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Condor Legion Villains

Condor Legionnaires (troops)


With any other group of megalomaniacs, there's always the minions and troops; this villainous group is no different with the Condor Legionnaires.

At 400 strong, the Condor Legionnaires are military trained soldiers, primarily from previous Soviet block countries or (mostly) from East Germany. Troops are issued standard uniforms, along with a military knife, machine gun, machine pistol, a flash grenade, two explosive grenades, field rations kit (for 3 days), canteen, ammunition pouches/bandoliers to amount to 100 bullets/8 magazines, helmets, night vision goggles, earwig radios (range 20 miles), hand warmers packs (2) and a length of garotte line.

Each legionnaire has been trained in hand-to-hand (MA A) military combat, communications, weapons, marksmanship, and security.

Some legionnaires are equipped with flight or rocket packs, allowing for a flight range of about 50 miles at a maximum speed of 120 mph.  Flight Packs are reusable, rocket packs are one-shot usage. 


Crimson Lightning

Antov Schmitt


A brilliant East German electrical engineer, Antov Schmitt, while researching and inventing an experimental perpetual dynamo that would provide East Germany with limitless electrical power, instead, became a pariah of the engineering community, leading him to eventually become "Crimson Lightning".

Antov Schmitt worked tirelessly for over a decade devising a perpetual nuclear dynamo. Although the scientific and engineering communities knew the potential of this machine, the western world considered his work as that of a 'crackpot' and a 'scientific idiot'. That didn't stop the East Germany government from fully funding his work and research.  In 1990, he'd finally built a small-scale version of his nuclear dynamo; that's when the Berlin Wall fell and East Germany was no more.

Literally overnight, Antov's funding and research was shutdown. The new 'reunification' government informed Antov that he and his team were instead being reassigned to the remote Markersbach Pumped Storage Power Plant.  Antov instead fought to prove his perpetual dynamo's operation, yet the new government prevented him from doing so, at one point calling his experiment as nothing more than 'junk science'.

Infuriated, Antov went to the new power plant in Markersbach.  There, he tested his new perpetual nuclear dynamo against government orders.

It worked; in fact, it worked so well, that even in its diminutive scaled-size, it was able to easily create the same 1,050 MWs of power that the dam's hydroelectrical power plant could produce at 100% capacity.  When Antov went to inform his fellow scientists and engineers, they turned him in for using neclear materials without authorization.  He was incarcerated until 2010.

In 2010, when released from prison, Antov had nothing but contempt for the western world.  He hated the newly reunified Germany and despised his scientific and engineering community.  She swore vengeance.  Using his original designs (which he hid from the police), Antov built a battlesuit powered by his perpetual nuclear dynamo engine in its original size.  As such, he was able to create remarkable amounts of electrical energy, and at times, even stronger levels.  He fashioned a flight pack and armor system, as well as gauntlets that could discharge the large amounts of electrical energy for nearly 100 yards.  When completed, he tested his new suit on his last place of work, the Markersbach Pumped Storage Power Plant.

He obliterated the facility in minutes.

Antov then flew off to Berlin to the Reaktorsicherheitkommission or Reactor Safety Commission (RSK) Building.  There, he used his new high-yield electrical battle armor to destroy most of the facility's building, killing several civilian workers in the process.  An American super-hero group, the Protectors, intervened and chased off Antov, never able to capture him.  Antov, furiously mad over his unending set-backs was later contacted by a man later known as the leader of a band of super-powered anarchists called "Condor Legion".  The leader, Condor Commander, convinced Antov to join him and his legion to restore the former glory of East Germany. Antov accepted.

He is a very intimidating man whose anger and resentment of his peers drive his intense hatred of anything or anyone related to or working with/for Europe, the newly reunified Germany, and/or the United States.  Since joining Condor Legion, Antov has built a larger version of his perpetual nuclear dynamo at the Condor Legion's HQ called "The Aerie".  It can produce 100 GWs of power, and has no radiation or thermal issues, thus masking the legion's base from prying satellite and airborne sensors.

Fueled with anger and driven by his operational perpetual nuclear dynamo, the "Crimson Lightning" intends to make the west pay for their derision to his work.

Antov's remarkable armor protects him from physical, energy, temperature and radiation.  Electrically, he has unearthly forms of protection.  His nuclear dynamo, though undetectable, if pierced, can create an unearthly level explosion that could wipe out half of a city.  For now, though, Antov uses his armor to generate electrical blasts and waves up to 100 yards away and remarkable rates. He utilizes a jet pack that allows him to fly up to 350mph with an unlimited range (so long as his nuclear dynamo is providing it power) and can operate up to an altitude of 40,000 feet. Aside from an array of communications equipment and sensors in his helmet, he also had a multi-spectrum visor that allows him to see in all spectrum frequencies including X-Ray.

Dark Condor

Oskar Ecker (Hauptmann)


During WWII, all mystics in Germany were either hunted or killed by the SS or made to serve Hitler. Nearly all German mystics didn't survive.  The Ecker family was lucky to escape to the mountains between Germany and Czechoslovakia.  There, they found an old abandoned house where they took on the assumed name of the previous dead owners, the Hauptmanns.  Since all neighbors to the area were either dead or gone, no one knew the difference of who they were.

After WWII ended, the populace began to increase, however, they were now in the Eastern Bloc nation of East Germany, controlled by Soviet Russia.  Luckily for them, they were never questioned or interrogated about who they were.  As such, the "Hauptmann/Ecker" family lived off the land with their own gardens, chickens, goats and horses.  In 1950, Edo Ecker (Hauptmann) was born.  In 1973, Edo married a local girl, Greta.  Edo's parents passed away in 1985, however, Greta had her one and only son, Oskar, in 1990, the same year the Berlin Wall fell and East Germany was no more.

