing excellent protection from any and all external damage.  

To this date, any attempts to kill the Grim Huntsman have failed; his body comes back to life within minutes, as will any severed limbs or body parts, including his head.

Mad Halloween Jack

Jack B. Hallow AKA Robert J. Hallow


Dr. Jack Bartholomew Hallow, a renown Biology professor at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island from the 1890s, has since undergone an incredible transformation from a gifted, gregarious educator of life-sciences to  a reclusive immortal master of necromancy and insanity.

Jack Hallow, born in 1865, was the son of a Providence shipping magnate and millionaire.  He lived the life of the rich and famous, literally fed with a silver spoon.  His mother died giving birth to his brother in 1867.  Jack's father began to hold elaborate parties at his mansion to help hide his sorrow and loss, but in 1880, he died from liver disease, leaving the family fortune and estate to Jack.

Jack, who had a near-OCD level of thirst for knowledge, graduated from Brown University in 1886 and gained his doctorate by 1890. During his time working his doctorate, he 'aided' many young women in their studies, seducing most of them.  He was considered quite the 'lady's man', with his dashing looks and witty demeanor.  Regardless, he became a University educator in Biology and Human Sciences (Medical Doctor).  Always fascinated with cellular decay, he applied much of his spare time researching how to stop or reverse cellular decay. His obsession led him to mystical and arcane stories, voodoo, and dark magics.  His obsession was so complete, he rebuilt his family mansion's basement into five sub-levels of experimental equipment and libraries of books that would make Dr. Frankenstein look like a rank amateur.

Even though his cellular decay obsession took most of his time, he still enjoyed being a gregarious man about campus, holding lavish parties at his mansion, on the college grounds, and in private, expensive clubs in Providence.  Each Halloween, Jack was highly regarded to his annual event, the "Jack Halllow"een Ball", one of the biggest events in Rhode Island.  With thousands of rich and young guests, Jack, who eventually took on the nickname "Halloween Jack" for said parties, Jack had the pick of the ball's women to seduce that night.

In 1895, Jack, in his obsessive overdrive, began to court a voodoo priestess from New Orleans.  He believed she had knowledge to raise the dead and return them to full health, albeit controlled by the voodoo priestess.  As such, his torrid affair with her caused a scandal, wherein Jack was released from his scholarly duties at Brown University.  Jack instead would take the priestess' info and created what he believed to be a cellular regeneration potion.  Jack tested the potion on a local dead bum's body, reanimating the body.  Overall it worked, wherein the bum's muscles and internals changed to a more hardened substance, yet the body's skin would continue to decay.  The body also lost all memory and knowledge, and instead operated much like a zombie's brain, for which the priestess would take advantage of and use another potion to control it's baseline brain functions.  Jack was excited over his discovery. Not needing the priestess anymore, he unceremoniously threw her out into the street, penniless. Her scorn would eventually be the death of Jack.

On Halloween night that year, as Jack was once again hosting his exorbitant and lavish Halloween Ball, the priestess snuck into the mansion, poured Jack's cellular regeneration potion in with rat poison to his toasting chalice.  At 9pm that night, when Jack led his traditional toast to his guests, he drank from the chalice, choking from the poison and died mere seconds later. The priestess had forged Jack's signature on his last will and testament, which gave Jack's entire estate to her.

Days after his burial, Jack awoke in his coffin...alive, yet not completely alive.  his skin was decaying from his body, yet his organs, muscles and skeleton were instead alive yet blackened.  His nervous system was nearly gone, preventing him from feeling any pain.  Jack clawed his way out of his coffin and above ground only for the priestess to stand there awaiting him.  Jack maddened by what was happening to him, attempted to kill the priestess,however the priestess set up traps to immobilize Jack's body while she did a voodoo spell to attempt to take control over Jack's rotting body to torture him further and use him as her zombie-like slave.  As the priestess was completing the spell, Jack broke free (ripping his arm out of its socket to get free) and killed the priestess .  Due to the timing of her spell, Jack was infused with the power to regenerate skin and youth but physically grabbing another person's flesh for more than 30 seconds.  The younger the victim, the younger Jack would look.  During this 'life transference', Jack would immediately regenerate new skin and vitality, while the victim would be drained like an ashen husk, dead. Within a day after his 'life transference' touch, his skin would again begin to start decaying, and within a week, would start to fall off his body again.  Jack soon became much like a 'life' vampire, going out every third or fourth night and draining the life out of a body.

Jack, the day after killing the priestess, set up a new will and testament for her, making "Robert J. Hallow", a cousin of Jack's, as the new heir, for which Jack masqueraded as.  Due the nature of Jack's new powers, he was able to readjust much of his face and features, making his a bit of a master of disguise, so long as the skin wasn't falling of him.  Over the next few decades, Jack became a reclusive madman intent on mastering his new curse.  He eventually learned how to reanimate bodies through necromancy and became a, albeit a madman.

Regardless of all of this, "Robert J Hallow", in 'tribute' to Jack's demise, would annually still hold his Halloween Balls. This also provided Jack, disguised as 'Robert', a veritable smorgasbord of youthful bodies he'd line up for his attacks for the next year's time.

