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About the Dark Overlords

The Dark Overlords were originally a 2,500 year old mystical cult that had ties to dark and ancient magics revolving around negative energy and subjugation.

The first leader of the Dark Overlords was a Zoroastrian-based Persian god named Ahriman ("Destructive Spirit").  With legions of demons, he created the Overlords to promote greed, despair and subjugation.  In a pitched battle against a benevolent spirit, Ahriman and his demons were cast out into an otherworldly dimension only known as the “Dimension of Exile”. Many of Ahriman's followers tried to bring their god back, but to no avail.  Regardless, the followers of Ahriman 'kept the faith' and drew in many new followers hoping that one day they'd learn how to release Ahriman.  Once Christianity took hold in the region, however, the number of Ahriman's followers began to wane, wherein only a few dozen would occasionally get together in secret and continue their religious following of Ahriman.
Nearly three hundred Overlord leaders have since ruled the sect, all waiting patiently for the day when they would discover a means to release Ahriman from his inter-dimensional prison.  The first opportunity to do this came during WWII - but not by the Dark Overlords.
Legend has it that during WWII, the 'Dark Overlords' cult, based then out of Latvia, had amassed a large amount of mystical artifacts, all intended for use to release Ahriman.  Much to the cult's chagrin, Nazi troops and archeologists raided their 'temple' in Latvia and took nearly all of their gathered mystical artifacts, practically shutting down the cult. In a strange twist, one of the Nazi archaeologists attempted to use several of the artifacts and several of the cult's spells in an attempt to draw and control Ahriman from his otherworldly dimension.  What happened instead was a dimensional portal formed, and out came a massive demon known only as "Lord Stygian". 
According to Lord Stygian, Ahriman had been overthrown and Lord Stygian was now the ruler of the demons and now leader of the ancient Dark Overlords cult.  In a dramatic turn of events, the super-powered WWII team known as the "Allied fighters" intervened and shut down the portal before Lord Stygian and his masses could get through.  The artifacts were collected up and stored in a secretive vault in the United States for the next few decades...that is, until the Soltan Invasion of 2000.

The few remaining Dark Overlord cultists searched for decades for their ‘stolen’ artifacts, once again hoping to use them to unleash Ahriman or "Lord Stygian", whichever the lead demon actually was.  In 2000, the alien Soltans invaded Earth to collect slave laborers for their slave pens off-world. During that invasion, the highly classified underground storage vault in Washington D.C simply known as “The Crypt”, where the majority of the Dark Overlords’ artifacts were stored, was breached by the Soltans.  The Soltans took several non-related artifacts and devices, leaving the vault wide open for anyone to raid.  The Dark Overlord cultists took advantage of this and ‘reacquired’ seven of their twelve lost artifacts.  Thanks to the Nazis, procedures on how to breach the inter-dimensional void with only seven of the artifacts were also located with the artifacts.  The procedures identified that only verbal/visual communications could occur with the seven artifacts, and that it would take all twelve artifacts to actually breach the dimensional walls enough to allow anyone or anything to come through.  For the first time in millennia, the Dark Overlords were now one step closer to taking over the world.
In their first contact with the Dimension of Exile, the Dark Overlord cultists discovered the same story the Nazis learned, that “Lord Stygian” was indeed the ruler of the dimension after he killed his ailing father, Ahriman.  Unable to travel to Earth’s dimension without the remaining five artifacts, Lord Stygian asserted that the Dark Overlords on Earth must become more powerful than the ‘mewling meatbags’ that currently made up the diminished ‘pathetic’ Dark Overlords as they were at that time.  Lord Stygian commanded the cultists to go forth and bring before him like-minded evil creatures of power, super-powered mystics, alchemists, sorcerers and arcanists so that Lord Stygian himself could empower them as the new Avant Guard of the "Dark Overlords".  Although these new rulings and Lord Stygian’s treatment of the old Dark Overlords were tough to swallow, the cultists nonetheless followed their orders and scoured the world for those Lord Stygian desired.  The first of these was Jack Hallow, known as “Mad Halloween Jack”, through which his exorbitant wealth was able to fund the cult’s search for the Lord Stygian’s new Avant Guard. 
As each new dark recruit was found, they were brought before Lord Stygian who would gage and test them; if they passed his tests, Lord Stygian would empower them as a member of his Dark Overlords.  As a new Dark Overlord, each member would have authority over recruiting additional ‘meatbags’ as well as spearheading the prioritized search and recovery of the remaining five artifacts needed to open the portal between Earth and the Dimension of Exile, allowing Lord Stygian’s now “millions upon millions” of his demon army to invade and concur Earth, with the new Avant Guard of the Dark Overlords as his captains and eventual territorial warlords, while the ‘old order’ of the Dark Overlords were re-regulated to be granted “whatever Lord Stygian deigns them to have”. The ‘old order’, regardless of their unease at the new order of things, set out and did what Lord Stygian ordered them to do.