By 2000, young Oskar was part of the reunified Germany.  His father, Edo, had taught his wife Greta and his son Oskar how to be a mystic.  They both learned a variety of magics, primarily white magic, however, Edo also exposed them to the dangers of dark magic so they understood its hazards first hand.  Regardless of their training, their intent was to simply live and not bother anyone.

One day, just shy of his 17th birthday, Oskar was exploring their aging home for birthday presents, but instead discovered a locked chest with his grandparents name on it hidden under the attic floorboards.  Curious, Oskar broke the lock to the chest.  Inside, he saw nearly four dozen mystical runes, each wrapped in a swatch of cloth that Oskar had learned previously from his father was called "Mistrankloth" - a form of magic-masking material that would prevent others attuned to sensing magical energies to not sense anything wrapped in it.

Oskar unwrapped each rune, curiously studying it.

When he heard his father returning from the barn, he hastily tossed the runes back into the chest, uncovered.  This act would result in dire consequences.

Two weeks later, in the dead of night, a shudder shook the house down to its foundation.  Edo and his wife Greta whisked Oskar to field adjacent to the barn where it was believed safe.  Both Edo and great went back into the house to find what caused the commotion.  Oskar watched as his parents' flashlights alighted to the attic where the rune-filled chest was found by Oskar.  As his parents came close to the casket, the house exploded with monstrous levels of dark energy and magics.  Everything within 1/4 mile radius was leveled.  Oskar's parents were killed instantaneously.  Oskar, miraculously, survived, however the swath of dark energy was absorbed into Oskar and his soul.  He was changed.  His youthful innocence was soon replaced with an indignation and maliciousness he'd never previously displayed.  His skin darkened by the exposure,  He slowly advanced on the leveled house, seeing his deceased parents strewn about the epicenter of the blast.  He also found a handful of the same runes he spied in his grandparent's chest.  He picked them up, and in so doing, realized that each rune was supercharged with even more dark energy.  He felt compelled to find all of them.

In a maddening manner, he shot across the destroyed grounds hunting for the altered runes.  In the midst of this, neighbors came to the house to see the utter destruction.  As they advanced on a rune-hunting, obsessed Oskar to check if he was all right, Oskar, spooked by their presence, blasted them with beams of dark energy, vaporizing them before his eyes.  An event like this would have previously horrified Oskar...but now instead, Oskar seemed to enjoy it.  Even though Oskar wasn't horrified by his actions, the other neighbors were.  They ran screaming back down the road.  Oskar chased after them, blasting each and every one of them, killing them.  In the end, aside from his two dead parents and dozens of farm animals, he'd personally killed six of his neighbors. Happily.

The dark energies he'd absorbed affected his mind and soul; it had darkened it. The runes acted like batteries to his body's dark energies.  After finding all four dozen of the runes, the police and fire department showed up.  Unwilling to fight them all, he willed himslef to retreat; as such large black and crimson red wings sprang from his back.  This action unto itself hurt Oskar and drained nearly 1/2 of his new mystical dark powers.  Awkwardly, Oskar flew off into the moonlit night, dodging bullets fired from the police.  He flew until he grew tired. where he crash-landed in a home's vegetable garden, spent and exhausted.

When Oskar awoke, he was in a hospital bed in Dresden, Germany.  Oskar was normal.  He no longer had his blackened skin.  He had no wings.  Was it all a dream?

After talking to the doctor, he realized what had happened to him was far from a dream; it was full blown reality.  The police reported that a large bird-like creature had destroyed Oskar's home, killing neighbors, farm animals and his parents.  They believed Oskar had been kidnapped by the creature but for some reason or another, Oskar was able to get away.  The police questioned him day and night.  Oskar lied to them, saying he didn't remember a thing after he saw his parents go to the attic and saw it explode.  The local fire marshal didn't believe Oskar since he couldn't find any form of explosive or accelerant in or on any part of the exploded house.  Oskar knew had had to get our of the hospital and try and figure out what the hell was happening.

That's when he blacked out.

The next thing Oskar remembered was waking up hundreds of feet in the air from a tree limb.  He'd lost over a day's time since he awoke.  When he finally climbed down the tree, naked as a Jaybird, he found some clothes on a nearby home's clothesline, and went to find what had happened in the last 24 hours to him.

After a bit of deductive reasoning, he discovered he was now in Czechoslovakia, outside of Prague.

Passing an electronic store with a TV in the window, he saw a breaking story of an assault of a dark, bird-like man in Dresden, Germany.

The dark, bird-like man was him.

He now understood the dark energies changed him and possibly engrained a darker soul or creature on his being.  he had to learn to control this, while at the same time, stay hidden from people; people that could get killed if they were around when he 'changed'.

Over the next few years, Oskar lived off the street as a vagrant, going from town to town, trying his best to stay away from people at night.  He knew his childish actions had caused his parents death and neighbors deaths and the unleashing of this dark-heartened creature.

Oskar's control over this "Dark Condor" as the media now called it, began to improve each month.  Oskar, eventually, was able to control the change, however, his darker, murderous self, once changed, was completely uncontrollable.  The only times he wasn't able to control the change was when under extreme stress or when severely injured.

