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About Crimewave

Crimewave is a small, yet powerful criminal gang that operates (now) in the United States.  Initially, it was a small theft ring, then it grew into a cartel in Central America and Mexico with expansions into Lost Angeles and the Southwestern United States.

At one point, Crimewave's leader, Crimemaster, went to Los Angeles to personally see to some issues he had there; it was a set up.  Overnight, a rival "Crimemaster" took over the Central American/Mexico operations, renaming the gang to "Serpents of Crime". Locked out from 'legally' returning to Mexico and Central America, the original Crimemaster instead set up shop in Los Angeles, starting from scratch with his criminal network.

Now, years later, Crimewave is considered one of the best crime organizations to work for and with.  Their honorable and respectable dealings have made them a powerful crime organization.

Although the US authorities constantly try to catch him, he continues to elude them and any form of capture.  Crimewave is also starting to extend it's reach to Mexico - a land that Crimemaster himself says will be his again - no matter the cost.




Lorenzo Ramirez
Crimewave was founded by the infamous Mexican Crime lord, codenamed:  Maestro de la Delincuenico, otherwise known in English as "Crimemaster".  

An immigrant from Telexaca, Mexico, he was born in poverty and is was up until recently a major crime lord in Central America as well as Mexico City, New York City, Los Angeles, San Diego and most of the southwestern United States counties. While in Mexico, he started small; stealing food, cars, exotic animals, and then found more and more buyers in America, namely in Los Angeles. Always a smooth talker, Crimemaster routinely treated his men and women working for him with respect.  As such, many criminals wanted to work for him. Crimemaster’s other side was that if you betrayed him, you’d be marked for death, would your family, friends, business, employees and anything you hold dear. 

Crimewave eventually graduated to white collar crimes soon after they worked a deal with dock workers in Port Angeles, thus raking in millions of dollars a month.

In 2002, Crimewave operations were disrupted when the NTSB and the FBI intervened.  Crimemaster himself personally came to Los Angeles to oversee the operations against the federal organizations.  While in America, Mexico posted Crimemaster’s alias as a  'non-citizen', thus preventing him from legally going back home.  Crimewave was taken over by a rival crime lord in Mexico, who ruled the gang with an iron fist.

Stuck in the U.S., Crimemaster started from the beginning as he once did; stealing cars, food and exotic animals.  Since then, he has made MANY new enemies in the United States, especially rival gangs. To counter this, Crimemaster employed super-powered mercs and thugs to do his bidding. Even though he is still not as powerful as he once was, Crimemaster continues to ‘grow’ his business in a lucrative, profitable and respectful manner.

Crimewave has jumped from nothing to one of the best gangs in the US.  Crimwave’s rival in Mexico City, for the time, has remained in Central America and has focused all of his operations to drugs and information.  That same rival has taken the name Crimemaster, but has changed the gang name to “Serpents of Crime”. In the meantime, Crimemaster continues to expand his crime into other major cities once again, this time with more of a focus on New York and Boston.

When the two Crimemasters meet, there WILL be blood.