Their Latvian temple commandeered, the cultists had to find a new home. As the first of the new Dark Overlords, Mad Halloween Jack allowed the order to operate from his secluded mansion outside of Philadelphia. Their new base resided in the expansive catacombs underneath the mansion, now designated as “The Crypt" (an homage, at least, as far as Mad Jack is concerned, to the artifacts’ last location in Washington DC).  In ‘The Crypt’, mystical portals were created to travel to various points around the globe, allowing the ‘old order’ to continue doing the bidding of Lord Stygian without having to use modern conveyances such as cars, airports or ships.

The Dark Overlords new Avant Guard now lead the demoted (and despondent) members of the ‘old order’, as well as hundreds of new human recruits, in scouring the globe in an unrelenting search for the remaining five artifacts.  As a result of their actions, the Dark Overlords have drawn the attention of many others nations, heroes and organizations, predominantly, the international security force, G.U.A.R.D, all deeply concerned about the expansive power of the Dark Overlords and their secretive hunt for relics and power.

To this day, the Dark Overlords are now considered the most powerful band of magical beings and creatures, second only to the ancient malevolent mage order called Arkaenus, for which Arkaenus considers the Dark Overlords as their greatest threat to their own rule. 

Most people around the world are ignorant of the Dark Overlords, however, those ‘in the know’ are truly fearful that if the Dark Overlords find their five remaining artifacts, civilization will truly be destroyed and the new ‘Destructive Spirit’ that is Lord Stygian will turn Earth into nothing short of a living Hell.  Their message is simple, and adorned on all locations they've wreaked havoc upon:



"We Rule Them All"

 Lord Stygian



Stygian was one of four hundred siblings sired by the Zoroastrian-based Persian god named Ahriman; a god who had been cast into an otherworldly "Dimension of Exile" when he attempted to take over the world 2500 years ago.  A small faction of human followers remained on Earth, however, over the centuries, they did not have knowledge of the power to bring Ahriman or his forces back to Earth.


2500 years ago, Ahriman (one of many names given to him; Cthulhu being but one), had agitated many of the other Zoroastrian gods of the time, denouncing their “holier than thou” ways of human worshiping.  Ahriman wanted the humans as his slaves to build monuments to his greatness and do with and kill as he pleased.  The other gods became fearful of Ahriman and formulated a plot to stop him, however, the plot failed.  Ahriman had secretly created an army of tens of thousands of demons that decimated the other gods within minutes.


The human populace at the time was horrified at what had just happened.


The rulers of several regions, for the first time in human history, forged an alliance to stop Ahriman, but before their armies could properly mass, Ahriman stopped them all.  Ahriman intended to kill ½ of the troops and feast on them simply to show the humans who was boss, however, several clever rulers, along with a handful of their viziers and mages had a plan B that would work to Ahriman’s desires; a plan that would invoke the greatest weapon against a demonic god – GREED.


The human rulers told Ahriman of tens of thousands of other tribes and races scattered out across the world that Ahriman could easily conquer.  They promised that if Ahriman (or his demon horde) did not kill their troops, they’d completely give over to being his slaves and build him five magical portals that would take Ahriman and his armies to five other continents where his demon hordes could subjugate the other tribes and have complete rule over the planet.  Ahriman relished the idea and agreed to their terms, thus humanity’s last chance at conquering Ahriman and his demon army had hatched. 

The troops labored for two years gathering the materials needed to create five massive portals each atop their own shallow pyramids. In fact, they built an ornate throne from which Ahriman could watch the whole show unfold before him the day they opened the portals for his forces to invade. On the day that magics were at their peak, several mages with over 100 disciples opened the five portals.  The human rulers convinced Ahriman that the portals could only be open for a short time, thus his armies had to rush in as quickly as possible.  With 2,000 demons left to guard the site, plus Ahriman watching from his throne, the other remaining tens of thousands of demons rushed the portals at Ahriman’s command.  As the last of the demons entered the five portals, the mages collapsed the portals.  Ahriman, stunned stood up from his throne, only for a portal to open beneath his feet, for which he fell through.  Ahriman and his tens of thousands of demons had been tricked; the portals did not go to the other continents on the planet, but instead to five different locations in inter-dimensional space; on other words they’d all been tricked by the humans and were now exiled to another dimension. The humans would later be called this inter-dimensional space the “Dimension of Exile”.  The remaining 2000 demons were quickly defeated by the several thousand exuberant human troops and slaves remaining.  Another portal to the “Dimension of Exile” was opened only long enough to drop the dead bodies of the remaining 2,000 demons onto the newly exiled Ahriman and his furious army of entrapped demons (which was like a rain of dead demons falling from the sky onto Ahriman and his hordes).  In the end, the mages magically ‘burned out’ their disciples to death and skittered off to start their own magical orders (see Arkaenus, Mystical Knights); the rulers swore the troops and slaves to secrecy under penalty of death for them and three generations of their families; never was this story allowed to be written or told, for fear that someone, someday, might ignorantly attempt to open the portal to the Dimension of Exile out of curiosity or in a mad attempt to gain power.  The human rulers, their armies and slaves went their own separate ways.  No one ever spoke of what happened, except in whispered fairy tales used to scare children.