In 2010, while at a homeless shelter in northern Germany, a battle started in the streets a block from the shelter.  There, police and the German military were fighting the villainous Condor Commander and his Condor Legion.  Bullets flying, energy blasts exploding all around them, Oskar was buried under a section of the shelter's wall that had blown in from the firefight.  He lost control and changed into the Dark Condor.

It went on a maddened killing spree, attacking everything in its path.  The police and military assumed it had joined forces with the Condor Legion (by simple name association) and concentrated their weapons' fire on Dark Condor.  Condor Legion, realizing the ferocity of this Dark Condor, hid in the woods, watching all that transpired.  At one point, Dark Condor was hit with a grenade, grounding and wounding it.  Struggling to get up, the military swooped in to kill Dark Condor, but not before Condor Legion leaped from the woods, taking down the remaining military men and women.  Dark Condor saw this, and as it passed out into unconsciousness, it said in Latin "Thank You".  Dark Condor then changed back into Oskar.  Condor Commander, not sure what else to do, scooped up Oskar and brough him back to their base.

At the Condor Legion's base, The Aerie, Oskar awoke in a dungeon cell with Condor Commander outside the cell, watching him.  After Condor Commander explained what happened to Oskar, Oskar thanked him for saving him/it, and told him he had nothing to fear from him in this form.

Over the next few days, Oskar and Condor Commander became close friends.  Oskar told Condor Commander everything about his life, and what he'd turned into.  Condor Commander released Oskar from his cell and instead, became enraptured with his tale and plight; more to the point, Condor Commander wanted the power of Dark Condor in the legion, fighting for him.

Condor Commander asked if Oskar had any magical knowledge or training on how to control the creature.  Oskar, who'd never given serious thought about a magical solution, remembered a spell that his father said was only handed down verbally over the centuries on how to make a powerful ward against creatures or beings of darkness.  It involved black magic, and took at least 1/2 a day per ward and some rare elements to concoct.  Between Condor Legion's other magical members, they agreed to help get the materials needed. 

After a few weeks, Oskar and the Legion were able to make enough wards for each Condor Legion member.  The wards would prevent the Dark Condor from attacking them; the Dark Condor creature may not like it, but it wouldn't be able to assault them in any way, shape or form.

To test this, Condor Commander personally locked himself in a cell with Oskar.  Armed with his weapons and a ward, he had Oskar force the change.  When Dark Condor appeared, it initially tried to attack Condor Commander, but physically couldn't.  The ward worked.  Much to Condor Commander's surprise, Dark Condor began to speak with Latin.  One of the Condor Commander's troops had been taught Latin by his eccentric parents, and was able to translate.  Dark Condor did not like the ward, but understood it was in the presence of a powerful being; only powerful beings could ever stop dark Condor's thirst for killing.  After a few hours of conversation, Dark Condor understood that Condor Commander wanted it to be his soldier; to be the killing machine when he needed it, but not to kill his people.  Dark Condor stated no promises; if its blood lust demanded a death, then it was to be so, regardless of who it was, but it also knew that if a person had the power to repel it, it would know better than to attack it again...that time.

In an uneasy and untenable agreement, Dark Condor agreed to aid his legion, but should Condor Commander or his follower's 'powers' over it fail, even for one second, that legionnaire would be fair game for the grave.

After Dark Condor changed back to Oskar, Oskar swore his allegiance to Condor Commander for being able to 'control' the creature.  Oskar, however, told Condor Commander that he placed the responsibility of Dark Condor's action squarely on Condor Commander's shoulders; should Oskar discover that Dark Condor murdered any innocents (those he deemed NOT fighting the Condor Legion), especially children, he'd leave the legion for good.

Since then, Condor Commander has worked hard to keep Oskar fed only the information he needed to hear, and at times, even invoke his fellow teammate and fiancee, Major Stasi, to use her mind powers to 'alter' Oskar's knowledge of dark Condor's actions, thus keeping Oskar AND Dark Condor under his control.

Oskar has no special powers when he is in his own physical form, except for the creation of simple good magical spells, for which Oskar has an incredible skill at devising. 

When Oskar changes to the Dark Condor, it uses excellent levels of dark energy to assault and blast its victims with.  Its hands/gauntlets are amazingly razor sharp and can rend thin, low grade steel.  Its excellent dark energy body aura protects it from not only physical and energy attacks, but from psionic, temperature-based and radiation attacks, culminating in incredible magical protection as well from spells and any form of magical-based attacks. 

Its wings allow him to fly up to 80 mph, to a breathable altitude.  Depending on its endurance and store of dark energy, it could fly across half the world without getting tired.  Its runes, the ones originally from Oskar's grandparents, can store up to unearthly amounts of dark energy, allowing it to expend excellent dark energy attacks each 6 seconds for several hours straight before the runes have to recharge, which can take days to fully recharge from a full drain of dark energy. Without the runes, Dark Condor can only discharge excellent-ranked dark energy blasts every six seconds for less than 20 minutes.

Innately, it's excellent strength and remarkable endurance allow it to lift up to 600 lbs effortlessly.  Its vision is amazing, allowing it to see in the darkest of nights up to 25 miles with an eagle's eye of precision.  It also has an acute hearing capability, allowing it to hear 10 times better than normal humans (and conversely making good or more powerful sonic attacks double the damage on it).


Frau Tiermeister

Olga Grundweld


In 1988, Olga was a young intern at (then) Easy Germany's Dresden Zoo, learning how to be an animal trainer. She always felt she had a connection with animals, and the animals always seemed to like being around her, no matter how vicious they were.

While working at the Dresden Zoo, several ex-military enlisted men, ejected from East Germany's Army due to improper conduct, for spite of their current lot in only being to get a job in a zoo, treated the animals cruelly, at times killing them for fun.