Eventually, in 2012, Jack was visited by a dark entity known as Lord Stygian. Stygian new what Jack was and desired him to join his ranks of the Dark Overlords, applying his scientific and biological skills, as well as his necromantic arts, to their devilish ranks.  Encouraged through his madness, "Mad Halloween Jack" was created that day, through which, it his "Mad Jack" persona, he'd openly be able to digest the life of any and all he wished for, rather than carefully plotting his victims...even though he still did that.

As such, Mad Halloween Jack in near invulnerable and immortal.  due to his bodies recuperative ability, he can regenerate from any piece of his spellbound and potion-soaked body fragments, right down to slivers or even a fingernail. Thusfar, Jack retains unearthly resistance to any form of damage, with unearthly regenerative powers.  His original body's good condition increased double what it once was, providing remarkable abilities.  His knowledge he's absorbed over the decades have made him an incredible academician and a master of life sciences, medical sciences and biology, as well as many new learned skills and abilities.  When Jack drains a body of its life and transfers it to regenerate his skin (and any damaged parts of his body) at a 'typical' rate, if he were to hold on longer than the standard 30 seconds to say, a superhero, Jack would become empowered up to a maximum or amazing primary abilities and health, also lengthening the time before his skin would start to rot off by sometimes as much as a factor of 6 times (i.e., normally, flesh fell off his body after 3-4 days, with a superhero's life transference, Jack's flesh wouldn't fall off for up to 18-24 days (which is why Jack enjoys hunting down and killings super-powered people, the younger, the better).

Today, Jack still resides in his family's mansion as a reclusive millionaire who only shows himself every Halloween for the 'party of the year' at his Halloween Ball; he also continues his study in dark magics, science and medicine while at times enacting as a guest professor at Brown University's Science department...whenever he's looking for more young bodies to consume...


Darrisa Mysera


An orphaned girl, Darrisa grew up in a cruel, antagonistic orphanage run by very heavy-handed catholic nuns.  Darrisa slowly grew to hate the nuns and her fellow orphans (who routinely threw Darrisa under the bus to get themselves out of trouble), eventually becoming a dark, suicidal teen.  After her first suicide attempt, she was taken to a mental hospital.  There, she encountered madness and insanity all about her on a daily basis, coalescing her already dark attitude.  Once night, Darrisa escaped from the hospital and hid in a local tourist attraction: a haunted house.  There, she witnessed kids and teens arrive to a 'scare night' event, where she realized her new potential to get back at people; scare them to death.  She began raiding the house's gift store of horror books and scary stories, becoming more excited with each passage.  That's when she encountered the house's true haunted spirit; the ghost of a tortured little girl from the 1920s.

Darrisa began engaging the spirit more each time as she hid in the haunted house.  She ate candies and foods from the gift shop, being able to circumvent the security cameras with wires and tricks, making it look like the house's haunted spirits were actually stealing the food and gift shop items.   Eventually, Darrisa decided to raid the local library to find out more about the house's ghostly girl and learned that the girl was believed to be tortured by her evil father and uncle, who were said to be dabblers in dark magics.  Eventually, Darrisa discovered a secret panel in the attic that hosted dozens of black magic books, Ouija boards and dark magic artifacts.  In time, she learned how to call forth dark shadowy creatures, evil spirits and use dark energies.  The little ghostly girl's spirit tried to coerce Darrisa to stop, but it only encouraged Darrisa.

Once night, on Halloween, during the haunted house's 'haunted tour', conducted by some of Rhode Island's more famous televised ghost-hunters, "T.R.I.P.S.", Darrisa decided to make her move.  During the live filming in the haunted house, Darrisa unleashed all the dark spirits she'd learned to control and attacked the TRIPS team.  Calling herself, "Mysteria", Darrisa, wearing an old black leathery costume, scared the TRIPS team to death...literally.  The dark shadowy figures feasted on their dying souls and became bound to Mysteria as her creatures.  She left the house and started hiding out in people's homes, doing the same thing to them night after night.  Each time Mysteria used her powers to draw forth her shadow creatures, her skin and visage became darker, to the point her entire body was blackened, much like her soul.  She enjoyed killing her victims through her creatures, and eventually started using her newly learned dark energies and spells to kill people herself.  Each time she killed, her body would respond in a near physically-orgasmic experience; the more people she killed, the more powerful her 'experiences' became.

Recently, Lord Stygian encountered Mysteria.  Mysteria attempted to kill Stygian, only for Mysteria to be defeated.  Rather than kill her, Stygian promised to teach her even more ways to use her dark magics and powers, creating an even greater series of 'experiences'.  

Today, Mysteria cannot get enough of her killings.  She is obsessed and lustful for her 'experiences', thus making her a true psychopath and one of the most murderous people on the planet.  