500 years after Ahriman and his demon horde was cast into the Dimension of Exile, Stygian was born as the 333rd sibling of Ahriman.


200 years after Stygian’s birth, the entrapped demon hordes, angered at Ahriman’s ineptitude and rule, rose up against Ahriman. As the revolution grew, the leaders of the rebellion began to fight amongst themselves, breaking away thousands of their troops, creating their own new factions and armies.  For the next 1800 years, the factions continued to fight each other and Ahriman.  Leadership and positions of power changed from decade to decade, however, Ahriman's faction was notably the predominant winner in most battles; when Ahriman's faction did lose control at times, it was usually caused by traitors from within Ahriman’s own faction. 


After centuries of war, Ahriman, plagued with war wounds and age, had grown gravely ill and was close to dying.  Stygian took command of his father's forces and rallied his troops to wage a final, gruesome and bloody war against the other factions.  Stygian fought his own brothers and sisters who had joined the other factions out of spite for their father. In the end, shortly before World War II, Stygian won his war over the other factions.  On the day of Ahriman's death, Stygian swore in his father’s name to use his new lordship of the dimension to take back Earth and make humanity pay for what they did to him and the countless generations of demons previously exiled.



During WWII, Nazi occultists unwittingly experimented with 'acquired' artifacts stolen from the only remaining Dark Overlord temple in Latvia.  In their experiments, they were able partially open the portal and hear the sounds of the Dimension of Exile, at one point even conversing with "Lord Stygian" himself.  The conversation was cut short by the WWII super-group, the "Allied Fighters".  After defeating the Nazi occultists, the Allied Fighters had the artifacts crated, shipped and placed in a top secret security vault called "The Crypt", deep below the streets of Washington DC.


In the year 2000, the alien invasion of Soltans wreaked havoc across the globe.  At one point, the Soltans broke into "The Crypt" to recover several of their own artifacts, exposing the Crypt to thieving.  A few remaining Dark Overlord cultists were able to retrieve several of their artifacts in 'The Crypt" (along with the Nazi procedures of how to communicate through the portal), and within a few months, began communicating with Lord Stygian.


Lord Stygian commanded the feeble old men of the "Dark Overlords" to recruit powerful, evil beings and creatures to bolster his ranks as 'new' overlords. These unspeakable creatures were needed to retrieve the remaining five artifacts required to fully open the portal that would enable Lord Stygian's millions of demons to cross over to Earth and rule the planet.  Disdainful of the old men, Lord Stygian created a new 'Avant Guard' of Dark Overlords, while using the 'old order' to recruit the new.  Although angered at the reversal of their positions of power, the 'old order' followed Lord Stygian's commands and have since recruited some of the most powerful arcane creatures and humans on Earth, creating a new order of Dark Overlords.


Lord Stygian promised the new order's Avant Guard that they would be overlords of their own regions of Earth should they follow him.  Lord Stygian, although still entrapped in the "Dimension of Exile", is now closer to invading Earth than he or his brethren have ever been.


Lord Stygian controls unearthly fire and heat powers.  In his original form, he has a massive orange and demon-like body, with large dragon-like wings, a prehensile tail, and the visage of a demon.  His primary weapon is the Dark Sword, a weapon constructed from dark magics that can produce unearthly damage when wielded in battle.  Over the centuries, Lord Stygian has become a warrior of great prowess, and is versed in many forms of melee and ranged combat.  Although a relentless warrior, he is known to have a weakness for beautiful women - specifically human women.  He has the ability to change his image to that of a normal human, through which he appears as a business man when out and about in public.


Should Lord Stygian ever gain access to Earth, his powers would likely increase from the association of his powers to Earth’s magical Ley lines, making him and his army nearly unstoppable.


Few know of Lord Stygian; those few that do are greatly fearful of the day the portal between Earth and the 'Dimension of Exile' opens; for that day will unleash the destruction of humanity and civilization as we know it.


 MDUverse Info

CoHverse: Dark Overlords was created by Mad Halloween Jack on 9 September 2007 on Infinity server.

MDUverse: Dark Overlords date back 2500+ years, however, the latest band of Dark Overlords started on 31 October 2010 under the control of Lord Stygian from his otehrworldly dimension, but led by Earth-bound overlord, Mysteria.