When Olga saw the other zookeepers beating on the animals, Olga furiously verbally and physically attacked the zookeepers, threatening to call the police if they didn't stop hurting the animals. The other zookeepers simply laughed at her, believing that no police would ever take her call seriously if she even did call. 

Ignorantly and innocently, Olga decided to report the zookeepers not to the police, but to East Germany's malicious secret police, the STASI.

When the STASI officers arrived to find out more about what they thought was a prank call about 'animal abuse', Olga threw the other zookeepers under the bus, mentioning the abuse the other zookeepers did to the animals.  Laughing, the STASI agents thanked Olga for her 'report' and, lying, said they'd 'get to the bottom of this'. The zookeepers were furious at Olga for calling STASI for what they considered a 'stupid reason', introducing dangerous men such as these STASI agents into their lives.

The zookeepers, scared to death of what else Olga might 'report' about them (since these same zookeepers liked to steal state-provided meat rationed for the lions and tigers of the zoo, and instead, would bring those same steaks home and cook a meal most East Germans would kill for), decided to formulate a plan to get rid of Olga -permanently.

Olga would have an 'accident' at the zoo; a deadly work accident with the animals. 

Their plan - throw Olga to the wolves...literally.

The next day, when the zoo was closed to the public for cage cleaning, Olga was told to 'fill in' for one of the 'sick' zookeepers and clean the Wolf cage.  Normal protocol was to move and contain the wolves in an adjacent cage while one would access and clean the main cage(s). When Olga arrived at the Wolf Cage, the wolves had been moved to their adjacent cage, and the tunnel door to the adjacent cage was closed and locked. 

Or so it seemed.

The 'sick' zookeeper, tasked with performing the dirty deed of loosing the wolves back into the Wolf cage Olga would be cleaning, was also to ensure Olga didn't escape until the starved wolves killed and fed on her.

When Olga entered the 9seemingly safe) Wolf cage, the 'sick' zookeeper loosed the wolves back into the pit.  Th other zookeepers had previously been stealing the wolves' food for the last week, leaving the wolves famished and delirious with hunger. 

Olga, trapped and surrounded by a pack of five Siberian Wolves, knew she was doomed.  That's when everything changed in Olga's life...however, it wasn't her death; not today, that is.

As the wolves encircled her, growling and slobbering, one of the alpha wolves lunged at her. Olga fell to the ground backwards, screaming, expecting the worse.  After a few moments of nothing happening, yet feeling the weight of the wolf standing atop her chest, she carefully opened her eyes to see the wolf staring at her...with glowing red eyes. To top that, the wolf wasn't attacking or threatening her; in fact, it looked like it wanted to play.

Completely dumbfounded, Olga rose to her feet, looking around to each of the other slobbering wolves.  Each time she looked at one, its eyes would glow an eerie red, for which they'd relax and sit upright, looking like they wanted to play fetch instead.

Perplexed, yet energized enough to get out of this predicament, she raced to the cage door, where the 'sick' zookeeper stood, latching the cage door with a padlock.  Olga, screaming swears at him, told him she'd kill him for what he just did.  The 'sick' zookeeper, looking spooked and slowly stepping back, asked Olga what happened to her eyes, stating they were now glowing blood red in color. 

At that moment, she realized the connection; she, somehow, was able to control the wolves through some type of eye contact.

She tested this by mentally telling one of the wolves to do a back-flip, which it did.  Fully realizing her new ability, she then influenced the wolves to attack the 'sick' zookeeper.  The wolves went wild, furiously lunging themselves at the cage's bars, gnawing at the metal bars, forcing their heads through the bars - all to get at the 'sick' zookeeper to tear his throat out. The 'sick' zookeeper bolted from the wolf cage area screaming.  Olga, unsure how else to stop him, spied two large ravens near the Wolf cage. Focusing on the birds' eyes, she communicated to them to stop the 'sick' zookeeper.  The ravens, now with glowing red eyes, flew off and bombarded the 'sick' zookeeper with repeated high speed attacks, pecking at him incessantly. She could hear his screams as he ran off into the distance, out of sight.

After going back to her cleaning gear bag, where she had her master keys to the cages, she unlocked the Wolf cage door, letting her and her new wolf 'friends' out. 

With the wolves following her lead, Olga came upon the collapsed, bloodied body of the 'sick' zookeeper.  He was still alive, albeit frozen in terror on the ground. Begging for Olga's forgiveness, the 'sick' zookeeper confessed all his zoo-related sins he'd done to the animals and her.  After 10 minutes of his lengthy list of confessions including their plot to kill Olga, she'd heard enough.  In an ironic twist, she left him to the wolves, which graciously ripped out his throat, feasting on his dead corpse - their first meal in over a week.

Olga then went to some of the other animal cages.  She took control of up to several animals at once, but her limit was eight; more than eight was too difficult for her to control, that is, unless it was that of a hive mind like insects or bees.

Taking the lions, tigers, and wolves with her.  She went to the zookeeper office where she saw the shocked faces of the remaining zookeepers that intended to have her killed. As her posse of animals sauntered into the zookeepers office behind Olga, she patted them on their heads, turned on her heels and said to the glowing red-eyed animals, "Bone Appetite", as she walked out of the office.

Several minutes later, Olga returned to view the animals feasting on the carcasses of the now dead zookeepers that wanted her dead.  She'd gotten her justice.