Mysteria's powers include using dark energies at excellent levels to blast, immobilize, hold or enshroud her victims.  She can control up to four remarkable shadowy wraith-like creatures who can only be harmed by magic or light.  These wraiths consume a soul's energies, whether alive or dying, at a good rate, empowering the wraiths with their victim's lost health.  They are under Mysteria's control, however, is her willpower falters, the wraiths can and will turn on her (which, in Mysteria's currently mental condition, isn't going to happen anytime soon).  She can easily hide in dark shadows, can see in utter darkness, and can sense fear up to 200 yards away.  Her black magics shroud her in excellent protection from physical and energy attacks, remarkably against magical attacks and amazing against dark energy attacks.  She is swift and fleeting, in excellent shape.  Each time she 'kills' someone, she experiences a near-overwhelming sexual/orgasmic feeling, making her want to kill more to increase it to 'multiple' experiences.  If attacked by any light based powers, or positive religious energies, Mysteria can receive about double the damage normally induced.  She is known to teleport short distances (<2 miles), but cannot transport others, only herself.


Krista Kroft


A teenage girl mutant whose powers came to full power upon the death of her beloved younger brother, Karl, in a senseless freak accident (piece of metal that got kicked out from under the tires of a passing car pierced her brother's heart) as he lay dying in her arms. Overwrought in sorrow and despair, her powers projected the same sorrow and despair to everyone within 50 feet of her.  From that day forward, her despair and sorrow grew to such levels that people around her would simply commit suicide rather than live, including all her parents, relatives and her only true love, her boyfriend Tommy Wilkins.

By the time of her brother's funeral, federal authorities figured out Krista's powers and locked her up in a sequestered wing of a mental hospital in upper state New York.  There, she was treated as well as they could, giving her what she wanted, however, she was isolated from the rest of humanity, only able to communicate over a computer monitor and/or a robot that brought things to her in her solitary cell.

Her sorrow and despair was all consuming to the point she tried to commit suicide, only to find, she was immortal. No matter what she tried, she could not kill herself.  She began going 'Goth' in her looks and dress style, attitude and demeanor, trying to kill herself everyday.

Eventually, a civil rights activist discovered about Krista's incarceration, paying no heed to her dangerous powers.  The activist got together hundreds of protesters and marched on the hospital to free her.  When they arrived at Krista's cell, Krista's powers, which had grown to all new levels of sadness and despair, was so strong, the activists fell into deep depressions, with most of them violently killing themselves with any tools available including strangling each other.  Over forty protesters died before Krista as she escaped out of the confusion of the protesters and their deaths.

Now free, she attempted even more forms of suicide - throwing herself off buildings, impaling herself, stabbing her face, cutting off her limbs - anything, all to no avail.  Everywhere she went, people in her power's range fell into despair around her, some outright killing themselves or committing suicide.  

Eventually, Krista made her way to Albany, New York, where she encountered a super-strong superhero, Captain Albany.  As the two fought, Captain Albany against her overwhelming power of sadness and despair, and Krista against the physical onslaught of his super-strength, Captain Albany eventually succumbed to her powers and killed himself with a titanium shard.  Much to Krista's surprise, Captain Albany actually scarred her left arm amidst all the bone-shattering blows he did to her.  This was the closest she'd even come to getting hurt since her powers emerged.  She then decided then and there to do all she could to battle superheroes, hoping that they'd figure out a way to take her life finally.

After several superhero battles, she learned to taunt the heroes using any slight she could muster to get them mad at her, even threatening the heroes that she'd go to the middle of cities and let people kill themselves.  In their attempts to stop her, some heroes failed, some succeeded by entrapping her and carting her off to a remote location.  Regardless, she'd always find a way out, and make more attempts to anger any military, superhero or person to aid her in her own demise.  As it stands, she's received several permanent scars from her fights, however, she has yet to be killed.

The leader of the Dark Overlords recruited Krista to help her with her demise (trust me, they tried to help her die, only to nearly kill themselves in the the process).  The leader, Lord Stygian, has been able to create a spell allowing his fellow villains to not be affected by her, but it only lasts one hour before the spell fails, requiring another 24 hours before it can be cast again.

Today, as "Sadeness" she resides in the Appalachian Mountains in a remote shack, with provisions provided by the creature Brierfire, who seems to be the only one immune to her powers.

Sadeness' powers of sadness, futility, despair and grief are remarkable in strength, impacting anyone within 50 feet of her in waves every several seconds.  Each person/being within the 50 foot radius must try to overcome the effects against their psyche until they are out of range or overcome by her powers.  Sadeness is believed to contain unearthly immortal resistance to any form of damage, regardless of source. She no longer requires sleep, oxygen or sustenance.  She has unearthly levels of mental protection as well, preventing any psychics from trying to stop her.  Her strength and skills are all typical, so putting her in a prison cell can immobilize her.  Her mentality is now so angry and stoic (think Goth girl mentality), she has no concern for anything or anyone around her.  She would walk through a city of people, unleashing her powers, just to simply allow anything to attempt to stop and kill her.  

Her goal is simple - she wants to die and be with her brother for eternity - and nothing is going to stop her in making that happen...nothing short of her own physical death...