Her next problem - real life. She would be considered a murderer now.  She knew the STASI nor the police would believe a single word she'd say about what really happened. The authorities would instead lock her in a mental institution and throw away the key.  Olga decided then and there that she'd rather be the champion of the animals; she'd help them to get their revenge against those that wanted to hurt them...or her.

Grabbing her revealing animal trainer costume, Olga donned it and from that time forward became "Frau Tiermeister" - the Female Master of Animals. 

Taking one of the zoo's vans, she loaded up several of the more powerful animals and drove off to the edge of the dark forest of East Germany, where she knew of a remote cabin deep in the hills where no one would bother them and they could hunt to survive. Surprisingly, No one came after her. Hunters and other zookeepers hunted for the animals, but after weeks of no sightings, the search was called off.  During that time, the authorities classified Olga as simply 'missing'. For all the authorities knew, Olga was eaten whole or her lifeless body dragged off and eaten by one of the escaped animals.

In 1991, Frau Tiermeister and her animals became the hunted, instead of the hunters.

After several reports by hikers of seeing lions and tigers in the dark forest woods, over three dozen ex-West German troops and animal control zoologists were called in to track, find and kill these dangerous, free-roaming man-eating animals.  After a day of intense hunting, the troops finally cornered the animals, trapping them at the base of a tall cliff.  That's when Olga appeared from atop the cliff and told the troops and zoologists to holster their weapons and leave quietly or face deadly consequences.

Their response: they laughed at her.  Not a good idea.

Using her powers, she ordered the animals to attack.  At battle's end, all of the troops and zoologists lay dead, however, she'd lost her tiger and two of her wolves.  Enraged over the loss, she swore that civilization would pay for their ignorance and arrogance.

Returning to the Dresden Zoo, Frau Tiermeister walked right into the park like she owned the place.  She went straight to the zookeeper building and took the spare keys to the animal cages.  Whatever few zookeepers in the room that saw her immediately ran for their lives once they realized what she was about to do; she was going to released the zoo's animals - all of them.

As she released the animals, any that she'd considered dangerous to her, she kept control of and close by her. With her old friends, her tiger, "Khan" and her remaining wolf, "Otto", they terrorized the zoo-goers, only attacking those that attacked them. In less than two hours, she'd released all the animals to the wild and still escaped capture by the police (since she knew secret ways in and out of the zoo's grounds; secrets she'd learned on the job).

She didn't stop with the Dresden Zoo. She went to every zoo in the region, doing the same thing; releasing the animals into the wilds of Germany to fend for themselves.  Frau Tiermeister didn't care about other people or what her animals did to them, that is, until she met up with the ex-East German villain-group known as Condor Legion.

When Frau Tiermeister decided to make the big move to release the animals at the Berlin National Zoo, she was met by an army of troops intent on killing her and her 'pets'.  Although she gave them one hell of a fight, by the end of her assault on the zoo, Frau Tiemeister had suffered multiple gunshot wounds with nearly 80% of the animals she'd released, killed. Even Khan and Otto were severely wounded and lay dying mere meters from her own dying body. Surrounded by advancing weapon-wielding troops, Frau Tiermeister believed this was the end for her. She couldn't even focus a coherent thought to call any remaining animals for help or to even get convince them to run for safety.

That's when Condor Legion arrived on the scene.

Taking full advantage of their desire to kill German troops and police, Condor Legion attacked the troops. Minutes later, not one single trooper was left standing.

Frau Tiermeister, barely alive, thanked the legion's leader, Condor Commander for helping in her battle.  The legion's leader, Condor Commander, urged Frau Tiermeister that he had an incredible offer for her, but before he could tell her, she'd have to stop dying.  At that moment, one of Condor Legion's super-powered men, Dark Condor, changed before her bleary eyes into the body of a young man named Oskar who used his limited magical knowledge to save her life.  Oskar, grabbed a long branch from a nearby tree and ensorcelled it with a powerful healing spell; a spell which was used to prevent Frau Tiermeister's eminent demise.

When Frau Tiermeister awoke, she found herself in the large cavernous underground base of Condor Legion, located many miles away from Berlin.  Beside her, alive, healed and right-as-rain were her animal friends, Khan and Otto.  Tearfully happy, Olga thanked Condor Legion for saving her and her friends lives.  After a couple of days of discussion and negotiations, Condor Commander invited Frau Tiermeister to the ranks of Condor Legion.  Although Olga was still leery of people in general, she owed what she considered a life-debt to the legion for saving her and her animals; a debt she intended to long as they didn't give her cause to do otherwise...

Frau Tiermeister has the mutant ability to control up to eight animals and/or hive minds all at once.  Her power is only through direct eye contact only. Once the contact is made, she can maintain a mental control of the animals until she chooses to release them, or she herself is incapacitated.  While under her incredible control, the animals act upon her mental will's desires.

Frau Tiermeister also now retains Oskar's quickly crafted 6-foot long, magically empowered, wooden healing staff that can use to heal others, human or animal, at a remarkable rate of 30 times their normal healing speed.  She can even heal multiple targets without issue to the staff's functionality.

In training with Condor Legion, Frau Tiermeister has also recently learned judo, staff fighting, savate, and acrobatics, allowing her to be a melee fighter in the field.



Ludwig Sinn


To understand this individual and his 'minions', we must first start back in Germany just prior to the start of World War II.

Adolph Hitler, the leader of Nazi Germany, was about to catapult Europe into a massive war (WWII).  As such, he'd amassed massive amounts of troops, weapons, airplanes, name it.  One additional thing Hitler wanted, and was obsessed with, was the occult.  He sent dozens of the best in the occult field searching for powerful mystical artifacts, looking to use them to empower his reign. One such occultist, Professor Wilhelm Sinn, discovered an ancient tome in a buried arcane book found in a monastery in Olybin, Germany.  In that tome, he recited a spell that unleashed dozens of mystical creatures, now commonly referred to as 'Gremlins'.   These gremlins immediately started imposing havoc on the expedition's electrical generators, vehicles and camera equipment.  These Gremlins are drawn to mechanical kinetic energy and electrical fields, allowing them to disrupt their respective frequencies of operation, mechanically or electrically.  As such, these little menaces were captured and placed in lead crates where they could not escape.  After researching the tomes further, Sinn discovered a passage mentioning of a sword created to control the Gremlins; the sword of Theodoric the Great, a first century king of the Ostrogoths.  The tome mentioned the sword was left with Theodoric's body, buried deep 'underneath' a false crypt built for Theodoric.  Wilhelm went to Theodoric the Great's burial site in what is now Ravenna,  Italy  There, he and his team found the true tomb of Theodoric the Great, and with it, his sword.  They collapsed the tomb, preventing others from ever discovering what they'd found, and took the sword with them back to Germany.  There, when the Gremlins were released from their iron boxes, once they saw the sword, immediately capitulated in a servantile manner, knowing that the sword had the power to dissipate them magically. 

Wilhelm's find was mentioned to Hitler, who wanted to have the gremlins used in a 'field test' by dropping them onto London in a masqueraded aerial bombing raid, dropping the gremlins behind enemy lines with the instruction to create havoc upon Britain's mechanical and electronic war machines.  With nearly two dozen gremlins under his control, Wilhelm was parachuted into the remote countryside with the gremlins; as the new "Gremlinmeister" (Gremlin Master), he unleashed the gremlins on the Royal Air Force's aircraft factories and airfields, creating excessive mechanical and electronic issues.  The problem was, most of the land the RAF had their airfields on were high in iron content, preventing the gremlins from being able to effect their powers to the fullest degree.  As such, the gremlins had a very limited success rate.  Wilhelm was called back on a German U-Boat with his gremlins.  Once back in Berlin, Wilhelm was ordered to give over the sword and power as the Gremlinmeister to a high-ranking SS Colonel known as the infamous "Baron Berlin". 

Unwilling to submit control of the gremlins to anyone but himself, Wilhelm Sinn lied to the Nazis, instead stating that in order to transfer the leadership of the gremlins to Baron Berlin, they'd have to perform a mystic 'ceremony' the following night, which he'd need time to prepare for. 

Wilhelm that night, snuck out of Berlin with the several iron crates of Gremlins, the  sword and the tome.  He was able to go undetected all the way to Olybin, Germany, where he hid amidst the Sandstone mountainous region under an old uninhabited castle-monastery at the peak of the Olybin Hills.  There, he buried the iron-boxed gremlins (who didn't require food or sustenance to survive, and were thousands of years old in their own nature), the sword and the tome deep in a hidden cave under the castle.  Wilhelm later went back to Bonn, Germany, his hometown, where one of Baron Berlin's minions found him.  After months of torture and interrogation, Wilhelm died of his wounds, never once revealing the location of the gremlins, sword or tome. Wilhelm's secret treasures, since 1940, were never found...that is until his great grandson started searching about his family history.

In 2010, the great grandson of Wilhelm Sinn, Ludwig Sinn, was performing a physical genealogy search of his descendants.  His search for his great grandfather led him to a couple of old folks that remembered Wilhelm being at the Olybin castle during WWII.  There, Ludwig, the son of a suicidal Eastern German military officer, found the sword and the gremlins, as well as the tome with all the spells and information about the gremlins.  After a year of translating the tome, he finally opened the iron crates, and bearing Theodoric the Great's sword, took control of the gremlins once again.  Irate at what he considered the "Wessies" (Western Germany people that treated the post-Cold War Eastern Germans as 2nd-class citizens), he joined up with Condor Legion and Condor Commander, using his controlled gremlins, now hundreds in number, to help take control of Germany and Europe with Condor Legion.

Ludwig is a normal human, however, he has taken lessons in swordsmanship, learning to use Theodoric the Great's Sword in combat.  The sword itself is made of an unknown metal (possibly meteoric), that also has powerful magical properties to it, allowing it to cleave anything magical up to monstrous strengths. He wears a body suit that provides good physical, temperature, radiation and energy protection.  He is a good fighter, however, he is only typical in his strength and endurance.  With his sword, he can cleave others with good forms of damage though.

The gremlins each, when controlled by the sword's bearer, can disrupt electronics within a foot's distance of themselves at an excellent level; with concentration and direct physical contact, most mechanical contraption operations can have their mechanical functionality and frequency of operation disrupted, causing mechanical devices such as gears, levers, switches, bearings, etc to fail.  The weakness of gremlins, however, is iron; the more iron there is in the region or the device, the more it diminishes the gremlins ability to disrupt their frequencies, whether electrical or mechanical.  The gremlins have an incredibly stealthy capability, coupled with their 1 to 2 foot stature and darkened skin and goblin-like features. Gremlins are slightly religious in that they believe whoever bears the sword of Theodoric the Great is their 'god' and leader, whom they will follow even unto death.  Gremlins can pro-create, however, only once every two years, birthing their offspring within days after fertilization.  Within two months time, the baby gremlins are strong and big enough to disrupt frequencies.  Gremlins can live to be thousands of years old.  Their brains are not very developed and are limited to more animistic tendencies than problem-solving or deduction.


 Major STASI

Staci Stromovik


Staci Stromovik was born into the communist world of Eastern Germany, where her father was a high ranking officer in the local STASI (secret police). 

Staci's mother died two years after childbirth due to complications.  Raised by her militant, mysterious father, she grew up learning all the tricks of the STASI as well as psychological warfare, detective-level deductive skills,  interrogation skills and most importantly, how to be a killer.  Even thought Staci reveled in her thirst of all this knowledge and skills, she wanted more; she wanted to experience what the victims of electro-shock interrogation underwent so she knew where their pain levels were so she could gauge the timing and intensity of her interrogation techniques better.


At 14, Staci volunteered for the electro-shock treatments.  Her father was extremely concerned about what the treatments might do to her, however, Staci demanded it. Staci's father's superiors were intrigued over what her results might be, and allowed the experiment.

Over the next several weeks, Staci was subject to an ever-increasing intensity of electro-shock treatment; that's when everything went wrong, or according to Staci, everything went 'right'. 

On one of her last sessions, she was subject to the highest voltage allowed; any higher setting would literally fry one's brain.  That day, a severe snowstorm blew in. During the peak of the shock experiment performed on Staci, the roof of the facility collapsed under the weight of the snow and storm conditions. Roofing debris fell onto Staci and the electro-shock controls.  The controls jammed the electrical feed to maximum - three times that which would fry a person's brain.  Not only was Staci still being fed that triple-lethal amount of electricity through her head strap, she was also buried under tons of snow and debris from the roof's collapse. The doctors and STASI officers spent over two hours trying to get to to her out from under the debris.  When they finally reached her, they discovered the machine was still feeding lethal amounts of electricity into Staci's brain.  When they finally severed the connection, the doctors denoted that although Staci's body survived the roof's collapse, her brain was completely shut down and dead.

Her grieving father, days later, authorized the doctors to take her off of life support, knowing she'd otherwise have to live out the rest of her life in a vegetative state.  When the doctors finally turned off Staci's life support, Staci came back to life...yet changed. She still her memories, and remembered what happened to her, however, she now had incredible new mental powers.

As a result, the facility's STASI officers convinced Staci to work for them, using her new mental powers to assist in their interrogations.  Staci agreed and was given the rank of Major overnight.

Over time, her mental probing of prisoners became more cruel and vicious.  Eventually, she turned one prisoner's mind into mush, frying the prisoner's synapses, leaving him in a completely vegetative state.  That same year, East Germany was no more.  

The Berlin Wall had fallen, and all that was the STASI of East Germany was disbanded.  Staci and her father made off to an old Cold War safe house her father knew of in the nearby hills of Czechoslovakia where both father and daughter hid for the next three years.

During their time in hiding, Staci began to resent her father.  She started probing into his mind out of sheer boredom, unleashing his greatest fears and secrets.  Eventually, this drove her father mad. Eventually, he committed suicide. 

 Alone, she made her way back to Germany, where she started using her powers for personal gain and power.  She took over the small farming town of Hellendorf, where she learned to control most of the populace. She controlled all aspects of Hellendorf's lives; she was treated like a queen, and she got anything she wanted.  During this time, she learned how to hone her powers. 15 years later, she encountered the retreating villainous group known as the Condor Legion as they blasted through Hellendorf trying to evade their captors.


After attempting to take over Berlin and Northern Germany, Condor Commander and his Condor Legion were summarily defeated, resulting in a running battle with the German authorities and the hero-group known as 'The Commonwealth'.  As Condor Legion fought their way to the outskirts of Hellendorf, Staci convinced Condor Commander to hide the legion in her town.  Using her mental powers to convince the authorities and Commonwealth super-heroes that Condor Legion had crossed over into Czechoslovakia, Staci kept her word and hid the legion, yet this was not 'charity' on Staci's part; she wanted to control the legion for herself.

Over the next few days, Staci attempted to control Condor Legion and its leader, but discovered they were conditioned and prepared for anyone trying to mind control them, especially Condor Commander with his special psionic inhibitors mounted in his helmet. Intrigued, Staci instead 'fell in love' with the legion's leader, Condor Commander...the question is whether she is truly in love with him or is she using  their relationship as a tool to control him?

Staci, now dubbed as 'Major STASI' and now the deputy commander in the Condor Legion, wants nothing more than to have Germany back the way she remembered it; back to the time when the STASI was feared and powerful.  She intends to make her desires come true by letting Condor Legion do what it was created to do - take control of Germany...and the world!.


Borodin Ludomir Yegorovich


The "Ural" Armor design was a classified design being built in East Germany prior to Germany's reunification in the 1990s. 

The armor and the test site were under severe scrutiny from the west, and were monitored closely.  When German reunification occurred, the armor was expected to be scrapped, even before in had its first test run.

The technicians that created the armor identified several major issues with the armor. 

First and foremost, it was dangerous to any and all who stood within two meters of the armor; it leaked energy, causing feeble, yet damaging energy burns to anyone close enough to it. 

The second issue was its power; it could not be metered; its incredible power discharge could not be regulated to anything lower than maximum, thus, it constantly operated at full power at all times.

Third, the suit could only be worn by a man (or woman, more the rarity) that was large in frame and at least 6' 4" in height.

Fourth, the person wearing the armor had to be strong enough to lift and move the heavy exoskeleton armored frame, requiring at least a consistent 200 foot-pounds of torque simply to move. 

Fifth, the jet/rocket pack attached to the armor (technology stolen from the United States) would require its wearer to withstand up to 5Gs of physical punishment for normal launch, landing and aerial maneuvers.

These parameters severely restricted the armor's use and as such, created a grave concern for the East German military and the technicians.

After the German reunification, the armor was locked up and placed in a secure vault, along with all of its support equipment.  In 1991, an ex-Soviet aging strategist known as the Red Commissar and his band of super-powered ex-Soviet thugs, the Red Guard, attempted to steal the armor.  In a pitched battle between the new German Army and several new German super-heroes (that would eventually join together to create the Teutonic League), Red Commissar and his Red Guard abandoned the theft attempt.

In 2008, the vault was opened in order to destroy the armor and its support equipment.  While being transported to Berlin for destruction, the Condor Legion, led by their villainous leader, Condor Commander, stole the armor and support equipment.  After exhaustive searches, the German military gave up the hunt to retrieve the armor.

In 2010, Condor Commander recruited the original armor's technicians and found the perfect test subject to wear the armor: Borodin Yegorovich.  An unnaturally large, strong, and staunch supporter of all that was East Germany, Borodin tested the armor with 100% efficiency.  The 'energy leak' issue was still a running problem, thus Condor Legion troops and villains were told to keep their distance from the armor at all times.

Dubbed "Ural", after the dominant mountain chain that exists in northern Eurasia, Borodin took the armor into battle in one of Condor Legion's attempts to take over Berlin and all of northern Germany.  The armor performed perfectly.  It outperformed expectations, as did Borodin in his use of the armor.

Today, Borodin and the Ural armor are the powerhouse of Condor Legion.  Able to take direct tank assaults with its monstrous armor, capable of flight up to Mach 1.5, amazingly strong enough to break through bunker walls, Ural has proven that it can withstand anything thrown at it...and make it pay in return.



Voronov Afanasievich


In 2009, the secretive world security organization known as G.U.A.R.D. was assigned to stop a large faction of the global crime group, CANIS, from stealing a nuclear weapon that had been taken from Russia and hidden in eastern Germany.

In this raid, GUARD descended upon the eastern German town of Zittau with AEROGUARD's troops covering the air and TERRAGUARD's troops on the ground.  The AEROGUARD division's super-group known as the Aeroguardians was the first to detect the nuclear weapon. Nuclear weapons specialist and TERRAGUARD Captain  Voronov Afanasievich was brought in to disarm the weapon once all CANIS aggressors were eventually defeated.  During the battle, however, the CANIS boss, bloodied and dying, decided to activate the nuclear weapon as his 'swan song'; the same boss also took away tho only means the heroes had of shutting down the nuke's countdown by destroying the nuke's launch and control box as well. 

With minutes until the plutonium casing would melt and cause a nuclear explosion, Voronov, already on site, leaped to the weapon and attempted to disarm it.  As such, he had to remove some of the missile's paneling that also acted as a radiation shield, causing him radiation burns to his unprotected skin and triple the amount of annual radiation exposure during that few short minutes.  GUARD evacuated their troops, taking any civilians they could with them (which, with a blast radius as powerful as the nukes, minimum safe distance was over 150 miles away, which no evacuating AEROGUARD or TERRAGUARD personnel would be able to reach at the time of detonation.

As Voronov meticulously worked on disarming the weapon (and being irradiated), he saw a little girl come out from the side of a nearby house, next to the missile.  Voronov, who'd lost his daughter earlier that year in a car crash on the Autobahn, demanded anyone from GUARD to get to his location and evacuate the little girl; GUARD said 'no'; it was too dangerous.

That's when Voronov stopped disarming the nuclear weapon.

He demanded that someone come and save her, and THEN he'd go back to disarming the nuke.

With all of GUARD in complete disbelief over his actions in this desperate situation, Expeditor, one of the Aeroguardians, teleported to the nuke's location, pushed Voronov out of the way, and attempted to disarm the nuke himself.  Voronov, in utter disbelief that no one was listening to him, tried pulling Expeditor away from disarming the nuke, demanding Expeditor teleport the little girl out immediately; Expeditor punched Voronov and knocked the agitated TERRAGUARD Captain off the missile's platform, allowing Expeditor to finish disarming the nuke with 10 seconds to spare.  

Voronov was arrested, court-martialed and kicked out of GUARD days later. 

Voronov was left to wandered the streets of Zittau.  Not understanding why the Aeroguardians' Expeditor didn't just 'teleport' the little girl, rather than striking, embarrassing and disarming the nuke, Voronov started to drive himself crazy with the 'why' of his situation.  For days, Vornonov was seem rocking back and forth on town park benches repeatedly asking himself 'why' over and over again.

That's when Condor Commander arrived.

Condor Commander took the imbalanced, irradiated, distraught and starving Voronov to his mentalist, Major STASI, who, using her mental powers, calmed Voronov enough to allow Condor Commander to talk with him.  After several hours (and some mental manipulation by Major STASI), Voronov decided he wanted to redeem himself by helping Condor Commander take back the glory of East well as destroy GUARD, especially the hero, Expeditor.  Condor Commander easily convinced Vorononv to join his team, the Condor Legion (again, with mental manipulation, courtesy of Major STASI).

Voronov was given one of AEROGUARD's powerful 1st Sergeant flight suit and a jet/rocket pack taken off of a 1st Sergeant's dead body from the GUARD vs CANIS battle.  Voronov and Condor Legion engineers modified the suit, adding several new features, primarily to create high wind conditons, vortexes, air blasts, and increases/decreases in atmospheric pressure and temperature.

Now, sworn to aid Condor Commander and Condor Legion in re-establishing East Germany to the power it once was, Voronov has become Vor, the Master of the Winds!